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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png- The best option in almost every situation. Flash is abolutely core on jayce, since it's really easy for enemy jungler to gank him unless he has lot of wards. He has only jump to enemy unit, slow which is not really helping against 2 enemies and knock back which can actually help a lot but is still not enough when 2 enemies are trying to kill you. 

12.png- In my opinion it's the greatest spell that you can take with flash. You can push really fast thanks to this spell, when your team needs you, you can really fast help them for example with dragon and you can roam without losing too much minions. It doesn't matter if you win your lane or not, this spell will help you alot.

14.png- Well, it's good spell in some cases but I wouldn't say it's vital. Your damage is amazing so it's really easy to burst your enemy without it and if you lose your lane it will be useless unless you are playing against 50.pngSwain or 8.pngvladimir and even against them it's not the only possible choice.

2.png17.png - Rest in pepperoni [*]

11.png - Well, I have never tried Jayce in jungle but it might be quite interesting.

13.png1.png - Just don't...

21.png - I don't know if it has reason to work. Maybe against LeBlanc??

3.png - Actually it is not that bad but I still see better choices than Exhaust.

7.png - Meh, if you really need this survivability then better take Exhaust.

6.png - Useless as you have enough movement speed bonuses. If you are afraid that he will run away or just run on you better take exhaust.

31.png30.png32.png - ...?

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Masteries Back to Top

Left page:

Sorcery - Your main damage is Q on both hammer and cannon so it's great thing. You are not AA too much while fighting anyway except poke when 2 quints for attack speed are enough.

Double Edge Sword - You are mostly glass cannon even with one tanky item your are supposed to kill enemy carry rather than survive.

Vampirism - Honestly it's hard to say if Vampirism is better than Natural Talent. In my opinion bonus sustain with spells and lifesteal combined with Doran's Sword is really nice so taking even 1 point in vampirism is nice but your job is to blow up enemy squishies, if you play against tank then take 5 vampirism points.

Feast - Great way of sustain when you play without vampirism and great addition if you play with that.

Middle page:

Savagery - Helps a lot with last hits which might be hard enough with Attack speed quints and armor pene marks. Anyway Wanderer is not that bad if you want to roam and counter jungle their jungler.

Assassin - Most of the time you are alone on your lane and in enemies jungle so it's really great on lane that you are sure to win. It's good to take Secret Stash when your lane is gonna be hard ( for example against panthoen ).

Merciless - unfortunately it's really important to be sure that you will burst your enemy as fast as you can with Jayce when his health level is low enough so it's really important mastery. Anyway you can try to play with Meditation if you find it hard to keep Jayce's mana on proper level.

Bandit - it's great when you can poke your enemy with AAs which Jayce can do perfectly. Dangerous Game is not really useful aspecially that people are not playing with ignites too much nowadays. If you find it better then go ahead and take Dangerous Game while playing against champion with damage over time spells.

Precision - I guess it's obvious. Bonus 5% CD is kinda useless on Jayce and bonus armor and magic pene is something great as you have both kind of damage.

Thunderlord's Decree -  I tried with Deathfire Touch but it's worse as most of your spells are AoE and your AA are not using this mastery. I tried also with Fervor of Battle as your spells and attacks can really fast stack it to max but it's still not enough to make your damage much bigger as you are not using your AA during fights too much and you can't poke your enemy with AA whole the time unless he is moron. That's why I find Thunderlord much better both to poke or to burst your enemy.

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First max Q, then W, then E. Jayce skillset is broken on lolking.

Always take E second to be sure that you will not die when enemy jungler comes and to make your Q on cannon stronger. It's often good to take at 3rd lvl second Q instead of W but it depends on matchup.

If you know how to do it, you can pick your E first and go for enemy blue because it's even not that hard to take it without smite when you has your E. You will probably lose some creeps and will need to come back on lane using teleport but it might be really usefull for you to have blue and it may completly destroy enemy jungler's game.
The best champions against you can do it are:

9.png - He will probably start with blue but if somehow he starts with red then go ahead and make him cry taking his blue buff.

28.png - You can take her blue or just kill her... seriously she will probably die in jungle without even your help so it's really easy kill for you. If you want to try then take your Q first and if you only want to take her blue then start with E and take your time she is doing jungle really slowly.

32.png - He is doing jungle buffs for whole eternity, it's almost the slowest jungler in the world so use it as your adventage and if he is dumb enough to start with red, then try to take his blue.

33.png - Same situation as with amumu, don't try to kill this bastard but you can easly take his blue.

113.png - She is not that slow but still it's not the fastest jungler in the world, you can give it a try if you hurry up.

Im not pretty sure how it works with other junglers but I'm pretty sure it's not the best technique against such champs like Kha zix, Lee sin, Shaco etc. You can give it a try on your own during normal games ;)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The best start in my opinion in most situations.
    Great start if your enemy is capable to harras you as hard as you can him.
    If you want to harras your enemy with spells and it's going to be hard lane for you.
    Against pantheon... No shit, take that stuff.

Core Items

    Great against squishy targets, I recomend it as your first item every game ( unless you play against tank, then take black cleaver ).
    Example full build aspecially good against tanky enemies.
    Glass cannon, very good when you actually don't need tank cause there is already one or your enemies have squishy team.

Situational Items

    Vital item against every AP champ, rush it after tear.
    Typical items that you should buy after 1st back to base. Take one of those and buy shoes if necessary ( phage only if you play against tanky enemy or you want to go more tanky ).
    I recommend one of those items as a defensive one. You have to decide which one you need the most depending on which enemy is fed the most what kind of damage he is idealing.
    Great if you have no cooldown reduction runes.
    All of those items are somehow good or usefull, it's only about you and enemy team which items are better for you in current game but in most cases they are not as good as typical jayce build.

Jayce is not always the best full AD

Why do I build sometimes tanky item on jayce? Well, it's pretty obvious. He has great damage anyway, your job is to kill adc which is as easy with 4 ad items as with 5 ad items so this one item you can buy to make yourself more tanky which is nice aspecially when you have squishy team. If you have no tank it's good to build 2 tanky items with tanky boots as your damage is still great and you are able to kill their adc or mage with your combo. 
You can ofcurse go flat AD but I recommend that only when you have strong tank or two tanks in your team. Then just throw away tanky item and buy for example Duskblade.

It's great full ad but only if you really know how to position yourself during teamfight and you are not primary target for enemy focus.

You are mostly supposed to be full armor pene + AD champion that bursts in a second but it's not how it has to be. You can build tank if necessary and this decision can make you win game.

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Don't underestimate him

Easy lane, you can knock back aatrox whenever he wants to jump on you and  your poke is for him something awful. It is rather impossible to see him nowadays but if you are lucky enough you will meet him finally. Go full AD as he has no way to kill you. 

*He actually might be really strong at first levels and when fed with his healing so be aware of it aspecially that you won't kill him that easy cause of his passive.




Don't come too close and poke her as hard as you can and do your best to kill her before level 6.

- Remember that you can jump to minions with your jaycetotheskies.png while she is invisible to deal her damage anyway.
- If you see her going for you then press on her your jayceE.png so after she jumps with her R you will throw her away and will not receive damage from that.

14.png4.png - These should help to kill her as fast as possible but teleport is still great to have map pressure and to not let her free farm.

Play as agressive as you can aspecially before level 6 and remember that she is really powerful even not fed so go full ad try to poke her and burst her before she kills you.




Don't fight with this bitch 1 vs 1 

- She is broken as fuck in early game 1 vs 1. Try to poke her with your Q+E and just farm. Don't be suprised if she wants to dive you on 1 lvl, seriously she can kill you. After you poke her a bit just go in with your combo and burst her. 
- Remember that she needs few seconds to kill you so you don't have to burst her in immediately and you can hit her 3 or 4 times. 
- Don't forget to turn back when she uses her ult and that she is not that strong in late game.




Your movement is really important

- It's not that hard to dodge his Q but good cho'gath will probably max W against you. 
- Poke him, build hexdrinker and don't fight with him after level six because he is extremly powerful and it's really easy to lose game against him. 
- Just wait until you can burst him down before he eats you. Remember also that it's easy to gank him so keep reminding about your existence to your jungler.




- It is so hard to tell anything about this matchup because it depends on many things.

- He is easy to gank so keep it in mind and ask your jungler for help however you can manage to fight with him alone with your poke but it's not that easy as it might seem.   - Poke him and don't let him grab you and if he does then jump with your Q and W turned on then hit him and knock back with E but keep in mind that even if you outtrade him he is still capable to kill you one vs one with just 1 grab and 1 good Q.
- This lane is easy if you do everything perfectly and if he has not exhaust so if he has then don't even try to come closer after 6 to him or you will disapear faster then you can imagine.

If he takes exhaust then instead of Medium it's Fucking Insane lane and don't even try to fight him or to come closer. Just farm under turret.




If you want to win just don't be too greedy. Farm poke him from time to time and to try to kill him without your jungler after lvl 6. He is nearly immortal then unless you poked him really hard. It's important to dodge his Q cause without his passive he will deal 1/3 of his max damage. If he hits you with Q it's ok anyway, just don't get hit again when it backs to him or you will lose at last half of your hp. Don't stand in his ultimate and if u see him throwing W then run away.




This champ is sooooo broken. You can poke her really easly, don't let her jump to you with your knock back and changing your weapon for bonus ms. If you jump with your Q wait for her dodge and use your E only if she wasted this shit. If she uses ult then wait for her dash, knock her back and run away as fast as you can. Keep in mind cooldowns on her Q as it is the most dangerous spell she has and never fight with her 1 vs 1.




- He is really annoying after his rework. Destroy his barrels and try to poke him as hard as you can.

- He is not that bad to fight 1 vs 1 but I still do not recommend that. 
- Just poke him a little bit dodging his E and if he has low enough hp then jump on him and try to burst.
- It's good to get 2033.png first as it will make your poke stronger than his.
- Before you dive him or something like that remember that he has his removescurvy.png. Except turning of cc's it's also strong heal.
- Don't be afraid to jump on him after he uses his parley.png to last hit cause except his AAs he has nothing do deal you instantly large amount of damage. 




It's rather easy matchup. 

-Just poke him and keep farming. 
-If he wants to use his Q then just knock him off and run, then poke him more unless he has this spell again. 
-Try to kill him early and be really aware of his ultimate as it has really op damage.\
-Farm and don't let him farm, you should do much more in midgame and be as good as him in late or even better.




- Rather easy lane, it's important to dodge his Q, from time to time jump on him with your W turned on, deal some damage and knock him back.

- If he is changing into big gnar keep looking at him cause he will probably want to jump on you, if he wants just knock him back so he will probably waste his ult. 
- If he is big gnar stand behind minions and keep AA him. 
- You have better trades, poke and the only thing that may kill you is if he flashes with his ultimate on you and stun you or if you let jump on you with big gnar.
- If gnar is good it's Medium matchup.




You need to dodge her every single spell. One good E and you will lose at last half of your HP. It has really low CD so keep runing all the time and poking her with AA but do not come too close cause of her jump. Don't even try to fight her even with your jungler after 6 cause she can kill you both unless she has really low hp. The best thing is to keep away from her unless you can burst her in 1-2 second. If you see her ulting just use your flash, trust me cause this shit can kill you in 1 second.




Ban her in every game and wait untill riot nerf her. She has broken mobility with her Q, broken CC and broken damage with broken durability. Look at your minions and don't stand near minions with low Hp, don't try to poke her after 3 lvl and the best thing to do is standing under your turret farming and asking your jungler for help. You can ofcurse try to poke her with Q+E but even if she has really low hp she can still burst you healing herself with her ultimate so don't fight her, don't let her feed cause she is snowballing really hard and her late game is even more broken.


Jarvan IV


Don't get too close after level 6, Im serious... 

He can one shot you easly if he manages to knock you up and it's really hard to stop him with your jayceE.png while he is dashing to you. Don't try to poke him with AA after 6 lvl, buy armors/hp and wait under turret for your jungler to help you. As always roam and counter jungle them it will help you to keep being useful.




It's really easy lane but try to win this game as fast as you can. You can easly kill him in early game, you can even kill him in mid game but late game he will eat every single champ 1 vs 1. Poke him as much as you can, if u see him using his E wait with your E to knock him back ( don't waste your E on hammer cause 1 good stun and you might be dead ). You can easly jump on him with your Q and W on hammer cause his damage in early is much lower then yours and just throw him away then run and farm waiting for your E on hammer. Try to get as many kills as possible and don't underestimate Jax.




I once played against karthus on top... He is really slow, it's nearly impossible for him to land even 1 his Q on your unless he slows you with W and he is kinda squishy. Try to bait his W and if it disapears just go in with your combo.




- She is strong enemy, poke her rather with your Q+E than your AA cause she is range aswell and has bigger damage then yours. \

- Ask your jungler for help and keep harrasing her when her E is on cooldown, remember that it's impossible to burst her after 6 and just don't let her kill you what is not that hard cause she has no burst damage.
- Run from her after she uses her kayleE.png and wait for her CD in early ( In late game she has almost 0 CD on this spell ).




He is annoying that's for sure, but you can poke him really hard and build first item hexdrinker so your position is not that bad. Don't be too agressive because he can still burst you with his ultimate but don't be afraid to jump on him when he has low hp enought to burst him in few seconds.




Really easy lane. You can throw him away from his Q range with your hammer, you can outtrade him and you can really easly deal enough damage to make his Toothless run away which makes him defensless and really easy target to kill. Do your best to kill him in early cause he might be extremly strong in late game with his ultimate.




- This lane is boring as fuck. 

- Watch out for his ultimate.
- Poke him as hard as you can and buy lot of potions, don't dive him after 6 even if he has 1 hp cause he can just knocks you up during your Q on hammer.
- Ask your jungler for help but I think it's pointless to gank him after lvl 6.
- Roam cause he has weak push and keep trying to kill him early cause after that he will be immortal anyway.




Boring lane... You can harras him as long as you want, just don't let him hit you with his Q. Don't jump on him unless he does it, when he does then use your combo on hammer and knock him back. Remember that even when he is full tank he is still able to deal tons of damage so don't come too close when you has low hp and as always against ap champ build hexdrinker.




 Really easy lane, just don't fight in your minions and wait for his shield to go down.

- Poke him when there are no minions and if he has low enough HP just burst him. 
- Ask your jungler to help you because he is really easy to gank and don't stay together so   he cannot hit you both with his spells.
- You can go in with your basic combo ( W on cannon, switch to hammer and go in with   your Q then throw him away with E before he uses his 3rd Q ) between minion waves     so he will not gain his shield for using his spells on them.




- Ask your jungler to make his life real hell. 

- He is broken as fuck so never fight with him alone. Keep poking him aspecially before 6 level and try to kill him as fast as you can. 
- Try to not leave him alone on lane and watch for enemy jungler cause you will be probably pushing really hard witch is good in early game to make him losing his creeps under turret.
- If he is pussy and playing under turret this matchup might change into medium cause of enemy jungler.




He is really weak in really early game but never fight with him when he has his W turned on. 

-Dodge his Q (it's vital to make this lane possible to win ) and poke him as hard as you can.
-It's rather easy lane if you keep him away and poke. 
-Your jungler is really helpfull here as he has no escape mechanisms except his ultimate.
-Watch out for his lvl 6 cause it's impossible for you to run when your jayceE.png is worthless.
-If he somehow managed to kill you then you are screwed. After 1-2 kills he can dive you with his ultimate and run from turret safety.
-Be aware of his jungler as he will probably want ot help his topper.





Seriously he is impossible to fight with. He can poke you, he can burst you, he can outtrades you. Don't fight with him no matter how low his HP is, ask your jungler for help and roam a lot cause you have nothing to do on lane. You can poke him ofcurse with Q+E but it's still not enough cause he can really easly burst you in early game. Honestly you have no chance without help so keep going to your enemy jungle and keep helping other lanes.




- Rembember that he can still stun you with his renektonpreexecute.png even if you knock him back.

- You can easly poke him aspeciall before level 3 after that it might be quite hard.
- Watch for your minions so he will not dash to you 2 times.
- Don't fight with him when he has his ultimate, he will blow you up.
- Ask your jungler for help and watch for him if he takes ignite, he can burst you in a seconds while you are stunned aspecially in early game.
- It's good to take phage or even tear to poke him easier with aa and spells also being able to survive his combo.




Rather easy lane but it might be hard against good riven.
- Try to stop her 3rd riventricleave.png with your jaycethunderingblow.png.

- Poke her with aa but watch for her if she wants to jump on you just throw her back as fast as you can and run from her.
- If she wastes her riventricleave.png on minions then jump on her with your combo and knock her back, you should deal at least 3 times more damage then she will deal to you.
- Watch for her ultimate and do not stick too close to her while she has her ultimate and flash on, she can burst you then in a second while keeping you stuned.
- I recommend going full ad to burst her faster then she can burst you.
- Don't let her snowball, she is snowballing really easly so it's better to not let her kill you then killing her and let her kill you.
- She can't do anything on first two levels so you can poke her for free but do not come too close so she can't stun you nor use her full combo.




Skill matchup

-It's really easy to poke him you counter him pretty well.
-Just don't let him kill you with his ultimate and till lvl 6 you have adventage.
-Wait for his cooldown on Q when you want to poke him but remember that it's rather low so don't do it for too long.
-He has to use his Q to keep his passive on and to farm so he has to chose if he wants to farm or to poke you keep that in mind.




Another tank, the same situation as with mao kai. He can't burst you and he can't harras you. Just try to watch him all the time as he may want to use his ultimate. If he does then push as much as you can. Don't stand between his Sword and him always throw him away from his W and jump to him with Q and I guess that's all.




Nobody plays him ffs.




He is annoying. Dodge his Q, try to poke him but it will probably gives nothing cause of his durability and shield. Stop his Q with your E on hammer and if he has low enough hp just burst him he has really big damage but it's easy to dodge it.




Stupid little rat. He is frustraiting to play against but with your Q+E poke and high burst damage he is not that powerful on lane after all. No tips for him, it's average matchup. The only thing you can do except poking him is trying to bait his Q before you go in. Don't be afraid to jump on him, he has no burst damage and you can always knock him back and run. It's not bad idea to buy tear against him or at least hexdrinker as a first item.




- It's my favourite match up because I really often play against trundle. You counter him pretty much. 

- Poke him hard and if he uses his E then run wait for him to come, turn on your hammer use your W hit him, use your Q and throw him away he shouldn't manage to come close to you again. 
- Don't fight with him after 6 unless you can burst him in 1 second and don't stay with your hp low cause he can kill you really easly with his ultimate.
- Wait with your jayceE.png for his trundleE.png and remember that it's good to use your full combo before you disengage.
- His CD on trundleR.png is equal 0 so don't be too greedy if you think that he wasted his ultimate few seconds ago, if he used that it means that you probably need to go back to base and after you come back on your lane his ult should be again ready to be used.




- Nobody plays him I guess. Poke this bastard and kill him as many times as you can. 

- Don't even try to fight him 1 vs 1 and try to keep your E+Q combo so after he runs away with his ultimate you can snipe him.
- Try not to fight with him before lvl 3-4 cause even with 5% crit chance he is your enemy so 5% means for him 90%.




It's easy lane. 

-He can't burst you and your poke is much better. 
-Don't get too close while his passive is active and if it's not go all in with your combo. 
-You will outrade him every time even if he uses his W to dodge your damage it will take 20% of his health.
-Poke him early with your AA and don't let him farm.
-Get hexdrinker after Tear of Goddess.
-He has high cooldowns so if he used his spell to farm then go for him with your hammer.




- Fight him before level 6 but don't jump without your E ready to strike.

- Poke with your aa before 6 and after that level poke with your Q+E

- You can outtrade him before level 6 but use his AA and only after he uses his monkeykingdecoy.png then jump with jayceQ.png on it as your Q will damage real wukong aswell.

- Wait for him to waste his monkeykingnimbus.png on minions with your jayceQ.png.

- Don't try to fight with him in his ult as it breaks your jayceQ.png.

I wrote it differently as people really often take wukong against Jayce so be aware as it might be hard matchup aspecially in late game.




It's skill matchup cause he can stop your Q with his buffed Q. Don't stand in your minions and wait until he waste it. Don't fight with him and poke a lot and you should be fine. Don't underestimate him and remember that he has no burst damage so you can be a little more greedy then against another champ but still is enough powerful to kill you 

1 vs 1 if you don't poke him before you start fighting with him.

Remember to ask your jungler for help and that he can dodge your main damage with his ballanced yasuowmovingwall.png so do not be too greedy.




- Now, after this rework he is even worse to fight against, in early you should be okay but watch for his 6 lvl.

- He is extremly strong in late game so it's good to destroy him as fast as you can.
- Stay on the right/left from the minions so after he uses his yorickdecayed.png you can use your jayceQ.png to escape without getting too close.
- Keep moving to dodge his yorickravenous.png and using AA to poke him until you have chance to burst this bastard.
- Watch for his minions as their dmg is amazing and remember you can kill them with your single AA which is nice with your attack speed buff on W in cannon form.
- He has no escape mechanisms, tell your jungler to not forget about it.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Amazing poke
  • High burst damage 
  • Extremly strong in mid game and really powerfull in early game
  • Nice push with W on cannon and R on hammer
  • Counters pretty much topers with range 
  • Roam potential with his high mobility and great range damage
  • Can go mid or top aswell
  • Great snowball potential


  • No good escape mechanisms
  • Lack of strong CCs
  • Pretty squishy
  • High mana usage
  • Really hard champion aspecially for new players
  • If you lost early game then you might be kinda screwed...

How to play Back to Top

Poke, poke, then poke.

 Seriously that's the most important thing on lane. Don't fight 1 vs 1 after 4 lvl as you are pretty squishy.

Don't waste your mana

Your spells have high mana costs and it's really hard for jayce to keep his mana on high level. Use your spells carefully aspecially that your cooldowns are not that low in the beggining of the game. Try to not last hit with spells when you can use your AA, use AA on hammer whenever you can to take back some mana ( it's also good to use W on cannon and hit 3 times with hammer cause it can gives back from half to full mana used ) and don't waste your jayceE.pngwhen not necessary, it has really low damage in early game and against squishy enemies and is your only escape mechanism.

Taking enemy blue

If your enemy jungler's red is next to bot lane, he starts there and he is really slow you can take his blue buff. To do it you need to take your jayceE.png and try to keep blue golem away cause if you don't cait him you will die. Start with Doran blade and potion (to be sure you can use this potion when fighting with blue). After you gets it go back to your base and Tp on your lane. If your enemy was pushing, you will probably lose some exp but you have blue instead and their jungler has ruined jungle.

Lane and enemy jungler

Put wards and look at minimap cause you are really easy champ to gank. Go from time to time to their jungler in early cause you are able to kill most of junglers when they are taking camps and roam on mid. If you see enemies bot pushing then go ahead and use your 12.png there.Help your team is the most important thing and keep looking at minimap.

The best junglers to take their blue are *** 32.png   33.png   113.png ***

The best junglers to kill them are 28.png120.png - and "to kill" means that they should have low hp after they finish second buff, not that they can't run.

Jayce True Power

Remember that your true power comes in mid game and even though you are really powerful there are some champs that can kill you easly. Your late game is pretty weak so just don't let it happens and win game as fast as you can, watch for enemy ganks cause they will probably gank you with their full team...

It's better to win than to lose

And by saying this I mean it's better to win with bad stats than to lose with great stats, seriously if you can feed somebody from your team that in your opinion can do more than you then do it and don't take this kill if it's sure that your team will do it anyway. Remember that it's often good even to die but take important object ( for example if you can die or give them baron it's often better to sacrifice yourself ) or to let your buddy survive who is worth more gold than you by sacrificing yourself. Remember also about turrets they are often worth your death cause it's gold for your whole team. Trust me I have lot of games in which I had average or even kinda weak kda but still won cause I was doing a lot during this game.


It's really important to last hit minions with jayce as he has great potential to do it. Remember that if you are well farmed it's like having a few additional kills, don't be afraid to use your spells only to farm if you want to back to base in a minute or there is no other way to take for example cannon minion.

Do not waste your time!

If you have managed to snowball at least a little bit and won your lane, don't waste your time there, you can help your team by roaming or just simply by pushing other lanes so all your team will earn additional gold. Also you can help your team with dragons and try to kill their jungler if he is squishy ( which happens really often in current meta ) so your team will have free hand to push.


And good luck ;)

Current Meta Back to Top

Current Meta

Well, things have changed since I wrote this guide and now he is really strong on top and mid lane. I really loved him before that but I think that sooner or later he will fall from his position and will come back to his average place in meta.

I would say he is really good now. One of the strongest picks.

Should you play Jayce? Back to Top

Hell yeah!

Honestly it's not that easy champion and I don't recommend it for new players or if you want easy champ to win all games but if you have enough time and patience to practice with him a little bit to at least see his possibilities and weaknesses then go ahead and play him in every game ;)

We need tank! Pick tank!

That's the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. Every time I listened to my team I lost a game cause they feed enemies and I was playing champion that I don't really know nor like, so it's better to take what you want instead of listening to your team. It's better to play slightly weaker champ or worse for your team but that you really know how to play with instead of picking the best champion for your team that you play first time.

Should I go mid or top?

Top is easier to get, because everyone wants to go jungle/mid/adc but he is sometimes even better on mid. Anyway if you don't want to wait 10 hours for a single game then I suggest you to main top lane aspecially that most of enemies on top are guys from mid or jungle who didn't get their lanes and don't really know how to play it. 

Midder took AD champ we need AP

Well, that's kinda hard aspecially that GP/Zed are good right now but I have won many games with full AD team and there is always your jungler who can take some AP damage, it doesn't really matter that much but it's still good to not pick Jayce in this game and take something ap unless you have no idea how to play AP champs on top. When I have to do it I mostly pick Jayce anyway but sometimes I choose Rumble as it has been my favourtie champion since season 3 ( well, it used to be cause now it is Jayce ).

Combos and Mechanics Back to Top

Basic Combo

Basic combo is to jump on your enemy with jayceQ.png while your jayceW.png is turned on and knock him back with jayceE.png.


1. You can use your basic combo but use your AA before you knock back your enemy so you can use your ultimate passive.

2. You can turn your W on cannon, change your weapon, do your basic combo but after jump use your 3 AAs and then knock back your enemy. Actually it's the best option to burst somebody really fast.

3. You can use basic combo and after that shoot from your cannon as your enemy will be probably still slowed from your Q on hammer mode if you do it really fast.

These are basic combos, you can cross his spells however you find them the most powerful. 

Using Mnions

1. You can throw minions or enemy champions with jayceE.png through the wall to be able to jump over this wall with your jayceQ.png but keep in mind that you need to be really close to this wall or you will land on the same side as you were standing in the beggining.

2. You can jump to enemy minions if they are slightly closer with your jayceQ.png as it is AoE damage spell so you will hit enemy even if he is a little bit farer.

Shooting through the gate

1. It's often better to first shoot your Q and after a while put your E to accelerate it later as it will be less predictable for your enemy.

2. You can put this gate under your champ to gain immediately movement speed boost and still being able to shoot your powered up Q with amazing ( almost impossible to avoid ) speed.

3. Your gate is giving you vision so you can use it if you want to jump to jungle minion with your jayceQ.png

Useful mechanics

1. When you have no spells to kill your enemy he is low hp and you can hit him with only 1 AA then remember that you can change your weapon whie using AA on cannon to hammer which makes Jayce AA has bonus damage from 1st attack on hammer form while still being range attack ( you need to have REALLY good timing to do it, I do not recommend it for newbies and even pros have problems to do it perfectly ).

2. Your jayceE.png is fucked up spell. If you flash behind your enemy after using your E you will still throw him away from the position that you started casting your spell not from the ona that you ended it so keep this in mind before you try to knock somebody back after using flash.

3. You can reset your AA with W in cannon mode so you will gain 4 instead of 3 quick AAs.

Questions Back to Top

If you want to ask about anything connected with Jayce, League of Legends or why Im so bad then go ahead and leave a comment I will answer for sure. Maybe I can even show you some tricks or give tips to reach diamond or add to friends and play some games ;)

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