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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png for killing people. Jax is a duelist, ignite gives more power and easier kills in lane.
4.png for making plays. Flash is the best summoner spell in the game. Escape/chase/dodge skillshots. 

I always use these 2 summoners on Jax (and on almost every other champion I play).


12.png Teleport will make you able to splitpush hard and then get right into a teamfight on the other side of the map. I prefer going ignite instead to easier win my own lane. Teleport is good if you are new to jax and/or just want an easy lane where you farm and become a beast lategame.


6.png If you like ghost for some reason you can go with it. However after getting both 3153_32.png and 3078_32.png your targets won't be able to just run away from you, thats why I find ghost pretty bad on Jax. 


14.png = Kill people, win lane.
12.png = Kill people in other lanes. Good lategame. 
4.png = Best spell in game.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


My standard ability order against melee opponent.

W is strong in trades if you autoattack + W the enemy.

Against ranged opponent, max Q. 
Gives more mobility with the short CD on Q at lvl 5 (6 seconds). You need it to get in melee range of your opponent.

Also start Q instead of E lvl 1 against ranged. No ranged champ will be in melee range for you to stun them making E pretty useless. With your Q you can go for some early harass by jumping onto the enemy's face or use it to farm minions you would not reach. 

Passive- Relentless Assault
 Relentless Assault
  • Basic attacks increase Jax's attack speed by 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14%. Relentless Assault lasts for 2.5 seconds and stacks up to 6 times.
Good for longer trades. 
Attack creeps 6 times if you are planning to go ham on the enemy which will give you full attack speed from the start of the fight.

Q- Leap Strike
 Leap Strike
  • Jax leaps to target unit, dealing physical damage if the target is an enemy.
  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 60% AP) (+ 100% bonus AD)
Can be used on everything such as wards and teemo's shrooms. Trinket ward + Leap Strike = free flash :D

W- Empower
  • Jax's next basic attack or Leap Strike within the next 10 seconds deals additional magic damage. Empower resets the auto attack timer.
  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 (+ 60% AP)
Use this as an autoattack reseter.
Autoattack, then immediately press W to get an autoattack off directly without having to wait for the autoattack cooldown. Practice this whenever you are killing jungle camps for example. 

E- Counter Strike
 Counter Strike
  • For up to 2 seconds, Jax dodges all basic attacks and takes 25% less damage from area of effect abilities. At the end of the duration or if Counter Strike is activated again, Jax deals physical damage and stuns nearby enemies for 1 second. This spell deals 20% additional damage for each attack dodged to a maximum of 100% increased damage.
  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+ 50% bonus AD)
  • MAXIMUM DAMAGE: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 100% bonus AD)

This ability is what makes Jax to Jax. Dodge every autoattack. Don't spam the ability in lane or you will run out of mana. What most people fail with here is that they only see this ability as a stun. Save it for when the enemy is attacking you to have 2 seconds of free time where you don't take autoattack damage. 

 Grandmaster's Might
  • Grandmaster's Might's passively causes Jax's autoattacks to deal additional magic damage on every third hit. This counter is reset when Jax doesn't attack for 2.5 seconds.
  • PASSIVE: Jax deals additional magic damage on every third basic attack. The counter will reset if he does not attack for 2.5 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 100 / 160 / 220 (+ 70% AP)
Jax gains bonus armor and magic resist for 8 seconds.
ARMOR BONUS: 25 / 35 / 45 (+ 30% bonus AD)
MAGIC RESIST BONUS: 25 / 35 / 45 (+ 20% AP)

2 hit minion and then hit the enemy once to proc the ult passive. Combine the ult proc with a W for even more damage. Activate the ult before you enter teamfights or when you are gonna take alot of damage in lane (a gank for example). Activating the ult in a 1v1 trade will often result in the enemy just running away. 


R > W > Q > E

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Provides alot of sustain to survive early levels.
    Against ranged autoattackers. Vayne/Quinn/Jayce etc.
    Offensive start if you are confident as Jax. My usual start.
    Defensive start vs 100% AD. Renekton, Riven

Core Items

    Dorans items helps you survive lane. Max 2 of them.
    Your 2 damage items. Core.
    Best defensive item. Harder to kite you.
    Merc's best in most games.

Situational Items

    Tank items
    Example of full build
My new build order: (patch 5.7)
1055_32.png > 3078_32.png > 1001_32.png > 3153_32.png > 3022_32.png > situational

Full build order: (old)
 1055_32.png > 1055_32.png1053_32.png > 1001_32.png > 3057_32.png > 3153_32.png  > 3078_32.png > 3265_32.png > 3143_32.png > 3102_32.png > 3083_32.png 


Dorans blade got nerfed, be careful buying it, gives very low sustain.

Starting Items

2041_32.png2040_32.png Gives alot of hp and mana which you will need earlygame. Best if you are new to 24_64.png

1055_32.png Strong item if you are playing aggressive. 

1054_32.png Best vs ranged autoattackers like Nidalee, Vayne, Quinn, Jayce. 

Core items

Buy 1 or 2 1055_32.png depending on what you started with. Strong item for laning, helps Jax weak earlygame.
Dorans items are the most cost effective items and really good earlygame but you have to sell them later on and then they lose their high cost efficity. I recommend getting max 2 dorans items.

Jax 2 core damage items.

Botrk gives attack speed and lifesteal. 
More attack speed = more ult procs.
Really good active that stops people to run away from you.

Triforce costs alot and gives alot. Jax benefits from every stat it gives and the 2 passives are both really good. 
Rage (passive) helps you stick to your target
Spellblade (passive) proc on your W which you can spam often.

I usually just get a 3144_32.png and then a 3057_32.png. Slow, lifesteal, mana.

Why not rush the botrk?

You will be sitting on 1800 gold and all you can buy are 2x daggers which gives some atk speed. The components for 3057_32.png (and 3044_32.png) are much better. HP, AD, AP and mana are all good for Jax. 
Attack speed will be your best stat later on but is pretty weak during laning phase/early game.

The Sheen gives mana and AP. Trading with Jax requires abilities and that costs alot of mana. 
If you have 1800 gold and a finished cutlass, go directly for the botrk.

3078_32.png before botrk if you wanna go ham on the enemy all the time. 


3111_32.png Best boots. Tenacity will help you alot in teamfights, not fun getting stunlocked for 5 seconds or kited to deaths thanks to slows. 

3047_32.png If the enemy doesn't have much CC and are mostly AD champs get ninja tabi instead. Good item in lane vs autoattackers.

Defensive items

3143_32.png Armor. HP. Slow. Nobody will run away from you. 

3026_32.png Carrying your team? All the enemies will focus you? Get GA.

3075_32.png Enemy team have alot of autoattackers or you just need more armor.

3110_32.png vs Atk speed champs. e.g Irelia

3102_32.png Your best MR item. The passive is really good too. 

3065_32.png Better choice vs champs that doens't deal burst magic damage, like singed. 

3083_32.png Jax gets alot of resists from his ult making this pure HP item good.

Viable items?

3172_32.png If you are snowballing and want more damage, you can get this item. Just don't get both 3172_32.png AND 3111_32.png. Tenacity is Unique. 

3022_32.png If you want more slow and damage.

3157_32.png a bit trolly but can actually work. 

Jax ult:
More AD = More Armor from ult
More AP = More MR from ult

Zhonyas gives AP and Armor, with your ult that will increase both your MR and your Armor. The Active is really cool. Get a pentakill and become a golden statue. 

Bad items

3068_32.png Randuins is better since it helps you stick to your target with the slow. Sunfire cape is an item for the tanks standing in the middle of the fight, soaking up damage.

3035_32.png3135_32.png3071_32.png Don't get penetration item's since Jax deals hybrid damage. 
Hybrid damage = OP. Enemies can't stack armor vs you :D

3072_32.png3074_32.png3031_32.png3046_32.png Raw AD, lifesteal, AD splashdamage, crit, crit/atk speed. The only good stats of these on Jax are atk speed and lifesteal. Botrk gives both. Don't buy these items.

3146_32.png What about this item? Why 3153_32.png instead? 
Hextech = More sustain
botrk = Attack speed, %hp damage on autoattacks and better slow. 
Jax is an autoattacker and is very good att going all in. Attack speed and a strong slow is better than sustain in an all-in fight.

3124_32.png No slow. You only need 2 damage items and since 3078_32.png is so good on Jax that's a must have. 
Botrk > rageblade

3025_32.png Bad. Defensive item. Too much mana for you. Wan't armor? Get 3143_32.png

Don't be afraid to try out new stuff. Get the items you feel that you want. 

Example of full builds

3153_32.png3078_32.png3143_32.png3260_32.png3075_32.png3110_32.png vs AD team

3153_32.png3078_32.png3143_32.png3265_32.png3102_32.png3065_32.png vs AP team

3153_32.png3078_32.png3143_32.png3265_32.png3102_32.png3083_32.png vs Balanced team

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zed




Don't let him autoattack the creeps or he will heal back to full health in no time. Be aggresive, push him away from the creeps. His sustain isn't that much of a problem later on. 




Buy a 2043_32.png and place in her stealth shroud. If she gets a lead she will snowball on you. If you manage to not feed her you should be able to beat her 1v1. Care for her using her R to dodge your stun. Akalis streangth is that she can go for a quick trade and then disengage with W/R. Jax is more of a longtrader so jump after her if she tries to disengage. 




He has much sustain but is pretty weak if he misses his Rupture (Q). Try bully him earlygame. Later he gets too tanky for you to kill him. 




He's a lane bully like renekton. When he Qs you he will also push the lane. Try freeze outside turret and farm. Trade at lvl 5 when he is as weakest. His lvl 6 dmg is insane, be careful. If you stay even with him in xp and gold you will crush him later.


Dr. Mundo


Go aggresive early on. Call for jungler ganks and get a lead. At 6, disengage if he ults. Only go all in when you have ignite up or he is really low on health. Care for him baiting you to go in when he is low and he ults to get back to full health. 




You deal more damage than he does, should be easy. He will use his stick jump thing (E) to dodge your stun. Risky to initate on him with jump.




Garen is imo the worst champion in LoL. 

Don't be afraid to trade back, play the matchup like a man. 
After he uses his QE combo on you, activate E, jump on him and start beating him up with autoattacks til he dies. Be careful lvl 6, his ult hurts alot!




Broken champ. Ban him.




If she's not really good you will win.

If and only If she activates her W (true dmg) to trade, activate E to dodge the true dmg attacks and you win the trade. If you waste E and she didn't activate her W she will go in for a trade and win it. Care for low health creeps which she can jump to. 
Rush 3078_32.png and go all in on her after lvl 6 whenever she shows up.




Annoying poke earlygame. Try dodging his Q's. after lvl 6, 2 hit minion, then jump and W him to get the ult proc. If he decides to fight you activate E and he will knock you back. He will loose more health than you do. 


Lee Sin


Stay behind creeps to prevent him from landing easy Qs. When fighting with your E up, be ready to Q to him the last second since he will probably try to W to a creep to dodge the stun. If you see him use E lvl 1, wait out the autoattack and movement speed slow and then go ham with your E.

 You scale better, stay alive and don't feed him. 




Malphite is considered as one of the top counters of Jax. He has really high mana costs, abuse that. Give him an autoattack + W as often as you can. Get a early kill. Later he gets too tanky for you to handle alone. Keep your farm up as high as you can.




Start trading with him lvl 4 when your creeps are low. He will focus on getting Q stacks instead of trading back. Don't trade with him when he uses wither on you. Annoying lifesteal and he is also the only champ that outscales you. The lane should not be that hard for you but if he manages to keep his farm up, he will eventually crush you with his Q stacks.




Go ham on him lvl 1 with your E. Care for his Axe which can slow you = no stun = you will fail the trade. If you are losing, try keep your farm up, get 3153_32.png and you should win easy.




Renekton has more damage, more CC, more mobility and more sustain than you. Play passive or if you feel you are comfortable with Jax, go hard on him lvl 1. After lvl 6 you can probably stay even with him in trades. Going equal in farm when the laning ends is a big win for you since Jax scales much harder. Rush 3153_32.png. At lvl 11 you should be able to 1v1 him. Don't fight him when he uses his ult. Don't fight him when he has much fury.

(See videos for the aggresive start vs rene).




Make sure to dodge his Qs and you win. Be really careful lvl 2, his QQE combo will take you down if you do not use E in time. After lvl 6 it's GG for him. 




After the nerfs her earlygame is way weaker than before. If she goes in for a trade with you lvl 1, activate your E and trade back = firstblood. If you goes aggressive with E she will probably just kite away with all her abilities. Keep farming, let her engage if she wants to fight. After lvl 6 she should not be able to win 1v1. Risky to dive her; shield + stun + knockup + high mobility.




he is weak. Just kill him. Standard lvl 1 combo = easy firstblood. Max Q and jump onto him whenever his flamething is on cooldown.




Call for ganks. He can only snare 1 person = the other one kills him. 

He is really annoying earlygame with his targetshots and his snare. E jump onto him, stun and he will probably snare you the moment you land on him but he will still get stunned meaning you can start beating him up with autoattacks. Go for early merc threads and max Q.




After lvl 6, kill her. Before that, care for her W. Kite back into your own creeps and they will prbably win the trade for you. She pushes the lane with her aoe damage. Freeze the lane outside your turret and farm.




If Singed uses his gas in lane he will soon run out of mana. Try go aggressive early and get a kill. Be really careful of pushing the lane, if he freeze it outside his turret he will fling you into it's range whenever he can. After lvl 6 you can't fight him when he has his ult. It will be a farmlane.




Can be very easy or very hard lane. Max Q and Q-W him all the time. Use W after you land to get the autoatatck immediatly.




Annoying troll. Steals AD and sustains when creeps dies, OP. Only try to fight him when your E is off cooldown. Get sustain items and try survive lane. After lvl 6 you should be able to fight him. Don't use your ult before he does or he will steal alot of your armor and MR.




90% of Tryndameres damage comes from autoattacks and you have a dodge ability. Careful lvl 1-2, his crits hurts. Don't waste your E as a stun, save it til a fight starts were he is attacking you. When he ults, try staying in range of Leap Strike (Q) but not in melee range so that he can get free autos on you. After 6 sec, jump onto his face and he dies. 

He will outsustain you in lane with his heal from Q, trynd can be really hard or really easy depending on how good he is.




Go ham early. Walk towards him: autoattack > E > auto > auto > auto > stun > auto

Get lvl 2, jump > ignite > kill. 
He often buys tear early which doesn't give him any combat stats, 700 gold just on mana. Abuse that. 




Zed is stronger pre lvl 6 when he can just spam his Qs (shuriken) onto you to poke you down. He can also dodge your stun with his W (shadow). Either play passive til lvl 6 or be aggresive by jumping to him and give him a W in the face, then back off. The aggresive style will cost alot of mana and if he is baiting you for a gank you are dead. 

Zed often builds full damage, meaning he will go down if you just do the basic combo some times after lvl 6. 

Jax nerfed Back to Top

Jax nerfs + changed meta made Jax terrible

Jax earlygame nerfed
Jax basestats nerfed
Jax scaling nerfed
1075_32.png nerfed
toplane meta changed to ap tanks/poke/kiters

Almost every matchup (above) got one lvl harder

You need to farm more to be useful now as Jax, something that made me quit playing him, RIP my beloved jax :(
Atleast I had 400ish fun games with him :)

Every champ is playable if used right tho, remember that.

curret patch: 4.18

Skins Back to Top

viable skins on Jax:

Classic Jax
Angler Jax
The Mighty Jax

Neither of these uses a real weapon making you able to spam ctrl-1 ingame. 

(You can use the joke with all skins)

Spamming joke/taunt/laugh in lane may drive the enemy insane which will make him play worse. 

Tips and Trix Back to Top

-Use your W as an autoattack reseter. Autoattack and immedietly when the damage is dealt press W. Saves some time. 

-After lvl 6, hit a minion twice, then jump onto the enemy's face and press W. Damage from Q, W, an autoattack (the W attack) and the ult proc all in one second. 

-Use your trinket ward to wardjump walls with your Leap Strike.

-Use your E before Q to instastun the enemy. Save your E til the enemy starts hitting you if you are going for a longer trade.

-Use botrk active to slow enemies if they are about to run out of ur stun range. 

-When turretdiving with creeps, don't initiate with your Q. Save it for enemy flash/dash. 

-Immediately after lasthitting a creep, W and switch target to the enemy if he is in range and also taking a lasthit. He probably didn't have time to trade back making you winning the small trade.

-lvl 1: Start autoattacking the enemy to aggro the creeps. Activate E and keep beating your enemy with autos. After 2 sec, your E has tanked atleast 5 creep autoattacks which means it will now deal double dmg with the stun. Around 120 E damage + all your autoattacks and the enemy could probably not even trade back with more than one ability. Keep in mind that this will push the lane hard (especially if the stun hits the creeps).
(See videos)

-Enter the bush after killing/harassing enemy to quickly remove minion aggro (unless the bush is warded).

Game Back to Top


Goals: farm, don' feed. 

Jax is hard to gank due to you Q and E. 

Call for jungler to gank as you can easily stun the enemy and follow up with Q after enemy flash. 

Going for lasthits is often better than going for trades.
Missing lasthits for trading is only worth if it gives you a strong lead so that you can zone the enemy from farming or kill him/her. 

If the enemy uses flash, tell your jungle that the enemy's flash is down and that he should come for a gank within 5 minutes (flash CD is 5 min).


You have one of you damage items (botrk/triforce) and can now 1v1 most people. Take down the enemy tower and decide if you want to keep pushing top or gank mid for another turret kill or dragon. If you are splitpushing be sure to have a ward so you see if you are getting ganked. 

90% of the time you wanna stay top and keep farming since Jax is a god when he gets his items. 
Gank mid if you see the enemy can easily be killed or if your midlaner is in trouble and needs help.

Remember to keep farming through midgame.


Lategame is where Jax shines the most.
Inhibs and Baron are the most important objectives. 

In teamfights, either dive onto the enemy carrys or try to protect your own. In most cases go for the enemy adc. Be sure to active your ult before you are in the middle of the fight. With a stun, a gapcloser, the botrk slow and the passive from triforce giving you movement speed when you hit something, the enemy adc should not be any problem for you. 
3265_32.png is really good if the enemy team have much CC to stop you from reaching their carries. Getting stunlocket by a leona/thresh and then autoattacked to death by the adc who is out of range for you is what will make you loose games. Merc thread gives you Tenacity which is what counters CC. 

CC = Crowd Control (stuns, slows, fears etc) 

However don't initiate in teamfights as Jax, wait for someone else to do it, then jump onto a squishy target with your stun and kill it. 

If not teamfighting, try splitpush with Jax since he kills turrets very fast. If you are getting ganked by less than 3 people turn around and kill them.If you are getting ganked by too many people for you to handle alone, make sure your team is pushing another lane or taking baron while you are wasting the enemies time. 
(See video)

Videos Back to Top

Lvl 1 aggresive with E

Video of me going aggresive on Mundo lvl 1. Dodging all creep autos with Counter Strike (E) making me take 0 dmg.

Splitpush power 

Me splitpushing top as Jax, forcing enemy to retreat from mid. While they are trying to back off my team initiates taking them down one by one. Result: 2 towers mid, anivia egg and 3 kills for free. :)

How to deal with Renekton 

Renekton is your hardest matchup and if you firstpick Jax you will probably face him in lane. One way of beating him is to surprise him by playing very aggresive early on. Most Jax'es wants to farm but that is not how we win. Our goal is to make him fear us. Show Renekton who is the real king of the toplane! 

Let go of your fear for the crocodile. 
If he started with a 1055_32.png and his W ability (stun) he would probably win hard. 
Jungle ganks helps us win the lane in hard matchups. =)

If you are new to Jax and gets into this matchup I suggest you to start with 2041_32.png2040_32.png or  1029_32.png2040_32.pngand try survive for as long as possible without loosing to much farm. Better being down 20 cs than getting killed and being down 40 cs. 


(This is for all matchups)
Starting with a 1055_32.png and failing early on will make the lane really hard. Jax is 100% melee. The enemy can zone you from lasthitting (everytime you are going towards a creep the enemy attacks you). Dorans Blade's sustain comes from autoattacking = recover 0 hp from items when you can't autoattack. 

Eventually the lane will be pushed towards your turret where you can farm. 
If you are too low on health the enemy will dive you making you fall even far behind. 
Your only option is to get help from the jungler Or recalling making you miss some xp and gold (still better than getting killed loosing even more xp and gold).

This is Jax biggest weakness and is what the enemy will abuse.

Toplane Basics Back to Top

Jungler ganks

Most junglers gank top first, they will be top at around 3:00. Use your trinket ward right before 3:00 in the river bush or in the tribush. 

1 and 2 with circles around them are the two toplaners.
W = ward.
Green rings = bushes.
Dotted path is how you walk and where to ward. Ward tribush if you are blue side and ward river bush if you are purple side. 

If you have a strong jungler and the enemy doesn't you want to go for a 2v2 duel. Both junglers arrive at the same time and it becomes a little fight. Both you and your jungler should focus the same target. Bring one of the enemies down and then decide if you want to kill the other enemie or if you want to fall back. 

If the enemy team have a stronger jungler + stronger toplaner you should just fall back when you see the enemy jungler comming. Ping back your jungler (v-ping) to avoid him going in 1v2.  

Pushing/Freezing lane

If you kill your opponent (alone or with your jungler), immediately push as hard as you can. Kill all the creeps which will make your own creeps to walk into the enemy turret. (Your creeps dies = enemy will lose xp and gold and the lane will reset). Recall after pushing. Buy something. Walk back to lane. You and your enemy will be there about the same time and the creeps will fight each other in the middle of the lane. 
Don't flame your jungler when he helps you push the lane after kill. It's what he is supposed to do.

When the enemy is pushing you can "Freeze" the lane. You do this by killing barely enough minions so that it pushes towards you turret. If the turret starts shooting, the creeps are to close to it and the lane will start pushing back towards the middle of the lane (lane reset). Stop the creeps from reaching you turret. Kill them just outside the turret range.

Why Freeze lane?
+ You can farm while standing under turret making it harder for enemy to deal dmg to you. 
+ The only way the enemy jungler can kill you is by diving the turret.
+ If your jungler comes for a gank, the enemy must runt all the way from your turret til his own. Long time for you to kill him while he's running. 
Same if you just want to kill him alone 1v1. 
You want to disengage? Run back 2 cm and you are safe under turret.
Enemy wants to disengage? He has to run like 20 meters til he reaches his turret. 

- To much creeps pushing will actually deal alot of dmg to you if you aggro them.
- If you are low on health you may get dived. Since the lane is already just outside you turret the enemies can push it faster and you will lose more minions. 

When shall I push?
When you want to dive your opponent (he is low on health/mana/your jungler is comming from behind).
When you want to roam. 
If the enemy is trying to freeze the lane, push the creeps into turret range and the lane will reset. 


The enemy is boring and camping under his turret? You are far ahead but still to weak to dive him? Look at the time. Is it around 12-13 minutes into the game? The enemy takes his buffs at around 2:00, then 5 min later = 7:00 and then 5 min later they spawn again = around 12:00-13:00. Walk to the closest enemy buff and kill the enemy jungler/steal it. Keep an eye on the minimap, not fun when they send their top, jungler and midlaner to kill you and you are deep in their jungle. 

Enemy midlaner is pushing hard all the time and doesn't ward? Go mid, jump-stun and kill.

Your team is stronger, you have already taken the enemy turret and pushed the lane hard
Go take the dragon. Make sure you have the jungler with you.

Nothing of the things above? Then keep farming. I guess you are playing Jax. You scale well into lategame. 
Farm Farm Farm. 

Blame the jungler

Never blame your jungler for stuff. If you die to ganks it is cause you have no wards/is pushing to hard. If you die in a 1v1 fight it is cause you underestimated your opponent.
Realise that your deaths are your fault. Find what you do wrong and change it. Become a better player. =) 

I just played Jax Back to Top

Me Back to Top

20 years old, Sweden. 

Season 2: Bronze
Season 3: Gold 4 
Season 4: Diamond 4 

Reached platinum with 82% winrate on Jax (from G4)
18/4   W/L 

Reached Diamond with 64% winrate on Jax (from G4)
50/28  W/L



My most played champions
  1. Rengar        500 games
  2. Lee Sin       400 games
  3. Jax             400 games shut down so I can't see exact stats anymore :(


Please leave a comment :)
More matchups will be added.

Only playing Rengar/Riven now on smurf. 

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