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Summoner Spells Back to Top



4.png Flash is a must for every ADC, it's without any doubt the best summoner spell in League of Legends, It allows you to escape countless situations and also make incredible plays. Please take it.


7.png vs 21.png vs 1.png

7.png Heal is just one of the best dueling summoner spells for botlane, as it heals both you and your support, giving you more chance of survival. The extra movement speed is also quite handy, either to escape or chase.

21.png Barrier is something that we've seen being used very frequently by the pro players at Worlds. They put this strategy to use in order to give the ADC more tools to keep himself alive (It is more used for hyper carries e.g. (Kog'Maw, Jinx, Xayah, Tristana). Your support must take 7.png for you to take 21.png.

1.png Cleanse is used when you play against supports with a  lot of cc (e.g. 89.png). In most cases, your partner will also take 7.png. Personally, I'm not a fan of this summoner, but the truth is that it is very useful and can decide team fights but your timing on using it must be on point. 


New Runes Back to Top


Why Precision as main path?


  • Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=64 is extremely powerful on Kai'Sa, since she works best with supports that have some sort of immobilization, this rune will be a real kill threat. Together with her passive, you're very likely to get a kill between level 2 and 3. Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 is also a great choice, goes more towards sustain. If you feel that you're going to have a real hard time, take this rune. Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32 can also be a good choice, haven't seen many, but if you hit your kaisaw.png and jump with your kaisar.png, you'll have Lethal Tempo active, which can be great to execute your enemy fast.

  • Overheal.png?width=64 is a great choice for some extra sustain, and we'll be taking it together with Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32, that way you can proc the shield even without a healing support or Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Triumph.png?width=32 is also a good choice, will allow you to survive a bunch of times, restoring 12% of your missing health. Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 had a rework, on paper it seems very useful, but not sure about using it on Kai'Sa. It'll restore your ultimate's cooldown by 10% and also 20% of your missing mana, can be very useful if you don't rush 3508.png.

  • Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=64 is a really good rune, especially for champions that don't want to build lifesteal early. It'll give you the extra sustain, and also proc Overheal.png?width=32Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 will definitely be a good option, the extra attack speed can be very useful to complete your kaisae.png's passive (at 100% attack speed), just gives you more DPS. Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 doesn't seem bad on paper, with the recent buffs, if you play vs a CC based team, might be a very good solution! 

  • Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 works so well to finish off your wounded enemies. The other options are not bad either, Cut%20Down.png?width=32 can be extremely good when you're up against a really tanky team, dealing 4-12% at 150-2000 max health difference and Last%20Stand.png?width=32 can work as a surprise factor against your enemy. But overall, I believe Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 and Cut%20Down.png?width=32 are the best choices.


    Why Sorcery as secondary path?


  • Absolute%20Focus.png?width=64 gives you extra AD early (3 AD at level 1) when you are above 70% health. This rune scales very well, giving you an edge over your enemies. Give it a try!

  • Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 is just the best option for late game. Since games have been quite long, this rune has been shining even more, especially since the patch 8.3 when ADC's started to go Sorcery.


Abilities Back to Top


  • Kai’Sa’s Auto attacks deal bonus magic damage based on her level and ability power and apply a mark called Plasma.

  • At the 5th Plasma stack, Kai'Sa will inflict Rupture Damage, dealing an insane wound in her enemies, most of the times killing them since it does more damage based on missing health.

  • Your allies immobilization skills stack plasma (e.g. Alistar's Q).

  • Living Artillery is also part os Kai'Sa's passive and allows you to upgrade your skills at certain checkpoints.

    Q - 8.10.jpg
  • Extremely good skill to farm up minions that are below 35% HP.

  • Really good poke ability.

  • Can be upgraded when you hit 100 bonus attack damage.

  • Works best against enemy champions when they're isolated, making all the missiles target them and deal an insane amount of damage. 


Massive damage early on, especially if used to finish off a target that has already 3 plasma stacks.

Use it on lane whenever you can to poke your enemy down, most people underestimate the damage.

At 100 bonus ability power, this ability will upgrade.

In team fights, try using this ability to finish off opponents or to position yourself with your ultimate.

E- 8.10.jpg
  • This ability allows you to dodge most skill shots if timed correctly.

  • Use it when you know that your support is engaging in lane, this will maximize your DPS.

  • At 100& bonus attack speed, this ability will be upgraded and will grant you invisibility when Supercharging (extremely powerful in team fights).

  • Auto attacking reduces its cooldown.

  • Very powerful ultimate that allows you to assassinate the most squishy targets.

  • Use it wisely, either to dodge skill shots or to just get a shield in a 1v1 situation.

  • If playing with a team that can easily stack Plasma, keep in mind that you can use your ultimate to reposition yourself in the fight.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Very aggressive start. Allows you to do more damage and spam your abilities.
    Most conventional start, giving you extra sustain in lane.
    This will be the most ideal first back for you.

Core Items

    Your core should look very similar to this.
    Example of final build.

Situational Items

    Buy it when they have a lot of crowd control.
    Very effective against burst champions like Syndra.
    If you're having a lot of trouble to stay alive.
    If they have a heavy tank stacking armor, I would recommend picking one of those.
    Very good against enemies with a lot of health.


Build Path

  • Start with 1056.png+2*2003.png+3340.png. I believe this will be the best start, considering that you have a more aggressive lane,  1056.png will allow you to bully your enemy in lane. In case you play against a really extreme poke, I would go for 1054.png+2003.png+3340.png, but keep in mind it'll be more difficult to manage your mana pool.

  • On your first back, you should aim to at least get a 1038.png, a 2031.png and a 2055.png if possible. In case you have enough money for 1038.png+1001.png, go for it.

  • Upgrade your boots to 3508.png whenever you get enough gold and follow-up with 3006.png.

  • Your goal is to activate your kaisaq.png passive first and then kaisae.png. To do that, after you complete 3508.png and 3006.png, you should go straight for 3124.png (starting with 1037.png to activate the passive). 3124.png will allow you to stack Plasma faster, making it extremely powerful on your hands.

  • Next item has to be an attack speed item, there are a lot of ways to go. You can choose to go full hybrid and build a 3115.png, this would activate all your passive's ability. I personally prefer going for 3085.png, it gives you more critical chance and spreads your plasma, making also an 3031.png more viable later.

  • Your last item is completely occasional, the common choices are 3139.png and 3026.png.

    Generic Final Build



Matchups Back to Top

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  • Alistar
  • Ashe
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  • Draven
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  • Jhin
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  • Tristana
  • Twitch



  • You have no real tools to dodge his combo besides 4.png. Make sure to keep your distance if you don't know your support and what he can do for you.

  • Pay attention to his cooldowns, he gets extremely vulnerable when he doesn't have one of them, either Pulverize or Headbutt, both of them 14+ seconds of cooldown early. Use that time to make something happen.

  • At level 1, whenever he goes for minions to get a stack with the shield, make sure to punish him for that.



  • She has a lot of poke, play behind your minions to avoid her volley.png.
  • Poke her whenever possible and pay attention to her W's cooldown (15s level 1)
  • You deal more damage in a long trade, due to your passive and Press The Attack.
  • Whenever you can, use your kaisaw.png to poke her, this ability does so much damage early and it also marks them with 2 stacks of plasma.
  • At 6, be careful with her enchantedcrystalarrow.png.



  • Make sure to keep a distance from his minions, so he can't jump on you and start proc his passive.

  • As long as you dodge his braumq.png you'll be fine. Play behind your minions and trade whenever he has it on cooldown.



  • She outranges you and it might be hell for you to farm.

  • If you're pushed under your turret, pay attention to her traps, as she often places them next to the turret.

  • If she misses caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png or caitlynentrapment.png you can go for a trade and win it.

  • Poke her with your kaisaw.png whenever you see the chance.



  • Do not trade autos with him, he'll outdamage you with his dravenspinning.png.
  • Don't get fooled, even if you have a lead, he'll still be able to win 1v1 against you.
  • Go for 1054.png to keep the sustain in lane.
  • Long trades are out of question, don't try them.
  • Poke him slowly with your kaisaw.png.



  • Use kaisaw.png to poke him occasionally.
  • Make sure you play behind your minions to avoid his ezrealmysticshot.png.
  • Keep a finger on your E if necessary to dodge his abilities.



  • Use kaisaw.png to poke him occasionally.
  • Keep track of his shots, he only has 4, being the 4th the strongest.
  • Try to hit him when he reloads.
  • Be careful with his jhinw.png, his support can start a play and 202.png can snare you. That would be deadly.



  • Keep a distance from your minions, so you won't get poked while she hits them with canon.
  • Push into her turret, she can't really use cannon if you do that, otherwise, she would lose heavy cs,
  • Be careful with her jinxe.png if she has a CC support or if you're too close.



  • Use your kaisaw.png to poke her whenever possible.
  • Early on, she's a low range carry, it should make things easier for you.
  • If she gets tristanae.png on you, avoid any trades.
  • Make sure to keep the lane pushed, you don't want her to use tristanae.png on your turret.
  • Her passive makes it very hard to farm under turret.



  • Use your kaisaw.png to poke him-
  • Do not take long trades, as his twitchexpunge.png would destroy you.
  • If his support gets too close, you can assume he's coming with twitchhideinshadows.png.

Playstyle Back to Top


Early Game

  • Help your jungler with red/blue buff, but do not stay too long, you don't want to miss any minions.

  • Always try to hit level 2 before your enemy, it gives a very good advantage on botlane.

  • Use your kaisaq.png to reach level 2 first and also to poke your enemy.

  • Use your kaisaw.png occasionally to poke them. Going inside a brush to land it is a great way to surprise your enemy, it makes it harder to dodge and leaves 2 plasma marks, making things easier if you engage in a fight.

  • If playing against a heavy poke lane, like Caitlyn, go for 1054.png.

Mid Game

  • When you destroy your enemies turret or get yours destroyed, laning phase will be over. You should ask yourself some questions. Is Dragon available? What about Herald?

  • Let's say you got your enemies turret and you're ahead. If Dragon is available, try to set up a play with your jungler in order to secure the objective. If you succeed, swap lanes with top and try to get turret and Herald. If Dragon is not available, go top immediately and focus on the objectives (Turret+Herald).

  • If the other team is ahead and your turret got destroyed, the same still applies. The one who coordinates/ rotates better will succeed the most.

  • At this point in the game, you should be with your team forcing turrets down.

  • Notice that Kai'Sa outscales most ADCs at the moment, due to recent build changes, and an even lane can be very beneficial for you later in team fights.


    Late Game

  • This is where you'll shine the most, 145.png  is a great ADC late game. She has an extremely good fight presence, although you need some practice to be quick enough to make her godlike in team fights. That due her being a low range carry.

  • Most important here is, keep up with the vision and don't overextend farming. 

  • Grouping is very important and keeping an eye on objectives.

  • If you hit your kaisaw.png, you might get tempted to jump right in, but I would recommend keeping an eye at minimap first. You don't want to commit suicide in a late game stage.

  • In the best scenario, your kaisar.png should be used to dodge your enemies deadly abilities, and by avoiding them, you most likely can carry the fight.

  • In conclusion, late game is a great stage of the game for you to be in but has to be played very carefully due. Your low range makes things harder, but your mobility will be there to help. Keep up your practice with 145.png and you'll dominate the later stages of the game.





Support Synergies Back to Top


God Tier


  • Those 4 champions will have very similar roles, and your playstyle should also be identical when playing with them.

  • Your goal will be to get level 2 before your opponents and instantly go for a kill.

  • all those 4 champions have immobilization abilities, which will stack your plasma, making it more likely for you to be able to stack till the 5th hit and kill your target.

  • If 412.png hits threshq.png, make sure to hit as much as you can, either use W to finish off the target or use it at the beginning of the hook. That should secure a kill or send them back to base. The same applies if 12.png hits his headbutt.png+pulverize.png combo or 89.png with leonazenithblade.png+leonashieldofdaybreak.png.

  • Those are kill lanes, do your best on being aggressive and grab some kills for yourself early on.

  • If you were not able to secure any kill during the laning phase, worry not, those supports will be extremely useful when teamfights start, since they have a lot of crowd control, you'll be able to pick extremely good positions to assassinate squishy targets, although, make sure your support knows what he's and you're doing.
    Don't forget that, at the end of the day, your enemies combo will also matter a lot and what I called 'God Tier' can get completely outplayed by them. Those are just good synergies, but you have to pay attention to their combo also and pick wisely.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Extremely good mobility.

  • Flexible itemization.

  • Very high DPS.

  • Invisibility, which allows her to reposition.

  • Hybrid or mixed damage.

  • She's able to auto attack during Q's animation.

  • Insane shield from R and also the ability to dodge crucial skill shots.


  • Low range, which makes her laning quite difficult.

  • Zero crowd control.

  • E has to be used wisely since during the animation you won't be able to auto attack.

About Me Back to Top

LoLEUW_ petRoXD.jpg

Player's Mentality Back to Top


Pro Mindset

The most successful players all have one thing in common, either they win or lose, they always think "what could have I done better?". This is the key for you to become closer to the greatest players, it's not about how many games you play in a day, it's about what you learn from each of them. 



The easiest thing to do when you are losing a game is to blame your team, even if you're right, that won't give any help on winning the game. If you really want to get to the next level, try to keep cool and boost our teammate's morale. 


Winning Attitude

Everyone is fed in the other team, your team is far behind and the easiest thing to do here is surrender. You might argue that it'll save you a lot of time and playing would be a waste. Yes, you're right, but some of those games you'll actually win, and you'll learn much more from hard games than from easy games that finish at 15min. Just keep focus and don't stop believing. Everyone throws, even the pros.


Think about this:

If you're one of those players stuck in Silver, you feel like you deserve much more, but you are just unlucky and can't climb, it feels like a curse that Riot put on you. I will tell you straight away there's no such thing, and yes, sometimes we can be very unlucky, but it doesn't last. If you're stuck there, you might've been doing something wrong, the proof is that people boost accounts and they know exactly what to do in order to carry a game and climb quickly. If you find yourself in that situation, I suggest watching some of your own replays, maybe your mechanics are good but it only takes a few mistakes for you to not be able to carry your team. Start thinking, what could have you done better? The other team is silver too, if you're much better you should be able to outplay them in every way possible. 


Special: How to get in The Zone Back to Top


What is being "In The Zone"?

  • It's a state of mind where you become extremely focused and hyper-productive!

  • Being in the zone is being completely immersed in what you're doing. Losing the sense of time is very common while in this state of mind.

  • You'll be able to predict your opponents movements and see them almost like in slow motion!


    How to enter "The Zone".

  • Think about what you're doing and your role.

  • Get rid of distractions. (Close the door if open. Being in a conversation will most likely stop you from entering this state as you'll get distracted easily).

  • You need a deep understanding of what you're doing. (Once again, know your role and your opponent as well).
  • Create a balance between challenge and skill. Big challenges require huge skill. Taking a step bigger than your leg will only get you demotivated. (Yes, this one is for boosted accounts.)

  • Be patient, it might take some time to achieve and master this state of mind.

  • Now that you know about it, you just made it easier.

    Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990).

    Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990), p. 74.

  • As you may notice, balance is key. Even if your skill level is low, a small challenge for some people can be a true one for you!

    (I do not own this video.)

  • Use headphones.

  • Those sounds will help you achieve a focused state of mind.


Changelog Back to Top

  • 29th of June: Guide published.

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