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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash: Just the best summoner spell in the game for most characters. Helps reposition you into great chances and out of sticky situations.
Teleport: Best summoner spell for top laners, helps you get back to lane after getting ganked and forced back. Also will allow you to split push late game so you can KS all the kills....i mean help your team.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

6111.pngFury: With Khan's playstyle of always being aggressive and in the enemy's face Fury is good for more auto attacks!

6121.pngFresh Blood: As an aggressive laner having more damage is a benefit.

6131.pngVampirism: Healing from doing damage is a no-brainer for Jayce.

6143.pngBattle Trance: Since you're in extended fights this is the best all around choice in this tier!

6151.pngBattering Blows: Armor pen helps Jayce since Magic pen wouldn't do anything....

6162.pngFervor of Battle: Best keystone for extended trades and Khan's Jayce is always trying to maximize damage output!

6211.pngRecovery: You aren't building many if any defensive items, so health regen is much better than increased magic resist or armor.

6223.pngTough Skin: Makes for better trades which Jayce will do frequently.

6232.pngVeteran Scar's: Jayce has no innate sustain so Runic Armor is pretty worthless.

6241.pngInsight: Reduced cooldown on your summoners means more TPs and more Flash plays!

Abilities Back to Top



Your ultimate switches your stance between ranged and melee!
Your first attack in melee form does extra damage and your first attack in ranged form reduces armor and mr slightly.

Your passive gives a boost of movement speed whenever you switch stances.


Shock Blast: This is your bread and butter skill, high poke damage and can be combo-ed with your E. They key to using this effectively is knowing the range effectively. This has a high mana cost so early game use it very sparingly!

Hyper Charge: Early game this lowers your auto attack damage, which is why we max this skill second to bring the damage up to a little over 100% of your damage. Early game use this ability to combo with your melee form! Hyper Charge->switch form->auto attack to gain mana back quickly.

Acceleration Gate: Gives movement speed to you and all allies and also accelerates your Shock Blast increasing their damage, speed, and range! This combo is great to use but costs a lot of mana so be sure you can hit it. A good way to make it harder for enemies to dodge is shooting your Q out first and then putting the wall right after. 100% success rate once you get the timing down!


To the Skies!: This skill is your chasing and sticking ability. Whenever you all in a champion this is the first portion of your combo when you switch from ranged to melee. you can also use this skill to dodge skillshots since it is a small leap.

Lightning Field: This ability's passive is much more important than its active. Every autoattack in melee form gives mana back to you. The active is some AOE damage centered around yourself. Any damage is appreciated but is definitely not a skill you use when low on mana.

Thundering Blow: Percentage of their max HP damage is always welcome in a kit. The knockback though is the most important part. The normal combo for disengaging is using this ability then switching to ranged form and using your Acceleration Gate to run away fast! 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Your starting items depends on whether or not you can dominate your lane. 

Playing into bruiser such as Renekton:

Start with Doran's Blade and a potion. This set of starting items allows you to trade effectively with the increase in HP and lifesteal! 

After your starting items pick up an early set of Ninja Tabis and then go towards Black Cleaver. The early ninja tabis allows you to utilize your space better to engage and disengage from the enemy. The phage passive+CDR from Black Cleaver in addition to the armor shred will help take down bruisers. 

After that start building towards Lethality items such as Youmoos and Duskblade and top it off with a Last Whisper item. Last Whisper items are dependant on the enemies team comp. In the current meta I generally go for Mortal Reminder since there's a lot of healing going on.

Playing into tank such as Cho'Gath:

Start with Longsword and a Refillable potion. This set allows you to have solid trading but most importantly picks up the pace of completing your core.

The core build of Youmoos and Duskblade to dominate your lane and the game. This combination of items will take 60% of a squishy's life from just an Q+E in ranged form. 

After you finish your core buy a Black Cleaver and then a last whisper item.

In either starting set you always end up with the same ending items, this is what Khan will go for 9/10 games. 

Situational items would be Maw of Malmortius and Guardian Angel. Whenever you buy items you should be building towards your strengths and Jayce excels at dealing a ton of damage. These items while on the defensive side still give you that offensive boost.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Renekton




Cho'Gath is an easy lane as long as you space well. Focus on dodging his Ruptures and playing to your range. He will get jungle help but good vision will help you out greatly.




This lane is one of the few that you focus on surviving. Renekton is another lane dominant champion but you have much better scaling. Force him away with your melee form E when he dashes into you and you'll be fine. Watch for jungle ganks and it'll all be gucci fam. 

Introduction Back to Top

This build and guide was made to showcase Longzhu's top laner, Khan. His Jayce play is out of this world and is the bar set when compared to every other Jayce Top Lane. Here we've gone over not only his build, but down below we'll go over how you play the lane when emulating his Jayce! 

Early Game Back to Top

Early game is the most important part of the game for Jayce. Jayce as a champion needs to not only stay up in CS but also be ahead of his lane opponent in most matchups. As a Jayce you can expect to attract the enemy jungler to your lane. You have low mobility compared to many other champions and are a hyper scaling character.

 With all of this in mind a good trick is to ward the enemies topside buff at around 1:40. From redside, first when you walk from base go towards the top lane river. Check to see if the enemy top laner is around there and if he isn't just hang out around the bushes. If he is you can most likely brawl with him since you have two skills at level 1 and fervor! Otherwise if you want to be safe you can turn back around and go towards your red buff side entrance and walk through the mini river bush and sit there until 1:35. At around 1:35 you want to go and ward the enemie's blue buff, it doesn't matter where in blue you do it as long as you have vision of blue buff. 

If you're on blue side its similar except you just will want to invade from the river mini bush side regardless.(the entrace close to mid lane). Ward the enemy's red buff and walk through their tribush to get back to lane. 

It doesn't matter if the enemy knows you warded their buff, you're using it as information on how fast he's clearing his jungle! Whenever the enemy jungler is taking his buff you know not only where he is, but relatively how fast he can come to gank you. With this information in mind you can play aggro or not. 

Generally in lane phase as long as you know you're safe from the enemy jungler you can bully most top laners. Always try to auto attack your lane opponent. The more poke you get the better. You can't all-in champions early game from 100-0 so you shouldn't focus on that. Poking is the way to go and then all-in if they give you an opportunity.

Khan uses his spacing very well and he also uses the brush incredibly well. After poking an enemy champion with auto attacks the enemy creeps with aggro you, you can deaggro them by walking into the bush. This technique will always work unless the enemy has vision inside of the bush. 

Something to keep in mind is that spells do not aggro creeps but will aggro towers. Poking with a Shockblast for example will get you some solid poke with no consequences from the enemy creepline.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game should see you having a core item or two and this is the start of the Jayce show. Jayce has the freedom to move around as he pleases. With not only his solid mobility from switching forms but also his solid wave clear. He can just clear his wave and run straight to another lane or objective as he sees fit. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind on Jayce is the need for farm. Try to never stop farming. His items are fairly cheap and so he hits 6 items quickly. If you don't hit it earlier than other champions it'll put you at a deficit that you may not recover from. 

Jayce has a good split push and a good team fight. Either options are fine so you can find out a balance for yourself. Khan in particular focuses on lane dominance and making good TP plays. Things to pay attention when you're looking for a TP play are that you can't flank. Jayce's flank is weak stemming from the enemy turning. If they all turn on you, you're too squishy to deal with a full teams burst! So always try to TP close to your team so you can play backline ASAP.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game for Jayce is played very similarly to backline Marksman. You have similar skillset to operate as backline. Focus on staying safe and dealing maximum damage. Generally playing safer and trying to damage from safety is better than going all in. If you have a Guardian Angel or the like you have more options but always keep in mind your position on the team. If your team comp is filled with Damage threats besides yourself you have more opportunity to go in and have the fight go well. If your team doesn't have a lot of damage, all the more reason to play at a distance safely.

Khan has some of the most impressive spacing you can have on Jayce. The best way to practice is spacing is through practice. Seeing as you're laning vs generally melee champions you can practice spacing in lane phase. Once you learn your damage output from your combos you can maximize not only your kills but also your survivability!

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