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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngFlash is very useful for Flash > Riftwalk gapclosing for that surprise attack, or even just Flash > AA > Nether Blade whilst you don't have Riftwalk or while its on cooldown. As with every champion, a useful spell. However, since you'll be Riftwalking every 1 second later on, whats the point in Flash? For this reason, I don't take Flash on Kassadin.

6.pngGhost is always good on melee, auto attacking fighters. It helps you keep up with your target to keep hacking and slashing at them whenever your Riftwalk isn't available. I sometimes run Ghost and it has its advantages over Flash: a lower cooldown, more use over time, better for overall chasing. Ghost is preferred over Flash.

12.pngTeleport is a very useful spell. It can get you back into lane faster, or be used to gank another lane, and has use with split pushing as well. In dire situations, it can be used to escape if you aren't interrupted! 
I take teleport as my second spell most of the time because its so useful. I don't find many situations where I need Ignite to secure a kill, either because I can't kill the enemy yet, or I've overkilled them with my Riftwalk already. 

An awesome trick with teleport (which I've done since before his rework when you could stack 10 Riftwalks), is to stack your ultimate at the spawn fountain and then take the fully stacked Riftwalk into a teamfight by teleporting in. You'll have full mana and can get a lot of high damage ults off, however, it reduces your mobility by keeping it at 4 stacks.

14.pngIgnite is a spell used for securing kills and inflicting Grevious Wound, which you can no longer do with Executioners Calling (RIP Item) and Morellonomicon calls for an AP build, and doesn't fit Kassadin very well, and especially not after 5.4 gutted AP Kassadins everywhere. Ignite is a perfect spell against 36_64.pngMundo, who thrives off of regeneration. Beyond that, you'll find Teleport being more beneficial.

3.pngExhaust is a powerful utility and dueling spell. Land it on an enemy trying to burst or on a marksman and watch their damage be reduced to next to nothing. In lane, Exhaust helps you stick to your opponent, makes it harder for them to escape, and stops them being able to effectively fight back. This can be great, since often you'll find enemies will outdamage or outpoke you in the early game. It is a good choice against someone such as 238_64.pngZed, who would kill you in under a second otherwise. I take this over Flash.

I recommend Exhaust/TP. While yes, you're vulnerable early without flash, but you gain flash once you hit level 6, and on a low cooldown too. You play quite passively early against pretty much everyone, so there's little need, honestly. Exhaust helps you survive similarly as well.

11.pngSmite for jungling. Can you jungle Kassadin? His clears aren't bad, and Riftwalk is amazing once you get it. I'll likely make a guide for jungling, but there is no point in jungling him over laning him, and you only do it because for some reason you love Kassadin that much. I don't recommend Jungle Kassadin in ranked... yet.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


You'll want 18 in Cunning, not only because Thunderlord's is broken, but also because 45% CDR 1 second cooldown riftwalks are AMAZING!

Keystone Masteries

In order of usefulness
-*Thunderlord's Decree* - Typical go-to on most champions right now. Its so powerful. Also, your Nether Blade will count as both an auto attack and a spell cast, so it can apply two stacks of thunderlords at once! Simply auto attack, and reset your AA with W for a quick Thunderlord's proc! (Can balance out or win some trades early). Most recommended.
-Stormraider's Surge - A useful mastery for bruisers, gaining slow resistance and movement speed. However, you gain PLENTY of mobility from your mana/ult already, so it can be seen as overkill on the mobility. If that's your thing though, then by all means, go for it!
-Strength of the Ages - A useful mastery, especially since we don't buy much health and focus more on resistances, making this mastery all the more worthwhile. The sustain is also nice! Problem, you have to take 18 in the Resolve tree, missing out of 45% CDR. Slow resist and tenacity are nice though. A very nice defensive alternative. Perhaps if you're having problems Riftwalking and surviving around a fight, take this for some more durability.
-Deathfire Touch - Whilst this may sound awesome, we're not actually building much AD or AP, and our build is focused on mana for our offense. We have AD from manamune, which doesn't make this a terrible choice, though. Can add some extra punch to Q pokes, possibly. It isn't bad, but you'll need to miss out on 45% CDR.
-Bond of Stone - Extra tankiness, and you can tank for your teammates. Not bad, but Strength of the Ages is better, since you have lots of resistance already, and would prefer health. A decent support/tank option.
-Grasp of the Undying - Turns your health into power/sustain. Not bad early, and decent all around. Since we don't build much health, though, its usefulness is dulled later in the game. If you struggle with laning.
-Fervor Of Battle - Decent DPS, but we don't build attack speed. Not recommended.
-Warlord's Bloodlust - Like if you wanna go TRUE AD Kassadin and build an Infinity edge, like, go ahead. I won't judge.
-Windspeaker's Blessing - Just don't.

Here are the rest of the mastery trees and what you should take in each.


Wanderer - Since you can last hit easy with W passive anyway, Savagery isn't needed. Helpful roaming tool.
Assassin - Great 1v1 and backline assassin tool. 
   Secret Stash - Great for lane sustain if you're struggling early.
   Runic Affinity - If you're jungling, knock yourself out.
Merciless - Excellent assassination tool.
   Meditation - Mana is great, and honestly you'll regenerate a LOT with this, but I'm getting along fine with W resets. I can imagine this could work great though.
Dangerous Game - Awesome mastery for an assassin/fighter like you!
Intelligence - 45% CDR! CDR is great on your abilities!
   Precision - Penetration is always good too. Gives a bit more burst, but CDR is hard to pass up.


Sorcery - Great for your ult damage! And your other damage of course.
Feast - Good sustain option. Also, taking Double Edged Sword makes you more vulnerable and less tanky. Not sure how much you want that. But if you're cool with that, go ahead.
Vampirism - More sustain. Works on your AD and magic damage on W active.
Oppressor - With Iceborn Gauntlet and Force Pulse, this becomes excellent! 
Battering Blows/Piercing Thoughts - Both work well, but I would prefer Piercing Thoughts, since your ult is a lot of your damage. Maybe go for a mix?


Unyielding - Works great with your resistances from items, which you'll build a lot of.
   Recovery - Not a bad sustain option. Its a lategame vs laning phase decision.
Tough Skin - Extra tankiness in laning.
Veteran Scars - Great so you don't die early. The other option would only buff your Q spellshield, and isn't really that worth it unless you REALLY need that magic shield for some reason.
Perseverance - Good sustain in and out of lane, but you don't build much health.
   Insight - Good mastery, reducing TP cooldown is great!
Swiftness - Excellent mastery! Tenacity really helps a bunch when you're in the midst of fighting. Legendary Guardian just gives more defense stats, which you have plenty of, but is also a good choice.

Abilities Back to Top

W > Q > E - R whenever.

You typically want W maxed out for more punch on that AA reset. You could max Q first if you value the spellshield so much against your opponent, but overall isn't that useful. Your job is to get in close and destroy people, W helps you with that.

Whether you max Q or E second depends on the enemy. Do you need a magic shield? Max Q. Do you not need a magic shield but need the enemy to stop pretending they can run away? Max E.

The abilities

Void Tone - Passive

Reduces magic damage. This nice against magic damage, naturally, but doesn't suddenly mean you're weak vs AD champs. In fact, I tend to fare quite well against enemy AD champions in the top lane, which are quite common. Rushing Glacial Shroud along with some pots and Crystalline Flask keep life easy. Its just a nice bonus, and also why we itemise more for Armor than Magic resistance.

Null Sphere - Q

Blasts a sphere of void power at a target enemy and shields you from some magic damage. Note that it DOES NOT block CC like Morgana's Black Shield. 
Since you're not AP, you focus on using this to block magic damage. Once you obtain Muramana, you use this as part of your burst. 

Nether Blade - W

Passively gives you 20 on-hit magic damage. Do not itemise attack speed for this. AP/AS will never work on Kassadin now and the 20 damage does not even scale with level. Its just a bit of help early game for farming and a little bit of out-trading perhaps.

Actively stabs at someone for a good bit of magic damage. It also restores a small % of missing mana, and does 5x that amount against Champions. 
This is one of your most important spells and understanding how to use it is imperative.

First of all, it works as an AA reset. What I mean by this is that after you auto attack, you can use Nether Blade right after the auto attack lands to do another one immediately. This gives a decent burst of damage useful for out-trading early and proccing sheen, and murdering people late game when you have Muramana.

Another ESSENTIAL part of this playstyle is to use the mana restore along with Riftwalk. Use it whenever you need mana (and to charge Tear of the Goddess) by hitting a minion, and after you go in with high mana cost Riftwalks, use your Nether Blade on the enemy champion to be able to do ANOTHER high mana cost Riftwalk. In order to keep Riftwalking, you need to use Nether blade on enemy champions during your trades and fights. Never forget that it provides a lot of mana against champions.

Force Pulse - E

Does some AoE magic damage and slows enemies in a cone once 6 spells have been cast around Kassadin, including his own. A nice spell that is useful for us only for the slow. Use it to chain slows along with Iceborne Gauntlet to prevent your prey from getting away, or to peel, or to halt a dead 14_64.pngSion when he rises again.

Riftwalk - R (Ultimate)

Flash with a low cooldown and some AoE magic damage that stacks up. Along with the damage comes a double mana cost.

This spell was buffed in 5.4.

Well, not exactly.

But for our purposes, this spell was buffed. Sure, we can't gapclose as freely and derpilly as before, but now the mana cost, especially for stacked Riftwalks, was reduced significantly. 80 to 60 might not seem like much, but how about 1200 to 960? Big difference, It helps you fit in that extra charged Riftwalk once you have some mana, and Nether Blade's mana restore is so much more significant and relevant!

Use this spell to gapclose to a target, and rush at anyone who stands in your way. Go at enemy carries and destroy them with your AD. Once you feel you can't get anymore Riftwalks out in a teamfight or you're losing HP, use it to escape and perhaps come back in if you can. 

In lane, charge it up! The mana cost reduction means its far less punishing to stack it up and trade with it. Just 2 stacks of your Ultimate help win trades easily, and then just restore the mana by stabbing them with a Nether Blade.

Note: - Like Flash, if your ult would land halfway over a wall's centre, then you will go to the other side. Basically, if you ult closer to the other edge of a wall, you will go over it, if that makes sense.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Most versatile and useful starting option. Great for AP enemies, passive lanes, harassing enemies.
    Start against auto attacking champions like Gnar or Vayne. Leaves you wanting mana, however.
    Start against strong AD champions. Builds into Glacial Shroud as well.

Core Items

    Mandatory. A source of energy and damage.
    Buy Glacial Shroud against AD, Mercury Treads against AP AFTER TEAR and BEFORE anything else.
    Damage item. Take after a defensive item, but if REALLY ahead and there's little threat, you can take this first after Tear.
    Typical full build. High mana and defensive resistances. Sterak's Gage is great with IBG since your Base AD is pretty good!

Situational Items

    Alternative to Frozen Heart if you need HP.
    Take this or Rod of Ages. Titanic offers tankiness, AoE on auto attacks, and an auto attack reset on the active. Offers excellent burst through resetting AA with Muramana. Check the video game commentary for example use.
    Either this or Titanic Hydra. Rod of Ages offers more tankiness, mana synergy, and sustained fighting. Also demands less technical skill. Pick this for ease, tankiness, and mana rejuvenation.

Take a look at the core items:

2041_32.pngThe best starting option. It gives health and mana sustain for days. Situationally, you can use Doran's Shield or Cloth armor starts if need be.

3073_32.pngNecessary first purchase. You need to reach Muramana as fast as possible. Just stacking tear increases the damage on your Riftwalk as well, so get to it!

1001_32.pngSimply sit on these once your Tear is complete. Movement is invaluable for chasing and escaping, and even moving in for a minion.

3024_32.png1033_32.png - Early game, you want a defensive item first most of the time to help survive your terribly early game. Go Glacial Shroud against AD opponents (Mana is also incredibly useful), and take a Null-Magic Mantle into Mercury Treads against AP opponents. Against hybrid damage champions, build for the damage type they use more. Darius is largely physical for instance, as his only magic damage is his bleed. 

3057_32.pngRare occasions may call for a Sheen before a defensive item if there's no threat from your opposition and you're ahead.

3025_32.pngImperative that you buy this item. Against AD, buy this very quickly, and against AP, buy this once you've got Mercury Treads and an extra Mantle or Spectre's Cowl. Provides AP (meh), Armor (Defense is good), and 500 mana (EXCELLENT, MORE DAMAGE AND MORE RIFT WALKS), as well as a slow-field spellblade on-hit (PERMASLOW THEM AS YOU CHASE THEM. MORE DAMAGE AFTER A SPELL. PERFECT). A perfect item for manatank Kassadin.

3004_32.pngBuy Manamune once your Iceborne Gauntlet is finished for a boost of AD and stacking faster. Then:

3042_32.pngThe bane of all that stands in your way. Muramana provides insane damage from all of your mana, dealing more damage the more mana you have, working excellently with the mana restore from Nether Blade, and proccing on your Auto attacks, your Auto attack reset Nether Blade, and your single-targeted Null Sphere. This item will always be viable and effective on Kassadin so long as his kit isn't reworked significantly, since it is just so perfect for him now! 1000 mana too, boosting its passive damage, active damage and your Riftwalk damage. THE prefect item for manatank Kassadin!

3110_32.pngHigh amount of armor along with some Mana, Cooldown reduction and an Attack speed reducing aura. Excellent. The mana and CDR help your ult spamming immensely, and the aura is a nice bonus when you go to gut those marksmen. The go-to armor item for Manatank Kassadin.

3053.pngCombos well with Iceborn Gauntlet, and Kass actually has good Base AD, making this worth it! Build when you need the shield, health, or just build it last.


3143_32.pngSimilar to Frozen Heart, but with a slowfield active, large amount of Health as well as armor, but enemies must attack you to have their attack speed slowed. If armor alone won't cut it, and you need HP, you can take this instead of Frozen Heart, but you'll be lacking in CDR and Mana.

3102_32.pngHealth and magic resistance as well as a shield to soak up some annoying spell as you charge into the fray. The perfect magic resistance item for Manatank Kassadin.

You could go Maw of Malmortius, but you need some health to be a true manatank rather than just some mana user who gets blown up.


Pick one of these as your 'health' item. They outdo Sterak's Gage in all honesty.

3027.pngRod of Ages is a typical Kassadin item and we buy it for its great increase in mana, and its ability to turn damage into mana and mana into health. This allows you to be tankier, burstier in general, and sustain your mana better. Easier to use than Titanic Hydra, and more universally applicable.

3748.pngTitanic Hydra is an odd pick for Kassadin, but provides AoE, health, and an auto-attack reset. So, it helps you split push, tank, and burst enemies. Using this. Combo like Riftwalk > Auto attack > W reset > Hydra Reset > Q for 4x Muramana proc damage to annihilate a squishy target. Hydra, as mentioned, also helps you split push and then duel any squishy champions who try to stop you. It gives less mana and defense than Rod of Ages, but is excellent at assassinating squishy teams. So, pick it when you see a number of vulnerable, low-defense carries on the enemy team that you can easily kill, such as marksmen, and most mages.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Zed




Leaving only notable mentions in matchups. Fiora can make life hell for you. Hide your vulnerable points as well as you can. If she lunges for a hit, hit her back with W and back off. Save E to save yourself, and play passively, and safely. 




Parrley is tough, and barrels are tough too. Stay passive.




Annoying harasser in ranged form and a strong zoner in melee form. Once again hard to farm against.




Her Vault can escape if you try to get at her with a Riftwalk, which sucks, but if you respond to her Vault with a Riftwalk after, then you can possibly outdamage her once you have Gauntlet or Glacial Shroud. As a whole, she'll hurt and harass like hell. Stay passive.




As with all lane bullies, he'll hurt you if you get too close. CS what you can, and as they push towards you, ask for ganks once Riftwalk is available.




A strong harasser with AD scalings and damage. Zones you, hurts you, and bursts you. If you know you're against him, I recommend Exhaust, and get armor as soon as you can. You are incredibly vulnerable if you have low armor when he hits six. Stay passive and let his shurikens push your lane to you.

What are you smoking? AD Kassadin? Manatank? -PATCH 5.4 WAS A BUFF!?- Back to Top

Let me answer all of those:





Now let me explain those answers.

AD Manatank Kassadin appeals to his synergy with 3042_32.pngMuramana which applies on Null Sphere and Nether Blade which also works to reset your auto attack. Riftwalk also benefits incredibly from mana both for damage and for extended use of Riftwalk. By being a tank, you able to DPS enemies that live past your initial Muramana burst and soak a lot up for your team.

Riftwalk lets you chase and escape like crazy, whilst dealing HEAVY damage with it against squishies at the same time. With enough mana, you can use it so much more than an AP Kassadin would, since they only ever take Seraphs and Rod of Ages usually, not nearly as much mana as we have in this build. 

5.4 was a buff. Yes. It was. Whilst the gutting range nerf means that Kassadin cannot blink in FROM SAFETY, kill some out-of-position squishy, then blink out TO SAFETY as an AP Assassin anymore. Now, he must walk in to use his Riftwalk, and since you're an AP Assassin, you're probably going to get killed or take heavy damage once you get into range to use it. So, everyone concludes Kassadin is crap.


The mana cost reduction means the world to Kassadin.

960 cost for a 4 stack Riftwalk is a crazy difference from, what was it before, 1200? Now you can fit in more of those 4 stack ultimates, more ultimates in general, and get more use from your Nether Blade mana restore, which usually permits another Riftwalk use after a big one. This change lets Manatank Kassadin stick to targets EVEN MORE than before despite the range nerf, and can deal more damage with it by using it more frequently. Not only that, but we can use it to trade and harass more since we aren't so punished by its high mana cost.

AP Assassin Kassadin may be dead, or just needs some reworking builds, but Muramana AD Manatank Kassadin grows even stronger with this patch.

So I say to his 36% winrate, its my personal winrate that matters, and my AD Kassadin winrate has only improved!

**EDIT** Kassadin got buffed again in patch 5.5. So now you can spam your ult EVEN MORE, use it waveclear more often, stick to people more, and overall healthy buffs. You will now be feared by all squishy enemies. 

SEASON 6 Patch 6.13 - New items give Kassadin even more options! Titanic Hydra can be used for more Muramana burst on its active, and Rod of Ages now restores health and mana greatly!

Introduction Back to Top

I am Eggmaster2029, a LoL player since Season 2 who adores off-meta builds and constantly make my own builds with the idea of them being viable in ranked play. I play

412_64.pngThresh in the top lane as an Attack Speed-oriented on-hit bruiser/tank. (I main this!)
38_64.pngAD Manatank Kassadin 
201_64.pngJungle Devourer Braum 
75_64.pngAD Nasus
150_64.pngAP Gnar 
267_64.pngAP Nami Mid 
37_64.pngAP (DJ) Sona Mid

and countless others

With all of my builds, I desire for them to be viable in ranked play and do not aim for them to be troll builds. I play them and build them in ways that I think and have experienced to work more times than not. If a build is flawed, I'll correct it, if it cannot be corrected, I don't play it.

This guide features 38_64.pngAD Manatank Kassadin, using Muramana and Iceborne Gauntlet for damage and mana going towards Riftwalk usage. He remains viable and grows stronger after the "Riftlimp" nerf of patch 5.4.

Is this more viable than AP Kassadin. Right now I would say yes it is. Until some pro LCS player picks Kassadin and demonstrates proper usage post-nerf, either using a build similar to mine or some reworked AP build probably featuring lots of Rod of Ages, at least 5, I consider my build superior post patch 5.4. Even before that, this build had its own place as a bruiser, as opposed to the assassin style of AP Kassadin.

How do you play AD Kassadin? Back to Top

First of all, you have no AP. Your Q and E stop dealing damage very quickly, especially since you max Nether Blade.

Your early game is weak and you must feed on whatever minions you can. If your opponent slips up and lets you kill him thats great. You buy defensive items like 3024_32.pngGlacial Shroud early to survive that early laning.

Your power spikes upon completing 3025_32.pngIceborne Gauntlet with its spellblade procs and your ability to permanently chase and permanently slow the enemy. It grants extreme amounts of damage (on spellblade and Riftwalks), and utility (again with Riftwalks, and by slowing the enemy for your team to attack them, or to kite away from).

Your other power spike is through completing 3042_32.pngMuramana. Suddenly, Null Sphere will do damage again, quite a bit at that, your auto attacks and Nether Blade AA Resets will also deal incredible burst, and the mana will increase your general AD and Riftwalk damage. It also allows you to cast far more Riftwalks and the Muramana alone gives just over 1, full stacked Riftwalk of mana.


Unlike AP Kassadin, your damage isn't entirely bound by cooldowns, and you can keep up the AA damage to continue to be useful in the fight. 

AD Kassadin has incredible survivability and damage. He can do a lot once in his prime and really appreciates the mana change from patch 5.4!

AD Kassadin Power.jpg

Laning and Teamfighting Back to Top

In lane, I encourage you, to discourage your jungler from ganking early. 

You can hardly help your jungler with pre-six ganks since you're just so weak early. So, stay passive and farm up, drinking potions when you need to. Stay alive and don't die, then get Riftwalk.

Early game revolves around charging Tear of the Goddess, and just building up to that late game unstoppable behemoth. Buy a defensive item after your tear (Glacial Shroud or Mercury Treads) to survive laning. Build Iceborne and Manamune after to start dealing some damage with that Riftwalk of yours.

Team fighting is incredibly fun, and effective. Essentially you go in and beat up as many squishies as you can, blinking your way to the enemy marksman, hopefully getting a decent ult onto them as well. The muramana burst will be enough to near-fatally wound them if not kill them outright, and if they survive, a simple Riftwalk to follow their escape and kill them will do the trick.
When you must, you leave. You may leave when you

-Can no longer Riftwalk after the next one, and its unlikely your W will get enough mana back.

-You're low on HP

-The fight is a bad one. Your team will never win it and you must regroup later to try again.

But to PROPERLY team fight with AD Kassadin, you must understand "Riftruns"

Rift Running Back to Top

"Rift Running" is essentially using your Riftwalks to manoeuvre about a fight, and considering your mana costs and damage stacks of Riftwalks carefully as you do. You consider when you must exit the fight with Riftwalk, and when you can keep fighting.

Essential notes for Rift Running:

-As you gain damage and mana, it means you're running out of Riftwalks, and must sustain with Nether Blade, or leave/end the fight with that final Riftwalk.

-You must judge the target's defense and evasive abilities and use your Riftwalks accordingly. If the enemy has an escape and a support peel ability like Thresh's Flay, you may exhaust one of the escapes/defense abilities by slowing them with Force Pulse, then chase/move past the next defense/escape ability with a Rift walk, burst them and use another Riftwalk to kill them if need be. You should still have plenty of Mana and Riftwalks left to continue your run in fight, or exit the fight if its too dangerous for you. 

-Never underestimate your power. You can go in and deal extreme damage then get out easily, or kill the rest of them.

-Never overestimate your power. Jumping in 1v5 whilst your team isn't ready to follow up will leave you slowing them all, then getting stunlocked and taking an extreme amount of damage.

-Know when you can and when you cannot continue your run. If Nether blade is up, you can likely do a 4-stack Riftwalk for damage and gapclosing then restore your mana with Nether blade to get another Riftwalk out of you should you have a decent amount of mana items (Muramana and Iceborne Gauntlet are often good enough). If you cannot continue, or Nether Blade is on cooldown for too long, end your run or wait for the Nether Blade to come back up if you aren't being focused.

Essentially, Rift Running is a term I use to talk about running about a team fight efficiently with Riftwalk. Your constant Riftwalking can make for some extreme plays. Remember that your Mana cost and damage increase with each Rift Walk. Evaluate where is best to strike, and how many times you should continue to 'strike'.

SEASON 6! And the 'Fast Meta'. Back to Top

Welcome back to AD Kass, now in season 6! Marksmen are everywhere, squishies just waiting to be deleted! However, games are far faster, and that sets off a trouble for Kassadin.

Because of the slow nature of the build, if the enemy team snowballs before mid game, you may end up completely powerless, especially if you end up behind.

The one thing you can do really, is farm and hope to God that you can make some good picks with that riftwalk of yours. Just remember, if there's a good chance of you finishing Muramana, then you can win the game. 

Be sure to use split pushing and communication to stop enemy tower pushes (Titanic Hydra is good for this), and give their carries hell. Whatever you do, even if the rest of your team is losing, make sure that you do not. Do not add to the amount of stuff you'll have to carry, or it will become impossible.

Closing Back to Top

AD Mana Tank Kassadin is one of the stickiest, strongest and most unstoppable behemoths in the League. He suffers from lower overall burst when compared to an AP Kassadin, but has decent single-target burst and far more mobility, longer Rift Runs, more sustained damage and more survivability both as a result of mobility and defensive stats.

This beautiful build of mine survives past the thought-to-be-fatal patch of 5.4, and grows stronger with its changes to mana costs.

Thank you for reading this far, seriously.

Please feel free to comment, criticise, or try this build out for yourself. I've had much success with it especially after 5.4

Also feel free to ask any questions!

VIDEOS - Guide and Full Game Commentary Back to Top

I uploaded this guide to youtube fairly recently. Be sure to check it out, and check the rest of the channel for more guides like these! I'll be doing more gameplay videos with Kassadin and Thresh top, as well as many other 'off-meta' champions!

AD Quad Damage Kassadin with Titanic Hydra Full Game Commentary

Feel free to check these out, check out the channel, subscribe, like, etc. 

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