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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png14.png   My most used summoners on Katarina. Helps to secure kills, win lane and reduce healers and                                       healing abilities to dust. This spell can also make or break a teamfight, allowing for you to   get a clutch reset. Flash is chosen for obvious reasons, helps you to flash shunpo to combo, also                             another escape outside shunpo blinks and ward hops.

12.png Personally I only use Teleport 30% of the time. Take it in a matchup where you know you can  either roam or you feel that you deal enough to kill in lane. This is also good against matchups where you will lose as you can roam OR come back to lane every four minutes or so.

1.png   Only take this spell if you either know you'll be matched against a lane swap with CC or a huge CC comp. Although I have rarely used this, it does work in teamfights and skirmishes as you can instantly break free of a hard CC and continue to deal damage or clean up. Once again, VERY situational, I'll run this in like 0.6% of my games.

6.png21.png    Barrier can be used as a defensive option if matched against a high burst mage or assassin. Don't take Ghost flash is superior in every Elo except Bronze.

11.pngFine.....if you're going jungle Kat, at least take Flash+Smite and go 12/0/18 or 0/12/18 with emphasis on the Strength of Ages keystone.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Thunderlord's is back! Reasoning:

*Deathfire touch simply doesn't work that well on Kat anymore especially since Q+W combo procs Thunderlord's!
*Better for laning and for that little boost in damage

Other than that run standard AP assassin masteries.

Ferocity tree;

Vampirism vs Natural talent: Kat never gets a chance to use that 2.5% sustain properly as 3/4 of her spells are AOE meaning healing is reduced from spell vamp+Kat rarely autos outside of lane.

Double-edged sword vs Feast: Run feast if you either 1) have a difficult lane or 2) you want to have a REALLY good laning phase. Otherwise run Double-edged sword as +3% damage is huge on Kat outside of lane and as the game progresses.

Bounty hunter vs Oppressor: 1) Kat kills every target at least once (or should) 2) Kat has ZERO Crowd control meaning that the only time this is useful is during teamfights or during ganks. Bounty hunter gives Kat more POTENTIAL damage.

Note if you do choose to run a Ferocity keystone, then run Deathfire touch, it's the only logical choice.

Cunning tree;

Fleet of foot vs Savagery: while Fleet of foot seems good on paper, it's only OUT OF COMBAT, and since Kat is realistically only outside of combat for her initial roams it just isn't worth it. Savagery, while it seems weak is actually decent in lane and farming jungle camps mid-game, even though it's only 5 damage.

Runic affinity vs Secret stash vs Assassin: Never run Runic affinity on Kat, she never uses buffs effectively throughout the game, UNLESS the jungler dies to you, but that's rare. Secret stash is decent for lane and actually gives you a lot of survivability during lane and even possibly mid game. Assassin is my preferred mastery in this case as while yes, you don't get the bonus during teamfights or skirmishes, you do however get the bonus during lane and when singling out a target.

Merciless vs Meditation:.......please pick Merciless.
Dangerous game vs Bandit: I prefer to run Dangerous game because who doesn't like living with 150 hp after a pentakill, amirite? In all seriousness, while Kat can use Bandit, she doesn't need it, she's a snowballing champion NOT a scaling or powerfarm champion.

Precision vs Intelligence: Precision is preferred, because while 5% CDR seems great on paper, Kat never usually gets above 15% unless you have blue, therefore not giving you the 45% cdr hype. Who knows, maybe you can run this during URF hehe...

Stormraider's surge vs Thunderlord's decree vs Windspeaker's blessing: .....please don't pick Windspeaker's. I prefer Thunderlord's because of the reasons above. Stormraider's does appear to be good, however, it has a large cooldown AND Kat's W already gives her +55% movespeed at max rank.

Resolve tree;
If you do choose to go into the resolve tree take 18/0/12 or 0/18/12, this is only realistically for scaling/defensive matchups.

Recovery vs Unyielding: Recovery is better for Kat is lane, and Unyielding never comes into major play until at least 2+ items, which is too slow for Kat.

Explorer vs Tough skin: This is iffy. Take Explorer if you roam more than you do lane post 6 or if you feel the lane won't be a challenge at all. Take tough skin if you want a slightly stronger laning phase and a little bit more damage mitigation.

Runic armour vs Veteran's scars: I can see reasons to take Runic armour, however running Vampirism+Hextech/WotA seems again, too slow for Kat, when you could simply get the flat hp instead.

Insight vs Perseverance: Insight provides lower cooldowns for summoner spells which is amazing! Perseverance is decent, but Insight just outdoes it in so many situations.

Alternative masteries: 0/18/12, 18/12/0, 18/0/12.

Abilities Back to Top


Max Q first in most matchups. Others may require you to max W first. A variation of both is to put 3 points in your W then Max Q. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    vs. AP - provides good sustain and builds into sorc. shoes first or second back.
    vs. Heavy AD - allows you to out trade most AD assassins and builds into armguard.
    Take vs AA reliant lanes.
    Simply put this item does wonders in lane. ALL of Kat's spells apply the DoT and the sustain is decent even if the mana is a waste. Feel free to take this in any matchup you feel confident in.
    OMG HE'S TROLLING MEH. Actually no, this item is actually worth considering (thank Flyerbek). Aside from the mana regen it gives you a mixed playstyle early game that is emphasised on quick trades as per usual.
    Ehhhhh, I guess this works....But either Doran's items are arguably better than simply raw HP. If you're building into Ryliandry's I guess you can consider this....

Core Items

    Sorc boots are almost always your boots of choice otherwise take merc. treads
    If you started cloth, get this first back.
    Rush this against any AD dominated or CC heavy teams. Provides huge survivability and teamfight presence.
    Rush this as your 3rd or 4th item. Provides 35% magic pen. in the passive, should be your only needed magic pen. item.
    Purchase as 2nd or 3rd item or even 5th depending on how well you're doing. Gives an insane spike along with Zhoynas and/or DFG.
    This all my history of katarina I have overlooked this item to be non-core on kat, however in this current season it allows you to build mr, reduce mr and grant ap....all for 2650 gold!!!! This item gives you a really decent mid game.
    Same case as of season 2 kat, this item while reduced in spell vamp for aoe, grants good scaling stats for deathfire touch and for your abilities, additionally the slow is amazing for chaining a full ult on a target or simply for extra oomph. I consider this near-core, by this when even or ahead, unless not needed otherwise.

Situational Items

    Only get Guise if you feel the you need the early stats. Not really recommended as it postpones your core until 20~ minutes. Only get liandry's if against HP stackers.
    Possible end item, passive is almost useless, however the 100 AP makes it a decent item for more burst. I mean it's a nice 3rd-6th item if you're ahead enough, but Zhoynas, Raba. or Luden's seem better.
    Good for backdooring and useful movement speed. However does not give any real damage or survivability, plus its rare you'll auto in teamfights.
    Get if 3+ kills early and you're confident you can play aggressive without dying. Honestly a mediocre choice atm as it doesn't give the best stats nor are they instant.
    Good on top lane Kat, or for late game pushing power. Not needed, but has its uses.
    Possible hyper defence items.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Aatrox Back to Top


*High sustain
*Potentially fatal burst
*Strong lvl 2-3 cheese

Recommended Start:

 1029_32.png 5 pots or2033.png

General tips for the matchup:

*Play safe and Max Q
*Remember that naturally he will push lane if you harass him.
*If he ever blows his Q (knockup) at lvl 6 go straight in if you're above 60% and he's below 80%.
*Try to pop passive by harassing him in the early levels.
*NEVER BE THE FIRST TO ENGAGE: except if you have your jungler, DFG or he blew knockup.

Ahri Back to Top


*Potentially high sustain
*True damage on return Q
*A taunt
*4 flashes
*Rather large burst

Recommended start:

1001_32.png 4 pots

General tips for the matchup:

*Never get caught by the end of Ahri's Q or you'll be hit for both instances of damage.
*Depending on your use of E you can dodge her own E early own by jumping on her, the general harass combo should always be Q-E-W-Auto or E-Q-W-Auto, don't auto more than once unless you know you'll net a kill.
*At level 6 focus on blowing Ahri's E and harassing her down to 60% or lower, this can be hard if she utilises her passive. 
*She'll most likely try to dive you at 6 if she pushes up so make sure to be ready to jump away with shunpo/flash.
*Pre-6 she's squishy and only has flash and E to survive, so any jungler gank can put her significantly behind.

Akali Back to Top


*passive sustain
*high damage throughout the game
*3 refresh-able, high range gapclosers.
*An invis for escape. 

Recommended start:
1001_32.png 4 pots

General tips for the matchup:
*Don't fight her level 1 by exchanging Q and an auto, she will always win, that and her Q only has a 4 sec CD to your 9 seconds.
*Aim to fight her level 3-5, use your general Q-W harass combo and Q-E-W, remember to spam W when she's in her shroud.
*Post 6, wait for her to engage on you and use your general harass combo. Only ult if she's out of range to dash to her creeps. Also use your ultimate whenever she uses her W (shroud).
*Go back to base when below 55%.
*Try to either push her out of lane safetly or roam, naturally you have more AOE built for skirmishes. However be careful of this as if you are caught out she will kill you with her insane 1v1 burst.

Usually Akalis nowadays are Tank anyway, so adapt accordingly.

Anivia Back to Top


*A passive GA that's up every 4 minutes.
*A stun
*High burst
*Godlike waveclear
*A terrain changer

Recommended start:

1001_32.png 4 pots.

General tips for the matchup:
*You've all heard it before and if you haven't I'll tell you, DON'T DIVE ANIVIA. She will live with her passive and laugh at you. Only dive if you either have your jungler or you popped her egg without using your combo.
*Request for early jungle ganks, she's immobile and squishy, even with the egg she will get melted, especially by a level 2 gank.
*Once her Q is down use your high mobility to harass her constantly for 10 seconds until her stun returns, then go back to playing passive.
*If you can dodge the Q the lane will be a breeze so long as you keep one or both sides of the river warded.
*Don't get cheesed level by her Q-E-Ignite combo, it hits for almost 400.
*post 6, focus on roaming, you can't push a good anivia out of lane, so long as she has one mana regen item or blue she will clear waves in a matter of seconds.

Annie Back to Top


*A decent level 2 cheese
*2nd highest base auto attack range
*Good farming capabilities. 
*Extreme level 6 burst.
*A passive stun every 4 spells.
*A shield that grants mana regen.

Recommended start:
1001_32.png4 pots OR  1006_32.png 3 pots, 1 of each ward.

General tips for the matchup:
*Play passive level 1 and 2, she will bully you.
*If she ever blows an ability you could potentially kill her early as she is extremely squishy.
*Watch for her shield if you plan on diving her as it will mitigate enough damage to survive in clutch situations.
*Post 6, When she has stun up play extremely passive and wait for her to blow a damaging ability/stun.
*If you think you can flash or shunpo the bear then by all means do it, besides that one combo her damage is lackluster.
*Aim to roam if you aren't winning lane, this way you will eventually be able to outscale Annie in teamfights.
*Never target Annie first in a teamfight if she has stun, unless you are certain you can DFG combo.

Azir Back to Top


*Good waveclear
*Great sustained damage and decent burst.
*A wall to block movement and knockup
*A slow
*A knockup/gapcloser.
*Passive allows him to make his own sort of turret every 4 minutes.

Recommended start: 
1001_32.png4 pots. 

General tips for the matchup:
*Duck and dodge his sand soldiers during the lane, be careful for their very deceptive range, if you are getting caught by their damage just use Q to farm. 
*Be aware towards the positions of his soldiers, if he sends out 2 and Q's you potentially you could E to him and kill him as he won't be able to E away.
*Post 6, don't use ult combo until he's around 60-45%, also don't let him flash ult you into tower.
*As for his passive, be aware in a 1v1 of your position as Azir can easily pin you to a wall or make a tower and ult you into it, netting him an easy kill.
*Becomes a simple-even matchup after one or two core items.

Brand Back to Top


*A D.o.t for 2% of your max HP.
*A stun
*High burst
*Decent poke
*Good waveclear.

Recommended start:
1001_32.png4 pots

General tips for the matchup:
*Try to dodge him W (pillar) in laning as it hurts like a truck early game. 
*Watch for his W-E combo onto minions as that is generally how you'll get harassed.
*If he ever wastes his combo with Q go in on him if you know you won't get ganked, he's really immobile besides flash.
*Post 6, never get caught by his combo as he will 100-0 you due to his ult, ignite and passive.
*If you're losing lane a negatron cloak is always helpful to mitigate some of his damage.
*Once you pick up DFG or Zhoynas 1v1ing him becomes simple if you dodge his stun.

Cassiopeia Back to Top


*2 D.o.t spells
*High sustained damage
*A stun/slow
*An AOE slow
*A movement speed buff
*An evolving passive

Recommended start:
1001_32.png 4 pots.

General tips for the matchup:
*Dodge all her skillshots, does not get any more simple. Dodge them and her passive gets delayed until a later stage. Always use Q to farm because of this.
*Potentially if you dodge her Q and W you can go in and burst her levels 2-5 if she drops below 55% HP.
*Post 6, whenever you ult her face the other direction, even though you're spinning she still can't stun you this way. If she misses her ult she's practically dead, if you get the kill it's not a surprise to see yourself a 100-0ing her everytime she walks back into lane.
*If the lane turns sour aim to roam, Cass isn't the best of roamers and can easily be shut down in skirmishes (if played right).
*If you're familiar with this matchup and either want to roam more often or avoid being pushed out of lane, grab teleport, it makes a huge difference.

Diana Back to Top


*A reset-able dash
*A reveal
*A knockup/pull-in
*A high scaling shield
*Good farming and waveclear capabilities.

Recommended start:
1001_32.png 4 pots or 2033.png

General tips for the matchup:
*Don't get hit by her Q, or at least try to avoid it as much as possible.
*Depending on how aggressive she is levels 1-3 you might have to farm with Q.
*You can kill her if you dodge her Q and she blows her W, while her passive is good for a 1v1 you can kite her with your W. Your combo in lane is more than enough to kill her when below 60%.
*Ask for early jungle ganks, she only has flash to escape.
*Watch out if she gets 6 first. She will attempt to 100-0 you or at least do over 60% to you.
*If needed rush Guise before Abyssal, it puts in work against diana as usually they will build abyssal or nashors first item.

Who I am Back to Top

Hello, my name is Lovesick and I play on the OCE server. I am 18 years old and I recently hit Diamond 5, so I thought it right to edit my guides fully and explain my standpoint on my favourite champs.

I have been an avid Kat player since mid season 2 when I started playing, she was my 2nd ever champion after Kennen and I enjoy playing her a lot. Unfortunately this didn't last all too long as Riot nerfed champion Kat over and over, and after Patch 5.3 I gave up on playing her, switching to Rengar instead.

Once again Riot struck and nerfed another beloved kitty cat, oh well, to compensate for that Kat is receiving some nice buffs on Q+she's quite strong with Thunderlord's/Deathfire touch and the edited items of season 6.

Huge props to Flyerbek/K4tarina for his extensive showcase of just how effective Kat is with varying buildpaths. He inspired me to relearn Katarina, so feel free to check out his guide below:

Also, check out my Rengar guide, I still do play him, he's just mediocre right now:

Note: Matchup section is NOT functioning correctly for this guide, so feel free to look onto another guide for matchup assistance.

If you desire coaching, general game advice, casual games or solo Q games from me feel free to add me on the OCE server.

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