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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png We take Flash since Ivern has no need for 6.png as we need an escape tool and flash allows for us to flash root and overall is just the default summoner for Ivern no matter what.11.png  Take smite for jungle otherwise you cannot clear the jungle, as your passive will take a year and a half to proc on one camp. 12.png If your going top lane or mid 3.png for support Ivern

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This is the standard Ivern mastery page. The big thing were looking to get here is Windspeakers and Intelligence, with the rest of the points filling in to get us more health, and reduce smite and flash cd in resolve, and increased buff duration and mana regen in cunning. Greenfathers gives us a bit more damage but its very negligible for the most part but the other masteries in the row are even less useful. You can get thunder lords if your going mid, but i find that windspeaksers is just way better as it becomes harder and harder to proc thunder lords as the game goes, and your early game damage isnt phenomenal. 

Abilities Back to Top


This is the standard leveling for Ivern, the only change is whether you want to take your root first if your invading. 

ivernq.png Our main hard cc skill. This does decent damage especially in the eraly game and roots whatever it hits from 1 second scaling up to 2 at max rank. The more important part is that you and your allies can dash to whatever you root, much like with 64.png blindmonkqone.png. Make sure to hold onto this when ganking until your close enough to all but guarantee you land it. We max this second everywhere but top lane, as this is primarily our utility and gapcloser tool.

ivernw.png This ability is what makes Ivern super unique and has so many possibilities and uses that separate skilled Iverns from the regulars. While not at all a flashy ability, its potential is absolutely insane. We max it last as rootcallers root is way more useful then the small damage increase. Use this to create vision gaps when doing objectives, or just put it down to gain ranged autos during ganks and team fights.
iverne.png This is our bread and butter skill. At max rank this shields for a base of 190 along with a 0.8 ap ratio. What makes this skill so powerful is that after 2 seconds even if the shield itself has been popped, there's an AOE exploding effect that damages and slows all surrounding enemies. Whats even greater is that at max rank with 45% cdr you have this up every 4 seconds meaning a down time of only 2 seconds, allowing you to spam this as soon as lvl 9. This skill is always maxed first for that reason alone, along with the damage, shield strength, and slow all going up each rank as well.  

ivernr.pngThis is our ultimate and our companion. Daisy acts as another champion, and does quite good damage especially early game. The two big things with daisy is that every third hit on the same champion is a linear aoe knock up. Make sure to iverne.png daisy after her first auto as that way you all but guarantee the knock up as the slow keeps your opponent in range for the other two autos. Secondly daisy can be used to block skillshots, even when you first summon her. Her hitbox appears at the location you summon her before she actually lands, allowing you to body block skillshots with her.

We max our sheild first as its slow goes up with each rank as does the shiled amount, and makes our ganks much less reliant on landing our root. Its also our main damage spell and is overall our best skill. Max our root second to increase the cc duration. Bushes are maxed last as the damage increase isnt any good and the skill is fine at just one point. Obviously pick up ult at 6,13,and 16.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standered Jungle Start
    Solo Lane Start
    Support Start

Core Items

    Mid Lane
    Top Lane

Situational Items

1039.png2031.png This is our Standard Jungle start, Talisman gives us mana regen to help with our passive, and refil helps keep us at close to full in the early clears. There really is no other option as refil is way to cost efficent to be replaced with 2003.png as you only need to use one charge most of the time to stay healthy on your first clear. 1041.png is useless as we dont attack the jungle creeps and so we dont benefit at all from this item.  

2033.png Our Standard solo lane start, gives us good sustain and slightly more damage for trades with ivernw.png.

3030.png gives us good lane sustain for top lane along with getting us somewhat tanky. 3151.png gives us good damage increase and helps us vs tanks.

3302.png Our Standard support start, this can be paired with either 2031.png or 2003.png depending on the lane, will go more in depth later on. 

3107.png and 3190.png make up our jungle core as they provide us with an aoe shield and heal, along with global pressure from redemption. These items ensure that no matter what happens we will always be strong and useful. 

1082.png is extremely easy to stack in the midgame as ivern and is a great buy mid to snowball with. 3165.png gives us the best stats for a first item with 20 cdr 100 ap, 400 mana, and it builds out of 3802.png whcih gives us great mana sustain in lane. 3285.png gives us good midgame burst and waveclear to go along with iverne.png and helps us to really pack a punch in teamfights. 

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This guy destroys you top as you have no real way to beat his sustain and he has better all in damage. You start to outscale him at around 30 mins or so as your teamfihghting is way better then he is, so do your best to group with your team and push objectives. Avoid letting this guy splt vs you as he will wreck you. Early jungle ganks can help you turn the lane in your favor, but your solo kill presure on this guy will always be low. Early 3047.png are a good pickup vs him as hes a primarily auto based champion. 




Ahri will normally shove you into tower, however she lacks the early game damage to kill you through your iverne.png. Level 6 be aware of her power spike with ahritumble.png as the mobility it offers makes landing your ivernq.png iverne.png combo quite hard. You can use ivernr.png to block her charm ahriseduce.png which gives you quite good outplay potential, and you can kite her quite hard with ivernw.png. At the end of the day the 1v1 match up is very much a skill orientated match up, as long as you avoid her skill shots early you should never die to her solo, you also have decent kill pressure on her as soon as lvl 3. id recomendd getting your jungler to come blow her ult when she hits 6 as it opens the lane into your favor until it comes up again. 




This guy fucks you, as he has everything that counters ivern, hard engage and tankyness. In lane you can harras him a bit along with your adc, but at level 2 and on words beware of his headbutt.pngpulverize.png combo as you will more than likely have to blow flash. As the game progresses hes just as much of a threat as you lack mobility outside of  4.png to get away. Avoid this match up at all cost if you can.




You can counter jungle him hard in the early game as his clear speeds are relativity slow. Avoid making plays where he can countergank you after level 6 as his curseofthesadmummy.png will screw you over. Avoid letting the game go on long as he out scales you do to him being a tank with massive aoe cc. Overall however not a hard match up, just work to keep your adc safe in team fights. Buying a 3222.png is crucial vs this guy as it lets you cleanse his cc from one of your carries. Consider getting 1.png if your mid lane and this guy is jungle.




Currently as of Patch 7.11 she is by far the strongest early game jungler. Just a decent elise can quite easily snowball the game out of control and prevent you from being able to impact lanes as effectively, as you bring no damage to ganks and must rely on your laners for that. Be aware that she can also quite easily remove from any fights and significantly reduce your impact in teamfights. Overall shes just in a really strong place right now and thats what makes her so tough to deal with.


Lee Sin


He out damages you throughout the game and is a stronger early to mid game jungler then you are. A good lee sin will snowball your lanes to the point where you cannot make any plays, and he will consistently look to counter gank you. You will rarley ever get invaded by a lee as your jungle pathing tends to be quite awkward for many junglers to predict. However once you start getting items, and as long as you and your team went even or ahead in the majority of your lanes, you become way more useful then him. Yes he does have his blindmonkqone.pngblindmonkwone.pngblindmonkrkick.png  insect combo that can be devastating, but he has a much harder time impacting the game once team fights and mid game starts rolling around.




This guy is the tanky version of you. An annoying support style jungler that does well as a counter jungler. The big issue vs him is that he can take dragon quite early and by himself, and he oneshots ivernr.png . Overall just a big pain in the ass to deal with. Luckily his teamfight contribution consist of being mega tanky and running around iceblast.pngoccasionally people, and so you  contribute more to your team with youriverne.png and ivernq.png . Just a super annoying champion, and one of the few champions that can be considered a true counter regardless of meta.




Man fuck this guy. His damage at all stages of the game is to be respected, but more importantly his olafragnarok.png prevents you from peeling him off your adc or mid laner, and your isnt big enough, nor up in time, to keep up with the damage output from olafaxethrowcast.png and also doesnt negate his olafrecklessstrike.png damage since it is true damage. Just a nightmare to deal with, luckily hes not super popular or overall powerful in the current meta.



Like most assassin match ups, Rengar is extremely easy to deal with. His overall damage early game is low, and you can easily out pressure him early on before he gets his rengarr.png. Once he does get his ult, do your best to scan the map and get in range to 3107.png his ulti target.  I recommend picking up some form of ap in your build as the added shield strength on your iverne.png  will all but shut down his chance to burst someone. A good item to invest in is 3165.png instead of 3174.png as it gives you a massive chunk of ap quite early on, and when combined with 3107.png its quite easy to prevent him from bursting whoever he jumps on. 

Introduction Back to Top

Welcome to my Ivern Guide. My name is Lecrae42 and im an Ivern Main on the NA server. I created this guide to help our both new Ivern players and long time Ivern players alike. Now this guide does go into decent detail at times, so if your just looking for a generic build then look only at the item and masteries sections. Otherwise strap in and get ready to become an Ivern Master. Will update matchups as i get the time to do so. Also Check out my youtube channel, I do my best to upload Ivern game plays daily along with the occasional tips and tricks, and any support and feedback you can give for the channel would be welcome and great.

Introduction to Ivern Back to Top

Ivern is a utility support/mage combo. He does best as a jungler where he gets access to gold and can easily influence lanes with his cc. However he also can be played in every other role outside of adc to varying success. At first glance Ivern can seem like a very boring champion, and according to the damage graphs at the end of the game he does no damage. SO why pick him? He has unparalleled utility meaning that no matter what happens he will always be useful to a team, regardless of score or the current meta. And he actual has good damage, however  iverne.png damage is not shown on damage graphs for some weird reason. He also has arguably the best utility spell in the game with ivernw.png
as the ability to create bushes and fog of war is insane in its uses. When mastered Ivern is one of the strongest junglers in the game, if not the strongest, and will always be good in the meta.

Jungle Ivern Back to Top

Iverns Main Role and best role. Your biggest strengths lie in your early to midgame, you have solid ganks and good damage in the very early game. Your no 64.png or 119.png but your damage is still soemthing to be respected. What makes Iverns early game so good is his ability to 3 buff start with nest to no repurcusions. The way to do this is simple, use your passive ivernpassive.png on whichever of your buff you want then walk over to the opposite side buff, mark it and smite it. From here look to gank a lane, as this is around the time laners have begun to push to get lvl 2, opening up opportunities to at the very least blow there 4.png. This works especially well with red buff as you get the slow from your autos. Simple run up with your e on whoever of you is closer, and then use your q when your in melee range or at least close. Afterwards go to your other buff and smite it. Chances are that the enemy jungler will not have taken it as they will ave ended up on the opposite side of the map. Make sure you have your team scout to find out what side of the map the enemy jungler starts. With the nerfs to ivernpassive.png increasing the health and mana costs, this cheese becomes much more important to pull of, at the very least you want to be taking the enemy buff, otherwise you will find yourself slightly more behind in the early game and having to awkwardly back do to not having enough health and mana to clear your jungle fully. The first item you want to grab is 3107.png as this gives you global pressure as well as keeping you healthy in the jungle, 2032.png is also nice if you find yourself farming a bit more in the early game. After 3107.png and  3190.png you want to start tailoring your build to the game. Refer to the items section in the guide for more detailed item help. General rule of thumb is to get 45% cdr asap and to prioritize support items over damage. Also 9/10 games you will get 3158.png as they are by far the best overall boots for Ivern. 

Top Lane Ivern Back to Top

A tankier style of Ivern, this pick works best when picked into other melee champions with low or short ranged spells and wave clear, for example 266.png36.png. Your trading is quite strong level 1 as you merely pop iverne.png and begin to trade, the shield giving you extra tankiness, and the slow keeps your opponent from disengaging quickly, meaning more minion harass. At level 2 skill up ivernw.png unless your expecting a jungle gank, then grab ivernq.png. Once you have your ivernw.png you want ton set up bushes stretching across the lane in a straight line, originating from the side bushes. This allows you to dart around harrasing with empowered autos and allowing you to kite out any trades your opponent may try and take, similar to how 17.png or 150.png play. This will slow push the wave as you will be drawing creep agro briefly each time you auto trade.  For a first item i recommend either 3030.png or 3152.png .  Hextech glp works well vs champions you wist to kite, and gives slightly more sustain via the catalyst passive. Protobelt is for lanes such as 223.png or 98.png who have low wave clear, or champions such as 75.png107.png who you have quite good kill presure on at level 6 when you get ivernr.png. You have a huge powerpsike with ivernr.png as especially in the early levels it all but gives you another champion to fight your opponent with, and no champion can take it out quickly, meaning that they have to chose which of you to focus. Wtih daisy you can kill most lane match ups as long as you are even or ahead. Be wary of 122.png92.png as there levl 6 power spike is significantly stronger then yours. For items i recommend  either  3152.png or 3030.png first, then  3151.png and 3107.png3190.png3047.png3109.png. Keep in mind that this is merely an example and will change from game to game.

Support Ivern Back to Top

Ivern Support is similar in role and playstyle to that of lulu or janna, you sit in the back and keep your adc alive, using dasiy to help peel and cc enemies.

You generealy want to start with 3302.png and a 2031.png. From here you play the laning phase rather passiveley, trpicaly taking your ivernw.png first for the harass early on. Your level 2 isnt very good as you grab your iverne.png and offer very little for 2v2s. You have a massive spike in 2v2 kill pressure come lvl 6 when you get ivernr.png. With all this being said however, you pair real well with any adc due to your high utility. After your first back look to roam mid for a gank, and throughout the early to mid game look to roam after backing, you have real good ganks after all. After you complete 3401.png and 2049.png you have a few options. I prefer to pick up 3107.png and 3047.png as my next two buys, then i look at the game and asses what to get next. Max cdr is not really something we strive for, due to the simple reason that our gold is quite a bit lower then our other roles, and therefore were focused more on getting as much utility for our gold. Max cdr is a luxury that we tend not to afford in most games. 

General thought process is as follows:

Is my adc super fed and our main damage source? If so then 3109.png

Does the enemy team have real strong aoe champions such as 63.png or 61.png? If so then 3190.png

Then proceed to buy the item you didnt get earlier. 


Mid Lane Ivern Back to Top

Mid Lane Ivern is by far the more obscure pick out of all the possible roles and builds. However it can also be one of the strongest roles for Ivern for a few reasons. 

Reason ONE: 

Our AP Ratios are insane and our main damage comes from our iverne.png.

Reason TWO: 

We can peel for ourselves quite well while still pumping out massive damage via ivernr.png. Did i mention that Daisy scales off of Ap for all of her combat stats? So the more AP we have the more damage and the tankier our self peel is. 

Reason 3: 

We have excellent synergy with 3041.png and 3165.png as we can easily gain stacks on our Mejais and proc the mana resotring passive of Morellos quite easily in team fights. 

Now you must understand that unlike the other roles where we are primarily a decent damage threat early to mid game and then fall off drastically the longer the game gets on, shifting into a more support role, mid ivern never loses that damange. In fact we scale into an insanely powerful late game team fighting monster. Many people dont realize that your iverne.png still does damage even if the sheild fades. This means your consistently pumping out aoe damage in teamfgihts that people tend not to pay attnetion to as theres very little in way of animation or indicator. Also your shield strength scales from ap as well, leading to around 700 hp sheilds in an average game. Thats absloute nuts!! Your full combo with just protobelt and morellos does close to 700 damage in the mid game, and is up again in around 5 seconds. Hopefully now your seeing just what makes this so strong and unexpected. 

Now naturally there are cons to this otherwise you would see this way more. 


Your super skill shot reliant early game to consistently get damage and trades off.

You have zero mobility outside of 4.png making you easy jungle bait.

Your cool downs early game are quite high

You lack any ranged wave clear and your easy to shove under tower early. 

you need items to do damage, meaning if you fall behind your in trouble.

With all this being said, Ivern Mid is still quite strong, however it is not the best mid laner out there. 
Should you chose to go this role, you want to have a build looking somewhat like this 3165.png3152.png3041.png3089.png3135.png3158.png. Remember builds change from game to game and that this is not the only build for mid lane, merely an example. 
Recomended summoner spells: 4.png14.png for kill presure in the midgame. 12.png in hard matchups like 99.png and 101.png

Tanky build(Still Testing) Back to Top

So ive recently been running a tankier build on Ivern that looks something like this 3800.png3109.png3047.png3165.png3050.png3116.png
Typically however most games end before i have finished zekes. Keep in mind that this build is far from static, really the only thing that doesnt change is the Righteous Glory first item pick up. The movespeed on the active makes your ganks insane as it gets you in range for easy ivernq.png and another slow with iverne.png . Outside of that kinghts vow is somewhat standered second item as most supports are running with 3504.png. However you can pick up 3504.png
as it synergizes quite well with 3050.png. 3050.png is also a super underrated item, as its unique passive lets you bind yourself to another ally, in this case your adc. It then for 10seconds on your ultimate cast converts 50% of there damage to magic damage. This plus ardent makes your adc shred through everyone, especially tanks, with tons of free mixed damage.

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