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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Standard pickup for every marksman. Nothing really to add to this one.

7.png - Heal is the best secondary Summoner Spell you can get as an ADC. Instantly healing a good amount, generating 30% additional movement speed for 1 second and also get these things for another ally makes it extremly valuable.

21.png - Nay. Its defensive value is a bit higher than Heal but it's only for you.

1.png - Simply don't pick it. You can buy this with 3140.png for 1300g AND it removes more CC than the summoner Cleanse does.

New Runes Back to Top

I prefer this Rune Page as it provides utility and a lot of late game damage. There are also options Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 is the key stone but I didn't like this one and Precision works a lot better with a crit building 202.png.


First off Precision should be your main choice if you can neglect lane presence since you'll trade lane damage for early sustain and late game damage.

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64 - Additional Movement Speed and healing power will make lane easier to get through and late game more
                  interesting since your opponents will have a tougher time catching you.

Overheal.png?width=64 - Every heal that goes above the maximum of your HP will be stacked as a shield making you harder to
                  take down. Also works with Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 making laning a lot safer.

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 - I prefer the Attack Speed stacking here. While Attack Speed has no direct impact on performing faster
                  attacks it'll make your hits hit harder thanks to jhinpassive.png. Also Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 is a super nice pickup when you want
                  to neglect a Life Steal item and focus more on damage.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 - This choice increases your execution damage because you'll deal more damage to low HP targets. Also
                  works perfectly fine with your ultimate which also deals more damage to low HP targets. Keep in mind
                  that 202.png is not the greatest tank killer so if your opponents decide to beef up their front lines you may
                  want to switch over to Cut%20Down.png?width=32. Also Last%20Stand.png?width=32 can be viable in specific situations but it's a nieche pickup.


Celerity.png?width=64 - Additional Movement Speed early on and bonus Movement Speed being converted works perfectly with
                  jhinpassive.png which grants a burst of Movement Speed when a Basic Attack hit critically.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill priority: Q->W->E->R (whenever you can upgrade your ultimate, do it)

Whisper is your passive and comes with a few aspects. First of all your Attack Speed will be restricted to basic attack speed and can only increase by earning level. 2nd you are also restricted to 4 consecutive auto attacks before you enter the state of reloading which endures for 2.5 seconds. 3rd all of your crits deal 25% less Damage. Now the benefits you get. 1st every fourth shot is a guaranteed crit which additionally scales its damage with the missing health of your opponents (also works on Dragon/Baron/Rift Herald) and can be used as a tool for execution like 11.png. 2nd Every crit of yours grant you 10% movement speed for 2 seconds which increases by 4% for every 10% additional attack speed. 3rd You gain additional atack damage by level which also scales with crit rate (10% crit rate equal additional 4% attack damage) and additional attack speed (+2,5% attack damage per 10% additional attack speed).
Flashing onto a low HP target with your 4th shot and throwing Dancing Grenade onto him can take ~20-25% of your target's health early on in lane!

Dancing Grenady is your main skill in lane. Its mana costs are relativly low, its base damage pretty good and will be used to either push your lane or last hit while you must reload your gun. It also can be used to trade damage since it bounces up to 3 more times after hitting the first target. Every single time a target dies from Dancing Grenade the damage will rise by 35% potentially boosting your damage up to 105% of the original damage when killing the first 3 targets hit. This can win you any trade on botlane and your opponent must respect this damage or he will lose a lot.

Deadly Flourish is a longe ranged skillshot which damages every target in its line or stops at the first Champion hit. Its base damage is good and its ad scaling is at 50%. This spell also has a passive which triggers a debuff onto enemy Champions hit buy your basic attacks or any source of damage from an ally lasting 4 seconds. When a marked target then is hit by Deadly Flourish it'll be rooted for up to 1.75 seconds.

Captive Audience includes a passive and an active effect. The passive says killing a target will spawn a trap onto the dead corps that will trigger instantly and act like the active part. The active part does the following: Jhin can target a location where he will throw a trap that will go invisible after 2-3 seconds and also grants a vision for a very small area around the trap (traps last 2 minutes). When an opponent steps on it the trap will trigger and slow anything in its range by 35% for 2 seconds. When still staying inside it after 2 seconds the trap will explode an deal moderate damage to the target. I upgrade this skill at level 8 for the first time because the spell itself isn't very useful (only a few cases require you to skill it earlier). It can be used in midgame to clear waves on a lane you left earlier if you throw two of these behind each other.

Curtain Call is your ultimate and an incredible tool for sniping down targets. When active you will enter a state where you can't move, your camera will zoom out and stay that way for up to 10 seconds, until shooting the 4th shot or until you cancel the ability by moving. One bullet can only hit one champion (like Deadly Flourish) but slows them for 80% (duration: 0.75 seconds). Its base damage is moderate and the attack damage scaling is relativly low but the damage will increase by 2.5% for every 1% of health the target hit is lacking. That means that you can execute low health targets incredibly easily and should aim for those (and squishy targets). The bullets, as I said, can only hit one champion and therefore should be blocked by your opponents tanks. Try to find a niche or good/save opportunity to blow your ult onto preferable targets and don't hesitate to interupt it when you are in a bad position. Better save than dead. You can also use your ultimate as a tool to buy time for team mates to close up to a target that is out of position.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard start for every marksman
    alternate start instead of Doran's Sword. Provides more save sustain and an easier build path.
    Buy this if you have an abusive lane duo as your enemy

Core Items

    This is your core build.
    One of these two for the 100% crit rate.

Situational Items

    Choose one of these two as your last item when you have several tanks that need to be fend off.
    Or one of these as your last item. All of them provide offensive stats yet have different strengths in the defensive department.

1056.png + 2x 2003.png : Better poke in lane since jhinq.png scales with AP and better Mana Regeneration to make trading more


3508.png - Early Crit, AD and Cooldown Reduction allows you to do reliable damage. Additonally critical strikes will
           replenish Mana so spamming abilities will be a lot easier without going oom (out of mana).

3094.png - Additional crit rate, Attack Speed (aka damage) and Movement Speed makes life so much easier. The
           additional range for one attack once in a while is nice for poke trades (also deals additional damage).

3031.png - Should be the "core" of every crit reliant marksman. Additional crit rate, AD and additional crit damage
           makes killing targets super easy. When this item is finished, you'll have 70% crit rate.

3009.png - Second highest base Movement Speed of all boots and better slow resistance makes running around with high
           speed a lot easier. You can swap them out with 3006.png if you can handle things with less Movement Speed or
           the opponent team simply not having any slows AND you want to maximize your damage output.


3036.png - Pick this one if there is a very beefy and healthy tank in the opponent team.

3033.png - Grab this one when you have to cut the opponents healablity but still want to be able to shred tanks.

3026.png - With the change to a semi-offensive/defensive item this one is a nice last slot filler since it'll push your damage even further and also grants you a second chance if you screwed up.

3072.png - Sheer damage and 20% Life Steal to make yourself sustain way harder. Also the shield is a nice gadged against poke.

3139.png - When you have to avoid one certain Crowd Control effect and still want offensive power you should get this item to render the Crowd Control useless.

3812.png - Underrated by many players this little baby here has the same amount of AD that 3072.png has, gives 10% Cooldown reduction and also changes 30% of the incoming damage into DoT damage over 30 second and also heals 15% of the physical damage dealt by you. It  is useful if you want to dodge the "One Punch Death" since you can try to heal against it.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

General Information Back to Top

Hello and welcome to my Jhin Season 7 guide. I tried to explain everything that I think was needed in order to understand why I'm playing that way. If any question occur you can ask themn in the comment section or ask them in my stream chat if the stream is online.

German speaker: A german guide will be published soon and be linked in here.

If you like this guide make sure to rate it properly and/or check out my other guides when you are interested in more.

2017-10-05 This guide is now a featured one. Thank you for all the support c:

Update section Back to Top

Patch 7.20-8.9: Due to not playing League of Legends or keeping in touch with the game there are no updates from
                         MY side. To find out all the changes that occured in that time you should read Riot's Patch Notes or
                         hit the LoL wiki.

Patch 7.16-7.19: No direct changes to 202.png or any item/mastery that is related to him.

Patch 7.15: 3147.png got the on-hit damage nerfed for melees and even harder nerfed for ranged Champions. All in all
                   this item is still a solid pickup and the on-hit damage after leaving Fog of War was a nice-to-have but
                   not a must-have.

Patch 7.14: Lethality items (3147.png,3142.png,3814.png) got their lethality values increased from 15 to 18 but this buff
                   comes with a few trade-offs.

                   3147.png Cost reduced to 2900 from 2350, 10% Cooldown reduction added, increased damage on the
                   passive. In short: This item right now is BROKEN. Buy it in combination with 3142.png.

                   3142.png Out of combat movement speed increased from 20 to 40, AD down from 60 to 55. This item still
                   does what you want it to do - provide mobility and safety. The additional penetration makes up for
                   the loss of 5 AD.

                   3814.png Build path changed, magic resistance removed and replaced with 250 HP. This change was made
                   to make it less attractive for marksman since it'll be harder to get the full effect of 3036.png. I would
                   recommand it in a few situational cases but keep it on your radar.

Patch 7.13: No changes happened which directly affected Jhin.

Patch 7.12: jhinq.png Base Damage reduced by 5 points but AD ratio increased by 10% at any level. This change makes
                   202.png damage output a lot stronger in general.

                   jhinr.png Base Damage increase by 10/15/20 points. You'll barely feel a change but it is a nice QoL

Patch 7.11:   3153.png Lifesteal value down from 15% to 12%. This item was too well rounded to be unnerfed for any 
                     longer. This is now the 2nd nerf (cost increase in 7.9) but it doesn't make this item weak. In our case
                     we didn't intent to buy this item which makes the change irrelevant for us.
                     3047.png Damage reduction value down from 12% to 10%. We all knew that these pair of boots was broken
                     and adjustments needed to be done. 2% won't kill the item but let's be honest: Did we ever intent to
                     build this pair of boots on Jhin?

2017-06-01: Small adjustments to itemisation

2017-05-14: Major overhaul of itemisation and minor tweaks to mastery

Patch 7.9:     3026.png - Build component and stats got changed. Armor/MR --> AD/Armor is a nice pickup for a
                                defensive item of that caliber that now also grants 40 AD.
                     3035.png - With the tank update this item dropped armor penetration from 45% --> 35%. Still your only
                                viable option against big tanks.
                     3036.png - Additional damage depending on HP discrepancy up from 15% --> 20%. Compensation buff for
                                 the Last Whisper nerf.

Patch 7.7:      No changes were made that affected direct gameplay of this champion.

Patch 7.6:  Warlord's Bloodlust got its heal values changed from 1-50% to 3-40% making it better in the early
                  game but weaker in the late game. Additionally critical strike heals getting their power increased by
                  crit power amplifier such as 3031.png by 50%. This change heavily favors crit build marksman making it
                  superior to Deathfire Touch when building crit items.

                           Long story short:  Crit Build = Warlord's Bloodlust; Pen Build = Deathfire Touch

Patch 7.5:   3814.pngShield duration lowered from 10 to 5 seconds. This change is huge since the shield will not cover
                            your ultimate for the whole duration. The buy priority for this one fell down a lot (you can
                            already see in Patch 7.4 that pros build 3142.png->3031.png->3814.png after the hotfix) and it is now
                           considered a situational item. Pick it if there is only one CC that can interupt your ultimate (in
                           SoloQ pretty realistic).

                   Deathfire Touch Bonus AD Ratio down from 60 to 45% is a huge chunk especially for Jhin since he gains
                   so much Attack Damage over Level/by bying Attack Speed. It is still our go-to keystone since it
                   synergizes very well with the AD growth of Jhin.

                  Warlord's Bloodlust now works like the passive effects of 3087.png and 3094.png. But instead of adding damage
                  to the energized attack the user will have Life Steal and gains 30% Movement Speed for 0.75 seconds.
                  Jhin already gets Movement Speed when critting which makes kiting for him easier than for most
                  Marksman. When picking Warlord's this change is pretty good when going for a Crit Build BUT there is no
                  real scenario where we pick Warlord's above Deathfire Touch. The Life Steal is huge when used with the
                 4th Auto Attack of Jhin.

                 Keystone priority: Deathfire Touch > Fervor of Battle/Warlord's Bloodlust

Patch 7.4 :
 3142.png  Loss of 5 Lethality for a total of 15. Losing 25% of the original value seems tough but doens't feel                               any weaker than before so this item won't disappear from our item list.

                   3071.png This item got its build path changed + it lost some AD (50->40) and an HP boost (300->400). It's                                   simply not worth building on Jhin since the armor penetration must be stacked first to be                                         impactful.

                   3035.png AD from 25->10 and Armor Penetration from 30%->45% make this item even more desirable against                             heavy tanks but tbh you wouldn't want to pick Jhin into heavy tanks since your sniping                                             potential  decreases heavily and that's where you really shine.

                  3034.png The nerf on this item is pretty harsh since your opponent now needs up to 1000 HP more than                                  you to fully utilize this item. Worse against bruiser but still the same against full tanks.

                   3036.png See above

                  Fervor of Battle duration up from 6 to 8 seconds. Nice QoL change but still not worth picking on Jhin.

                  Warlord's Bloodlust bonus down from 20% to 15% is a good chunk but we never intended to pick it on                         Jhin anyway.

                  jhinr.png - Slow duration lowered from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds is feelable because your victims can now move a                              bit better in order to avoid getting shot. For good Jhin players this won't change a thing but a                                  somewhat unsecure sniper will feel the pain of this nerf.

                 3814.png This one came in a few hours after the initial patch came to live. The nerf on this item includes AD                           reduction from 60 to 55 and a Cooldown increase from 30 to 45 seconds putting on the same time                            the item had in 7.2. The item itself is still attractive since it provides all the stats we need and                          the Utility to dodge the bullet once but with this change we'll have to make sure to properly                                    use this item since the Cooldown is now 50% higher. Source

Worlds prediction (S7 Worlds) Back to Top

It is tough to predict whether or not 202.png is going to be relevant at worlds. He hasn't been Top Tier for a longer period of time and while he is able to dish out good amounts of damage, his tank killing potential is below the average for marksman which makes him right now less contested. Building 3142.png --> 3147.png is a good way to boost your early-to-mid game damage but is weak against tanks since 3047.png and 3076.png are so cheap yet provide so much Armor.

Prediction: With the way P&B currently goes we might get a game or two of 202.png and if they pick him he'll be played full crit (3031.png + 3094.png+ 3087.png + 3006.png + 3139.png/3072.png + 3036.png/3033.png) maybe with 3142.png into crit build. He should not be a contested pick, even with 5 bans on the marksman pool.

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