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Summoner Spells Back to Top


7.png Heal:

Heal is the bread to your butter, if you're unsure of what to bring or need a jack of all trades spell, bring it.

3.png Exhaust:

Exhaust is the summoner spell which while not used often, is extremely crucial against assassin heavy or burst heavy match ups. Be weary, when you see champions such as below, you're going to want to work it in.


New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Deathfire Touch or Warlords Bloodlust?

When should I play either?

The Perks of Deathfire Touch

1. Maximizes distance vs enemy teams

2. Curtain Call becomes very strong poke

3. Very strong for early-mid game

The choice between the two keystones is important, Deathfire is a setup much better tuned for early-midgame, if you're going to focus much more on poke and staying at maximum range is best, Deathfire Touch is your preferred pick.

Example Build with Deathfire Touch:



The Perks of Warlords Bloodlust

1. Increased survival vs assassin teams

2. Stacking lifesteal

3. Enables unique builds

Warlords Bloodlust however is a choice when you really want to press for a win in the mid-late game, it gives Jhin much more needed survival and allows him to really utilize rocking that 800 AD lategame without fear.

Example Build with Warlords Bloodlust:


Abilities Back to Top


The Secrets of Every Ability

Pulling ahead and optimizing the use of your abilities

jhinpassive.png Passive: Whisper

Tons of Damage

  1. Harassing and finishing off enemy champions - Jhin's Final Round is now much more lethal than it was before which heavily boosts your presence throughout the entire game                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Out Smite the Jungler - Thanks to Jhin's passive, your 4th shot does more damage than smite on dragon at every stage in the game!

Moving Like a Boss

The secondary effect of Jhin's passive is movement speed on every critical strike, using this well will be the difference often between you surviving escapes and getting caught. When it comes to getting across the map, be sure to attack whatever you can while doing this to activate your passive. This is a simple thing to keep in mind but the mobility boost will definitely be giving you an edge in map movement.
  1. Shoot The Jungle CampsDoing this is a great way to get around quickly without hindering your jungler by getting critical strikes on things such as raptors, golems or the river scuttles, you'll be able to cut down your move-time across the map and therefor rotate faster and be more useful towards your team.                                                                                                                                                                        
  2. Abuse Pink and Farsight WardsCommonly while you're playing, you' may notice random enemy pink wards or farsight wards placed on your path. Technically, you are able to critical strike wards meaning if you ever spot a ward on your way and you need to get to your team asap because they got initiated on, a critical strike on a ward will help you get there much quicker than expected by the opposing team.                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Hit and Run the TurretTalk to your team and ask them to cover you for using your 4th shot on turrets, thanks to the critical strike bonus you get the best of both worlds, tons of turret damage and safety, especially with a 3094.png!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  4. Energize!Remember in general with all that excess movement speed from your passive and furor boots, you will constantly have excess movement between your shots and reloads so use them to run around even if its in circles! This is vital to getting the most damage out of your builds as it will constantly get you on average an extra 1-3  3094.png or 3087.png activation's per team fight for a lot of extra damage.


jhinq.png Q: Dancing Grenade 

When laning or setting up for fights, you want to be using your auto attacks to setup minions to die equally to your dancing grenades while ensuring you can set them up to punish your opponent for attempting to farm.


Both the minion waves are equal, you damage the 3 ranged minions in the back.

You have now effectively put a zoning field in the lane as the enemy AD Carry and Support are forced to either take one of three options.
  1. Lean on the upper or lower side to avoid the dancing grenade possibility therefor making it easier for the enemy jungler to gank.                                                                                                                           
  2. Take the damage in order to ensure farm                                                                                                     
  3. Play it safe and be passively denied farm.
Minion Zoning Example


jhinw.png W: Deadly Flourish

There are three main ways to be using this.
  1. follow up an auto attack with this for the snare
  2. follow up a friendly attack with this ability
  3. long range support to help teammates

How do you land this easily?

Remember to be patient and follow up on a teammates slow, stun or snare and to time the cast time with the end of their CC duration. great follow ups are with champions such as 201.png who perform a ranged slow with his braumq.pngor working with champions who use stuns.

The Split Second Trick Shot

Now you may not be teamed with champions who have CC or they may be hit by an ability in which you want to follow up. We're going to be going through an example in which you want to time your Deadly Flourish with damaging abilities as they land.

This is where you also take into account player psychology and can take advantage of it. 


268.png sends his soldiers in with his azirqwrapper.png at the enemy 99.png

99.png, like many players performs a twitch reaction and moves slightly to dodge the azirqwrapper.png damage.

268.png begins an auto attack with his sand soldier on 99.png.

At this split second is the best time as Jhin for you to land your jhinw.png on 99.png. This is because the player himself at this moment in time will be primarily focused on handling 268.png in that split second and therefor the actual player will not be as consciously expecting a follow up. With this, you are also timing your jhinw.png priming time with the sand soldiers auto attack thus making the time frame between them being marked and you snaring them have almost no time in between.

Mastering Follow Ups like these will be what pushes you from being good, to great.


jhine.png E: Captive Audience

Mastery of your traps is very important on Jhin as they can accumulate to both strong CC for your team and extra damage racking in the thousands for teamfights, below we're going to be exploring the methods of use for them and how they punish others.

But what if the enemy walks out of it?

Ah but you see, the slow from your traps and arming time actual have a specific purpose.  In order for an enemy champion to not actually take the damage of the trap, they have to not fight back at all and spend the entire time to walk out of it. This means if an enemy champion is in combat against you and you place your jhine.png in a way that forces them to activate it. They have to either commit to taking the massive damage, burn a summoner spell to escape it, or commit to moving out of the trap to avoid the damage but not deal damage to you in return.

Using these traps has 3 main methods of use. 
  1. Punish the Chasers / Runners - if an enemy wants to even remotely chase your team, simply punish them by throwing your trap about 1 CM in-front of them for it to activate and slow everyone / setup for your snare. This also applies to enemies attempting to run away.                                                                                                                                                                                   mwAhy7n.png                                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Fast Wave Clear -  at all stages of the game, your traps are fantastic ways to waveclear, earlygame, two traps can help clear a wave, mid to late game, use it with a jhinq.png to instantly clear waves.                                                                                                                   
  3. The Undivable Turret - as Jhin has no dashes, it will be common for players to attempt to dive him under turret when a minion wave reaches it. The best way to protect yourself if you anticipate this to happen is to place two traps around where the ranged minions would stop to attack the turret.                                                                                                                           
  4. Explosive Team fighting -  undoubtedly the most important part is combining your trap placements with your teamate's abilities. always focus on chaining them with your teammates abilities such as throwing them inside 59.png's ultimate jarvanivcataclysm.png to do massive damage or throwing them on the landing point for a 254.png's ultimate vir.png landing point punish her for initiating.


jhinr.png R: Curtain Call

Curtain is by far the funnest of every ultimate in the game. When using it in-game there are two main uses for this in which we will be going over.
  1. Use the slow debuff from the shots to allow your team to get the kill
  2. Takeout enemy carries

But what is the secret to using this skill to its fullest?

Simple, BE PATIENT WITH YOUR FINAL SHOT. Countless times in my experience playing Jhin can I tell you how an enemy player facing him will begin to get used to the tempo of your shots. With the shot of your final round doing so much extra damage people you are assassinating will regularly time their flash with the interval of your shots.

Personal preference for me is to wait an extra second instead of immediately firing my 4th round as it is very often to see players perform dodges at the regular time the final round should come.


Playing as 202.png you are laning bot with your support against the enemy 236.png and her support
Your jungle gets a gank off and you catch and takeout the enemy support while taking off the 1/4 of the vayne's health
You initiate your jhinr.png and begin firing as fast as possible
shot 1... HIT

shot 2... HIT

shot 3... HIT

shot 4... WAIT, sit on it. If the enemy is well within range of your final shot and you have sight, there's no reason for you to fire off your finisher as by now the 236.png would have understood the tempo of your shots and prepared to gamble for a luciane.png or 4.png dodge. 

The 236.png uses his luciane.png and 4.png anticipating your 4th shot to come immediately after however, you were the smarter player and your patience pays off.

shot 4... gg, wp.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    First Item
    Third Item

Situational Items

    Vs burst assasins
    Anti CC
    only build if you are in need of extremely exessive damage
    Insane lifesteal / vs hp stackers
    Use instead of Rapid Fire Cannon for even more damage

The Build That Counters Everything


Example Build Path:
1055.png2009.png ---> 1038.png ---> 1018.png1001.png ---> 3031.png ---> 3086.png3006.png ---> 3094.png ---> 3046.png ---> 3036.png OR --> 3072.png ---> 3026.png

You may wonder why this build path seems a bit strange, Why are you building a Phantom Dancer? Why is there no 3142.png? Why are we rushing armor pen so fast? This is by far the best balance for the Holy Trinity in which a Jhin player can expect to have the optimal mix of damage, survivability and consistency.



The Holy Trinity of the AD Carry

This build is the perfect balance between the 3 core fundamentals of an AD Carry:
  1. Damage
  2. Survivability 
  3. Consistency


Running with a solid 84% critical strike rating (the extra 4% comes from runes) you can guarantee your damage will be consistent as it is very likely 4/4 of your shots will critical strike thus making your damage feared as you have practically removed RNG from the equation of critical strikes. 

Imagine fighting a 67.png who will never dive you in a fight because she knows that 4/4 of your shots on her will do 700+ damage each. 


Movement - thanks to your 84% critical strike rating providing consistency and item/mastery setup. You have the most excessive amount of movement speed in your life which allows Jhin to run at 500-600 move speed 24/7 during team fights thus allowing you to position wherever you see fit for both damage and safety. Remember, moving really fast and always being able to position yourself is the #1 form of damage avoidance.

Life Steal - you dont just have alot of damage, you have ALOT of lifesteal and this makes you the #1 master of trades. at endgame you run with a solid 47 - 67% lifesteal (variance is based on Warlords Bloodlust mastery). 

You may also be wondering why if you have so much lifesteal and stay at maximum HP. This heavy amount of life steal allows you to trade with practically anyone and assuredly stay healthy thus letting your team gain enough of a lead from trading to automatically win team fights. Warlords Bloodlust to many may also be seen as a useless mastery if you have so much HP however, this is what is known as a comeback mechanic.

With the extra 20% lifesteal when you are low, Warlords Bloodlust allows users to effectively comeback into the game and outheal the damage from tanks diving you thus allowing you to engage carries after deleting them.

Consistency - you have 84% critical strike rating making 4/4 shots almost guaranteed a critical (you can try having 74% from the essence reaver, you WILL see that it will be bumped down to 3/4 much more so. Criticals make you always move fast and your insane life steal will keep you healthy in every situation. Why build like others and lose a part of the holy trinity?


Item Breakdowns and Explanations

3094.png Rapid Fire Cannon - Hands down the most hidden OP item available for Jhin for a variety of bonus reasons.
  1. Tons of damage to turrets with 4th shot critical strike, 3094.png damage bonus and range for safety
  2. Allows Jhin to remove wards for team from safe distance (wards do not activate the passive)
  3. Extra range is heavily Bolstered by Jhin's damage, with a variable range in Jhin's auto attacks. You can regularly use this to delete an ADC with your 4th shot as the extra movespeed you have will charge it twice in one 4 shot magazine.
For these reasons I recommend 99% of the time to build 3094.png over 3087.png unless it is 100% necessary to do as much damage as you can at once. (sometimes, you just really have to chop down that 75.png and 106.png with 4.2k hp)

3085.png Runaan's Hurricane Yes, a hurricane. No, I am not joking.
Earlier we discussed how you can stack insane amounts of Lifesteal on Jhin and his critical strike rate can be bosoted to be very consistent. With a Hurricane stacked with a variety of Lifesteal Items, Jhin will regularly heal 1/3 - 1/2 of his health bar in 1 shot at the endgame under regular circumstances such as teamfights or fighting with enemy minions in range.

This is because of how Hurricane scales with his AD, can critical strike and also applies on-hit effects thus applying his life steal. If I go and build an endgame build where I can critical strike a minion for 1.6k damage, the 2 hurricane sideshots will hit nearby enemies for 400 damage each and thus I will heal for an additional 256 - 336 hp damage per shot. (32%-42% from items / Warlords Bloodlust)

3026.png Guardian Angel - makes trading better, stops assassins and 10x better than 3139.png on this guy

Synergizing with your life steal, this items great for helping you trade much more efficiently without fear of being bursted from 100 to 0. I can tell you from personal experience, anyone who lethality will be cut short by this item combined with the rest of your build due to your perfect balance of damage, lifesteal and tank.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Dont get flash pulverized or its automatic death




Watchout, in a DPS fight she will beat you early game so be defensive and let your teamates help you out. Also be keen when using your jhinr.png in lane as you will commonly get a enchantedcrystalarrow.png coming at you. Counter this by coordinating with your support to block the arrow.




By far your worst nightmare early game,  be very careful. Any good Blitz will go full AP against you and his grab / ultimate will automatically 1 shot you in lane and mid-game. Ask for a 201.png support to help you out. 

If you survive and outplay the early-game however. You will snowball hard against him.




Braum will block alot of your shots. Getting around this will be reliant on you poking well and using your excess movement speed to get the angles he wont be able to block. Remember in lane not to fire your 4th shot into his shields first block as its damage will be entirely negated.




She doesn't really have anything for you to worry about. Just dont be overly aggressive by accident and get caught by her caitlynentrapment.png and caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png combo and you're going to outscale her hard.

Remember to build a 3094.png to compensate for the range difference.




be careful of his damage output as his burst hurts, team fight wise however you will out scale his damage output by a metric ton so as long as you holdout you'll win the game.

Also whenever he gets his payload passive, stay back until its done. If he engages you with it you're going to end up having to burn your summoners.







The bane of your existence. Once she has an hourglass, your survival is entirely based on your teams reaction to her. 





His earlygame can be punishing, itl really be up to your kiting and usage of your 4th shot to harass him.  Definitly do not stay within range of him for lasted fights or you will be deleted.

Aslong as you dont let him get kills early and stack gold from his passive, you'll outscale him easily after.




You will beat him early, but will fear him late once he has his Muramana. Ezreal will devote his life to poking you and trying to burst you from 80% to 0% so always be aware of your surroundings late game. 




He really cant do much against you without teamates, you're entire kit just works better against him. Put a trap infront of you and you can punish and kite him no problem.




Kalista herself is not hard, but this game will rely heavily on both your support and hers, losing to her in lane can be extremely punishing for your team mid-game. You do however scale better than her late-game. 

Remember, shoot her with your 4th shot and use the speed to leave so he cant chain attacks and you'll be fine.




Early-game, no problem. Late-game, be very very very careful of his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png giving him attack range as you will constantly be battling him to get a shot in to rip him apart while a single mistake from you will get your health DPS'd from 100 to 0.




His poke is very strong vs you as he can even dash past your mines. Be careful in lane and take smart choices to gain the lead by following up teammates and using your 4th round on him when he uses abilities to farm. Mid-lategame however as long as you did decent you will scale him hard.


Miss Fortune


Due to your movement, range and poke gameplay style, Missfortune is a very easy matchup for you since you will always be nuking her much before she can get her burst down on you.

Remember to avoid her early burst and keep damage on her such as throwing jhinQ.png at nearby minions to bounce to her and disable her movement speed and she will always have problems catching up to you.




A fairly easy matchup, know your damage and dont be scared by her ultimate. Your damage will generally be stronger than hers and you can use your extra range excess movement speed to avoid her spiralblade.png.




Curse her heals! When you're facing a Soroka on the enemy team the fate of the game is left to your teamates. Whats your best bet at a solution?

Tons of Damage! (No kidding, you're really gonna need it)


Tahm Kench


By far your worst enemy, be weary of your damage against your opponents as he will regularly soak of thousands of damage intended for enemies by either eating them and bringing them to safety or tanking your entire ultimate with his tahmkenchE.png.




Besides her damage from her all-in burst combo. Tristana isn't much of a threat as her early and midgame is much weaker than yours which will allow you to scale lategame very well against her.

Remember to build a 3094.png to compensate for the range difference.




Be careful, stick with your team and assume twitch is trying to gank you if he's "MIA" in lane. If the twitch gets ahead it can be extremely hard to comeback due to his entire kit putting you on lock down. Especially his twitchR.png sniping you.




Definitely a very poke oriented matchup, the usual dodge the pokes. Be weary of his ultimate as junglers and others will use it to go all in on you 24/7. This can be solved with a 3140.png.

If you do get caught, immediately throw your jhinE.png as close as you can towards the Varus and yourself to send him the signal that if he decides to all in you he has to commit to stepping on your trap and allow you the option to all in him.




Easy trades, remember not to pin yourself to a wall and to always angle yourself so her condemn path will push you to turret. Trade frequently and punish her for having a shorter auto attack range.

Support Synnergy Back to Top

The Best Support Has Pure Offense with a Trick for Defense

Disclaimer: Please note some of these supports require more skill than others for the support play to work as intended, this is my tier list on what i think consistently works best with Jhin.

S - Tier (Works in every offensive and defensive situation)

201.png - Braum is by far the best support for Jhin as he adds damage, stuns and slows for easy follow ups and both blocks ranged attacks and increases Jhins survivability against assassins by raising his resistances.

432.png - Bard, now it sounds strange but a good Jhin / Bard bot lane can easily wombo combo enemies with their massive damage. 1 stun from bard with a Jhin follow up can instantly takeout an enemy in lane. Remember however that the Bard needs to focus more on ganking his own lane for success rather than ganking others constantly.

63.png - Brand support is actually really great with Jhin, due to his heavy damage and stun you will constantly be able to pull off big numbers and take them down from 100-0 without having much problems.

26.png - Zilean support has got to be one of the craziest supports for Jhin, your sustain is iffy but his rediculous damage coupled with his timewarp.png make setups extremely easy and kiting a breeze.

A - Tier (Has alot of good things, but not everything)

40.png - Janna, fantastic defensive abilities and great for you to have a poke lane. her Shield makes your final round and grenade trade devastating while her passive's move speed buff allows you to quickly escape after getting your trades off. 

53.png - Blitzcrank is a fantastic initiator for Jhin and works great for wombo combo's. The only real concern here is that he is your front line so if he slips up on trying to hold down someone like Vayne, you're automatically dead. Remember to kindly ask your Blitzcrank to not roam too much as you two have a lot of great kill potential in lane.

111.png - Nautilus is all about waiting for the perfect strike moment. Convince him to bring ignite as you'll need to to push your damage to lethal range. His abilities are really easy for you to follow up which make it great for you to snare combo.

412.png - He's Thresh! He does everything! But he's not S tier because of the casting delay in his skills it will take time for him to react. Remember to be cautious as Thresh will not be able to protect you from instant burst.

267.png - Nami is a great matchup with Jhin for mixing up both offense and defense. her slows and movement speed allow for ample kiting and assure your traps deal damage while her bubble and tidal wave make it really easy for you to burst and land all your sniper rounds.

B - Tier (Has strong offense / defense for you but not perfect at both)

25.png - Morgana and her black shield and bind are very good for keeping Jhin alive. but without a good stun or damage reduction, you'll constantly be on the defensive with her as even if you snare a champion, they can just shoot everything at you in a burst when you engage them.

89.png - Leona, the stun and damage maestro. Playing with a Leona support can be really good for you if she times her stuns appropriately but it can also be very risky as a misplay will leave you very vulnerable.

12.png - Alistar, he cc's really well  which is great, but his damage is fairly minimal which will mean most of what you will be doing is trading over executing.

43.png - Karma, a good balance between damage and shielding, the only real concern is that if they burn summoners to go for you, the only way to survive is to also burn your own as Karma cannot deflect them.

16.png - Soroka, you will struggle to kill them and they will struggle to kill you, time to buy a 1083.png after that 1038.png

C - Tier (Prepare to be dived, ALOT)


What do all of these people have in common? They require their ADC to be super mobile early game like 236.png
It is possible to make these work but it is also very hard as a single misstep will be monumentally punishing for you. These champions have good to great synergy with jungle ganks however laning becomes very dangerous as junglers will know to gank you multiple times until you cave in.

When Should my Support Have Wind Speakers Blessing?

Against super aggressive teams that focus their entire efforts on the early game / winning through raw damage, compositions such as



The trick is to bring it against teams you know are super reliant on winning the early game! :)

Pros / Cons Back to Top


  • Tons of damage (Can critical strike for around 1400 damage)
  • Frolic around with a menacing 600+ AD
  • Great at poking
  • Extremely long range follow ups with jhinw.png and jhinr.png
  • Most satisfying ultimate in the world


  • Enemy is prone to setting up tent and camping
  • Requires precision with every shot, shooting the wrong target can be punishing
  • Assassin Magnet

Animation Cancelling! Back to Top

How To Manipulate Critical Strikes

Why Is Animation Cancelling Important?

Knowing how to do it and being accustomed to it will ensure that every poke you do on your enemy prior to full on engages will be guaranteed to be a critical strike. 

This is the method you will constantly be using when you reach 50% critical strike chance with your Rapid Fire Cannon and may be used throughout the entire game if you are in a situation where you need to buy better situational items over critical strike chance specifically.

Animation Cancelling and the Rapid Fire Cannon

Once you become super familiar with Jhin, you may notice that he has a very exaggerated critical strike animation. This can actually be taken advantage of to ensure your 3094.png pokes are all critical strikes regardless of how much critical strike chance you actually have.

The trick here is to watch yourself begin the attack animation to instantly know if it is a critical strike or not, if it isn't, you can cancel the basic attack and run to safety to try again rather than wasting the energize bonus and risk yourself being hit by a skill shot by finishing the attack animation.

Animation Cancelling Examples:




As seen in the pictures, Jhin will exaggerate his arms by using two arms instead of one to fire if the upcoming shot will be a critical strike. 

Early Game Back to Top

Zone With Your 4th Shot

Use your 4th shot to zone, its a great way to get free damage off as the enemy ADC will need to tank it to grab farm. If you cant get him though just fire it off at the support who will likely go in range to protect his ADC. It should also be noted to gauge the situation at hand as enemies may just decide to go all in and hope for the best knowing you have to reload.

Remember, as your shots going off, run for your life! The movement speed bonus will keep you relatively safe!

Read your Enemy

Many people have not figured out entirely how to play against a good Jhin, keep this in mind and test the enemy with your moves such as Grenade Zoning (see abilities page) and your 4th shot. If your opponent always leans back when you have either setup and then suddenly starts playing slightly more aggressive in response, you can begin to read that the opponent has a Jungler nearby to support and you should retreat.

Dont Over Extend Against Gank Heavy Teams

Remember, people will regularly pitch tents and camp a Jhin, if you pair yourself up with supports such as 37.png63.png, it is likely the enemy jungler will gank you nonstop, especially if they have a 121.png or 64.png

Mid Game Back to Top

Itemization and Your Reliability

In general, you aren't 100% teamfight reliant until you have your 3031.png3094.png, Jhins basic attack reliability is entire co-related to this critical strike chance. Once you finish your 3094.png however, focus alot on energizing it and poking enemies with it. If you see enemies rushing armor, you can keep build a 3036.png. This is something you do if the enemy tank if the one fed and carrying.

Poking with the Rapid Fire Cannon
The trick to charging with your ammo is to keep running, fire off your first energized shot at the enemy, run around and auto attack something safe such as minions to get to your 4th shot and then fire off an energized 4th shot to harass, then continue to rinse and repeat.

Friendly Note:
Read the animation cancelling article to master the art of the Rapid Fire Cannon!

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Shoot People, Use Your Teammates as Cover, Snipe If the Enemy Retreats

Your survivability comes from your insane amount of movement speed. Try not to fire off your ultimate freely as at this stage in the game your basic attacks are much more useful in team-fights for your team. 

Utilize your teams protection to prevent all in engages from the opposing team to let you get in those sweet 700+ damage basic attack pokes and you'll progressively win out. 

Baron Bait For Days:

With Jhins massive damage, you can not only do baron fast, but you can turn baron into the greatest trapping field. Setup traps at the entrances and when the enemy looks to scout it out or looks for a pick, withdraw from baron and get in those 700 damage pokes / snipes to punish them extremely hard for any form of indecisiveness or for being split.

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