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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Reasoning: Flash is most powerful summoner spell

Smite: Really good for jungling, also gives you access to jungle items

Why not take anything else?

21.png - Your R gives you a shield bigger then the welfare fund of Northern Idaho
2.png - Your W lets you see more then the NSA can through your phones right now
13.png - Essence Reaver = more sustain
1.png - QSS = can still get flash
3.png - Your E lets you sail away faster then French tradeboats being attacked by Somalian Pirates. Also killing is unethical.
6.png - See above
7.png - See barrier
14.png - All jokes aside, your damage output is more then enough then for you to resort to taking ignite
12.png - Boots of mobility

New Runes Back to Top

Press the attack - Boosts your overall dps against a single target for 6s, including your Plasma %health damage
Triumph - lets you keep going after you kill a champion
Legend: Alacrity - Strong overall, lets you gain your E passive with 1419.png3153.png very fast. 
Alternatively you can run Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 if you know they will invade. Gives you more sustain in jungle + late game without needing a bloodthirster.

Coup de Grace - Lets you execute low health enemies faster

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 - Strong synergy with your kaisae.pngkaisar.png, lets you ignore armor penetration till late game under the right situation

Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 - Lets you snowball harder

Abilities Back to Top

Passive - Literally the most broken passive Riot has made in a while, lets you clear camp insanely fast, give you insane  %HP damage early and late game, and lets you shred tanks Late game as well.

Q - Kinda weak early game, Pretty strong late game. Good for clearing camps, the damage is decent early game against a single target, but late game , damage is now somewhat significant thanks to the numerous amount of buffs she received in attempt for riot to meet their sales quota for Kaisa.

Honestly even after the buffs to her Q on 8.6, it still makes more sense to max out your E first since you're not building any actual Physical Damage items, meaning it's "somewhat" pointless till late game. 

W - Strong skill that lets you stack two stacks of plasma. Before 6, use it to finish your plasma stacks while ganking, after 6, use it to gank lanes with your ulti.

Piece of advice, don't actually try to land this coming into a gank, as the projectile speed is literally slower then the Japanese realizing they were losing the war. 

E - Super strong attack speed steroid that grants movespeed on charge up and during buff. Your bread and butter, your Opus Magnum, your Everything. 

Literally use this to walk into lane and shoot hot, sticky loads of napalm and agent orange until the enemy laner is begging for mercy more then an Afghan man watching his child being tortured by a electric drill like in American Sniper.

R - Lets you dash to enemies marked with plasma, and gain a shield that basically let you play without consequence as to where you jump. Use to gank and pickoff isolated enemies. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start for jungle

Core Items

    Strongest core item on Kaisa for Jungle
    Strong item, granting tank shred and lifesteal
    If you're ahead, you want to gank more after taking camps
    If you're behind/Want your stealth earlier with Bloodrazer, and your Alacrity

Situational Items

    Overpowered ADC items mix and match according to situation
    If you get CC'd down or bursted down super fast in a teamfight
    Death's dance if you're running Guinsoo's with Wits End
    If you're building Infinite Edge + Statikk
    Avoid these items
    If you need HP/Survivability
    Alternative items if they're stacking armour
    If you need armor penetration

Items you want - Explanation

1419.png - Good overall first item on Kaisa that synergizes with her E and passive

3153.png - Good overall second item on Kaisa that synergizes with her E and passive

3006.png - If you're behind and you want to farm the jungle more

3117.png - Lets you run faster then a kenyan man high on bootleg meth and lets you gank after every camp almost immediately

3031.png3087.png- Basically strongest ADC itemization combo at the moment, and you basically are a ADC in the jungle

3091.png3124.png3115.png- Lets you melt HP faster then a Alpha Texan male screaming at his mother for a sandwich

3812.png - Lets you leech off the massive amounts of damage you dish out late game with Guinsoos and your passive like a Chinese jew embezzling money off the Nigerian Mafia

3072.png - Lets you leech off the massive amounts of AA damage you dish out late game like a African American man and his welfare money from the state

3139.png3140.png - Get this item if you somehow keep getting CC'd despite being a illegal alien from what is essentially Magic Mexico

Items NOT to get - Explanation

3094.png - Your kit basically revolves around you kiting the enemy till they're dead at point blank range. Having a little bit extra range on your already tiny AA range is not useful compared to Statikk Shiv

3078.png - A "little" bit of everything like a communist welfare state, this item might give Kaisa a little bit of everything but that's not what she needs, being an independant legal alien from Magic Mexico, she does not need the state's welfare money to support her True, Patriotic American dreams.

Also you want to upgrade either your E or Q as soon as possible and this item doesn't let you do that. It's too expensive for the stats it gives to Kai'sa, and there are better items out there.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ivern
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
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  • Rengar
  • Shaco
  • Volibear




Literally kite away from him faster then the a Viet Cong caveman burning alive after an agent orange strike on their precious rice fields. Your percentage hp magic damage cripples his passive to the point of non-existance, meaning with proper itemization, you can make the game a 6v4 early on in the game by tilting him over to your side. 




If you can prevent evelynn from charming you with her Lesbian Charm, you may then tear apart his boyhole faster then Harvey Weinstein on a quadruple dose of Viagra and Cocaine. 

Also she one shots you mid game so stay away from her 




Being an obese American living on welfare, Gragas, an pinnacle example of Aryan race, completely relies on pure drunken rage and alcohol in order to even do any damage onto his enemies. 

Legitimately, all his damage comes from his skills. Dodge his E, bait out his Q, and Flash out his R. In short, his burst damage may be very difficult to dodge, but being true-hot blooded patriotic immigrant you are, should be able to dodge it using your fifth sense you obtained by defeating all thirteen forms of Itachi from Naruto Shippuden




Ivern is the definition of a Vietnamese Rice Farmer, he will literally sit in his bushes, standing in his own pile of feces for weeks for a opportunity to even scratch that All-American Iron Man suit you have on. 

Kite away from him, lobbing loads of your hot, sticky napalm till he burns alive like the rest of the Viet Cong. 




Honestly, as a original inhabitent from magical mexico, Kaisa theoretically should be able to out-trade him early game thansk to her purple napalm strikes. 

The key here is to avoid his counterstrike  like how the Russian Mafia avoids taxation. You can achieve this by running at Kenyan speeds using your kaisae.png

tldr; Avoid jaxcounterstrike.png, your dps Is better early theoretically




Honestly I can barely even call this champion a champion, and I use the word Champion very carefully because of how ridiculously broken this "champion" is. 

Honestly just stay away from this "champion" from all levels cause he one shots you thanks to his Q nuke


Master Yi


He is your equal as you are his. However, the imperial Japanese army in the second world war declared that the only honorable fighting style is to literally throw yourself at the enemy until they die, which is exactly all he can do. 

Literally run away from him pre-6, or avoid letting him autoattack by kiting away from him. You and him are equal in 1v1s unless he somehow misses all his katana swings like a victim of a honorable acid attack.




This is what could be considered as "Budget Rengar", as one, he actually needs mana to function, and two, he one shots faster then a non-binary indivdual getting "his" first lay. This essentially puts him at the same place as Rengar, however, taking massively less skill while all together still being able to do more thanks to his ultimate ability.

His ultimate ability, Paranoia, allows him to effectively arabian sandgoggle everyone on his map, then literally jumps towards his prey faster then Jared Fogle and a 14 year old girl, dealing slightly more damage then Little Boy did to Hiroshima.




Kaisa is one of the few champions that can successfully beat down Nunu and his pet yeti by kiting away from using a combination of E and W, along with dealing enough damage to actually burst down his health. You'd have to first avoid being caught by the liberal law enforcement for violating both human and animal cruelty laws.




Honestly rengar players should hang themselves and slit their wrists after smearing their feces all over the walls of their cell in the mental institution.

Jokes aside, he has one shot potential the entire game, and you basically can't outduel him early game since his Q is a bigger nuke then the American Made Minuteman ICBM. He also recovers faster then Hugh Jackman on a triple dosage of Viagra and steroids.




Honestly, I don't even know what the hell riot was thinking when they made a champion that literally encourages a hivemind of trashy league players to literally complain more then ADC mains getting one shot by already weak assassins. 

Anyways, straight to the point, you beat him in a 1v1, but everytime he fights you, he'll run faster away from you then an Antifa member being beaten down by, brave, Patriotic Americans, AKA Fascist Nazis. 

You'll basically want to avoid chasing after Shaco as his boxes lets him perform the league of legends equivalent of Date-Raping, CCing into submission, then screwing you over from behind. 




Honestly, Volibear is just broken right now. 

Avoid him like the plague. 

If you can't avoid him, get ready to guzzle gallons of thick, sticky bear cum as he shoves his throbbing bear cock down your throat in what could be considered a war crime. However, unlike a human, he is a minority in League, being a animal and whatnot, and can justify and defend his actions by claiming his "Islamic" culture did not indoctrinate him to be respectful to people of the opposite gender. 

Introduction Back to Top

Kaisa is a brand new AD carry champion from the void, which essentially is basically Magic Mexico. Now I call this place "Magic Mexico" due to the following reason:

1). You literally have aliens trying to escape that god-forsaken place to try and leech off the rest of the civilized Earth
2). It's located in the middle of desert

Anyways, Kaisa is a Bruiser, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Support, Mage champion that specializes in everything a marksman should not, %HP damage, self-shields and a higher-risk playstyle then listening to Ram Ranch in front of the Western Baptoro Church.

Now Kaisa, being the true hot-blooded Alpha Female she is, decided to don what could be considered a "True American Iron Man suit" made of the skin of other illegal immigrants trying to cross over to Valoran, and essentially act as a borderguard to try and stop illegal aliens from getting jobs in Valoran. You may ask why she hasn't been held responsible for her actions by the SJWs of the internet, and the answer is that she's a legal alien herself. 

Now you may wonder why I decided to take her into the jungle. That's because her early game is absolute fucking shit, and going jungle alleviates that problem by:
1). Giving her access to insanely broken jungle items that literally haven't been changed in almost 7 seasons
2). Letting her farm the jungle without the judgemental eyes of other junglers trying to follow a stale meta
3). Lets her play as aggressive as she wants as her insane damage and shielding allows her to play without consequence of her actions, courtesy of the affirmative action quota that Riot needed to make. 

Above is everything you need to start playing Kaisa in the jungle. 

General Matchup Back to Top


Your early game is broken against every champion except:

- Rengar, because thanks to the hippies back at Washington, killing of endangered wildlife is now illegal
- Shaco, as you should never chase clowns since they're not actual people
- Kha'zix, as Americans were not supplied enough Bug Spray during the Vietnam war often suffered Malaria and a slurry of other awful diseases.

I don't actually play real junglers other then Twitch because the meta sucks.

You need to gank very often after Lvl 3. Honestly just look at RAT IRL's videos if you need an example as to how to gank as a marksman.

Pathing, Ganking, and Carrying Back to Top


Depends on where you want to gank first, but you have only one path basically:

Red - Blue - Gromps

If you follow that order exactly, you will get level 3 and be able to gank any lane of your choosing. Top is the easiest to gank for Kai'Sa, easiest place to camp, and the easiest lane to tilt before 15 minutes. 

Top laners have some sort of god complex which lets them think they can 1v2 at level 4. Prove them wrong and tilt them by spam ganking his lane until he's 0/9 by 15 minutes and watch him RQ. 


1). Basically walk into river bush or tri-bush in whichever lane you want to gank
2). Ping for your team mate to start engaging, you will join fight very fast with your E movespeed steroid
3). Charge up your E even as you walk into the fight
4). Your opponent will likely flash if they haven't early game. Use this opportunity to proc your passive using W
5). Take the kill. Your laner clearly doesn't deserve the kill if he needs a gank this early on in the game. (Jokes aside, lets you snowball super hard early game and allows you to gank more).


Whenever you want basically. Top lane is easiest to camp but watch for the enemy jungler. If you see the enemy jungler, honestly you can probably beat him 1V1 unless he's 107.png. If he's Shaco, don't bother chasing him early game as he's as slippery as a african-american evading the police.

Don't camp if you get invaded early game, your HP will be too low and you run the risk of dying. You will also be slightly behind then the enemy jungler but that isn't a problem once you get Bloodrazors, as Kaisa is a champion you can play however you want without consequences with her gigantic ulti shield, and with massive %hp damage on her passive. 


Thanks to the buffs Riot made in attempt to meet their sale quota for Kai' Sa, as of patch 8.6, she can solo carry the entire game harder then 18 fully clothed cowboys in ram ranch thanks to the insane amounts of damage on her Q and Passive. 

However her lack of AA range makes her very difficult to carry as, since you will likely be caught out during a teamfight trying to kite their enemy front line. This is however pretty much alleviated thanks to that gigantic shield from her ulti, and the fact that the meta right now is essentially "shield" the carry. 

She is also very good, almost too good, at catching people out late game. 

But remember, she's basically useless early game unless the enemy is a group of five lobotomized autists that don't know the moral quelms of right and wrong from incest. 

How to survive the Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb, Rengar. Back to Top


Honestly I don't know what Riot's doing bringing back unreworked Rengar into the fold, and in addition, letting him keep basically all of his broken kit and mechanics. 

Anyways you really have to think about who is behind the keyboard of Rengar players. Yes, that fat, sweaty and ugly neckbeard breathing through his nose in some basement of a Russian Mafia member's house because his mom was probably savagely murdered because she forgot to pay the rent. Anyways, 

Rengar will one shot you. As of right now, there is NO counterplay against Rengar until Riot actually decides that enough is enough, screw tank meta and tencent, and then actually release better itemization options that grant both armour and AD other then Guardian Angels.

Avoid him. Ban him. It doesn't matter. Literally dodge a queue with this sick monster. Its not worth playing it through. The only chance you'll ever get to kill this disgusting beast is if you rush Stopwatch and have both your Bot Lane and Mid Lane performing a joint operation in order to kill Rengar. 

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