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2 years ago

Janna Statistics for DCG Fakelove

Author's performance with Janna compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Pretty obvious choice here, i take 3.png in 95% of my games, only 14.png if enemy has 16.png or in very rare cases atleast 2 self healing champs. 8.png 36.png
3.png fits Janna just too perfectly, as it improves your already insane peeling kit.
4.pngis a must have, it gives you the possibility to create amazing plays, let you escape, engage,chase etc...

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I use this page in everygame and never change anything because there are no other choices imo.

The most should be pretty self explanatory in the Cunning Tree. Windspeaker's Blessing is a MUST HAVE! 

In the Resolve Tree i take Recovery because you dont take much benefit from Unyielding since it boosts% so its kinda made for Tanks. Tough Skin is great for trades in botlane, maybe you could take Explorer if you plan to roam alot but dont do that with Janna, stay with your Adc the whole game. Veteran's Scars outclasses Runic Armor because extra Health makes you less squishy and the 8% shield bonus on yourself is not worth since i shield myself very rarely. You get your summoners faster from Insight what means: More 4.png and 3.png!!!

Abilities Back to Top



Tailwind(Passive): Janna grants 8% Movement Speed to nearby allied champions moving towards her.

Jannas Passive is nothing really spectacular. If your teammates move towards you, they get a 8% MS buff. You dont really notice it as its really not much but it can save lifes in lategame, if that buff helped some1 escaping from a chase.

howlinggale.pngHowling Gale(Q): Janna summons a whirlwind at her current location which charges up over 3 seconds. Its range, dmg and knockup duration increases for each second it is left charging. At the end of the duration, or upon reactivation, the whirlwind launches itself in the target direction, dealing magic dmg to all enemies it passes through and knocking them up for 0,5 seconds, increased by 0,25 seconds for each second spent charging up to a maximum of 1,25 seconds.

This skill is mainly used to interrupt spells likeleonashieldofdaybreak.pngblindmonkqone.png,headbutt.pngbut you can also poke in laning phase with it. Remember that a full charged Tornado knockups for 1,25 seconds, if you hit someone with that its insanely strong since its the only cc nobody can remove, not even 3140.png. That is the reason i charge my q very often. It WILL
decide fights if you hit it (i decided many games in lategame with full charged tornados), but its very easy to dodge so you will need to practise and use it alot. There are games i hit 0 full charged tornados but aslong the enemy doesnt make profit of it, its not a big deal. Now we come to the bad side of charging a q. If you dont hit it, you will have it on CD for 10 seconds, leaving you very vulnerable. You have to weigh up the Situation and see if its worth risking that.
Tip: Use this in a bush and if you get 8gold from your spellthief's edge, there is an enemy inside.

sowthewind.pngZephyr(W): Passive: While Zephyr is not on cooldown, Janna aided by a wind elemental who ghosts her and grants her bonus movement speed.

Active: Janna commands her wind elemental to attack the target enemy, dealing them magic dmg and slowing them for 3 seconds by an amount caped at 80%.

Basically the passive gives you a 9-17% MS buff and you can walk through units like the passive of3046.png, and the active is pretty self explanatory, use it to poke, when you chase or engage but care if you use this when you get chased,you lose the passive MS buff when you use w, sometimes its better to keep it, you wont have w up for 12 seconds.

eyeofthestorm.pngEye of the Storm(E): Janna shields the target allied champion or herself for 5 seconds, granting her target Bonus AD while the shield holds. This skill can be used on turrets, causing Janna to be credited any kills it earns while the shield holds.

This is the main reason why you play Janna. Getting the most potential and knowing when and on who to use this skill had a huge impact on why im at my elo now. Her shield saves billions of lives, makes enemy tilt and properly used decides botlane fights and trades. Use this skill on your adc and his aa poke will hurt so hard, many people dont make use of the AD buff, at lv 1 this skill gives you 10 ad(no Ap Ratio Bonus included, so its usually even more) , that equals 1036.png that is 350 g worth and at lv5 even1038.png so you see how important this is.

reapthewhirlwind.pngMonsoon (R): Janna knocks back all nearby enemies, stunning them for 0,5 seconds and channels for 3 seconds, releasing soothing winds that heal nearby allies every half-second for while channeling.Moving or reactivating this skill ends its effects immediately.

This ult is incredibly amazing as it provides a great disengage, peel and an Aoe heal. Mastering this skill defines the great Janna players from the pro Janna players.A good placed  ult in lategame can decide a whole game.Use it to interrupt spells likedeathlotus.png from Kata,fallenone.png from Karthus, crowstorm.png from Fiddle, use it to peel for your Teammates that gets focused or simply use it for the heal when your team is fighting or when they are low and you plan to siege a tower. The importance of this ult is comparable with Oriannas Shockwaveorianadetonatecommand.png; a bad ult and you will probably lose the fight, a well placed one will win you the fight.

Max R>E>W>Q

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start 3 Pots and Spellthief's Edge

Core Items

    try to get sightstone on your first back, else get frostfang, pinks and pots.
    This Boots are the best since you get 40% CDR easily and it also reduces the cooldowns of your summoner spells.
    Always get this.
    When your Adc is ahead this helps him alot, or if you have AS reliant champs in team like Yasuo/Yi/Kindred.
    If your ad is really fed like 5/0 and doesnt plan to build more crit than 50% the active of this item will snowball really hard if well used.
    Janna has an easy time getting assists since a shield is enough to give you a stack of Mejais plus the fact that you (usually) rarely die on Janna makes this Item a viable choice if ahead
    Buy this if they have atleast 2 Ap Champs or 1 fed Ap.
    Great Peeling Utility, build if they have many cc's.

Situational Items

    I buy this vs full ad teams because i get Frozen Heart and that item already gives 20% CDR
    This item can be good if their mid/top/jungle are all not AD, because they will have a hard time destroying your superminion.
    Banshee's provides 0 Utility but the Shield is pretty good. Get this only as 5/6th item if you dont know what to buy anymore
    Get this vs Full Ad Teams
    As last item if there is really no other choice

Itemization on Janna depends heavily on how the game goes, what kind of champs your and the enemy team got and what you prefer. But i have to say i have an itempool of 8-9 items that i always use because they just outweigh other items.

I start with 3303.png2010.png and on my first back, if you have 800+ gold, get2049.png, if not, get3098.png, pots and pink wards.

Now you can choose depending on how the game is working. If you already got bot tower and will rotate alot buy3158.png. Otherwise finish 2301.png and start building towards3190.png if they got atleast 1 fed ap champ, 3050.pngor3504.pngif your adc is huge or 3222.png if you really need that active for smth like veigar (E) veigareventhorizon.png. When they are full ad, build 3110.png.

An Endgame build could be for example:3158.png2301.png3190.png3222.png3041.png3102.png
Vs full Ad:3009.png2301.png3110.png3504.png/3050.png3041.png3089.png

Why not more Armor vs full ad? Because Janna needs either AP or Utility on her items and there are simply no other armor items that you benefit of, maybe Randuin's3143.png active but i dont  find it worth to buy.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Soraka
  • Thresh




Ali should be a pretty easy match-up if you can interrupt his headbuttheadbutt.png as you will deny his dmg and danger source. Also he is melee so you can safely poke him but always take care of his w+q combo, if you cant interrupt it you will lose the trade




Not a favourable matchup, his poke with his passive and qbardQ.png is too much for your shield. Make sure to always be moving to make it hard for him to hit his q, dont stand in range of his aa passive if you dont have shield up. However you  win trades if you avoid getting hit by his q. Also care if hes missing, due to his passive he will be missing alot you should always ping for your team to notice that. Dont play too agressive if hes not in sight, he could wait with the jungler to gank with his EbardE.png 




Skill Match-up, dodge his grabrocketgrab.png, and then engage/poke and you will win the trade, get hit by his grab and you will lose the trade. If you are not confident in dodging just stand in safe range even if it causes your adc to lose cs due to Blitzcrank zoning.




This is a really hard lane, all his abilities hurt hard early and if he manages to get a combo on you it will hurt even more. The most dangerous is the stun from his brandblaze.png , if you get stunned you are pretty much a freekill. I advise you to play this safely , stay back and let your adc farm.




Even Matchup, his q is hard to dodge because travels pretty fast but if you can, poke while its on cd and you will have an advantage. If he hits you with you just shield yourself but take care of his passive stun proc, you will be in danger when you get stunned




Probably the easiest matchup among the ,,meta supports,, because pre 6 she has only her Eleonazenithblade.png to threaten you and that skill is pretty easy to block with your tornado. Care after 6 if you get stunned by her ult you are unable to block her leonazenithblade.png and then you probably will get her full combo in her face that will often lead to a death.




One of the hardest matchups because everything janna does, lulu can do slightly better(in laning phase).While you provide more utility and peel, lulu got more dmg with her spellkit so in the early stages of the game she outshines you since peeling in the early isnt as important as in lategame. Use your adc to trade: Shield him and let him poke as he will benefit more from the ad bonus. Stay out of range from her abilities, positioning is an imporant part here! 




Skill Matchup, to win trades it is essential to dodge her bindingsdarkbindingmissile.png since it is her core dmg and cc, the animation is pretty slow so you can practise to dodge it and win the lane easily. Her Ultsoulshackles.png is really dangerous tho because usually morgana will blackshieldblackshield.png herself and ult, negating the knockback from your ultreapthewhirlwind.png. If you cant destroy the blackshield you will probably  lose the fight. Either risk it, put shield on your adc and ult after her ult or use Wsowthewind.png and chargehowlinggale.png for 1 second, if you hit q on her the blackshield, it will be destroyed. You only have 3 seconds to react so this requires fast reactions.




This can be a hard matchup if you dont play properly. When trading, if you eat every of the 3 stacks from namiE.png you will lose the trade. Her q is easy to predict and dodge so that shouldnt be a problem. However if she manages to heal herself and dmg you fromnamiW.png, you will be in a disadvantage. I usually play passive vs Nami, her abilities just outdmg yours.




Farming matchup. Dodge her Qstarcall.png and you can poke while it is on cd for the extra gold from3303.png. Dont bother trading tho, she will just stand back and heal the adc up if they are low. Take 14.png against her as it will help throughout the whole game to deal with her heals.




Skill Matchup, his hook is slightly easier to dodge than blitzcrank's rocketgrab.png. Dont eat his hook and poke him while it is on cd. However if he gets you withthreshQ.png you can still interrupt it mid-air with your tornado or even your ult. Try not to stay in range of histhreshE.png too as it deals huge dmg and slows you

Details about Janna and Me Back to Top

Hey guys! Thank you for reading my guide, i hope you learned something new and that i inspired you to play this champion. Im a high elo player in Challenger and maining this awesome champ since season 5. I wrote this guide because many people ask me how i play Janna and how i can carry bot in high elo and since my playstyle is very different from the Jannas that i see, i decided to write this guide. My idol and favourite pro player is Martin Larsson ,,Rekkles,, because of what he already achieved in his young age and because of his outstanding talent at the game.(I cant remember losing a single game while supporting him).

Ok lets go back to Janna. Why do you play Janna? You dont play Janna  if you want to carry 1vs5 and rek everybody. Go play 412.png or432.png. You play Janna because you want to carry WITH your Adc! This is the most important part to understand. You rarely get the credits if your adc just got a doublekill on botlane because of a live-saving shield or if your team just aced them because of a perfect 5 man ult since people dont notice how much Janna actually does and how huge her impact is. You are not the guy that creates the huge plays and let everyone be astonished how mechanically skilled you are. You are the silent guardian that holds everything together in the background.
You play for elo and not for your ego! You let your Adc carry you by helping him to do that. If you understand those points,i believe you will get a better Janna player.
As i said the synergy with your Adc will decide if you will win the lane or not. The most games i lose are the games where my Adc is on tilt or he wasnt a main adc at all. This is because you cant use Janna's full potential with a bad Adc. Shielding gets less useful if he doesnt poke with it, your peeling gets useless  if he has poor positioning and cant kite etc... i think you get it. The more profit he makes of your spells, the better you both perform.

As you went through her skillset and this whole guide you probably realize: You dont need great mechanics to play and master Janna. TRUE. But thats is not is Janna was made for. You need a BRAIN to play and master Janna. A knowledge about how this game works, what needs to be done to win and get that nexus down, an excellent map awareness to make the right calls and you need to learn and master the moments when you can trade/poke/engage/zone in laning phase as the laning phase has a huge impact on how useful you will be on the rest of the game.
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