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Kassadin Statistics for RìftWalker

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png The classic assassin summoner spell. 
4.png Mandatory on 38.png . It can serve as a faster repositionning tool if you just used your ultimate. Or, it  can help cover bigger distances if you use it along with Riftwalk.
12.png Great on 38.png if you are going to get bullied in lane or to show your presence all around the map.
3.png Underrated summoner spell for midlaners to take.  It allows you to duel assassins and AD threats easily.

New Runes Back to Top

The Fleet/Sustain mastery page is the page I feel I have the most success with. It is especially good in lanes where you will get poked a lot:

  1. Fleet footwork allows for faster repositionning when available all while healing you for a slight amount. In the late game, you will have a better time moving around as well when you land your W in teamfights.
  2. Presence of mind will refund 20% of your maximum mana on takedown. It is extremely important since your max stack ultimate will be a huge chunk of your AoE damage and is very mana consuming. Your W won't be a good enough mana refund tool on it's own in the late game so having this mastery will be a huge boon for us.
  3. Legend: Tenacity gives you permanent tenacity when you takedown different champions. Since your main asset is being mobile, you need to be able to limit the amount of downtime caused by CC and this mastery will do just that.
  4. Coup de Grace: More damage to low hp enemy champions. 
  5. Taste of Blood: Good for lane sustain when you land your Q, can be a surprising healing asset in the late game with 0.1 AP scaling.
  6. Ravenous hunter: Great end game sustain tool. Ultimate hunter is not needed here since our ultimate comes every 1.5s or so with 40% CDR. And with our build, it will be extremely easy to hit 40% CDR.
The normie page is alright. Don't get me wrong. But, it doesn't maximize Kassadin's potential since you get increased passive mana regen instead of a huge mana refund, you get 40% CDR faster and burst when you hit 3 attacks in quick succession. This build is very good for games with many split targets to quickly burst. But, for games where the enemy has a teamfight comp, I find that my fleet/sustain page works best.

Masteries Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


The reason why i take E at 4 is because when the enemy is level 4, u can be 90% sure that he/she has all his spells so that you can get your E more often (the enemy spells counts for the 6 stacks to activate the E)
Max Q ASAP. Why? Q is your main damage tool and your main defensive tool against ap mages if you time it with your enemy's spell casts. Max E second since it is hard to hit your W on champions now that Riftwalk has become a "Riftskip" (thx riot). Also, E scales very well and the slow strength goes up to 90% at max rank.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    If u need to dodge a lot of the enemy's spells (lux, veigar, zyra, etc)
    If you are feeling lucky or confident
    Get this after Level 9 to make some picks or just to win the vision game.
    Very good starting set if you think you can get some early stacks. Furthermore, the dark seal amplifies your potions' effects.
    Very safe starting item. (rip flask)

Core Items

    Sorc boots are an OK buy. But with the sudden increase of AD comps and with the rise of comps with tons of CC, do not hesistate to go Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi if needed as it allows you to survive longer in fights.
    One of these should be your first big purchase. RoA if your you are even/ahead in late and Abyssal if your behind or need more MR early.
    I like to buy tear if I'm behind in lane, even or need to wait for the late game before buying RoA. It allows your ult to deal soo much dmg in the later stages at the cost of being weaker early. If really ahead, I'd rather go Ludens after RoA and snowball my lead quickly.
    Take 3 of these Items to complete your build. I usually prioritize Lich bane, Zhonyas and Liandrys. But Spellbinder Orb is an AP version of youmuus that gives you a burst of AP for added burst and that you can easily charge fully.

Situational Items

    If u need more health
    If u need magic resist (most cases, i think kassadins passive is good enough)
    Build either one for more penetration (Void for early snowballing, Liandrys for increased damage in prolonged fights)
    Very interesting gap closing/damage item. Can surprise many enemies.
    If you are going dark seal, you have 8-10 stacks on it and the game is snowballing out of control, Mejai's is a good option for quickly closing games if you play your cards right.
    If you want to try jungle "on hit" Kassadin. It's fun!

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
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  • Yasuo
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  • Ziggs
  • Zilean




A very hard champion to lane against mostly because of her charm and orb of deception. But after 6, u should be able to trade better using your Q, chunking her down and then riftwalking away.

Passive - Essence Theft: Ahri gains charges when she hits enemies with her spells (max. 3 per spell). When she gets 9 charges, her next spell has a % of spell vamp.

- Stay behind minions when u Q to avoid charm.
- If she charms a lot at a certain time,  she is probably planning a gank. Call your jungler if so.
- Dodge that annoying orb (Q spell)
- She can tower dive you easily with her ult. If you are low and she has it, recall and tell your jungler to hold the lane.
- You don't want Ahri to roam. Her charm will assure that her team gets kills in other lanes if she lands it. Place wards on each side of the lane to know where she is going.




You have the pre-6 advantage since u can chunk her down without her retaliating. After 6, as usual, she is a monster in the making if she gets fed. So, u have to kill her early so that she doesn't snowball. 

Passive- Twin Disciplines: Akali gets 2 empowered attacks that recharge over time. The 1st heals her while the 2nd deals bonus magic damage.

- Use you Q when she casts her Q. You will nullify the damage with the shield and deal damage back to her at the same time. Just don't let her proc the mark.
- Fight her a lot early game and call a jungler to get her behind as much as possible.
- Farm as much as you can pre-6 because she will punish you for every cs taken after 6.
- Don't 1v1 her if u r not fed. Her burst is higher than yours.
- Have a pink with you if she cloaks and you are close to killing her.




Anivia is hard to kill because of her egg. But you should be able to chunk her down once u are 6.

Passive - Rebirth: When off cooldown, Anivia gets a second life in a static egg form. If the egg can survive for 6 seconds, Anivia can revive with the HP the egg has at the end of the 6 second duration. 

- Dodge her Q to avoid getting chunked.
- Dont underestimate her damage.
- Dont 1v1 her pre-6. Her stuns and slows gives her the advantage.
- After 6, chunk her down with your R>Q>E>W combo repeatedly.




You should be able to withstand most of her spells thanks to your passive. A fairly easy matchup if played right. She also has a short range for her spells. Take advantage of that.

Passive - Pyromania: Annie charges a stun every 4 spells cast. When the stun is charged, the next offensive spell cast (Q,W,R) will stun one enemy, if Q is used, or all enemies in the spell range if W or R are used.

- Poke her constantly with your Q.
- Beware her stun, if she is holding it for a while, expect a gank.
- If u survive until 6, you have this in the bag.
-Kill tibbers when you can. It is a huge nuisance since after every spell or when Annie dies, he becomes enraged and might maul you for serious damage.


Aurelion Sol


I find it really weird to lane against this Aurelion Sol. His spells are weird and his playstyle is unique and can throw off many midlaners.

In this matchup, I would say that it is a bad thing to stay away from him, since he has more options when you are at a certain range from him. Which is why I find his ult brilliant, since he pushes away close threats to the range he needs his enemies to be. 

Passive - Center of the Universe: Aurelion Sol has stars orbiting around him, damaging enemies they cross paths with. 

-Stick to him and Q him often. He hates having enemies close since it limits his offensive options.
-Move towards him and deal damage when he does his Celestial Expansion. If you are the perfect distance away from the space eel and you run away at the same movement speed that he is chasing you with, you are only hurting yourself by running away and you will be more imposing and intimidating if your in his face.
-Take 12.png in this matchup. 136.png will always look to roam with his Comet of Legend. And, since he ignores walls, he can get behind your teammates easily. Either stop his E with some damage or TP to countergank. Call your MIAS.
-R>Q>E>W. Repeat those spells and get aggressive towards him post level 6.




-Long range poke and harass

-Insane late game damage
-Very squishy
-Bird for brains... Kappa

Passive - Shurima's Legacy: Azir can summon a turret on the ruins of allied or enemy turrets. Turrets can be placed on any turret except the ones in the enemy base (inhibitor turrets and nexus turrets)

What to do?
-Farm early and use your Q to negate some of his soldiers damage.
-Let him push the wave and farm as much as possible.
-At 6, you can try to trade with him. Azir can't deal with gap closers (unless he has ult). If he does ult, you can ult though Emperor's Divide.
-Since most Azirs don't build health items and they are pretty squishy, consider getting a lich bane this game and bursting him 100-0 before he can get any damage off. Devote yourself to being the one to take out Azir all game. You don't want him to outscale you into late game.




Brand has to land his spells in order to kill you. All you have to do is make him miss. 

Passive - Blaze: Any spells that Brand lands on an enemy cause them to lose 2% of the max HP as magic damage over 4 seconds stacking up to 3 times. If Brand lands 3 spells on a Champion or a monster (big jg monsters, dragon, baron), it creates a detonation zone around the enemy that deals damage to all enemies in the area.

- Grab boots and pots to dodge his spells.
- Don't silence him too much, his W outranges your Q and he can make plays if u get hit.
- After 6, chunk with the R>Q>E>W combo. But, be wary of his spells since he has a huge burst.




I am putting this at medium although you have the advantage. Everyone says that Kass counters Cass. But honestly, after laning against her a few times, it honestly can go either way. If she is able to constantly land her Q and follow up with her twin bite, she wins. If you can dodge most of the poison she throws at you, you win. 

Passive - Serpentine Grace: Cassiopeia gains movement speed per level at the cost of not being able to buy boots. 

- Dodge her Q, her E does more damage when you are poisonned.
- Use Q when she uses E to mitigate the largest portion of her damage
-After 6, kite her with Q, E and your ultimate. Don't stay too close to her, she will ult you and burst you down.
-An early gank can win you this lane




- Too tanky
-That stupid passive of his
-Silence and knock up.
-Just plain old annoying
-He will push you to your turret

Passive - Carnivore: Cho'Gath recovers HP and mana whenever he kills a unit, the value increases by level.

Although this is a rare matchup, it happens... here is what u want to do:
- Poke him with Q but dont trade.
- Dont all-in him unless you are really fed
-Beg your jungler to gank early
-Roam after 6 if you havent killed him pre-6. You will not get a kill off him.




A very hard champion to 1v1 early game. She will poke u down pre-6 with nothing but her Q. After 6, u should be able to respond to her harass.

Passive - Moonsilver Blade: Grants Diana additional attack speed and a extra magic damage cleave every 3rd auto-attack under a certain period. 

- Play safe, farm up.
- Dodge her Q.
- Play aggressively after 6. The first kill may win this lane. Call your jungler to secure that first important kill.
- Don't underestimate her damage after lvl 6. She has good burst if her Q lands on you since she can refresh her ult.



245.png is a lot like 38.png. Great burst damage, a lot of mobility and can go aboslutely crazy late game of not kept in check. I personally find this lane a lot of fun. It's a very nice skill matchup and it really comes down to timing, game knowledge and character knowledge in this lane. 

Passive: Z-Drive Resonance: Any third hit from Ekko's spells and/or attacks done in a quick period of time grants bonus damage, slows the target and grants movement speed if the enemy is a Champion.

Instructions for this lane:

- You can trade with him since he will most likely come close to apply his passive but try not to get him to proc his passive.
- Q is important here, time it with his Timewinder. Use your W when he charges in with his Phase Dive. 
- If he leaves lane to go to a bush or to the side, he might be preparing a Parallel Convergence, be wary of these moments and avoid them, especially pre-6. If you get caught and the enemy jungler is here, that's either death or Flash gone.
- Whoever take the lead geneally beats the other laner for the rest of the game. Take any opportunity you can to get ahead.




Her early game is pretty strong, unlike yours. Most Elise run Magic Penetration Runes. So, she will deal more damage to you than you think she would. Also, one of spells deal damage to you according to your % of max health. So, you won't have an advantage with your passive. What to do?

Passive - Spider Queen: Elise has 2 forms, a spider form and a human form. Human form grants Elise spiderlings for her spider form when she hits enemies with her abilities. Her spider form gives her lifesteal and her auto-attacks deal bonus magic damage.

- Whatever you do, don't get hit by her cocoon. If she lands that, she will be able to pull off her combo and deal a significant amount of damage.
- Stand behind your minions when you go in to poke her to avoid her cocoon.
- She can tower-dive you easily. If, you are low, recall and tell your jungler to hold the lane.
- You can use the R>Q>E>W combo. But, mind her cocoon once the silence wears off
- You can safely 1v1 her if your are fed. If she is fed, you have almost no chance of killing her.
- I believe the first kill in lane wins the lane so an early gank can help accomplish that.
- She gets really mana hungry early game. Take advantage of that as well.




Yes... yes... i still see some AP 81_64.png around. It can work... but not against 38_64.png. If he goes AD ez mid... that can be serious trouble though but highly unlikely.

Passive - Rising Spell Force: Ezreal gains bonus attack speed for every spell he lands on an enemy, stacking up to 5 times.

-He has a lot of poke early game (his Q uses almost roughly 25-30 mana)
-A lot of sustain early game (most AP ez start with a dorans blade)
-Difficult to gank (becuz of E)
-Ranged auto-attacker and his auto-attacks hurt more than yours.
What to do?
-Poke, poke, poke! He is squishy like a wet sponge.
-After 6, all-in him. You dodge his ult fairly easily. If, you lose this matchup and the enemy jungler hasn't ganked u, u should feel pretty bad about yourself.




One of the squishiest champs alive. But, his combo is to be feared...

Passive - Dread: Fiddlesticks gain movement speed for 1.5 seconds after standing still (CC doesn't count) or after channeleing an ability for 1.5 seconds (ex: channeling ult or using Drain.)

- Poke him anytime u can with your Q.
- Your Q can cancel with drain and his ult channeling
-If he goes in bush, DO NOT FOLLOW HIM! If u have a ward and u know what he is up to, u can follow him and try to kill him. Otherwise, stay clear from that bush.
- Reflexes will help u here if u can ult away from him the moment he fears you.




Don't ever get into this lane... you will most likely die 1-3 times before laning phase ends. To a mage with low base armor stats, she is a huge threat. Furthermore, her gap closers and parry make her almost unbeatable in lane if playing Kass. 

Passive - Duelist's Dance: A vital area is shown on all nereby enemy Champions. If Fiora can hit the vital area, she gains movement speed, bonus damage, recovers health and a new vital area is shown. Vital areas disappear if enemy Champions wander too far away from Fiora and change place on the same champion if Fiora can't hit it for a limited time. 

So what to do?
- Auto-attack to CS only if her Q is on CD. Otherwise, farm with Q.
- Let her push the lane, she will be easier to gank then.
-Don't trade with her, your Q range is just about the same as he gap closer range, so you will lose every trade.
-At 6, if she does manage to ult you, try to use your ult while being hit by hers and drag her under your tower (i'd say its your only chance to kill her 1v1)




-Fish 105_64.png
-His E dodges your Q and E.
-His auto-attacks are deadly

Passive - Nimble Fighter: Allows Fizz to pass through units and take less physical damage from enemy auto-attacks.

I put this matchup as hard because for many players, especially low elo players, it will be all about timing, maybe a little bit of luck. It will be all about whether Fizz nullify your spells, or whether you jump in while Fizz is using his E or if the Fizz can actually use his W effectively. The trade window in this matchup is very limited if Fizz has his ult.

What to do?
-If you gave him a kill, forget about killing him, unless your jungler helps you.
-If he jumps u, don't use all your spells at once! He will dodge them all with E.
-Save your ult for that god-damned shark of his!
-You can try to poke him with your Q after his E is on cooldown. But, don't get too close or he will jump on u.
-If you get into melee range, try and AA + W combo without him doing the same.
-Use Null Sphere the instant he rushes you with his Urchin Strike.



3_64.png is a lot like 31_64.png, very tanky. He can also use his shield just before your spells hits him. But, he gets really mana hungry early game and that's where your should try to strike.

Passive - Runic Skin: Grants Galio 50% of his magic resist as extra ability power.

- Poke him with your Q.
- Get ready to farm under tower.
- Try to dodge all of his skillshots. Call your jungler near lvl 3-5. That is where most 3_64.png run out of mana from trying to harass you. Make him burn his flash or even try to kill him.
- If you dont kill him in lane pre-6, roam. You won't kill him now that he has his ult.




-A drunk fool
- Tanky-ish
- Gap closer
- Hail mary wine barrel ult
- Has good poke
- Recovers mana with a spell
- very annoying and can set up ganks easily with his gap closer (E) and ult.

Passive - Happy Hour: Once off cooldown, the next ability Gragas uses restores 4% of his max HP.

What to do?
-Hope that you have fast reflexes to dodge his ult with yours.
-Dodge his barrels and counter him with your Q.
-Dont get too close to him pre-6. If he succesfully uses his E on u, you might die or have to leave lane.
-Kite him as much as possible with your Q,E and ult.
-Dont go into an auto-attack battle with him. Remember... His E...




An extremely annoying matchup. He counters bad junglers who try to gank him only to get trapped by his turrets. You gotta hope to have a jungler who knows what he is doing. Otherwise you will find yourself losing your turret fast. You need to have a lot of patience in lane. If you all-in him without a plan, you are falling right into his trap.

Passive: Techmaturgical Repair Bots: Grants nereby Champions and H-28G Turrets bonus health regeneration. 

- Most noob Dongers like to set up turrets before the minions spawn. Kill the turrets as fast as you can to mess him up. Recall to base and come back to lane just in time for the first wave of minions. 
- Kill his turrets to diminish his pushing power during the laning phase, but don't let him use that as bait to deal damage to you with his E+W.
- If you want your jungler to gank, you are gonna have to clear those turrets before attempting anything. 
- Your Q can stop his ultimate empowered W mid cast.
- If you want to all-in after lvl 6, you need to clear his turrets and bait his stun. 
- Be patient and farm if things aren't going your way, you outscale him heavily. 




This lane is one of the nightmare lanes if you don't play this right. His spells deal excessive amounts of damage to you since he has physical damage. And, he has 6 spells instead of 4 that can lead into a deadly combo if everthing lands on you as early as level 4 with ignite. If he gets far ahead, you might want to consider the game over if the Jayce knows how to grow his lead and help his team.

Passive - Hextech Capacitor: Jayce has 2 forms that he can alternate with his R. After each transformation, Jayce gains 40 movement speed and can move through units for 1.25 seconds.

- Farm primarily with Q and E.
- Use your full combo after he uses his hammer form Q on you pre-6.
- Avoid fighting him alone during the laning phase. 
- Rush a Seekers's Armguard before getting any other key items first. 
- Let him push the lane and a gank with your jungler. 




-Good CC
-Has no real ult
-Wait... Karma mid??? I know right...
-Annoying shield and speed buff
-Lane bully

Passive - Gathering Fire: Karma's abilities and basic attacks that hit enemy Champions reduce the cooldown of her ultimate, Mantra. 

DOs and DONTs:
-Dont stand near your minions, if she uses her Q on them, you wil be hit.
-Predict what she will use hen she uses her ult and keep your distance.
-Poke... as always...
-After 6, use your R>Q>E>W combo and get away from her, she may bait you into doing this and snare you afterwards with her W.




-Annoying passive
-A super slow
-Somewhat good poke
-Dat passive (can use spells a few seconds after death including ult)

Passive - Death Defied: For 7 seconds after his death, Karthus can use any spells while staying immobile.

What to do?
-Dont stand near your weakened minions; Karthus will use his Q on you and he will get gold for last hitting a minion. Don't give him free harass and farm at the same time!
-Beware his slow, he doesn't use it often. But, if he does, expect a gank.
-Poke, poke, poke
-Get away from him once you killed him. He can still attack you and kill you if you are weak.
-Tell your team when he gets lvl 6 so that they can keep their health high enough to not die to Karthus' ult.
-After 6, R>Q>E>W combo and repeat.
-Try to make this lane a farm lane if possible.




She may out poke you early with her bouncing blades. A good katarina knows to never come close to a kassadin unless she is suicidal.

Passive - Voracity: Katarina's cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds for any enemy who dies after being damaged by Katarina in the last 3 seconds.

-Farm as much as u can, you can withstand her poke by countering her ! with yours.
-You wont have much time to farm after 6, because she will probably start roaming. Watch her EVERY MOVE. And call all your mias. You dont want a fed kat.
-She has no CC, take chances and all-in her.
-You can disrupt her ult. Dont use your Q to farm after 6 and use it carefully.
-Play your cards right and this lane is yours.



10_64.png is a melee fighter killer and you are in that category of fighter. She will make your life a living hell by denying your cs with her slows and deadly auto-attacks and she will out-trade you early if you try to poke her.

Passive - Holy Fervor: Kayle's abilities and auto-attacks shreds the enemies' armor and magic resist by 3%, stacking up to 5 times.

 What to do in this seemingly hopeless situation?
- Q>E and R away from her, is your combo here. Your W is useless and will put you in trouble in this matchup.
-Bait her ult.
- If she gets more fed than you, you can't duel her... Go roam and help your other lanes if that is the case.




Kha'Zix is a very dangerous champion once he is close to you. But, if you keep him at bay, you should have no problem in this lane. 

Passive - Unseen threat: When Kha'Zix is out of the vision of the enemy team, he gets the beneit of this passive, causing his next basic attack against an enemy champion to slow and deal bonus magic damage.

- HE WILL MOST LIKELY ALL-IN AT LEVEL 2! Mind his leap.Because the next skill that he will use is most likely his Q. Don't let him use it! It will deal massive damage to you since Kassadin has low base armor.
-Punish him when he tries to cs.
-He will go to the bushes a lot to reset his passive. At some point, he will go to a bush, never to return. You've just let Kha'Zix roam... If Kha'Zix is not back to lane in 3 seconds, call your mia.
- Try to have a pink ward with you to finish him off once he ults to escape.
- If you are alone, DO NOT take him on. It's suicide.




This is a skill matchup. The one who outplays the other the most will win. 

Passive - Sigil of Malice: When LeBlanc hits an enemy with one of her spells, she marks them for 4 seconds. After 1.5 seconds since the activation or the mark, the next spell LeBlanc hits on the marked enemy will deal bonus magic damage. Enemies who got their mark shattered cannot be marked again for 5 seconds.

-She is very squishy so poke her every chance you get.
- Be careful once she uses her Q because her next spell will deal more damage.
- Thanks to your passive, you should be able to withstand most of her damage. But, do not underestimate her damage! Her combos are easier to pull off in lane.
- When she uses her W (the dash thingy), be aware of where she dashed from. You can ult there to cut off her escape route (if you want to prepare a gank) or chunk her down for a lot of damage with your spells and auto-attacks.
- When her ult is down, trade with her. Because of her squishiness, you should be able to win the trade.
- Beware her chains, if she lands it, snares you and her jungler is there, its most likely the gray screen for you.
- Her combo in lane is most likely W>Q>R>E.




- Higher than average waveclear
- She can punish you anytime you try to cs and it wil sometimes cost her nothing (her passive)
- A slow, a snare and an ult that can act as a stun or as a zhonyas .
- She has an escape/gap closer.

Passive - Iceborn: When off cooldown, Lissandra's next spell costs no mana. Maximum cooldown: 18 seconds. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every time she impairs an enemy's movement with her abilities.

What to do?
- Everytime you go up to cs, expect her Q to come flying in. Try to bait her Q, dodge it, then you will have 3-4 seconds to get 1 or 2 cs.
- You can try to 1v1 her after 6. But don't try too hard. She has more damage than you think and her cc will give her an advantage. It is safer to wait for your jungler.
- I would say to get rabaddon after getting your RoA because her cc won't let you get close to her that easily.



99_64.png is very annoying early game with her poke and passive. But, after lvl 6, you should be able to chunk her down little by little.

Passive - Illumination: Lux's abilities mark all enemies affected by her spells for 6 seconds. If she auto-attacks marked enemies, she deals bonus magic damage.

-Don't let her use her passive. (Due to this, you will be missing out on a lot of farm)
-Don't try to trade with her pre-6. Focus on farming.
-Save your ult for when she tries to snare or ult you and proceed to chunk her down with the R>Q>E>W combo, rinse and repeat.
-Whatever you do, don't get snared. It may cost your your life.
-She will roam a lot and try to steal kills with ult. Make sure to notify your team when she's missing.
-Don't follow her into a bush without vision! She will ambush you and chunk you down for a lot of damage.




It is very tricky to defeat 90_64.png. But, it is definitively possible. What makes him annoying is that stupid familiar, his spell that bounces around after each kill while refunding him mana and his suppressive ult. But, he is very squishy early game. He will also push the lane all the time.

Passive - Void Shift: After a certain time of not being damaged or crowd-controlled, Malzahard gains a shield granting massive reduced damage and crowd-control immunity against the next spell that lingers a while after the shield is broken,

- His silence and your Q are about the same range. Although, for most skillshots you dodge to the side, for his silence, you have to dodge by moving forward or backward. Bait his silence, dodge it and then hit him with your spells.
- If you see him using his E, get away from your minions, the spell will bounce to you.
- Don't underestimate his damage; don't get too overconfident because of your passive.
- He ults you... you are pretty much dead. Try to figure out when he will ult and Q him, you may even survive his ult this way. After that, you can E>W him and then ult away. you don't want to stay close to 90_64.png with that familiar of his.
-  Use the Q>E>W>R combo, the R being used to get away from him before he can use a spell on you. Rinse and repeat.




Very hard to chunk down because of that damn shield of his. ( as I always say: DAMN U 82_64.png AND YOUR SEEMINGLY TANKY SELF!) But this lane is still winnable if you play your cards right.

Passive - Iron Man: A percentage of the damage inflicted by Mordekaiser on enemies grants him a temporary decaying shield visible below his health bar.

- Prepare to farm under tower, because that's where you will be staying for a while, especially pre-6.
- Don't bother poking him while there are minions around. He powers-up his shield with his spells by hitting your minions and he will deal damage to you while he blocks your attacks.
- After 6, you can catch him off guard. Wait for him to push the lane to your tower. Then, last hit under your tower. By the time the next minion wave comes, he will have no shield. R>Q>E>W him and then get away from him. By repeating that after every minion wave. You will win every trade.
-Call your jungler to gank. Mordekaiser has no real escape routes.




- Very good counter to 38_64.png
-Will push the lane all day every day.
- Her shield blocks spell effects (notably your Q and slow).
- Has a snare
- Annoying ult, but she needs to get close to you.
*** A good 25_64.png will play a reactionary style. Meaning that whatever you do first, she will counter it. 

Passive - Soul Siphon: Grants Morgana spell vamp.

What to do?
-Don't poke her too much with Q  if her shield is up. She can activate it before getting hit and won't be silenced.
-Get your jungler to gank often since she has not many escape routes. (She can snare but can be evaded)
-Try to bait her snare AND shield if you are preparing a gank. That way, she won't have any escape routes if she has no flash.
-Concentrate on farming pre-6. You won't be getting much.
-Don't try to 1v1 her. Her shield gives her the advantage.
-LET HER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. You can get her to blow her snare or her ult. She will be easier to lane against then.




-Will poke you with autos and spears
- 76_64.png spears OP
- Squishy
- Surprising burst in cougar form.
- NO CC!

Passive - Prowl: Grants Nidalee increased movement speed while in brush. Movement speed boost is greater when moving towards nearby enemy champions. Also, hitting an enemy with Javelin Toss or Bushwack (human form Q or W) gives her increased movement speed while moving towards them and enhances her cougar form Q and W.

What to do?
- You can withstand the harass. Poke her back with your Q and dodge her spears pre-6.
- After 6, R>Q>E>W then back away from her, rinse and repeat... repeat a lot!! She has that annoying heal of hers...
- If a spear is surely going to hit you, move closer to Nidalee in order to mitigate the damage a little bit. But... after 6, you have no reason to get hit by a spear thanks to your ult.
- Very easy to gank if her flash is burnt.
- In my opinion, this lane should be a victory no problem.




She may have a lot of poke but her ball is avoidable. You are also able to sustain most of her early game damage from HER SPELLS. 

Passive - Clockwork Windup: Orianna's attack deals extra magic damage. That magic damage increases the more she attacks the same target. 

That means:
- Don't get hit by her auto-attacks! Her passive will make them even stronger against you if you get hit too much.
- She can shield herself right before your spells hits her. Bait her shield, then go in.
-Make sure you are aware of the positionning of her ball at all times. If she ults you, you are in trouble.
- You can avoid her ball with your ult, close in on her and chunk her down, but beware the return damage once you back off. Repeat that often and you will win this lane.




This lane is gonna suck. He will constantly bully you and punish you every time you go to cs. He will dive you under turret and spear you and take no damage because of his passive that also blocks turret shots. And once he stuns you, he will deal so much damage to you and you will find yourself at 1/3 of your hp. He might force you out of lane even if you start cloth 5 and his base MR is too high for you to trade with him. 

Passive - Aegis Protection: After auto-attacking or casting abilities 4 times, the next basic attack or turret shot you receive is blocked.

What to do?
-Beg your jungler to camp. Pantheon has no real escape routes.
-Farm as much as you can. Use your spells to farm. You don't want to take too much damage from his poke.
-He can lvl 3 all-in you with 14.png and 4.png to easily kill you. Be careful.
- He can gank other lanes very easily with his ult. Call every mia you can and ward both sides of your lane to know which lane he will try to gank.
- Roam and help your other lanes.
- Don't 1v1 him. Even if you are more fed than him, he will still out-trade you.
- You can cancel his ult channeling with your nulllance.png if you catch him planning anything sneaky. But, he might all-in you once you attempt this. 




-Very strong levels 1-3 as opposed to you.
- Seemingly tanky because of her shield.
- Massive all-in potential.
92_64.pngBroken as FUCK.

Passive - Runic Blade: Every spell used by Riven charges her next basic attack causing it to deal extra physical damage. Riven can charge up to 3 empowered auto-attacks, expends 1 charge per auto-attack and the charges disappear after not using them for a certain time.

What to do?
-DONT GET ANYWHERE NEAR HER LEVELS 1-3. Your flash will most likely be blown. The enemy jungler, knowing that your flash is gone, will camp your lane as a result.
-Use your Q to cs.
- Don't trade with her in lane... try it... be my guest.
- If you are behind in this lane, you can't come back. No use laning anymore. Get your jungler to cover mid and roam.




-Spams moves 
-Can increase his own movement speed
-Somewhat decent burst

Passive - Arcane Mastery: Ryze's abilities deals more damage the more maximum mana he has. His maximum mana also increases by a percentage of his ability power.

What to do?
Trade with him when his shield passive has just been used. Make sure your Q is up since it'll mitigate some damage.
You have to hit him hard lvl 6. His ult doesn't give him another usable dmg ability so profit from your combat ultimate to close the gap and deal extra dmg.
YOUR NULL SPHERE CANCELS HIS ULT. If you see him channeling Realm Warp, stop him with a simple Null Sphere. 




- Call your jungler for ganks, swain can only save himself with his snare (somewhat avoidable) and flash if its off cd.
- You see wings on that fucker? Back the fuck off.
- Avoid giving him free blood stacks by letting him hit his W or E
- Avoid being near dying minions as he can pierce through them with his Q and hit you.
- Avoid being near your minions when he casts his E.




Her balls have no power over you. Shove yours into her!

-Ult to dodge her stun. If she lands it, you are in trouble.
- You can sustain most of her harass. Trade with her often.
- All-in her once she misses her stun.
-Beware her harass early game. She runs out of mana easily so just sustain through it.




Your early game maybe weak. But, his is weaker. He has depend on farming his Q to deal a lot of damage later on. You have to shut him down early and quickly.
-Punish him for every cs he gets.
-He is squishy as hell so do trade with him.
- If walks towards you, it means he going to try and land his stun. At this moment, walk towards him so that you get hit ny the walls of Event Horizon and chunk him down.
-Beware that his ult scales with his AP and yours. Better get some health and some MR ASAP.

-Be careful of your positioning in the late game. He can easily 100-0 you with his combo if his stun hits.




-Tons of poke

-Easy waveclear with 2 Void Rifts
-Very unforgiving lane if you fall behind in kills
-His Life Form Disintegration Ray is cancellable with your Null Sphere
-If he gets 3 stacks of his passive Organic Deconstruction, you will recieve bonus true damage. A huge chunk of damage.
I hope you brought your dancing shoes... You will be dodging a lot of spells in this lane.
This lane is pretty hit or miss. Whoever gets going early has a higher chance if being ahead for the remainder of the game.
What to do?
-He will use his Void Rift 90% of the time to clear waves. His W procs Organic Deconstruction twice. So, if you get hit by the first wave of Void 
Rift, don't bathe in it for the second proc of damage. 
-Avoid getting "Deconstructed" by his passive. Your passive won't reduce true damage.

-If he used his Tectonic Disruption, move in for a R>Q>E>W. He won't have a way to push you back and his E has a 15 sec cooldown. Best way to harass him.

-If he ults you, stay calm. Evaluate your Q range. If you can Q him, do it. You stop his ult that way.
-He will 100% push all the time so coordinat ganks with your jungler.
-Once you get ahead, this lane is easy. But, you will have to work hard to get ahead in this matchup.




- Try to land your Q before his Q so that he can't shield the damage.
- His E is avoidable.
- He won't use W much. If he does, you will most likely get ganked or he will use it as an escape tool. Take the necessary action to avoid getting killed. (Don't stand too long in his W (Gravity Field) or you will get stunned).
- R>Q>E will be the combo here. Rinse and repeat. Why not W? You don't want to get too close to him. Once you get close, he will W, stun you and land his other spells.




-Huge burst
-Huge range
-Pussy ass game style
You will withstand most of his harass pre-6. Its the burst when he gets his ult that is the problem. But, you are 38_64.png! You of all people can survive through it.
-If he Es you he will combo his W+Q dealing high damage. His E is decently avoidable.
-You can dodge his Q by ulting behind him. Then, you can all-in him and kill him very easily

-You can interrupt his Arcanopulse and Rite of the Arcane with your Null Sphere.




Though his early game is weak, it's better than yours. He is also one of the few AD mid laners around, which means your passive magic resist and the shield that you get from your Q are useless. And, if he also gets early crit items, he will deal surprising amounts of damage to you. To top it all off, he is more mobile than you pre-6 with his 0.5s cooldown dashes and when you walk up to get cs, he can punish you severly. Oh, did I mention he can wind wall your Q and E?

- Focus on farming. Only walk up to farm if he uses his Q. It has a 4-5 second cooldown in the early stages of the game.
- Only trade with him if he dashes in your minions. Your minions can help you win the trade.
- When he gets lvl 6 start paying attention to where the enemy jungler is, especially if they have a knockup or a knockback of some sort that yasuo can chain his ult on.
- If you roam, he can easily get your tower. So, try to make your jungler cover your lane in order to roam. Or, roam when he goes back to base.
- Unless really fed, don't try to 1v1 him. 



238_64.png is a decent opponent against 38_64.png since most melee champions have high MR and 38_64.png starts with not much armor. But, it is still a winnable lane.
- Let him push the lane and poke.
-Your Q shield will have no effect since he has physical damage.
- When your jungler comes to gank, make sure he initiates after Zed's W has been used so that you can at least burn his flash.
- After 6, don't all-in him. He will most likely burst you to death after your combo is over.
-Q>E>R away from him. Rinse and repeat.
- Stay aware of where his shadow is. He can use it to dodge your E.
-If he ever junps on you with his ult, ult as fast as u can back to your turret and get him to take tower aggro. If he is low enough, you might even kill him before the death Mark triggers.
- 3157_32.png is a life-saver here.




- Annoying poke early game.
- He relys a lot on his E to land other spells.
-Annoying AoE ult.
- Terrorist
- Laughs constantly (its stupidly annoying)
What to do?
-You can take most of his harrass early game, just poke him back.
-Don't stand near your minions or his Q will hit you trough the minions.
-Keep your ult for when he uses his E or ult. When he activates either of them, all-in him starting with your ult to escape his E or ult.
-He is more difficult to gank since his W helps him escape.
- He has massive wave clear, prepare to farm under tower.

-Stall until 6 to all-in him




Has annoying poke but you can sustain through it early game.
- He is gonna push the lane so prepare yourself to farm under tower.
- Poke him a lot, he is somewhat squishy.
- Bait his ult after 6. After that, either force him out of lane and roam or kill him.
- During the game, if you see anyone glowing in a yellow aura, zilean ulted that person. Wait for the ult to wear off before killing the affected champion.

Positioning as Kassadin Back to Top

You know the saying "Wards win games"? Well, if the other team starts warding everywhere they will win. As Kassadin, when a teamfight is about to start, you want to be outside the vision of the other team (in the fog of war or in a bush). If your hiding spot is warded, the enemy team will know what you are planning. And remember, YOU ARE 38_64.png and 38_64.png GLOBAL TAUNT IS OP! If the enemy team knows where you are, you will be targeted first, which you don't want happening. You want to take the enemy by surprise and burst down high priority targets. So, what to do if the enemy is warding properly? Where you should position yourself?

- Usually supports and junglers have 3364.png starting mid-game (getting a sweeper for yourself and some 2055.png can help too). Tell them to sweep a potential hiding spot just before a teamfight and hide there until it starts.

- If the lens don't work well enough (too many wards), you can position yourself behind your team. Get someone else to initiate on a high priority target then IMMEDIATELY follow up to burst him/her down.

- When you find yourself in the middle of the enemy team and taking damage, you can activate your 3157_32.png (if you have it, otherwise ult away or flash away...). You force the enemy to change targets and may not be in sync (especially in solo queue). Your team can then potentially weaken or kill another target so that you can start chunking down another enemy since most of your spells will be off cooldown thanks to 3157_32.png.

- You are not an initiator. Only engage on an enemy unless you have backup and that you are 100% sure that no other enemies that can potentially kill you are around.

- If you are fed, confident and sure that you can't get killed by the other team (lack of cc, their main carry is gone, etc.) GO NUTS 38_64.png.

- I highly recommend NOT being in the enemy jungle IF IT IS NOT WARDED. You never know when 3 or 4 enemies will gang up on you and kill you. Remember, YOU ARE 38_64.png! To them, you are a high priority target, in all cases, avoid getting into unwarded territory.

- ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF WHEN YOU  ULT. Now that the reset on the stacks on your ultimate is 12 seconds, if your already wasting 300+ mana each R, you might die the instant you get caught. LOOK AT YOUR RESET TIMER AT ALL TIMES. When your ult resets, you can go crazy again.

Early game as Kassadin (from 0 min until you get Rod of Ages) Back to Top

- Your early game is fairly weak. So, focus more on farming to get the items you need as fast as possible. 

- Poke your enemy from time to time with Q and/or E.
- Be aware of ganks pre-6, that's when your are most vulnerable.
- Try to get out of laning phase with 0 deaths. Even if you are getting zoned out from cs or getting beaten down heavily, you don't want to give an even bigger lead by dying.
- After 6, try to roam and help side lanes to get more gold.
- If you are in at a heavy disadvantage in a lane (eg: you're against a Pantheon, Riven, Kayle, etc), leave the lane and roam after 6 to increase your chances of helping your team and getting more gold.
-In laning phase, a good way to save yourself and maybe get a bit of money is buying a control ward. You would be surprised how many people would overextend to kill those things and you can get kills with your jungler and/or support off of that. Try to place those control wards on the side brushes of mid lane as close as you can from you team's side of the map.

Mid game (until completing seraphs and a third power item) Back to Top

So this stage of the game is all about getting gold wherever you can and the best way is by making coordinated picks with your team. Try to get the kills as the extra influx of gold will help you get your second and your third item ASAP so you can enter the late game phase (basically when you become unstoppable). You are going to want to buy pink wards/sweeper to prepare your own picks and roam around the map to get whatever farm, jungle monsters and kill participation. 
This is also the phase where you want to finish stacking your tear/archangel's staff if you have one. 

Try not to make picks on your own since your damage is still not ideal at this point of the game. Gank other lanes, gank with your jungler, pick off weakened enemy champions and do anything to boost your gold income. A good thing I absolutely love to do is to find the support while he is warding and kill him for free gold. Not only you get gold, but you can provoke a number advantage by constantly picking off the support while he's warding all alone.

The late game (after you get your third item) Back to Top

Congratulations! You finally finished building your third item. Hope it's not too late into the game, because now you have to put your carry pants on.
- Focus solely on the squishy targets (preferably the carries). If you are especially far ahead, you can 100-0 some of the other team if you have the proper items (eg: RoA + Abyssal + Deathcap or RoA + Abyssal + Void Staff).
- You can now attempt to make picks on your own. Be careful not to engage on an extremely fed enemy champion.
- Ping the champions you want to kill so your team can either CC or help you burst them down, creating a numbers advantage.
- If you had the balls the buy Lich bane, use it to split push. DON'T USE YOUR ULT TO PUSH THE LANE; keep your ult at the lowest mana cost possible to escape sticky situations more easily. If you are fed, they have to send either a tank, or more than 1 person to stop you. If they do send a tank, you can run down to your team and attempt to fight the enemy team 5v4 withtout their tank. If they send more than 1 person, distract them and make your team push for an objective or force a fight 4v3. And if they don't send anyone, take towers create more pressure and force them to come stop you. (Even if you don't have lich bane it is still a good idea to split push and apply what i said above, but it's much easier with lich bane)

What to do when you get behind? Back to Top

So, with any assassin, it is extremely hard to get back into the game once you are having a bad game. Especially if the enemy midlaner is shredding through your team, you have 2 or 3 deaths coming out of laning phase and your cs is low. 

What to do?


Seclude yourself in a side lane and farm. Farm minions and even jungle camps if you have to. If you have tp, this is even better, since you can split push while being able to assist your team at any time. Besides, if you have 4.png up, you are very difficult to catch. The enemy team will have to put either 2 people and execute a pincer manoeuver or, send a someone who they know they can catch you. But, when they do so, your team may have the advantage while pushing a lane or forcing a fight while the enemy is trying to chase you. Besides, you are already behind. You have nothing to lose by giving more kills. Although, that doesn't mean I am telling to run along and intentionnally feed on the pretext of farming. 

14-18 cs = 1 kill

2- Look for picks.

Use your sweeper to hide in bushes and wait for squishy champions to come nearby. I would also suggest using 2043.png to bait supports into their deaths.

3- Group with the team, KS and collect assist gold.

When you're behind, you have to be greedy, you have nothing to lose. Securing kills in teamfights is a great idea to get a larger influx of gold. Following your fed teammate and hunting together is also a good idea to get some nice assist gold, especially if you have the sole assist.

Some of you might say, "I don't really deserve the kills..." or, "I'll let my team carry me", or "I don't think I can make plays nor carry the team". If you are thinking that way, or along those lines, don't play assassins. You need gold to be relevant and you HAVE to make plays. Otherwise you'll be useless. When you pick an assassin, you are committing to do your best to carry the team and burst enemy champions. If you have no intention of doing so, i'd suggest playing a tank or a support champion. 

Anyways, any extra gold you get is precious when behind. 

About me Back to Top

So what's up summoners. I am TiltMasterFIex/Eternal Raitei. I am currently in the Platinum tier (got to Diamond in the S6 pre-season). I start playing at the beginning of season 3 and when i first started ranked, i was placed in Silver 2. But, I overestimated my abilities at that time and dropped to silver 5, where i stayed for 3 months. So, what helped me climb up all the way to platinum? Kassadin!! I am just another guy trying to achieve the diamond dream and Kass might help me achieve that. Kassadin is a champion that I am extremely comfortable on. I have 300+ ranked games combined in seasons 3 and 4 (he was banned too much to play more T^T), i have a winrate of over 60% with him and have a KDA of over 5. I love this game so much and am doing my best to learn anything there is to it. So, if you have any comments about how I view the game as Kassadin, I will be more than happy to hear you out! If you also want more matchups posted, please let me know in the comments or add me on league and msg me.

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