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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Teleport lets you:
  • Get back to farm Top lane, Early game.
  • Participate in cross map fights, Mid game.
  • Split push and force enemy map movements around objectives, Late game.


Flash is standard on most champions, Jayce is no exception, the use flash to get away from Ganks, dodge crucial enemy skill shots, and to close the distance and get onto an enemy.

You can buffer Jayce’s Ranged Q with Flash
You can Flash to relocate around Jayce’s ranged E , to shoot and empowered Q to an unexpected location.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey empowers small trades, and short range fights, which is what Jayce is all about, when you poke with ranged Q in lane this just gives you free damage, hit the enemy with an auto attack? Free damage! Any way you can damage the enemy you will get a small amount of extra damage, the cool down is based on how long it takes Arey to return to you from the enemy, so the closer you are to them the faster it can be proc’d again, so when you all in jumping on the enemy in Melee form you can easily proc Arey multiple times.
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Free mana & mana regen, very useful on Jayce, a free cast of an ability every 1 minute lets you have tons of mana saved and gives mana regen after cast.
Celerity.png?width=64 Extra movement speed and slight amount of AD for bonus movement speed which Jayce can get from switching forms or from Ranged from E jaycestancehtg.png, movement speed is Jayce's only escape tool, so especially in a long lane like top it helps to be as fast as possible. 
Scorch.png?width=64 Deals bonus damage after landing an ability on a 20 second cooldown, additional damage from poke in lane, but also more damage at any stage of the game for free.
Sudden%20Impact.png?width=64 Gives you a damage reward for jaycetotheskies.png'ing or 4.pnging into the enemy, Jayce deals Physical and Magic damage, so you benefit from both the Armor and Magic Pen.
Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64 Jayce has 6 damaging abilities, so you have a lot more to work off than most champions, and you generally take damage while dealing damage being so short ranged, so don't think of this as sustain, think of it as practically more health while fighting.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

jaycetotheskies.png dot-pattern.png jaycestaticfield.png dot-pattern.png jaycethunderingblow.png

Jayce doesn't have to put points into his ULT, so every ability gets an extra point in it instead.
Jayce has a Melee & Ranged form that he can switch between by casting his ULT 

jaycestancehtg.png Ranged Form

844.png "Q" Shock Blast

Fires a small orb dealing damage to the first target hit, also deals damage around the target hit.
If Shock Blast is fired through 841.png Acceleration Gate the AOE size, Range, and Damage are increased, and it also shoots faster.  
  • Try to poke with Shock blast in lane, you have to fire to the edge of the minion waves to hit the enemy champion, or else you will end up hitting the minions.
  • You can clear the 3 caster minions pretty early in the game, but even late game you can't 1 shot melee minions with an empowered shock blast unless you have a significant AD lead. 
  • Casting E 841.png after you cast Q 844.png can surprise enemies, or casting E on top of yourself then casting Q 844.png.

843.png "W" Hyper Charge 

Jayce's gains max attack speed on his next 3 basic attacks, also resets Jayce's auto attack.
  • You can cast Hyper Charge before switching to hammer for fast auto attacks and quicker burst after jumping on an enemy champion.
  • Can use 1 auto attack on each melee minion to set them up to die to 1 Q 844.png
  • Shred towers quickly by casting multiple times while hitting a tower.

841.png "E" Acceleration Gate

Place a "Gate" in a line, when Jayce or his allies go through it they gain bonus movement speed.

  • Firing Shock Blast through Acceleration Gate gives it bonus damage
  • You can place the Acceleration gate far away, close, or on top of Jayce
  • Combo with shock blast for max damage poke
  • Cast on yourself to run at enemies.

840.png "R" Hammer Form

Switching to Hammer Form will gives you bonus Amor & Magic Resist, and your next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage.
  • You gain bonus movement speed for a short time after transforming 

jaycetotheskies.png "Q" To the Skies! 

Jayce jumps to a targeted enemy dealing physical damage and slowing in a small AOE around where he landed
  • Cast on enemies champions to jump on top of them
  • Cast on minions when the enemy laner is near and damage them with the AOE and get closer to them
  • Cast on jungle camps / minions to get away from ganks / chasing enemies.

jaycestaticfield.png "W" Lighting Field

Passive: Jayce restores mana every time he auto attacks in Hammer Form
Active: Jayce surrounds himself with an electric field dealing magic damage around him every second.

  • Cast before jumping on enemies with jaycetotheskies.png for max damage.
  • Cast when onto of minion waves to clear faster.
  • Utilize the mana regen when you can hit minions in Hammer form for free without being damaged by the enemy.

jaycethunderingblow.png "E" Thunder Blow

Jayce knocks back a targeted enemy dealing 20% of their max health in magic damage.

  • Use this for poke damage in lane after jumping onto an enemy after using a full combo "E" them away jaycethunderingblow.png 
  • Use this to knock enemies onto of you away and run away
  • Don't use this as a finishing attack unless you know it will kill

jaycestancehtg.png "R" Ranged Form

Switching to Ranged form gives Jayce bonus movement speed and Jayce's next basic attack reduces the target's Armor & Magic Resist.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

1055.png2003.png3340.png Very standard and strong for Jayce Top, slight bonus health helps a ton, AD & heal lets you take damage, deal it, and sustain it all in one very cheap item. Best option for basically every lane, and is still a useful item until you sell it for your last item in the late game.

Example Core Build


3142.png Build path into Ghostblade lets you buy 3134.png on first back, which gives you tons of damage and kill pressure during that part of the laning phase. Entire build path gives you cheap AD through 1036.pngs so no matter how much gold you back with you can probably buy a long sword, once completed you have the active to run into or away from the enemy which offers lots of room to threaten / bait the enemy to using their defensive summoner spells without having to use your summoner spells.
3111.png Gives you Magic resist to deal with an enemy AP laner, and tenacity helps you in teamfights so you aren't CC'd as long.
3047.png Armor lets you deal with an AD enemy laner, or multiple auto attack based enemy champions.
3158.png Can be a good snowbally option for Jayce top, have TP & Flash up more often a a quicker 10% CDR
3071.png Build path gives you tons of health in the mid game, speed from 3044.png gives Jayce a huge amount of utility in fights, and when Black Cleaver is completed the Armor shred you get from it helps you and your team deal more AD damage to the affected target. Since you will likely be playing against lots of tanks in the top lane, this is the item to deal with them early on.
3147.png Duskblade adds a 2nd flat Armor pen item, gives you about the same stats as ghostblade, AD, Lethality, and CDR, everything Jayce needs, so it's a no brainer 3rd item, active from it also gives you more burst damage onto a target, note that it deals more damage if proc'd while Jayce is in Melee form.
3033.png Mortal Reminder is the better of the 2 Last whisper 3035.png items if the enemy has multiple champions that benefit a lot from healing since you get 3123.png executioners passive to reduce their healing when you damage them.
3036.png Better option of Last whisper 3035.png if the enemies have full tank champions (54.png113.png516.png) , will help deal with them even if they have tons of Armor, you won't full burst them 100-0 obviously, but you can kill them in 2-3 full rotations of all your abilities usually.

Last item

Last item for Jayce is rare to get to since Jayce accelerates games and snowballs quickly, so by going the build path listed above, you have a bad spike in terms of getting a last item, for the exchange of a huge power spike in the early - mid game.

3156.png - If the enemy has 3-4 AP champion this will block a ton of their damage, especially if they have no Magic Penetration.
3153.png - If the enemy is only tanks this will let you deal with them in ranged form without having to jump into them, active also helps kite / chase enemies.
3139.png - QSS 3140.png lets you deal with a very impactful CC ability from the enemy team, also gives a good amount of AD, and lifesteal isn't that important on Jayce but it's ok, this item is primarily for AD, Magic Resist & the QSS Active.
3031.png - Being able to sit on a BF Sword 1038.png for a long time is pretty cost effective, and when complete is ok, if you get a crit it will be very impactful, but it's more for the large amount of AD

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Jax
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Sion
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick




This is a skill matchup and can go either way. 

Don't stand near walls or you can be stunned by Camille's E camillee.png
camillew.png she can attempt to max range W you while you auto attack minions

If she does engage on you, you can attempt to run away to not take full damage from her Q camilleq.png 's true damage proc.




Galio can become tanky, but even with multiple Armor items, if Jayce is even or ahead in items he's full combo will deal lots of damage to Galio, Galio can gain advantaged by roaming and using his ULT in fights 

But in a 1v1 Jayce should be able to beat down Galio.




Gangplank wins this if you never damage him and eat Qs gangplankqwrapper.png for free, expect him to be spamming Q on you and move backwards when he comes towards you and shoot and shockblast at him, then try and jump on him for a bigger trade.

He can affect the map globally level 6 with his ULT gangplankr.png and you only have TP so you often enter an extended farming laning phase, if you get a gold advantage and can deny him CS during this time you delay his power spike for a long time.

And if you are engaging on him looking to kill him just flash his barrel's damage & slow.




You beat Gnar if you hit him with your abilities and don't eat countless auto attacks for free.

If Gnar gets a lead and gets 3047.png3071.png3022.png there is not much for Jayce to do against him solo besides attempt to poke and damage from range before going in.



jaycethunderingblow.png away jax when in jumps on you, or when you jump on him to dodge his E jaxcounterstrike.png
You beat jax with poke and quickly switching to melee form when he jumps on you.




Malphite also natural can withstand Jayce, his first back he most likely gets 3024.png and beats your entire damage combo by throwing 1 Q seismicshard.png , try to punish him when he leaves lane by pushing it all the way into his tower




Maokai relies a lot on his cooldowns and healing, if he gets onto you with full health you have to run, you don't do enough damage to turn a fight.

You beat Maokai by hitting multiple empowered shockblast then engaging onto him

You can also gain lots of map advantage by pushing down your lane when Maokai tp's 

Maokai also has very easy setup for ganks so expect a tough time early in the game against a Maokai.




This matchup is straight up unfair for Jayce Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 on Sion's E sione.png deals soooo much damage, not matter what you build really helps against that.

A first item 3071.png will gives you some potential to kill him if you dodge literally everything.




Jayce destroyed Yasuo in melee form 

Avoid his tornado poke during the early part of the laning phase.

When you have 3134.png attempt to all in Yasuo, expect him to wind wall your first shock blast, 1 trade of jaycetotheskies.pngjaycestaticfield.png auto attack jaycethunderingblow.png will do most of Yasuo's health if all abilities land.

Yasuo had avantage when there is minion waves for him to dash around, play around this.

Make sure to break Yasuo's passive shield before going in as well, it blocks lots of damage .




One of Yoricks only good matchups, he can push in the wave very easily with his gouls, and block your shock blast with them as well.

If you get in auto attack range of yorick he can cast yorickw.png on top of you, you can jaycetotheskies.png to him then jaycethunderingblow.png away to get out of the cage, or try to auto attack it down quickly with hyper charge.

Later and later into the game Yorick gets very very tanky, and impossible for Jayce to burst unless he has a significant item advantage.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game on Jayce is very strong in most matchups, level 1 you can poke with shock blast 844.png, then level 3 you have a big spike of having access to all 6 abilities, so if you can land all of them in a trade you will win, it's just very hard to manage hitting everything ,swapping forms, and remembering to cast every ability in a specific order, so it takes practice, but it's not impossible. The better and better you get a Jayce the faster and faster his animations will seem.

In the Top lane the minion wave hits a a slight angle, so you can move either to the top side or bot side towards the enemy to hit them with a shock blast even if they are standing behind minions.

After your first back you should have enough gold to buy 3134.png ideally, if not just buy long swords 1036.png, against any enemy laner with no Armor item after you have 3134.png will do tons of damage to them. After level 6 you also gain even more defensive stats from ULT jaycestancehtg.png in Hammer Form, so jumping onto the enemy becomes safer and you deal more damage. In the top lane you will play against a good amount of tanks, so they will likely match your 3134.png with an armor item such as 3024.png, you still deal good amounts of damage to them, you just have to get more melee trades on them so much of your damage against tanks will be dealt with jaycethunderingblow.png E.

A basic damage combo in lane can look like this:

All of this along with any extra auto attacks you can get in will put most enemy laners at very low health or kill them all together, even if you don't kill the enemy laner top you can force them to lose CS or use their TP 12.png to get back to lane, give you lots of value for your Mana.

Top lane is a very long lane which is a good and bad thing for Jayce you don't have a gap closer to run away with, you only have movement speed, using ULT and acceleration gate will let you dodge abilities and run away, but being to far pushed up will likely result in your death, so when pushing waves into the enemy tower make sure to do it quickly or the enemy jungler will show up and force your Flash 4.png.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game when you start getting multiple complete items on Jayce you will notice he becomes a lot more useful and powerful as a champion, big AD & Lethality items makes Jayce's ability do more and more damage, and Jayce is mostly his damaging abilities, you aren't like a control champion that can also offer CC to assist your team in fights if you are behind, so It's very important to play selfishly when trying to get gold and XP.

  • You can start looking to TP 12.png plays across the map to respond to fights or to start them.
  • 3142.png The ghostblade active gives you a speed boost for a good amount of time, and the cooldown on it is very short, so use it all the time, use it to move from one lane to other, to run away from enemies, or to chase enemies down. It has huge utility and using it incorrectly doesn't really matter.
Often the Top lane can go very long without any other champion showing up Jayce Top benefits from this since he wants as much gold as possible and quickly as possible so staying in lane and getting all the CS will accelerate him quickly into the late game.

If you aren't staying in lane and getting CS, you can find yourself spending WAY to much time moving around the map aimlessly, participating in fights that you might not win, any movement out of lane should be very calculated since Jayce benefits so greatly from items if you don't get CS you have to rely on kills for gold.

Jayce is good at poke down his lane opponent before fights as well with  

841.png 844.pngEQ 

If you can land E - Q's on the enemy it not only sets them up to be at risk of dying to you, but your Jungle / Support / any roaming ally champion, so pay attention to who on your team is moving around where you are on the map and play accordingly. 

EQ combo is so much stronger in the Mid game since you will likely have shockblast max level by then.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game Jayce can cause massive damage by pushing down side lanes, if you force the enemies to come to you in side lanes it gives your team a lot of value, also Jayce is very strong in 1v1s and if you can kill any enemy champion solo in a side lane during the late game you will cause a big disruption in the enemy team, your team will be able to help you push down the side lane you are in, or go for an objective (Baron / Dragon)

Late game if you have been farming and have lots of gold most tank matchups will flip once you have items such as 3071.png3033.png you can start taking on your tank top lane opponent in a split push, tanks also offer their team a lot of CC and front line in fights, so when you pull them to a side lane to hold a tower you give your team a good amount of value in fights from them being absent. 

Even if you can't match the enemy laner in a split push you can shot empowered shockblast from the fog of war to thin out waves before they hit your tower.

Late game your TP 12.png becomes very, very important as well, if you don't have it up it makes your options for split pushing / not grouping with your team a lot harder to pull off. so you can't do silly things like TP to a tower for minions like you can in the early game, tracking the enemy top laner's TP will also let you put the enemy team in bad position by split pushing while the enemy top laner is trying to group with his team to force a fight, meanwhile you are pushing down a side lane and pinging your team back.

Jayce is very very quick at taking down towers, use his W 843.png on cooldown to get more auto attacks on tower, and switch forms 840.png Hammer Form's auto attack passive applies to towers as well, dealing magic damage, using W then switching to hammer form will also restore some mana through the auto attacks. 

If you can't gain an advantage in a side lane, grouping with your team is ok, but you have to be able to land E Q 

844.png 841.png 

Or try to setup for the best possible play to catch any enemy champion alone, there is no thought just running into 5 enemy champions that show up in your face, try to setup in bushes around Objectives with 3341.png2055.png and then when the enemies come into you, you not only get free damage, the element of surprise, and a temporary numbers advantage.

If the game comes down to an ARAM with all champions sitting in the mid lane, try your best to at least get all the caster minions since you likely kill them with 1 shockblast, getting no CS from the incoming waves will put you behind.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Carry Top Lane champion puts damage and split push pressure in your hands
  • High burst damage and utility 
  • Very difficult for a lot of champions to lane against


  • Tank matchups can be very very hard for Jayce Top
  • Requires a lot of gold to be useful
  • Hard to play mechanically

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

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