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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png - Is if you might think that you're going to have hard time (countered in top lane) against your opponent, helps you survive and play defensively for a longer period of time while the jungler is busy in other lanes.

14.png - You should take ignite as if you think that your opponent is easy to take out (first blood), or secure a possible first blood while helping a jungler invade enemy's blue or red buff and in early game engagements while in an invade.

3.png - Recommended. A great summoner spell to prevent from your enemy to run back to his turret (Perfect for harassment).
Whenever you engage your attack on an enemy and you have a high possibility of killing him, this spell will 99.9% help you out slowing him down and easily secure the kill.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

18/12/0, Why?


Fury - The more hits you land, the faster your opponent dies, every millisecond counts, we both know that :)

Fresh Blood - Full synergy with your passive, grants more damage upon your first hit once in a few seconds, if you use your passive 2-3 times, thats additional 40+ damage in total, keeps away from your opponent surviving with 1 hp. 

Natural Talent - Everyone loves more damage, more damage = easier kills.

Double Edged Sword - those 2.5% in late game is quite a burden, because it means you will take about 60 more damage if your max hp is (for example) 3,000.
But the additional 5% damage, is very significant when your burst down enemy carries, it can prove to be extremely useful against late game enemy carries (assuming enemy team can't peel you off their carry in 4-5 seconds)

Battering Blows - Synergy with rune page is also important, the more Lethality you have, the more burst damage you'll do, and also more damage against enemy tanks.

Fervor of Battle - Its impossible to engage and kill your opponent without landing auto attacks on him, you can stack up your attack damage, it works well with your passive + grants you more damage for your hits and skills.


Wanderer - Sometimes 1 more pixel long skill shot is important, it can be really life saving if you can run up to your teammate whos in danger, and at the last millisecond save him because of the additional 10 ms you got from that Mastery or catch up to kills. ;)

Secret Stash - mmmmm cookies, who doesn't love cookies?

Merciless - It really annoys to see how champions tend to survive with 50 hp after a fight, this makes sure those 50 hp wont exist when an opponent is below 40% hp. :)

Dangerous Game - Wow, this thing saved me a lot, I tend to go 1v1 and I always survived with hp as little as 10, if you get ignited by your opponent, this Mastery still gives you a chance of survival.
If you will die from 1 hit of a minion and the hit is already on its way, (after you survived with 10 hp from 1v1 or a different fight), this will definitely save you.
This mastery is truly life saving and many people underestimate its ability to save you in desperate situations.

Abilities Back to Top


I take jarvanivdragonstrike.png (Dragon Strike) first so I would be able to poke my opponent down to 50%~ early on, and as soon as i get level 2, I obviously go for jarvanivdemacianstandard.png (Demacian Standard) so I would be able to preform the E --> Q combo which knocks my opponent up into the air and land a blowing hit with the passive jarvanivpassive.png.

The reason why i take jarvanivgoldenaegis.png Golden Aegis) at level 4 is because slow is always useful once you engage on your target, so that this skill doesn't only slow your opponent down and makes life easier to kill him, but you also get a nice small shield which can absorb 1 AA (auto attack) from your opponent.

jarvanivdragonstrike.png - Dragon Strike Is the first ability you should be maxing, because the more you upgrade that skill, the easier it gets to kill your enemy early. So i highly recommend you to upgrade that skill as much as possible before level 6 and poke your enemy down.

jarvanivdemacianstandard.png - Demacian Standard comes second in your priority to max, the flag gives you bonus attack speed and also deals a certain amount of damage, enough to initiate, badly damage and even kill your enemy. Not to mention, the flag can really help your ADC, AD and AP (Twisted Fate) teammates in team fight, I'm not kidding... that 10%-22% bonus attack speed is incredibly and insanely helpful for your team mates.

jarvanivgoldenaegis.png - Golden Aegis comes last in your priority due to lack of any damage sustain, the only thing it does is slow your opponent down and shield yourself from incoming damage, no damage at all, thus you should be focusing on Q and E first, because these skills can poke and kill your enemy, something that Golden Aegis Isn't able to do.

jarvanivcataclysm.png - Ah, the mighty Cataclysm, the perfect lock down and isolation skill for team fights and kills, we both know you should be maxing it as soon as you can (level 6, 11 and 16) for max damage and secured kills or saves.


jarvanivdragonstrike.png (Q) + land blowing hit on your opponent without him hitting you back, usually works on melee champions.

Aslong as you are still laning, never stop poking with your Q, BUT also do not waste all your mana just poking, you need it to initiate the jarvanivdemacianstandard.png+jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo.

jarvanivdemacianstandard.png+jarvanivdragonstrike.png (E+Q) is the ultimate combo you will be using 99% of the game, what it does is damage the enemy if the flag lands on him, penetrate, lower and damage even more when you aim your Q towards the flag while the enemy is in radius of your skillshot, and knocks him up like 54.png Ultimate skill.
This combo is the one which will aid you to kill almost every opponent at top lane, its the most perfect combo to initiate a fight or run away from death.

Try landing jarvanivdemacianstandard.png on your opponent otherwise you'll miss some good descent damage and won't have a good initiation, also once the flag hits him/her, just use jarvanivdragonstrike.png as soon as possible on your opponent but also direct on the flag, if you miss, then you just wasted a dumb amount of mana for a failed trade.

The combo which I usually do is jarvanivdemacianstandard.png --> jarvanivdragonstrike.png --> Land a crushing hit with your jarvanivpassive.png (passive) and rush to activate jarvanivgoldenaegis.png so it will slow him down, absorb the damage of the trade he's trying to make and you can land even more hits as he's slowed down and running away.

jarvanivcataclysm.png - In-order to initiate a team fight, ALWAYS try to wait for the perfect timing: wait for the enemy team to be all in one - by saying that i mean, that all of them are literally in a bunch, small area where all of the them will be trapped once you jarvanivcataclysm.png on one of them, because then you literally isolate the entire enemy team from your teammates and let your carries and other tanks just CC and erase them from the map. You will die (most likely), but its the best trade in a team fight, 1 for Ace.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Good for early game harassment with Q and E, and a possiblity to get first blood.
    If you want to make it easier for jungler to gank.
    Usually you take this trinket.
    If you think you'll have bad time vs AD Champions. (Such as Darius or Olaf)
    If you think you'll have awful time against AP champions. (such as Cho'Gath or Rumble)

Core Items

    The perfect core after your first back (without first blood back).
    If you get into a situation where you are doing awful against AD champion in your laning phase. Sunfire Cape for more HP and armor against him/her. Locket of the Iron Solari for more hp, skill cooldown reduction, MR, shield which can save you from damage-over time which was applied on you and you're about to die (ignite), and much better survivability.
    If you get into a situation where you're doing bad vs AP champion. Spirit Visage, obviously the best item for better survivability, more hp, MR and longer laning phase. Locket for hp, mr, cooldown reduction, increased survivability and a shield which can be activated.
    Perfect item set if you're snowballing hard. ~~~BUT~~~ Once you get both of those items, rush like a mother fudger tank items, you need them more than anything otherwise get deleted in a matter of a second before you land a blowing hit on your target in a teamfight once the game hits 22+ minute mark.
    The standard full build. (explained in notes)
    Enemy AD Team full build. (Explained in notes)
    Enemy AP Team full build. (explained in notes)
    Full tank build. (explained in notes)
    Full snowball build. (explained in notes)
    Mid-Game Core which leads into standard full build.

Situational Items

    If the enemy team has 4 AD and 1 AP (the support or top). then you would want to get more armor than magic resistance at this situation.
    Optional only if there are 2+ attack speed dependent enemy champions (example: tryndamere + adc) or 4+ AD in the enemy team.
    Ninja Tabi - AD top lane or AD enemy team. Mercury's Treads - AP top lane or AP enemy team. Boots of Swiftness - Too much CC.
    Blade of the Ruined King is perfect for snowballing, because since you are 1 full+ item ahead of almost every single enemy champion, they shouldn't be able to kill you so easily once you snowball, so this item makes it even harder on them to escape from your crushing hits and skills. also granting you perfect isolation ability, catchup to enemies who are running away, extra life steal which synergizes perfectly with Ravenous Hydra, and attack speed which is perfect with your Demacian Standard.

3005_32.png Atma's Impaler - It's a really rare item to find at any build that you will ever search for Jarvan IV or in general.
This item was incredibly underrated by players due to never finding a place for it in their inventory as AD champions.
But when it came to Jarvan IV, this item was the perfect last item in your build. It granted +% critical rate, 45 armor and 1.5% of your max HP is turned into attack damage (example: 3.5k hp = 52.5 attack damage, so you would get additional 52.5 attack damage)

But unfortunately it was removed, I haven't checked why but this item was the best item for Jarvan IV, it would be incredibly awesome if Riot returned that item into the game.

                                    R.I.P Atma's Impaler 



                        Starting Items

1036.png + 2003.png2003.png2003.png - This is your standard start, you should always take this item set because 1036.png grants you +10 attack damage, something that you really need badly for harder pokes. With Jarvan IV, every 1 HP that you damage your opponent incredibly counts and helps.
And since you have an additional 150 Gold left, you should be buying 2003.png to recover your HP while laning and poking, because its almost impossible to kill your enemy without being poked down to 50% +- hp.


1033.png+2003.png - This is your alternative start, you should be taking this usually against champions which have ability power skills that can poke you down pretty hard, like 127.png131.png8.png10.png60.png68.png69.png79.png82.png83.png117.png112.png134.png.
With 1033.png, it will be significantly harder for these enemy champions to poke you down (because of the additional 25 Magic resist which you get from that item), means they will have to waste all their mana just for it turn out to be that you still have 70%+ HP (after you used all your potions) as they run out of mana completely, which at that situation is your best chance to kill them or engage a fight to death. (you should most likely win it)


1029.png+2003.png2003.png2003.png2003.png - This is also an alternative start, its highly recommended to be taken if you have champions which can harass or poke you down very fast or hard with their click-to-damage abilities or skill shots (which are based on AD). This +15 armor can be extremely helpful and grants significant better survivability and much increased laning phases along with potions which you can heal yourself quite a lot as they run out of mana. (except for Renekton, Aatrox, Dr.Mundo and Yasuo)
You should consider taking those starting items if you face AD champions like 2.png36.png39.png41.png48.png67.png58.png80.png122.png157.png266.png and especially against 420.png.

Core Items 

As you go back for the first time after dying, killing or just surviving a laning phase and both you and your opponent go back to base to recover and buy items, it really depends on against who you lane, who's your opponent, what he is capable of and if he can poke you easily or kill. So i made a nice first back core items which can keep you alive and stronger at the same time as you go back to your lane to face your enemy once again.

1001.png +  3077.png should be your first minimal back, if you have enough money, buy 1011.png and even 1053.png for life-steal and increased laning phases. And if it turns out that you are snowballing then you should have enough CS and kills to easily rush 3074.png and even start BotRK (3144.png)
Before you go back to your lane with your new and improved items, try to buy 2003.png with your remaining Gold and even 2043.png so you'll be safe from ganks and have better map vision.

Though those core items should be bought only if you're doing fine against your enemy, if not...
Then you should focus 100% on getting a tank item, depending who you face because once you go 0-1, in most cases it just gets worse since your opponent has 1 item advantage on you which is very bad.

In cases of AP enemy champions (examples given above) you should usually rush 3065.png, due to giving you more HP, Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resist and better survivability, so in this case your first back should be (considering you don't have much CS and Gold) 1001.png+3211.png, if you have more Gold then try also buying 1028.png or fully upgrade your boots to 3111.png, and if you got extra gold left, always get 2003.png as much as possible.
But in cases of AD enemy champions (also given examples above), you should always rush 3068.png due to it increasing your MAX HP, armor and even deals magic damage with its burning passive when you're right next to your opponent. (only in situations if you're doing bad and you think it will get worse as you are currently 0-1)
So your first back should be 1001.png (3047.png if possible) + 1031.png (considering you don't have enough Gold, use the remaining of it to buy 2003.png), BUT if you have enough gold, then extra MAX HP always helps out, so try going for 1028.png aswell, buy 2003.png with your remaining Gold and go back to your lane and farm under turret.


As the game hits the 20 minute mark, you enter the Mid-Game era, which by that time you are snowballing hard, doing fine or just fell behind and trying to catch up fast.

The Mid-Game era ends at 32 minute mark, so 

If you snowball hard then by that time you should have the items 3111.png3074.png and 3153.png, if you are doing so well that its just called being "fed", you should also start building 3068.png, which is literally too late for your enemy team to try somehow focusing on you first in teamfights or kill you as you roam around the map, usually if you're fed, its never possible to kill you even if you go head on vs 2 enemies (unless they are doing good are something like 3-1 or better).
By the time you get 3068.png your enemy team should have surrendered or just doing incredibly bad so its most likely an auto-win for you.

If you're snowballing hard and your enemy team literally can't stop your and can't help it, then screw tank, go for half glass cannon build, meaning rush 3071.png, this item will penetrate your enemies armor even harder, more damage and it grants you more MAX HP.

BUT, if you are fed but your team is just awful, you should literally rush tank items, f*** 3071.png because this means they are dying a lot to enemy carries, which means enemy carries are catching up to you and will be able to kill you 1v1 eventually.
So from 3153.png, rush 3068.png (into) --> 3065.png --> 3083.png.


But enough of snowballing.
What if you are doing completely fine, not snowballing nor doing bad, just fine.
Then obviously go for the standard build... by 20 minute mark you should have 3111.png3074.png and atleast started building Sunfire Cape (3068.png), means have atleast 1011.png and even 1029.png or 1031.png.
If you're an experienced Jarvan IV player, you should have fairly good CS, so you should be done with 3068.png by 20 minute mark.

So as the Mid-Game era continues on you should be having the next standard build done in this certain order by 32 minute mark:

1036.png + 2003.png2003.png2003.png2003.png ---> 1001.png3077.png1011.png1053.png ---> 3111.png3074.png1011.png+1031.png <--- if possible) ---> 3111.png3074.png3068.png3044.png+3133.png <--- if possible and even finish it into 3071.png).

By the time you hit 32 minute mark you should even have more than 4 items fully completed (that includes boots) which i will explain at the Late-Game.


Sometimes you don't do so well or you're just completely new to Jarvan IV mindset and tactics, so you're doing quite awful (no offense) in your laning phase and in the game over-all.

So by the time you reach 20 minute mark, you should be more focusing on how bad the situation is and how much AP or AD damage your enemy team has, not only your top lane opponent.

Lets start with the situation where the enemy team has more AP damage than AD.

At this situation, we both know that you want a good build that makes you slightly more useful than your bad performance (which you're trying to improve as best as you personally can), so this item order is the solution: 1033.png+2003.png ---> 
3047.png3211.png3067.png ---> 3047.png3065.png3105.png ---> 3047.png3065.png3190.png, The reason why i put Ninja Tabi is because you always need a bit of armor against AP champions weak AA which grows stronger as the game progress.

I am not sure that by 32 minute mark you'll manage to complete that much because you have fallen behind, but you will eventually and try the best you can to farm and avoid pointless deaths.


Now we are in the AD situation, meaning the enemy team has much more AD than AP and you are just doing utterly bad, so you'd want to be a useful tank for your team and make good lockdowns with your jarvanivcataclysm.png, so follow this item build order: 1029.png+2003.png2003.png2003.png2003.png ---> 1001.png1031.png1028.png ---> 3047.png3068.png3067.png ------------------------>3047.png3068.png3190.png3024.png<--- Into 3110.png, perfect VS attack speed champions and other AD champions.)


At late game there isn't much to explain, it all depends on you, and its uncommon to not end the game by 32-40 minutes, the game becomes Late-Game once the time of the game reaches the 32 minute mark.

At this time you're about to finish your builds or almost done catching up to the game pace after you fell behind at the beginning of the game.

So the only thing I can do now is explain why you would want to get items such as 3083.png,3075.png and 3742.png.
And list the full order of all the full builds.

3083.png - The reason why Warmog's Armor is in the build, is because as Jarvan IV, you are the tank, the one who initiates fights and focuses down carries or tries to save his carries or help his teammates. But things don't always go well and you lose the team fight, so you either die, or run away and as you run away back to your base (without your enemy being able to catch up to you) your health regenerates extremely fast so that by the time you reach the turret, your health will be about 50%, higher or fully healed. Which is good for you since you need to protect your turrets and wait for your team carries to come back and help you out.
In short words, what Warmog's Armor does is: +850 health +200% base health regeneration Grants WARMOG'S HEART if you have at least 3000 maximum health
 WARMOG'S HEART: Regenerate「 1.5% maximum health every half-second 」if damage has not been taken in the last 8 seconds.

Which is why you need it.

3075.png - Thornmail is an amazing item, because not only it grants you 100 armor, it Reflects 15% of the physical damage taken (+ 25% bonus armor) from basic attacks back to your enemy as magic damage.
Which is insane vs a full AD enemy team, because the more they attack you, the more damage you reflect back to them + your skills is unbelievable. 

3742.png - Dead Man's Plate is an optional and good item for your build due to granting you 500 MAX HP + 50 Armor,
And as you run it gathers and stacks up a momentum up to 100 and once it reaches 100, it grants you bonus 60 movement speed which is perfect for initiation team fights.
Once you hit an enemy with a momentum of 100, you deal damage additional damage 50 physical damage, that is quite descent.

3156.png - Maw of Malmortius is very good VS AP enemy carries, they will have hard time finishing you off with their skills because it grants you an anti AP damage shield which can absorb a massive amount of AP based skills damage (300 + 100% of your magic resist) + you get 50 Magic Resistance and + 55 attack damage.
So as you buy this item, you have significantly increased your ability to survive, your damage, and your magic resistance.

And now...


Standard Full Build3111.png-->3074.png-->3068.png-->3742.png-->3065.png-->3156.png.

Snowball Full Build3111.png-->3074.png-->3153.png-->3071.png-->3068.png-->3065.png.

Snowball Full Build but your team screws up badly3111.png-->3074.png-->3153.png-->3068.png-->3065.png-->3083.png.

Full Build - Enemy team is mostly AD3047.png-->3074.png-->3068.png-->3190.png-->3071.png-->3075.png.

Full Build - Enemy team is mostly AP3047.png-->3065.png-->3074.png-->3190.png-->3102.png-->3156.png.

Full Tank Build3111.png-->3068.png-->3065.png-->3110.png-->3190.png-->3083.png.


Matchups Back to Top

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266_64.png - He has a ridiculous amount of lifesteal at any stage of the game, so it will be quite hard to poke him and kill since he keeps lifestealing from minions all the time and has his passive.
Basically just farm and wait for ganks, its the only way to win your lane and rush 3068.png.

BUT, with high risk, there is high reward... if you poke Aatrox literally until he just can't keep with his life steal, then you can just completely throw him off the game, so try poking him with your Q as much as possible, Aatrox is also very squishy even though he has his annoying passive which resurrects him, you can still kill him if you take 3.png+14.png against him.




Amumu is easy.

He barely deals damage because of your magic resist from the runes.
AD is not his type.
You out trade him all the time, might be hard to kill amumu because of his tankiness but it's possible.
Just be careful from a jungler since amumu has the perfect initiation kit to make the jungler's gank on you incredibly easy.




Cassiopeia is a dirty b****.

It's really hard to poke her with your Q due to her being ranged and her long range skill shots, try luring our all her poison abilities and make her miss, its very easy to predict where she will try to land her poison abilities like Cho'Gath's Q.

When she's about to run out of mana, just engage hard on her, she wont have mana to trade back and will be forced to flash or just die.

If a jungler babysits you, you just literally auto-win top lane with free kills.

But if you screw up, then you'll face harsh consequences.

once again, i am a person who loves risks, so i would personally go for a standard start: 1036.png+2003.pngx3



31_64.png - He can heal himself but only if you will let him farm, aslong as you poke him and will confuse him (by running around, its very easy to predict where he is aiming his Q) while he trying to aim his Q on you, you're doing fine because his mana will run out eventually which is a great opportunity to harass and eventually kill him.
Just watch out for his ultimate when you go 1v1, I recommend you to play a bit defensively if he has an AP-Tank build.
Never dive under turret against Cho'Gath, because most likely he will knock you up with his Q and if you attack him, he'll easily finish you off with his ultimate (400 True Damage) and the aid of the turret (if you hit him).
Just steadily watch and count down after he uses his ultimate, keep calm, poke and farm :-).



122_64.png - Darius can be extremely hard to deal with 1v1, his bleed just deals a high amount of damage overtime and Q possibly deals very high damage.
I suggest you to buy as soon as possible Warmog's armor and Sunfire Cape, since it will significantly will make it harder for him to kill you, and you will be able to deal an equal amount of damage as he does.
3068_32.png (get it instead of 3071_32.png) - Is a great option as your first item, greatly counters his heavy hits.
But after all, its more of a skill match up, the better one, wins.




You should start off with 1033_32.png and some hp potions, and then you'll be fine.

I still didn't quite get it how to dodge her Q but don't worry, it shouldn't be so hard as i thought it would be.
Q is the only way she can harras you, and when she misses and doesn't have any mana, then its your chance to engage and possibly kill her.


Dr. Mundo

36_64.png - His health regeneration and Q really makes it hard for you to poke/harrass him, its also really hard to kill him when he activates his ultimate.
So i suggest you to engage only after when his health is below 60% and when his ultimate is on cooldown.

But early on before level 6, Mundo is just awfully, too easy to kill so use that advantage and poke him down with your Q.




I lack information about Ekko since i still never had 1v1 at top lane vs Ekko.

In my opinion its a skill showdown.

I would start with 1033.png+2003.png due to his Q doing quite heavy AP damage during the whole game if you cant dodge it.

But somewhat i have a feeling that its an easy match up.




Honestly, i never was against her at top, which means that i don't have good experience against her.

From what i've learned so far, stay behind minions when she summons her explosive spider, and when it approaches fall back so that his exploding radius won't reach you.
Her mana rarely runs out because she can go into spider and save her mana.
I never got 1v1 against her, but I think that you will out damage her all the time while laning because of your armor penetration runes and health items.
Try to get 3111_32.png and 3022_32.png as fast as you can, so that you will resist her magic attack skills better and have more damage + tankiness if you go 1v1 against her, and make easier trades.
She might own you 1v1 at late game, because Elise players usually go off-tank + damage (including spell vamp + life steal and attack speed).
At late game Elise just wrecks people 1v1.



Fiora is quite weak until she gets some items. Don't underestimate her, just play smart and don't do stupid stuff.
When its 1v1 don't dive underturret, she'll use ultimate and you will be finished off easily by the aid of the turret (unless her ultimate is on cooldown).

Just poke her down with Q and wait for jungler ganks, she has no escape mechanics other than her ultimate which isn't much of an escape mechanic, but a procrastination of her death.



41_64.png - oh god, he has been buffed so much, he's just too broken now.

His Q (pistol shot) almost doesn't take anything from his mana, so he can spam it like a mother f***er all day, his barrel is hard to avoid since he can place them all in a matter of a second and just explode in your face, and his ultimate damage has been significantly buffed.

So rush 3068.png, and farm as much as you can and wait for your jungler to gank, but also try poking him as much as possible with your Q, if you do so, you might be able to kill him before he gets good damage a few minutes later.
If you think you can take him early on, go for it.



86_64.png - Now, he is a tough foe since he doesn't use any mana and has high health regeneration.
But, his skills don't deal a good amount of damage like your skills, so you are equally good as Garen.
If he starts to spin (E) over you, then you should knock him up and use Golden Aegis against his silence (Q), this way you should be able to over play him whenever he tries to harass you.

Start with 1029.png + 2003.pngx4




Alright... Difficulty - 8/10

At first, you would want to shut him down otherwise he will ridiculously outscale you.
The way to do it is to be aggressive, the question is How?
Gnar is very squishy early game, but he still can easily escape from you.
The trick is to camp in bushes and keep your CS equal to his or even better, if he doesn't have his escape skill (jump away), you should really E+Q and trade as much as possible, but not too much so you won't trigger super gnar.
Then his HP will be down to atleast half because of your high damage + armor penetration runes.
(If you have red the runes notes, enemy top lane coming back from base with armor items won't help him)
You would want to keep E+Q towards him till he recalls (and keep farming) or low enough to ignite and kill him, just keep in mind 1 thing: never dive on Gnar unless you have snowballed pretty hard and you are confident that you can stay alive after the dive.
The early game is where everything settles in the top lane game, if you can't manage to kill him and get an advantage, he will outscale you and will eventually 1v1 kill you.
If you focus on harrassing him (farming cs aswell), it will be a HELL of a lane for Gnar and you will completely throw him out of the game ~ by that i mean shut him down and his scaling.
Dealing against Gnar is not easy, he has good escape capabilities and fine damage, DO NOT underestimate him or he will kill you.
The game after lvl 6 is fully dependent on how hard you tried to shut down Gnar or atleast keep him back and a bit weak.
I reccommend you to ask for some ganks from your jungler and buy a lot of mana potions so you can endlessly harrass him with the E+Q, W combo and keep him low.
Keeping him low on HP (60%-) is a vital part of the gank, it will be MUCH easier to kill him when your jungler ganks.
If Gnar is not low, then he will most likely escape from both of you and keep on scaling towards the mid-game (which is when he shines out).



120_64.png - Hecarim's best harrassing skill is the Spirit of Dread, don't fight him while it's activated.

Start with 1029.png+2003.pngx4




According to what ive seen, Illaoi is a mother f***ing beast,

He/she deals broken damage to you and i just cant help but feel mercy over myself due to her damage.
But i think that if you poke him down really hard with your Q, you'll be able to kill him.

I would go for a safe start 1029.png+2003.pngx4 and ask for my jungler to camp top.




Just let her waste her mana and then you're good, poke her down when her mana starts to run out and then initiate a fight to death with ignite.


Jarvan IV


Looks like you have to kill an Imposter and decide who's better! :D




Jax is annoying.

But, it's quite easy to avoid his stun, simply E & Q and then kill him pre-6.
Just beware where you E & Q, you can never know if the enemy jungler is waiting for you or not.
I strongly recommend you to do that combo when you're closer to your turret rather than his.
And as you know, never 1v1 Jax when he's fed, when its late game OR after he gets 2-3 items; he will wreck you.




Jayce is easy to counter if you know when to predict his stupid laser balls or w/e it is...

When he's melee, simply use the E+Q combo after he wastes his Q and possibly E too, then your basic hits and W will do the easy trade.
But a good Jayce player won't be easy, so do your best also out farming him and poking him as much as possible while evading his laser balls.




This matchup is another example of "who gets tankier while still doing damage".

If you both go full damage, then whoever strikes first wins.

This match up is fully skill showdown, if you are the better and more experienced player, you will win.

I can't really give any tips on this one because Kha`Zix top is very rare to face against, so i am lacking information about this laning situation.


Lee Sin


Don't let him farm too much, try to kill his minions as early as you can, and when you do, he cannot use his Safeguard (W) to escape unless he has a Trinket ward or any other source of ward.

He is very killable if he maxes other skills than W, lets not forget that he is excellent at sustaining damage and incredibly life steal with a maxed W.

Other than that, its another skill showdown.




Lissandra top can be utterly annoying, she outscales you and can win most of the trade if you don't dodge her ice dildos.

If you do dodge it, poke her back with your Q and keep on doing that until her health goes down to 50%.
But don't initiate if she still has mana, let her waste her mana on farming or miss her skill shots which were suppose to hit you and then engage whenever you wish.

But i'd still recommend for you jungler to help you at top, it will be significantly easier to kill her since she has 1001 escape mechanics and you simply cannot catch up to her alone even with 4.png.

I personally will start with 1036.png+2003.pngx3




She doesn't seem to be much of a threat, i never faced Lulu so i literally have no idea what to expect.

I guess poke her with Q and since she's always squishy, engage with a flash if possible and kill her. <-- do that pre-6, after 6 it'll be hard to kill her, and it seems like it will turn the table over and she can kill you.




Very easy matchup, he wastes his mana very quickly which is a huge advantage for you.

If you lose, then delete the game.

Poke him with Q, lure out his Q and shield it's damage with your W.

After 6 be more careful, he gets tankier, harder to kill and provides useful help for his jungler to crush you, AND he will most likely rush 3110.png.




Maokai is same like Kha'Zix, but his skills are based on AP (Ability Power) instead of AD (Attack Damage).

I highly recommend you to back off when he throws the lil' kamikaze seed (I like calling it like that), because once he does that, he will root you down and use Q while the seed runs towards you and blows your eye brows off your face.
If you panic from his combo, you will die.
Just DO NOT panic! think smart and play, and if the combo fails, engage against him like tomorrow won't exist, but before hand, poke his health down to 55% hp and you'll be able to kill him unless he 4.png away.


Master Yi


So god damn easy, a level 1 jarvanivdragonstrike.png can take about 150+ of his hp down.

Poke and win.




Everyone knows what's your job here, delay Nasus"s Q stacks as much as possible.

Sounds simple, but hard to preform :)

All the way from levels 1 to 5, you will have a massive advantage in which you can poke Nasus easily without him life stealing his HP back rapidly.

You can get easily first blood as a typical Nasus will ALWAYS give you free hits on him as he tries to stack his Q.

By level 6 i would suggest to be much more careful and at level 7 your poking because quite useless now unless you get a gank (in which you should ask your jungler to do so), or he will simply heal off your pokes with his passive + Q.

During mid-game never go 1v1 unless you are 200% CERTAIN that you can kill Nasus WITHOUT dying.

As the game progress you can't really do much about him, just try to peel him off your carries or trap him with your Q, this way you will force him to focus you as you will remain his only target while trapped.

Good start would be 1036.png + x3 2003.png for an easy first blood.
I personally also take 14.png against his passive and maybe against another different life steal dependent enemy champion in their team.




Ridiculously easy, he has no damage, no sustain, no nothing but just knows how to tank.

When your jungler comes, kill him.




Nidalee will be quite ubnoxious if you can't dodge her spears.
She obviously can't go 1v1 because she will always lose the trade greatly and might even die.
All you gotta do is dodge her spears and beware from the jungler, because if he does enough damage to you, she can just finish you up with her spear if you won't dodge it.
Try to farm a lot aswell to gain more attack damage against her, eventually you greatly outscale her and she has no match for you.




Beg to your jungler to gank and camp top.

He can heal the damage you dealt to him in just 1 second.
And ofcourse... you can't harrass forever because you will run out of mana.
He can simply wreck you (GET REKT) with his ice ball if he goes off tank + ap.
And I really do not know what to do at this point. (sorry... :P)

I lack information about nunu, its also very rare top laner.




"Patience is the key for winning", let him waste his mana, and then he's very killable.

But NEVER go 1v1 against Olaf, he will wreck you exactly like Jax.
It's slightly hard to kill him, since he can deny all of your CC with his ultimate, but it is possible.
Poking with Q like a f***er can win you the lane, if you wont poke so often, he will heal off your damage with his W which grants him lifesteal.




Play defenesivly till level 6, After level 6 you can deal more damage than him.

Just spam chat with warning whenever he uses his ult, I never tried to cancel his ult with the E+Q combo (pretty sure it will work), but its always worth to try.

Start with 1029.png+2003.pngx4 to deny all of his spears damage.




Rammus belongs to the jungle, not top lane.

Easy matchup.
Never seen Rammus on top lane, but he has 0 damage, 0 wave clean, 0 everything but a great tank and damage denial.




Play very defensively when his red bar is nearly full.

Other than that, he's exactly like Kha'Zix but without mana which is much harder.
Don't you ever dare going 1v1 against Renekton, even when his HP is 50%.

Start with 1029.png+2003.pngx4, farm and poke him as much as possible and ask jungler to gank you.

Kind of a skill showdown, the better player, wins.




Get Vision Ward - 2043_32.png, and play defensively when he has full ferocity.

Don't ask me, you can't do shit about his bush camping, he will keep trolling and camping inside bushes all day till he wins, like a douche.
Just farm, farm and farm and wait for ganks, and poke him with Q until he has 50% hp, then you can easily kill him even when he has full ferocity.




An even match-up but you have the advantage.

You start off with Q and poke her 2-3 times till you get your E on lvl 2.
This is where it becomes much more easier for you, harder for Riven.
Over-all she has no skillshots so don't worry about getting poked too hard or even slight pokes from her.
If she does try to poke you, E+Q, 1-2 hits and back off, that take off 300+ hp of her and she'll learn her lesson.

It is a skill showdown, but for me its just incredibly easy, i always win against Riven due to her low armor and hp.




He deals more damage than you after he reaches level 6.

If he buys armor, buy damage.
When he uses his flame thrower and you're near your turret, then E+Q and attack him 1-2 times and back-off to wear him down.

Poke him all day with Q and farm under turret.

Start with 1033.png+2003.png




Ryze is an easy match-up because you can snowball very easily once you get a kill on him.

Killing Ryze is really easy, just harrass him with your Q (only) till he's 50% less hp, then go all-in + ignite.
He will most likely die, if not then you will kill him next time with your ult and when his flash will be on cd.
Don't be aggressive pre-level 3, because minions is what will kill you, not Ryze.
In short words, poke Ryze with Q (only), till he's half way hp down then go all-in...

Buying magic resist isn't so necessary, since Ryze is such an easy match up... he won't deal much damage once you get the Hydra item.


Buy the Hydra item against Ryze, it's excellent against him.




No damage, only taunt and lame ultimate to escape.

Poke with Q and wait for jungler to gank for free kills or kill him yourself.




Exactly like renekton but just is a freaking dragon.

Poke all day with Q, initiate when has 40%-50% hp with no ability to go into dragon form, then she's an easy pray.

Mostly skill showdown.




Don't chase him, as simple as that.

E+Q towards your minions when he flings you.




The advantage that you have is the early game, Sion is extremely weak early game, so you might want to get an easy first blood, he's also quite squishy unless he starts with armor and a respectful amount of hp 650+.

As soon as you hit level 2, you would want to start harrassing him with the combo E+Q, land 2-3 hits and back off.
If he gets 40%- HP, then you should go all-in + ignite and kill him. (i take ignite in this match-up).
I don't think that Sion can ever snowball since his kit is terrible for snowballing.
BUT, beware from the enemy jungler if you don't want to die... so becareful when you're pushing against Sion.

Core items: 3111_32.png3077_32.png1037_32.png1011_32.png

Take standard start: 1036.png+2003.pngx3




Very squishy and easy to kill early game before level 6.

Play aggresively and try to kill him before he reaches level 6.
E+Q, towards teemo when he uses Dart Shot and W to shield off any incoming damage from minions or his auto attacks and poison.




Trundle is annoying, you can't 1v1 him because of his lifestealing ultimate.

He always gets better trades when you engage on him.
You can only farm and wait for ganks, he doesn't have good skills for avoiding ganks.
Try to harrass him a lot early game, he is very vurnable pre-6.
But once he gets enough items, he will wreck you out at 1v1. (mainly after getting his first item)




Easy, he can't kill you because of your E+Q, until he gets good items.

If he kills you early, uninstall the game.
Also take ignite against him, its the only way you can secure the kill if he tries to escape with his ultimate.




Volibear belongs to the jungle.

No damage as top-laner, just don't get caught when his ultimate is actived and beware
from ganks.
Don't underestimate him, because he can kill you 1v1.
harrass him a lot pre-6 and try hard activating his passive, then if he still stays even though his passive is out, its the only way you can kill him 1v1.




Warwick is super easy pre-6, but don't go 1v1 against him late game, he will wreck you like Jax and Olaf.

Try to do first blood, take ignite to secure the kill and reduce his healing.
This way, he'll have so much hard time getting back into the game.
Also watch out for ganks when he reaches lvl 6.

Poke him all day with Q, his Q consumes a ridiculous amount of mana so he can't even use it 4-5 times in a row while you can.




Don't get fooled from his W (stealth skill), if you do then you're a fool...

Play defensively once he reaches level 6, don't engage unless he has no mana.

Poke all day with Q, and wait for jungler to gank, Wukong became quite rare now to be shown on top lane in ranked games, so i don't have much experience against him.

I would personally go for a safe start: 1029.png+2003.pngx4


Xin Zhao


Very hard, because he can constantly harass you very easily, and you can't get any trades at all.

It's even nearly impossible to get to a minion hitting range if he's very very aggressive, so he will most likely hug you to turret till a jungler helps you out.
Just try to farm under turret or harass him pre-first item, because he's very very weak without atleast 1 item.
Quite easy if jungler camps your lane (top), something that rarely happens.

But if you poke him at level 3-5 none stop with your Q, somewhat you can kill him very easily, so try doing that.

I am a person who loves risks, and once again - high risk = high reward. So i would go with the standard start: 1036.png+2003.pngx3.




Sucks at trading.

He deals a small amount of damage with his skills and ultimate together (if you use W).
You will always win the trade unless your hp is under 45%.
Easy matchup.

Poke with Q until he cries.




At level 1, you can start poking Yorick, after his re-work, Yorick is significantly much weaker now, he doesn't have as much life steal / spell vamp, and skill are less powerful + less pokes.

Poking him all the way to level 5 is going to be extremely easy, just Q all the time and when you think you can kill him, do it.

A good start would be 1029.png + x4 2003.png.

However, don't go all in 1v1 if Yorick has his ultimate up and full health, its a complete suicide :)

Later on Jarvan IV completely over scales Yorick from every perspective that is possible.




No damage, usually goes for health and armor.

Extremly hard to kill him because of his ultimate and passive, just get some damage and you'll win the lane with a good CS.

Q him quite often and ask for jungler to ganks if you want to kill him, but you should mostly focus on farming rather than killing him because you'll miss 25 gold each time a minion dies (not from your last hit)

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