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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash and Heal are standard ADC- Summoners.

4.png: Still the best Summoner in the Game right now for almost every Champion. Can be used to secure a kill or to survive in lane or in a teamfight. As Kalista u want to time your Flash good. That means u want to use it after you jump with your passive, so you get the optimum out of it. Otherwise u might interrupt the animation of your jump.

7.png: Heal is also standard for ADC right now. It’s very powerful in laning phase, as it gives you and your support a significant heal and Movementspeed Boost. Often the key with this summoner spell is, to time it perfectly. Often you find yourself losing a trade or an all-in and you or your support are very low but out of range of the enemy bot lane. Very often they will flash to execute you or your support. So hold your Heal as long as you can to bait out Summoners from the enemy team or to overcommit them into your turret and outplay them.

1.png: Cleanse is honestly a quite good Summoner spell, so why not use it ? The problem with cleanse is, that Heal is just too good in almost any case. Cleanse can be good in Teamfights. Lets say u can Cleanse a 1.5 sec Stun. That would be much more worth then healing for 200 or something, because in lategame teamfights you can easily die in 1.5 seconds. But you lose too much in lane for not taking heal. If you get locked down by CC just get a Scimitar third item.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Fury: No question. Fury for sure. Kalista synergizes with AS like no other Champion in the game. (except for Kog’Maw maybe)
Feast or Fresh Blood: On ADC's you want to go Feast to stay in Lane as Long as possible. Getting bullied out of Lane too early might result in a bad buy, which can snowball the bottom lane very easy. So health regen is quite important. You can go with Fresh Blood if you feel you don't need the sustain.
Vampirism: As mentioned before Lifesteal is very important and allows you to stay in lane longer. Dorans Blade + Vampirism + Feast (+Relic Shield for example) grants you great Lifesteal from Level 1 on. Many People go for Natural Talent, but I feel like Kalista just doesn't benefit that much from raw AD and AP.
Battle Trance: For Kalista Battle Trance is the Way to go. Bounty Hunter is a good Mastery that can work pretty well, because u shouldn't have a problem getting the Kills with your Rend, but you miss on damage in extended early trades. Double Edged Sword has too much of a downside in taking the extra damage. As Kalista you need to get fairly close to the enemy team in a teamfight, so you just can't afford to take any extra damage. 
Battering Blows: ADC's take Armor Pen, except for corki maybe.
Fervor of Battle: So I always took Fervor on Kalista, because she has so much Attack Speed, that its just worth it over Warlords. After the Buffs to Warlords im starting to like it again, but honestly Fervor is just so good on Kalista and you will get early sustain anyways.

Savagery: Helps you lasthitting under turret and Clearing jungle camps faster, which you will do very often mid game.
Secret Stash: More sustain in Lane. Assassin isnt really an Option on Kalista, as she relies on her Oathsworm to be near her to reach full potential. ADC's like Vayne could use Assassin quite effectively.
Merciless: Merciless is just super effective on Kalista, as it scales very well with your execution damage on E. Most of the time you will use your E when your target is below 40% Health so 5% increased damage on your E is definitely the way to go. I used to go with 1 point in meditation lately, because I harass with Q very often in lane (Auto a Creep so you can lasthit it with E, then Q the enemy and immediately Rend for good poke and E reset)
Dangerous Game: This is one of the best and most underrated masteries in the game in my opinion. How often do you see yourself in Close all-in fights, where 5% of your missing health will make the difference? I’ll tell you - very often! I can’t even count the amount of times, this mastery saved me after a Close all-in fight in lane.

Why not 18/0/12 ?: On other ADC's 12 Points in Resolve are actually better then 12 in Cunning. For Kalista though you really need the extra Damage from Merciless.

Abilities Back to Top

At Level 1 I almost always take kalistaE.png, because it is the strongest Ability in Kalistas Kit and makes her the Champion, that she is. You are like a ticking time bomb level 1. The more Spears you get in the more your Rend will hurt, so not many ADC's will try to fight you level 1. It allows for good Level 1 trades and fast Pushing to reach Level 2 first.
At Level 2 it depends on what Support you have. If you have a Support that has ranged attacks and is building Spellthiefs Edge, a Point in kalistaW.png is optimal on Level 2. It allows you to trade very efficiently on Level 2. If your Support is a Melee more tanky Champ, then you would go for kalistaQ.png second. Q second is better here, because your Support won’t trigger the passive Prock of your W very often. Q allows you to have an extra Jump and an extra Spear to do more Damage on your E.

As i am not a big fan of putting a second Point in to an ability before hitting each Ability once, i put a Point in either W or Q at Level 3, depending on which I got on Level 2.

You want to max your E first, because it is your most important Spell. Leveling it up will increase its Damage and Slow by a significant amount.

Second Spell you want to max is your Q, because maxing it will increase its Damage by crazy amounts.
Maxing your W second seems good, because its Damage goes up to 15% from 5% rank 1 and the Cooldown from the active also goes down by fair a bit. Problem with Maxing W second is, that it can only proc once every 10 seconds. The Sentinels are quite usefull in Laning Phase to check Brushes or to get vision of the enemy jungler. But having it maxed at Level 13 is kind of too late for the Vision aspect to be relevant. Maxing your Q also puts its base Damage from 10 to 250 ! With an aditionally AD scalling of 1.0 a maxed Kalista Q can deal tons of damage

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start
    Upgrade at Lvl 9

Core Items

    Every Game Core
    Third Item take one of these.

Situational Items

    Example Full Build
Starting Items:
1055.png: Best Start for ADC’s right now. Gives you all you need in lane, Sustain Health to trade and AD to last-hit. Also the amount of lifesteal with Dorans Blade, Vampirism and Feast is significant. Often you find yourself trading early and getting quite low. With that Lifesteal you can easily stay in Lane most of the time.
2009.png: As Kalista you use the Buscuit-Mastery, because Assassin makes less sense, since your kit synergizes with your oathsworm. Buscuit is a quite nice tool, as it gives more sustain and an instant heal on activation. Be greedy with your potion in lane. Don’t waste it Level 2 if you are at 60% or even higher. Be greedy and use it if you know you don’t overheal. Try to get your Health back with Lifesteal first.
3340.png: Not really other options for Level 1. Gives you nice vision. Often you try to ward first brush in lane, because you are feared of the enemy support. Leonas for example hide in that brush very often and look for a Level 2 engage. So beware of that. If you managed to keep your ward then ward your tri brush or lane brush, depending on what side you are playing at 3:10 to avoid jungler ganks. This is about the time junglers gank your lane, when they start top side or when doing the Golems à Botside-Buff à Botside-Scuttler route. Remember to always swap this to a Blue Trinket at Level 9. ALWAYS swap it out immediatly when you back with at least level 9 the first time.

First Back:
Usually as an ADC you try to stay in lane long enough to get a BF sword and an Heal pot ideally. As Kalista your first Core Item should be 3153.png or 3085.png.
I go 3085.png first if I dominate Lane and 3153.png first if I fall behind. You are not preasured into backing with at least 1300 Gold as other ADC’s. So you can really back at any point of the game. Often you will find yourself in the position that you managed to get an early kill in the laning phase and pushed the wave into the enemy turret. So this is the perfect time to back. It doesn’t matter if you have 900 Gold or 1800. I tried to make a list to tell you what to buy with what amount of Gold.
If you go for 3153.png first

450-650: This is kind of the horror scenario for an ADC. If you get killed early you will find yourself backing with this amount of Gold. Pick up a 1083.png then and fill up with 2010.png. Try to farm it out. So don’t be aggressive play a safe lane and just farm up.
700-850: Pick up 2 1036.png here and fill up with 2010.png.
900-1000: If you get an early kill and manage to push the wave in you often find yourself with about 900 to 1000 gold. Don’t greed for higher amounts of Gold, just back and buy. Get a 1053.png
1000-Endless: So as you want to finish 3153.png as a first item, u have the Choice to either go for 3144.png or 1043.png as your first component. It’s just preference what to build first. If you play against a heavy Poke lane like Caitlyn Sona or something, pick up Bilgewater first, because you will most likely need the Lifesteal it gives to stay in lane longer. If you managed to land an early kill on the enemy lane and you don’t feel like you need additional lifesteal, just get recurve bow. Remember you already have good Lifesteal without Vamp Scepter. Recurve Bow gives you extra AD on hit too. I like the Recurce Bow start more cause it just feels so much smoother with some early AS on

If you go for 3085.png first

Always go for 1043.png first, as it provides not only usefull Attack Speed but additionally gives you 15 on hit damage on your Auto Attacks, which is even better then 15 AD, because your Auto Attacks usually only do 90% of your AD. Then finish 3085.png.

Core Build: So after you get one of the two Core items simply just finish the other (either 3153.png or 3085.png and fit in 3006.png in between)

Later Build: After you completed your Core Build, it really depends. I listed all possible items and try to explain, when to buy what item. As a third item it pretty much comes down to 3812.png or 3046.png or 3139.png. Scimitar against CC - DD for surviveability and PD for mobility and raw damage.
3139.png: I love this item. I buy it as a third item very often. You want to get this item, if the enemy has something you need to 3140.png such as any hard cc. So get 3140.png first and then finish Scimitar off. This item has a great Buildpath too.
3072.png: After the buffs to 3812.png BT isn't as good as it used to be, because DD is just straight up better in almost any case.

3812.png: Such a good item right now. The damage reduction passive gives you enough time to make the lifesteal and mobility work. If you rend many spears this item will heal you for a ton.
3031.png: In Season 5, when Hurricane gave only AS and no Crit chance, it was clear that IE isn’t a thing on Kalista as you have to build Runaans at some point and IE won’t scale with it as it gives no crit chance. Now that Hurricane gives 30% crit chance it is argueable to Build IE into Runaans or at least to build IE after your Core. So I don’t like IE as a first item, to build into Hurricane. And I like the idea of rushing Hurricane into IE even less. For me BoRK + Hurricane is the ultimate Core for Kalista and is super strong, so I will build these two items every game as my first two damage items. Infinity Edge is definetly a viable option for a 3rd item though. You already have lifesteal with BoRK and you already have 30% Crit chance to scale with your IE. Building an IE here is a massive Damage spike. And when I say massive, I mean like really massive. So if you feel like you are pretty safe in teamfights and there is no big threat to you, then go for IE as a 3rd item. You can build it as a 4th item too, if you had to get scimitar as a third item to remove something and you feel safe after that. You can also go QSS into IE in this situation.
3156.png: You have problems with getting bursted from Magic-Damage ? Get Maw. Maw is really just good if you die to a lot of Magic Damage and if they have at least two big AP threats, as it got nerfed very often. Also I played against some Magic Damage Comps, with Champs like Rumble top lane, Elise jungle and Leblanc mid. Get Maw, Scimitar and Banshees as your last three items. You are almost unkillable at that point. You have like 170+ Magic Resist and still so much damage.
3036.png/3033.png3035.png is a good item on its own, so don't be afraid to sit on it and don't upgrade it immediatly. LDR and MR are both really balanced items in my opinion and they synergize well with BoRK and your high Attack Speed. If you finished this item you should really shred tanks. Get it as a 3rd to 6th. item depending on when you need the Armor Pen.

3053.png: Steraks Gage got changed and isn't really viable on squishys anymore. Therefore GA got buffed for ADC's
3143.png: Some people may criticize me for mentioning Randuins Omen. But for me Randuins Omen is a viable option as a last item in some cases. For examble u have a Yi and a Vayne on the enemy team and their AP damage is nothing to be scared about. You got BT, because you have nothing no cleanse but you find yourself dying in teamfights to Master Yi or vayne. So you need some source of surviveability. The Problem is, that there is 2 options for offensive items with MR in Maw and Scimitar, but there is no option for Armor. So in my opinion if you already finished 4 Damage items you can get away with building a randuins if you really need the armor. Also it reduces the AS and the critical damage which is both good against champs like Master Yi. The Health will help you survive too and the active can help to kite your target without using Rend

3026.png: GA got a huge buff for ADC's. you can build it with a BF sword now and it gives you AD. Therefore you don't lose as much damage when building it as you used to lose. I get it if I get bursted every fight and I feel like the extra life will make a huge difference.

3087.png/3094.png/3046.png: Lately I really started liking to build a 2nd attack speed item as a 3rd or 4th item. For that i almost always go PD. I feel like the Combination from PD and DD is so much surviveability. With the huge amounts of lifesteal and Hurricane Bolts. As Kalista you need to be very close to the fight to deal damage, so surviveability is your best friend.

Items to avoid: in the following I’ve listed the items you should try to avoid. Remember, that this is only my opinion and some people have other preferences.
3508.pngKalista doesn't buy crit usually and doesn't benefit from Mana regen or CDR.
3142.pngKalista is an Auto attack based ADC, so don't get lethality items.


The items I haven’t listed here were obvious to not build in my opinion.
So to sum up the item section, I would recommend going
 3153.png/3085.png into
3006.png into 3153.png/3085.png into 3046.png/3812.png /3036.png /3033.png / 3139.png /3026.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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Her Auto-Attack-Slow counters your mobility and she has very high Damage, CC and Poke. Try to avoid fights with her




I would rank it medium to hard, because Cait is just a Lane Bully with her range and her zoning with caitlynyordletrap.png.




Draven... Just so strong in Lane. Try to farm.




Dodge his Spells with your passive.




So strong right now. Avoid fighting him unless you can land a really good kalistaR.png with your support.




Dont get poked too often.




Just a Lane Bully. Try to extend the fight as long as possible.


Miss Fortune


Dont get poked by her missfortunericochetshot.png or you will have a hard time.




Wait out her spellshield.png if you want to kalistaE.png.




Got nerfed this patch so not that difficult anymore. Avoid his Q and you should be fine. All in him when the time is right.




Skill Matchup: Don't fight her 1v1 after she gets Bork. 

Abilities Back to Top

In this section of the guide I want to focuse on a short description of the Abilities and how to use them. A detailed guide on how to use your Abilities and what hidden mechanics they have (which are quite a lot) will be explained in later sections for Early-, Mid- and Lategame, aswell as teamfights.
kalistapassive.png Passive: Martial Poise
The Passive is, what makes Kalista so unique and so fun to play (for me at least). The passive is also the Part of her kit, what makes her hard to master. After every AA or Q you can jump in a direction. So you reposition yourself very often. That can get you in some bad positions or get you in a good position. As Kalista you can’t cancel your Autohits, as soon as you started the animation, which makes it very difficult to lasthit if you are new to Kalista. Also she deals only 90% of her AD on Autohits.
Additionally you will get “The Black Spear” in your inventory at the start of the game. Always use it on your support. From then on this Allie is your oathsworm and you get benefits from your oathsworm.
kalistaQ.png Q: Pierce
Pierce is a standard Skillshot which puts a Rend-Stack onto the Target it hits. After you use your Q, you can jump with your Passive. Often its key to hold your Q to get an extra jump to dodge a skillshot or chase an enemy down.
kalistaW.png W: Sentinel
When you and your oathsworm auto attack the same target, within 2 seconds, it will take bonus damage based on its missing health. That effect can occure every 10 seconds and deals pretty much damage. Also you gain bonus Attack Speed based on your level. The active part of your W is a little ghost that travels where you send it, giving you vision and a bit safety. Often it will fear the enemy jungler away, if they get revealed. Though you shouldn’t rely on your Sentinels, because they are quite easy to outmove. See them as an addition to wards
 kalistaE.png E: Rend
The key ability of Kalistas kit. Every AA and Q you hit on an enemy stacks a spear into them. You can stack endless numbers of spears into an enemy. Activating your E will pull out all spears from all targets in Kalistas range. The more Spears on a target, the more damage it does. It also slows the targets. If at least one target is executed my Rend, the ability gets a reset. If at least two targets are executed it also refunds the mana cost. If your E is on cooldown you won’t stack spears.
kalistaR.png R: Fate’s Call
Your ultimate is very unique in the game and especially for ADC’s. You can pull in your oathsworm making him untargetable and he can throw himself somewhere and knocks up enemies hit. Your ultimate can be used to safe your oathsworm or to make a huge engage. This ultimate needs some practice, as it is quite hard to say when to pull in your oathsworm. You don’t want to cancel your supports combo with your ultimate. For example if you pull a thresh in, as he hits a target with his hook, he cant follow the hook. So this spell needs some practice as well.

Match-Ups Back to Top

So here we are at the match-up section. I don’t really like to rate every other ADC or support easy, medium or difficult. On Bot-lane in my opinion there are no real counterpicks like on top lane for example. If you play riven on top and run into a renekton there is pretty much nothing you can do. You won’t find such a scenario on bot lane. Also the Bot lane is heavily decided by supports. Supports have higher impact on lane and ADC’s have higher impact in late game and teamfights. So what type of a bot lane you are depends on what support you have. In most cases you can differentiate between 3 bottom lane styles.

Poke-Lane: Poke-Lanes try to harass you from range and try to deny you as much farm as possible. To play against Poke-Lanes can be quite frustrating.
Strenghts: Good Push, High damage from a far, most likely CS-advantage for you
Weakness: Ganks, All-Ins
Typical Supports: 37.png43.png
Typical ADC’s: 51.png22.png

Trade-Lane: Trade-Lanes have some tools that allow them to win almost every short trade. As a Trade-Lane you want to use these tools and get short trades in and outtrade your opponent. Playing against Trade-Lanes requires a good knowledge about cooldowns and when to go in, as Trade Lanes might still have a good all-in.
Weakness: well-timed all-ins, Ganks
Typical Supports: 40.png
Typical ADC’s: can be almost everything

All-In-Lane: All-in-Lanes are playing quite passive and may even give up some farm to stay healthy and when they see an opportunity they will all-in you and force summoners or even kill you. Against all-in-lanes you always have to be careful and don’t underestimate them.
Weakness: Poke
Typical Supports: 12.png89.png201.png1.png
Typical ADC’s: can be almost everything

Every Lane has a weakness, so there is no real best type of bot lane. Its all about synergy. As kalista 80% of the time u will be the type of an all-in-lane and about 20% a Trade-Lane. So I recommend to farm safe and look for an opportunity for a good trade or a good all-in.
To say at least something to the matchups in particular, Kalistas early is actually quite good and she can easily dominate the laning phase with the right support on here side. Also champs like Ezreal should be no problem, as you can dodge his Q by hopping around quite easily. Beware of slows, as Kalista gets an AS-slow from normal slows, as they slow your Attack-animation. From my feeling it is especially hard to play against poke lanes such as Caitlyn/Sona or something like that. This lanes are so vulnerable to Ganks though. For example a Caitlyn/Sona lane is extremly squishy and will push to your turret to poke under your turret. So there is a lot of space to gank this lane and with Kalistas ultimate you have a really strong engage. A good gank can easily get you at least 1 kill plus summoners and that will most likely snowball your lane. Also Strong Lane-ADC’s like Lucian or Draven are quite hard for Kalista, as they simply out-trade her and counter her mobility. Also you have to be careful of Blitzcrank- and Thresh-Hooks. But this might count for any ADC not just for Kalista.

Support-Synergy Back to Top

As I mentioned earlier, Kalista is kind of an all-in-ADC or Trade-ADC. So you want to have a Support which can fit this too. Also there are two things in Kalistas Kit, that synergize with your support. First there is your Ultimate, which puts your support into the middle of the fight. So your support should be either happy to be in the middle of the fight like an Allistar for example or it should manage to be usefull besides being in the middle of a fight like Janna for example. On the other hand there is your W. Your W procs on enemies, if you and your support hit the same target in between two seconds. Ranged Supports can proc that W way easier then Melees do. The synergy with your ultimate is slightly more important, because your W got nerfed and your ultimate has just a bigger impact then your W. So ideally would be a ranged support, that is tanky and wants to be in the middle of a fight. In the following I talked about the best supports for kalista in my opinion.
412.png: So I said you want to have a support that can fit both synergies with Kalista, her W and her Ultimate. And there we have Thresh, that is a ranged tanky support. Just with his Synergies with this two abilities, he would easily be the best support for Kalista. But that’s not it. Everything on this Champion synergiezes so well with kalista. Thresh does bonus damage on his AA’s, which makes almost every thresh want to AA harass in lane everytime he is in range. Follow his AA with an AA or your Q to proc your W for massive poke. A Thresh AA followed by Kalista AA + Q + E easily deals 50% of a targets health within less then a second. Also Kalista can ult Thresh into the enemy team in teamfights. As the enemies are knocked up, Thresh can easily get a perfect Ult out and position his Box perfectly. In Lane you are very safe too. If you get ganked post 6 its very unlikely that you will get killed. Just split up when getting ganked and the enemies will try to focuse on of you so they can get at least one kill safe. If Thresh gets focused then you keep running to your turret and simply pull him out with your ult. If they focuse you Thresh keeps running and and throws the Lantern to get you safe. Also a Threshhook in lane is almost always a guaranteed kill or a summoner from the enemy bot lane. Thresh hook + AA + W deals about 40% in early game (talking about squishy champs) followed by your Q and maybe 2 Autohits plus E it is very strong burst. In my opinion Thresh Kalista is one of the best bot lanes, that ever existed in LoL.
201.png: So Braum also is a very good Support for Kalista. He doesn’t synergize with Kalistas W as good as Thresh does, but as I said her ult-synergy is what is most important and Braum synergizes very well with Kalistas Ult. Also Braum is easily one of the best All-in-Supporters in the game right now. His Q has absurd base damage and sets up an all-in extremely well. If Braum hits his Q, the enemy is slowed and 3 more Autos will stun him. With Kalista its very easy to chase a slowed ADC with her Passive jumps. So if Braum lands his Q its often a guaranteed stun. So Lets say Braum hits his Q and you can follow up with 3 AA’s (which is almost guaranteed as the target is slowed and you can chase it very easy). Then the target is stunned and you already have 3 spears in it. While stunned you can easily get an additional AA plus q off and E the spears out. That combo does so much damage its actually unreal. Almost no ADC, that got hit by Braum Q will fight you back, as he is too scared of betting stunned and being killed. So they can’t really trade back. If you can land this combo about level 2-3 it can easily snowball your lane. What I also like with Braum is his shield, that blocks so much damage and CC. a good Braum will block so much damage and CC for you, its crazy.
12.png: Allistar synergizes extremely good with your ultimate and is easily one of the best picks to support Kalista. If you ult Allistar into the fight, he knocks up enemies and is right where you want him to be and he didn’t even have to use an ability to get there. So he can wait until your ult-knockup faded and then uses Q to knock everybody up again and kick a knocked up carry into your team. That combo is extremely powerfull as well. Also harassing an Allistar under turret can be suicide. If you harass Allistar or Kalista under turret and are just slightly in turret range, Allistar will flash Q you to take at least 2 turret shots and then knock you into the turret. This is a guaranteed kill.
223.png: Although Tahm Kench is more popular as a Top Laner, he is a quite good supporter. He synergizes quite well with Kalista, as he is extremely tanky and wants to AA due to his Passive. Also a Tahm Kench Bot Lane is almost ungankable, as he can just eat you and run away with his shield and tankyness. The only problem with Tahm Kench is that some Players eat you at the wrong time. Lets say you have BorK + Hurricane + BT, so you have plenty of lifesteal. In a Teamfight u get damaged to about 25% life, but there is no real threat to you anymore and you are ready to heal yourself backup with Hurricane Lifesteal combo, which will full heal you within 2-3 AA’s. Many Tahm kench players are feared of you dying and will eat you and run away. You need a Tahm Kench player with a good game knowledge so he knows when to safe you.
111.png: Nowadays Nautilus is very strong. Mostly seen on Top Lane, he’s also a great support. The thing with Nautilus is that he has 3 hard CC’s and a slow in his kit. His Q stuns for a short duration, his AA stuns the target and his Ult knocks the target up. A Kalista Naut all-in on a ADC without support in lane (for example Bard roaming around or the support is just warding) has just no counterplay. Naut ults the target and then you ult to get Naut in. After the target is knocked up from Naut ult, he throws himself in for another stun. After that stun he AA’s for another Stun and the still has his Q if the enemy flashes or just to stun him again. This is about 4 second Stunlock with no counterplay as you can’t dodge the first stun, which would be his ultimate. There is no way even a full health ADC with heal survives that. Nautilus is really good at setting up ganks too.
40.png: Janna has always been a very good support. She seems to be not too great with Kalista, but trust me this lane is very powerful. Janna is one of the best lane supporters in the game. Her shield makes trading so easy. Kalista is an ADC, that likes to trade in lane so that synergizes quite well and Janna will often proc your W. Janna is not that usefull in teamfights, so throwing her in isn’t that much of a deal, since she has many tools to survive. Also her ult can split up the entire enemy team if needed. 

Early-Game Back to Top

Trading in Lane: So in Lane your main Combo to trade with your enemies is to stack up spears with AA on them. Most of the time it’s best to just AA them once or twice followed by a Q to get 2-3 stacks onto them. Then just try to AA a minion low enough to last hit it with your E and then just E to get the spears out of your enemy and get the reset by killing the minion. Sometimes it can be good to pull the spears out even when you can’t get a reset on your E. I don’t recommend doing that on early levels (1-4), because your E is just on such a high cooldown then. After reaching level 5 and getting a third point into E, you can use it sometimes without getting a reset if there are no minions and you want to get that poke off to force them out of lane for example. A simple rule you can use is to only Rend without a reset when you have at least 3 Spears in your opponent. But keep in mind that if you have E on cooldown, you are a lot weaker then with your E up and you don’t want to trade until your E is up again. Also a good tool to trade in lane is your W, which is proced if you and your oathsworm attack the same target within two seconds. Your Q is actually good to get another jump in to dodge an ability. Try to use your Q immediately after your AA, so you can safe time and get a quick double jump in. If the enemy ADC goes for a lasthit you can AA him and jump backwards immediately so they won’t have time to trade back. Also if you stack spears into minions and last hit them hith your Q, your Q will aply all the spears from those minions to the target it hits. So lets say u have 2 minions between you and the enemy ADC. The two minions are both very low and one has 4 spears in it the other has 3 spears in it. If you manage to hit the enemy ADC with your Q while lasthitting the two minions you will get 8 Spears into him. Somehow hard to setup really big amount of spears but it can be quite effective in lane. Remember that if you AA someone and lose vision your AA will miss its target. So don’t get juked from enemies walking into brushes. Instant ward the brushes or jump into the brush before they can get there. Also remember to send out your Sentinels (W) to get some vision in the river.

Auto-Spacing: Auto-Spacing is to use your Range-Advantage to trade with your opponent without him being able to trade back. Kalista has a AA-Range of 550, which is pretty standard. The only ADC’s that have less range and are actually played are Sivir and Lucian (500 Range). So you have 50 Range advantage. Between you and your enemy there is a small line that is exactly 50 Range where you can Attack him and he can’t attack you. Make use of this. An ADC who knows about this Space in lane is really threatening as there isn’t much counterplay to it if done correctly. Note that most ADC’s have 550 Range. Ashe has 600. Tristana scales from 600 to about 700 with levels and Caitlyn has 650 Range.

When to back: I see many players make a mistake in when they go back to buy. You don’t want to lose too much CS and XP. The mistake I see very often is, that many people just don’t go base, because they are waiting for more gold. There will be a lot of games, where a back would be perfect, but you only have about 950 gold for example. You want to go back then, even if you just have enough gold for a Vamp Scepter. I played a lot with supports that have this “I can’t go back yet” mindset. Let’s say you get a early kill and pushed the lane into the turret, so it will push back to you. This is the perfect time to go base, even with low amounts of gold. You want to transfer your Gold advantage into an item advantage. If you don’t go base you might have an item disadvantage and additionally have less health then your opponent.
The most important things, when backing are:
1.    Set up the Minionwave correctly. You don’t want to lose too much XP or CS, when going to base, so timing is everything. You want to setup the wave so it slowly pushes back to you, without hitting your turret before you get back to lane. Now there are to ways to get the wave to slowpush towards your turret. First is the easiest way. Just push your minionwave into the turret. It will slowpush back to you from there on. If you can’t push the wave to turret before your enemy gets back to lane (can often be the case if you get a kill and there are way more enemy minions then friendly minions), just leave 2-3 more enemy minions than you have. So if you have 2 minions just leave 5 enemy minions there and back. Just don’t end up starting a slow push towards the enemy turret and then back. You give your opponent the chance of freezing it in front of their turret and you will easily lose XP and CS on many creeps.
2.    Get yourself an overview on the map, while heading back to lane. How are your lanes doing? Is there any information about where the enemy jungler is?
3.    Don’t waste too much time in base. If you start your backport, you already plan your buy. I don’t recommend waiting for more then 15 gold in base. Its just not worth, missing any XP or CS.

What to do if you win lane: So if you are winning lane, then try to take the enemy turret or dragon early. Don’t overstay to get Damage to turret. You might get caught or backport late and end up losing CS. Once you got turret in bot, push the wave as far as possible and start roaming mid. Just preasure the mid turret with 3. You force the enemy-team to make a decision. Either their bot lane will follow mid and deffend mid turret or they stay bot and try to catch up in farm or XP. If they deffend mid you forced them to group early and their team should be weaker, because you won lane. If at least the ADC stays bot to farm up, take mid turret.

What to do if you lose lane: So if you are losing lane, try to play safe and get as much farm as possible. If the enemy bot lane took your turret, you have to be very careful. They might roam mid. If they roam, farm bot solo and start getting XP and CS back. Freeze the wave in a comfortable position and as soon as they show up mid to preasure turret you start pushing as fast as you can. Your team should waveclear as good as they can and you create preasure by pushing bot.

Mid-Game Back to Top

When to teamfight: As an ADC you almost always don’t want so start teamfighting, unless you have your Core Build, which is 2 Damage items plus Tier 2 boots for most ADC’s. So you want to have BoRK plus Hurricane plus Berserkers before you teamfight. Now sadly this is just not possible in many games. But if you can, try to slow down the game as much as you can by creating preasure all over the map with splitpushing. So you can force them to stop their siege mid, until you have your Core Build ready. However in some games you have to teamfight before finishing your core, which can be a problem sometimes as kalista needs the Hurricane to have a good impact in a teamfight.

Taking Jungle-Camps: I know many junglers hate me for taking their camps mid game, but as an ADC you want to get all resources possible to become the Carry your team needs you to be. ADC’s are ADC’s, because they scale off of items so well. The most important thing is, that you always have a plan, so you don’t waste any time running aroung the map with no clue what to do. So always look for a lane to farm or Camps to take. If your team groups up, then group up with your team.

Stay relevant: The problem especially in low ELO is, that people don’t understand what matters. They lose a game and instant check how much damage they did to enemy champions. It doesn’t matter, how much damage you did to enemy champions. Im not saying that Damage dealt to Champions is irrelevant, but the most important thing is to stay relevant at any time in the game. Often being relevant means you have to farm and farm and farm for like 30 minutes straight with having 2 kill participations. But at any point in the game you were able to group up and have an impact in fights. If you go for kills all game, you might end up falling behind. Sometimes you have to take the save path as an ADC and farm all game. And then when this one fight at Baron for example starts at 30min, you are relevant and have a good impact on the fight. You might carry this fight, get barron and finish the game and end up with not much damage dealt to Champions, but somehow you carried your team by staying relevant.

Late-Game Back to Top

Avoid getting caught: This might seem easy and you want to avoid getting caught at any point of the game, but it’s so important late game. Trust me it’s not as easy as you may think. With things like Frostqueen’s Claim and Homeguard-Teleports, you can get caught almost from every range. So don’t greed for camps if you have no vision and watch the map closely so you know where your team is. Getting caught in late-game with a death-timer of 60-70 seconds can easily be game. They might baron off of this and snowball the game with taking inhibs with baron. 

Teamfights Back to Top

Positioning: Positioning is propably the most important thing for all ADC’s. It sounds very easy, but stay behind your Front Line and keep distance to assassins. Additionally Kalista has the ability to reposition herself after using a attack. That can be heaven and hell at the same time, because one wrong step could mean your death.

Who to attack: What I read very often after a lost teamfight is, complaining about focuse. It’s not your job to kill the enemy carries. Most of the time, you attack whoever is the closest to you. Sometimes it can be good to make a step into the enemy team to take down a carry so you can win the fight. But more often then not that is not the case. You have to get a feeling for it.

Orb-Walking: What is orb-walking? Orb Walking is to instantly move after your AA-projectile goes off, to cancel your post AA-animation. It’s very helpful to succesfully kite in teamfights. As Kalista This Mechanic to move between your Autohits is essential. If you don’t move between your AA’s just don’t play Kalista at all. Some people like to use Rightclick, some people use A+Leftclick and some people use Shift+ Rightclick. It really depends on what you like most. I personally use Rightclick. So I rightclick the target and immediately rightclick where I want to move and so on. This actually requires a lot of precision and speed. If you don’t have the precision you might miss your target with the rightclick and end up walking into the enemy team. Also you need to do it fast, as you will have a lot of AS later in the game and you want to use all of that AS to maximize your damage and utility.

Dodging: The later you are in the game, the more important it is to dodge some abilities. Dodging has higher priority then doing damage. So if you can get 3 Auto-Attacks less in, because you effectively dodged a Morgana-Bind for example, that’s so worth it. Don’t waste your Q for Damage. Its main use isn’t the damage or the one spear stack. Its main use is to give you an extra jump. Practice to dodge skillshots by using Q and tubling immediately.

When to use Rend (E): E is the most important Ability for Kalista and there might be nothing more satisfying in LoL then Rending a big amount spears from an enemy. But when do you want to Rend in teamfights? I would love to give you a rule, when to rend, but there simply is no rule. All I can say is it depends. Your E has three components to look at. At first its cooldown is resetet if you last hit a target. So if you attack 3 enemies at one time with your AA’s and one is low enough to die to Rend, then rend it. If you can get a reset always rend. The second component is the damage. You do more damage the more spears you stacked. But you don’t Rend early only for damage. That’s just not worth it. That leads to the third component, which is Slow. Sometimes you want to rend early, without getting a reset to slow your target(s). For example you won a teamfight and 2 Members from the enemy team are running away and you lead the chase, due to your good mobility. So you want to rend early here to get the slow off for your team to reach you. Same situation, if the enemy team is chasing you just auto them and Rend to slow them all so that your team can escape.

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So just a short section about me.

My Gamertag is Don Kalista and I Play on EUW. I have about 200k experience on Kalista and finished Season 6 with an Elo of Platinum 1.

Unfortunatly I lost 8 out of my 10 proving games so i got ranked in very low, but don't exspect me to stay there for long ;)

If you have questions feel free to write a comment or add me in game on EUW.

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