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Kalista got alot of mobily but 4.png is a most.

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Q: Pierce

This is your main source of damage in lane. It has synergies with both her passive (provides a free jump without an enemy nearby) and her E: Rend (giving an extra spear for increased damage). You take this first because it's a low cooldown, poke ability. Rend might do more damage in an all-in, but 9/10 times level 1 is passive farming and harassing until level 2. Use this mainly for poke, but also for the utility of the free jump. 

W: Sentinel
The passive damage of this skill is dependent on your support, so it's unreliable unless your support isn't a random. Even with a good support, Rend is a much better choice to max second. This is because Rend synergizes well with 
Blade of the Ruined King's all-in potential. Sentinel only really adds poke and vision control.

The active gives pretty strong vision control. This is useful when your support either won't or can't provide 

E: Rend
This skill is very useful in all-ins. It provides more damage the longer a fight goes on, and a scaling slow. This offers an opportunity for a strong level 2 power spike. Max this second, as this synergizes with Blade of the Ruined King for mid-game all-ins.

R: Take whenever available, like most ultimate abilities. This makes Kalista one of the few marksman to be able to initiate fights, but that doesn't means she always should. This ability offers great utility, because you can save your support or call your support to you to save yourself. Don't forget to use this ability though. You have to actively think "this would work here" and communicate about it if you can. It's not exactly a "fire and forget" ability.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items


Situational Items


Item Order

Every ADC needs a few things: Damage (AD, Attack Speed, Crit, Armor Pen) and Mobility (Movement Speed, Dashes). Because you're an ADC (or marksman), you have decided to give up all defensive items and instead use the distancebetween your enemy and you AS your defense.

So because of these factors a few items are essential:
1. Something in the early laning for poking, sustaining, or all-ins
2. A boot for mobility into mid-game 3006_32.png
3. An attack speed and critical chance item (3087_32.png or 3046_32.png or 3142_32.png)
4. 3035_32.pngLast Whisper (Armor Pen is one thing, but this means you're always relevant)
5. 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge (Boosting Crit damage, and giving Crit chance in one item is too good to pass up. The question is when you get it.)
6. Defensive Item. You need to prioritize staying alive. Situationaly, you may add a second defensive item or use none. Feel free to go 5 damaging items + boots, if the enemy team can never reach you.

Best First Item: 3153_64.png

Most people would agree that 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge, 3078_32.pngTrinity Force, and 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King are good ideas for a starting item. Here's the mathematical analysis showing why 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King is the best choice first:

  • Kalista is level 6
  • Kalista has the Runes listed in this guide (Masteries I will leave out for ease of calculations)
  • She and her enemy are full health to begin
  • All Crits are assumed to have exactly their expected damage value, ignoring RNG
  • All abilities hit
  • Kalista is attacking for 5 seconds. This means I have a way to calculate that an attack speed item will get more Rend stacks than an attack damage item.
1. Raw DPS (Auto attacks and abilities/cds):
  • 3078_32.pngTrinity Force: 188.97 DPS
  • 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge: 217.19 DPS
  • 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King: 218.235-184.945 DPS (Based on enemy current health. Values for level 6 ADCS.)
2. Actives/Passives:
  • 3078_32.pngTrinity Force: Spellblade was factored into Raw DPS. Rage's movement speed boost isn't as useful on Kalista, because she can't make use of it while she is dashing. It could help her catch up to activate dash on a really fast target, but this seems niche. If you can auto your target, you shouldn't need Rage to keep up.
  • 3031_32.pngIninity Edge: Bonus Critical damage and critical chance were factored into Raw DPS using expected values from basic statistics.
  • 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King: This active was NOT factored into DPS, because this is an all-in only active. Dividing its damage by the 90 seconds would be a meaningless statistic. People only use this to all-in. This adds under these circumstances: 
3. Life Steal:
  • 3078_32.pngTrinity Force and 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge both use two 1055_32.png Doran's Blades for lifesteal, in addition to whatever ruins you take. This means 6% lifesteal with my assumptions.
  • 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King: 10% from the item.
4. Build Paths:
  • 3078_32.pngTrinity Force: Average build path. It's really expensive, but comes in small enough parts that it's not a huge gameplay drag. You can usually get the whole item by mid-game, which is where it shines. 1325 gold for a 3044_32.pngPhage isn't incredibly difficult to save up for.
  •  3031_32.pngInfinity Edge: Bad build path. This is incredibly expensive, and can hinder gameplay. 1550 gold for a 1038_32.pngBF Sword is not always easy to save up. 875 for a 1037_32.pngPickaxe is too expensive to fallback on, if you already have two 1055_32.pngDoran's Blades. 
  • 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King: Good build path. It's a significantly cheaper item than the above two. It has a built in 1053_32.pngVampiric Scepter, which is normally built while behind for the sustain. However now you don't have to choose, reguardless of if you're ahead or behind. 1036_32.pngLongswords and 1042_32.pngDaggers you can fall back on throughout the buildpath. 3144_32.pngCutlass is your saving target, like 1038_32.pngBF Sword or 3044_32.pngPhage in the other builds.
3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King is the preferred first item. It does slightly less DPS than 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge, but for the all-in potential, cheaper gold cost, extra sustain, and synergy with both Rend and Martial Poise 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King is a much better first item. It will also give her a notable level power spike when she receives it, which will likely be timed well with her level 6 power spike.

Best Second Item: 3006_64.png

This item is absolutely essential for mid-game teamfights. It gives THREE boosts to mobility:
1. It gives you increased movement speed.
2. It directly makes Martial Poise jump farther.
3. The increased attack speed allows you to trigger Martial Poise more often.

This huge mobility boost is exactly what you need to maintain the distance between you and your opponents, and survive.

Third Item

From item #3 and onwards it becomes much more situational. I plan to add a more mathematical approach to this in the future, but for now I'll just leave my logic.

I normally pick up a crit-chance and attack speed item here. That means either 3046_32.pngPhantom Dancer or 3087_32.pngStatikk Shiv. While Attack Damage does scale into Kalista's kit better than Attack Speed in terms of pure damage, the Critical Chance makes up for that (in my opinion, again I will run the calculations later). The utility offered in the bonus movement speed and Martial Poise jumps are certainly nice. 3142_32.pngYoumuu's Ghost Blade may be a good option here too, because of the armor pen and ludicrous boost to attack speed and movement speed the active gives. This would also synergize well with the 3153_32.pngBlade of the Ruined King all-ins. The synergy on these items made 29_64.pngTwitch a top pick in worlds this year and earned him the title of assassin.

Anyway as far as 3046_32.pngPhantom Dancer vs. 3087_32.pngStatikk Shiv, I honestly think 3087_32.pngStatikk Shiv wins. It offers very similar stats, but you give up 10% attack speed and 10% critical chance in exchange for the lightning passive (which also crits if you crit). Also consider that 3087_32.pngStatikk Shiv is 300 gold cheaper. I think they are incredibly close to the same stats, but the 300 gold cheaper tips the balance in favor of the Shiv. Also what few people talk about is the intimidation factor. When someone is struck by both an auto attack and the 3087_32.pngStatikk Shiv passive, they will often subconsciously estimate every one of your auto attacks to do that damage. This can make people run from fights they would otherwise win. ALL THAT SAID, I don't think 3046_32.pngPhantom Dancer is a bad item. Even if the math proves me right, it will be a very small difference. This is why I leave it up to preference.

Fourth+ Items

Now it's fully situational. This is where you hit tab and check the enemy team members and items. 


1. If the enemy team is always able to get to you in a fight, you need a defensive item. If you live to do 5 auto attacks you do FAR more damage than if you do more damage with 2 autos and die right after.

Good Defense item situations:
  • 3139_32.pngMercurial Scimitar: If they have 22_64.pngAshe, 89_64.pngLeona, 238_64.pngZed, or any other champion that applies crowd control or a debuff that you CAN'T tolerate. You NEED TO BE QUICK though. This item requires mechanics. If you can pull it off though, it also has 80 AD which is really nice on a primarily defensive item.
  • 3102_32.pngBanshee's Veil: This is useful when the enemy has assassins like 105_64.pngFizz, 1_64.pngAnnie, and 103_64.pngAhri. They all usually want to land 1 essential skill, and if they land it you die. This item's spellshield gives you a second chance. It also stops tanks like 89_64.pngLeona, 412_64.pngThresh, 54_64.pngMalphite, and 201_64.pngBraum from engaging directly on you, at least until the shield goes down. If you get this its IMPORTANT to try to maintain the shield. Don't let it get popped by some random harass ability that wouldn't kill you anyway.
  • 3026_32.pngGuardian Angel: Probably the most versitile of the defensive items. This is the best if they have a way of killing you and you can't stop it. Maybe they have a 238_64.pngZed where 3143_32.pngRanduin's Omen doesn't add anything and 3139_32.pngMercurial Scimitar doesn't matter, because he kills you before the Death Mark detonates anyway. It actually can intimidate some people from attacking you. They might think that attacking you doesn't matter, since you'll come back anyway. This is your go-to defensive item. However the cooldown is very long, so be careful with it. If you're rich in the late game with nothing to buy, feel free to sell it for something else while it's on cooldown, then buy it back when it comes off cooldown in 5 minutes. Selling it and rebuying doesn't impact the cooldown at all.
  • 3143_32.pngRanduin's Omen is useful if they have a lot of Attack Damage and you can't really prevent it. This is good against AD Assassins like 91_64.pngTalon, 107_64.pngRengar, and 121_64.pngKha'Zix. This also helps vs. 238_64.pngZed if you can't use Mercurial Scimitar fast enough. Usually if you have to depend on Randuin's for this, its a bad thing. It CAN help, but honestly you need to be warding and hoping your team can peel these guys off. If they get on you, and you're not close enough to your team to peel them off... It's probably your fault for being out of position.
2. Armor Pen is almost always what you want 4th, if you're not dying to assassins or crowd control. 3035_32.pngLast Whisper is necessary somewhere in the build.
3. 3031_32.pngInfinity Edge. You need the bonus crit damage EVENTUALLY. This is a pretty low priority though, because at this stage of the game the armor pen is almost always better. Survival and Armor Pen are usually better.
4. If the enemy team CAN NOT get to you at all, don't bother with a defensive item. Get another damaging item, depending on what you already have. The choice is yours depending on what you've already built and what you need.

Trinkets and Enchantments

Upgrade Options
3363_32.pngGet this for objective control. No enemy pink ward on Baron stops it, and nobody has to die to find out.
3362_32.png3364_32.png Get one of these anti-stealth options against people like Twitch, Vayne, and Rengar.

3250_32.pngHomeguards is a great general buy. This helps you get back onto the map faster, allowing you to back for items more during the late game. This doesn't add stats though, so don't prioritize it over 3rd or 4th items, unless you and your team are incredibly behind.

3253_32.pngDistortion helps if you need to flash a lot. This is good against certain assassins and initators, for example 55_64.pngKatarina, 91_64.pngTalon, 59_64.pngJarvan IV, and 54_64.pngMalphite.

3254_32.pngAlacrity can help with kiting and positioning. It's a nice boost if you're really ahead. Homeguards is generally the better buy, but if you're snowballing and carrying the game this might net you an extra kill or two.

Never Get

3085_32.pngRunaan's Hurricane: (Fun not strong)
It has some synergy with the attack speed and Rend, but it doesn't provide Critical strike chance. This is one of the most valuable damage stats in the game. It's not that this is a bad item on Kalista, its that there's no slot I would trade out for it. This is a really FUN item on her though. Feel free to try it out in a normal, you'll have a good time :)

3172_32.pngZehpyr: (Boots are better)
Some people like to trade out Berserker's Greaves for Zehpyr in the late game, because it gives similar movement speed, more attack speed, and several other stats. This doesn't work so well on Kalista, because her boots actually add distance on her Martial Poise.

Outdated Info (Keeping for records)

I've finally finished running the calculations. I'll scan my papers for my work and upload them here when I get that done. AD scales Kalista's damage better than Attack Speed does with her current ratios. Attack Speed does become better but only after a ridiculous 17+ seconds of fighting. Most fights won't last this long, especially not bottom lane. Therefore Infinity Edge is the best first choice.

With that said, Attack Speed is not a bad defensive choice. Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King are EXECELLENT fallback choices if you get behind in lane. They both have lifesteal so you can stay in lane longer, Bloodthirster offers a shield to take some harass off, and BoRK offers an active with attack speed that both make kiting easier for Kalista.

The reason you choose an attack speed item second is because of the Critical Chance coupled with the passive of Infinity Edge. When you have Infinity Edge, Berserker's Greaves, and either Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv, you become a relevant mid-late game threat as a marksman. The attack speed here is really just a defensive bonus.

Now after the core set-up of IE boots and a crit item, you choose a few things. You need an Armor Pen item, a Lifesteal item, and a Defensive item. The order of these changes every game. This is when you hit tab. If they have a large amount of armor, get the pen item. If Vi or Rengar or any assassin is giving you a hard time, then prioritize a defensive item. If neither are true get an item for Lifesteal.

What Makes Kalista's Item Path Unique:
Kalista has one option I've never seen before which is why I'm so excited. If the enemy team picked champions without much CC she has an amazing late game option. Because of her passive, she can choose to give up a defensive item. If she gets Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of Last Whisper, and BoRK instead of Bloodthirster, her kiting will be so effective that in many cases that'd be fine as a defense. She could go ahead and pick up Bloodthirster in her defensive item slot, or whatever she wants really.

Why not other items?
Runaan's Hurricane: I think is a poor choice for Kalista for a few reasons. It gives no lifesteal and no critical chance. Kalista's damage scales best with Attack Damage and Critical Chance, so while this item is fun to try out and use, it isn't optimal. The extra rend stacks might reduce the time that it takes for attack speed to overtake attack damage in dps, but realistically the damage is still gonna be lower for around 10 seconds (that's generous). That's still a LONG time in a fight.

Sword of the Divine: This item is fun, but the potential for the Crit Chance to do more in a teamfight is high. Also it lacks the bonus Movement Speed that the other attack speed items have.

Did I miss any items you like to build? Comment for me, I'll respond and update the guide!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne



Stay behind minions to dodge her Volley. Her auto attacks outrange you. She also has a large power spike at level 6, through her arrow. Consider taking 1.png Cleanse into this matchup. If she misses Volley, try to punish her for it. You'll out trade her if you can pull it off and use your passive to get out and stop her from getting an extra auto attack through her longer range.



She out ranges you by 100, making this a pain. Both of you are really safe marksmen picks, but she'll get an early advantage and likely force you out of lane a few times. You'll have more mobility in a teamfight, but I'm not sure you outscale her. This is a tough match, likely dictated by the supports.



Use your passive, Martial Poise, to dodge his skillshots. Dance around him, and you'll win trades. He hurts a lot if you can't dodge his skills though.



You only have your ult to disrupt his axes. If you can't stop him from catching, he'll out trade you every time. If he drops his axes, you'll win though so punish him.



He is all about skillshots. His ult should be a joke to you. Dance around him all day.



This is a skill match-up. His skillshots vs your ability to dodge. You'll beat him every time if you can dance around him. When doing an all-in past 6, don't stay close for the buckshot, but being close to him can make his job of ulting you really a pain. 



You outrange her minigun, but only by 25 range. She can harass you with her rockets well. You should be able to dodge her Zap! and her Traps pretty easily, unless they chained CC. Her ult should be a joke to you, if you're paying attention to it. Look for the animation or the sound it makes. Remember that your passive triggers with your Q in a jam.



I suppose I should count mirror matches. May the best ghoul continue to haunt.




When is W is up he'll be forward and harass you, almost like Caitlyn. When it's down he'll play back like the weak hypercarry he is. You'll have a much stronger mid-game than him, but he has no rivals in late game damage. Try to abuse his lack of mobility early-mid game. If you get really ahead, go for attack speed, since the chase mobility will offer more than the extra damage will. Don't get cocky and give him kills though, he'll run away with the game.

You'll be able to dodge most of his skills with your passive, but his autos will get tougher and tougher to beat, especially at that 710 range when his W is maxed.



His Lightslinger passive is incredibly broken. He'll almost always out trade you with it. You can avoid some early damage if you dodge his Q through minions with your dash. Both of your teamfight abilities are pretty good. Your kit allows you to be a little safer than his does. He'll do more damage in teamfights, unless you have good coordination with a support.


Miss Fortune

Her slow, and slows in general, don't do much to stop you, but she does a lot of targeted damage. Her ult is very difficult to get out of because of its very large area. This might favor MF a bit, but I think proper use of your W's passive and landing Qs correctly could beat her. Your teamfights are very similar, but Kalista is a bit safer. Kalista will probably outscale MF because of that. Overall its a skill matchup though.



Quinn's kit is pretty reliant on skirmishes and duels. You'll be able to out trade her with proper coordination on your W with your support, and your Q. If your support isn't ranged though, you might have issues. Quinn's all in potential is better than Kalista's early on. Make sure you have a good engage before fighting her earlygame. Mid to late game, your teamfight is way better than hers. She will look to splitpush and duel you, but keep your eyes on teamfights and objectives. Don't let her take towers for free, but ask a team member to clear bottom waves since you're an important part of the teamfight.



Sivir will try to shove you into turret to avoid trading in the laning phase. She'll try to get a free turret and snowball that into a teamfight advantage. If you dodge the boomerang punish her. Shoving her out of lane will reset things in favor of you, and if you manage to keep the CS and towers even long enough your teamfight potential can be stronger. It depends who on the enemy team can make use of her ult. You'll definitely out scale her though.



You should be able to out trade her early, especially if you can land your Q. Her early burst, especially level 3+ should be beat by yours. You'll have a better mid game than her, so take advantage of it. Don't let her use her E on you for free, be sure to trade damage back.



His early laning phase is very weak. The only way he wins early trades is if he can get a strong expunge off. You have the exact same skill, but you do less damage per stack and you can get infinite stacks. You should be winning trades through mid game. His teamfight is stronger than yours, but he isn't nearly as safe. Their team will be kinda forced to protect him, leaving you to do whatever you want. Try to use your ult to give your tanks a way to CC Twitch. Even if your ult won't reach Twitch himself, it could CC the tanks peeling for him, allowing your team to catch up to him.



3 of his abilities are skillshots, the 4th being an incentive to hit skillshots. If he lands his abilities he'll beat you, if you dance around him you'll win every time. This is a complete skill match-up. Later on in the game, his ult will make it difficult for your team to engage on theirs. Your ult has the same effect, but it has more utility options, so you'll probably be stronger later on in the game.



Everything she does is targeted, and she outscales you to boot. Your attack ranges are the same. Her invisibility and quick Q cooldown mean that you're both really similar champions. She, however, trades some of the kiting options you have for more damage. To beat her in lane you need to make the best use of your passive W that you can, and land the Q spears. You can capitalize on her movement mistakes very will with your mobility, but unless you get an item lead you won't be able to 1v1 her. Always watch out for your positing around walls, try not to give her a good position to condemn you. Alternatively, if you know you'll live and if you have a jungler nearby, it can be easy to bait her into condemning you.

Champion Pros and Cons Back to Top

Champion Pros and Cons


  • Very high mobility
  • Mobility Scales with Attack Speed
  • High burst damage for a marksman
  • Potential for resets
  • Safe team fight ability with self peels

  • Very squishy
  • Hard to master the passive
  • Requires high support coordinatio

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