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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is just the best summoner spell in the game. A few champs can get away with not taking it janna isn't one of them take it. Use it. It helps you escape, and if you're really good the flash ult engages can be really effective. 

Exhaust I take like 99% of the time. Unless there's a mundo or someone else with a lot of healing and no one else is taking ignite I'd probably go exhaust, it helps set up kills, and reduces damage and gives you extra peel. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Most important one to get is windspeakers. As a champ all around her shield and heal making that 10% stronger is huge, and then the added defensive bonuses are just icing on the cake. Everything else you want to be fast, have sustain, and get gold. Also the 5% cdr is nice and much better than the extra damage as janna does almost no damage its mostly cc and shields. You could take the 12 in resolve and put them in ferocity if you wanted to go more agressive. I like the expose weakness mastery but then you lose runic armor which is handy for your self shields. 

Abilities Back to Top

jannapassive.png Janna's passive is nice it boosts the movement speed of people running towards you. Usually you want to position yourself on the outskirts of a teamfight which will give anyone running away the boost. Keep in mind it's range as you're probably gonna be faster than everyone else on your team from your w. You can also be nice and help your adc back to lane quicker by standing in front of them. I also usally go captain boots to basically double this passive. 

howlinggale.png The tornadoes! This is a great knockup. Good for disengage, engage, throwing things at people. The problem is you have to line it up beforehand and the longer you wait the further it goes, the longer the knockup, and the more damage it does. Ideally you set it up in a bush where they don't know its coming or try to predict where they are going to go as they can't see the direction it's going in until it goes. Takes some practice but very useful. Also don't feel pressured to wait the full time if they're moving out of the way cast it. Or if you need instant peel the instant cast still knocks them up at close range. Good for the knockup not the damage so max last. 

sowthewind.png This is the movement speed ability. Janna goes really fast and this is why. The passive movement speed is great. You can slow others too but you lose some movement speed when you do it so be careful. If you're being chased by 2 people don't use it as it'll only help them catch you. You will also lose your mobies when you cast it so you'll slow way down. 

eyeofthestorm.png This is the bread and butter ability for Janna. Usually i get at lvl 1 especially if you're leashing your jungler as a shield and a few autos is a hard leash without wasting time. And it'll really help his clear. If not you could go Q first but make sure to max E 100% first. This shield is great for protection, and it also gives bonus AD. Don't forget about this as it can help when pushing towers etc. Also it can go on towers to shield them which can buy you more time. Try to use it before something hits your adc not after, or even just when you two are hitting someone put it on them it'll boost their damage for free. 

reapthewhirlwind.png This is what makes Janna the perfect anti assassin. Assassins want to get on your backline and blow them up. This pushes them back and has a huge AOE heal for your team. With windspeakers it also gives them a decent defensive stat boost too. Very useful as disengage. It can occasionally be used to engage with a flash ult to push someone back but rarely. Mostly save this to save your ADC or mid laner from dying. It is a channeled heal though so don't cancel it early unless you have to do something else. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I prefer this to frost queens as for frost queens to get gold you have to play more aggressively this allows you a more passive sustain lane.

Core Items

    These three are the must buys. Get sightstone as soon as you can and don't forget to swap your trinket to a sweeper or a blue one as the yellow doesn't help you after sightstone. Nomads medallion gives you a lot of extra gold so it's worth upgrading early. Mobies are fantastic for going really fast and captain boots doubles your passive you could go alacrity if you really wanted to. Or distortion for more flash plays but I'd go captains on Janna.
    This item is a must buy on her great active and great stats

Situational Items

    This is great for Janna. Your shield already gives AD and now it gives attack speed too most adc's will love this item but some like Ezreal won't use it as much. So if you have a caster adc then not always the best choice. But with the bonus to heals and shields it's still a great item. Vayne or Kog? GET IT NOW!!
    This is an interesting item. Boosts your adc's crit chance by 50% for a few seconds. You make good use of all the stats it gives and is pretty helpful. It also can be used on your mid laner to give them 20% more AP so if they are more fed or if your ADC has like 80% crit chance anyway they might be a better target to bond to.
    The split push combo. These work really well to push out a lane while you group with the team and push mid. Keep them in the side lanes. The only exception to that would be if you have baron and are pushing mid using banner on the cannon will make it crazy powerful. Make sure to use Banner on the cannon or caster minions. And with ZZ put it in a lane and then leave, you want them to forget about that side lane not go look at it. Most Low elo players will have low map awareness but if you push with your zz they will notice pretty quickly.
    This is good if the enemy team has hard cc and your carries keep getting locked up.
    Good tank item with 20% CDR which is always good on Janna. Buy if they have a lot of ad especially if they are a lot of autoattackers, trynd, yi, whoever in addition to ADC
    So this is down to preference. I usually go Eye of the Oasis because I like having the extra item slot as there are a lot of items I like on Janna. The active on talisman is nice and it lets you get Ruby Sightstone which lowers the cooldown on your active items by 20% which as you may have noticed you will rack up quite a few active items.
    This item works on Janna because she tends to rack up a lot of assists (shield a carry you get an assist on all of their kills), and because she is usually backline is very fast and has a shield and her ult to disengage so if played correctly she doesn't die very often if at all. This is risky and I don't usually buy it but it does work well.
    Other tank items can be put in, it makes you harder to kill which is always good.
    This item is really nice on ap supports as you add a heal to your shields and it's pretty cheap the mana regen isn't what it used to be so I probably wouldnt go this on every game

Most of Janna's build is situational and subject to taste. If you need tankier go for that. If your ADC or others on the team like attack speed go for 3504.png. Want split push? Go for that. Up to you on a lot of it and your build shouldn't look the same for every game besides the basics. 

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Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Why play Janna at low elo? She can't carry a game by herself?

Well that's kind of true. Janna is very good at saving people. That's her job and she does it really well. She saves your stupid teammates when they overextend and go too ham. This works really well. If your teammates don't die they will probably kill someone else eventually which is exactly what you want. She also brings a lot of cc, peel and healing all good stuff for keeping your allies alive. 

She works best with late game carries like Kog, Vayne, Jinx, Twitch, etc but even with any ADC she lets them farm up and get to late game without dying in lane. Then she boosts them up late game very well. Her shield gives AD which scales best with attack speed (more attacks with the boosted AD). 

Don't play her too aggressively, your job is to save people not to engage. If you get a gank sure slow down the enemy, knock them up etc, but in lane especially you should be playing passively and use your shield to stop enemy damage as much as possible. 

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