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11 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash: Best summoner spell in the game, no exception for Kassadin to take it as well.

Teleport: You have a lot of damage in your kit so an offensive summoner isn't necessary, and Teleport helps with late game map plays since you can split push. Also helps with your early laning, if you get poked out you can still tp back to lane.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

6114.pngSorcery: more ability damage is amazing for kassadin since even your auto attacks have ability damage on them from your w passive. 

6122.pngFeast: Your early game is gonna be miserable, so some extra sustain from killing cs is welcome.

6134.pngNatural Talent: Gives you some extra damage for mid->late game which is welcome, the lifesteal/spellvamp won't help you sustain enough to make a difference in Xiye's opinion.

6142.png Double Edged Sword: All in mastery for an All in playstyle.

6154.pngPiercing Thoughts: You're magic magic pen....

6164.pngDeathfire Touch: Extra consistent burn damage will increase your damage more than having thunderlords. You only become a burst champ once fed, until then you're poking a lot and harassing.

6211.pngRecovery: Extra regen for your early game sustain issues.

6222.pngSiegemaster: This will help you live in case you get dove early. Once you hit level 6 you'll be safe but until then....

6232.pngVeteran Scars: More hp since the only shield you get is a magic shield from your Q. Extra HP more beneficial.

6241.pngInsight: More flashes and teleports will help you make bigger plays and/or survive.

Abilities Back to Top


Void Stone: take reduced damage from magic and no unit collision, this is the only reason you can survive early vs mages. 

Null Sphere: Good poke that comes with a magic damage shield. If you see the enemy mage walk up to you in lane to poke you, throw this at them for nice trades. The shield comes when you use the skill not when the projectile hits! Keep that in mind!!!

Nether Blade: This skill helps your CS-ing early dramatically. Will also be used as part of your combo on enemies, but not the focal point. 

Force Pulse: Is a stack based, but in late game teamfights there's so many spells going off this isn't the case. Will be using this for some waveclear and to assist in chasing the enemies.

Riftwalk: Your entire kit revolves around this, short CD flash with damage on landing! The mana cost increases quite quickly the more you use it in short periods so keep that in mind.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    core first item
    boot options

Situational Items

    options depending on game

Xiye opts to start with dark seal and a refillable potion, this start gives you some AP for cs-ing while also giving you the most sustain possible from refillable+dark potion combo. In this game he didn't have to but something to keep in mind is that if you're forced back early with low amount of gold, you can purchase a Corrupting Potion. That's the most bang for your buck as far as regen goes!

The item you will be rushing is Rod of Ages. This item gives everything a growing Kassadin would want and it scales up at the same pace that you do. Once you complete your RoA you have the rest of your core which comprises Zhonya's and Lich Bane. Both items are very core on Kassadin but the order depends on your current game situation. If you're ahead you can get the Lich Bane(or the sheen first as Xiye did) and then get the Zhonya's. Otherwise I would opt for Zhonya's first and then Lich Bane. 

Boot choice depends on the enemy team comp, generally just decide based on how much CC they have. If they're heavy on hard CC always go for the Merc Treads! Otherwise Ninja Tabis can be an option if they're mostly AD. No other boots really appeal too greatly to Kassadin in general, if you're so ridiculously fed you can get Sorcerer Shoes.

After your core is completed make sure to top off your build with a Void Staff to get the percentage penetration. For your last item slot you can decide on a game to game basis. If you need the most damage possible Rabbadon's Deathcap is always an option! Banshee's is also always a great choice for Kassadin's all-in playstyle. 

Matchups Back to Top

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Taliyah doesn't have the damage necessary to kill you. So play safe early game until 6 and you have the lane in the bag. Always be careful for jungle ganks as Kassadin

Introduction Back to Top

While Team WE didn't win vs Samsung in the series, they did take a game off of them. A big reason they won the game was because of Xiye's Kassadin(in addition to them getting Xayah/Rakan). He played an integral part to the game, not only winning his lane but putting immense pressure on side lanes through roams. In this we will go over some of the thought processes to how to play the Void Walker.

Early Game Back to Top

Your main focus at this point of the game is surviving the lane phase as unscathed as you possibly can. Whenever you go up to CS you most likely will get punished so pick your battles well. If their spells are up you can CS with your Q last hit. Otherwise try to last hit with your auto attacks. Something to keep in mind is that W increases your auto attack range ever so slightly, to give you another option in cs-ing. 

Pay attention to the enemy's play pattern!!!! If you can see them cheating towards one side of the lane constantly try to play to the other side. To make sure you're safe doing this generally ward one side of the lane and play to that side, so you know when you're getting ganked! Once you hit 6 your game becomes a lot easier with options for easier trades. 

Once you hit 6 look towards side lanes for roaming opportunities. As an assassin you thrive off of kills and fights, much less so on straight farming. If there's no options so be it, but fighting post-6 is ideal. Try to get deep wards in the enemy jungle so you not only have vision of them but can see opportunities to get a free kill on a jungler.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game for Kassadin comprises a lot of roaming and trying to pick enemie's off. If you're ganking with your jungler try to flank the enemy instead of the same path as your jungler. Since you have so much mobility you have more options than 99% of champions in the game. Another reason to flank is so you aren't the inital engage, while you do get some tankiness from passive and your itemization(RoA+Zhonyas) you A won't have them yet and B are still fairly squishy regardless!

Splitpushing is always an option for Kassadin since he takes turrets quite quickly and is a safe duelist. If you decide to go the split push route as Xiye does. First you need to always be aware of where the enemy is. If you know for a fact(either through them being in lane or ward vision) then you can play much more aggressive. If they have a champ already split pushing on the enemy team, try to gank them first either by yourself or with a friend. At this stage of the game very few champions can duel you head on if you get the jump on them, use that to your advantage. 

Objective teamfights around Dragon should be played from the shadows. Never let yourself be the up-front target for the enemy team. Always play off to the side and try to pick off a carry who mispositions if possible. This will create chaos for the enemies and allow you to make big plays and/or let your team get a good fight in.

Late Game Back to Top

At this stage of the game everyone on the enemy team will be aiming for you as soon as you jump in. You can let this be an advantage or the bane of your existance. If you can utilize your Zhonya's and Rift Walks effectively this shouldn't be an issue. 

Play around your enemie's cooldowns!!! If you see the enemy Ashe hasn't ulted yet, you should be aware of that. Either by paying attention to her so you can dodge her ult or by trying to bait it out. All Marksman are going to be fearful of you! Using that fear to your advantage is key. If you can force them to flash and then disengage you can win the next fight with ease. 

Also remember that you have Teleport, at this stage with your Lich Bane you'll shred turrets. If both teams are just doing a baron dance of poking head on over to the top lane or mid lane and start pushing. This will force one of the following options. A. They don't notice and you push for free with no response. B. They try to collapse onto you. C. They try to force a fight on your team. 

In case of A: Just keep going, no worries this is the best option for you and your team.

In case of B: Rift Walk away, make sure to dodge any long range CC like an Ashe ult and you're golden. This will also allow your team to start the Baron. Once you're safe you can either TP into Baron to help with that or go back to pushing once they respond to Baron. Rinse/Repeat in the latter case.

In case of C: If you think your team can disengage(aka you have a Janna or something like that) successfully keep pushing. Otherwise you can TP in or Rift Walk over if you're close enough. You have the opportunity of getting to see the fight and coming at it from an angle you want. Use that and you should be golden!

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