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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You should take:

4.png Flash

Best Summoner Spell available for Janna! Use it to:
  • Escape Ganks
  • Set up flashy plays together with your howlinggale.png or eyeofthestorm.png
  • Get into safe position to reapthewhirlwind.png and heal your team
  • Get in range to peel for your carries 

3.png Exhaust

  • Escape Ganks
  • Set up Ganks
  • Lower the damage of the enemy carries to peel for your team
  • Catch up to enemies
  • Slow them to get behind them and reapthewhirlwind.png

You shouldn't take:

14.png Ignite

  • You don't want to deal damage
  • You only want to get in range of the enemies to get them away from your carries and not to deal damage to them
  • Only useful to stop healing effects. Take it if your team is too stupid to take an ignite against 36.png or 50.png

12.png Teleport

  • No, you don't have the right skillset to set up Teleport ganks so don't even try.
  • You will also be fast enough due to your sowthewind.png so you won't need it to get to Lane faster.

7.png Heal

  • Most of the time the Marksmen will run Heal and the Heal Debuff will make your Heal kind of useless.
  • You should be able to survive in Lane without Heal due to your defensive spells

21.png Barrier

  • Your eyeofthestorm.png should be enough against bursty champions!

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Wanderer vs Savagery

If you are bad at Last Hitting you can take Savagery. Otherwise go with Cunning to get faster to Lane again and make your roams a bit faster as well. Cunning also Synergizes well with the sowthewind.png passive.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin

We don't want to deal much damage and we especially never want to 1v1 anyone so Assassin is a No-Go as Mid Lane Janna. While Runic Affinity will make Blue Buff and Baron Buff last 15% longer I think that Secret Stash just is superior since we will always be able to use the effect of it. There might be games where we don't get any Baron or Blue Buffs and 15% more time isn't that much anyway. So take Secret Stash.

Merciless vs Meditation

Take Meditation. We don't want to deal damage but we want Mana Regeneration.

Bandit vs Dangerous Game

Bandit won't help us much since we won't be able to fully utilize it. Dangerous Game will help us to stay alive during Teamfights by giving us HP and Mana for assists. Super strong Mastery. Always keep in mind that you can turn around fights by knowing that you have this Mastery.

Precision vs Intelligence

Again: We don't want to deal a lot of damage. On the other hand we want to have as much CDR (Cool Down Reduction) as possible to provide our team with peel (howlinggale.pngsowthewind.pngreapthewhirlwind.png) and Heals + Shields (eyeofthestorm.pngreapthewhirlwind.png). Having 45% CDR will put our 5 seconds long lasting shield on a 5.5 second long CD (Cool Down). This Mastery is love even though in about 50% of the games you won't be able to hit the 45% mark because you will win the game earlier ^_^.

Stormraider's Surge vs Thunderlord's Decree vs Windspeaker's Blessing

Easy choice all over again. We won't deal 30% of anyone HP as damage within 2 seconds and we don't want to attack anyone three times but in Lane. What we want are super strong shields and heals! Windspeaker's Blessing will make our eyeofthestorm.png and reapthewhirlwind.png 10% stronger and provide the shielded or healed ones with a bit Armor and Magic Resistance. How awesome! So if we have a lot of AP and our Shield normally would give 500HP it will give 550HP and block a lot more damage. This Mastery is one of the reasons why I like to play Mid Lane Janna. 


Recovery vs Unyiedling

We won't build a lot of Armor or Magic Resistance on Mid Lane Janna because we want to prevent getting killed by not even giving the enemies the chance to get into a position where the could kill us and not by buying defensive stats. So Unyielding won't help us. The enemy most likely will try to poke us in lane a lot though. So any extra HP Regeneration we can get helps a lot. Take Recovery.

Explorer vs Tough Skin

This one is one of the more hard decision. You should really decide for yourself if you'd rather be able to roam to fights in Toplane/Botlane a bit more faster or if you want to be a bit more safe in Lane. I prefer Tough Skin over Explorer at the moment because I don't think early Janna roams are that strong anyway. But you can take either of them.

Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars

Both Masteries would help us a lot. Having more HP would allow us to go a bit more deep without worrying too much. But wait... RUNIC ARMOR IS LOVEEEEEE. 
In Teamfights we don't want to use eyeofthestorm.png and reapthewhirlwind.png for ourselves most of the times. But there will be moments in which you have to use it for yourself especially whilst laning this Mastery is super strong and together with Windspeaker's Blessing you will have really big shields for yourself even without a lot of AP early on in the game ~

Insight vs Perseverance

Ugh hard decision again. If you really want to 4.png a lot and make some flashy 4.png + howlinggale.png/reapthewhirlwind.png plays go for Insight. I prefer to stay safe and go with Perseverance though because it will help me to get through the laning phase together with the Recovery Mastery!

Abilities Back to Top


jannapassive.png Tailwind: Out Rotate The Enemies

Often overlooked but really strong. It won't affect yourself but you will be fast enough anyway because of your sowthewind.png passive. Movement Speed is a really valuable stat nowadays and it will help your team to rotate between objectives a bit faster than the enemy team. You will also be able to help your team to catch up to the enemies or to get away from them. 

howlinggale.png Howling Gale: CANCEL THE DASHES BABE


Your only wave clear spell and it's not even that good for wave clear tbh since it's lacking damage if you max it third. If you really have to get some wave clear max it second!

In Lane:

Don't even try to harass your enemy with this skill please most of the time it's just a waste of mana since it's damage is not really high and it's easy to dodge. You can use it to clear waves, even though it won't damage the minions that much when you max it third it will still help you to clear waves faster.

But listen it's still super useful! When your lane gets ganked - either by your or by the enemy Jungler - this skill will be the most important. Here are some thing you can do with it:
  1. CANCEL DASHES! Lee Sin Qing to you or your mate just shoot a fast Q and his Q will get canceled and deal no damage. Also works against Leona E, Jax Q and uhm it just works against everything <3
  2. Flash -> Howling Gale: This combo is often overlooked and considered a waste but if right used this combo is like the Janna Insec.
    You see your jungler coming and you have to stop the enemy from running away or maybe you are up against a Tristana or something who is about to jump away? Just Flash and fast launch a Howling Gale to knock them up. It will give your ally enough time to follow up and get the kill more than often.
    But still this is a combo you shouldn't try to pull of in your first games of Janna because you have to get some knowledge on when it is useful to do this combo and when it is just a waste. When you do it for your first times always ask yourself twice if it's a good idea, sure this will cost you some time but after you did it a few times you will get a feeling on when it's a good decision and you will start to pull of flashy plays with the cute Janna <3.
  3. Hold them under the turret: Idk why but people try to dive a low HP Janna so often and they fail so often. Just knock them up, shield yourself, slow + exhaust them and they are donezo.

In Teamfights:

Try to kite for your damage dealers with your Howling Gale as good as possible. Always remember that you almost never want to charge it fully up. It's not worth it - you don't want to deal damage anyway and it most likely won't hit on long range anyway. You should rather try to cancel charges and dashes with your Q and just get fed Jax away from your Vayne. 

sowthewind.png Zephyr: Movement Speed is love


This spell seems to be lackluster but it isn't! It will provide you with movement speed and take away movement speed from one of your enemies while also providing some damage to finish of enemies. Movement speed is an often overlooked stat in League but it is really important so use it wisely.

In Lane:

Just as with Howling Gale: DON'T EVEN TRY TO HARASS WITH ZEPHYR! You are Janna, you won't kill the enemy Mid Laner 1v1 nor will you outtrade him with your Howling Gale and your Zephyr. You will also lose the movement speed passive for as long as it's on cooldown so don't spam it. If really needed you can use it to secure some Last Hits. Otherwise just use it on ganks to either slow the enemy to get away. 

In Teamfights:

Again, same as with Howling Gale. Use it to peel for your damage dealers and don't just use it randomly on the enemy support. Also use it to catch enemies who are out of position together with your Howling Gale.

eyeofthestorm.png Eye Of The Storm: Always max your shield first!


This is what makes you useful. This is what makes you Janna. This is what makes you LOVE <3. With the way of playing Midlane Janna you will have a lot of AP which will make your shields really big and will also give the shielded ally SO MUCH AD. 

In Lane:

Use it to harass the enemy as well as to get last hits under your own turret. It also helps you to nullify ganks and maybe even turn around ganks. It's super strong when you have an AD Jungler like Lee Sin and he ganks your lane. Just shield him up for some a lot of extra damage (always take care that you don't go to low and die while you shield someone else though).

In Teamfights:

Always use your shield in teamfights you should never hold too long on it since its cooldown will be really low as soon as you get some CDR! You should prioritize your shield targets like this: 
  1. Ally who is low HP/about to die (doesn't matter if Tank, AD, AP or whatever SAVE YOUR FRIENDS <3)
  2. Highest damage AD based Champion who is in range and able to deal damage to the enemies - More than often this will be your Marksman but there will also be times where you should rather shield your Toplane Tryndamere, Jungle Kindred or whatever
  3. Other damage dealer who is in range to deal damage to the enemies or about to take damage
  4. Tanks who are taking damage but are not 1. priority because they are not about to die
Always remember that your shield will give more AD than every item in the game as soon as you get some AP and that the shield will also be soooooo big that it can carry team fights alone if used right. It will make your 2/2/2 Jinx an unstoppable monster who can easily can get a Pentakill if you help her.

reapthewhirlwind.png Monsoon: Carry Teamfights


Monsoon heals a whole lot and scales very well with AP (0,5)! BTW just as with Howling Gale you can cancel dashes with it.
After some games with Janna and some experience with the Spell you will also be able to pull off Flash -> Monsoon combos to displace enemies just as with the famous Lee Sin kick. But always remember that this is one hell of a risky play and that it costs you your Flash. Risky plays are often not needed in Solo Queue because the enemies will do enough mistakes on their own so use it with care.

In Lane: 

Only use this spell in lane if you are about to die or if you have to push away the enemies to get away from a gank without burning 4.png. There are some situations where you can throw the enemies into your tower or you can set up a gank with the help of Monsoon but these kind of plays are really risky! 

In Teamfights:

In teamfights this is one of the strongest spells in the whole game if used right. You will be able to carry fights alone with one good placed Monsoon. There are several ways to use your Monsoon and you will have to get used to when use which technique.
  • Heal your whole team: The most easy but also in most cases the most successful way to use your ultimate. Just go to a safe place behind your team and heal them from low HP to max HP. Take care that the enemies won't be able to interrupt you and don't use your Monsoon if your team is not really low. You don't have to make use of the knockback with this technique.
  • Heal only one person: You can also use your Monsoon to just heal one low HP person. If for example your Vayne is really low HP and about to die to a Zed nearby use your eyeofthestorm.png and your reapthewhirlwind.png to get the Zed away and rescue your Vayne. 
  • Displacement: You can also use your ultimate to displace the enemies and split the carries away from the tanks. It's a bit harder to pull off though.
  • Peel: Try to get the enemy Assassins or other damage sources away from your carries. You shouldn't cancel your Monsoon after you've knocked them back and heal your teammates for as long as possible.
Always remember that your Monsoon can change team fights completely so wait for the right moment to use it and never use it without a good reason.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Be ready to get early Stacks together with your Jungler.

Core Items


Situational Items

    See text
    If no one else gets it and your team needs some MR.


1082.png: The best start Item on Janna. You get some Mana + AP and your potions will last longer. You will also be able to start stacking your Mejai's. Don't push too hard for the stacks, remember: DON'T DIE ._. especially not after having some Stacks already since losing Stacks is the only way in League of Legends your Spells can get weaker
Update [09.02.2016]: After the price reduction even better. You will now be able to get one more pot and sustain longer in lane!

3158.png: We don't want to deal damage so there is no need for the 3020.png. Without the CDR from 3158.png we also wouldn't be able to hit the 45% CDR cap without buying suboptimal Items. You want to have the Boots together with 3041.png ready as soon as team fights start.

3041.png: Get Mejai's as soon as you feel like Teamfights will start so you will be able to get a lot of stacks. Mejai's will give you 10 AP per Assist which is a lot and even team fights which end with 3 people dying for either team will be worth a lot more for your team just because of your Mejai's. As soon as you are at about 18 stacks your shields will be so big that you will more than often be able to carry team fights alone.

3092.png: I always try to get 3108.png whilst laning and then finish Frost Queen's as soon as the laning phase ends. I don't really like building 3303.png or 3098.png because you won't be able to utilize the passive at all. If you are really short on money or you need more Mana Regeneration you can get them though. Always get Frost Queen's because the passive will provide you even more peel and catch up potential + you will get some AP, Mana Regeneration and CDR which are stats we really value high on Janna. You can also use the ghosts to search for the enemies if you don't know where they are. 
Update [15.01.2016]: FQC got nerfed! I will try to find out if it's still the go to item on Janna or if we have to swap it for something else. But don't worry the nerf was not too bad and it's still a very efficient item. You will be fine!  
Update [09.02.2016]: FQC still seems to be really good!

3089.png: Always get Rabadons after Mejai's and Frost Queen's! It synergizes super well with a stacked Mejai's. After some team fights you should be at about 15 stacks on Mejai's if you combine this with Rabadon's the game should be pretty much over because in most cases the enemies won't be able anymore to fight against your eyeofthestorm.png and reapthewhirlwind.png.


After building 3041.png 3092.png 3089.png you will be super strong already but some games the game won't be won after this and you will have gold to get even more Items. 

3504.png: In most games this is my go to choice as the fourth item. It synergizes really well with our  eyeofthestorm.png and reapthewhirlwind.pngby giving our carries Attack Speed and some On-Hit-Damage. You will also get some more Movement Speed which is not really needed because we will be super fast already anyway but it's still nice to have. The CDR is also one of the main reasons I like to get this Item. It will bring us to the 45% CDR cap together with our Runes + 3092.png + 3158.png.

3157.png: A lot of AP and a nice active. It's super expensive though and we should actually never get into the position where we have to use the active. Still a nice buy especially against AD Assassins like 238.png.

3285.png: A lot of AP, some Movement Speed and a passive which is not that strong on Janna but also not too bad. Just get it for the AP.

3190.png: The active synergizes super well with the Windspeaker's Blessing Mastery but you still only want to get this Item if no one else gets it. You also shouldn't buy it if you already bought 3504.png because this will put you over the CDR cap and make the stat on this item useless. You can also swap your 3158.png for 3009.png or 3020.png if you really need a Locket. If you just need some Magic Resistance and some AP + a cheesy split push active you can also get 3060.pnginstead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Why Janna Mid? Back to Top

Why Janna Mid Lane?

I don't think Janna is a champion for everyone especially not as a Mid Laner. Most players who main Mid Lane or just like to play Mid Lane once in awhile just want to deal lot of damage and pick champions like 238.png4.png7.png103.png because dealing damage and going hard on the enemies is fun for them. 
Sure some games I also want to get some kills and crush the enemies but in most of my games I prefer to help my teammates so they can get the kills and most important so they don't die. And that is what 40.png is in my opinion the best champion for. You may ask why I'd not just play her as support then? Well that's what I do in most games but listen Janna Mid is even stronger than Janna Support. You will heavily rely on your team because you won't provide any damage but if you have a good Carry on your team you can make him immortal and carry the game together with him. Janna is one of the few champions which really benefits from AP without dealing damage. As Janna Support you'd never be able to get as much AP as when you play Janna Mid Lane. Since Janna is a super safe pick and you shouldn't die more than once or twice maximum per game she is one of the few champions that can use 3041.png well. Janna is all about getting Mejai's stacks so don't make risky plays if not needed and stay safe!

When to pick Janna Mid Lane?

You should pick Janna Mid Lane only when you know that you won't need any more damage and that your damage boost and peel for the carries will be enough to kill the enemies. So don't pick Janna when you have a team like
  • Toplane: 223.png
  • Jungle: 111.png
  • Support: 267.png
  • Marksmen: 81.png
To be honest Janna still we be super useful in a comp like this and make the Ezreal unkillable but you may still lack some damage. You'd prefer to pick Janna into a team like
  • Toplane: 114.png
  • Jungle: 64.png
  • Support: 267.png
  • Marksmen: 67.png
Everyone of your carries will be able to use your bonus AD from your shield and you can peel a lot for your carries together with the Support. You also don't really need AP damage! Because your ADs will just rampage over the enemies even if they've build some Armor especially Vayne can melt them down. Sure an AP Jungler or AP Top Laner also works good with Janna but won't be able to use the shield that well. 

Laning Back to Top

I don't really want to write how to play against every specific Champion because as Janna you want to do the same against every Champion: 

  1. Don't die: Most important, even more important whilst having some stacks at your Mejais. Just don't die even if that means sacrificing some CS.
  2. Get Stacks: Get your Mejais stacked. Most of the games the enemy Mid Laner will push you to the turret so he should be easy killable with the help of your Jungler! So ask your Jungler BEFORE THE GAME to take some easy kills in Mid.
  3. Get Farm: Just try to get every CS you can. You may have to give some CS but don't worry as long as you follow Step 1 and 2 you will be fine. You can use your Shield to get some AD to farm more easy and also to prevent the enemy from poking you while you are Last Hitting.
  4. Poke: Only poke with Auto Attacks. It can be really strong on Level 1-3 but take care and don't try too hard because you don't really have any other reliable damage source.
  5. Keep the Turret alive: The first Mid Lane Turret is the most important one in the game. Losing it will open up the Map for the Enemies and will let them roam in the dark. If really needed max your Howling Gale howlinggale.png second to depush the Lane a bit better. This really is one of Jannas weaknesses and you have to play around it. Also remember that you can shield your own Turret. Don't do that if you are about to get dived or something because most of the time your Shield is way more valuable on a Champion that on a Turret. 

After Laning Back to Top

After the laning phase is over and teams are going to group up you should try to participate in every fight. You will be super fast with your upgraded boots 3158.png and your sowthewind.png passive so you should be able to join every fight. Just be super careful that you don't get caught in a bad position or die in a team fight. If your whole team dies just try to run away so you don't lose your 3041.png stacks. You will be super useful for your team and if you play it safe enough you will sit at 25 stacks soon and be able to carry the game.

General: How To Get Better Back to Top

There are actually quite a few people who think I’m a god or something in League because I’m in Master but in reality I’m a piece of poop just like you. Just because I’m Master doesn’t mean I’m automatically better than you. Every game starts at zero and  I don’t have any special runes or abilities just because I’ve got this shiny border. Sure most games I go against a silver player I will wreck them but that’s just because I know how to do certain things and when to do stuff. I know when to hit the minions to get a last hit, I know when I can go in against you with my champion and I know when to click to dodge your spells. And all this is not really hard it’s not something you have to read books, watch streams and practice for for some years. All of this you could learn in like one or two months without playing THAT much. Okay you might think that it’s easy for me to say all this because I already am Masterand it’s easy for me to say things like this. Yes it is, you are right and most likely I’m exaggerating a bit right now but all of you guys can get better at League if you want to and try.

What you need

  • A decent computer: yeeep playing at 60 fps or maybe even 144 fps (you need the right monitor for this) will do wonders. Everything will be way more smooth and you can concentrate more on the game. Sure there are also people in Challenger playing with 40 fps but it’s easier with more fps. Trust me.
  • Decent internet: Lags will lose you games. Nothing more to say I guess.
That's all you need. Oh and you need 16 champions to play ranked.

What you don’t need

  • Gaming keyboard or mouse: No you don't really need this. Maybe will help you a bit when you are already higher in elo but in silver or gold it really doesn’t matter at all. Just get a mouse and keyboard combo with which you feel comfortable.
  • Special champions and runes: Just get some basic champions and basic rune pages. It’s not about getting good with one champion it’s about getting good at the game. Once you hit higher elo specializing to one champion might help you to get even higher.

What to do

Okay first off just do all of this if you want to get better. If you are silver or gold and you are cool with it and just like to play some normal games with your friends and have fun while doing this that’s okay and you don’t have to do anything ^_^ this game is meant to be fun and not everyone has to be one of the best players.
So here is what to do:


Yep that’s all. Just sit down, get comfortable and go into Solo Queue. Normally you would just play your game now like you always play and then win or lose maybe because of you or maybe because of your teammates. But this time you try to actually get better. Just get that into your mind. You are now playing to get better and not to win. It doesn’t matter what your teammates are doing and it doesn’t matter which champion or position you are playing.
Try to think actively about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Pushing lane? Ask yourself why you are doing it. Taking dragon? Ask yourself again why you are doing it. And after every misplay just try to notice your mistake and then try to not do it again. It’s a big difference between just playing the game and playing to get better. Stop looking at your teammates it’s all about you. Don’t ever make excuses why you’ve died. It’s always 100% your fault and you have to realize that you can avoid every death by just stop doing the same mistakes over and over again.
After every game you should take a short break and think about what you could’ve done better. Sure it’s hard because you don’t know yet what is good and what is bad but just trying to think about it will get you to that knowledge after a while. You can also ask your friends (OR ME HAHAHAHA) to spectate some of your games and then giving you constructive feedback afterwards but you can do this all alone as well. Watching streams of high elo players or lcs will help you as well but there is nothing more valuable than practicing.
That’s really all you need to do to get better. You need to start trying to get better. Don’t just spam games and think you will get better. Play and TRY TO GET BETTER. Try to learn from your mistakes, write them down after every game take a look at them before every game and then try to not make them again. If you do this for just two weeks you will notice how much better you have gotten. TRUST ME PLEASE ^_^.  Also never forget to have fun. If practicing is not fun for you maybe just stop it and go back to just playing the game without all this because fun is the most important thing. This game is meant to be fun and not to be exhausting.

If you think you are good you are shit

What do you have to do to get better? Right you first have to realize that you are a piece of poop and that there are thousands of people who are way better than you. If you think you are already good then you won’t get any better by playing games or at least you will get better at a slower pace because you won’t see your own mistakes. If you know that you are shit and you try to prove yourself every game again you will become better with time. Trust me. Sure if you make a flashy play you can praise yourself but remember that it was just one play and that you are still shit in the grand scheme. 

General: How To Behave In Solo Queue Back to Top

Sooo lately I’ve been spamming Solo Queue quite a lot again in different leagues and I’ve noticed that people started to behave way better than one or two years ago (myself included ._.). That said there are still people who are influencing the mood of their teammates negatively without knowing. So let’s not look at obvious flamers who wish their teammates cancer or stuff like that, these people are just meaners who are most likely on tilt. I actually don’t think that these people are mean in real life but they just get into the game way too much and it’s easy to insult someone you’ve never seen and most likely will never see in person. While these players are obviously the worst people to have in your team there are also players who think they are actually influencing the game positive by their writing while doing the exact opposite.

Never ask someone ‚why?‘

The player you are asking about why he did something most likely already knows that he did a mistake and asking why he did it won’t make him feel better at all. It will either just make him think more about the mistake and with this put him on tilt or he will try to get defensive and put out reasons to why he acted the way he did. This will just lead to another pointless discussion which will lower the focus onto the actual still ongoing game of every player who is reading the chat.  You should actually never talk about mistakes that happened while you are still ingame not in Solo Q nor while playing in a team. If you really want to discuss some mistakes objectively to try to help your mate, just write it down and talk about it after the game without criticizing him.

Don’t be the guy who doesn’t respond

Yeah I know sometimes you just want to mute everyone and do your own stuff but League of Legends is still a team game. You don’t have to make calls or stuff like that but if someone asks you something without the intention of flaming you (e.g. jungler asks you if you want to take golems at level 1) just respond. It will help your mates to coordinate and it will also create a bonding between you and them which makes the game more fun and motivates everyone at least for a bit.  Just remember that most people in League are actually nice people ^_^

Don’t spam for help

Yes you are losing your lane because the enemies ganked your lane way often then your team did and yes it’s most likely not your fault. But still don’t spam for help it will just make your team feel like that the whole team is behind. Sure you can ask like once or twice but don’t be like ‚Hey help me guys enemy jungler already ganked 5 times while you haven’t at all‘ just write something like ‚Ugh sorry I’m kinda behind and could need some help if possible ~‘.

Praise ya mates

If your mates do something good just praise them. I mean you would like to get praised as well after doing something cool wouldn’t you? It makes them feel better and will motivate them to play even better. If someone in Solo Q actually tells me that I’m doing well I start to become really happy and try to play even better.
Also thank your mates always when they help you. It’s something you would do in real life why don’t do it in League then as well T_T.

About Me Back to Top

Hey I'm a 21 years old League player from Germany. I have been playing League since 2010 and started to main Support around 2 or 3 years ago. Before I picked up Janna as my favorite Support this summer I used to play a lot of Morgana 25.png and Nami 267.png. My favorite Supports at the moment are Janna 40.png and Alistar 12.png but I think that I can play most of the Supports at a high level. 

To be honest my mechanics are not really as good as the mechanics of most other high Diamond and Master players but I think that my game knowledge is really good and I'm really good at teamfighting. While I always had some Champions for other roles than Support I never really had a good Champion I could rely on for Midlane. That's the reason why I've started to play Janna Midlane and became really successful with it. 

Contact Me

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Sometimes you can catch me playing with my Marksmen and Best Friend on her Stream:! Even if I'm not playing with her you should check out her stream. It's super fun and Misa is the best Marksmen in the world!


Hit Master on 2015-12-26 

2015-12-26 23_00_56-PV2P.png

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