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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Heal is standard on every ADC, Kai’Sa is no exception, it gives you immediate mobility and health recover for you and your Support / nearest ally, great utility to be used mostly defensively or for extra control during a fight.
Flash is standard on most champions, again Kai’Sa is no exception, allowing you to dodge key skill shots by enemy champions, or to get in range to finish off an enemy, over all it is your huge play making tool, on a 5 minute cooldown it should not be wasted though.

New Runes Back to Top

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64  Fleet of footwork gives you a good amount of sustain during the laning phase, and the movement speed gained from it can be used to take small trades in lane, or to run away from engaging enemies. Later into the match the heal becomes much greater letting you live much longer during fights, and the movement speed gained for it allows you to position a lot faster during fights which is very, very valuable on Kai’Sa since you have no gap closer without ULT kaisar.png.
Overheal.png?width=64 Over shield gives you a very small shield for excessive healing, which during the laning phase will block small amounts of consistent poke, or minion damage, which matters a good amount, especially at higher level of play where small trades are everything, and later in the game will give you a much bigger shield since you will be healing more, or your support will be healing you more, effectively giving you more HP for dealing more damage. 
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 This rune gives you Attack Speed for getting CS and Kills / Assist, so throughout the game you gain slightly more and more Attack Speed for free, if you don’t run this rune it can make you have to by an extra item to fully upgrade Kai’Sa’s E kaisae.png 
Cut%20Down.png?width=64 Cut it down is usually the best option, since you will most likely be playing into either a tank support, multiple tank champions, or bruiser champions, and a Last Whisper 3035.png simply isn’t enough for Kai’Sa to deal with say a full Armor Cho’Gath 31.png

Celerity.png?width=64  Kai’Sa has no escape gap closer, her only defesnive tools are E kaisae.png to run backwards or away from an enemy or Heal 7.png, celertiy gives you extra movement speed, and extra AD, small amounts of both, but it’s a good double effecieveness from a single rune, also contributes towards the Bonus AD total for Kai’Sa’s Q kaisaq.png Upgrade.
Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64Gain Bonus Attack Damage the longer the game goes on, generally useful on all ADC’s 

Abilities Back to Top


 Skill Order

kaisar.png dot-pattern.png kaisaq.png dot-pattern.png kaisae.png dot-pattern.png kaisaw.png

kaisapassive.png Passive

  • Kai’Sa’s Auto attacks deal bonus magic damage based on her level & AP
  • Kai’Sa’s Auto attacks and Void Seeker kaisaw.png & ally CC apples “Plasma” after proc’ing 5 Plasma stacks on an enemy it deals a lot of bonus damage.
  • Champions affected by “Plasma” can by ULT’ed by Kai’Sa kaisar.png

Kai’Sa’s basic abilities can be upgraded after hitting certain bonus stats 

  • kaisaq.png Upgrades at 100 Bonus Attack Damage
  • kaisaw.png Upgrades at 100 Bonus Ability Power
  • kaisae.png Upgrades at 100 Bonus Attack Speed

kaisaq.png Icathain Rain

Kai’Sa shoots rockets at all nearby enemies
Deals bonus damage to low health minions

  • Use this to last hit multiple minions from a safer distance
  • Use this to push out minion waves
  • Spam this during every fight to deal the most damage possible to the targets near you
  • This is Kai’Sa’s main damage ability, it is on a very low cooldown, gives you wave clear and is easily upgraded very early in the game with the build path 1038.png > 3133.png > 1037.png  > 3508.png

kaisaw.png Void Seeker 

Kai’Sa shoots a single long range blast, dealing a good amount of magic damage, and applying “Plasma”
Damage scales off AP and AD
  • Can be used for poke in lane, move to the sides of the minion wave to land it on an enemy champions
  • Use to last hit CS from very far away when you are zoned from the minion wave
  • Use to hit an enemy champion from long range to be able to ULT kaisar.png them during a team fight.
After upgraded applies 3 stacks of “Plasma” on targets hit, and refunds 50% of the cooldown if it hits any enemy champions.

kaisae.png Supercharge 

Kai’Sa charges up for a short duration, during that time she can not auto attack or cast abilities, but gains bonus movement speed, after charging she gains bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.
  • Use this to avoid skills shots with the immediate speed boosted
  • Use it before an engagement to have more attack speed while fighting
  • Basically used for assistive engaging or escaping

Once upgraded Super Charge gives Kai’sa brief invisibility when cast.

kaisar.png Killer Instinct 

Kai’Sa shields herself and can dash a long distance to a target affected by Plasma

  • Use this to gain a shield during a fight in lane
  • Use it after landing a long range W kaisaw.png to dash to a target from very long distance away.

This can be a hugely impactful or completely useless ability during fights, if you don’t look to use it in creative ways when your allies CC targets or when you land a W kaisaw.png than it will not be as effective and a much less useful ability.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1055.png Doran’s Blade is standard on every ADC, most ADCs also have the option of start 1054.png Doran’s Shield, but Kai’Sa does not, if you don’t have the bonus +5 AD then you won’t have enough to upgrade her Q kaisaq.png with the recommended build path below.


The early build path to upgrade Kai’Sa’s Q kaisaq.png as fast as possible you should 1038.png > 3133.png > 1037.png , before upgrading into 3508.png, it’s obviously not a normal build, but it will give you the most damage as early as possible, and if you don’t go on this build path it will take you very, very long to upgrade Kai’Sa’s Q kaisaq.png. It is also delayed if you built 1054.png Doran’s Shield first.

1055.png > 1038.png > 3133.png > 1037.png > 3508.png > 3006.png > 3085.png > 2015.png > 3031.png > 3094.png > 3036.png 

This is a “Normal” Build path for Kai’Sa, building the early pickaxe to upgrade her Q ast fast as possible, and if you want to upgrade Kai’Sa’s E kaisae.png before level 16ish depending on her attack speed growth. You can build a Dagger 1042.png into 2015.png for the bonus damage on hit, and to be sitting on a better small item for a longer time. You don’t have to upgrade Kai’Sa’s E as fast as possible, but in most solo queue games it will be very rare to get to level 16 to finnally be able to make use of that part of Kai’Sa’s Kit.

Rather or not you take this variation in build makes Kai’Sa a much different champion for that time period, if you find it somewhat hard to understand, imagin Kha’Zix, he gets to upgrade an ability every time he upgrades his ULT, but doesn’t have to build to a certain amount of stats. 

3812.png Death’s Dance is usually better than 3072.png since you do a lot of damage consistently with Q kaisaq.png, and will also give you 40% CDR if you have 3508.png and other crit items completed, adding my synergy to the Q kaisaq.png spam.
3033.png Mortal Reminder is good Last Whisper opotion if the enemy team has multiple healing champions such as 50.png19.png266.png, Kai’Sa only applies the healing Reduction to champions she hits, and since she is so short range, you may not be able to apply it to the champion you want to unless they are near you.
3142.png Ghostblade may be alright the lethality will really let you deal a ton of damage to enemy carries rather than tanks, if you can get onto them this can be very deadly, same with.
3046.png Can be ok, as a 1st or 2nd zeal item, it allows you to somewhat peel for yourself if you do not have the support from your team and the enemy team has a single diving target that can deal serious damage to you.
3026.png Guardian Angel is not an offensive item, it is to be used as a offensively defensive snowball item, if you far enough ahead, it allows you to move way forward into the enemy team during a fight without fear of dying, don’t buy this when you are behind when you against an AD threat, you will die, then come back to life to die again, useless.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Kog'Maw
  • Varus
  • Xayah




Alistar is short range engage, offering lots of threat in lane, and during teamfights you have to pay attention to him, if you don't flash his WQ headbutt.pngpulverize.png combo.

You can avoid his combo with ULT kaisar.png which is quite the SICK play.




Playing against Braum is painful if he is trying to peel against you, he can not only block your damage with E braume.png but his short range abilities and slow are very hard for you to deal with since you are such short range.

Ban Braum.




Caitlyn has very high range and can bully Kai'Sa early during the laning phase delaying your build, and during fight it's hard to deal with her range, and when you get onto her she can E caitlynentrapment.png & Flash away, so over all Cait has a ton of tools to punish and deal with Kai'Sa, put an enchanter support on top of that and it becomes quite he uphill battle. 




Ezreal and Kai'sa look to have a farm lane, Ezreal can manipulate you around the minion wave to avoid his Q ezrealmysticshot.png so long that you stand in your minion wave it will be hard for him to hit you. Don't eat a lot of poke in lane and keep up your CS.

Late game if you are looking to jump onto him with ULT kaisar.png you have to play around his E blink ezrealarcaneshift.png and flash, so be ready to do so or you will find yourself in a very awkward position. 




Level  1 avoid Janna's W sowthewind.png like the plague, don't let her get near you, hopefully she burns it on your support or plays passively, if you get her to move into you, your minion wave, and your support it puts her at more of threat, and lets you take a better trade of 1 auto attack and Q kaisaq.png 

Later into the game singling her out with ULT can be good.




Kog'Maw is nothing but damage, you have to play around your teams CC to deal with him during fights, you can play around when his W kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png is down. 

But if you move into him with even items, and your tanks / support missed all their CC he probably just right clicks you to death.




Varus is also a short range high damage threat, and early game he beats you very easily in trades, you have to land a skill shot in kaisaw.png and Q kaisaq.png. All he has to hit 1 auto attack , prod his W passive with E varuse.png




Xayah has a strong level 1 , if she walks towards you don't trade, just avoid her until you have to last the first 3 minions. 

Xayah's ULT isn't that good against Kai'sa, she can't avoid any 1 big hit like most champions have, since Kai'sa has lots of damage on a short cooldown.

Don't get hit by her feather return in lane xayahe.png 

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game Kai'Sa has it easy, you don't have to take lots of trades, and can mostly focus on farm. To get full damage off you have to land a single target Q kaisaq.png which requires you to be close range to the enemy ADC / Support, and land a W kaisaw.png, these to factors are very unlikely, so it's better to keep your distance and just last hit minions. If you take a trade of a single auto attack and a Q kaisaq.png on the enemy champion while kiting away that's about as good as it gets. But standing on minion waves and trading abilities will probably not go well for you. 

You can also use Q kaisaq.png to safely last hit minions from a short but safer distance than auto attacking. You can do the same with W kaisaw.png for a single minion, but you should look to use W kaisaw.png to hit an enemy champion standing to the edge of the minion wave it deals a lot of damage, and the mana cost is negligible. 

Like I mentioned in "Items" your early build path should be 1038.png > 3133.png > 1037.png to upgrade Kai'Sa's Q kaisaq.png as early as possible, giving you lots of damage and wave clear. 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game during fights you can get a lot of value from your ULT kaisar.png moving from lane to lane, or into the river, if you can land a W kaisaw.png on an enemy champion, than you can ULT kaisar.png towards them and start a fight. Kai'Sa is very good at starting fights, but not good at running away from them, so it's better than you start fights on your own terms, rather than have to react to the enemy engaging onto you. 

If you can't take any fights on the map, than staying in your lane and continuing to farm is fine, you always want to be farming a lot, it's so easy to instantly kill a minion wave with upgraded Q kaisaq.png, then move from your lane to look for an ULT kaisar.png.

If you take the bot lane tower you should move top lane to take that tower, or farm the minion wave and match the enemy bot lane, when you take the Top tower you should move to the mid lane to farm that wave and respond to fights around Rift Herald / Baron & Dragon. 

Get Farm!

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game it all comes down to how well you play Teamfights, and if you are being caught out or not.

To not be caught out don't mis-position! Think about who can kill you when you are moving around the map, and how they can kill you, take safe ways around dangerous spots in the fog of war, and don't face check, let you tanks do that for you, curiosity kills the Kai'sa.

Take note of all the key threat champions,and their ways of killing you.

Kai'Sa is very short range, so you have to get close to enemies to damage then, so team fights become a battle of you having to avoid the enemy front line, and being able to land a W kaisaw.png on an enemy carry and ULT kaisar.png onto them to single them out, while the enemy front line is occupied, you can also ULT off your allies CC, so if your tanks get a good engage you can easily follow up on it. 

Once you have upgraded E kaisae.png you can also kite very easily away from the enemy front line and get more attack speed to deal with them. During a fight you should always be spamming Q kaisaq.png it's free damage onto the closest enemy near you, and on a very short cooldown, if you aren't casting it you aren't doing as much DPS as possible.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • High Damage, Burst, and DPS
  • Great Utility to be able to dash onto a target with ULT kaisar.png 
  • Mixed damage with W & Passive 


  • No good escape
  • Can't deal with long range champions well (51.png268.png)
  • Expensive Build Path

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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$15 per hour coaching or $20 for 2 Hours.

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