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Karma Statistics for makaronilaama

Author's performance with Karma compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Take these:
  • 4.png Flash: Flash is by far the best summoner spell in the game. Even though it keeps getting nerfed every season, it is still invaluable to almost any champion, and Karma 43_64.png is no exception. You choose to use 4.png Flash for escaping, hopping over a wall during a tricky situation, or deal the finishing blow to a wounded enemy. If you do not have Flash 4.png the enemy team will surely notice it from the loading screen and target and gank your lane more often for easy kills. Just take Flash. 4.png Please. 

  • 3.png Exhaust: You always want to have at least one Exhaust 3.png in your team, and 80% of the time it's your job to take it. It is an incredibly powerful deterrent for the enemy ADC as it reduces movement speed and damage by a significant amount. If your team has somebody like Karthus 30_64.png who tends to take Exhaust, 3.png you can choose Ignite 14.png or possibly Heal 7.png instead. 

  • 14.png Ignite: Taking Ignite 14.png for a support is often overlooked, but it's almost a must when laning against champions such as Soraka. 16_64.png Not to mention that it reduces the healing gained from life steal as well, so it can be great to Ignite the enemy ADC when 2v2 skirmishes break loose. Also great to deal the finishing blow or just give that final "oomph" to your attacks.

Avoid these: 
  • 6.png You have a built in mini-ghost already so this one wouldn't help much more. I mean, how many supports use Ghost anyway? 
  • 10.png Is this Dominion? 3255_32.png will do the trick if needed. 
  • 11.png Smite on a duo-bot lane? Take this if you want to piss off your ADC by smiting his/her farm!
  • 12.png What are you going to do with Teleport? You'll win maybe 10-15 seconds by teleporting to the lane. Is it really worth it?
  • 7.png Heal is actually viable again, but it's mostly the ADC's choice rather than yours.
  • 21.png Are you the AD carry? 
  • 1.png As if the most valuable enemy interrupts will be used on you.
  • 13.png Karma's 43_64.png relatively low mana costs will make up for the lack of this. If you're still running out of mana, maybe an early Chalice 3028_32.png will help?
  • 2.png This might actually work on a premade team, but honestly, you'll never have those "Oh I wish I had Clairvoyance!" moments.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

For Season 6, I find these 0/18/12 masteries as the best option for support Karma 43_64.png

The Cunning tree gives a great variety of bonuses when you dig deep enough. Well worth going all the way to 18 points here even with an offensive support like Karma. 43_64.png

In addition, it is great to grab the reduced summoner spell cooldown from the Resolve tree.

Abilities Back to Top

Gathering Fire: Damaging enemy champions with abilities reduces the cooldown of Mantra karmachakra.png by 2/2,5/3 seconds, and 1/1,5/2 seconds on basic attacks against enemy champions. 
  • This skill only reduces the cooldown when you actually damage the enemy, so effects such as Teemo's 17_64.png blind won't trigger the passive.
  • Even if you hit multiple champions with a skill, the passive will only trigger once. Except for Focused Resolve karmaspiritbond.png and Renewal, they'll reduce the cooldown for each tick of damage for up to 3 times if the target remains tethered for the full duration!
  • Landing basic attacks in teamfights should not be overlooked, as they also reduce the cooldown of Mantra.karmachakra.png

Inner Flame: Karma fires a ball of energy that detonates on hitting an enemy, damaging and slowing surrounding enemies by 25% for 1.5 seconds. 
  • This is your bread and butter skill. You want to max this first every game for the increased damage and reduced cooldown.
  • Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png outranges many other skillshots with its 950 range, such as Blitzcranks 53_64.png fearsome Rocket Grab. 
  • Don't be afraid of poking even from a distance, as it has a small AoE effect on hit that can even reach beyond the point of impact.
  • The low mana cost makes Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png easily spammable on lane, allowing you to recharge your Mantra surprisingly fast.

Soulflare: Mantra bonus - Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png deals bonus magic damage and leaves a small AoE that slows enemies inside it by 50%. After 1.5 seconds the area detonates, damaging enemies inside it. If Soulflare does not strike a target, the area is created at maximum range. 
  • Soulflare has by far the highest base damage on any ability a champion can get at level 1. Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png deals 80 damage at rank 1, the Mantra karmachakra.png damage bonus is 25 (rank 1) and the Soulflare AoE effect deals 50 damage at rank 1 as well. That gives us 80+25+50 damage = 155 damage! At Soulflare rank 5 and Mantra rank 4 the base damage is a whopping 260+175+360 = 785 damage!!
  • Take advantage of the broken damage Soulflare gives by blasting it on the enemy champions 37_64.png21_64.png right when you enter the lane, giving you the upper hand. 
  • It doesn't matter if you slightly miss your target, as Soulflare has a notable AoE upon reaching the end of it's range so it can still fully damage the target.
  • To avoid pushing, (if your ADC 51_64.png prefers not to) you want to aim Soulflare mostly in the enemy lane bush where the enemy support 37_64.png is usually lurking, making her life a living hell. Otherwise, you can try to aim for the ADC 21_64.png as well who usually hides behind the enemy caster minions, but notice that your own ADC 51_64.png might get mad if you happen to steal her farm so keep that in mind.
  • You will be using your Mantra karmachakra.png on Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png 75% of the time, mostly for poking and whittling down the enemy support 37_64.png and ADC 21_64.png while laning from a distance and dealing damage on teamfights later in the game. 

Focused Resolve: Karma forms a 650-range tether to target an enemy champion or monster, revealing and dealing magic damage to the target over 2 seconds every 0.66 second. Gathering Fire is applied every time this ability damages. If the tether is not broken after 2 seconds, the target is rooted.
  • You should take the first point at level 4, as there's not much use for it on lane before that. 
  • The range is incredibly short compared to her old W (Spirit Bond) or Inner Flame, 20px-Inner_Flame.jpg meaning that you need to get up close and tank some damage in order to land the snare. 
  • Focused Resolve karmaspiritbond.png excels when chasing enemies in a group, as you'll be targeted less likely when moving as a group while tethering the enemy (preferably an isolated) champion and letting your teammates finish the snared target off quickly.
  • If you get ganked on lane, you want to use Focusing Resolve karmaspiritbond.png on the enemy jungler 59_64.png to prevent most of his damage and forcing him to either back off or deal with the snare.
  • You can choose to level up Focused Resolve karmaspiritbond.png over Inspire karmasoulshield.png against supports that require to be in melee range in order to be effective (such as 89_64.png127_64.png44_64.png ).

Renewal: Mantra bonus - Focused Resolve karmaspiritbond.png deals bonus magic damage and heals Karma for 20% of her missing health instantly and another 20% of her missing health over 2 seconds and increases the root duration. 
  • The 40% missing health gain can be incredible when a greedy enemy jungler 59_64.png comes to dive you alone when you're low on hit points. You might kite him around the tower with the bonus health and buy yourself just enough time for the tower to finish him off!
  • The increased snare time may come in handy when there's no other cc available.
  • Real opportunities for using this come so rarely as a support that it isn't much worth really.
  • Works on monsters too!
  • You'll be using Mantra karmachakra.png on Focused Resolve karmasoulshield.png about 0-5% of the time, mostly for baiting at tower and disengaging.

Inspire: Karma shield the target ally for 4 seconds and grants the target bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds.
  • This is like a mini Zilean's 26_64.png Time Warp with the huge movement speed bonus but with a shield. 
  • Only a super-mega passive Karma 43_64.png would max Inspire karmasoulshield.png first. Is this season 1 or 2 where the era of passive supports were on the rise? Nope. Nowadays, an aggressive bot lane is in fashion and this is why Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png outshines Inspire. karmasoulshield.png
  • You look to trigger Gathering Fire and Pick Pocket by shielding yourself and punishing the enemy 21_64.png37_64.pngwith some basic attacks when you're ahead.
  • Be conservative with Inspire karmasoulshield.png though, as most of your mana and Mantra karmachakra.png charges will be used on Inner Flame karmaheavenlywave.png during the lane phase. 
Defiance: Inspire's karmasoulshield.png shield is increased by a bonus amount. Defiance grants the primary target a bonus shield while giving allied champions half of the shield within 700 range of the target and increasing their movement speed.
  • You mainly want to use Defiance for blazing speed and shields for your team.
  • While laning, the 60% bonus movement speed can be overwhelming when trying to catch up with the enemy 21_64.png37_64.png with the help of your jungler. 113_64.png
  • This skill is incredible in large team fights. The combined Locket 3190_32.png and Shurelya 3069_32.png is almost invaluable in some cases. With a built-in 3190_32.png3069_32.png you can choose to leave both of them out of your build.
  • While healing/shopping in base with another champion(s) you can cast Defiance 20px-Inspire.jpg to help all of you get back to lane faster.
  • Also amazing when the enemy jungler 59_64.png comes to gank. You'll be way ahead when he arrives or tries to chase you. 
  • Approximately 20-25% of your Mantra karmachakra.png charges during the game will be used on Defiance, mostly during team fights, chasing and escaping, Baron Nashor or helping a group of allies back to lane faster. Such versatility cannot be found in too many abilities, huh?

Mantra: Karma empowers her next ability cast within the next 8 seconds, adding an additional effect. Empowered abilities share the same cooldown as their basic form. 
  • Karma begins with one rank of Mantra karmachakra.png and can increase it at levels 6, 11 and 16.
  • Ranks in Mantra karmachakra.png only improve the additional effects of empowered abilities. 
  • At rank 4 when the cooldown is 36 seconds, with 40% cooldown bringing it down to 21.6 seconds, and waiting for the full 8 seconds that the Mantra karmachakra.png -empowered spell is available, you can fire 2 Mantra -charged karmachakra.png spells only 13.6 seconds from each other. And this is without counting the possible passive reductions. So dont' let the high base cooldown fool you!
  • You might want to keep Mantra karmachakra.png available if you've run out of wards to keep you and your ADC 51_64.png safe from a surprise gank by an enemy 59_64.png so you can cast Defiance to quickly back off.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I find this the most optimal for Karma. As an offensive support, she benefits greatly from the bonuses that Spellthief's gives.
    A more passive option, but still viable-ish.

Core Items

    This is what I generally end up with. You always want to buy a few ap items as karma needs some in order to be effective.
    These are all viable options for boots. Sorcerer's will help you stomp a won lane harder and apply huge pressure. Ninja tabi when the enemy team has a lot of AD champs. Merc's when the enemy team has a lot of CC/AP damage. Mobilities are a good choice when you roam or want to place a ton of wards.
    Remember to upgrade to these early for a greater gold passive!

Situational Items

    Even though you already have a built-in mini version of this, the speed bonuses stack and may bring huge plays.
    Another item that's built in karma already.
    Zeke's is something that might work when constantly with your adc, but I tend to leave this one out.
    Zhonyas is a decent option if the enemy team has atleast 3-4 attack damage champions.
    I really like Frozen Heart as a first major item in any situation. It's a solid choice against multiple AD champions. It's still better on a melee champ as the aura would reach the enemy ranged attackers in the back much easier, so consider building yourself tanky if you're building Frozen Heart.
    Morello is a good choice to buy first as it gives a ton of AP for a relatively low cost and 20% CDR, making your skills much easier to spam. Your Q will actually hurt alot at the early/mid levels once you complete this. An awesome choice if you're going for loads of AP items.
    Mikael's can be a lifesaver. Huge gamebreaking fights occur throughout the game so any cleanse/heal combination will surely help your carries. Also this builds from chalice which can greatly help you with your mana problems. Chalice is a good option to buy right in the beginning if you stomp your lane or your just happen to run oom a little too often
    Mejai isn't actually that bad when you win your lane and your top and mid also happens to win their lanes. The stacks will skyrocket upwards when you're so much ahead. But otherwise, you should leave this one out.
    Viable versus huge AP threats, but it's more effective on a melee champion or somebody that can hug the enemy team situationally like Fiddle or Ahri
    A nice choice when you're too rich and want to stomp even harder! Not necessarily a support item, but adds a bunch of damage to your Soulflare.
    If you're overly rich and want another slow, then go for Rylai! Don't get this if you're losing though.
    AVOID RABADON!!! Yes, the ap it grants is huge but the price is simply too much for a support. There are way more AP stuff to choose from when you are winning. Try Mejai's instead.
    This upgrades from your staring item, so it's a good choice. The active is pretty powerful too against melee targets.
    If you're clueless about what to buy as a last item, this is a great choice against high AD enemies! Amazing in extended teamfights and pushing, as the passive will trigger quite often. Consider only as a 6th item.
    Not a fan of this. But it works nicely with atleast 3-4 champs who benefit greatly from the bonus attack speed.
An example build order: 

Starting items: 3303_32.png2044_32.png3340_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png

These should be your first 2 items. You can convert the two into a super item later on.
 3098_32.png --> 3098_32.png2049.png --> 2301.png

After the 2 items, start purchasing offensive/defensive items based on the situation/your preferences. Usually AP items when winning, and defensive items when losing. NOTICE: After buying Sightstone 2049_32.png you ought to switch your 3340_32.png into 3341_32.png or 3364.png
Anyway, here's an example for a won lane:

--> 3098_32.png2049.png3020_32.png --> 3098_32.png3165_32.png2049.png3020_32.png 

--> 3098_32.png3165_32.png2049.png3020_32.png3136_32.png--> 3098_32.png3165_32.png2301.png3020_32.png3151_32.png3028_32.png --> 3116_32.png3165_32.png2301.png3255_32.png3151_32.png3222_32.png & 3364_32.png2139.png

Here's my preference for a lost lane:

-->3098_32.png2049_32.png3028_32.png --> 3098_32.png2049_32.png3028_32.png1001_32.png --> 3098_32.png2049_32.png3028_32.png1001_32.png3110_32.png 

--> 3098_32.png2049_32.png3028_32.png (3111_32.png OR 3047_32.png3110_32.png3151_32.png --> 3105.png2301.png3222_32.png (3265_32.png OR 3260_32.png3110_32.png3151_32.png & 3364_32.png2139.png

I personally prefer auras/damage items over active items due to me forgetting to use them in the midst of huge teamfights... The builds are still fairly flexible so why not try some combinations of your own and see how they work out!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Elise
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lissandra
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nunu
  • Quinn
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zyra




Alistar 12_64.png isn't that bad actually, even with his fearsome QW/WQ combo-wombo and the immense damage reduction his ultimate gives. He's been nerfed down under in my opinion in every single way: Lowered AP ratios, mana cost on heal increased and the ultimate damage reduction reduced as well. He's just another "meh" champion filling up the role of a support, but not necessarily being the best choice anymore.  

Alistar usually starts with his Pulverize (Q) at level 1, or sometimes with his heal (E) giving him absolutely 0 ranged fighting potential until he gets to level 2 or 3 when he has his QW combo. So this is why level 1 is the most crucial part of your game when laning against Ali. 12_64.png 

You look to poke him a lot, and I mean A LOT at the first levels to get him low enough to conquer his lane bush and forcing him out of there. Use your Q on the enemy caster minions to get the lane pushing. 

When Alistar 12_64.png reaches level 3, you should play a bit more carefully as when he catches you off guard, you'll drop extremely low if he lands his combo on you. Keep poking him, but from a distance, and be a bit more conservative with auto-attack harasses. After he engages at post-level 6 when he has his ultimate, immediately switch targets to the enemy ADC when Alistar 12_64.png casts his ultimate that reduces all damage done by 50%. 

Remember the importance of the early few levels and harass him as much as you can. You should out-trade him when you get your first few AP items like 3020_32.png3151_32.png anyway. 




Annie 1_64.png is all about her bursty damage potential and the passive stun. But unfortunately for her, Karma outranges her by far and thus leaves Annie helplessly trying to come up close for unleashing her skills. And that leaves her vulnerable like mad.

Against Annie I'd recommend high AP items such as 3151_32.png3116_32.png3020_32.png3001_32.png to ensure that she'll be wiped out of existence in no time and to match her potential damage potential.




I honestly don't like Ashe 22_64.png at all. She has her slow that applies on her auto-attacks and Volley that denies the movement speed bonus of your shield. Not to mention the crazy Enchanted Crystal Arrow that can just demolish you/your ADC with its stun. 

At lane, you should stay far away and behind minions so you can dodge her Volley much easier. Poking her support should still be your main focus as Ashe likes you smack you with an auto + Volley if you want to hit her. 

Late game, she has incredible kiting power with her constant slow, so consider fighting/poking her only from a distance. If you/your team is far ahead of her, she's an easy target as she has no real escaping skills. Denying her support will deny her as well eventually. 




Bard 432_64.png has been a bit outclassed by most supports since his release.

With only one damaging ability apart from his passive, he's far less of a threat when compared to Karma. 43_64.png He does still have some intense mobility skills, but they're all counterable - his W, the heal/speed AoE is destroyable by standing on top of it, the E portal thingy between terrain is usable by both teams, and his R, the AoE-zhonya can affect both teams as well. 

It is imperative to keep dodging his Q and avoid getting stunned by it - either staying far away from minions or being clumped between a bunch of them. Thing are also fairly safe within the lane brush, as no minions will trespass it. 

One can basically buy anything and be fine against Bard. I'd still suggest AP-oriented items such as 3041_32.png3151_32.png when your lane is winning, and defence-oriented items like 3190_32.png3110_32.png when losing.




The notorious Blitzcrank 53_64.png and his rocket grab.

Blitz has 0 sustain. 0. Apart from the shield passive, but that doesn't really count. Any damage you do to him will stick, forcing him to either recall or hug his tower forever eventually. A blitz would like to play aggressively to land a grab and perform his deadly combo. 

You should focus on playing super-aggressive towards Blitz 53_64.png at level 1 as he only has his grab by then, not the knock-up. He's a big target so the Q should be easy to land. Keep his bush warded, move erratically and everything should go well. If you do manage to get grabbed though, a well timed Inspire should give you enough movement speed to escape from him and help you stay alive.

Your Q outranges his grab by 25, which is like nothing, but you can use this to estimate how far away Blitz can grab you. Once he hit's level 2, start playing a bit cautiously and even more when he's level 3. In general, Blitz should never be able to reach you with your speed -giving shield, AoE slow and the snare. 

Remember that he can assassinate lonely teammates throughout the game with his grab when his team is around. Don't give him this chance, try to stick together as much as possible. 

I would recommend Shurelya 3069_32.png  and Twin Shadow's 3023_32.png against Blitz 53_64.png so you get to outrun him and to ensure that he'll never grab you.




Braum 201_64.png is pretty much the most durable support in the game. But it's compensated by his lack of damage. All he really has is the skillshot stun thingy which you need to avoid by all costs to prevent yourself from being wrecked. 

Braum is at his weakest after using up his shield. Damage him as much as you can during this phase, as he can't really hit you from range with other than his Q. 

Against a moving wall like Braum I'd recommend stuff like 3110_32.png3222_32.png3111_32.png3151_32.png3001_32.png to survive and for blasting him to pieces. 




Caitlyn 51_64.png is one of the biggest lane bullies you could face. Her traps may deny you the lane bush usage as they'll snare and reveal you so you'll be in her sights all day long. Also her range might prevent you from poking her. 

Keep an eye on where exactly she puts her traps so that you can still stand in the bushes but not necessarily step on the traps. If you step on a trap while laning, she'll turn extremely hostile along with her support and tries to give you a hit or two if you're in range, taking away a lot of your HP. You don't want this to happen, right? When she's far away (like really far, at base preferably) you can cast Inspire on yourself and tank a trap or two with it.

Notice her insane 650 attack range. The same as your tether. Be careful not to venture too far ahead so that you won't accidentally take a massive Headshot from her. You'll never reach her while laning so while your ADC focuses on Cait, 51_64.png you might want to kill her support yourself. Cait is completely helpless without one.

She loses her power as the game progresses, but her Ace in the Hole still does a significant amount of damage throughout the game. Remember that you can save a weak ally from getting hit by standing in its path. And remember to dodge her Q which is a skillshot. It does less damage per hit so either stay behind minions or move erratically to prevent getting hit. And finally, keep in mind that she might use her E to knock herself away from your Soulflare AoE effect or to break your tether. You might want to go aggressive towards her for the next 10 seconds-ish when it's on cooldown. 




No matter how unviable Corki 42_64.png can be, he's still a force to be reckoned with as Karma. 43_64.png If he gets a kill or two, he'll snowball the lane madly in his favor and destroy you. Big time.

There's still a few things you can do as Karma. First of all, he's one of the squishiest AD carries at level 1, and boy, doesn't Karma love squishy early game targets? If it's okay for the ADC, try to poke Corki down as much as you can, even if you hit the Q on the enemy minions. Pushing Corki to his tower would be the best option as it's much easier to poke him there, denying him some of his farm.

Be careful when he dings 6 as he can unleash his Missile Barrage attacks that are almost undodgeable due to their insane missile speed. They also do splash damage so standing behind minions won't help either. 

Go all in if he engages with Valkyrie. He has no escape apart from Flash 4.png when it's down so casting a quick W will surely bring him down but be careful not to get hit too much. Also notice that his Gatling Gun reduces your resistances over the duration, so stay in the back so you won't be damaged too much.  




"Welcome to the League of Draven!" 119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png119_64.png

He isn't that bad actually. Even though his Spinning Axes do some wild damage if you get hit, you have more ways to counter him than he has against you. 

Ever noticed the Soulflare AoE sized brown areas on the ground? Of course you have. That's where the axes he drop will land. But you don't look at them as axe -dropping points. You see them as "AIM Q HERE PLEASE" signals, something you would do with Nami's bubble or Zyra's snare as well. Unless the area is clumped with enemy minions, you'll always get a free Inner Flame/Soulflare hit on him if you react quickly.

If he sees red and activates his W to charge towards you, you want to shield yourself and run! The speed you get is more than he does, but his boost lasts longer. When he sees that you're actually running away from him and with insane speed, he'll back off. Unless he's insanely fed of course, you'll die in 2 hits. But that's rarely the case. 

You can use your Inspire movement speed bonus to dodge both his knockbacking axes and his ultimate. Just turn around 90 degrees and sprint. The areas they affect are so narrow and that makes them quite easy to dodge, even easier with the bonus speed you have. 

In my opinion one of the easiest AD carries to lane against. He has his full focus on his axes and minions and will most likely ignore you and your damage until it's too late. 




Elise 60_64.png support is a kind of an unorthodox pick, but still viable. At the moment, she's still one of the best champions in the game as she has a "full kit" so to speak. She has 2 skills that scale from enemy health that ensure that she doesn't need AP to deal ludicrous amounts of damage. Not to mention a third massive dmg skill, her untargetable spider, her attackspeed steroid in spider form and that annoying Rappel that can be used both offensively and defensively. 

But what makes Elise a good support? Her E in human form, that stun! It's only 50 mana and has a whopping 1075 range, outranging your Q by far and allows her to unleash her full combo. 

"But she sounds so OP, why is she marked as easy then?" Well, she's incredibly squishy! And if she wants to harass you with her Q, she would have to run up close to you as the range is only 625. When she does, you can Soulflare her for a ton of damage and tether her and hit a ton of auto-attacks. You'll out-trade her by far as long as she misses her Cocoon. Consider it as a grab from 53_64.png or 412_64.png so you'll be more pumped up dodging it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the tether doesn't break if Elise Rappels upwards in the middle of the duration, or that's how I remember it when I played against her. It should break only if she descends on an enemy unit beyond the tether range. 

Purchasing heavy AP items such as 3165_32.png3020_32.png3041_32.png3151_32.png would be most optimal against Elise 60_64.pngto ensure that she'll die in mere seconds.

Hmm, what else? You can farm her spiderlings for easy gold, much like Zyra's 143_64.png plants. As long as you focus on dodging her Cocoon, she should be a piece of cake.




Ezreal 81_64.png can be incredibly annoying in the early levels as he can spam Mystic Shots at you even in the brush you're in, dealing some mad damage. But each and every one of his skills is a skill shot one way or the other so staying behind minions will help dodging his abilities. 

Even if you hit Soulflare on him for the initial damage, he can Arcane Shift out of it, negating the follow-up damage easily. He can also break your tether with it. But much like Caitlyn, 51_64.png he's vulnerable when his E is on cooldown so you should go aggressive on him. He can also use his E to re-position himself on the midst of a battle so keep track of his movements. Hitting all of his 4 skills often leads to fatality in your part, but dodging them should be your first priority no matter what. 

An average match-up. Not the easiest, but there are many harder match-ups out there.




This is another easy match-up as long as you keep your distance. His fearsome fear has only a 575 range, which is out-ranged by almost anything, even your W! 

Spam the heck of your Inner Flame/Soulflare on him and make his life miserable as hell. He's ridiculously squishy so he'll be back in base in no time unless he starts draining your minions and possibly taking away farm from his ADC with it. Also remember to keep his bush warded so he won't suddenly fear/ult and catch you off guard.

If he casts his bouncing silence on you/your ADC, you should split up immediately to avoid Dark Wind bouncing between you for the full 5 times. 

And of course there's the ultimate. You can just cast Defiance to move a group of you to safety quickly, and negating a lot of the damage as well. 

Buying a Locket 3190_32.png and Shurelya 3069_32.png combined with your Defiance will negate his ultimate pretty much completely. Also Mikael's 3222_32.png will help freeing a feared ally from his clutches!




Graves 104_64.png is one of those AD carries with an extremely short attack range. That doesn't make him bad at all, as his passive gives him bonus armor + magic resistance, making him much tankier than other AD carries. 

Take advantage of his short range and poke from a distance. He'll only reach you if he dashes towards you and that makes him vulnerable to damage as he has no other escaping skill apart from Flash. 4.png

Remember that Buckshot does more damage if you stand in the front and get hit by all three bullets. Deny graves this opportunity by never walking in his range. Also notice that his ultimate has a relatively long range, so even if you think you're safe, his Collateral Damage can still hit you while recalling, for instance. 

He can dash away from your Soulflare AoE and break the tether easily with his E. Keep this in mind as you press the lead on him. 




Janna 40_64.png is a bitch. Seriously.

Even though she might seem weak at first glance, you'll learn that her shield is just incredibly annoying. You'd normally poke her to death, but a right timed shield negates like 80% of your Soulflare damage and pretty much completely your Inner Flame damage. Not to mention that her shield has a 0.9 AP ratio, whilst yours has only a 0.6 ratio. Even the base amount is higher than yours.

Yes, you'll get to land a full Soulflare bomb on her occasionally when she has shielded her ADC just a second ago. But remember that the shield gives up to +50 attack damage to the shielded target, so if you go wild on poking her, you'll be hit for quite some damage if she has shielded her ADC and he/she decides to punish you for poking Janna. 40_64.png

Even generally, her kit just outshines yours at all stages of the game. The 5% movement speed bonus she grants her nearby teammates as well as the 2 AoE knocks she can use to turn the tides of any team fight completely and the extremely low CD slow she has can be a pain. You can tell this as Janna has one of the highest win ratios in the game. 

You can't poke her ADC at all as she'll just shield him/her to negate most of the damage. The only thing you really can do is to poke her. Again. And again. Until one of you runs out of mana, most likely Janna as her Eye of the Storm has a higher mana cost than your Inner Flame, which is good. It's still a passive, steady lane from her sight of view but completely frustrating as Karma. 43_64.png If you land a great Soulflare at the early few levels - good for you. But her mere presence is just enough to make her ADC out-damage yours. 

She can't really get fed, but she's incredibly difficult to kill due to her versatile CC if she gets ahead. If you do manage to get a kill on her/her ADC, take the advantage and don't let go! Rush Sorcerers 3020_32.png and Morello's 3165_32.png to make your Q's hurt A LOT and make her life miserable. Otherwise, going for an extremely defensive build to shut down her ADC would be ideal, so items like 3190_32.png3069_32.png will help you with that. 




I've only had positive experiences against (and with) Jhin. 202.png

His low mobility makes it easy to hit some nice Q's karmaheavenlywave.png on him. He also runs out of ammo every 4th attack, so he needs to be conservative when he's poking with auto-attacks.

If you run into one of his plants, quickly shield yourself and run before it detonates. 

Stay far away from minions when he uses his Q to clear the minions so you won't get hit. 

He can't move while launching his ultimate, so that sets him up for yet another easy Q hit or two. 




Jinx 222_64.png is fairly weak, but extremely annoying during the lane phase.

Stay far enough away from your caster minions so that her rocket splash damage doesn't reach you. Also remember to keep moving from being hit by her extremely long range zap/whaever it is, because it hurts and slows like mad! Her chompers will remain in the ground for a really long time and snare you for like forever, so do your best to avoid them when you're behind. And don't clump up with your ADC when she goes "BYE BYE" to prevent you both from exploding.

Jinx is at her weakest during the first few levels (like any ADC) so do your best at hitting a massive Soulflare on her face. A bush ambush might do wonders against Jinx. She's also fairly easy to trick into attacking you by getting caught in her chompers, so if you're a bit ahead, just run into one and she'll charge towards you, giving you a free Soulflare hit on her. She doesn't have a dash apart from flash so she should be an easy target to hit.

Just be cautious - she's an extremely strong pusher, and will most likely ding level 2 before you and your ADC and go for the offence with her support. Keep your distance until you feel like you're on par with her in terms of fighting potential.




Kalista can be a little tricky with her intense mobility.

You look to poke her a lot in the early levels when she is at her weakest. Late game she'll be almost unreachable. Never venture in the front when you're alone against her as you cannot escape her clutches due to the slow and mobility. Stick with your allies and work with them to shut her down with cc.




So you've switched to normals? Well whatever, of course you'll win because you're using this guide! :D




Kog'Maw! 96_64.png One of the current hyper-carries. 

As long as you don't give him any kills (or more than your ADC is getting) you should be fine. Kog is relatively slow and his only skill that helps him escape is his E that's a linear AoE slow. He's more than easy to gank so ask your jungler for some help to ensure that you'll be stomping this lane. 

When he activates his W, he'll gain bonus range and a ton of attack speed so you should retreat just a bit so he won't reach you with his autos. Then you'll just poke him with your Q. Rinse and repeat, nothing complicated here really. 




Leona 89_64.png is actually a fun match-up. She heavily relies on being super-aggressive so that she can apply her passive a lot for many bursts of damage when her ADC attacks the sunlighted targets. But unfortunately for her, she's melee. And her lunge range is a pathetic 700 so you get to spam your Inner Flame/Soulflare on her all day long. 

Keep the lane bush that she resides in warded so you can keep track of her position and not get Zenith Bladed off guard. Also remember that she gains huge amounts of bonus armor + magic resistance when she activates Eclipse, and that's usually when she wants to lunge to you so back off until her shield has dissipated. Then spam that Q on her and make her miserable. 

When she successfully lunges to your ADC, a clear path to their ADC is created. First you want to shield your own AD carry to prevent him/her from taking more damage/stuns from Leona and then instantly cast a Soulflare on the enemy ADC's face. The target will often be hit by the eruption damage as well as it is the enemies who have engaged. 

The reason why she isn't labeled as easy is her ultimate. It has a massive 1200 range and it's an AoE stun at its best. If she successfully stuns you with it, she can easily walk closer and land her full combo on you, often resulting in your doom if she has her ADC with her. She's also exceptionally tanky late game, and with a whopping 3 unique stuns she brings slightly more utility for team fights than you do. 

Ranking up tether isn't a bad option against Leona. Once she lunges towards you, she just can't retreat once a nice tether has been landed.

Having a combined 3190_32.png3069_32.png will negate her almost completely. Mikael's 3222_32.png will also help extremely well against her and prevent a full combo on your ally. 

She's very easy to bully at lane but her natural tankiness excels if she can close the distance with you. Don't give her this chance and you should do good. 




I just love love LOVE playing vs. Lissandra 127_64.png as Karma!

She heavily relies on engaging with her Glacial Path to land her AoE stun but unfortunately for her, she is squishy as hell and with the damage Karma has, she'll just shatter to pieces. Literally. She has no sustain whatsoever so she just has to act like Leona. 89_64.png 

I actually recommend leveling up your tether over your shield against Lissandra. 127_64.png Just so that she can't escape anywhere. As she engages with her teleport thingy, you'll just tether her and blast her with a massive Soulflare. She'll die in seconds! And when she's running away from you, tethering her will prevent the usage of her E. The more ranks you put on your W, the longer the snare. You get to use a ton of Renewals against her, which is just amazing!

If you think she can kill you or just don't want to fight her, you can just shield yourself to escape from her Glacial Path and the stun combo with the speed that you get. 

Against Lissandra, I'd recommend rushing 3020_32.png3023_32.png early and following up with a very early 3222_32.png. Shurelya's 3069_32.png is also a nice option, allowing you to quickly flee from her E. 

I once gave a 127_64.png104_64.png match-up a double first blood when venturing towards the bottom line tribush at level 1 and still turned out victorious by far! It's just amazing how poorly Lissandra does as a support, even though that's like a common role for her. Karma is just too OP <3




Lucian 236_64.png is another simple ADC that you want to pick Karma into.

All Lucian has is 2 weak-ish pokes and a lame dash apart from his ulti. If he keeps poking you with his lasers, he'll run out of mana in no time. He has to focus on farming, which gives you the opportunity to constantly land some Soulflares on Lucian or his support.

Once he uses his ultimate, he has to move a bit awkwardly in order to hit his bullets. It leaves him extremely vulnerable to skillshots like your Inner Flame/Soulflare, and if you're lucky enough, you can easily tether him. Using Renewal when he ults allows you to tank his ultimate with ease, giving your ADC/team a perfect opportunity to mutilate him. If things are looking bad and he seems to be ahead of you, just Mantra + E to get everybody out of the way.

Overall he's a fairly weak pick against Karma, since she has many ways to counter him. If you get to zone him and force him to use his skills to farm, the lane is yours!




Lulu 117_64.png isn't as fearsome as you might think.

She is a very similar champion compared to Karma: 43_64.png A poke that slows and damages multiple enemies, a buffing shield and a CC effect. But what she has that you don't is an ultimate. A real ultimate. And she can use this to bait while low or just act as a 600hp heal if needed. Another champion with a full kit.

Even though she relies on heavily poking with her Q as well, your Inner Flame/Soulflare outdamages her Glitterlance. Notice that her Q has a 925 range and your Q has 950 so your Inner Flame will reach her from further away than she would. 

If she goes all in with her skills on you, she'll run oom relatively fast, much faster than you would. Her ultimate costs a whopping 100 mana so making her run oom by level 6 would be great. 

On the other hand, if she maxes her shield first, she'll turn annoying. Not only can she negate most of your damage with it, but she can use it to damage you as well. Her base shield amount is the same with your shield, but she has a higher mana cost in it. Forcing her to shield multiple times will make her oom in no time.

Getting some heavy AP such as 3151_32.png3116_32.png along with other stuff will greatly negate her supporting skills and outdamage/outpoke her by far.  

As long as you deny her early with a big fat Soulflare on her face, she should be fairly easy. She'll lose much of her power underleveled so being fearsome and denying her experience by looking angry and forcing her to B or hug her tower is a good thing to do.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune 21_64.png is by far one of the easiest AD carries you could ever face.

She's incredibly prone to being poked as she has no escape skills. She can hardly run out of your Soulflare AoE, let alone your tether range. And if she goes "EHA HEHA HAHAHA" mode with her ultimate, you'll just cast Inspire/Defiance to get everybody out of the ultimate and negating some damage of it as well. And as the ultimate is a channeling spell, you can land some incredibly easy Soulflares and tethers on her while she's standing there. 

Staying in a lane brush where she has no vision is a great idea so she can't get her Double Up to bounce on you. Her Make it Rain will reveal you if you're in a brush and heavily slow you if you stand in the area. Poke her whenever you can and she'll shit bricks.  




No matter how strong Morgana 25_64.png seems to be in the current meta, she's still outclassed by Karma. 43_64.png But if you're not making a single effort on dodging her bindings, consider the lane to be lost then.

Once Morgana misses her binding, quickly retaliate with Inner Flame or Soulflare on her face. She's incredibly squishy and even if she uses her shield, your massive damage penetrates it in no time. Her Black Shield is on a base cooldown of 20 seconds so she has to use it extremely cautiously. Once used, you get to blast Morgana/her ADC to pieces yet again.

In larger teamfights, use Mantra + E to get everybody out of her ultimate radius quickly to diminish the change of getting stunned by her. 

You have to prioritize dodging her bindings at all stages of the game since at rank 5 it snares you for up to 3 seconds, which is a lot! Luckily the bonus movespeed from your shield will help with dodging it. 

Against Morgana, I'd recommend Mikael's 3222_32.png to quickly remove an ally from her bindings. Also items such as 3023_32.png3069_32.png3111_32.png3190_32.png work nicely against her.



Nami 267.png is incredibly squishy, meaning that a well-aimed Soulflare will snatch atleast a third of her health at level 1. And yea, if you hit a lot of the Q's, this match-up will turn extremely easy as you'll constantly get to feast on fried sushi throughout the game when she's behind. 

No matter how weak she might seem, her kit is more than deadly. If she hits her Soulflare AoE sized stun, you'll be in for a lot of trouble. And remember that she can not only heal, but poke with the same skill as well. 2 slows, AoE knock-up, AoE stun, a damaging heal and a slight movement speed bonus on allies compensate for her weak defences. 

Also notice that Nami 267_64.png is a support with one of the biggest mana problems. She simply can't go all in on you more than once without running completely out of mana. Use this as your advantage and force her to heal up with her W that has a ridiculously high mana cost, leaving her unable to fight when some skirmishes break loose. 

She's an easy target. Focus on dodging her stun and you should do fine against her. If she hits her stun on your ADC, you should just shield him/her as there's not much you can really do at that point.
Stuff like Mikael's 3222_32.png and Shurelya 3069_32.png will make her bubble extremely difficult to land. A sudden cleanse on an ally will ultimately force her to retreat.




Nunu 20_64.png is a tanky support that can give his ADC a permanent AS/MS steroid. He also likes to toss Ice Blasts on you and your ADC from a distance. Not to mention his ultimate, that can deal the most damage any ability can do in the entire game. But after the season 3 nerfs he's fallen back to mediocrity. 

He can consume a minion to heal large amounts of health back. You want to poke him so that he'll have to use mana to regain some health. Every 5 basic attacks he makes gives him a free spell cast, so deny him from letting him hit your minions by aggressively poking him with auto-attacks and Inner Flame/Soulflare. 

You don't have anything to stop his ultimate, but you can easily escape it by Flashing 4.png out of the range if needed. While he's channeling, much like Miss Fortune 21_64.png he'll be standing still so you can aim an easy Soulflare on his face to make him regret casting his Absolute Zero. 

Against Nunu 20_64.png I would recommend a full aura build, consisting of items such as 3050_32.png3190_32.png3069_32.png3023_32.png3110_32.png depending on the team's needs. Letting your team to do all the damage should be most logical against a tanky support like him. 

This match-up can go either way as you might run oom faster than him due to his excessive tankiness. He'll most likely be tossing his snowballs on your ADC so you shouldn't be afraid of unleashing some auto-attacks on him. Harassing his ADC instead would be a better option. 




Quinn 133_64.png  is pretty easy to deal with in my opinion. 

Keep an eye on a yellow signal that pops up on random targets. If you're marked, back off since Quinn's first attack on the marked target deals a ton of damage. Other than that, her only real source of damage apart from her auto-attacks in human form is her Q. It's a skillshot AoE blind that does a decent amount of damage. As long as you dodge that, you should be able to stay healthy during the lane phase.

She can use her E to reposition herself, but honestly, it'll either get her closer to you or just help her move only an inch backwards if she's on melee range making it near-useless. She can hardly even break your tether with it. 

Her ultimate calls out Valor, who can fly super fast later in the game. If Quinn 133_64.png chooses to call herself back out, she'll do moderate in a large area. Don't expect to see her use the ultimate too often during the lane phase, since the mana cost is quite taxing at first.

Moving to your tower would be a good option while she's Tag Teaming to prevent Valor from attacking you unless he wants to get hit by the tower. Note that Quinn will land wherever Valor is at the moment she Skystrikes (returns back from the sky.) 

So shortly, dodge her Q, back off or go all in when she switches to Valor, and she should be relatively easy. Also, don't forget to poke her with your Q!




Sona 37_64.png can be a huge pain or the easiest lane ever, depending how the first few levels go. 

She usually starts with Hymn of Valor, which can deal substantial damage combined with her passive. Meanwhile, if you get to land a full Soulflare and maybe an auto-attack or two on her, she'll lose like 50% hp due to her natural squishiness. Whoever takes the bigger hit is forced to play passively for a while.

Notice that she has incredible mana problems as the cooldown of her skills are quite low, and especially her heal tends to eat most of her mana due to the low amount of healing it does and its mana cost. Use this as your advantage and poke her hard with your Q. You can't afford to miss too many of them as she gets to retaliate with her Q and her Power Chord afterwards. She's a big target though so it shouldn't be too hard to hit her.

Avoid getting hit by her ultimate once she dings level 6. Even though it can be extremely hard to dodge it, staying in safe range should prevent its usage or force Sona 37_64.png to venture up front to cast it, making her vulnerable to some serious damage.

Poke hard, stay out of her Q range, ward her bush and make her run out of mana. Nothing complicated. 

If you win the lane early, consider investing on AP items such as 3165.png3151_32.png. However, if Sona 37_64.png and her ADC turn out victorious, you should get a bunch of defensive items such as Locket. 3190_32.png Grabbing Mikael's 3222_32.png is very effective on both cases, as you can use it to negate her ultimate completely on one of your allies.  




Her skills are relatively long-ranged, but easily dodged. Your main focus on a lane against her should be poking her to death.

After she heals her ADC, she loses a portion of her own health. Poking Soraka will reduce the amount of heals she can dish out. Playing extremely aggressively and buying heavy AP items such as 3165_32.png3116_32.png3151_32.png will surely bring out great results in the end, no matter who her ADC is.




Taric 44.png is melee, so you get to easily poke him while laning. Even his stun range forces him to come up real close, which means that he'll be tanking quite some damage after the stun. His armor aura doesn't affect magic damage whatsoever so your spells will hit him really hard.

He usually sits in his bush doing nothing so try your best to conquer his lane bush. Ward it and force him out of there. His ADC cannot afford to stay in front of Taric 44_64.png so he/she needs to play more defensively as well. You get to deny both exp/gold from them. 

Getting a mixture of AP and defense would be the most optimal against Taric. Mikael's 3222_32.png is once again very effective due to his crazy stuns.

If Taric does manage to get a good opportunity to go all in on you, he'll probably kill you with the help of his ADC. So keep your distance and poke hard with your Inner Flame/Soulflare! The more you get to poke him, the more ranks he needs to put on his heal in order to stay in the lane, meaning that his armor bonus/stun aren't going to be as effective as they would be. A decent match-up that tends to sway in your favor.




Thresh 412_64.png is one of the most banned champs ever since his release, and for a reason.

It's almost impossible to tell which direction his hook will fly. The speed of it is also overwhelming. And when he does eventually hook you, he'll just fly towards you and pull you even further with his Flay and prevent any escape attempts with his ultimate. 

Thresh still has a few glaring weaknesses. He has to collect souls in order to gain armor and AP and when he does, he has to move to the front line to get them. You get to poke him easily while he does that. He can also collect souls with his lantern, but that'll waste his signature skill. 

Never EVER trade with Thresh! His damage is so broken. He can burst you completely alone from 75% to 0% at level 6 so please be cautious.

Whenever you see his lantern being thrown backwards, run! Cast Defiance and sprint to safety, as the lantern can be used to cover great distances by his allies, allowing the enemy team to achieve some mad ganks. 

Thresh is naturally a deceptively tanky champion, and therefore focusing on defensive items such as Twin Shadows 3023_32.png Shurelya 3069_32.png and Mikael 3222_32.png will help your team greatly.  

Remember that Thresh has no sustain apart from his lantern. The shield it gives is like the last reason for what he should use it for. As long as you keep moving and stay behind minions or out of his hook range, (1075, same as Elise's 60_64.png Cocoon) you should manage. Good luck, you're going to need it!




Tristana 18_64.png is fairly manageable.

She doesn't have a real damaging skill other than her auto-attacks so she isn't a too big of a threat early. She is one of the champions that can rank up any of her skills and still be effective. Her Q gives her up to 90% attack speed so you should never fight her when she activates it. On the other hand, her Rocket Jump deals a substantial amount of damage when leveled up first so cast a shield on you to move out of the way. If she upgrades her Explosive Shot, she can poke effectively, so staying out of her attack range would be optimal.

Remember that every kill/assist she gets refreshes the cooldown of her Rocket Jump. So if you or your ADC happen(s) to die during a fight, the other one is most likely going to go down as well. She's a relatively passive AD carry and relies heavily on farming up and being effective mid/late game.

She gains attack range and Explosion Shot range per level, so her weakness is her early game. Abuse her early as much as possible and deny her farm with it. 




Twitch 29_64.png is one sneaky little fellow, but extremely prone to getting killed. 

As you may know, your Focused Resolve reveals him. Once you see Twitch entering stealth, immediately tether him! This will focus him to either go all in or panic and escape. He is extremely squishy so a big Soulflare on his face will make him shiver no matter what.

Never underestimate his poison. It does significant damage over time once it's on 6 stacks. You should never fight him for too long as he can trigger his poisons multiple times, making you lose any trades. You look to poke him a bunch but still avoid his poisons, especially the AoE poison he throws as it slows you. 

When he starts spraying and praying, his attacks can hit multiple champions at once. A quick Defiance and running to safety will help a lot at this point. You shouldn't fight him with his ultimate on unless you're way ahead. 

Abuse him early and tether him all day! And remember to buy a ton of pinks, 2043_32.png much more than you normally would! Placing them on the lane bushes would be the best place whilst laning. 




Somebody still plays Urgot? 6_64.png

Urgot has a terrible mana pool, and he has to poke in order to be effective. All the nerfs he got in season 3 made him one of the worst champions in the game now. His terrible range is just... abusable. As long as you dodge his Corrosive Charge, he should be very easy to deal with. 

His ultimate has a pathetic 550 range at rank 1. And when he does use it, he'll become extremely vulnerable as he appears in the front line. Nothing to worry about, honestly. Just poke him to death. He has 0 use for life steal as 90% of his damage come from his abilities and poke so any damage you'll do to him will stick much better compared to other AD carries as they often rush life-steal in the early stages.




In my opinion, Varus 110_64.png is the hardest match-up for you compared to any other ADC.

You'll never ever get to trade any auto-attacks or tethers with him as his skillset just denies you this opportunity. His E, the AoE slow does SO MUCH DAMAGE, GOSH, when he has triggered his W passive on you with an auto-attack. Honestly, never move up in the front to fight him.

And then there's the ultimate. If you happen to venture in the front, he can easily root you in place, enough for him to get his full combo on you and bring you down. Varus seems so simple at first, but he's just everything that you don't want to see on an ADC. 

This match-up relies heavily on your ADC countering him, and you outsupporting/ outdamaging the enemy support. This lane can lose so easily if you allow him to poke you down so stay far away from him. I mean, really far away. His Q is dodgeable, yes, but even his E has an abnormally long range (925) and AoE and the slow is just way too overwhelming for you to be in. A really rough match-up overall.




Even when Vayne 67_64.png is late-game oriented, her damage early can really be surprisingly high.

She can easily Tumble out of your Q's or close the distance with you and trade pretty well against you. One incredibly annoying part about Vayne is that she can Condemn you away when you tether her. Denying her farm would be most optimal, so try to conquer the enemy lane bush and strike some heavy Soulflares on Vayne's face from there. 

Never let Vayne hit you more than 2 times in a row. Every third attack on the same target triggers her Silver Bolts, dealing abnormal damage especially late game. Keep your distance.

Keep in mind that she can easily stun you when you're standing in a lane bush if she has vision of it. Moving outside the bush and poking from there is effective when you don't want to get stunned by her.

You actually have one ability that counters Vayne. Your tether.  Not only does it damage or root the target, but it also reveals it! Even if she enters stealth while tumbling with her ultimate on, you'll see her. But while the ultimate is active, you'll take a huge bunch of damage from her if she decides to hit you so proceed with caution. 

As long as you can deny her farm and exp, she shouldn't become a late-game terror until the game is already over. Good luck!




Okay, so the thing with Vel'Koz 161_64.png is that he is very, very similar to Karma, but he lacks utility. 

His Q, the long-ranged skillshot with all the crazy angles costs only 40 mana, so expect to be poked ALOT with it. He'll most likely leave it to rank 1. But even with that, it's very detrimental when it hits you since you'll be slowed by 80%, similar to Lulu's 117_64.png Glitterlance. It outranges your Inner Flame/Soulflare by far, so it's pretty difficult to actually poke him.

He'll never run out of mana unless he starts spamming all of his abilities. Expect this to happen when he hits one of you with his E, the knock-up, so prioritize in dodging it. Even with no AP items, Vel'Koz hurts like mad thanks to his passive, which deals loads of true damage for every 3rd spell hit in a short period. 

Even though Vel'Koz deals surprisingly high damage, ofttimes even more than Karma herself, he is SQUISHY. Yes. Abuse that as much as you can. The amount of utility/supporting skills he has is just non-existent, so you should always focus him first. Just a couple Soulflares on him will surely make him yield. 

Unfortunately, his skillset allows him to stay extremely far back and poke from there. Going in to trade with your Focused Resolve or stuff like that is extremely dangerous, so try to stay in the back as well. Your best bet is just to catch him off guard (f.e. when warding) since it's very difficult to approach him during the lane phase. Focusing on dodging his skills will eventually grant you a safe opportunity to retaliate.

Against a full-damage support like Vel'koz 161_64.png I'd recommend stuff like Chalice 3028_32.png and 3151_32.png3023_32.png as the first large items (along with 2049_32.png3098_32.png as you normally would) so you can match his damage and keep poking with infinite mana. Consider Rylai's 3116_32.png as an option as well.




Zyra 143_64.png is quite scary but she's easily manageable. 

Even with her 2 long range poking skills + her plants and the ult, she just isn't the best support out there in my opinion. She's probably one of the squishiest supports at level 1, so hitting some Q's on her will surely make her weep. Do notice that she's incredibly skinny, making your Inner Flame/Soulflare miss easily.

Her snare is easily dodgeable and so is her ult. You can just cast Inspire/Defiance to get out of the way/out of the area quickly. Once she has missed her snare, turn around and start hitting her. 

Remember that her plants block your Q. They give 5g each though and are a nice source of free gold while laning. Never use your Inner Flame/Soulflare to take down her plants! Waste of mana, so just auto-attack them!

Focus on dodging her snare and you should do fine. She has 0 sustain/supportive abilities whatsoever, meaning that all damage you do will stick so keep poking to force her/her lane partner out of the lane. 

As Zyra's main focus is usually on rushing Liandry's 3151_32.png and other AP items, you should do the same. Get a few AP items like Morello 3165_32.png and Twin Shadows 3023_32.png but do remember to get items like 3069_32.png3222_32.png to counter her!

Matchups in general Back to Top

So lets evaluate these match-ups in general:

  1. Support and ADC marked as easy: 1_64.png201_64.png127_64.png9_64.png25_64.png44_64.png16_64.png143_64.png60_64.png12_64.png117_64.png & 133_64.png21_64.png119_64.png96_64.png236_64.pngThis should be a free win lane, unless you're laning with the crappiest ADC/player ever or their jungler just messes everything up for you.
  2. Support and ADC marked as medium: 53_64.png89_64.png37_64.png20_64.png267_64.png & 67_64.png81_64.png104_64.png18_64.png29_64.png222_64.png429.png                   This can end up in won lane or a lost lane, mostly depending on your/your ADC's mistakes. Also whoever has a better jungler presence often wins this one.
  3. Support and ADC marked as hard: 40_64.png412_64.png161_64.png & 42_64.png22_64.png110_64.png51_64.png                                                            There's not much you can do here. I suggest you never pick Karma when 2 of these champions have been picked! Look for a better counter-pick for these champions.

  1. Easy + medium: This lane often sways in your favor, but nothing is certain. 
  2. Medium + hard: The lane goes in the enemy team's favor. Don't get hit too much and you might even do well here.
  3. Hard + easy: This should be like a 50-50% but any hard match-up can be too much to handle. The lane tends to go in the enemy's favor in the end.

Synergies Back to Top

10/10: Caitlyn is the perfect champion with Karma with her incredible range. She can easily hit any targets from a distance that Karma has slowed or snared for her. And when you root the enemy in place, she can put a trap under the snared target and double-snare it! She also provides great pushing power which you most preferably want as it's much easier to hit Soulflare on tower-hugging enemies. 

Karma caitlyn 2.jpg

10/10: Draven is also an exceptional pick with Karma. He benefits greatly from her shield to catch up on his target and smack them with his axes much easier. Karma's tether also helps keeping the enemy in place so that he can keep attacking them. Draven also grants incredible pushing power and snowballs out of control once a kill or two is granted.

Karma draven.jpg

9/10: Ashe is a good pick with Karma. The movement speed bonus Karma gives is extremely good with Ashe as she can keep hitting and slowing her target with ease. Karma also grants Ashe an escape skill with her shield, one which Ashe desperately needs. Karma is an ideal choice to keep Ashe safe. Their arrow + tether combination can be deadly on several occasions.

9/10: I like laning with Vayne as her passive combined with Karma's shield gives her incredible speed. As long as she gets a decent early game, she'll turn into a monster late game, similar to Kog.  

9/10: Lucian has amazing synergy with Karma. Her shield helps him land his ultimate much better, and it pairs well with the dash he has. Also the Soulflare's AoE effect helps Lucian at landing his skillshots significantly. 

9/10: Jinx is also a great choice to go with Karma. Her passive combined with Karma's shield are truly a force to be reckoned with during larger fights. These two champs can also potentially double-snare an enemy! Not to mention the gigantic megarocket that can land much easier thanks to Karma's kit.

8/10: Sivir can become the female version of Sonic when you shield her. Her passive and ultimate already grant her a ton of movement speed for stickin to her targets, and with the help of your 60% speed, nobody gets to escape from her clutches. Her short range is her only real downfall.

8/10: Twitch is great for assassinating enemies, and with your variety of CC + damaging skills, he'll melt his target in no time. He requires good positioning in order to be effective, but your 60% bonus speed will help him with that.

8/10: Kalista is great when you can keep her safe and allow her to stack up those arrows. She requires more of a frontline support so I suggest going tankier than normally with her. 

8/10: Kog'Maw is effective with Karma for similar reasons as Ashe. Karma grants him an additional escape skill and the speed bonus is exceptionally useful for Kog'Maw in many occasions. He can also slow the enemy heavily and help you land a full-duration tether on your target. If Kog gets a good early game, he'll turn into a Baron Nashor -melting raid boss!

8/10: Ezreal is great when you've successfully snared a target enemy. He can jump closer and unleash his full combo in just a blink of an eye without the fear of missing. He's also a good poker, and will turn your lane into a pokefest. He relies heavily on his Arcane Shift though in order to survive, so there's little you can do in order to save a careless Ez.

7/10: Tristana is nice with her pretty intense burst damage once a good fight breaks loose. She is reliant on her Rocket Jump being off cooldown though. As she jumps on an enemy, you can try to Mantra/Soulflare her for some bonus AoE damage when she lands, increasing her initial jump damage!

7/10: Miss Fortune is a good champion to go lane with. A well-landed snare and she can unleash her Bullet Time for insane damage! 

7/10: Varus isn't too bad either. You can easily land a double snare on your target and even a double AoE slow! Goes 9/10 when you get a few kill lead early. 

7/10: Graves's only real downfall is his short AA range. But he can still bring a ton of damage with his combo once you've landed a nice snare!

7/10: Quinn is very rarely played, but when you get to keep her alive and the enemies on place, she can pick up some easy kills. The shield speed bonus on Valor gives some insane movement speed!

6/10: An OK champion to go with. You aren't his best support though. Same with Ezreal, you can hardly save a careless Corki. This is still a good poking lane.

1/10: Ugh. Never. Unless he gets buffed, but right now, he's just terrible in every way. 

Other Synergies Back to Top



These guys benefit greatly from Karma's 43_64.png shield as the movement speed bonus of 60% is incredibly effective when they want to quickly charge to the enemy team and work their magics. Combined with the AoE slow your Soulflare has, they'll get to engage even easier. The shield they gain also helps absorbing a bunch of damage they receive when they rush in.



Your Inspire/Defiance karmasoulshield.png is once again the best friend for these champions. They heavily rely on going up close in order to land a full combo and their own crowd control effects so that's why the sudden 60% movement speed increase will help them with that. Once they've landed their stun/snare/whatever, you'll get to cast your Focused Resolve karmaspiritbond.png on the disabled target with ease and land a potential double-snare! Extremely effective for picking up easy kills.



There are a myriad of junglers who just LOVE your shield! As these guys heavily rely on being at melee range in order to be as effective as possible, they'll really need the speed bonus you can offer. Being prime initiators and enemy huggers, the combination of a shield and a huge burst of movement speed will be extremely helpful when engaging and sticking to their targets. 

Introduction Back to Top


Hello, hi and welcome to my support Karma guide! 

You might have been wondering "Why would anybody play with Karma?" 43_64.png "She sucked before and she sucks after her rework as well." I myself don't think this is true at all.

I loved to play the old Karma, 43_64.png and I actually had a 50% win rate with her when the rework took place. She used to have a 30-39% winrate so 50% is like really insane. Of course, many of the losses were because of teammates going "OMFG WTF KARMA IM AFK GGBYE!" mode. And instead of Karma 43_64.png mid or support, I played her as a top laner. I won my lane 90% of the time, but the number of bad teammates was just phenomenal once you picked Karma. Umm, I just started something that has nothing to do with the guide, so I'll get back to business!

What fascinates me with Karma 43_64.png is her elegance, the uniqueness she has with Mantra and the fact that people tend to underestimate her as a champion way too often. Even as a support, her damage potential is just off the charts, and this is why aggressive players like me love to play champions like Karma. 43_64.png I even played her over 20 times in a row at one point and never seem to get enough of her. I've abandoned almost all other champions and switched solely on playing Karma. 

karma match history.jpg

Support Karma at her finest: (Notice the magical 11-1-11 11.1k stats! Shame I didn't get to kill 111 minions.



Why did you make this guide about Karma?

Well first of all, I myself appreciate guides with match-ups finessed to their extreme detail. As my skills and love towards Karma 43_64.png grew, I felt like I had created a decent understanding about most match-ups, enough to help other people to get knowledge about the champions they're facing against. Also, I just couldn't find a support Karma 43_64.png guide polished to perfection, so why not at least try to make one myself? 
I aim to get people play Karma more actively with this guide. She isn't a bad pick at all. On the contrary actually. She can annihilate some lanes to ashes when played right. She brings her unique touch to bottom line and should not ever be overlooked.

Isn't Karma supposed to be a midlaner?

Personally, I'd go as far as saying that Karma 43_64.png AP mid is... bad. I've tried it many times but her low ratios and having only one real damaging skill shouldn't necessarily give her the priviledge to go mid and take the lane of a higher damage champion. It's just awful when you miss a Soulflare during a fight. As a support, any damage you can do is a bonus and with Karma's 43_64.png exceptional base damage she can still be on par in damage if she's ahead even as a support. Not sure if anybody ever gets my point here, but what I'm saying is that Karma 43_64.png outdamages pretty much any support and therefore brings a higher threat to the battlefield compared to the enemy support generally. Most midlaners outdamage Karma, meaning that she's a less of a threat when she takes the role of a midlane. Karma 43_64.png mid does work though, but as a support she's hands down infinitely better when mastered!

Why should I ever pick Karma over any other support?

At the moment Karma is one of the most underplayed support champions, meaning that some enemies don't really know what she can actually do. I always try to pick up and master the rarest champs (such as 133_64.png114_64.png78_64.png43_64.png) and attempt to unleash their hidden powers just because of the fact that most enemies tend to underestimate the more unknown champions. In addition, not many may actually know how much damage Karma can unleash at level 1. On top of that, she has a snare and the actives from both 3069_32.png3190_32.png inside her ready to be abused at level 2! She is just a completely unique champion and differs from the most supports in many ways. Who could possibly hate to play her? 


 - Amazing early damage and invading potential
- Easy to get an early first blood with Karma
- Very high base damage
- A built in Talisman & Locket
- Nice CC
- Her stunning elegance, both in game and in her classic skin
- Every hipster Karma player has a skin for her
- Very underestimated
- Amazing mobility
- She keeps getting buffed
- I've noticed that people fear you more with the classic skin instead of the Traditional Karma skin! Seriously.


- She's still considered as a troll pick by some... "people"
- Relatively low AP ratios (0.6 at its best)
- You'll rarely get to tether a champion for the full duration during the lane phase
 - Falls off in late game
- Works better on a premade team (invades, no QQ about pick etc.)

Early Game Back to Top

Starting the game:

Buy your items as fast as possible and run! You can't afford staying in your base/afk whilst the enemy team may be invading your jungle. The enemy team might be lurking anywhere and get an easy first blood out of you if you happen to venture out too late.

I drew an incredible picture about the guarding of the tribush. Unfortunately my painting skills failed me and therefore Caitlyn's 51_64.png gun transformed into a massive bread or a surfboard.
karma in a bush 222.jpg

Laning: Depending on the enemy support and ADC, you look to poke them with Inner Flame/Soulflare karmaheavenlywave.png either aggressively or super-aggressively. Your main goal is to get them low, conquer the enemy lane bush and drop a ward there so they'll be extremely scared of you. Sometimes this wont happen, that's fine though. As long as you hit your Q's, and keep the river brush warded, you should do OK. 

Don't be too upset if you're the one getting most of the kills and not your ADC. You'll get to deal insane damage with some feed by mid game, and that's when Karma 43_64.png really shines! 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game is the time when the tier 1 towers have been destroyed. You aim to do some small skirmishes outside your lane, but on bottom as well. If you've pushed the enemy tower down first, that's good. You might want to push some more, preferably all the way until the enemy team gets help from their jungler and mid or even from top.

If you lost the lane by some insidence, you might want to have some help bottom from your other lanes. If the enemy team is doing dragon and there's just no contesting it, you can try to cast a Soulflare behind the wall to steal it if you're on the blue team. There's always a chance that you might actually steal it. Same thing can work for stealing Baron. 

Mid game is also when your Defiance will shine. The enemy team will often be overwhelmed by the AoE speed + shield it gives, granting you some easy kills with it if you're lucky.

Karma defiance speeding 3.jpg

Late Game Back to Top

As much as I hate to admit it, Karma 43_64.png falls off late game. Not much, but her presence isn't something the enemy team will fear once everybody has their full builds. Karma has to heavily rely on her team at this stage of the game.

You look to keep your ADC alive as much as you can. Unless this is 700 elo, the enemy team will surely target the ADC first when they get the chance. You want to shield the ADC and maybe even sacrifice yourself in order for the AD carry to deal maximum damage to the enemy team. The same thing goes for your AP carry if it's a squishie. 

Stay with your team, ward alot and contest Baron and Dragon whenever you can. Aim to push towers all the way to the inhibitor with the help of your team. Never ever face-check bushes at this stage of the game, and don't go rambo in the enemy team/farm alone as you are the support! You need to stick with the team, no matter what they're doing.

Here's an amazing high-quality screenshot taken by me where my teammates (Sejuani, 113_64.png Caitlyn, 51_64.png Nami, 267_64.png Zilean 26_64.png) and I (Karma 43_64.png) are fighting baron. We're all protected by Defiance and it's AoE shield as you can clearly see. Baron Nashor's AoE damage is no match for Karma. 
Karma baron.jpg

The Author & Final Comments Back to Top

So my summoner name is makaronilaama and I play on EU/WE. I'm hailing all the way from Finland, where i fight polar bears on a daily basis. I reached diamond on season 3 and have been diamond ever since.

My favorite champions are probably 133.png43.png25.png117.png and 17.png obviously.

Do notice that most of the information about Karma is found in the Author Notes, below the respective subjects, so don't miss them!

I think this is all I can offer you guys. I've poured my heart and soul in the making of this guide so I would appreciate some constructive comments and tips and stuff to perfect my Karma 43_64.png guide even further! I hope you'll pick up and play Karma 43_64.png with the help of my guide and enjoy her awesomeness just as much as I do. Because you know what they say... Karma always catches up with you!
  • Totally irrelevant but here's my first ranked pentakill ever with the old, crappy HEIMERDINGER!! 74_64.png Might want to check it out! :D 

Changelog Back to Top

9.5.2013: Guide released! Yey!
12.5.2013: A lot of people seemed to have liked my spectacular painting skills in my Sejuani guide, so I decided to create an astonishing picture for my Karma guide as well. Check out the mind-blowing Baron Nashor fight photo found in the "Late Game" -section!
3.6.2013: Added Lissandra and Twitch matchups. Now added what to buy against every support matchup! 
6.6.2013: Thresh is now HARD. 
11.6.2013: New Karma is getting her 4th buff! Woohoo! Decreased manacost on Inner Flame and a pumped up heal on Renewal, yey! Sadly no more golems for Karma due to the increased starting spawn time.
8.8.2013: Removed half of the title (zomg why) and tweaked The Author section. Updated items since 3107_32.png got removed.
10.8.2013: Check out my fabulous pentakill with Heimer at the final section!!! :D Not that it has anything to do with Karma lol.
17.2.2013: Over 6 months since the last update, sorry guys! But yeah, upgraded the guide for Season 4! A few match-ups are yet to be added though, do help me with  Lucian and the other Supports/ADCs that are missing! 
6.4.2014: Added an example build for a lost lane. Added Jinx matchup. Tuned up the Other Synergies section.
11.4.2014: 500 000 views?!?
29.4.2014: Added Vel'Koz matchup. Updated support matchup items.
17.5.2014: Updated some matchups. I promise I'll work on Morgana 25_64.png Braum 201_64.png and Lucian 236_64.png asap!
18.5.2014: Added Morgana 25_64.png matchup. Added Iceborn Gauntlet 3025_32.png in the item section.
22.5.2014: Added Lucian 236_64.png matchup.
22.8.2014: 1 000 000 views?!?
17.11.2014: I'm back! Added Annie 1_64.png + Braum 201_64.png matchups (finally).
22.3.2015: Added Bard 432_64.png matchup. Also updated-ish for Season 5. Not much has changed with things regarding Karma tbh.
28.5.2015: Updated according to the patch 5.10 changes.
14.8.2015: Added Kalista 429.png matchup. Also some item changes. Not much has changed regarding Karma again.
20.11.2015: Updated-ish for preseason 6.
20.3.2016: Still standing after 3 years. Updated once again. (+ 2 million views ?!?)
4.9.2016: Sorry for the inactivity, I have too little time to invest in league and especially rankeds nowadays. Anyway, updated with the removal of minion-shielding (the first nerf ever?).

  • 2.12.2016: Summoner update. Also a disclaimer: I most likely will not be continuing to update this guide for a while. As soon as the information here becomes completely irrelevant, I'll hide the guide. But until then, I do hope you find at least some of the information here useful!

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