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2 years ago

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Hi, I'm a Jungle main in League of Legends since Season 3 as well as leader of a team that plays Mario Kart Wii competitively to this day via the Wiimm-fi server

Welcome to this guide.


Wilt_300.gif11.png4.png - Standard and safe.

11.png12.png - Could work well especially to sneak objectives, splitpush or gank.

11.png + 3.png7.png14.png - Any of these could work as well for cheesy ganks. *Continue reading*

I wouldn't recommend not taking flash unless you're very comfortable, and if you decide not to take it you can definitely expect invasions even more so.

If you do take something like 14.png or 3.png, you can instantly smite an enemy buff and get a strong lvl 2 gank off on the first wave of minions.

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^^^ This is a nice set especially if you're relying on someone to deal a lot of damage and want to do even more to keep them alive, alternatively you can use this set in the image below if you'd rather just be tankier


Other good options:
- Intelligence (if you think you'll break 40% CDR)
- Bandit
- Dangerous Game
- Fearless

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Starting Items

    Standard start
    start this if you think you need it to invade *read below*
    buy this early if you're going for the full support build *explained in author's notes*
    lvl 9
    i only grab this in tough match-ups

Core Items

    rush these (mobis->zz'rot->fotm) you can get ruby 2nd, 3rd, 4th or not at all based on how soon/how bad you feel you need the extra vision. then you'll need to choose 2 other items
    since you're ivern you don't really need a jungle item (aside from talisman). if you still want to get one though i would recommend getting this after boots and 1-2 items. i'll also mention that having cinderhulk passive will currently put you in combat when near jungle camps
    I recommend this on ivern since jungle items hardly benefit him. when you get it you should value items with active abilities more, it also allows you to have 2 zz'rot portals out at once (for 30+ seconds)
    i'll typically choose one (if not both) of these. knight's vow is probably better if you think there's a carry you can trust

Situational Items

    good options if you need mr and/or hp
    good options if you need armor
    you can sell boots for this lategame
    pretty good if your team has a lot of ap and their team has at least some
    good anti-focus option
    he doesn't enter combat by clearing jungle camps unless he has cinderhulk passive, this is quite good on him (with mobi boots) if you aren't building cinderhulk
    good option if you don't mind getting another cheap item
    not a bad idea if your team needs the initiations

Invade Start (Recommended): You can do this without the pink ward if you'd like, but the general idea I tend to roll with is to ivernpassive.png11.png the enemy's buff that they aren't starting at, then retreat to your jungle while warding the entrance(s) of it. This way your team will hopefully help you collapse on them if they attempt to get revenge. After taking their buff you can either risk ganking and giving their team the information that you took their buff or you can go secure your buffs first.

(When I invade I usually start 1039.png + 2043.png and grab 2031.png or 2032.png afterwards)

Suppport Build: I've had a lot of success building 3401.png on junglers (20.png / 58.png / 57.png / 64.png). I think the gold income refunds a good portion of the item regardless, and the stats are really nice for only 2200 gold. That being said I normally only feel confident building this item when I trust someone (usually ADC) to carry. Overall I think for the price and utility/peel it provides it's well worth it a lot of times, and with all the free time 427.png will have considering he literally just runs through the jungle with mobility boots; I believe it will be even more effective.
I typically get this as my 3rd item while often getting smaller components to it earlier for the added cashflow.

Sidenote: 427.png's only scalings are his Q - ivernQ.png and his E - ivernE.png. This is why I prefer to build him like this, however aside from some damage on his Q/E, AP does boost the size of his shield quite a bit so it acts almost as extra tankiness.

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Matchups? Back to Top

427.png I won't be adding specific matchups for now unless requested.

I can say that he will more than likely struggle against champions that can duel well and invade easily (champions with high clear speed i.e. 76.png/102.png are definitely more prone to counterjungling). For this reason I've decided to go heavy on the vision/mobility side of things in an attempt to counter that. You should be able to capitalize on their efforts if your team is willing to help out.

Jungle Pathing Back to Top

Firstly I would advise you read under the Items section where I explain the 'Invade Start' as I'll be assuming that's what you go for almost every game.

You can expect most Junglers to start their first camp with their bottom lane as it provides the most help, it's fairly uncommon for them to do otherwise unless they're: 1. Expecting you to try to take their buff -or 2. Going for an early gank or need the mana sustain to clear the jungle easier. For example an 28.png on the red side of the map has a decent chance of wanting to start with her red buff in order to pull off an early gank, and a 9.png on the blue side has a good chance of starting at his blue buff because it makes his life easier. Champions with high clear speed and/or sustain have a better chance of stopping your efforts as they are typically capable of starting anywhere in their jungle. Considering how quickly 427.png can take a buff; it's rare that your opponent will be there and ready to deal with you whatsoever.

So here's my 'path' when I assume the enemy won't try anything out of the ordinary:

- Start 1039.png2043.png3340.png
- Instantly head to the top river and try to slip a 3340.png near the enemy buff, then retreat to a safe distance
- If you spot anyone, you can gain information as to where they're starting
- If you get spotted they may catch onto you, which is why I stay relatively far back in a brush until the last second
- If all goes well, you should be running away with their buff a few seconds after it has spawned

- Now that you have their buff, you'll need to decide if it's worth risking an instant gank while everyone else is level 1 and not expecting you at all
- If you do gank, you'll be giving the enemy Jungler the information that you took their buff. I would recommend placing your 2043.png to grant vision and protect the buff adjacent to the one you stole (blue if you stole red, red if you stole blue) (see image in next step). After your gank depending on your remaining health you should secure the buff you didn't ward for as soon as possible. Ideally you'll be able to get all 3 buffs without having to back.
- If you don't gank, you can either place the 2043.png in one of these 3 brushes (assuming you're topside).170265530ea14a90a60a0c500f24adda.png
Then secure your remaining buffs in whichever order you feel necessary. Bonus points if you can get your team to ward the opposite side of the river so you don't have to worry about the enemy Jungler taking your buff.

- If you're spotted early you may want to consider just giving up on the invade or going for the other enemy buff depending on who you spotted you and what other information you gain

- As for actual pathing, it really depends on how things go. Just try to set it up to where you can make a full clear (whether the buffs are included in the full clear or not) then back and repeat. You'll have many opportunities to counterjungle, gank and go for objectives while also being able to take full advantage of your own jungle most of the time.
If you're not invading, you'll still need to decide if/how the chances of you being invaded will change your path. For instance if you're worried about the enemy Jungler stealing one of your buffs you may want to just secure both of your buffs as soon as you can. 
Otherwise my start would just be to plant a grove on the 3 camps in the section I'm starting, smite the buff and back. It's hard to have a dedicated path because every game is so different and at any time you could feel the need to gank/ward/counterjungle/push for an objective or whatever it may be. So as I said I would just advise you continuously try to set your jungle up to where you can do clean sweep repeatedly.

Tips / Tricks Back to Top

- You can Q minions/monsters over walls as a method of escape

- You can use his W to create brushes which can allow you to juke using 4.png

- I always try to save his brushes for Dragon/Herald/Baron, it will remove vision of the monster and make it easier to secure or bait

- His brushes remove vision for both teams, they also create lack of vision behind them if you're not standing in them. This can be helpful for you but in some situations it could work against you, you can always place a ward in them to gain full vision

- Daisy (Ivern's ultimate) has a built-in 3083.png more or less, meaning when she is out of combat for long enough she will regenerate health very quickly

427.png can take enemy camps very easily, once you've done so I would recommend setting up to do so again as soon as it spawns if you're in position to and it's not too risky. If it's an important camp like a buff and you know the enemy Jungler is going to be there you can force objectives elsewhere on the map during that time.

427.png is a new champion and currently isn't played much at all, so it's inevitable that you'll run into some players who won't know how he works. It might be a good idea to make sure your team is aware of some of the things he can do. Most importantly how his Q will send anyone who right clicks its target flying there, how he can take camps instantly and how he can duplicate a free buff at level 5+

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I'm happy to answer any questions or add more matchups / info about matchups upon request in the future


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