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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is self-explanatory. Given experience in League, one should already know how versatile, effective and imperative Flash is.

Smite is a given.

Teleport allows us to work with our team outside of Toplane. 

New Runes Back to Top

     Perhaps one of the most key elements in League of legends would be the new rune system. I'll try to break down my thinking into what I deem the most important sections so it's easier for you, the reader, to digest.

As a preface, I'd like to direct your attention to my Runes Reforged video here.

     This is an hour-long talk with timestamps in the comments section for an audio guide. Note that I do these within one take and doesn't have the best production value in terms of editing. However, I still feel as if I should at least bring this video's existence to your attention in the case that it turns out to be useful. Think of it as a podcast.

Let's get started.



Durability and Crowd Control

Abilities Back to Top

Skills above are tailored for Jungle.

Theres nothing much to say about his abilities. As with any champion a LoL player aims to master, they must have a good sense of his/her champion abilities' ranges as well as remembering two key values. These are your >Mana Costs< and >Cooldown<.

I'm not saying you should know the exact amount of time it takes to recharge an ability, but you should have a general sense. It's the same thing with mana. But, for guide purposes, i'm going to give you exact values here incase you want to study.

CD: 10/9/8/7/6 
Mana: 45/50/55/60/65

CD: 13/12.5/12/11.5/11
Mana: Always 55

CD: 12
Mana: 30

jarvanivcataclysm.png Good to have a general estimate on when it's going to be up.
CD: 120/105/90
Mana: 100/125/150


Toplane W Max Tank J4

Levels | Ability
    1           jarvanivdragonstrike.png
    2           jarvanivdemacianstandard.png
    3           jarvanivgoldenaegis.png
    4           jarvanivgoldenaegis.png
    5           jarvanivgoldenaegis.png
    6           jarvanivcataclysm.png
    7           jarvanivgoldenaegis.png
    8           jarvanivdemacianstandard.png
    9           jarvanivgoldenaegis.png
   10           jarvanivdemacianstandard.png
   11           jarvanivcataclysm.png
   12           jarvanivdemacianstandard.png
   13           jarvanivdemacianstandard.png
   14           jarvanivdragonstrike.png
   15           jarvanivdragonstrike.png
   16           jarvanivcataclysm.png
   17           jarvanivdragonstrike.png
   18           jarvanivdragonstrike.png

Basically, R>W>E>Q

Maxing jarvanivgoldenaegis.png provides good trading potential. Your passive, Grasp and W allows you to take a short fight that lasts as long as your shield lasts and a little bit of your actual HP if you choose to. This usually results in the enemy soaking damage into your shield whilst you get to hammer away with 1-2 grasp procs and one passive auto. Take trades when you have your W. You probably shouldn't risk much without your W as a safety net.

jarvanivdragonstrike.png is left at level 1 as a pseudo-ezreal ezrealmysticshot.png. Use it to help you farm under tower. Set up CS, last hit, etc.

E max second allows for more attack speed, circular wave clear (group them up) and a source of Magic Damage.

Your ultimate is no longer an execute ability. Use it to deny CC, peel carries, zone enemies etc. Don't use it to last hit unless you can. This is traditional Tank J4, get into the mindset of using your ultimate strategically as compared to Full AD J4's bellicose attitude.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting Blue
    Starting red
    Good for early clear. Buy more if you expect to be fighting people in your own jungle. refillable is more efficient if you want, but i like 3 pot for a decent first clear.
    dueling a lot (selfish playstyle)
    ganking tool. this should be your standard go-to if you're going tank.

Core Items

    For jungle | Cinderhulk is imperative. Spirit and deadmans are your go-to items for MR/Armor respectively. Dont first buy spirit. More explanation below
    For Top | sunfire is imperative. explanation is below
    these are your three options. read below to see which to choose

Situational Items

    these are your damage items. read below to know when to choose
    Armor items to consider
    Mr items to consider

        For jungle, there are a few things to keep in mind when approached with a fork in the road (possibly many paths, but I'll try to narrow it down to about a few). All the reasoning assumes a standard game and doesn't take into account things like 4v5's, unbalanced matchmaking or something out of there like 2 mids unless stated otherwise.

        For the sake of brevity, the terms "Top Lane", "Jungler" and "Mid Lane" will be referred to as T, J and M respectively. The way you would encounter this is when I'm mentioning something specific about those roles. 

Example: "If the T/J/M has ____ or ____ champions . . ." 

        Ironically, typing all this out might have taken more time than it would have to actually write those things out. However, it makes some of the rest of this post a bit more concise due to not being obligated to spell out the lanes every time.

First Divergence: Gank/No Gank (Early Game)

1. You're early ganking

        If your intention is to early gank (given laners that are conducive to a gank producing results, such as Braum/Maokai/Syndra to name a few), blue smite/boots its a fine back to go for. The reasoning behind this is simple, blue contributes with a slow whilst boots just gives you a bit of a hastier gank which could potentially make a difference. 

An example that I could provide would be if I do my first clear, back, and notice that my toplaner is getting pushed in as well as being a decent laner to gank such as Riven. I'll go with blue smite if i can, boots otherwise.

2. Powerfarming

        Ruby crystal/bami's (if you have enough) is fine for clearing. However, it's not impossible to gank with these items. Keep in mind that the jungle can not be defined by one clear yet ultimately blind path. What you do and what you're supposed to do in every minute of the game is subject to change with even the slightest differences. 
        Your job is not to be omniscient, but definitely being in a state of awareness. Don't think of this path as just build tank and farm all day - make sure you're keeping an eye out for potential ganks. Reiterating for emphasis: you can still gank even if you build tank! this isn't an excuse to chill in the jungle!

Special Case: Early Boots 

Choosing to complete your boots depends on the enemy team. I'll try to give you a general outline to a few of these. Some things can overlap depending on the opposing composition - so it's up to you from there to use your intuition.

Optimal cases for boots, in my opinion:

1. Mercury Treads

This gives MR and can be used as an effective counter to AP champions, however I put more emphasis on the tenacity. Therefore, I feel like it's worth to upgrade early into MT if the enemy harbours 3 or more hard CC's abilities. For example, Morgana, Maokai, Jhin. 

2. Ninja Tabi's

I take their T/J/M into account more than anything. Now a lot of champions can be AD based but don't exactly emphasize auto attacks in their builds. For example, Olaf is indeed an AD champion, but happens to derive most of his power through repeated auto attacks (not necessarily powerful ones, although olafragnarok.png amps them up), constant olafaxethrowcast.png as well as his olafrecklessstrike.png every now and then.

So you can see the kind of dilemma you're in when judging a champion, right? It really is up to your interpretation as to whether the ninja tabi's passive is worth digressing from your regular build for. 

Anyways, if there are 3 AD champions, such as Riven/Lee/Zed in their respective roles, that's an instant tabi's. That's fairly obvious, so how do we determine vague cases? Once again, it's up to your interpretation but keep in mind the aforementioned concept. You're more likely to favor tabi's if theres something like Fiora/Shyvana (yes, I know a lot of damage is magic based - but she builds AD items like Titanic and Botrk nowadays)/Yasuo where just the sheer amount of auto's makes it an effective buy.

3. Swiftness

        I really only build this if I want to be ganking. Although there are cases where there's just a plethora of slows waiting for you. In which case, you would want this item. Consider Mobility boots if you want to be focused on ganks though, but use swiftness if the other condition is met (many slows).

4. Mobility: 

        Ganking, what else? There's nothing much to say other than this is like an early game rush item to cheese opponents. Make sure you sell them later in favor of a better set of boots if warranted.

5. Lucidity Boots

        My personal favourite choice of boots. I build this almost every time because of how it reduces the Flash timer. EQ - Flash is a massively powerful tool and the more I can perform it in the game the better it is. That's pretty much it other than the 10% being convenient in my build.

Second Divergence: Damage or Tank? (Midgame)

        This is going to be a bit confusing, but I'll try my best to articulate all the things I take into account during an actual game.

        First, ask yourself if you have time to build damage. What this question entails is - are you currently ahead, flat equal or behind? If you're behind just go straight into tank (skip this section, scroll to 2). Further explanation below.

1. You're ahead and have time to build damage

        What I define as your allotted "time" would be your distance in gold relative to the opposing jungler. You should try to keep a good estimation at all times. An example of this would be if you completed Cinderhulk and Tier 2 Boots whilst he/she is still completing his jungle item.

        If such a situation were to occur, you would have sufficient time to build greedily. The reason why this is a necessary condition is because Jarvan is inherently weaker than most junglers and needs a lot of gold to make up for this case. I've found that I just get smackdaddied if I blind build, especially by tanks who complete their tank items while i'm trying to finish hydra and I just get owned.

1a - Tanks

2 tanks in the T/J on the opposing side. Examples: Poppy/Zac/Maokai/Malphite

Item of Choice: 3153.png

1b - Non-Tanks/Off-Tank

Relatively moderate HPs on champions. Examples: Riven/Lee Sin/Viktor (The idea is that they're champions that will be building mostly damage and not HP that would deny your EQ -> Passive Auto -> Hydra -> R combo a pseudo-oneshot)

Item of Choice: 3748.png

1c - AP Champions

Any permutation of 2 AP champions in the T/J/M or all 3 on the enemy team. Examples: Lissandra/Zac/Zed (AP/AP/AD) or Poppy/Elise/Viktor (AD/AP/AP). 

Item of Choice: 3156.png

2. You're incapable of finishing an offensive item quickly

2a - Many AP Champions

Enemy has 3-4 AP Champions. Examples: Ekko/Nidalee/Katarina/Zyra or just Ekko/Nidalee/Katarina/Non-AP Heavy support.

Item(s) of Choice: 3211.png,3102.png.

The reason as to why I separated them is because you might not always want to rush banshee's. Just the Spectre component is very efficient and you can go into other tank items whether they're armor-based or the other option: 

Alternate Item(s) of Choice: 3105.png,3190.png

Building just the first tier of these heavy MR items seems to do the trick. Just having a spectre and aegis in tandem is arguably sufficient enough. It's to the point where you can focus on the raw HP items that the tank role demands.

2b - Yasuo or Gangplank / Yasuo and Gangplank

There is a fundamental difference between both scenarios. The former implies one whilst the latter implies both together.

I'm sure this item is fairly obvious.

Item(s) of Choice: 3143.png

However, there is a little bit of thinking involved if you're faced with both:

        Yasuo is primarily crit-based, yes, but his champion is designed to be an inherent auto-attacker. On the other hand, Gangplank utilizes barrels and Q'ing at a range - autoing when he can go in for the kill. Whilst GP has a lot of penetration, Yasuo is susceptible to Thornmail or Frozen Heart being stacked on the Randuin's Omen. I would say the counter to GP is to simply amass more HP so he doesn't just cut straight through your armor-based build with his true damage as well as armor mitigation. 

        Therefore, you must determine which one is more of a threat when choosing your build. The simple approach to doing this which does not require much analysis is a comparison of raw gold. Take into account score, CS and current items. A bit more of an indepth analysis requires watching the players individually and gauging their ability. Oftentimes, league players suffer from SME disorder, or Super Massive Ego disorder, so this might not be possible if you have it. Just honestly critique both of them and don't discount them as "bad". Put aside ego or personal bias and make sure you get the most accurate judgement. Give credit where credit is due.

Item(s) of Choice, Post-Randuins:

If Yasuo is better: 3075.png,3110.png

If Gangplank is better: 3742.png

        It isn't the most imperative thing to make sure you get these specific items, but at the very least I can produce some examples if you would like. It doesn't change the whole game but it definitely could. For example, if you wished you had a little bit more HP to tank a barrel but died because straight armor didn't do the trick. 

2c - AD Casters / Ability-based AD Champions

The Enemy has hard hitting AD champions that utilize abilities often. Examples: Riven/Lee/Zed

Item(s) of Choice: 3742.png,3053.png,3102.png 

Don't rush banshee's first, obviously, but definitely consider it. Deadman's is a solid item to get first. 

In select cases, 3748.png is pretty nice right after deadman's. It works well with the Cinder/Deadman's health stats and amplifies it further whilst giving you the option to fight back effectively.

2d - AA (Autoattack) Champions

        The Enemy has multiple AA based champions. This is taking into account the raw amount of autoattacking being done rather than the damage sources. Examples: Kled/Fiora/Irelia/Gnar/Master Yi/Yasuo/Shyvana/Diana

        Any permutation of the 3 anti-AA items can be built, but the emphasis is on build path and prioritization. These are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind.

Prioritized Item(s) of Choice:

If they're primarily physical but don't hit hard - 3110.png
If they're primarily physical but hit hard - 3075.png
If they're not primarily physical - 3082.png (further elaboration below)
If their ADC is decently fed and Yasuo exists - 3143.png

        Given that these are meant to be the first items you get, the subsequent item's should be chosen as you see fit. In the case of getting warden's mail and leaving it there - you would want to continue your build based on what you're against. The implication of that guideline is that you're against an AP champion, so something MR-based could come after it. Finishing it into a frozen heart/randuins doesn't hurt later because ADC's are a thing.


Author's side note:

        At this point, I want you to keep in mind that these are not clear-cut build paths, but simply suggestions. The state of the game is what you should use as your primary source of information to base your build path off of.


Third Divergence: Finishing Your Build (Lategame)

        This is the hardest section to both write and adhere to, so bear with me. The purpose of this section is to cover the last 2~ item slots so as to accommodate the late game and all that it entails. Your build at this point could differ extremely from the cases I present you. Therefore, use this as the framework for your thinking when it comes to what you choose to build rather than blindly following it. Also, a lot of lategame problems come from you sucking. One item will rarely make a difference but can definitely contribute at least a little.

1. You're dying too early

1a. Eating too many autos

        You're diving in/going in/skirmishing and just getting utterly murdered/kited. This can be a difficulty that arises through just your gameplay, but there are a few item's you can purchase to make up for sucking.

If you haven't got them already, Item(s) of Choice: 3110.png 3143.png3075.png

1b. Not surviving one rotation of CC

        Ahri charmed you and you took a faceload of burst within a microsecond. If this kind of situation comes up often, you really need to not get hit by things. However, there is something you can do for yourself at least.

If you haven't got them already, Item(s) of Choice: 3026.png3102.png

2. You aren't doing enough damage

2a. Fighting someone in Melee and being outdamaged

        This can be prevented by just not fighting the other guy without backup. However, if you're forced to, you should consider this item to give you the most damage with only one slot left.

Honestly, just don't fight the guy without good circumstances but, still, here's your Item of Choice: 3153.png


2b. Just not bursting the person you're catching (disregard if you're expecting to 1 shot a tank), hopefully a squishy carry

        I have no idea why I'm even writing anything for this section other than to justify making and naming two previous sections. I mean a list implies more than 2 items right? Damn. Anyways, as much as I regret this entire thing in terms of approach, I still have to give you something here. Also, sometimes you just don't need to burst the guy you catch. A lot of this lategame stuff can't be entirely solved with one item - you'd be good to remember that.

Item(s) of Choice: 3748.png

Just EQ-AA-Hydra-Ult and pray you murder them.

Only now do I realize this was pointless trying to think of late game builds. I cannot sit here and decide upon a general framework because of how much one 35 minute game can differ from another. This is gonna be pretty lackluster stuff but if you have nothing else, follow this third section appropriately. 

Damn, unlucky. Sorry mate.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Alistar
  • Darius
  • Ekko





jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png EQ beats aatroxq.png

        The main problem in this lane is his passive + sustain. Aatrox tends to be a squishy target within early levels but that's completely covered up by his passive. Also, you both are 175 range so you don't outrange him. Aatrox is still relatively easy though.

        The regular approach to the lane should be full AD and trying to burst him to counteract his superior sustain. However, in the case of full tank, max your W and look to trade only on that - standard approach.

Things to keep in mind:

Aatrox's Q: If you have the reaction times to EQ him during his Q, it will effectively cancel it. The damage and knockup will not go through but yours will, however. 





As of now, charm no longer interrupts EQ or Ult but retains its CC portion of the ability after said abilities land. 

Things to keep in mind:

1. Her charm is usually aimed at when you're EQ'ing, in other words when you're the most predictable.

2. Her R is usually saved for your EQ/Ultimate

3. If you ult her right as she begins her ult, it will impede movement (due to your ult forming on top of her) and stall her for a second - applying damage as well. Note that if you do this incorrectly she will escape both your ultimate radius and the damage.

4. If you toss your E aggressively at her you can try to fake an ability of hers - either E/R.

5. You can apply the anti-skillshot flash combo to avoid being charmed.





Wow there are so many different situations this might actually be hard to remember in-game.

Lets begin:

J4 Vs. Alistar Situations

Alistar W’s you before EQ -> You get knocked out of range to land the Q on your flag. 

Alistar W’s you during EQ -> He gets knocked up and you suffer no consequences. There are times where this might vary and you get knocked out of the EQ. I assume its based on angle of approach.

Alistar Q’s you before EQ -> Your Q animation goes through and the combo goes through. Everyone’s damage and CC lands, but yours lands subsequent to his therefore you have the advantage of first move

Alistar Q’s you during EQ -> Cancelled EQ no matter what and you get knocked up. The only varying point is if he timed it to be right on the edge of his Q hitbox. If he’s too close, he also gets knocked up.

You EQ Alistar during his W -> Cancelled W (imagine approaching perpendicular to the route of his W and hitting him in the middle). He gets knocked up.

You EQ Alistar before his Q -> Alistar knocks you up if timed right. Your EQ could potentially knock him up depending on if you touch him (his Q has a larger hitbox than your knockup hitbox).

You EQ Alistar during his Q -> Alistar’s Q animation goes through even if you knock him up. You get knocked up.

You R during his W -> W does damage but doesn’t affect you.

Alistar W’s you during R -> W does damage but doesn’t affect you.

You R when he W’s something else -> The Cataclysm wall interrupts his dash.

You R during his Q -> Q does damage but doesn’t affect you.

Alistar Q’s you during R -> Q does damage but doesn’t affect you.





Max jarvanivgoldenaegis.png

You wont win this lane in any way if the opponent is of equal skill. The lane will be determined by how competent you are at avoiding his damage and not allowing for an all-in to occur. 

A typical "good" (good defined as not terribly bad) trade for you would be baiting the dariuscleave.png and then entering with jarvanivgoldenaegis.png to get in a decent trade into jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png away. I'm sure you see the obvious flaw in this plan. It's just a massive mana expenditure for barely any achievement. 

Just stay alive and continue to your 3068.png3748.png

Things to keep in mind: 

1. You can ult to put yourself next to him to avoid a potential bladed dariuscleave.png hit. This will prevent him from both damaging you further and healing up himself.

2. His dariusaxegrabcone.png denies yourjarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png combo. A solid mindgame to play is to throw your E initially, wait for his automatic reaction to dariusaxegrabcone.png and then jarvanivdragonstrike.png after the CC ends.





        This is an interesting matchup because of how variable the opposing Ekko's playstyle can be. He's a versatile champion who's strengths are completely at the behest of the wielder. For Top, i'm going to assume a tank playstyle. There are general things that you can apply to Ekko as a champion but the information will be curtailed towards a tanky/iceborn Ekko.

        It's imperative to have your jarvanivgoldenaegis.png up for a trade. You can mitigate most if not all of his damage early on (1-3) lest he neglects to poke you in lane. You will win through solid autos and avoiding point blank ekkoq.png's with sharp turns. This is the main way for me to outduel an Ekko. Don't rely on landing jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png too much unless its either guaranteed or you're forced. 

Things to keep in mind: 

1. Given competence, he will dash your combo if it's up. 

2. His E can put him far enough to dodge your ult damage.

3. If he initiates with ekkoe.png, don't aim to fire back immediately - dodge the ekkoq.png that comes after the second E portion fires first. Proceed to retaliate after that whilst being aware of where the ekkoq.png will approach from to avoid being hit by the second portion of it.

Mechanics Back to Top

Jarvan Mechanics 

Stuff you have to know

                     We all know Jarvan's infamous EQ combo. It's both his gap closer and escape as it is a combination of 2 skillshots. It's fast because smartcast allows both buttons to be pressed within miliseconds of each other. It creates a straight line zone of danger that deals a lot of damage and knocks people up. It's also incredibly predictable. Like a Lee Sin Q, people can easily dodge said combo because of it's travel time. I'm going to assume you, the reader, understands the mind games involved in skillshots. Whether you're a level higher than the rest and you can successfully predict dodges and throw skillshots accordingly, i.e behind them/wherever you think they'll dodge, or just someone with a basic understanding - this is important. 

                     A Jarvan player's entire career lies in the success rate of his EQ's. This is obvious. What i'm going to be talking about is circumventing all the countermeasures that your opponents will employ to not only dodge your EQ but also their actions after a successful EQ is landed on them.

EQ Mechanics: jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png


        Things such as Ezreal's Arcane shift ezrealarcaneshift.png and Leblanc's leblancslide.png don't have set distances. This means that they can throw it a step infront of them or 5 steps depending on the range. We're going to assume that they do the max distance because thats the natural instinct of someone running away from J4.

        It is imperative for you, as the experienced or inexperienced League player alike, to start cataloguing the estimated ranges of escape abilities like this in your mind. This information is what you're going to use in combination with fast reflexes to successfully predict and subsequently outplay your enemies. So basically what I'm saying here is the next time you witness someone escape your EQ with an ability, try to remember how far they went and next time throw your EQ in that general region. Landing the knockup doesn't always mean landing the damage, either, so try to be as exact as you can. Don't just think in moment, prepare yourself to predict - not in the midst of a gank, but beforehand. I.E Approaching a purple side Lucian 236.png in his lane from river. You know he's going to E away while running to his tower so therefore you should throw it a little upwards of him. 

        This is a simple thing that you should cultivate into a background process that's just always running. Calculate your enemy's dodges and adjust your aim accordingly.

EQ and Flash Combo: jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png 4.png

        J4 is able to perform a highly unpredictable maneuver involving using his EQ and flash together aptly named the EQ Flash combo (I have no other term to refer to it as, sorry). The basic idea is that you can flash OUT of your EQ combo at any point during it, whether its the start, in transit and a few moments before the end. Doing so will transfer the "knockup" to wherever you flash (think of Shen's taunt flash). This essentially allows you to "direct" your knockup to one specific point. In this case it's wherever you choose to flash. 

        A common usage of this would be to extend the range of your EQ. In order to perform this extension, you would be required to flash at the end of your EQ but not the end of the window in which Jarvan's physical model in the game applies a knockup assuming contact with an enemy. Note that once again, you can flash even in the middle of your EQ, but doing so at the end allows you to achieve a farther distance. 

Heres a great example of this trick in play -> Dandy EQ Flash

As a jungler however, I utilize this trick as a ganking tool. 

There's no better explanation than a visual demonstration -> EQ Flash

        (Watch EQ Flash Gank first, this is an analysis of it) I flashed mid EQ if you watch the yellow *poof*, as I knew where Garen was headed with his flash. The knockup continued through with the flash and allowed me to kill him. This is better than the common ganking process in which you nab their flash and make a return trip when they don't have it. Performing this trick successfully does indeed lose you your own flash but you get the added benefit of immediate gains in gold, time and securing a gank. You never know if your second gank after taking their flash will succeed or not, so why not aim to do so on the first? Learn this mechanic, it's so very useful. 

EQ Flash vs. Flash EQ:

EQ Flashjarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png4.png

- Unpredictable/Has the element of surprise
- Fast
- Retains knockup
- Can knockup people without requiring them to be in a line

- Difficult
- No damage

Flash EQ 4.pngjarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png

- has damage + knockup
- Relatively fast (depends on player)

- Can be dodged/Inaccurate
- Predictable and broadcasts intentions due to flashing first
- Knocks up in a line only

Anti-Skillshot Combo: jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png4.png

        Have you ever been charmed ahriseduce.png out of an EQ? Tornadoed howlinggale.png? How about killed before your EQ could connect because your opponent simply had to throw their skillshot right at you, given that J4 EQ sends him in a straight line. Multiple times, right? And it's infuriating as well - knowing that your EQ would've killed them had it landed. This combo allows you to prevent such an encounter from happening. 

        So the idea is that you're still doing the act of EQ'ing, but you're shifting your initial location therefore rerouting the path of your EQ. It still goes in a straight line, but you've performed a small readjustment that allowed you to successfully avoid whatever ability was thrown at you.

        How to do this? What buttons in what order do i press? The main thing to keep in mind is that you're controlling when you flash, not when you press E and Q. First, you want to throw your EQ in the exact same fashion as any other (Use smartcast to achieve the fastest possible combo). Next you want to flash AFTER the combo, but before it actually pulls you forward. If you end up flashing too late, it will treat it as if it were a regular EQ Flash combo (described above). A good way to practice is to remove the flag portion and just do Q-Flashes and add the E in at the start later.

        This can be used in so many different situations in which your initial location is about to be under fire (i.e Malphite ult, Riven's 3rd Q) by flashing anywhere OUTSIDE of it during your EQ. I don't have a visual currently, but imagine being point blank in full on melee combat with a riven. She performs her 3rd Q simultaneous to your EQ - if it goes through she'll knock you out of it. In order to counter that, you would flash back so that her Q ends up missing, but the EQ follows through and you end up on top.

Reusing the Flag:jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png

        Damn. Well this is probably the most fun part about J4's combo. So if you don't know already (if you're a bit new to J4), J4 is capable of reusing the flag. This literally means he can EQ, wait for his Q cooldown, then Q to the same flag again. This is because his Q cooldown will eventually go below 8 seconds - the actual flag's duration. This is useful in a plethora of ways in pretty much any situation. Whether it's to damage, kill, escape or knockup someone, reusing the flag is an essential mechanic to learning J4. 

        The act of reusing your flag is pretty simple enough. In order to perform this trick you just have to throw your Q at the pre-existing flag. It's not a foolproof trick, however. You have to know the range on your Q. Just having a good estimate is not good enough. If you're attempting to reuse the flag at max range, it has to be at the perfect range. It's easy to EQ combo because the Q can reach wherever you throw the flag with you at the epicenter - but if your flag is already in the ground, you're not guaranteed to be within its range anymore. So watch out for that as you'll be left pretty emptyhanded if you slip up and fall short on the second EQ. Other than that, the act of reusing the flag should be relatively easy.

Countering your enemies' counters to you

        Now what happens after you hit them with the EQ? The armor penetration and damage is applied, your flag is on the ground, both jarvanivdragonstrike.png and jarvanivdemacianstandard.png are on cooldown, they're knocked up and you're in front of them. Many more things are going on but the main thing to focus as the Jarvan player is what your enemy is going to do. What abilities are they going to use? Are they low enough to the point that they absolutely have to flash? Do they even have flash? Do they have enough damage to turn and kill you? What abilities are on cooldown for them?

        Information is key here. These are all questions specific to your current situation that you have to have answers for. The way you and your opponent alike play out a battle if both of you don't have flash will always be different than if you both did and knew each other did. Heres a key thing to remember - always assume they have something up if you don't know for a fact that it isn't up. Whether its flash, an ultimate or an active item. You're going to want to assume the worst and play the safest. So how does this tie in to the literal moment you land your EQ? Well there are so many different situations to encounter and it would take a millenia for me to both think of and write countermeasures for each and every one. Therefore I'll settle for some general tips. 

General Tips on what to do after you land EQ:

1. Preemptively dodge skillshots you know/feel they will throw at you. For example, Lee Sin's Qblindmonkqone.png. Imagine you've just EQ'd him and are currently standing in front of him and he's going to send that thing at you as soon as he hits the ground. How to counter: click somewhere that isn't where you're currently standing/flash behind him. Now you're thinking ahead of the game buddy.

2. Orbwalk (If this is a foreign term, I suggest searching it up first) with your opponent towards where you expect them to run. This assumes you both know you're going to win the fight if both of you stand your ground. You know he's going to run towards tower so therefore you do so before he does. This is crucial for most melee champions because if you stand there slapping him they will outrun you eventually.

3. Step into a bush if possible. This allows you to effectively negate any damage that could've been thrown at you whether it's an auto, targetted ability and potentially a skillshot (assuming you're capable of dodging one thrown blindly at you). 

        Imagine the scenario of a J4 eq'ing a Viktor. The first J4 lands his EQ, autos into a hydra reset and then stands still. He gets blasted with a bunch of stuff -> viktorpowertransfer.pngviktordeathray.pngviktorchaosstorm.png14.png. Man look at all the icons that he just got smacked with. Now imagine the same J4 doing the same exact combo but this time he utilizes the time window that the knockup provided to walk into the bush right next to him. The Viktor has just landed. Obviously, he can't viktorpowertransfer.png someone he can't see - so that's off the table. His viktorchaosstorm.png ends up hitting because J4 didn't make too much distance, he simply walked out of sight and this Viktor knows that, therefore he throws it at where J4 must be - it lands. After that he knows the general location of J4 but cannot pinpoint him exactly (whether its one side of the bush or the other) so he takes a guess and just quickly throws his viktordeathray.png, lets assume it misses. And obviously he can't use 14.pngnow that J4 is out of sight. 

        Now I understand this is a pretty ideal situation for the J4 player, but it isn't entirely impossible. What you end up doing is mitigating or at least delaying possible damage that could be thrown at you by using the time given to you by your knockup. By doing so, you and your opponent are left in a situation where you have regained the opportunity to initiate after just now initiating. It's like play twice in a card game. Your opponents options are to either run away, or step into you granting you the advantage of having the first move.

        It might be a self-explanatory thing that people pick up on the go but I feel like not many people utilize bushes too much anymore despite it being so easy (Yes people can trinket bushes, but it still saves you even a milisecond compared to chilling in front of your enemy's face).

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