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All Guides Jinx Guides How to become a proper Hyper Carry [7.17]
12 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - No Explanation needed. Your only disengage tool which will move you over walls. Has a high cooldown so
                  good usage and positioning is key for success.

7.png - The best 2nd summoner spell choice. Provides safety in lane by providing a good amount of HP, utility to try
           and flee or chase for the last Basic attack. Additionally one of your allies will also gain those benefits

21.png - Viable Option because the shield value is higher than the HP value from 7.png BUT you'll not have the
           movement Speed burst and this summoner is not helping a Team mate. Also Keep in mind that the shield only
           lasts for 2 seconds.

1.png - Just. Don't. Do. It. If you Need a tool to Counter CC you'd want to buy 3140.png. This item costs 1300g and is
           providing safety against any Kind of CC (Cleanse only removes certain CC effects).

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

My choice of masteries aims on turtling through laning phase in order to become a monster in team fights later on. The higher you go in the league the tougher it'll become to go even and this combination is helping you in order to achieve that specific goal. Keep in mind that many teams try to gank you many times with the goal of putting you behind. 

Ferocity tree

6111.png > 6114.png: This one is as clear as water should be. We don't deal damage via spells but through Basic attacks. More
                     Speed = more Basic attacks in the same amount of time.

6122.png6121.png6123.png: In order to survive lane I prefer Feast but if you feel more comfortable you can boost your
                                trading potential by picking Fresh Blood. The last of the three is an option which allows your
                                allies to deal more damage but you won't be able to gain this bonus yourself. 

1x 6131.png + 4x 6134.png: When combining These masteries with our rune Setup we are going to have the same amount of
                              Life Steal (0.1% difference) but in return we gain more AD when we reach Level 3 and above. All
                              in all we have the same survivability but also gain more damage.

6143.png6142.png6141.png: My choice is Battle Trance because the only trade-off is the amount of time you have to be in
                                battle until you gain the full power (3 sec). Double Edged Sword is also ok but you'll receive
                                more damage in return. Bounty Hunter in theory is the best Option because you can gain up to
                                5% more damage BUT for it to become even with the other Options you have to kill 3 out of the
                                5 different opponents which is (in a lot of games) not possible because your enemies know how
                               to Close the game before you become relevant.

6151.png6154.png: The choice is clear since we deal physical damage.

6161.png6162.png >> 6164.png: Warlord's will help you get through lane with the amount of HP you'll receive. Additionally the
                                  burst of movement Speed will allow you to be harder to catch. In late game this mastery can
                                  heal for very high amounts because of its natural synergy with critical strike damage amplifier
                                  (3031.png). Fervor of Battle is also a good Option if you want to maximize your DPS Output in the
                                 late game but you sacrifice even more of your laning power.

Resolve tree

6211.png6212.png: The HP/5 will help you have more HP in lane while Unyielding provides additional armor/Magic
                     resistance. The amount you gain is, for a marksman, next to Zero and is only useful when you want to
                     use 6243.png.

6222.png >= 6223.png6221.png: Siegemaster is the best Option in abusive matchups (Scenarios where you are going to stay
                                  under your Tower for the most part of your laning Phase) since you gain 8 armor and Magic
                                  resistance. Tough Skin is also a viable Option because Basic attacks will deal less damage to
                                  you. Don't. Pick. Explorer. This one is pretty much useless and its effect for you is diminishing
                                  to almost nothing.
6232.png6231.png: Flat HP is making laning easier and Runic Armor isn't too powerful at all (but it synergises with

6241.png6243.png >> 6242.png: I tried both Insight and Fearless and I personally can't decide which is better. Insight allows
                                  you to use your summoner spells more often while Fearless grants a lot of resistances for two
                                  seconds after being hit. It mostly depends on your playstyle and the opponent team
                                 composition - assasin --> Fearless, diver --> Insight. Perseverence is very very bad for us since
                                 the 200% additional HP/5 only triggers while being below 25% and in addition to that our HP/5 is small anyway.

Abilities Back to Top

jinxpassive.png - For every kill/assist in the last 3 seconds or Tower/Inhibitor pickup Jinx is going to receive a massive burst of
          movement Speed (which diminishes over time) and attack Speed. The attack Speed can stack several times
          resulting sometimes in 2.50 attack speed with rocket launcher!

jinxq.png - With this ability you can swap between a minigun and a rocket launcher. The minigun will reduce your attack
           range to 525 but for every attack you'll gain a stack which increases your attack Speed (up to 3 stacks). Those
           stacks start to decay 2.5 seconds after not attacking a target. The rocket launcher increases your attack range
           to 600/625/650/675/700 and your Basic attacks deal AOE damage around the target you attack. In return
           every Basic attack now costs 20 mana. You can swap between both weapons freely with a very small cooldown.
           Additionally you can use 3 stacks of your mini gun to Speed the first rocket but every other attack from the
           rocket launcher will ignore those stacks.

jinxw.png - A skillshot with good Basic damage and AD scaling which in addition scales with critical strike rate too. The
          first target hit will get damaged and slowed for 2 seconds by 30/40/50/60/70% and stay visible for the
          duration of the slow. It is tough hitting with this ability but if you hit it'll deal good damage and allows your
          team to follow-up.

jinxe.png - This ability places 3 traps in front of you which will be active after ~0.7 seconds. When a target steps on one
          they will be snared and receive damage (70/120/170/220/270 and 100% AP ratio scaling) over the course of 3
          seconds. One target can get rooted only once but they can receive the damage a second time when the traps

jinxr.png - When activated a big rocket is flying in a straight line (global range) and deals damage to the first Champion
          in the line. The damage is AOE which can even kill Targets that get shielded by allies and the further away
          your target is the more damage the rocket will deal but the max range is already reached at ~3000units (Need
          to test more to specify the number correctly).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This should be your start at all times.

Core Items

    This is the core of a hyper carry. You always want to get it asap (as soon as possible).

Situational Items

    One of these if you have to kill tanks,
    Pick at least one of These (2 if you skip armor Penetration).

1054.png2003.png: The best start for a weak laner no matter what matchup you are facing. When in an abusive matchup
                     this item can make life a litte less troublesome while you can gain an edge in an even matchup. The
                     best way for you to go through lane is by earning one kill. This one kill is enough to let you go on a
                     rampage if you Keep playing with caution.


3031.png - This is your bread and butter. Hyper carries rely on critical strikes from a safe distance and this item is
          amplifying for critical strikes by another 50%. This boost is rounded by 70 AD and 20% critical strike rate.
          Since this items' price got reduced back in 7.9 the penality of buying this item first isn't as big as it used to

3006.png - To maximise damage Output buying attack Speed boots is the best option. Keep in mind that you have to
          position properly else you can stack as much DPS as you want - you won't be able to use it at all.

3087.png - Critical strike rate, attack and movement speed are stats that allow us to push our DPS onto another
           level. Combine that with the energised attack and you have a lot of wave clear and burst potential. This
           item should always be your second pick up (in a few cases first buy).

3094.png - Provides the same stats as 3087.png does (5% less attack speed) and also energises your next Basic attack to hit
           from a higher range and for an extra amount of damage. Additionally to that it also recharges energised
           attacks by 25%. In combination with 3087.png you can hit from a 850 range (with rocket launcher) and can use
           the stronger damage from 3087.png.

If you have these items in your backpack you are finally going to be on your strong side. You can also replace 3087.png for 3085.png because your rocket launcher is working with the additional hits from 3085.png. Advantage of this item is that your rocket launcher attacks will allow you to wave clear with 1 attack and the extra attacks work making it like 3 rockets flying.


3036.png - Very good choice against heavy HP tanks that don't rely on sustain to become unkillable.

3033.png - If you need to kill tanks and reduce any sustain in the Opponent team you should stick with this item.

3026.png - If you can't avoid being bursted by a big assasin like 238.png or 91.png you may want to buy this item. It'll grant
           you a second life, increases armor and also provides some AD.

3072.png - If you want to push your AD to new Limits and also want a lot of Life Steal you should buy this item. Did I say
           that you can "overheal" which results in you building up a shield that soaks damage?

3139.png - Is there this one guy that screws your life with CC? Well then this one is your ticket to Elo heaven. 65 AD, 10%
           Life Steal, 35 Magic resistance and one "Out of CC jail"-Card.

3156.png - CC is not an issue because you are going to get blown by those 4.png+1.png engages in the blink of an eye?
           You should get this item because it provides 45 Magic resistance, 50 AD, 10% cooldown reduction and a shield
           that absorbs a lot of Magic damage. But there is more to the shield - when the shield triggers you also get
           granted a passive called "Lifeline" which gives 20 AD, 10% Life Steal and Spell Vamp UNTIL you leave the

3812.png - You Need a lot of AD, Life Steal and the ability to not die instantly in a burst? Then the Death's Dance is your
           choice. 80 AD, 10% cooldown reduction, 15% of all physical damage is geting healed (Life Steal + Spell Vamp
          for physical damage spells) and 30% of the incoming damage is transfered into a 3 second DOT (Damage over time).

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

General Information Back to Top

Hello and welcome to my 222.png guide. I tried to explain everything as clear as possible but if you have any question in mind don't worry to ask in the comments or come over to my stream  and ask in the chat (if I'm streaming). Same goes for Feedback. If you think that Video sequences might help you understand the mechanics behind this Champions feel free to tell me.

Keep in mind that this guide is never going to be completly right or finished since the game is changing at such a pace that it is impossible. Also in this guide I try to explain why and how I play her.

Update Section Back to Top

Patch 7.17: No changes were done to 222.png or anything she is using.

Worlds prediction Back to Top

Long story short: We won't see much 222.png simply because her early and mid game is too weak which will delay her
                            power spike even further. She also needs a lot of assistance because of her lack of mobility (unless
                            she gets a kill/assist). But we could see a game or to of her so be patient, my friends.

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