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Summoner Spells Back to Top

summoner spells.jpg


4.png - Well you need flash, no real discussion here.

12.png - Isn't 100% needed if you're playing this mid lane, but should be your go to summoner for top lane. Personally I prefer to use it in the mid lane as well because it allows me to TP Gank. Alternatively, it enables roaming knowing that you can alwyas teleport back to defend a tower.


3.png - A viable alternative, especially if you're playing Tank Karma mid, where Teleport isn't as necessary. Shuts down Assassins and Carries, meaning they can't do enough damage while you heal up with your karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png combo.

1.png - Can be an option if the opposing team has a ton of Crowd Control. In order to function, Tank Karma can't be stunlocked, as she won't be able to use her spells and heal from damage dealt.

14.png - Ignite can be used if you want to have kill pressure in lane, but it's really what you're looking for for the most part. Can be used against 8.png50.png.

6.png - I've used it mid once and it's pretty fun to always guarantee you can keep the tether on karmaspiritbond.png, but in general I prefer the global presence of TP

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


The whole idea behind this build is that you maximize the strength of your karmaspiritbond.png heals and your karmasoulshield.png shields. Some points here are optional, others are mandatory.

Mandatory Mastery Points:

Cunning Tree:

Windspeaker's Blessing mastery 2016- This makes your heals and shields 10% stronger and givesis rests to allies if you shield them. Needless to say you want this to boost your healing and tanking power even more.

latest?cb=20170501224323- You definitely want the extra CDR, you want to have your karmasoulshield.png and karmaspiritbond.png on the lowest cooldown possible, not to mention your karmachakra.png and karmaheavenlywave.png are obviously important. With 45% CDR you'll have your karmasoulshield.png on a 4.4 second cooldown while it can last up to 4 seconds. Perma shields woop woop.

Resolve Tree:

latest?cb=20170501093432- Oh look, more healing on Shields and Heals. Yep, you really should pick this up

latest?cb=20170501230242- Cooldown on Flash and Teleport down, if you combine this with 3158.png and you'll have your 4.png and 12.pngon a 225 second cooldown, that's 75 seconds less than the base cooldown

Other masteries breakdown

Cunning Tree:

latest?cb=20170501223110 vs latest?cb=20170430051143

Personal Preference here. Wanderer helps with roaming and getting back to lane, but Savagery helps with CSing which can be tricky with basic attacks.

latest?cb=20170502015302 vs latest?cb=20170420044108

Totally up to you here, but while Karma excels in 1v1's, she's not really a high DPS character with this tank build. Personally prefer Secret Stash for early sustain.

latest?cb=20170430083334 vs latest?cb=20170501230604

Usually I take Merciless, but Meditation is strong as it helps you not go OOM all the time, especially in the early game. If you're not going to get Rod of Ages, you can consider taking Meditation as you will be down a mana item. I usually take one point regardless.

latest?cb=20170502030330 vs latest?cb=20151103094738

This is heavily dependant on personal preference. In the mid lane I think you should always run Dangerous Game but in the top lane you get to abuse brushes as a ranged top laner much more so Greenfather's Gift is a very good option. Dangerous Game is going to be better for fights, so it's up to you and if you think you can snowball the matchup from the get go.

Resolve Tree:

latest?cb=20170501023809 vs  latest?cb=20170501042746

Not a big fan of Unyielding. While Karma does build resistances, your core items only include one MR item and one Armor item, so a 5% bonus isn't really THAT much. Recovery on the other hand gives you nice lane sustain

latest?cb=20170502051450 vs latest?cb=20170501031929

I change between Explorer and Tough Skin depending on the matchup and even composition. If your lane opponent is an auto based champion you should probably go Tough Skin.

Abilities Back to Top



skill order.jpg

I think either works but I prefer to max karmasoulshield.png second as the shield strength really goes up. The root duration does go up with ranks on karmaspiritbond.png but most of it's strength is inherited by combining karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png. Either way, up to you on what you want, stronger shields or stronger roots.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start for Karma. Best option for more mana regen and a bigger health pool. The extra AP that it provides is nice for early game trades with Q.
    You can start this versus trade heavy matchups with some melee champions. It gives you extra damage when you're trading while sustaining you and the mana given is definitely very nice given that mana pots no longer exist
    An interesting alternative start that grants you more total effective health with the three potions, but it's worse in a gank scenario where your total health is lower. The big problem with this start is the lack of mana sustain. 100 Mana is not nearly enough mana sustain

Core Items

    Excellent for lane sustain and trading, Catalyst is a fantastic item, especially against tanks where you need more spell casts to wittle them down.
    Personally, I like this a lot as a first item as it improves your health and mana sustain, not to mention the AP boosting up both your damage and your shielding. With that said, it's possible to skip RoA and go straight into tank items to max out CDR as soon as possible. Up to you and how the lane is progressing!
    This item is one of the reasons why Tank Karma works, and it's incredibly frustrating when you can't build it against full AD teams. Not only does it increase self heals by 25%, it also stacks multiplicatively with other effects.
    Not Mandatory, but I have it in my build very often on Karma. 20% CDR will leave you that much closer to capping on CDR and it gives you a good chunk of Armor and Mana. The Sheen Procs with slows are a nice addition that will pump up your damage and sticking power.
    My go to boots on Karma to make sure I'm hitting 45% CDR ASAP. They also reduce Flash/Teleport Cooldown which is extremely nice. I usually sell these later because I eventually overcap
    Absolutely INSANE item thank you Riot Games. The heal on redemption scales with healing effects. Runic Armor and Visage will amplify it on yourself and Windspeaker's/Ardent Censer will increase the heal for everyone on your team.

Situational Items

    Usually my 5th item. The Ability Power boosts up damage and shielding, movement speed is a great stat to make sure you can keep the tether for the whole duration. Aside from this. 10% stronger healing and shielding. What's not to love
    A good alternative to Rod of Ages. In certain situations I feel like I need my CDR items ASAP so right after Catalyst I stop building it, get my CDR items and eventually finish it into a late GLP.
    New Locket is, unsurprisingly, really good for Tank Karma. Especially when you're grouping! Massive Shield active and both resistances. Good item for teamfighting 100%
    If you want an extra damage, it should almost always be Liandry's Torment. Really good to get through those tanks and the extra health fits nicely. I don't get to build it much but it's good when you want to carry with damage as well
    Situational boot options. By late game I usually sell Ionian Boots of Lucidity as I'm already CDR capped with other items. Ordered from most likely to least likely purchase
    Other good tank items for your last slot. No explanation needed honestly.
    Quite Situational, but it can replace an Ardent Censer if you really need to save a teammate from incoming CC. 20% Heal/Shield boost is absolutely insane.
    Haven't tested this enough if I'm honest, but it's pretty insane if you're playing around a hypercarry and want to keep him alive.
    Especially good with all the auto attackers present in the game outside of the ADC role (Quinn, Jayce)

So the whole idea with this build is to stack up Cooldown Reduction

Your Sources of CDR will be:

3025.png : 20% CDR, gives you a 3057.png proc and a powerful slow. It will add up really nicely when you're chasing targets with your karmaspiritbond.png

3065.png: Much needed Magic Resistance versus possible solo lane or even jungle opposition, 10% CDR and increased healing so you can heal even more with your karmaspiritbond.png

3158.png: The remaining 10%. You can get this from runes and opt for other boots but I honestly really like Ionian's as they'll reduce the cooldown on 4.png and 12.png.

Usually, once I get  3107.pngor 3504.png I sell my 3158.png and buy  3047.png,3111.png or 3009.png to make sure I'm not overcapped on CDR.

Example Full Game Builds:

IT'S FULL TANK (personal favorite ATM)


Standard Heals'n'Shields


Against AD Hypercarries


Full AD comps


Heavy AP Comps

3111.png3027.png3065.png3107.png3504.png3102.png or 3222.png

I still want AP damage despite being quite tanky


I didn't build RoA or GLP

3111.png3025.png3065.png3107.png3504.png3151.png or 3143.png or 3190.png

By now you should have more or less an idea of how tank karma works buildwise. You want health, resistances, 45% CDR and Heal/Shield buffs.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Maokai
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere




I've only faced Irelia twice post 6.11 and it wasn't that bad, but it was mainly because I got an early kill and jungle pressure.

If Irelia ever gets ahead you'll have a tough time, she can stun you with ireliaequilibriumstrike.png and burst you down before you can do your karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png combo.




Jax is a bit similar to Irelia. If he gets ahead he'll start all inning you by comboing jaxcounterstrike.png+jaxleapstrike.png and jaxempowertwo.png. That said, you can easily bully him out of lane and his combo is much easier to predict and react to than Irelia's.

If he's in range and casting jaxcounterstrike.png, you should cast your karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png so you can negate his trade by healing up




Maokai can't do jack shit to you. The one on one matchup in itself is fairly easy, as it is with most if not all tanks.

The big problem is when he locks you down and his jungler ganks. Betweenmaokaiunstablegrowth.png and maokaitrunkline.png it's enough crowd control to keep you locked down and killed




You can't really kill Trundle, he has too much sustain. Then again, neither can he kill you.

It's basically a farm fest and whoever gets a gank pulls ahead




Not much a Tryndamere can do to you. He'll try to get onto you by using mockingshout.png and slashcast.png. If he does, just instantly karmaspiritbond.png+karmasoulshield.png and waltz out of there. Remember to throw out a karmaheavenlywave.png on your way out.

Remember that you should be using your karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png for trades, but if you're at a safe range you can simply karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png  instead

How to Karma. Brief Laning and Teamfighting explanation. Back to Top

As tank Karma, Decision making is everything. Knowing when to switch between karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png for poke and karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png for heals and sustained trades in lane is key and it takes matchup knowledge. In some matchups you'll see yourself using the first one for poke damage to push them out of lane, in others, you need the sustain in long trades in order to go even or win trades.

In the mid/late game stages of the game, you mostly stop using karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png  entirely and switch between karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png  and karmachakra.png+karmasoulshield.png to keep your team alive and speed them up.

Teamfighting largely depends on your composition and if you're initiating or reacting to the enemy's initiation!

If you're the team that is initiating, your goal is to go in and get a karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png  on a priority carry. At rank 5 karmaspiritbond.png  it's a 3.25 Second Snare, the second longest CC ability in the game after a cross map asheR.png so you'll keep them in place for your team to clean up.

If your role is to peel for your 222.png or 51.png that is going to get absolutely destroyed by the likes of 107.png, 91.png, 238.png, 127.png, 7.png etc, your goal is to use a timely karmachakra.png+karmasoulshield.png to keep them alive, giving them a massive shield and a means to kite them out. When you do this, it's important to try to root a target (preferably the assassin) as your karmapassive.png cooldown goes down a ton because it procs a total of three times on karmaspiritbond.png .

Below is a full game versus Riven, it should help you understand how to lane better and when to use either Mantra skill.

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