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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Take this every game. It is for escaping close calls, securing kills, and ks'ing teammates. Jhin's mobility is practically nonexistent. When junglers see a Jhin in the game, they don't see a champion, the see a sack of gold. You are handicapping yourself if you do not take this summoner.

7.png This is a staple for most ADC's in the current meta. It can potentially save you or your support's life and provides a brief movespeed boost that can be used for escaping or securing a kill. Heal absorbs more damage than Barrier if you add up what you and the person you healed gets from it.

Your Support May Not Approve

6.png So you handicapped yourself, nice. On the bright side, you have an additional 27% move speed boost (without Distortion boot enchantment) and 10 seconds of that boost to secure kills or escape. You could possibly land that last autoattack execution using Ghost, but the telegraph is obvious. Ghost has a cooldown that is significantly shorter than Flash (210s vs 300s), so feel free to use this ability willy nilly, you can catch your opponent while there Flash is still on cooldown.

3.png The duration of this spell lasts 2.5s. It takes Jhin 2.5s to reload his hand cannon. Coincidence? Probably.
You can try this out if you want to do some all-in trades. The armor/mr reduction helps a lot too, and the damage+attack speed reduction basically takes someone out of a fight for the duration.

21.png The cooldown on this is shorter than on Heal, use this spell liberally, and the damage it blocks is greater than Heal. Your lane partner doesn't benefit from it in any way though and it provides no move speed boost like from Heal. Take Barrier if you are feeling particularly selfish.

14.png This is fantastic for securing kills, and the burn will reduce the healing the target gets by 40% and reveals them for the duration. This can counteract the Heal the other adc will most likely be taking, and you won't have to rely on wards to reveal the Ignited person if they move to a brush.

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Masteries Back to Top


Fury vs Sorcery

Fury will give +4% AS that translates to a tiny 1% more AD because of Jhin's passive which turns everything into AD.

Sorcery let's your abilities deal +2% more damage (I tested this with his Q and W, it increases their damage even thought it's physical). Both increase your damage by a small amount, you're choosing between 1-5+ ad (as well as the additional AD scaling for abilities) over the course of the game or 1-20 additional damage each time a spell hits. 

Actually now that I think about it, I'm fairly sure Sorcery would yield more damage than Fury. Also, Fury doesn't make last hitting early game much easier either since Jhin only gets +1 AD (and no additional attack speed) at level 1. 

Double Edged Sword, Feast, Expose Weakness

I prefer dumping all the damage into Jhin, take DES. 

I find the health from Feast to be mediocre, best case scenario it equates to .8 health per second (killing a minion restores 20 hp, 25s cool down). 

Expose weakness let's your allies deal +3% damage to enemies you damage, this is actually pretty good since if you're bot lane, you're support will always be there to take advantage of this mastery.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent

You're basically choosing between sustain or what's basically a late game longsword, this is up to personal preference really.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor

Another early game vs late game decision, I prefer Bounty Hunter because I believe in the late game dream.
Also, don't take Oppressor if your team does not have much crowd control, duh.

Battering Blows vs Piercing Thoughts

Take armor pen, this is hardly a question.

Warlord's Bloodlust vs Fervor of Battle vs Deathfire Touch

The new Warlord's gives increased lifesteal based on how much health you are missing, and also works on minions. You can potentially recover chunks of hp in an otherwise equal trade with the enemy adc. This provides no additional offensive stats, no thx.

Fervor of Battle, this one is really great on Jhin. It has perfect synergy with his passive. Additional damage on each auto attack!? At level one, emptying the entirety of his hand cannon into an enemy's face will provide an additional 6 damage! If you take FoB into a match, be sure to purchase the following:
3091.png 3153.png 3124.png 3115.png 3151.png The attack speed and on hit effects provides synergy with FoB and Jhin's kit and Liandry's Tourment is basically another mask, it looks cool, get it now.

Deathfire Touch - confers 8 + 60% of bonus AD as magic damage when hitting an enemy champ with a damaging ability, reduced effectiveness with AOE and DOT abilities. Jhin gets tons of bonus AD, allowing for DFT to surpass Thunderlord's Decree much sooner than other champs. As of patch 6.4, Jhin's W and R now count as single target spells that will give the full 4 seconds of DFT. Mid to late game, landing a W or R will provide about 100 magic damage from DFT.


Wanderer vs Savagery

I'm bad at last hitting so I highly recommend Savagery for anyone who also has trouble performing a fundamental aspect of the game. If your last hitting is perfect, then take Wanderer. Jhin has a higher base AD than most ADC's by design, so Savagery might not make much of a difference for some people.

These Three

Take Assassin, you deal 2% more damage with your W and ultimate, just get away from your teammates first. Also, Jhin is an assassin in lore, taking this is thematically consistent
Runic Affinity and Secret Stash are more of a personal preference so take those if you are into that, I don't really care for either of them.

Merciless vs Meditation

The stats from Meditation are so garbage, I don't even take them when playing support. I could be wrong, what evs. Take Merciless, it gives tons of damage and couples nicely with your passive's execute.

Dangerous Game

Just take Dangerous Game.

Abilities Back to Top


General Tips

  • Skill Sequence: E > AA > Q > AA > W > AA/E > AA > Q > 2.5s of running away
  • there is a little while in between your AA shots, that's when you cast your spells
  • 4.png + jhinQ.png + jhinpassive.pngexecute can easily catch people out at all stages of the game
  • at 100% crit, Jhin essentially has a permanent Ghost/move speed boost
  • Jhin's mid/late game is stronger than his early
jhinpassive.png Whisper
  • the last shot is an execute, use to kill Dragons, cannon creeps, and champions 
  • like Annie's passive, you can be aggressive on the third bullet before moving in to fire the fourth, this can easily catch people off guard
  • regular crits will deal 150% of his AD, with IE the damage is bumped to 187.5%
  • in team fights, kite with the first three shots like any other adc, use the last shot on anyone that's an obvious kill. If that's too inconvenient, shoot the nearest person, most likely the opposing front line's tank, and fumble uselessly for the next 2.5 seconds 
  • if you purchased 3094.png, you can fire the first three shots and then sprint in circles until you get the RFC passive for your fourth shot
  • while reloading, dance
  • Jhin spins his gun really fast when preparing to fire his final shot

jhinQ.png Dancing Grenade

  • use this to last hit when you are reloading, the mana cost is dirt cheap
  • Q deals about as much damage as an auto attack throughout the game
  • it has 550 range, the same as Jhin's AA range
  • Q resets auto attacks, ideally you would AA > Q > AA for optimal dps
  • grenades bounce to the nearest target (I think), plan accordingly
  • for easy poke, throw Q's at caster minions and it will bounce to at least one champion
  • you can fire off a shot before the grenade bounces to it's second target. If there are creeps named 1, 2, 3, and 4, and you fire a Q at 1, killing it, you can shoot 2 so that the grenade will have enough damage to kill it, thus amplifying the damage further so that it can (hopefully) kill 3 and 4
  • when at the Dance with your bae, do the Dancing Grenade to attract all sorts of attention

jhinW.png Deadly Flourish

  • during a scrap, use this to peal for yourself or to hold someone down for your fourth shot
  • there is a brief delay and the hitbox itself is fairly narrow, don't be discouraged if you miss many W's, no one expected you to be playing very well in the first place, you are playing Jhin
  • procs 4 seconds of DFT
  • if you happen to see someone about to step onto a jhinE.png, time it so that unlucky victim takes the explosion damage
  • if you want a guaranteed hit, wait for a teammate to hard CC your target before firing
  • if you are going for the long range 100%, throw W and start mashing R
  • Jhin looks cool when he fires Deadly Flourish

jhinE.png Captive Audience

  • it is possible to have about 6 of these on the ground, even pre-6. You can see most of the river, use these to prevent ganks during laning phase
  • use these to start fights, the long range means you do not lose out on any dps from your AA or other spells, it also forces your target to move, lest they want to take tons of damage
  • plop these defensively before you ult
  • use these around objectives (turrets, dragon, baron)
  • the slow is good but the detonation time is very long. someone with 325 can walk across the diameter of this and go unscathed if uninterrupted
  • throw these in between autos
  • while retreating, throw these down to slow your pursuer before blasting them with W

jhinR.png Curtain Call

  • There are two ways of aiming with this ultimate
  1. predict the enemy jukes, usually it is side to side, aim 100 units to the left or right of them
  2. leave your cursor on top of the enemy champion, mash R. As long as you land the first shot, the rest are nearly guarenteed to land
  • 3031.png increases the damage of your last shot to 250%
  • if you catch someone off guard, for example when they are recalling, it is usually best to just mash R on top of them once you cast R, they usually cannot react quickly enough to juke
  • I think the first and last shots matter the most. if you can land the first shot, the huge slow means you have a very good shot of landing the rest, shots 2 and 3, the element of surprise is gone so you actually have to use skill. The last shot deals the most damage, and is most likely to net you a kill
  • a lot of times, tanks/allies will move in to tank shots for your original target, not realizing how much damage you deal. Sometimes it is best to change targets and punish their altruism
  • late game, you can easily 100% with W > R
  • use Curtain Call to make picks for your team. If you can slow someone, it can let your team catch them out easily
  • use Curtain Call either at the start of the fight or near the end. If used at the beginning, find a safe place and a proper angle to hit the back-line. If you saved it for the end of the fight, just mop up, you deal bonus damage to low health targets

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Your standard Doran's start
    sustain supports or lifesteal runes/masteries
    ad and 3 pot
    cheesey crit
    movespeed, but no ad

Core Items

    Tons of ad and crit. IE allows Jhin to crit for 187.5% ad
    RFC for poking turrets and poking champs/securing kills SS for dealing more damage overall
    personally i prefer BG
    first buy, take what you can afford
    armor pen is good

Situational Items

    these can work, yeah why not
    for not dying instantly, personally i prefer glass cannon Jhin, MS is the most I'm willing to go
Most common purchase orders:
1055.png > 1038.png + 1001.png > 3031.png/3508.png > 3031.png/3508.png > 3006.png > 3086.png/3035.png > 3094.png/3087.png/3036.png > 3087.png/3094.png(100%crit) > defensive item > I typically get  3072.png last, alternatively, you can get 3078.png last, or sell boots for it.

1300.png + 3031.png + 3508.png THESE ARE ESSSSENTIAL

PICK ONE (or two) 3094.png3085.png3087.png, RFC is my preference, good for securing kills, poking turrets, and poking champs
Alternatively, you can go 3072.png or 3140.png if you need the defensive stats. If the other team is building tons of armor, take 3036.png
You can exchange any of the items in this build order for Tri Force, why not. Jhin has a high base damage for 3057.png and benefits off of the cdr and move speed.

Matchups Back to Top

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Take 1083.png and pretend he isn't there all game. Everyone builds him blue, his laning phase is easy, good thing too because Jhin's early game sucks too.







Lucian is such a pain in the ass, I really appreciate how popular he is right now. You out range him slightly but it doesn't really matter because Lucian always seems to out trade you slightly.

lucianQ.png Poke is annoying, so is his lucianE.png engage.
To come out on top in trades, AA > Q > AA-execute,







You can out trade her with jhinQ.png > AA poke, leave before she can proc her vaynesilveredbolts.png.

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