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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Always take this spell on jhin, he has no mobility and it is essential in most situations. It is an extremely safe pick on jhin and i would almost never go into lane without it

12.png VS 14.png

In my opinion i believe taking Teleport is the better option, not only does the top laner usually take Teleport for great play potential in the bot lane and just general good mobility around the map, but it also allows you to return to lane super quick and not risk losing cs or even a tower, furthermore any competitive situation could laneswap in order to punish your ignite pick. Lastly jhin already does far too much damage, and therefore ignite is almost never needed especially after level 6 because a quick ult can finish them off after they back off behind their tower, however taking it against the likes of 8.png or 36.png would be more viable, however i'm not too sure how Vlad will be played in 6.9. Ignite is best on someone with burst, but with jhin's style of play it isn't all that great

Nevertheless i would take Teleport in most situations and recommend you do the same, take like 7.png or something if you really want to but honestly i find TP is far more useful especially when nobody else has it.  

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Of course take Fury on this tree, usually i will take double edged sword for extra damage, however feats can be viable depending on how you play. the attack damage given from Natural Talent is fairly poor and i find it far more worth to be taking Vampirism, which can provide a small amount of sustain when in lane, of which can be paired well with Feast. You could take bounty hunter for some extra damage but honestly i have never seen its use in game, however Oppressor works really well with both Jhins root jhinW.png, and his slow given by jhinE.png Finally deathfire touch is the most useful keystone given by the ferocity tree for Jhin in my opinion, it just provides an extremely useful boost of damage that you can use when poking enemy champions in lane, or even coming out on top in a fight, it is simply extremely useful and you will find you get more use from it than the likes of Warlord's or Fervor.

Wanderer isn't a bad choice, however i simply prefer Savagery for farming in lane. Assassin or Secret Stash are viable as nobody is around in the top lane so assassin's damage will be applied almost always and secret stash is good for better sustain if you plan on buying potions in lane. Again both Merciless and Meditation are viable however i pick Merciless for the mad damage, but if you are looking for a bit more mana when you are in lane, or simply aren't confident with conserving it for the right situation, then take Meditation. Dangerous game is notably better for Top lane Jhin, better sustain and you should be missing farm anyway so there should be absolutely no need for Bandit


I wouldn't count this pick out, going for Thunderlord's  will provide a very useful damage boost in a fight, and even Stormraider's can be useful, especially when considering Jhins extreme lack of mobility, the main reason for this tree is simply the keystone and after getting it you can still get all the way up to Oppressor  on the Ferocity tree, meaning you get a lot of use out of that too.

Again this is a matter of personal preference, choose something that fits around your playstyle.

Abilities Back to Top

jhinpassive.png Whisper
Jhin's hand cannon, Whisper, is a precise instrument designed to deal superior damage. It fires at a fixed rate and carries only four shots. Jhin imbues the final bullet with dark magics to critically strike and deal bonus execute damage. Whenever Whisper crits, it inspires Jhin with a burst of movement speed.

jhinQ.png Dancing Grenade

Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 Mana
Range: 550

Jhin launches a magical cartridge at an enemy. It can hit up to four targets and gains damage each time it kills.

Jhin launches a cartridge at the targeted enemy that deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+0) (+60% Ability Power) physical damage before bouncing to a nearby target that has not yet been hit.The cartridge can hit a maximum of 4 times. Each kill by the cartridge increases the damage of subsequent hits by 35%.

jhinW.png Deadly Flourish

Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Mana
Range: 3000

Jhin brandishes his cane, firing a single shot with incredible range. It pierces through minions and monsters, but stops on the first champion hit. If the target was recently struck by Jhin's allies, lotus traps, or basic attacks, they are rooted.

Jhin fires a long range shot that stops on the first champion hit, dealing 50/85/120/155/190 (+70% Attack Damage) physical damage to it, and 65% of that damage to minions and monsters hit along the way.If Deadly Flourish strikes a champion that has been hit by one of Jhin's basic attacks, Lotus Traps, or allies within the last 4 seconds it will root them for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds and grants Jhin movement speed as though he had crit them.

jhinE.png Captive Audience

Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 Mana
Range: 750

Jhin places an invisible lotus trap that blooms when walked over. It slows nearby enemies before dealing damage with an explosion of serrated petals.

Beauty in Death - When Jhin kills an enemy champion, a lotus trap will bloom near their corpse.

Jhin places an invisible Lotus Trap at the target location that lasts 2 minutes and activates when stepped on, revealing nearby enemies for 4 seconds.The trap leaves behind a zone that slows enemies inside by 35% and detonates after 2 seconds, dealing 20/80/140/200/260 (+120% Attack Damage) (+100% Ability Power) magic damage (65% damage on subsequent hits and vs. minions and monsters).Jhin prepares a new trap every 0 seconds and can store 2 at once. Beauty in Death - When Jhin kills an enemy champion a Lotus Trap will spawn and detonate where they were killed.

jhinR.png Curtain Call

Cost: 100 Mana
Range: 25000

Jhin channels, transforming Whisper into a shoulder-mounted mega-cannon. It is able to fire 4 super shots at extreme range that pierce through minions and monsters, but stop on the first champion impacted. Whisper cripples enemies hit, which slows them and deals execute damage. The 4th shot is perfectly crafted, epically powerful, and guaranteed to critically strike.

Jhin sets up and channels, enabling him to fire 4 super shots at extreme range in a cone in front of him. The shots stop on the first champion hit, slowing it by 80% for 0.75 seconds and dealing 50/125/200 (+25% Attack Damage) physical damage, increased by 2% for each 1% health the target is missing. The 4th shot crits for [0]% damage.If canceled early, Curtain Call's cooldown is refunded by 10% for each unused shot.

(All descriptions credited to

How you Want to Play:

jhinE.png ==>jhinW.png ==>  jhinpassive.png ==> jhinE.png ==> jhinpassive.png ==> jhinQ.png ==> jhinpassive.png ==> jhinR.png
                                     E            W       (2nd AA)         E        (3rd AA)       Q       (4th AA)        R

How you want to Max

jhinR.png Naturally you will want to max your ultimate first. It is an extremely safe ability that allows for easily picking off targets by doing huge damage, it has great teamfight potential and is good for finishing targets that didn't quite go down with your combo

jhinQ.png Dancing Grenade is Jhins bread and butter, it has great damage and when bounced correctly can provide a huge poke onto an enemy champion in lane that could even do 205% damage, that is of course if timed and performed correctly. I find this ability extremely good for resetting auto's and just farming in general, always max this second to your ult

jhinW.png Deadly Flourish is maxed third, mainly due to it providing both damage and a root, i find it extremely useful in teamfights  or even in lane if they try to run away from your insane damage. The snare being longer as this ability levels up can be very useful, and also being able to proc  Deathfire Touch easily. This ability has a huge range and great utility, so as long as you don't miss, it will definitely be useful.

jhinE.png Captive Audience is typically maxed last, despite having great damage with it's huge scaling and good waveclear  especially when combined with dancing grenade, despite its usefulness it has a good enough base damage and scaling that you don't even need to level it up before your other abilities as it is strong enough on it's own, Nevertheless the other abilities are typically more useful when maxed before this. However, if you follow my advice and choose Deathfire Touch as your mastery then poking is really where you will want to focus and not draining your mana by placing down endless amounts of traps.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Typical start and i almost always take this
    Not my choice but if running full crit runes then why not i suppose
    this would be your ideal first back of course if this is too expensive then just pick up some boots and whatever you want

Core Items

    Jhin's main Item, always take it, it gives damage and even more damage from its crit chance due to his passive
    Boot choices, others are available but these are my favorites for Jhin
    I'd usually take one of these, of course no point taking both as the passives dont stack
    Of course this item is perfect for top lane jhin, Ad, armour pen for those tanks, and movement speed, what's not to love?

Situational Items

    all viable items on jhin, it is honestly a matter of personal preference
    i wouldn't take these items in most situations, however they can come into use on rare occasions
    I haven't tested this item on jhin, and rarely have i on other champs, but it looks like a fun item
3031.png3094.png1305.png3142.png3036.png3046.png => 3363.png => 2140.png

Build Order


3031.png over 3508.png ?

I have read in other guides and can see from pro players that in cases 3508.png is the preferred choice as your first pick. In my opinion 3031.png is a far better pick as a first item. While 3508.png provides all great stats for Jhin, it is not a better first item than 3031.png
Both items cost the same, and while essence reaver will proc 100% every fourth auto attack you will not be needing the cdr as much early game and just want damage, damage, damage. therefore IE is clearly better simply for that purpose. while both items give the same Ad and crit chance, simply the passive of IE is very good for early game damage, and i personally find it far more useful. It is, however, good to bear in mind that if you are an amazing farmer in lane, and i mean like pro level at farming then you may want to consider essence reaver as a first item, i personally don't build it at all as i simply just dont like the item and dont feel like i make the most use of it.  
Anyway, just take 3031.png first if you are following my guide, it's a matter of oponion anyway.


3094.png over 3087.png ?

While some prefer the extra stats from 3087.png I actually find it far better to take the extra range given by the 3094.png and when combining this and the huge range from jhinW.png you can easily pull of a combo which provides huge damage at a safe range, so in my opinion take Rapidfire over Statikk


 3009.png over 3006.png ?

This one is again a matter of opinion, while the Berserkers Greaves provide stats that actually boost your damage, i simply find jhin to be a slow champion, that combined with his lack of mobility means i simply feel like Swifties are a far safer option and can even mean you walk back to lane that little bit faster and can run away that little bit better. You can take Berserkers if you want that extra bit of damage, but honestly jhin does so much damage anyway that the small amount this provides isn't even noticeable and you dont benefit from the attack speed, so in my opinion just take3009.png
As a little side note, i would take 1305.png as it synergises really well with Jhin's passive.



This item is pretty much a perfect Jhin item in my eyes. It gives a little bit of Damage, a little bit of Armour pen, of which is often greatly needed in the top lane, and it has an extremely useful active (basically a free 6.png ), especially on a no mobility champion like Jhin. There isn't a whole lot i can say about this item without simply repeating how good i think it is, but, a perfect top lane item, with good stats and a good active, just build it.



Again a good top lane item, after all this guide is for top lane. Jhin has no hp, he is an adc after all, therefore the passive from this item will mean that when attacking tanks while in the top lane you will pretty much always make use of the extra damage given from this item, on top of that the amazing armor pen it gives as well as that from 3142.png means that tanks will melt before you, i will note that i find 3142.png and 3036.png good items to build together because of how good they are in the top lane against tanks


3072.png or 3046.png ?

I used to always build 3072.png due to the fact that you did so much damage that one auto would heal you like half health and it also just provides a good amount of damage, on top of that the shield it provides can be extremely useful for that extra bit of security, However, i am beginning to look into the uses of 3046.png it gives a nice amount of crit and attack speed, meaning a good amount of damage and on top of that a nice little movement speed boost, furthermore, its passive means that any champion pretty much wont be able to run away from you as you can just chase them down, and in a 1v1 situation the 12% damage reduction can be very strong, especially when you are very squishy, so when choosing i would consider comparing the damage reduction to the sustain of the bloodthirster and I'm just going to leave it to personal preference.


This is the part of my guide where i can give you a mild bit of guidance on how to get a bit edgy with your build, as always, builds are entirely situational in the first place, I'm simply telling you which items i feel fit best in most situations for this champion in my opinion. Nevertheless i will briefly go over some other items i view as okay in some situations.

While I don't prefer them, of course, as mentioned previously, 3508.png and 3087.png are both very viable in a fair few situations, i only take other items due to personal preference. and of course it is your choice whether to take 3072.png or 3046.png

3140.png This item is extremely useful against teams that have hard cc, and i would reccomend building early against a laner with such cc in order to prevent giving them kills in lane. You could sell your boots for 3139.png late game in order to maximize on damage and utility

3155.png Can be a good item to build if for some reason you are in an ap lane, or the enemy team laneswaps, furthermore 3156.png gives flat armor pen and going for this item is good against ap teams. The shield given can be good when against enemies such as 7.png because lets be honest, nobody wants to deal with that ruining your day. also the 10% spell vamp is an added bonus so all in all not a bad item at all on Jhin, i just feel other items fit better to jhins playstyle.

3033.png An okay item but i simply feel that 3036.png does a better job at wrecking tanks so i personally don't like it but i also don't count it out

3102.png Similar to 3156.png it's passive can be good against AP assassins such as 7.png and Ap champions with hard engage, it is a safe option when you feel you need to build slightly tankier, at least so that you can take a hit.

3158.png Okay if you like the cooldown, however since a lot for your damage comes from you autoattacks and i personally can play equally as well with those slightly higher cooldowns, timing my fights well i just feel it would be a waste of an item slot.

3053.png The damage it gives while being low, is still okay and i think of it more as an added bonus on an item that gives a fair bit of HP and has a good passive, the item can provide a good bit of survivabilityand i would consider it when building 3156.png and not focusing as much on Jhin's capability to do a lot of damage.

3078.png I have always liked the way this item provides a little bit of everything. A bit of mana which could be useful, a bit of both Crit chance and attack speed, which gives damage on top of the 25 damage it gives anyway. it also gives a small amount of movement speed, also the cooldown reduction is useful on Jhin and the health it gives is also a nice bonus. However i think this item truly shines in it's passive abilities. spellblade gives a very nice amount of damage which can work very well and proc more than once when Jhin uses his full combo. Furthermore it gives a very nice movement speed buff on autoattacks and minion kills, this synergises really well with his passive. Overall it can be a good item on Jhin, however i simply don't see why you would need it except for a bit more damage, especially when it is a very expensive item.

3147.png Like i mentioned earlier it is not an item i have used much considering it is fairly new. It gives a bit more damage than Youmuu's however provides less armour pen. the only benefit i can see of building it is it's passive but even then you could likely kill a champion, or at least do a fair bit of damage before they back off and you finish them off with jhinR.pngI can only see this item as a replacement for youmuu's however for Jhin, i view youmuu's as a better item, of course i am not experienced with this item so don't quote me on anything i say

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Alistar
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Kayle
  • Nasus
  • Wukong




A difficult matchup, he has good engage and has a lot of damage, however if you play passively you can get farm using your range, his aatroxW.pngallows him to sustain in lane and be able to liekly match your farm, and back less often than you. if he uses aatroxQ.png you will need to snare with jhinW.png and just back off, due to his sustain it is unlikely you will win in a fight, especially after he has built attack speed, however your large amounts of damage may come in handy, only try to fight if you are sure you can win because if he is fed, you will fall behind in lane. Your only chance is to try and poke him hard and often while staying a safe distance and being able to retreat to your tower if he engages. Due to his passive he can tower dive you and survive jhinR.png Which would usually be your primary source of kills in difficult lanes




So when playing against an 12.png bot lane, his hard engage can be annoying and allow the adc to even get a kill, as is with most hard engage supports, however when playing in top lane, he simply does not have enough damage to go near you, even when using headbutt.png and pulverize.png he will likely come out of it worse than you and you could even end up getting a kill if you combo him correctly, if the Alistar is smart he will use headbutt.png in order to allow him to get a small amount of farm. but even then you dont go too far and shouldn't really be losing out on any farm, you outdamage him and due to your range you can safely farm without being poked, if he goes in for farm simply poke him down or even try to go for a kill if you are confident, this becmes even easier after level 6, you simply wait for ferocioushowl.png to finish then jhinR.png after he has backed off behind his tower.




You could easily win this lane, however i will tell you to not underestimate darius, if he uses dariusaxegrabcone.png there is nothing you can do to stop him except jhinW.png however, even then you are slowed and he could try to slow you with dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png too, His dariuscleave.pnggives good sustain for him if he fights you, and if he is able to get all stacks of his passive off it is pretty much game over. However you are still able to farm from a distance and jhinW.pngif he comes at you, he is slow and has no mobility so yu should be okay in lane, and i would wait for ganks to go in just in case he gets fed, or at least get 3094.png for the extra range and then jhinW.pngin order to get off the extra auto's and even put a jhinE.pngunder him for the slow, meaning you can use all your autoattacks and do some extra damage from your abilities then use the speed from your passive while he is slowed to get away.


Dr. Mundo


Aside from his regen and slow from his infectedcleavermissilecast.png he doesn't have much going for him at the moment unless he gets a gank im not too sure how you could let yourself die to him, saying that i beat a Jhin top lane as Mundo before. If he attempts to draw you in while his ult is up, don't fall for it, he will regen and do a surprising amount of damage, if this does happen attempt to jhinW.png and jhinE.png allowing you to get away, simply deny him farm in lane and poke him, he has a lot of health so building 3036.png in this instance is definitely recommended.




There's no easy way of going about this, tank Ekko will win lane almost every time, he will do too much damage, he has okay mobility and cc and his passive will mean that if he goes in on you he can deal a fair bit of damage, on top of that his ekkoR.png is just a free lifeline even is he does go in on you, however if that does happen you could try to jhinR.png but he has mobility so they won't all  hit him, even a full AP Ekko will be a difficult lane to deal with




Despite being picked a bit less this season, she can still be a menace against you in lane, she can farm quickly and is not likely to miss much farm due to her fioraq.pngand fioraflurry.pnghowever her trying to farm means you can poker her, and due to her being fairly squishy you could get a kill on her in lane, i would recommend getting the jungler to gank your lane to secure you a kill as her ultimate, combined with her ability is very deadly in a 1v1 situation, do not try to fight it, simply poke her and try to freeze the lane, you don't want to go too far out but you don't want to have your tower taking damage. her W can counter your jhinW.png and jhinR.png meaning she can be fairly difficult to deal with, however if you don't let her abuse her fioraq.png and passive in order to damage you, you should be okay




He does a surprising amount of damage, however unless the Ganglank is pretty good, due to your range you can counter his raisemorale.pngby dimply autoattacking them. his removescurvy.pngcan counter your cc and his parley.png does a whole lot of damage, so watch out for that. Play safely in lane and remember you have no mobility and he does a lot of damage, so getting caught in cannonbarrage.png is not a t all smart because he can also slow from there with raisemorale.pngjust attempt to deny him farm as this can render his plunder useless and make him far weaker in the late game without having the gold he relies on as well as the silver serpents. Simply avoid his damage and play passively enough that he cannot kill you.




There's not much a I can say about this. To put it bluntly garen is stupidly strong and does far too much damage, he will be able to tank your attacks, tower dive, and then just ult and finish you off before strolling calmly away. it is by no means an impossible lane, however he passively regens health so poking him wont do all that much damage in the first place, especially if he rushes 3068.png and then he will just get the health back. When laning make sure you use your jhinW.png and jhinE.png to your advantage, as if he can garenslash3.png  and garenbladestorm.png he will have a nice speed boost while he is doing unbelievable damage, even when ganked he can be hard to kill, so i would simply try to get your kills and assists in this matchup from roaming bot lane with 12.png




So gnar can be very difficult to play against, he is tanky while while doing damage, mainly due to his gnarW.png and simply doing okay damage anyway when he has built items, due to the speed given from gnarW.png he is very strong at kiting (watch out if he builds 3022.png) and due to your lack of mobility this may be a problem, he has no mana and therefore can poke you unlimited amounts of times with his gnarQ.png when he goes into mega form just attempt to jhinW.pngand run, he does too mcuh damage while still being too tanky, only attempt to kill him when he is in mini form as he is quite squishy like this. His gnarE.png means he can escape a lot of situations and on top of that he also has 4.png ready to use when hop is on cooldown and he is desperate. He can farm easily in lane due to his range and gnarW.png and i would simply attempt to play passively and let your jungler assists you so you don't lose a tower.




kayle does a whole lot of damage, and on top of that she has a small heal and a movespeed buff which means you pretty muvh cant run away from her if she uses kayleQ.png and kayleW.png. Her kayleE.pngwill give her range and allow her to farm without worry of getting poked by you and on top of that, her kayleR.png means she can win in a 1v1 situation because while it is up you simply do no damage to her. She has high attack speed and damage so can likely outfarm you, and you will probably be pushed up to your tower, however if your jungler ganks your lane and forces her to kayleR.png you can immediately follow up with jhinR.png in order to finish her off as after kayleR.png she cannot escape your damage.




Nasus can either be difficult or easy in lane. You can easily poke him down and farm from a safe range, however due to his passive lifesteal he can sustain very well in lane, and poke you with spiritfire.png. Try to use your range and damage to your advantage early game to prevent him stacking siphoningstrikenew.png. also remember not to go too far from your tower as, if he uses wither.png you can take a lot of damage and be forced to back or even give him a kill. i wouldn't worry too much about his godofdeath.png as you should be staying a fair range from him at all times meaning he cant use this much to his advantage in lane unless he pokes you down enough to tower dive you as it makes him pretty tanky. If Nasus ever attempts to go in on you and kill you, try and use jhinW.png jhinE.png as per usual and kite him in order to get the speed from your fourth attack, i would have classed this matchup as hard however the only thing that makes nasus hard to deal with is his late game tankiness combined with his siphoningstrikenew.png hen it is stacked well. in lane and very early game, nasus isnt really a threat especially against a ranged champ like Jhin.




Technically being a wukong main i understand wukong and find him fairly okay to play against, however, to players who don't know a whole load about wukong's possible play styles and combos it may be a fair challenge. Luckily for you wukong is a melee champ and therefore provides you with a chance to poke him when he attempts to farm, depriving him of farm is crucial to making him weaker in lane. also luckily for you, wukong is fairly squishy early on, and is a strong mid game champion, so you will want to focus applying most of your pressure early on this will make sure he has a difficult time in lane, as long as you get good farm and he doesn't, you have done a pretty good job

As far as his abilities go you will need to watch out for him using monkeykingnimbus.png into monkeykingdoubleattack.png before quickly slipping away with monkeykingdecoy.png. alternatively he could use monkeykingdecoy.png for a sneaky engage before monkeykingnimbus.png when you least expect it then monkeykingdoubleattack.png and possibly even into monkeykingspintowin.png if he is confident. You will have to look to see if Wukong has taken Thunderlord's, if so he will be doing a severely large amount of damage in lane. as well as this, his monkeykingspintowin.png is a knock-up, meaning that if he uses monkeykingdecoy.png into monkeykingnimbus.png monkeykingdoubleattack.png monkeykingspintowin.png you will have a huge chunk of health taken away and then more over the duration you are in monkeykingspintowin.png of which gains movement speed over the duration, so you pretty much cannot escape. even if you jhinW.pngjhinE.png onto him if he attempts this, he can still monkeykingnimbus.png because it is on a low enough cooldownthat he can come out of his monkeykingspintowin.png wait a bit and then use monkeykingnimbus.pngmonkeykingdoubleattack.png all over again, by which time you are likely dead twice over.

Furthermore you will need to get good at learning which Wukong is Wukong and which wukong is monkeykingdecoy.pngas wasting jhinR.png on monkeykingdecoy.png would not be a good thing.
Altogether just play passively and deny him farm, stay far back enough that you are in a situation where he is forced to dive, after which you can jhinW.pngjhinE.png and he will liekly die, or simply he cannot attempt to kill you at all, and he will be pushing hard at your tower so he is very viable to ganks, however he can escape these fairly easily with monkeykingdecoy.png

Disclaimer Back to Top

I am not a hugely experienced Jhin player and other players probably are more trustworthy than me for things such as this, however i made this guide so you can have fun playing Jhin in a different role than usual, this is my first LoLKing guide and feedback would be greatly appreciated, of course give it a thumbs up if you like it and i wont be offended by any feedback, i am only trying to make this guide better so of course i will take everything said bearing that in mind. I will update matchup's over time, however i'm not experienced in a lot of matchups, so i will be using theory in some cases please tell me if anything i say is wrong because i do not want to provide false information.

Matchups are far from finished i will get round to them, however all other parts of my guide are finished for now until i adapt them

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