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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Kassadin is a mobile assassin, so the summonerspells are pretty obvious but in certain situations it could be better to take other summoners.

Me personally would always go for the ignite14.png with how things are looking in the preseason. The game snowballs pretty hard of being able to get kills in lane. Ignite14.png provides extra killpressure in lane and can guarantee u kills.

Flash4.png is a pretty standard summoner on almost every champion. Even though Kassadin has a build-in flash with his ult, it's always good to have flash4.png to secure a kill or help u out of sticky situations in combination with your ult. Also Kassadin is pretty vulnerable before level 6. So having flash4.png will save u from those early ganks.

Teleport12.png was a very popular at the end of season 5. The cooldown on towers got increased, but if u are not very experienced at midlane or Kassadin. Teleport12.png can help u out in the early game where Kassadin is weak and can be bullied out of lane. Also it gives option for the later stages of the game because kassadin is a safe splitpusher so having teleport12.png can get u with your team if necessary.

Exhaust3.png is a summoner that I don't use a lot but it's great for hard match ups, especially AD assassins. If u don't feel comfortable laning against champions like Talon or Zed then exhaust will make their all ins less threatening. And will give u a chance to get away or even get the kill on them. When u get more experienced on Kassadin u will probably opt to get ignite14.png instead of exhaust3.png, even in these harder match ups.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Right now you can chose from 2 mastery pages. Depending on what keystone mastery you want to play with, Thunderlords decree or Deathfire touch.


Thunderlords decree is a great keystone, it has a good basedamage and it really is a nice bonus when you go for the kill on someone. The only problem is that you can't proc it a lot pre level 6, unless your enemy goes melee range(what they should never do against you). So in lanes where u are weak or can't go aggressive you kinda play without a keystone imo. But I still recommend using it in most of your games because you want to kill the important targets and every little bit helps.


Deathfire touch is much weaker early on compared to thunderlords. It has a much lower basedamage but it has better AP scaling. So in the lategame deathfire touch will do more damage in teamfights compared to Thunderlords. Deathfire touch also doesn't have a cooldown like thunderlords has, so you can apply a bit of bonusdamage every time you poke/trade with your Q and E. Also if you have corrupting potion the burn from it will keep proccing the deathfire touch so it can help trading a lot in the early levels.

What Keystone should you chose?

In my opinion it's all preference, I prefer Deathfire touch against teams where it's hard to burst people and if you want to trade better in lane pre 6. Thunderlords is better in most cases because it gives you that little extra damage when you go for short trades in lane with your ult or for the all ins.

Abilities Back to Top


With kassadin you have multiple options with how you want to level up your abilities. Depending on who you're facing and how the lane is going, will mostly determine what skill you max first.

The example given is what I would do versus an AP mage when i'm doing good. You will always start with Q nulllance.png just because when used it gives a small magic shield. So in the early stages of the game this can be used to trade efficiently with other AP champions. Just because you can shield some of the damage they deal while they cannot block your damage.
Wnetherblade.png is the ability you always should take second, it increases your auto-attacks damage while the active gives back mana and can be used as an auto-attackreset, the active also counts as 2 stacks for your thunderlords. Which helps a lot with farming in the early game.
After your first 2 abilities u get some freedom. Normally u would take the Eforcepulse.png but if u are against a champ with a lot of poke early getting an early 2nd point in Qnulllance.png will help a lot to stay healthy.

Against AP champs you will probably max Qnulllance.png first normally because of the shield it provides that blocks their magic damage. But if u are ahead and don't really need it you could start maxing Eforcepulse.png first because it provides more waveclear so u can push your opponent into the tower faster so u can start roaming.

Against AD champs u will max Eforcepulse.png because the shield u get for the Qnulllance.png doesn't block physical damage. But in some cases it could work to get more points in Q early if u know u can poke them out of the lane with all the Q'snulllance.png.

Kassadin's Eforcepulse.png is a special ability, because it needs stacks from spells cast in his vicinity. Even though the cooldown is only 6 seconds in the early game it will take longer to get those 6 stacks.

Kassadin's ultriftwalk.png is probably 1 of the most fun to use in the game. But care with spamming it, with every consecutive ult you will gain stacks. Causing your ult to cost more each cast, but it will do more damage with each cast as well. So use it wisely.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is a pretty standard start for most match ups. It provides that little bit of sustain u need to get through the early laningphase. You will also save money on potions with the corrupting potion.
    You can start with a dark seal in match ups where you know you won't get poked a lot and where you get some killpressure after 6. You can chose to get 3 potions or a refillable potion depending on what you prefer.

Core Items

    Roa is probably the most crucial item. It helps you get through the lane and it provides you with everything that you need.
    Example of a safe full build

Situational Items

    Most of the time you want to get Lucidity boots because they lower the cooldown on your summoners. Sorcs are a good option if you know you're going to get 40% CDR from your item/runes
    This is fun item to build. it works great with morello and Roa. But buying this delays your other items and it doesn't provide a lot of defensive stats.
    These are your defensive items, if you are having a hard time against an opponent it's probably better to get 1 of these before getting your morello. These 2 and morello also will make it easy to get 40% cdr.
    Your Big AP items, Ludens probably isn't that good anymore because the ludens proc doesn't scale well but it's still useful for waveclear. Deathcap is pretty expensive to get so in most cases it will be easier to get 1 of the defensive items.
    These are probably going to be your last items. Void staff will be great if the other team is stacking a lot of magic resist. Lich bane is a great option if would want that extra burst. You could get it earlier if you are ahead and you don't need defensive items.
    Great item in games where teamfights are drawn out. This will allow you to keep riftwalking a lot more.

Right now the Roa 3027.png build is the safest option, it helps you sustaining in the early game. While providing a lot of useful stats like mana, hp and AP for really low cost. Besides Roa his build is pretty flexible, you can get a defensive item 2nd like Abyssal 3001.png or Zhonya's 3157.png if you are behind or need the defensive stats in fights. If you're ahead and are sure you won't be needing defensive items soon you could go for bigger AP items like Morello 3165.png, Deathcap 3089.png or lich bane3100.png.

When going for the Tear 3070.png build, you are more vulnerable early if you don't get a Roa 3027.png. If you decide to get a Roa as well you'll scale a lot slower but your lategame will be stronger. So it's pretty much up to you to decide if you can get away with scaling a lot slower.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
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  • Lux
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  • Yasuo
  • Zed




Ahri is a skillshot reliant champion so facing off vs a mobile champions like kassadin makes it really hard for her to kill you 1v1.


I recommend to get Corrupting potion 2033.png vs Ahri because early on she really can poke you down with her auto's and Q ahriorbofdeception.png when you go for farm.


Early on you need to play around the cooldown of her Q ahriorbofdeception.png when going for farm. The range is bigger then your Q nulllance.png range and it's on a shorter cooldown then your own Q nulllance.png. So it's also really important to keep moving constantly so it's really hard for her to harass with her Q ahriorbofdeception.png. Also avoid getting hit by the Q ahriorbofdeception.png on max range because you will take both outgoing Magic damage from her Q ahriorbofdeception.png and the returning true damage from her Q ahriorbofdeception.png. So if you need to take damage, then take the outgoing damage because it will hurt less then the returning Q ahriorbofdeception.png. Because of her charm ahriseduce.png you cannot walk into her minionwave to lashit because if you get charmed you will always lose trades with her. So try to farm behind your own minions, even if you don't have minions you can still farm if you are confident in your movement because the charm ahriseduce.png is pretty easy to predict and dodge. Most of the time she will follow the E ahriseduce.png up with her Q ahriorbofdeception.png.
After 6 she cannot use her E ahriseduce.png offensively anymore because you can jump on her and she will be forced to use her ult ahritumble.png to get away. But as long as her E ahriseduce.png is up you can only engage on her by baiting her E ahriseduce.png and use your ult riftwalk.png to dodge it. When her ult ahritumble.png is up she is hard to kill because she has 3 charges which make it really easy to get away from u. But without her ult ahritumble.png she needs to play back. So if her ult ahritumble.png is down just position more aggressive in the lane and try to zone her from the wave so she needs to use spells to farm. In teamfights try to keep her E ahriseduce.png in mind because she can really shut you down if she hits it. So wait for her to use it before you try to burst someone.


Getting boots 1001.png early really helps dodging her skillshots so depending on how good Ahri is you need to get them before you finish Roa 3027.png. If she is bad or you just dodge everything then you can opt to get them after ROA 3027.png. If you're struggling you should get Abyssal 3001.png as a 2nd item. If you are ahead you can go for morello 3165.png or ludens 3285.png depending on what you prefer. Against team with a lot of magic damage you should still get abyssal 3001.png even when ahead.




I believe Akali is an easy match up for kassadin. just because her pre level 6 is maybe even weaker then kassadin's.
She really can't do anything against you before 6, her only way of doing damage to you is her Q. Your Q is a great tool do deal with that, because the magic shield will absorb most if not all of the damage. Just don't let her get in range to proc the mark. Her cooldown is 3 seconds shorter then yours so try to stay out of range untill your Q is back up again. So getting an early 2nd point in your Q is great to poke her even more so she needs to burn to all her potion early so u can start zoning her from the cs. So wavecontrol becomes really important. You don't want to push up to far because with a gank she will have an easy time killing you. When Akali gets ahead she really becomes hard to deal with when you are kassadin.

Be careful though when she hits 6 she will become a lot stronger then she was before. Because you are winning the lane u might get tempted to get the blasting wand first. But getting the catalyst will help u out a lot more. Just because if akali can't burst you down she really is weak and u can kill her easily. So try to stay full health when u lane against her.

Also take care when she gets her gunblade, The sustain it gives her in fights is really high so try to fight her when your ignite is up.

With the pink wards getting cheaper, it's always useful to have an extra pink in your inventory just if u want to kill her when she hides in her W.




Anivia is a lot like the Azir268.png match up. Early on she really can poke pretty hard and there isn't much that you can do against her. But after you hit level 6 she becomes pretty easy to kill.

You should always start corrupting potion2033.png against anivia just because her poke early on is really rough.

In the early laningphase u really need to play passive. It's not like other match ups where u can poke early on. Because her auto attack range is pretty big she will be able to hit u a couple of times while u move back and if u walk up to her she can stun u really easy with her Qflashfrost.png and auto attack you a lot. so it's not worth trading with her and you will have to give up a decent amount of cs early on. If she takes ignite always be aware when you go low. Because she can flash ignite Efrostbite.png for an easy kill and can get away with her passive egg.
Playing against anivia it's just important to avoid getting hit by her Qflashfrost.png. Which becomes really easy after lvl 6 with your riftwalkriftwalk.png.
After level 6 u should play back a bit because it becomes very easy for Anivia to get the double damage on her Efrostbite.png. She can walk up proc her ultglacialstorm.png on you and instantly throw her Efrostbite.png so she gets the double damage. Those will chunk u pretty hard and will allow her to burst u if u don't heal up.
Anivia is really hard to kill because of her passive. When it's up she transforms into an egg when she hit 0 HP. She will be in egg form for 6 seconds and she comes back with HP that was left on her egg. so never towerdive anivia when her egg is up, the cooldown is pretty long with 4 minutes.
So after after your first back and hitting level 6 u can start going aggressive on her.
Ideally u want her to use her ultglacialstorm.png and throw a Qflashfrost.png into the minions. This makes her so vulnerable so walk around her ultglacialstorm.png and jump on her and use a full combo. She will only have her Efrostbite.png up and her ultglacialstorm.png and Qflashfrost.png are not up for atleast 5-6 seconds. Depending on how her health is u want to go for the kill or back off and wait for another chance to go in.
Normally u don't want use your ignite if her Egg is up but your ignite has a 30 seconds shorter cooldown. So it's an option to get her egg out of the way and it will make her vulnerable in teamfights or for ganks.

Anivia becomes really easy to deal with once u get some items and some levels in your ultriftwalk.png. She is so immoble and her wallcrystallize.png isn't effective against you. It's also hard for her to hit all her spells against a mobile assassin like kassadin.




I marked Azir as an easy match up. This is because Azir is a DPS mage that needs time to do his damage while Kassadin wants to go in and burst and kassadin's mobility makes it really had for azir to deal consistent damage. Also Kassadin's ultriftwalk.png is 1 of the few abilities you can use to get over Azir's wallazirR.png.

Starting items:
I would recommend corrupting potion2033.png. Just because you will have a though time early on against his poke.

Early on you want to avoid to stand near the sandsoldiersazirW.png These will chunk you hard. It's okay to give up some farm early on because Azir pushes hard with his soldiers so improve on farming under the tower.
Before Azir's level 2 you should try to use your Qnulllance.png as much as possible. Because Azir can't move his soldiers to harass you so he only has auto attacks. From level 2 on you will need to play back because Azir can chunk u pretty hard with his QazirQ.png and a couple of attacks from his soldier.
So if he goes for harass move back and try to use your Qnulllance.png to absorb a portion of the damage with your shield.
After level 6 you can start abusing Azir more. U can walk up to him more for some poke with your Qnulllance.png and Eforcepulse.png , and just move back and ultriftwalk.png away if he wants to QazirQ.png you.
You will know when u can kill Azir after a few trades. Just try to time your all in with the use of his QazirQ.png. Because he will have a soldier that is out of position that he cannot move. So you will have a 4-5 second window where he will lack a lot of damage. He will probably ultazirR.png you away. But you can jump over the wall and finish him off.
Never underestimate Azir's damage, even if u are ahead be careful with spamming your ultriftwalk.png. He can really take half your HP with using Q azirQ.pngand 2 soldiers just attacking you.

Against a team with an Azir it will be good to get the athene's because u will need to ult more and Azir is a champion that can drag out teamfights. But in the end you just want enough damage to burst Azir.




Diana is a lot like the Akali84.png match up, she is also not that strong without her ult. What makes it easy for kassadin to farm early. At level 6 she becomes really strong and becomes harder to deal with but still kassadin his kit works great against diana's.

I believe dorans ring1056.png is the best start against diana. She is also melee and has 1 way of poking you and it's pretty easy to dodge. So you don't need the sustain that hard early on.

Early on you want poke her with your Qnulllance.png and later on with your Eforcepulse.png. You will win trades if she goes for her QdianaQ.png first. Or you will force her to pop her WdianaW.png shield. So u got the control early on. Depending on what items she starts with you will most likely poke her down faster or she will run out of mana pretty fast.
Whatever you do, don't trade with auto attacks. Because her passive gives her an AS buff and every 3th auto has bonusdamage. So u don't want to go melee early, also her EdianaE.png will pull u back in and slow u for 2 seconds (has a 26 sec cooldown though). Which is deadly for you pre level 6 because she will get more auto's off(so keep trades short).
Also a big part of winning this lane is your ability to dodge her QdianaQ.png because it has a shorter coolown then your Qnulllance.png. Don't try to run back when she throws it unless you are 100% sure u will get out range. Otherwise try to move counterclockwise, so you sidestep to where here Q is curving from. Like I try to show in the image.diana.jpg

With your first back i would recommend getting Catalyst3010.png just because it gives u more sustain and more health. So it becomes really hard for diana to burst you down 1v1.
So after hitting level 6. It becomes important to stay healthy and not get hit by her QdianaQ.png. If u get hit by it then she will get a reset on her ultdianaR.png if she ults on you. So better ultriftwalk.png out of the QdianaQ.png because she will stick to you if she can jump to you twice in a short time frame and she will do a lot of damage with the 2 ultsdianaR.png.
Diana is pretty tanky champion so she isn't that easy to kill. Also her build will play a role, some diana's go abyssal3001.png first item others will get Nashor's tooth3115.png or some even a manaregen item. But her cooldowns are pretty long compared to yours so you should abuse that. If she wastes her W she loses a lot of tankyness and damage, if you see her ult going on cooldown then she is really weak. If she misses her Q then she has no reset on her ult. These are the moments when u can go aggresive if it's possible.

When playing vs diana your build should be pretty standard. Depending on how it goes i think your second item should be the abyssal3001.png if you are struggling. Ludens3285.png will be so good if u get ahead because your burst will get better and you will push harder then her.





Ekko is not a hard match up for kassadin. Because Ekko has pretty long cooldowns and Kassadin is more mobile then Ekko. But if Ekko gets ahead the match up can swing in his favor so you don't want make to many mistakes.

Against Ekko I would recommend Dorans ring1056.png or corrupting potion2033.png. Normally Ekko won't be able to poke you out of lane. If you are certain he starts dorans ring1056.png, you can try and get corrupting potion2033.png and just trade a lot early. You will force him to go back and heal up. Don't do this if he has TP12.png though.

Ekko is a good match up early because he is also melee, so you won't get poked with auto attacks if you go for farm. Also his QekkoQ.png is on a longer cooldown then your Qnulllance.png. So you can poke him constantly with your Qnulllance.png. His QekkoQ.png is also a skillshot which is pretty to dodge.
Be careful the slow gets pretty brutal after a few levels and the return QekkoQ.png does a lot more damage then the first cast. So keeps this in mind when going for cs.
So early on you will be the dominant force in the lane.
After a few levels try to control the minionwaves because the range on his WekkoW.png is pretty big and if you push to far towards his tower he will be able to throw it behind you. It will slow u or stun you if he is also in the circle when it hits. So if his jungler is there u will probably die or burn your flash.
His EekkoE.png will also help him to close the gap on you if you push up to far and he will be able to proc his passive on you easily. For 3 spells/attacks hit he will proc it and you will be slowed and he will get a movementspeed buff and you will take damage from it.
This means you should avoid longer trades with Ekko, so positioning is really important before level 6 because he is able to punish u very hard with his EekkoE.png and the slows/stun from his QekkoQ.png, passive and WekkoW.png.
After level 6 and with some more items, Ekko will be able to stop u from roaming. With his QekkoQ.png he can push waves really fast, forcing you to farm under tower. Warn your team if Ekko isn't visible, placing a ward in the lane on his side is helpful to see if he leaves the lane or not.
Ekko is hard to kill because of his ultekkoR.png and shieldekkoW.png so keep those in mind when going for the kill on Ekko. You are more mobile so it's really easy for you to dodge his abilities.
So once u have enough damage you will be able to kill him easily. He will have a hard time killing you because he needs a bit more time to damage you.

Against Ekko ludens3285.png will be a good 2nd buy because it will give u that extra movementspeed and waveclear. You should get your zhonya's3157.png eventually because if u cannot burst ekko the active will give u that protection while you wait for your cooldowns.

Ekko his WekkoW.png is really easy to dodge when he activates it in lane. The animation/sound are easy to notice. It becomes more dangerous if he activates it out of vision.
Also avoid being low health, with the passive on the WekkoW.png he does bonusdamage on auto attacks when you are below 30% health. With his normal passive and ult he can kill you under tower if you get low.




I put fizz as a medium match up. Just u can deal with him early on, but at the end it is a skill match up. Just because Fizz can dodge pretty much most of your damage with his Efizzjump.png. So depending on how effective his E fizzjump.png is will decide who wins trades or all ins.

You can start dorans ring against fizz. He doesn't have a great way of poking you so u don't really need the sustain against him.

Early on you want to spam your Qnulllance.png as much as possible. Fizz will have 2 options, Efizzjump.png to avoid the damage or take the damage. It's not bad to trade your Qnulllance.png for his Efizzjump.png because it he has to spend more mana and it has a high cooldown early on. So he can't waveclear or go in on you without his Efizzjump.png.
Even though u are bullying him early on try to keep wavecontrol. Because with a gank Fizz can get a kill really easily and he can snowball pretty hard of that.
After your first back i would recommend getting the catalyst just because it gives u that bonushealth and sustain for the lane.
When hitting level 6 be careful for fizz his ultfizzmarinerdoom.png. It gives him a huge powerspike so when he hits 6 really be careful with using your riftwalkriftwalk.png because it's so your main tool for dodging his ultfizzmarinerdoom.png.
When in all in situations hold on to your damage spells until he used his Efizzjump.png. It's so tempting to hit him when goes in but he will Efizzjump.png your damage.

Zhonya's3157.png is a great item to get early against fizz because u can negate a lot of his damage with it. Unless u are ahead u shouldnt consider other items imo.




Katarina is pretty easy match up for kassadin. Realistically she cannot kill you 1v1 unless u make mistakes. Ofcourse like in a lot of match ups, if she gets ahead by roaming or jungle help u will have to be careful because she snowballs pretty well.

You have 2 options here, u can go for Dorans ring1056.png or corrupting potion2033.png. A lot depends on what kata starts, if she starts boots1001.png and 4 pots2003.png then she can outsustain you if you don't trade efficiently. But if she start amplifying tome1052.png you will destroy her with dorans ring1056.png. So take corrupting potion2033.png if you want to be safe.

Early on you want to use your Qnulllance.png when she tries to harass you with her Qbouncingblades.png. Because it will negate her damage you will win the trades early on. Don't play to far back because she can hit you with the Qbouncingblades.png by using it on your minions, if you are to far back you cannot trade with her. Move higher up the lane, so when she goes for Qbouncingblades.png harass/farm you can punish her with  your Qnulllance.png. This is also why you need to ward up and keep the minionwave closer to your tower. Because pre level 6 jungle ganks are very hard for you to get away from.
Try to keep you Eforcepulse.png up, if she tries to go aggressive and E'sshadowstep.png on you, just use your Eforcepulse.png to slow her and Qnulllance.png Wnetherblade.png her and u probably won the trade.
If you get better vision around midlane you can push her under tower, Kata has a hard time farming under tower so put put her under constant pressure. So she cannot roam and get easy kills on your sidelanes.
For your first buy you want to aim for Catalyst3010.png if you want to stay safe, you will not drop low and have more health to deal with Kata all-ins. If you are confident and are ahead you could opt for the Blasting wand1026.png. Be careful if she buys sorc shoes3020.png on her first back, katarina has good basedamages on her spells so magic penetration will increase her damage.
After level 6 it becomes important to keep tabs on katarina, you will be untouchable in lane but she will pick up kills easily in sidelanes. So try to push her in as much as possible and roam yourself, because Katarina is still not easy to kill if she plays good.
The main thing that makes it easy for you against Katarina is your Qnulllance.png, It interrupts channels. Katarina her ultdeathlotus.png is a channel so you can cancel her ultdeathlotus.png with your Qnulllance.png. Basically if your Qnulllance.png is up she cannot all in you at all. You outscale her really hard but she will always be relevant if she can get resets. You will be able to kill her really easily so if she goes to deep or is isolated try to delete her.

Basically Katarina needs to snowball to keep you down. If you play safe early and trade well, you will win the lane. Ludens is a good 2nd item against katarina because she will probably also get it. And you want to push waves harder then her so she cannot roam. If for any reason you are behind Zhonyas is safe item to get 2nd.




I put Kayle as a medium match up. Just because a lot depends on how u play the lane and if u are ahead or behind. Just because she has decent dps and her ultkayleR.png can ignore a lot of your burst. So it's more about if she can stay alive long enough to dps you down. So that's why it's more about who wins the match up. Also her ultkayleR.png is really annoying in teamfights because she can save anyone from an assassination.

When u play against Kayle u want to get a standard runepage. Just because her E still does AD damage when activated and she does a decent amount of magic damage with her E and Q. So u don't want to get poked out easily so get armor and MR runes.

Corrupting potion is probably the best start against kayle because u want the sustain against her. Other options are Dorans shield or cloth armor. Not a lot of people play her mid so i didn't get the chance to try all of them out.

Kayle pushes hard and pretty much outtrades u every time. Her EkayleE.png makes her push so hard and prevents u from getting cs between the minions. Just because she can farm and harass u at the same time with the splashdamage from her EkayleE.png. So try to time her EkayleE.png before u want to go lasthit some minions further away. Your Q'snulllance.png shield provides a little bit of protection but u won't win trades with it compared to other match ups.

So when u get level 6 it's still pretty hard to kill kayle 1v1 unless u got ahead early. So probably the best thing u can do is roam and try to get kills in other lanes. With the state of towers right now she will take your tower early anyways. So it's okay to roam but consider not losing your 2nd tower. If u try to kill Kayle 1v1 try to bait out her ult. Before u fully commit to killing her. Because if u waste all your cooldowns on her ult then she will just slow u with her QkayleQ.png and then auto attack u to death. When u are behind don't try to kill her 1v1 wait for help because u will not have enough damage to kill her. That's why zhonya's3157.png is nice to have because when she ultskayleR.png herself u can zhonya3157.png to wait out her ultkayleR.png and kill her.

Getting teleport12.png against Kayle can be a good option because she pushes non stop and being able to back and get back into lane fast can keep u even in lane and save your tower. It also opens options for splitpushing later in the game.




Kassadin is probably my favorite champion when i face Leblanc just because Kassadin counters her in many ways but it's still not an easy match up. Kassadin also outscales Leblanc. He can match her mobility and he has better AP ratio's.

Dorans ring or corrupting potion are good against leblanc. I would go for dorans if you have experience vs leblanc.

Level 1 you should spam your Qnulllance.png as much as possible. Leblanc cannot trade with u because of your shield and your passive magic resist. Just be careful that u don't take to much harass from her auto attacks.
When u both hit level 2 the power shift a bit into her favor. She has higher basedamages on her abilities and it is hard to hit your Wnetherblade.png when she goes with Qleblancchaosorb.png and Wleblancslide.png combo. So try stay back more and if u get hit by her Qleblancchaosorb.png back off until the sigil wears off.
Her Wleblancslide.png is on a pretty high cooldown so u can go a bit more aggressive if it's down.
When she hits level she becomes really dangerous. Just because her Eleblancsoulshackle.png slows you and it chains u for 1,5 seconds. Making it very easy for her to getting extra auto's and Qleblancchaosorb.png off. So try to dodge it if possible because the range is insane. If you can stay close to minions it increases the chance off her hitting a minion with the E. You should get a second point into your Qnulllance.png because the shield almost doubles in strength.
So from this point on a lot depends on how the trading went early on. If u are ahead in potions u can still try to bull her out of the lane with your Qnulllance.png. If it didn't went so good try to play passive and farm as good as you can.
The level 6 is really important if she hits 6 before you, you need to play back because she can kill u easily if you are not full HP. If you hit 6 first u can try to kill her if she is low or it helps u stay alive if she want's to all in you. Her Qleblancchaosorb.png is the only spell that is targeted so u can dodge the rest pretty easily with your ultriftwalk.png. And most leblanc's max their Wleblancslide.png most of the time for the waveclear.

Against Leblanc you always want to max your Q because it makes it really hard for leblanc to do damage on you in the laningphase.
After your first back it really depends on how the lane went. If you are winning the match up and holding your ground getting the blasting wand 1026.pngwill benefit u a lot. because leblanc will buy a fiendish codex3108.png after her first back normally so u will get more AP and with your better scaling it really boosts your damage. If you are behind try to get the catalyst3010.png if you have enough gold.

Later on in the game you will smash Leblanc pretty hard, you will do more damage because of your scalings and u are more tanky then her with your passive and Roa3027.png.




Lulu is pretty much the counter of every assassin with her shieldlulue.png and ultlulur.png. She is a real lanebully as well so u can guess why kassadin will struggle in the lane againt lulu.

I would recommend going corrupting potio2033.pngn, with her poke from the start you will need the sustain. Dorans shield1054.png is another option that you can try since it boosts your healtregen and blocks 8 damage from auto attacks and single target spells.

Lulu her passive gives her bonusdamage on her auto attacks, this is because she shoots extra bolts with her pix which scale of lulu her AP. These bolts can be blocked by your own minions so try to keep minions between you and lulu when she is in auto attackrange. So you will be playing back most of the laningphase against lulu. This is why she is so strong early on, she can trade very well with her auto's and poke really hard. So try to get your Catalyst3010.png as soon as possible for the extra sustain in lane.
Now early on it's very important to dodge lulu's Qluluq.png, This does a decent amount of damage and will slow you, this will make it very easy for lulu to get a couple of auto attacks on you. Also with her Wluluw.png which speeds her up you will have a hard time walking away from her.
When she has points in her 3 abilities she becomes really annoying. She can start trading with you with her own Elulue.png shield and you will always lose the trades. She will also start using her Elulue.png Qluluq.png combo offensively. So she can Elulue.png on a minion and hit her Qluluq.png from far away or she puts the Elulue.png on you and you will have to try to dodge when she wants to hit her Qluluq.png from on you.
This will make it very hard for you to farm good in the early stages because a good lulu will punish u very hard for going for cs. So early on try to farm with your spells and go for CS when she backs off or her spells are on cooldown.
Lulu is also very manahungry early so she can't spam spells constantly. When lulu has ignite be very careful, if u get low it's very easy for her to flash ignite and a couple of auto's or spellcombo's to kill u. So be aware of that.
After level 6 you should try to roam because 1v1 you won't be able to kill her. If you try to all in her she can shield herself very easily and ultlulur.png herself as well if necessary. which will knock you up. And she will speed up and get away safely.
There are situations where u can try to go and all in her. If you notice she is going low on mana, then you can try to force something because she won't be able to do all her spells. Or if she used her ultlulur.png in a previous fight or duel then it could lead to a kill if you all in her. Always consider her summonerspells ofcourse.
Lulu falls of very hard after the midgame. Just because she only has 2 damage spells and they don't have the greatest scalings. So you will outscale her very hard, just be careful with your all ins in teamfights because if lulu can save the target you will be out of position and if she W'sluluw.png you, you are dead for sure because it works as a silence. So be patient in fights and once you see her ult being used. U can start to go deep on their backline of you can.

Against lulu i would recommend to go for the Athene's3174.png build. Just because it will be hard to burst people in fights and fights will be drawn out because of lulu her shields. So you this will provide you with enough mana for longer teamfights. For runes i would recommend to get Armor and MR runes just because you want to get through the early laningphase so that's would I would go early stats.
After your Roa3027.png, you should never go zhonya's3157.png first because she cannot burst you. Unless they have a bursty jungler never get zhonya3157.png 2nd.




The lux match up is a combination of the Orianna 61.png and Ahri 103.png match ups. Lux her Q luxlightbinding.png is like Ahri's charm ahriseduce.png, while the rest of her kit is a lot like Orianna's kit.


You really want to start corrupting potion 2033.png in this match up because she can poke you a lot with her E luxlightstrikekugel.png and passive luxpassive.png


 Early on will be a hard because outranges you quite a bit, she can zone and poke you with her E luxlightstrikekugel.png. It's really hard to dodge if you are not familiar with the range of the ability. Also her passive luxpassive.png will make it really easy to proc thunderlords because when she activates the passive luxpassive.png it counts as 2 abilities. So when you get hit by spells back off until it wears off. So really try to avoid getting snared luxlightbinding.png, because you will get hit by everything.
After level 6 you can go for aggressive trades with her if she uses her spells to farm. Especially if she uses her Q luxlightbinding.png, it's her only CC and she has no escapes. Without her CC it's pretty hard for her to hit her ult luxmalicecannon.png or E luxlightstrikekugel.png on you. She really struggles against mobile champions and will have to clear waves and farm under tower. Giving you a lot of room to roam.
Be careful when diving a lux, especially when she has barrier 21.png/heal 7.png. With her shield luxprismaticwave.png she gains a lot of HP and if her Q luxlightbinding.png comes up again you'll be stuck under tower.


Early on you want to get catalyst 3010.png and boots 1001.png, these will help you stay healthy early against her poke.
After you finish your Roa 3027.png, you should get abyssal3001.png if you are even or behind. With the health from Roa 3027.png and the MR for abyssal 3001.png she will have a really bard time killing you. If you are ahead or confident not getting caught you could get any AP item that would fit best for you situation that game.




Orianna is an easy match up because she is a skillshot reliant champion and being very mobile makes it really hard for her to get damage onto you. But she is still a great teamfighter and stronger pre 6 because you don't have your mobility.

Starting items

Because she is really strong early with her autoattacks and her Q orianaizunacommand.png you will need a lot of sustain. So Corrupting potion 2033.png is a safe start but if you are confident you can start dark seal 1082.png and refillable potion 2031.png. Also You can chose get Ignite 14.png or TP 12.png as a summoner because a lot of Oriannas pick defensive summoners and in combination with her shield orianaredactcommand.png she becomes hard to kill. With TP 12.png you have less killpressure but you can get back fast in lane and keep pressure in allowing you to roam more.


Early on you will have to play safe and let her push the wave towards your tower because her auto attacks will do more damage for each following attack on the same target. They like to trade early with auto's because most oriannas start E orianaredactcommand.png giving them extra defensive stats and a shield. So you want to lose half your HP early on for 1 minion. But what you can do is poke her with Q nulllance.png any chance you get, if she shields it everytime she will lose a lot of mana while you will sustain with your W netherblade.png. So if she starts to run out of mana because of it she will not be able to poke u with her Q orianaizunacommand.png and W orianadissonancecommand.png.
After level 6 you can start to go aggresive on her with your ult riftwalk.png. Ideally you want to do this if her shield orianaredactcommand.png is down or if she used her other abilties. If you are healthy enough a Q orianaizunacommand.png ult orianadetonatecommand.png combo will not kill you. (make sure that when you aggro you know where the enemy jungler is)
In teamfights be aware of her ball and try to see if her shield orianaredactcommand.png is on cooldown when going for enemies. She can really keep people alive with that shield because it also provides defensive stats for the champion it is on.
Her ult orianadetonatecommand.png has a charge time so you can ult riftwalk.png or flash 4.png out of it.


The normal build will do fine against her, if she is really strong you should consider getting an abyssal 3001.png after your Roa 3027.png.




Playing against a Swain isn't that hard. He doesn't have burst and has 2 skillshots he needs to hit to get his maximum damage. He also doesn't have a lot of waveclear making it easier for you to roam because killing swain isn't that easy. Also the change to morello 3165.png made it easier for kassadin to deal with Swain.

Starting items

I would recommend starting with corrupting potion 2033.png. Because Swain can poke a lot early on and so you want to be able to stay in lane long enough to get your catalyst 3010.png on your first back. You probably want to take ignite 14.png because when he ults you want to lower his sustain with your ignite 14.png.


Early on you want to keep your Q nulllance.png for farming or to negate some of the damage from his Q swainbeam.png and E swaintorment.png. So when you get into his range when going for cs make sure your Q nulllance.png is up. The most important thing pre level 6 is not getting stuck into his W trap swainshadowgrasp.png. This will make it really easy for him to set up ganks and get max damage from his Q swainbeam.png and E swaintorment.png. Swain really has a clunky auto attack so he has trouble farming early on so make sure you focus on farming instead of harassing.
After level 6 try playing around his cooldowns. When he stops his ult swainmetamorphism.png or uses his W swainshadowgrasp.png you can go aggressive with your ult because he will not have sustain from his ult swainmetamorphism.png or don't have CC to lock you down. If you want to all in him make sure you have your ignite 14.png up to weaken the sustain of his ult.


If everything goes good you want to get Roa 3027.png into morello 3165.png but if you got behind because of ganks or he got really strong then you could opt to get abyssal 3001.png before getting your morello 3165.png.




Syndra is an easy match up because she has a hard time bursting kassadin. Because of his passive and "tanky build". But early on she is really strong with her poke.

I would recommend to start with corrupting potion 2033.png because her early levels are really strong. If you always struggle against syndra early then maybe boots 1001.png with 4 pots 2003.png is a solution for you because the boots 1001.png will help you dodge her Q syndraQ.png easier.

Early on you want to play safe against her and try to focus on cs. It's not that easy to trade with her because she outranges you a lot with her abilities. Also play around the cooldown of her E forcepulse.png, It's really long in the early levels so when she uses it you can be a bit more aggresive towards her or to get farm.
If the other team has jungler who has cc like Jax 24.png, pantheon 80.png or amumu 32.png or are really strong early like nidalee 76.png, lee sin 64.png, kindred 203.png. Try to stay on your side of the lane before 6. Because if syndra stuns you with her E syndraE.png you probably die every single time. So try to keep the wave on your side of the lane and if she freezes call for your jungler or recall and get a pink and items.
After level 6 the match ups starts to become easier. She can't use her E syndraE.png offensive anymore because if she uses it she becomes really vulnerable. So if she uses it and you are safe to jump on her, do it. Normally she won't have enough damage to burst you and she has no escapes.

Against Syndra it's probably best to not delay your boots 1001.png for to long. Roa 3027.png is still going to be your first item. As a 2nd item I would recommend Abyssal 3001.png, in combination with your passive and Roa 3027.png you become really hard to kill for her. For your other items it's pretty much up to you.




Probably the hardest match up for kassadin. Kassadin always struggles against AD champions and Talon has some great ratio's and so many damage amplifiers in his kit. What make it incredibly hard for kassadin to trade with.

I would recommend cloth armor1029.png if you're not experienced in the match up. Corrupting potion2033.png is also pretty good.

When laning Talon will probably push you into your tower with his Wtalonrake.png. U want to stay healthy against talon because you don't want to get into killrange for talon. His assassinations are really simple to do.
So early on stay back until he uses his Wtalonrake.png. When used you get a 10 second windown to go in for some cs.  If you should get low health be aware of his Etaloncutthroat.png. He will jump behind you and can do an auto, Q talonnoxiandiplomacy.pngreset and Wtalonrake.png to do a lot of damage to you. Because of the multipliers from his passive and Etaloncutthroat.png.
 U can try to bait with standing on the edge of your turretrange so if he jumps onto you he will land in the turret aggro range. Which will hurt a lot early on.
Against talon if you struggle delay your Roa3027.png for an armguard3191.png. If u can get the catalyst3010.png on your first back then get it because it will keep you high hp against Talon.
When hitting level 6 it's still impossible to kill Talon. His ulttalonshadowassault.png will give him an easy escape, so when u try to kill him make sure his ulttalonshadowassault.png is on cooldown.

So Talon needs to get you below a certain amount of health to kill you. So it's a good idea to get more sustain from your masteries.
Iceborn gauntlet3025.png could potentially be a good item against talon. It gives u extra armor and a slow to deal with talon. I need to test it out more before i can make a good judgement.




Veigar is an easy match up for Kassadin. Veigar is a champion that wants to stack early on, so you can get away with starting Dorans ring1056.png in my opinion.
And go 18-12-0 if you want in your masteries

Laningphase pre 6:
He still can harass you while farming with Qveigarbalefulstrike.png ,so try not to stand behind low minions. Also his passive got changed so he gains AP for hitting abilities on enemy champions. But his mana regen passive got removed so if he goes for a lot of harass he will be oom very fast and then you can zone him really hard from CS.
Unless you want to go in for harass with your Qnulllance.png so your shield will absorb a lot of the damage.
Avoid getting stunned by his Eveigareventhorizon.png. This will allow him to get free damage off on you, but it has a long cooldown so can get a bit more aggressive, if he used it without succes.
Also care for his auto attacks, like you should against every ranged champion. Taking to many of those will hurt, so it's okay to give up some cs that are to far back.

After lvl 6:
If you can get him low enough u should try to bait out his E before u go all-in. It has a pretty long cooldown. Bad veigars will max their Wveigardarkmatter.png 2nd instead of their Eveigareventhorizon.png. You will notice this if the stunduration gets longer or not. Always be careful with diving veigar.
Also veigar cannot kill u with his ult alone unless he gets really fed or the game goes extremely late. So he needs to hit his Eveigareventhorizon.png to get his Qveigarbalefulstrike.png or Wveigardarkmatter.png off. That's why u need to be very safe with using your ultriftwalk.png in lane. Normally u can use it to push the wave, but veigar can punish you really hard with his Eveigareventhorizon.png if you use it. U really need your ultriftwalk.png to get out of his stun veigareventhorizon.png. In teamfights try not to go to deep for assassinations and watch out for his W. Which is pretty hard to spot when u are focussed on the enemies. Ideally u want to wait for him to use his zhonya's before u try to kill him.

A normal standard build will do great against Veigar. Depending on what u need early u can get the catalyst3010.png or blasting wand1026.png after your first back.
Getting an abyssal 3001.png second will help against his burst if you would need it.
Getting your boots1001.png early is also great for dodging his Eveigareventhorizon.png. The mercury treads3111.png can be good if u get stunned a lot by it and if their team has a lot of cc.




You never know what kind of Yasuo you will be facing. If you play against a really good one you won't be having fun in lane, but otherwise the lane becomes a lot more bearable. Yasuo is strong vs Kassadin for multiple reason. Yasuo is AD, his passive gives him a shield which kassadin can't break easily before trading. He is really mobile pre 6 while kassadin has to wait until 6 before he can match it.

Starting items

I would recommend to start with corrupting potion 2033.png because Yasuo is really strong early and you want to be able to stay in lane until you can get your catalyst 3010.png


Most Yasuo players tend to push hard in the early game. So your main focus should be getting as much farm as possible. You should also respect his mobility it's really easy for him to dash through a minion towards to get harass of with his Q yasuoQ.png and E yasuoE.png. Be really careful when his Q yasuoQ.png is charged and he will be able to knock you up and get auto's of before dashing back. So if the minionwave isn't close to your tower stay back and try to farm with your Q nulllance.png and get exp. He will punish you hard if you come to close for CS. If yasuo is freezing the lane you could ask your jungler to help you bounce to wave of his tower so it pushes towards you again.
In the scenario's where he pushes hard ask your jungler to camp your lane. A lot of yasuo's push hard and forget that they have no escapes without enemy minions. This makes him very vulnerable to ganks so if you have a strong early game jungler he should be punishing that. (if possible don't pick kassadin againt yasuo if you don't have a jungler that can punish yasuo)
After level 6 you gain a lot more killpressure but he is still strong and will kill you if you make mistakes. Keep your ult riftwalk.png up in case he goes for a knock up with Q yasuoQ.png.


I would still recommend getting your Roa 3027.png first because the new catalyst 3010.png passive makes it easier to sustain in lane while trading. After that it really depend on how the game is going. You want more AP because you will be able to kill yasuo faster then he would kill you. But with hexdrinker3155.png/Maw 3156.png it has become really hard for kassadin to do that so getting Zhonya's 3157.png is better because it will allow you to stay alive while waiting for your cooldowns for a second rotation of spells to finish him
If you're facing an AD heavy team you could go for an Iceborn Gauntlet as well. It doesn't provide a lot of offensive stats but the stats are great for kassadin and will make you very hard to kill.




Zed is probably 1 of the hardest match ups for Kassadin. But I believe it's a skill match up, it all depends on how well Zed can land his poke. It really depends on how good the Zed is you're playing against.

Starting items:
I would recommend corrupting potion start. But Cloth armor is also okay if u don't feel confident and want to be safe. U should get points in resolve for extra sustain. Because if u can keep your health high. Zed will never be able to kill u with this ult.

It's pretty straightforward, just farm the best u can while dodging his poke with his W. You will be farming under tower a lot and u will be pressured with his combo's. Without the jungler u probably won't be able to kill him.
U should really be careful around the lvl 6 mark. If u got behind on exp or Zed will hit 6 first; respect his ultzedR.png. Because u need your ultriftwalk.png to dash away after he lands from using his ultzedR.png. If Zed isn't really good he will probably won't kill you using his ultzedR.png (unless you were really low).
If you are struggling in lane it's okay to get an armguard3191.png before you finishing your Roa3027.png. But Zhonya's should always be your second item vs zed.

It's just important that u don't give zed a lead. So being able to stay healthy in lane is so important. Because u will be maxing Eforcepulse.png first you will be able to clear waves faster and prevent or punish his roams. If u can keep close to zed in terms of gold, you did a good job because u will do more in teamfights.

disclaimer! -- Please Read! Back to Top

Hello thank you for checking out my guide. I know i'm not an high elo player, but Kassadin is my favorite champion and i wanted to create a guide for the new season. This is not a guide were u just copy pasterino stuff and will go ham on kassadin. My goal is to help people to understand why they build certain items and get certain masteries. So they get a better at the game and not only know how to play kassadin. I also learned a lot about my favorite champion while making this guide. Please don't forget to let me know if the guide was useful or not.

Please let me know if you disagree with certain match ups or if you have suggestions for the guide. I know there is a lot of room for improvement.

I know, I don't have many match ups in this guide right now. I'm playing a lot of kassadin lately just to get a better feel for all the match ups. So I provide good information that is useful instead just making assumptions while i don't have that much experience with all the new items and masteries. So if u want information about a certain match up, just let me know in the comments and i'll try to get that match up in the guide asap.

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