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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Flash is pretty important and basically your only escape cause your mobility works only offensive. You can also combine it with your ivernq.png or flash into the enemy team for an AoE slow iverne.png. But you will use it a lot to flash shield your teammates. 


Ghost is kinda playable as well because it enables you to chase and kite really good but i dislike it because i tend to have very few deaths while using flash and when using ghost you are a bit more vunerable.


 You are the jungler you need to take smite. There is no way to jungle without smite. 

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Masteries Back to Top


  • Wanderer is good because you are never in fight while clearing your jungle and the other option is just completely useless   
  • Runic Affinity has some good synergy with you passive, because you will basically get buffs all the time
  • Meditation is good for your early Mana sustain. You can also use Merciless but its not your job to do damage and you will run out of Mana very fast early on
  • Greenfather's Gift is nice for early duelling and just some extra damage while fighting, whatsoever in team fights Dangerous Game is a bit better because you will heal up a bit which has more impact than this bit of damage
  • Intelligence lets you reach the 45%-cdr cap which is pretty nice because you are an ability reliant champion
  • Windspeaker's Blessing is pretty obvious cause it increases your shields/heals by quite a bit and also gives you team mates some armor/magic resist


  • Recovery improves you early game with a bit higher health regeneration, Unyielding is not that good in my opinion because it provides like 3-5 armor/magic resist in the late game which is basically nothing by then
  • Explorer lets you move around the map faster and also synergizes with you W, Though Skin would be OK aswell for some extra tankyness but its not that great
  • Runic Armor increases your tankyness by increasing you own shields/heals on you and also improves you health regeneration which will be quite high mid/late game
  • Insight is just so good because it reduces you smite/flash cd which is pretty good for farming and just overall nice, it also stacks with with you cd boots so you have 25% summoner spell cdr

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Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    You start like this every game. The Mana regeneration is useful and you need a jungle item for the bonus exp. The other one is not useful at all.

Core Items

    Try to get this on your first back (1250gold). Future's Market does help a lot to get this back. If you cant affort to buy both of these always go for Mobility boots over dark seal. Try to always go for 1-2 pinkwards.
    these these 2 items are the first items you buy almost every game. The order depends on the match up, if you play against 2 or more AP champs ( or just 1 rly heavy burst midlaner like syndra and bard support its fine aswell) you purchase Athenes first ( always start with the cdr/AP part of Athenes) If thats not the case you go for Redemption (aswell start with the cdr part) These are your most important items. These 2 items also synergies very well with Ivern's kit
    If you have 5 or more stacks of dark seal then buy this, if you are about to cap on dark seal stacks you can also buy this earlier. If you reach the late game (40+ min) and it happens that you die and have like 5 stacks left you can sell it for a different item because it wont get that value anymore like in the early/mid game
    If you need some tankyness yourself and having trouble keeping someone alive through a lot of burst damage go for this.

Situational Items

    Good for some more damage, for example when your team lacks some damage/you are the only source of AP damage. It also provides some pretty nice cc because you auto attacks from a bush procc it. The 3rd hit from daisy also proccs it
    This Item is good if you have an extremely fed ad/ap carry and you need to keep him alive at any cost. It also is a nice source of healing in teamfights.
    If you need another CC removal for your carry, you can go for this. It is very situational.
    If you need some extra tankyness yourself, which mean you die way to fast. I usually only get this in the late game against 2 crit champs.
    It's reasonable, if you team has at least 2 attackspeed/aa its fine to buy it after you core.
    This item is pretty nice if your carry already has enough peel (janna/lulu/nami etc.). The slow is quite nice aswell even tho it kinda forces you to go melee.
    This item is also nice but pretty niche. It really helps kiting/disengaging or even engaging. The stats of this item fit Ivern perfectly well. Go for this if the enemy or your team consists of multiple immobile champions.
    Elixir of Iron = need of tankyness/frontline Elixir of Sorcery = more damage/better shield and already enough tankness in the team comp

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Graves
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Rengar




Graves is able to kill you very easily if you get near to you/ hits both instances of his Q.
It is generally good to counterjungle him if you know where he is so you do not face him in a 1v1. Graves is item reliant so if you take his jungle it will be harder for him to have impact in the game. Be careful of his counterganks. You are able to win 2v2 depending on the top/mid match up.
He is also really good against Daisy because his auto attack knock her back since she is a Minion.




Kha is able to kill 1v1 at any stage of the game ( ofc if you are rly ahead/he is rly behind it is possible but usually not), so stay out of his jungle if you are alone, only if you see him somewhere you can go into his jungle to ward. 
He also has an jump which makes him even more dangerous to you, since he is able to reach you with that pretty easy.

You win if you countergank or 2v2 him.


Lee Sin


Lee sin is really strong in 1v1 and 2v2 in the earlygame and his gapclosers (Q/W) are on a pretty low cooldown so he is abler to keep up with you. The only chance on winning 2v2 is if he does not hit the Q on you.
I would reccomend to not counterjungle him.
In the late game shield the one he is trying to burst/insec.




Rengar is able to kill you at any stage of the game, you never stand a chance against him ( ofc if you are rly ahead/he is rly behind it is possible but usually not), so stay out of his jungle if you are alone, only if you see him somewhere you can go into his jungle to ward. Try to not gank the lane he is around and be careful with the your bush placements since he can use them to jump.
If he uses his ultimate stay behind your team so you don't get hit by the armor shred/bonus damage because it is pretty hard to survive then. Shield the one he is attacking  but do not go into meele range.

Why would you play this weird tree guy? Back to Top

Ivern is a very supportive jungler with a very good jungle clear.
Your damage is not that high but indirect it is, because your carrys won't die so they will deal more damage overall.
Your ult is basically like a second tank, the damage is not that high but Daisy is really annoying with her knock up on her 3rd hit, so they can not ignore her.

Ivern is a team-champ you are able to carry on your own but only in the early/mid game and only if you are pretty fed, most of the time you will be annoying the enemy carrys or protection your own.

Ivern has very good synergy with damage orientated bruiser or full damage melee champions because you can make them really tanky with your low cd shield.

-Hard CC
-Very fast early clear
-High gank pressure 
-You can dive people immediately when you reach 6 as long as your laner got the damage to do so
-Can heal quite alot( Athenes/Redemtion) 
-Ult is basically another tank
-Very high catch potential
-Good peel for carrys
-Is very annoying to deal with
-Can deny the enemy team vision over objectives such as baron/dragon/turrets with W
-Late game your ult is almost always up as long you dont let Dasiy die
-Very cheap items

-Is not that easy to play
-Wrong placed W while a gank can have bad consequences for the laner
-You Q might kill some of you teammates when connect to it in a wrong situation 
-Solo carrying is very hard to pull of even tho its possible
-You will always be behind in farm because Krugs only give you 90 gold/2farm
-Ult KI is not very intelligent and bugs out sometimes 

Jungle Route Back to Top

This is the jungle clear is use literally every game, it is pretty standart for most Ivern players nowadays.

At around 50 seconds into the game you wanna place a Ward into the river(Blue buff) so you will see the enemy jungler coming to the scuttle or not.

You will start by marking (when i say mark i mean prepare it with your passiv obviously) Razorbeaks,Red then Blue. After you marked Blue take the Scuttle with smite (if you do it like this you will be at the Scuttle right when it spawns so it will most likely be uncontested.Scuttle gives us a lot of Mana if we take it so we are able to continue marking camps. You do not wanna use any spells before taking the Scuttle otherwise you have to wait a few seconds before you are able to mark her because you will lack the Mana to do so. Now you mark Gromp and Wolves ( you are able to use you q for faster clearing now = you ivernq.png Wolves to get to them).Then you walk back to the other side of you jungle to collect Red/Razorbeaks, if you wanna be really greedy you can check for the other Scuttle now and take it with smite if it is still not taken but be careful you should be around half HP and low Mana so if you happen to find the other jungler you will most likely have to flash or even die if you do not have midlane priority. After that you collect your top jungle (if you want to invade after/gank top take Wolves) use you ivernq.png to get to wolves even tho you do not take them so you can do the same and the way back to increase you clear speed.  It does not matter if you are blue or red side you always go for this clear. 
You end up almost level 4,about 80% HP, almost full Mana and Smite up.


This is the basic clear and now you have quite a few options what you could do 

It is fine to waste some time camping in bushes to wait for ganking opportunitys/counterganks since your jungle will need some time to respawn you have plenty of time!

1. Take your Krugs with smite -> Gank bot
2. Gank mid/top and try to take an enemy camp afterwards 
3. Invade the enemy jungle and try to take a camp and place an deep Ward

How to play Ivern Back to Top

Your goal in the early game is to get your laners ahead since you cant really power farm and since your items are not very expensive you don't need to farm a s much as you might think you need to.
Ivern's big strength after reaching level 6 is fighting 2v2/3v3 your ult is basically like a 4th champion, you can also look for diving people early for example when to enemy toplaner is at 1/3 HP and your toplaner is not too low you can dive him pretty easy with your ultimate.
Over all you are a melee champion but you don't want to use your melee attacks that often, if you fight you want to always have your W passive up by creating an own bush or just using one next to you.

After finishing your 2 core items 3174.png3107.png you spike pretty hard. From this point on its really annoying and hard to kill you/your teammates when you are around. 

Your ganks are pretty solid, you lack a bit of damage but instead you have a really strong slow and a snare. You have the best ganking synergy with champions that have some CC but still damage for example 26.png is one of my favorite champs to gank because he can point-and-click slow the enemy so hitting your hard CC is very easy and he can follow up with his own. This is the way you want your midlaners to initiate a gank, you can also do it yourself with your Q but the chances of the gank succeeding are not as high as if you do it the other way around. 

In team fights you don't want to be a fronline you basically stand between front and backline while your ult supports the frontline/is the frontline. Your role is it to peel for you carrys or bruiser and help them survive which you can do very good with your CC/healing. Sometimes you need to decide if you want to shield you team so they are more protected or if you want to shield your ultimate/a tank for more CC in the fronline. When you played a bit of Ivern you will soon know when to shield whom.

My Favorite bruiser/carrys to play with are champs like 157.png92.png126.png114.png because they are usually not very tanky but provide really a lot of damage so if you permanently shield/heal them they will be able to act like a tanky bruiser while being almost full damage.
Ivern also has some  synergy with full tanks like 54.png78.png57.png because you basically make them unkillable with your constant shield/healing,which is a real pain in the ass for the enemy if there is for example 54.png with 250~ armor and constant 300-400 damage shields + heals against an 3/4 item adc.

A really important mechanic is if you shield someone the damage from the shield will be counted as theirs ( like Leona passive or Nami E) so if you shield lasthits minions/champions while being on an ally the ally will get all the farm/kills. This is something many people do not know. And because of this your damage to champions ( if you look it up in the endscreen) will usually not be that high only if you shield yourself/your ultimate more often. I just wanted to explain this so you know about it and dont wonder why your damage was so low even tho it felt like you dealt way more.

A Ivern fits in most team comps but its the best if you have

Top: Damage heavy Bruiser 157.png92.png39.png24.png164.png or bruiser/tanks without gap closer or cc 122.png2.png

Mid: Mage with some kind of CC 134.png99.png26.png103.png

Adc: Hyper carry 67.png222.png29.png

Support: Tanky melee champion 12.png111.png201.png


Daisy! Back to Top

ivernr.png, your ultimate summons some kind of blue buff which is basically like Annie'sinfernalguardian.png and is your companion which is able to stay with you almost all the time if you reach your cdr cap. 

Before i talk about how/when to use her ill give you all the stats/scalings and things you should know about you her.


Health  1250 / 2500 / 3750 (+ 50% AP)

Attack damage  70 / 100 / 170 (+ 30% AP)

Attack speed  0.613 (+ 30 / 50 / 70%)

Range  150

Armor  15 / 40 / 90 (+ 5% AP)

Magic res.  15 / 40 / 90 (+ 5% AP)

- Is counted as a minion, which means she can be smited/thrown away by syndra W etc.
- Does physical damage
- Every 3rd attack she fires a shock wave (mini Braum ult) which knocks up all enemys hit for 1s, this attack is         ranged   (400~ range), this hit got a cast time of about 1s, so it can be dodged
- The first 5s after you summoned her she got 25% bonus movement speed 
- Does no apply any spell effects, only with her shock wave
- If you hit something with your Q Daisy will instantly connect to the target you hit
- Can be shielded by your E even tho she counts as a minion
- When the distance between you and Daisy becomes too big she will come back to you
- You are able to "dodge" skillhots with her
- You can proc Nimbus Cloak with her if you command her while Nimbus Cloak is off CD (even if she is already here)

When to use Daisy

You can basically use her every time you fight someone as long as you intend on killing them or you need time for your team to move to you.
With ivernr.pngyou can tower dive pretty easy so just summon her and let her tank the turret until you team is able to follow up, but be careful when she attacks you get turret aggro so try to stay at the outer circle of the turret and only tank as much as you have to before moving out. There is no need for you to go into melee range of the one you're diving, it just increases the risk of you dying to the turret.

How to use Daisy

Daisy is a good offensive and defensive tool, she can peel/protect pretty well cause of her knock up but on the other hand she is very good at chasing people because of her movement speed burst after summoning and overall high movement speed.
When you want to chase someone down with Daisy make sure you keep shielding her for the AoE slow of your shield. 
If you see Daisy has her knock up ready on a person you want to slow first so the knock up hits 100% just move her next to the target (so she wont attack) until the enemy is slowed by your shield.
In team fights you need to decide if you want to use her defensive or offensive depending on your and the opponents comp, if already have a strong frontline (1 -2) tanks you can use her to peel of assassins/bruiser of your carrys but if that's not the case you will usually have her to act as some kind of frontline and let her tank some damage or annoy the enemy team.

Try to not let her die because she lasts 60s which is very long and her cool down is starting the moment you cast her, so if you are level 16+ and she fades you only have to wait 6s to re summon her! 

How to dodge stuff with Daisy Back to Top

Why does it work?

With your Ultimate ivernr.png it is possible to "dodge" skillshots, which mean you spawn ivernr.png and she instantly gets hit by the skillshot even while she is jumping out so the skillshot is not even near her. This only works because if you use ivernr.png her hitbox will instantly be in front of you and not where she is while spawning. 

How does it work?

It is actually pretty simple to pull of, if you see any kind of skillshot flying into your direction you just need to call for ivernr.png and she will block it for you.
This obviously only works if the skillshot can be stopped by hitting an minion for example rocketgrab.png darkbindingmissile.pngahriseduce.png work but things like xeratharcanopulsechargeup.pngzyrae.pngvarusq.png do not work at all, if you call for ivernr.png while these things are going in your direction Daisy will just get hit by it and gets damaged.

About me Back to Top

So i started playing playing at the end of Season 2 but didn't really play much until the middle of Season 3.
My first main position was Top but after some time i found my place in the jungle, where i still am.
I used to be a Rengar main but because of his rework i stopped playing and he is no fun to me anymore.

When Ivern came out i really wanted to play this champ more but i was kinda bad so i just sticked to Rengar. Now that he pre-season came and everything changed i played more and more Ivern until i was pretty good, i am still improving with him and i am still not as good as i want to be but maybe someday i will. I wrote this guide because i noticed that there are almost no Ivern guides which promote a similar playstyle as mine and not a single one is using the same itembuild.

I will definitely further update this guide but that's it for now !

Oh and please excuse if there are some mistakes in points of grammar etc. 

English is not my native language, I am from Germany.

If you have any questions, wanna discuss something or just want to give me some feedback feel free to add me :3
ProxerWaffel (EUW) 

Edit: Since i started to play Ivern again i will keep this guide updated once more!

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