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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Always take 4.png. The game is balanced around this spell. It allows you to cover an enormous distance in conjunction with shadowstep.png to either follow up on an engage or escape over several walls.

You will be taking 14.png most of the time because your job as an assassin is deal damage and get kills. If you don't get a reset, you're probably dead. In addition, you can cast Ignite in the middle of your deathlotus.png channel without interrupting it.

Suboptimal summoners:
12.png: It's an option against midlaners that you know you can't kill, like 117.png.
3.png: Use it in matchups that you're not comfortable against like 238.png, who will often have kill pressure on you. The 10 MR reduction on an Exhausted target is pretty nice as well, as it means you're doing close to true damage to any squishy after you get 3020.png (you ignore about 37 MR on the Exhausted target). The drawback of this spell is that it doesn't do damage, and you often want to throw down your damage as quickly as possible before you get CC'd, and you have no pressure on enemies who can just walk out of your threat radius as you won't have Ignite ticking.
1.png: You can take this if there's a lot of targeted hard CC on the enemy team. Note that this summoner makes you a reactionary player, which is why I dislike it on Kat. Not only do you have less game presence with this summoner, you must wait for the enemy team to blow their CC before you can fight. If you jump in and start spinning and they CC you, whether you immediately Cleanse it or not won't really matter as you will have no cooldowns left and you will probably just die.

There is no reason to take any summoner other than the ones listed above.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These masteries amplify your damage as much as possible and are the best in just about every situation.

- Double-Edged Sword: Increases your overall damage output, stacks multiplicatively with other damage enhancers. Even though you get the drawback of 1.5% increased damage to yourself, this is often the right mastery to take since you should be timing your jumps into teamfights so that you're cleaning up enemies when they have no cooldowns left to kill you with.
- Feast: Gives you a bit more sustain in lane, essentially +20 health every wave, or a little over 3.33HP/5sec. I can see you taking this mastery vs pokey matchups, but the tradeoff is less damage output in the mid-late game. Take this if you just need to get through laning phase without dying. Usually this would mean you have a great AOE teamfighting comp like with 32.png or 54.png.

- Vampirism: You will not benefit much from this mastery since just about all your damage is AOE spell damage, making spell vamp 1/3 effective.
- Natural Talent: Your abilities scale with AP and bonus AD at approximately the same ratio per full spell rotation. There is no reason to take Vampirism.

- Bounty Hunter: Your job is to assassinate people and get out, which means you get the most out of this mastery.
- Oppressor: You rely on your teammates' hard CC to initiate fights, so this is not bad, but it's also not good when you could be dealing up to 5% increased damage instead.

- Secret Stash: Now more viable with the cost reduction of 1082.png, since the healing bonuses stack. If you just need to survive lane and stay even in CS, this combined with Feast from the Ferocity tree will help you do so.
- Assassin: Increases your poke damage in lane and helps you pick off weakened targets that are fleeing a fight. Has no effect in teamfights.
This mastery really comes down to preference and play style. If your job is to pick off enemies who are out of position in scattered teamfights or if you have kill pressure in your lane, Assassin is superior. If you have a great 5v5 composition, Secret Stash will help you get to the teamfight phase without falling behind your lane opponent.

Suboptimal compared to 12 points in Ferocity.

Masteries that are not discussed here are self-explanatory.

Abilities Back to Top


TL;DR: Start Q > E > W and max in that order.

Always take Q at level 1 and E at level 2. Your W and E don't really do anything by themselves at level 1. At level 2, you can begin to exert pressure on your opponent by Q'ing them and threatening to jump on the dagger with E.

Max Q first, E second, and W last. The CDR on a mini-reset for your max rank E is very valuable, as it is your primary mobility spell.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start.
    Aggressive start. Good with AD reds, a ganking jungler, and a level 3 all-in.
    Option vs AD assassins.

Core Items

    Always buy this after your first big item, unless you really need Merc Treads.
    Choose 1 for early-mid game damage
    Choose 1 for early-mid game survivability
    Your 3rd and 4th big items

Situational Items

    Situational last items
    Buy this against hard CC, especially suppression.
    If you're in no danger of getting locked down and killed
    Please do not buy this crap.
This is a general build for Kat as of Patch 7.1. As with all builds, you should adapt them to the situation.

Standard start: 1082.png | Level-3 All-in start: 1036.png
1082.png: Even though the mana is wasted, the AP and potion efficacy passive is still strong enough that Dark Seal is the standard start in a majority of matchups. Synergizes with Refillable Pot as well, as it gives you an extra 62.5 HP of healing every time you back.

1036.png: Start this vs. weaker lanes that you can bully at level 3 with your full combo (E > W > Q > AA > E > AA > E > AA). You must hit your Sinister Steel (passive) and AA's to make good use of the AD. If you're committed to this, you can also take flat AD reds instead of magic penetration. It also helps if you have a ganking jungler or are against a relatively immobile enemy mid. Getting this also means you're buying Gunblade as your first big item.

2031.png or 2003.png? If you are confident in your laning phase, take Refillable. If you're looking for aggressive trades, take the 3x pots.

1029.png: This is still an option vs. AD mids such as Pantheon. Start with 4 regular pots. (Your rune page should also have armor yellows).

First big item if you're even or ahead: 3146.png or 3285.png
If you're behind: vs. AP: 1057.png | vs. AD: 3157.png

3146.png or 3285.png: The buff to Gunblade helps you do even more single target damage when you roam and Luden's is still excellent at letting you wave clear which gives you more time to roam. Either is a viable choice, but getting both will delay your resists, Deathcap, and Void Staff, and is therefore not recommended unless you're snowballing out of control and the game will end at 20.

For Gunblade, you are at a slight power trough while you're sitting on 3144.png, so don't feed and play smart until you finish the full item.

3001.png: The Abyssal change from 20 MR reduction to 10% increased magic damage means it's a lot worse if have to buy it early. [Think of it this way: for 10% increased magic damage to be more effective than the old 20 MR reduction, your target has to have over 200 MR. By that time, you should have a Void Staff.] If you need to survive against magic damage threats, you should buy a 1057.png early and stop there and complete your first damage item.

3157.png: As of Patch 6.9, Zhonya's become not very slot efficient but it has actually become 350g more cost efficient. This means that it's actually viable to complete this item first in hard AD matchups. You can also use this to stall for your W dagger when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Second item: 3020.png
Once you have completed your first big damage item, finish Sorcerer's Shoes. There is almost no reason not to build these at this point since they give you additional mobility and magic penetration, both of which are very useful to Kat.

Situational: 3140.png
Around this time, you should also think about if you need a QSS. As of 6.9, the active only cleanses crowd control instead of all debuffs (so it has no effect vs. Zed ult, for example). It's still extremely useful vs. suppression and other point-and-click crowd control. You're giving up some damage to buy this, but you do 0 damage if you're dead.

Late game items: 3089.png and 3135.png
Deathcap is generally the preferred 3rd big item as you will now have some AP for the passive to scale with. The reason we don't get this any sooner is that it's extremely pricy at 3800g and it has an AP multiplier of 1.35x. If you have no AP, then you are wasting money on an inefficient passive.

Finish Void Staff when your priority targets has over 80 MR (from items such as 3190.png3156.png1057.png...)

Situational last items: 3026.png3102.png3139.png3116.png...

Banshee's Veil is cheaper than before and after the Spirit Visage MR nerf, it is now the only MR item at 70 MR. If you need to make sure that you can't get picked off by a random Veigar stun or Malz ult, BV can often be used in place of your QSS or Abyssal as long as you have Void Staff to make sure that you still do damage. Guardian Angel is also cheaper than before and is an alternative to Zhonya's if you're in a dive comp or if you're just tired of the enemy team focusing you.

If you absolutely need the cleanse effect, upgrade your QSS to Mercurial Scimitar. You actually make good use of the AD as your passive scales with 100% bonus AD, though unfortunately you don't get a Deathcap boost to it.

With the nerfs to Rylai's, you should only buy it if you desperately need the slows to chase people, but since your E has a mini-reset on it, usually this is not a necessary buy.

At full build, don't forget 2139.png.


Frequently Asked Questions [old]

Q: Why should I start 1082.png instead of 1001.png?

- The benefits of this item are the 15 AP and 25% increased healing from potions. The mana is wasted.
- With 1082.png, your 3x2003.png will heal you for a total of 562.5 [664] HP and 2 charges from 2031.png will heal you for 312.5 [344] HP. 
- [Numbers in brackets take Secret Stash into account. You will give up Assassin, but as your main damage comes in teamfights, that is not a bad tradeoff.]
- What about 1001.png + 4x2003.png? They give you 600 [720] HP and 25 movement speed but 0 AP. If you were about to buy boots, then you could instead start with 15 AP (326g value) and only lose out on 37.5 [56] HP of healing.

- What this all means is: unless you're really not comfortable with an AP matchup (you should be starting cloth+4 vs AD), you can start 1001.png, but in most cases, 1082.png functions just as well while helping you snowball better.

Q: Why do you no longer start 2033.png?

- We don't care about mana, so that part of 2033.png was always wasted. For us, the adjustment to Corrupting Potion in patch 6.8 is a straight up nerf, because each stack heals for 25 HP less than what it used to.
- As a matter of fact, Corrupting Potion now only heals you for a total 375 HP. To manaless champions like Kat, the only benefit that this offers over 2031.png is one extra charge that heals the same amount - but it costs an additional 350g!
- Buying Corrupting Potion also means that when you back to refresh your charges, you're effectively generating less gold.
- I can see this still being a viable option if you're in such a difficult matchup that you're forced to run 12.png. But it just feels so weak that you're pretty much hoping that the rest of your team will carry you - not a good bet in solo queue. 

- The original reasoning behind taking 2033.png:
- You are a weak laner with no sustain and you are not looking to make big plays pre-6. You probably won't be able to kill your opponent without shopping first. Every time you recall, you save a little over 150g, so why not start early if you can get away with it?
- You don't get punished as hard if you get forced out of lane. The worst is when you barely have enough gold for something like Negatron Cloak and now you're back in lane with no pots and you'll just get zoned off the wave again.
- You sacrifice a bit of move speed from 1001.png, but against enemy mids without very many skillshots like 1.png, you're not missing out on the move speed at all and it's just a difference of a single regular potion that you would've never gotten back once you used it. You also have a base move speed of 345, which is the third highest tier in the game, making it fairly easy to dodge skillshots, and you also have shadowstep.png every 12 seconds.
- It helps your mid game by healing you up if you get poked.
- The light DoT combined with 14.png helps you snag kills if people flash away from you at low health.
- Syngergizes with 12.png if you're taking it, as it lets you trade more aggressively for CS and gives you a free back.

Q: I was told to never buy 3146.png???

- Gunblade was buffed in season 5. It now gives more AP, sustain increased to 15% of damage dealt, and active cooldown shortened to 40sec.
- One rotation of Kat's spells (assuming you only get half of your deathlotus.png off) scales off 235% AP and 247% bonus AD. The AD scaling only gets better if you manage to get a full channel off. What this means is that since Gunblade gives 40 AD and 80 AP, you can effectively treat the AD part of the item as AP.
- Gunblade also gives you an active that slows by 40% for 2 sec and deals 250 + 30% AP damage. That's a lot of extra burst and the option to either chase or escape.
- You get to shove waves quickly and sustain off them at the same time.
- Effective 120 AP item and a small nuke? Think of it as the new Deathfire Grasp on Kat.
- For comparison 3089.png gives you the same raw 120 AP. The +35% AP is somewhat comparable to the Gunblade active when it's your second big item, but Deathcap costs 400g more and doesn't give you the utility of a slow or sustain!
- The only downside to 3146.png is that the 40 AD it gives you isn't boosted by 3089.png. So you lose about 14 "AP" of efficiency. While this might seem like a lot, the alternative is 3285.png, which only gives you 100 AP. If we treat the 40 AD on Gunblade as non-boosted AP (remember: a full spell rotation has roughly the same AP and AD scaling), Gunblade gives you 40+80*1.35=148 "AP" whereas Luden's gives you 100*1.35=135 AP. So just by the numbers, Gunblade is superior despite the money you spend on the AD component.
- Important note about Gunblade, though: The build path up to it is terrible. Completing 3145.png only offers you 4% spell vamp on most of your damage and 3144.png offers nothing extra over its components either besides its somewhat weak active. If possible, complete Gunblade before skirmishing.

Q: Why (or when) should I buy 3285.png over 3146.png? Why not both?

- The selling point on 3285.png is primarily the wave clear. You also get some flat move speed for faster roaming, and slightly more mobility in teamfights.
3146.png has much better single target burst and a slow on the active. You also have built-in mobility in teamfights from killerinstinct.png, which gives you 15%-35% move speed.
- What this means is that in matchups where you have absolutely no kill pressure and you just want to shove the wave and roam without losing your tower, get 3285.png.
- However, if you really don't like 3146.png because old habits die hard or you're just thoroughly convinced that you should never buy it on anyone except 24.png84.png, you can just always build 3285.png.
- There's usually not a reason to buy both 3146.png3285.pngbecause it delays your other important items. You will most likely have bought 3020.png and either 3001.png or 3191.png already. Getting both burst items would mean greatly delaying 3089.png3135.png, and you need to dissuade enemy tanks from just sitting on your face.

Q: OK, I'll buy Gunblade. But you've got to be trolling me with 2049.png.

This is a very situational item. In almost all of games, you will stick with 3340.png and never buy Sightstone.
- In general, you should consider buying Sightstone if YOU are ahead, but your other lanes are LOSING.
- This allows you to switch to 3364.png and maintain vision control around your lane. This is especially necessary against things like bantamtrap.png as you don't really want to be trading your only 2043.png on the map to clear a mushroom.
- Meanwhile, you don't lose the ability to ward jump and you provide vision to your team in a season where the map is just darker. You protect yourself from ganks because their jungler will most likely be camping you. You also get to spot enemy invades into your jungle.
- You can get this after your first or second core item when you know that you do enough damage to blow up a squishy anyway.

Q: Why can't I buy 3116.png3151.png?
[As of patch 6.9, due to the lack of late game damage options for Kat, Rylai's is now acceptable as a situational item. However, Liandry's is NOT.]

- You are paying 6400g for 700 HP and 180 AP and 15 magic pen.
3001.png3089.png is 250g cheaper and provides more AP (257 AP from those 2 items and 1.35x multiplier to all of your other AP), an AOE 20 MR reduction that also applies to magic damage that your allies are dealing, and 50 MR.
3116.png is not that great for the price. For comparison, it's the same price as 3285.png. Assuming the 40% slow and the 10% move speed cancel each other out, you're left with the choice of 400 HP or 100 + 10% AP burst.
- The 3151.png DoT procs every second for 3sec. deathlotus.png hits every 0.25sec. This means you're NEVER applying the DoT while channeling your ult!
- The 3151.png DoT also scales off the enemy's current HP. If your job is to burst someone, you get no benefit from the DoT because 4% of 0 HP is still 0. If you can't secure a kill, then why are you jumping in?
- If you need these two items to do damage, you probably should've bought 3135.png instead.
- I suppose you can buy these two items if the enemy team is all tank. Like 86.png59.png31.png104.png89.png and you are always the Villain and Cho built full AP and 45% CDR with Distortion Lucidity Boots just to flash ult you off cooldown.

Q: What about top lane AD/tank Kat? Like with 3068.png3748.png and all that?

- All of your tankiness comes from items that you buy. You don't have shields, your stats are balanced around you being an assassin who gets in and then gets out, and you don't have defensive steroids besides a small damage reduction on shadowstep.png which is short duration and the effect is negligible. If you are not ahead (being equal in resources doesn't cut it), then you don't have the resources to become a tanky bruiser/DPS. And any competent top laner will not let you get ahead when your pre-6 laning phase is one of the weakest in the game next to things like 84.png.
bouncingblades.png scales with AP, making one of your abilities completely useless. shadowstep.png also only scales with AP (though this is not as important since you primarily use it for the mobility and not the damage).
- You are pretty much forced to take 12.png, meaning you have less kill pressure and you will have a much harder time roaming bot where you could have easily started snowballing a lead.
- You can't deal with splitpushers, even if you build AD/tank Kat. All of your base damages and scalings are balanced around the fact that they are AOE. You are still reliant on deathlotus.png to deal damage and every splitpusher in the game will either interrupt you or simply walk away and you will be stuck trying to CS under your tower. You simply can't outduel a "real" bruiser/tank by yourself after they get a few items and levels.
- You have zero CC, which means in just about every case, you will be forced to play a reactionary game. 
- You can't even stop 75.png from farming his stacks as your harass shoves the wave, and he will happily sustain your puny damage and farm under tower until he completes 3065.png at which point he can ignore you for more stacks or straight up kill you for more stacks.

Matchups Back to Top

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- Stand just outside of your minion wave so she can't ahriorbofdeception.png to harass you and CS at the same time. If you do get hit by both instances of her orb, back off or she will auto you for a free Thunderlord's proc.
- Your shadowstep.png has a 10 sec CD while her ahriseduce.png is on a 12 sec CD early. Don't be afraid to Shunpo to avoid the charm.
- Watch her movement patterns. An Ahri that suddenly starts walking toward you or inching toward the side of the minions is likely telegraphing a gank with ahriseduce.png.
- You can't all-in her at level 6 until she whiffs ahriseduce.png. You can also surprise her by jumping over it and going all-in.
- You can harass an Ahri who's playing back by throwing bouncingblades.png on the caster minions.
- Keep your HP above 50% or she can all-in you with ahritumble.png14.png.



- You have the advantage pre-6. Zone her with your Q daggers on the ground.
- She will constantly akalimota.png back at you. That's fine as long as you don't let her walk up to you in melee range and auto you afterward. You outrange her. Abuse this fact.
- You have the advantage immediately upon hitting level 6 and should look to all-in. However, if you are in a long lane and she has 3 charges of akalishadowdance.png up, she will outdamage you and hunt you down.
- If she goes into her akalismokebomb.png, you can still hit her with your passive daggers and deathlotus.png, even with no detection.
- The deathlotus.png icon in your HUD will only light up if there are enemy champions within its range, even if they are stealthed. Use this to check when Akali is trying to juke you in the jungle.
- This matchup only gets hard if she's able to snowball a lead. Respect her jungler if they have targeted hard CC as you can easily get bursted if you're forced to stand still.



- She has no kill pressure on you as long as you don't eat a flashfrost.png. It is a slow traveling projectile. Trade aggressively if she whiffs it. If you get stunned, she will chunk you with frostbite.png.
- If she constantly harasses and zones you with autos at level 1-2, stay in your caster minions and retaliate with your spells and you will come out at least even.
- Rush 3285.png to match her waveclear. You don't want to be sitting under your tower all game.
- If you see an opportunity to pop her aniviapassive.png, due to her overaggression, take it as long as you know the enemy jungler isn't nearby.
- You have no kill pressure on a passive/farming Anivia unless she's way overextended AND you have an aggressive early game jungler because of her aniviapassive.png.
- In the mid to late game when you're not sure if aniviapassive.png is up, you can click on her and check its status in the top left corner. It will be grayed out if it's on cooldown.
- You do not get a reset by popping her aniviapassive.png. You have to kill her the second time to get a reset.
- If she tries to glacialstorm.png you at level 6, shadowstep.png out of it. She will usually follow up with frostbite.png but you won't take the bonus damage if you jump away because the frost debuff will expire by the time the projectile reaches you.
- In teamfights, do not engage if she places crystallize.png defensively. Just because you can shadowstep.png over it doesn't mean that the rest of your team can always follow.




- Start 1082.png. Max bouncingblades.png.

- Keep track of her anniepassive.png stacks. Trade aggressively with her when she has 2 or fewer stacks or if you know her spells are on cooldown.
- If she uses disintegrate.png to CS, be aware that its cooldown is 2 sec instead of 4 and you can't really do much about it.
- If she tries to harass you with disintegrate.png and autoattacks at level 1, you will outtrade her by staying in your caster minions.
- Allow her to zone you if she's posturing aggressively with 3 or full stacks.
- If she tries to guaranteed stun you with disintegrate.png, you can shadowstep.png away while the projectile is in the air. You will still get stunned, but she won't be able to follow up as easily.
- At levels 3-5 if she uses her stun stacks on a minion for CS, you have a window to jump on her with all of your spells and you will easily come out ahead.
- Stay above 60% HP post-6 as she can easily all-in you if she built full damage. Respect her 4.pnginfernalguardian.png.
- Watch her playstyle. A good Annie will not hold onto her anniepassive.png for very long. If she cycles through her stacks and then suddenly starts to play passively in lane to make you shove the wave with bouncingblades.png, her jungler is most likely there.
- If she does like to hold onto her anniepassive.png stun, then she won't be clearing the wave very quickly. You can try to bait it out by pretending to roam. Disappear from lane and watch if she blows her incinerate.png to waveclear. If she does, you have a window to jump on her and kill her. You have the advantage in mindgames. She has the advantage in point and click. Play to your strengths.
- If she all-ins you too early and can't burst you, turn on her. She will have no cooldowns and will eat your entire deathlotus.png. Don't make the mistake of running away from her after she's blown all of her spells, as long as you know the enemy jungler isn't nearby.
- If there is other hard CC on the enemy team, consider getting a mid game 3140.png. Not only does this let you cleanse her stun, but the MR will help you take less damage from her point and click abilities. Even if Annie doesn't kill you in a teamfight, if she bursts you so that you're too low to re-engage, then you might as well be dead.
- There's really nothing you can do to her if she plays the matchup correctly because she has pretty much guaranteed damage. Pink ward your jungle and roam to other lanes if you're getting zoned or falling behind.


Aurelion Sol

- This is probably one of the easiest matchups since katarinaewrapper.png puts you in melee range of him where his stars can't hit you and your mini-reset allows you to get out whenever you want for free.
- Your bouncingblades.png has a range of 700 whereas aurelionsolw.png has a range of 650. Abuse this.
- At level 1, he will zone you from meleeing creeps with aurelionsolpassive.png. Let him deny you a few minions because soon you'll be denying him his entire health bar.
- At levels 2-5, throw your katarinaq.png off cooldown at him. If he ever walks over a dagger, that's a free katarinaewrapper.pngkatarinaw.png to his face.
- If you get caught in aurelionsolw.png, you can juke him by feinting towards him and then running away again. Do not run from him in a straight line for extended periods of time.
- His engage is extremely telegraphed. You should never get hit by a random aurelionsolq.png in lane, and if he starts walking up to you with it, his jungler is probably there.
- He is the most dangerous after a recall or when disappearing from lane, as he can show up from unexpected angles with his jungler and/or roaming support. Ward often.
- His aurelionsolr.png only interrupts you if you are close to him. In teamfights, he literally can't do anything to you if you ignore him and assassinate other targets. If he's low, you can immediately jump on him and kill him since it's incredibly hard for him to reactively CC you.



- Avoid his azirw.pngazirqwrapper.png harass. If he plays really far back pre-6, the more free damage you take, the worse the lane will be for you. 
- His soldiers will always shove the wave toward you, which makes it hard for the enemy jungler to gank you.
- If he plays super aggressively and throws his sand soldiers towards you off cooldown, jump over them and trade your spells for his autos and you will always come out ahead. You can katarinaewrapper.png to a minion, immediately throw out katarinaw.png and katarinaq.png him. If he retreats over your Q dagger, use your W dagger to get a mini-reset on E and jump on him again and he will back off.
- You can katarinaewrapper.png over azirr.png. If his ult is ever on cooldown, he's a sitting duck. You can feign aggression post-6 and see how he reacts. If he ults you out, you now have a large window to re-engage and kill him.
- Get a 3285.png, shove as hard as you can, and roam to other lanes.
- Stay away from him in teamfights until you see that he's used azirr.png. Then he's easy to clean up.



- You have no kill pressure on him if his cooldowns are up. He has 3 ways to interrupt you and he can just press staticfield.png as soon as you jump in.
- Stay in your minion wave to avoid rocketgrab.png. Don't be afraid to use shadowstep.png to avoid it, as his hook has a much longer cooldown than your jump. If he flash hooks, his jungler is probably there.
- Shove the wave in early. Blitzcrank has terrible wave clear pre-6.
- Post-6, shove the wave, roam to other lanes, and ignore him.



- Stay out of your minions so he can't brandfissure.png to harass you and CS at the same time.
- Watch his play pattern. If he tends to aim brandfissure.png slightly behind you, move forward to dodge it. If he just puts it on top of you, walk backwards.
- You must dodge brandblaze.png if you're Ablaze.
- You can all-in him if he misses brandblaze.png. The best time to do this is when you have no allied minions nearby for brandwildfire.png to bounce off.
- Do not dive him with your jungler unless you can kill him during your jungler's hard CC. You don't want to trade 1 for 2 to his brandwildfire.png.
- Stay away from allies who have 3 stacks of brandpassive.png.
- A late game 3102.png can deny him from stacking his passive on you.



- You win this lane by constantly dodging cassiopeianoxiousblast.png. You lose this lane by eating poison and getting out-traded with her cassiopeiae.png spam.
- She can't really shove the wave without draining her mana pool early. Harass her with bouncingblades.png whenever possible.
cassiopeiamiasma.png slows you and you can't use mobility spells (4.png or shadowstep.png) while you're on it. However, it can only be cast at ~700 range, so you win trades in melee range as long as you avoid cassiopeianoxiousblast.png.
- Both of you have a bit of kill pressure at 6, as she can 4.pngcassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png you with her jungler. At the same time, if you engage on her, shadowstep.png puts you behind her and facing away from her if you immediately deathlotus.png, which will likely force her Flash.
- You have the advantage if she rushes 3070.png. Punish her by shoving the wave into her tower and force her to burn mana to CS.
- There's a slight cast animation to cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png where she sounds like she's taking a breath in. Take this cue to immediately turn away from her to avoid the stun.



- The later the game goes, the less likely you are to 1v1 him, especially as he gets stacks of feast.png. When you feel that you have no kill pressure, shove the wave and roam to other lanes.
- He has high mana costs early. Stay out of your minions so he can't harass you and CS at the same time.
- You should never get hit by rupture.png, as it has a 0.75sec delay, even if he silences feralscream.png you first. If he misses those spells, you can trade aggressively.
- If he postures aggressively with rupture.png, he's likely telegraphing a gank.
- Against full AP Cho, stay above 60% HP, or he can all-in you if he hits a rupture.png. Do not facecheck bushes if you don't know where he is as his silence feralscream.png lasts forever.
- Late game health items like 3116.png will help you survive the true damage from feast.png.



- You will get poked out in this lane, it's just how the matchup works. Try not to be down more than 20 CS as come out of the laning phase and you're pretty much set.
- Focus on farming to 6. Be sure to dodge phosphorusbomb.png in the early game or you will get chunked with his high base damage and Thunderlord's.
- This is just an annoying matchup, but he has no kill pressure on you unless you make a mistake and eat too many skillshots.
- If you're going to all-in him, wait for him to carpetbomb.png away before you jump to him again and ult. The standard combo is E > W > Q (he will valkyrie away) > E > AA > R. Do not just EWQR him unless he's really bad.
- Play safe while he has The Package. It only lasts 1 minute after he picks it up, but he can easily ambush you out of FoW with his jungler.



- Watch her playstyle. Some Dianas will try to hit you with the end of dianaarc.png while the better ones will try to hit you with the middle of it. Against the former, dodge by moving to your right. Against the latter, dodge by walking backwards or to your left.
- In general, stay to the left side of your minions so she can't both harass and CS with a single dianaarc.png.
- You have no kill pressure on her pre-6 as she will absorb most of your damage with dianaorbs.png. You also have no kill pressure on her post-6 as she usually rushes 1057.png and can interrupt you with dianavortex.png.
- You can trade with her in lane once dianaarc.png is down. If she uses her spells defensively, then she will run out of mana sooner and you will eat less poke.
- You must dodge dianaarc.png post-6, or you will get chunked by her double dianateleport.png. Keep your HP above 60% or she can all-in you.



- Stay out of your minions to make him decide between using ekkoq.png to harass or CS.
- Watch out if he moves sideways after throwing a ekkoq.png. It will return to him at a different trajectory and if it clips you on the way back, it does more damage.
- If you ever get 2 stacks of ekkopassive.png on you, back off. He will ekkoe.png to you and you will lose the trade.
- If starts by dashing ekkoe.png on top of you, use killerinstinct.png immediately for the speed boost. If you successfully dodge the follow up ekkoq.png, you can katarinaewrapper.png back to your W dagger and punish him while his spells are on cooldown.
- Watch for the sound or animation of him throwing ekkow.png. He will often put it behind you and it telegraphs ganks. It has a much longer cooldown than shadowstep.png, though, so don't be afraid to trade this cooldown.
- If you're chasing him, never blindly walk into ekkow.png no matter how low he is. The stun duration is one of the longest in the game at 2.25sec and the shield scales off a really high 1.5 AP ratio and he can easily turn on you.
- Respect his the shadow of his ekkor.png if he's building full AP.
- You don't have much kill pressure on a smart Ekko post-6 with ekkor.png up.



- He has a weak laning phase after he's bought 3070.png. You should have no problem keeping up in EXP and CS.
- Stay in your minions to avoid ezrealmysticshot.png.
- You can only win this lane if he makes a mistake by standing near a dagger or if he postures aggressively with ezrealarcaneshift.png and misses everything.
- You can all-in him at level 6, but if he has above 50% HP, he will probably just walk away with ezrealarcaneshift.png.
- A 3146.png will help you pick him off.
- If he plays safely, shove the wave and roam and he will be forced to use ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png if he wants to quickly clear the wave.
- With the nerf to ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png cooldown (120sec from 80sec) in patch 6.4, all you need to do is shove the wave into his tower and there's nothing he can do.



- Middlesticks has sustain with drain.png but not much waveclear. fiddlesticksdarkwind.png has a long cooldown. Keep the wave shoved slightly towards you, but do not let an entire wave crash into your tower.
- Stay far away from your minions to avoid fiddlesticksdarkwind.png bouncing to you. If he uses it directly on you, then he's going to have a very hard time CS'ing.
- Focus on CS at early levels. Shove the wave and roam post-6.
- If for some reason he's at around 50% HP, you can jump on him. He will most likely terrify.pngfiddlesticksdarkwind.png you instantly, so use deathlotus.png only after both of those spells are on cooldown.
- Switch to 3363.png instead of facechecking bushes.




- You have the advantage in this lane at levels 1 and 2, but he can 1v1 you fairly easily after that if your spells are on cooldown.

- Zone him with your passive daggers.
- He will max fizzjump.png first, so dodge it with shadowstep.png and you will avoid most of his damage pre-6.
- He has poor waveclear early unless he uses fizzjump.png. Trade aggressively or zone him off the wave when it's on cooldown.
- This matchup only gets hard if you give up kills. Back early and give up a wave of CS to your tower if you have to.
- In teamfights, if he ever blows fizzjump.pngfizzmarinerdoom.png on someone else, you can just kill him.
- If you don't have 3157.png, consider a late game 3102.png as he can 100-to-death you if you get caught by fizzmarinerdoom.png.
3140.png no longer drops fizzmarinerdoom.png if it's already latched to you.




- There is only one time you're ever going to win a 1v1, and that's pre-6.

- Use your speed advantage to avoid galioresolutesmite.pnggaliorighteousgust.png. He has high mana costs and cooldowns early. Abuse this.
- The animation of galioresolutesmite.png travels in a straight line, but it only hits the area that he initially targeted upon cast. This means if you see that he's constantly aiming slightly behind you, juke toward him instead.
- Punish him for trying to CS in melee range with your spells. Burn all of your 2003.png if you have to.
- Immediately all-in him at 6 if he is not also 6.
- Post-6, shove the wave as best you can and roam.
- Since you're getting 3140.png third, you must make plays in other lanes or at least stay even in CS. If Galio gets ahead, you are pretty donezo.
- Do not jump into galioidolofdurand.png. Stay away from him in teamfights until he uses it.
- If for some reason it's mid-late game, prioritize an earlier 3135.png.



- Pre-6, it's GP vs melee, so you have to accept that he will deny you some CS with his barrel zones.
- After you have shadowstep.png at level 2, if he's aggressively zoning you with raisemorale.png, you can jump to a 1 HP barrel and auto it to kill it and he won't be able to reactively gangplankqwrapper.png it.
- He is very squishy early and can't stop your deathlotus.png. All-in him when he's below 60% post-6 and you will force summoners or straight up kill him.
- You can cheese him and all-in him when you see the animation of him firing his cannonbarrage.png. He shoots little flare straight up with his pistol. He will most likely be looking at wherever he fired his ult for a split second which means his reaction to you jumping on him will be a bit slower.
- If he plays super far back, shove the wave and roam. Punish him for staying in lane and farming by making big plays in your side lanes. The most he can do is throw down cannonbarrage.png which doesn't do much if you get in, get a kill, and get out.
- In teamfights, avoid not just the initial barrels that are on the ground, but predict where he will toss another one as he detonates the first one.
- This matchup only gets harder if you let him free-farm.



- Keep minions in front of you to avoid gragasbodyslam.png. You must dodge this spell or you will be eating the rest of his spells too.
- Stay away from low health minions so he can't harass you and CS with gragasbarrelroll.png at the same time.
- You have to respect his post-6 all-in. A proper animation canceled combo can easily destroy you from 70% health.
- He can interrupt you with gragasbodyslam.png or gragasexplosivecask.png. In a teamfight, wait for him to initiate a fight with those spells before you burst him.



- Practice CS'ing under turret at early levels. Full health melee minions die to 2 tower hits and a bouncingblades.png or auto. Full health caster minions die to killerinstinct.png, 1 tower hit, and an auto.
- He has no control over the wave and he will always push toward you.
- Move sideways to dodge the laser from h28gevolutionturret.png. You can bouncingblades.png those things as well and you won't shove the wave.
- Prioritize farm with bouncingblades.png, but harass him when possible.
- You must dodge ch1concussiongrenade.png or you're going to be eating hextechmicrorockets.png right after. He has no kill pressure on you unless you get stunned.
- You can all-in him with some prior damage and if ch1concussiongrenade.png is down. You must fully commit because you can't walk away from his turrets.
- In teamfights, engage when upgrade!!!.png is down. You can tell that he's just used it when he puts down a giant turret, fires a lot more waves of missiles, or his grenade bounces several times like ziggsq.png.
- Keep wards around dragon. If he ever tries to 2-man it with his jungler, he will most likely use his super turret on the dragon, in which case you just jump in and kill him.


Jarvan IV

- Stay out of your minions so he can't harass you with jarvanivdragonstrike.png and CS at the same time. 
- The buff to jarvanivgoldenaegis.png cooldown means he will have it up frequently to block your poke and he outdamages you in melee range.
- Get an early 3191.png if you're falling behind in lane.
- Do not trade auto attacks with him. jarvanivpassive.png will ensure that you lose the trade.
- If he ever misses jarvanivdragonstrike.png, you can go in for a safe trade on him and at least force him to burn some mana on jarvanivgoldenaegis.png.
- Respect his jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png. You must sidestep it or shadowstep.png this combo or he will heavily out-trade you, especially if he's building full damage and lands the knockup.
- You can easily shadowstep.png out of jarvanivcataclysm.png. Good Jarvans know this as well, and will save jarvanivcataclysm.png to execute you instead.
- He can be deceptively tanky even if he builds damage thanks to jarvanivgoldenaegis.png and 3155.png. Do not jump on him unless you know you can instantly blow him up. 



- He has high mana costs early and will most likely stay in ranged form. Take CS when you can with bouncingblades.png. You should be able to keep up in EXP and CS relatively easily.
- Keep minions between you two to avoid his Acceleration Gate + Shock Blast. This combo has a long cooldown after he's fired it, so use your daggers and aggressively zone him.
- Try to keep the wave off your tower so he can't keep poking you while you're trying to last hit.
- He has no powerspike at level 6.
- Get a 3191.png early to negate his all-ins and 3146.png for kill pressure.
- All in him when you can immediately burst him (usually below 50%) or he can just knock you away (and possibly into his turret) with jaycethunderingblow.png.



- His jhinq.png bounces just like your bouncingblades.png. Stay very far out of your minions, especially dying minions or you will take a lot of free damage.
- During the laning phase, prioritize CS. You have to accept that he will zone you off creeps pre-6.
- Trade with him after he uses his 4th shot on a minion. If he's zoning you super aggressively in your minion wave, then it's worth trading your spells for his 4th shot. Never let him completely zone you from EXP range. If you're low, go back and heal.
- You can detonate jhine.png by walking straight through it and take no damage.
- Move sideways to dodge the root from jhinw.png.
- If he's isolated when he uses jhinr.png, don't be afraid to close the distance with input buffered shadowstep.png4.png and wreck him while he can't move.
- Otherwise, move erratically to dodge jhinr.png. You must dodge the last shot of his ult.



- Karma is just annoying in the early game but she will fall off late. She has no kill pressure on you unless you eat a whole bunch of free karmaq.png.
- Stay behind and not in your minions to avoid karmaheavenlywave.png. You can walk out of the slow field if she decided to karmamantra.png it.
- You can also shadowstep.png out of the karmaspiritbond.png chain.
- Prioritize CS, unless she keeps blowing karmasolkimshield.pngkarmaq.png to try to poke you, in which case just smash her face in with E>(AA)>W>Q>E>(AA)>E when her shield is on cooldown.
- She can't interrupt deathlotus.png, but she can just karmasoulshield.png and walk away. Don't get baited and just shove the wave and roam. You become more useful as the game goes on.



- You should never get hit by laywaste.png.
- If he wallofpain.png you, just shadowstep.png out of it.
- He will most likely focus on CS. You should as well. Let the wave push toward you in early levels, but don't let an entire wave crash into your tower.
- If he ever steps over a dagger and you're in range to jump on it, that's half his health for free.
- You can zone him off the wave post-6 by threatening to dive him. You can pretty much ignore karthuspassive.png since you get a reset upon first killing him, not when his ghost expires.
- You can all-in him when he's under 60% HP and at least force a flash. A good Karthus won't let you do this, though, and farm with max range laywaste.png and/or sit under tower.
- If Karthus gets too fed from ulting your side lanes, you can prioritize an earlier 3157.png.
- Don't get baited if he's taking 3.png.



- Force trades with him if he uses spells to last hit.
- In the early levels, when he nulllance.png you, wait for his shield to expire before trading back. Do not throw your daggers into his magic shield.
- Ask your jungler for a gank pre-6.
- Post-6, prioritize CS and shoving the wave so you can roam.
- Your second item should be 3285.png to help you shove the wave and roam.
- If he's dedicated to split pushing late game, try not to end up clearing waves under your tower. Since you can't fight him 1v1, your ideal situation is to shove side lanes as hard as you can and group.




- Play ranked. Or at least normal draft.

General tips vs. Kat:
- You must stay away from daggers on the ground. They are free damage and a mini-reset on katarinaewrapper.png.
- Stay out of your minion wave to avoid bouncingblades.png bouncing to you.
- If she plays aggressively by shadowstep.png on to you for trades, you must trade back while she's running away.
- Ask your jungler to gank her only when she doesn't have a minion wave behind her for an easy escape with shadowstep.png. You can tell where her minion wave is by looking at the position of your own.
- Kat is vulnerable to getting kited. You must not let her directly shadowstep.png on to you if you're a squishy. Ask your front line tanks to zone her or CC her.
- Stay away from your low health allies in a teamfight. You don't want to get close to 122.png when he has 5 stacks of dariuspassive.png on someone. Same idea for Kat.




- Rush 3146.png or 3285.png.

- In the early levels, trade aggressively with her whenever judicatorrighteousfury.png is down. You have about a 5 second window during which she's in melee form.
- If you jump on her while she's melee and she judicatorreckoning.png you, kite back towards your minions, but you must continue trading autos until you're no longer slowed.
- Post-6, look for opportunities to shove the wave into her tower and roam. The longer you stay in lane against her, the worse the game will be for you. At some point, she can just blow all of her spells on you and there's nothing you can do to her in a 1v1 thanks to judicatorintervention.png.
- In the mid to late game, if she judicatorreckoning.png you, you're pretty much forced to shadowstep.png away or you will be eating a lot of free damage from judicatorrighteousfury.png.
- Bait out or wait for her to blow judicatorintervention.png before jumping on her.
- You will do better in teamfights, as she can only judicatorintervention.png one person for a short duration. Make sure you jump on at least 2 low enemies to ensure you get a reset.



- If he starts 1055.png, he will look to aggressively auto you. You will have to give up some CS, but if he's in your minion wave, fight him.
- Stay in your minions to avoid kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png.
- Back off if you have 2 stacks of kennenpassive.png on you.
- If he ever uses kennenlightningrush.pngkennenbringthelight.png to waveclear, you have a good 5 seconds to trade or all-in him.
- Even if he's holding on to kennenshurikenstorm.png in a teamfight, if he uses all of his other abilities on your allies, you have a 1 second window where he can't reactively stun you since kennenshurikenstorm.png now ticks once every 0.5 sec.
- Do not get baited by his 3157.png.



- The lane is yours as long as you keep up in EXP and CS early without taking too much poke.
- His waveclear isn't that great until he gets some AP. Don't let him poke you for free with auto attacks.
- Stay out of your minions so he can't kogmawvoidooze.png and CS at the same time. You'll have to also dodge kogmawq.png if he chooses to harass you with it.
- Rush 3146.png and then just kill him.
- You don't care about kogmawpassive.png as you get the reset upon first killing him.
- Keep your health high, as kogmawlivingartillery.png does more damage the lower health you are.




- This matchup is not as bad as it used to be thanks to the removal of silence on leblancchaosorb.png.

- Her leblancpassive.png passive does most of her damage now. Avoid the proc and you will easily win the lane.
- If she hits you with leblancchaosorb.png in early levels, do not stay in range for a free leblancslide.png, which procs both her passive and thunderlord's.
- If she ever uses leblancw.png, run toward her return pad.
- Stay behind your minions or move erratically to avoid leblancsoulshackle.png. If you do get chained, you must shadowstep.png out of it or you will take a lot of damage from leblancpassive.png.
- She has no way of interrupting deathlotus.png. You can all-in her when she has less than 60% HP and has no leblancslide.png.
- If you're behind, get a 1057.png.


Lee Sin

- Stay in your minions to avoid blindmonkqone.png. If he ever misses it, poke and zone him with katarinaq.png.
- You can't really kill him pre-6 unless he uses blindmonkwone.png aggressively to get into melee range of you. Post-6, he will just kick you blindmonkrkick.png away, or worse, into his tower.
- Don't bother trying to duel him unless he's eaten a lot of prior poke or is out of energy for some reason. blindmonkrkick.png doesn't cost any energy.
- Take advantage of his poor waveclear while he doesn't have 3077.png. Your 3285.png shoves the wave and the move speed helps you roam faster and dodge blindmonkqone.png.
- If he's building full AD, stay above 60%. blindmonkqone.png has an execute component and blindmonkrkick.png has a 2.0 bonus AD ratio so he will hurt a lot. Respect the blindmonkwone.png into melee range, because he can suddenly Q1>W>(AA)>E>R>Q2 you and you will die.
- Do not stand in a straight line behind your tanks as he can blindmonkrkick.png them into you and the damage scales with the tank's HP.
- Your late game is better than his. Wait out his blindmonkrkick.png before going in.



- Stay out of your minions so she can't lissandraq.png to both harass and CS at the same time.
- Respect her lissandrae.png. It most likely telegraphs a gank if she throws it toward you. It has a much longer cooldown than shadowstep.png at all stages of the game.
- She has no kill pressure on you until she builds some AP as long as you don't keep eating free lissandraq.png.
- Get 3140.png only if there are other forms of CC on the enemy team. Late game Lissandra will most likely use lissandrar.png on herself unless you get caught.
- Jump on her after she's used lissandrar.png in a teamfight as she can no longer interrupt your deathlotus.png. Don't get baited by her 3157.png.




- I don't know why Lucian mid is a thing, but it is and it's really annoying.

- If you want to duel him, build 3146.png.
- Stay out of your minions to reduce the range of lucianq.png.
- Focus on CS with bouncingblades.png unless he does something dumb like step over a dagger. It's a ranged vs melee matchup so expect to be denied some CS.
- Do not let him double tap lucianpassive.png you for free.
- If he ever burns luciane.png for whatever reason post-6, you can all-in him. The slow from 3146.png also lets you stick to him.



- You have no kill pressure on her at any point in the game unless she makes a mistake. However, she can't really solo kill you either.
- Farm with bouncingblades.png.
- Stay out of your minions so she can't use luluq.png to harass and CS at the same time.
- Your job is to stay relatively even in CS pre-6.
- Once she's built some AP, it takes her at least 1 lulue.png and 2 luluq.png to clear the wave, which means that it will be a while for her to push to your tower. Shove the wave with 3285.png and roam.
- In teamfights, she can easily interrupt you with lulur.png and in combination with lulue.png, can give a lot of effective HP. Don't jump in until you're sure you can burst through all of the extra HP.
- She will usually luluw.png into teamfights, so the only CC from her that you have to worry about is usually lulur.png.



- Stay away from your low health minions so she can't luxlightstrikekugel.png to both farm and harass you.
- If you dodge luxlightbinding.png, you can zone her off the wave post-6.
- If you get hit by a long range luxlightstrikekugel.png and you're not in position to kill her, back off so she doesn't auto you and get a free Thunderlord's proc.
- She can't interrupt deathlotus.png. All-in her when she has less than 60% HP. Be careful to not get 3.png or 21.png baited if she's taking those spells.
- TL;DR: Dodge luxlightbinding.png, win lane, win game.



- You have a pretty free lane to 6. If he ever steps near a dagger, jump to it and harass him. The most he's going to do is seismicshard.png and he'll eventually run out of mana.
- Constantly harass him so that he can't refresh his malphitepassive.png shield.
- At 6, he sets up easy ganks for his jungler. Ward the pixel bush in river as he doesn't telegraph ganks much at all and you need fast reflexes to flash out of ufslash.png. Knowing their jungler is there and anticipating the gank will help you escape it.
- If he's full AP, at least get a 1057.png. If he's building HP, proceed with the usual 3146.png or 3285.png.
- If he's full AP, stay above 50% HP or he can all-in you with 14.png.
- If the lane gets stale, shove the wave and roam. If he's AP Malphite and maxing seismicshard.png, he's not going to be clearing the wave any time soon.



- If you are falling behind in lane, get a 1057.png. If you are doing well, 3140.png will be all the MR you need unless there are other AP threats.
- During the laning phase, prioritize CS. Avoid alzaharcallofthevoid.png by walking backwards instead of sideways.
- If he uses alzaharmaleficvisions.png to clear minions, you should walk up and take the alzaharmaleficvisions.png when it transfers. Since he shouldn't be maxing it first, the damage dealt isn't very much and you will deny him a lot of mana regeneration.
- Obviously don't take the alzaharmaleficvisions.png if he's already cleared the wave with it.
- Killing the first alzaharnullzone.png with your spells means they can't continue spawning. This is important as he usually maxes W first.
- He has no kill pressure on you pre-6 unless you keep eating alzaharcallofthevoid.png.
- Respect his jungler when alzaharnethergrasp.png is up if you don't have 3140.png yet, as he makes ganks incredibly easy.
- In the late game, remember that you have to deal damage to him, then wait for one second before malzaharpassive.png wears off.
- Don't get baited by your allies throwing CC at him while malzaharpassive.png is up.


Master Yi

- This will be a farm lane for most of the early game. This matchup gets harder if he's reaches late game and gets somewhat fed, as you probably won't be able to stop his splitpush by yourself.
- Stay out of your minions so he doesn't tag you with alphastrike.png.
- Early game, harass him with your spells whenever he goes for a CS in melee range.
- He can dodge part of deathlotus.png with alphastrike.png, but you burst him a lot harder than he does, even if he does his cute AA-cancel with meditate.png. Post-6, you can all-in him with 14.png if he's below 50% HP.
- If he uses alphastrike.png directly on you, you can troll him by jumping to a minion under your tower and bringing him with you. If you just want to run away from him, make sure he comes out of alphastrike.png before you shadowstep.png.
- Ward up. Do not let him snowball.



- This is a farm lane. She has no kill pressure on you at any point in the game unless you eat a darkbindingmissile.png.
- In early levels, stay behind your minions to avoid darkbindingmissile.png. If she ever whiffs it, trade aggressively with all of your spells or zone her off the wave.
- After level 5, her tormentedsoil.png will start to clear caster minions pretty quickly. Stay just off to the side of your minion wave to force her to use it to farm. Don't take a free Thunderlord's proc from 3 ticks of her puddle.
- Don't be afraid to use shadowstep.png or even 4.png to avoid darkbindingmissile.png. If you get caught and the enemy jungler is there, you're dead.
- Post-6, you don't want to be shoved under turret at any point against Morgana, so clear the wave with your own spells.
- If she ever tries to soulshackles.png, jump away.
- If Morgana is playing conservatively, shove the wave and roam. She can farm with tormentedsoil.png, but she doesn't take tower very quickly.
- In mid-late game teamfights, be sure you can burst your target as blackshield.png gives a surprisingly large shield when Morgana builds AP.



- He will most likely ignore you and farm in early levels unless you get caught with nautilusanchordrag.png (missile speed 2000). The hook comes out faster than rocketgrab.png (missile speed 1750) so be careful.
- Pre-6, if he whiffs nautilusanchordrag.png or uses nautilussplashzone.png to last hit, go in for a trade.
- If you just want to avoid getting hooked, stay in your minion wave.
- If he nautilusgrandline.png you, shadowstep.png away while the projectile is chasing you, but do not jump behind your teammates.
- You can 3140.png the stun portion of any knockup, including nautilusgrandline.png and immediately use a displacement ability such as 4.png or shadowstep.png to end the knockup.
- If he rushes for either split-pushing item and maxes nautiluspiercinggaze.png, you won't be able to do much to him. If he buys 3060.png, you should get 3146.png as the AD will help you AA the bannered minion. If he gets 3512.png, you should get 3285.png which helps you clear the wave.



- If she takes orianaredactcommand.png at level 1 and autos you, let your ranged minions even out the trade.
- Respect her ball when it's lying on the ground. orianaizunacommand.png is easy to dodge when you see it coming, but if it's right next to you, you can't react to it.
- At early levels, if she moves her ball with orianaizunacommand.png, you have about a 4 sec window to trade aggressively with her and come out ahead.
- Stay out of your minions and she generally won't use orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png to harass you since you can just waste her mana with shadowstep.png.
- The best time to all-in her is when she moves the ball away from her using orianaizunacommand.png. She would have to orianaredactcommand.png herself and then orianadetonatecommand.png, at which point you've already blown your combo and she should be dead.
- Do not get baited by 3.png or 21.png if she's taking one of them.
- Do not clump up with your allies in teamfights, especially if you know she hasn't used orianadetonatecommand.png yet.




- Start 1029.png.

- Your job is to get whatever EXP and CS you can safely and without dying. You are a lot more useful than he is in teamfights assuming equal farm, but if he snowballs, all of your lanes will flame you for feeding him and you will lose.
- Do not let him zone you off the wave with pantheon_throw.png at level 1. Fight him in your minions if only to force the wave to push toward you.
- If he trades aggressively with pantheon_leapbash.png, you must trade back while his spells are on cooldown or he will easily force you out of lane.
- Stay above 50% HP or he can all-in you with Thunderlord's and 14.png as early as level 3, even if you're under your tower.
- If you're behind, get a 3191.png before your first big damage item.
- Bring 2055.png when you roam to make sure you're not spotted. He can easily follow you with pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png. Make sure you can get a kill before he arrives, or just back off and avoid baiting your teammates into their deaths.
- In a teamfight, wait for him to pantheon_leapbash.png someone else. You have a lot more AOE damage and burst than he does... as long as you're not stunned and killed first.



- Quinn needs to win lane to be effective in mid-late game. Your job is to go even in EXP and not too far behind in CS.
- Allow her to zone you if you're marked by quinnpassive.png.
- Stay behind your minions to avoid quinnq.png. If she ever whiffs it, trade aggressively.
- Whenever you katarinaewrapper.png on her, immediately throw up katarinaw.png since she will most likely quinne.png away from you. Use the mini-reset from your W dagger to continue the trade or retreat. You can use this tactic at level 6 as long as you katarinar.png after she's already used quinne.png.
- Ward the pixel bushes in river to spot her roaming with quinnr.png. Call MIAs.
- If she's chasing you with quinnr.png, use bouncingblades.png or 3146.png to slow her down.



- She should never hit you with any of her spells apart from maybe a burrowed Q, but you can stand behind your minions to avoid even that.
- Harass her often with bouncingblades.png.
- Do not ever jump directly on top of a burrowed Rek'Sai, because that's how you lose the trade to reksaiq.png.
- If she tunnels aggressively to gap close, walk toward her to avoid the knockup. The tunnel is a fixed distance and she can't unburrow while traveling.
- The moment she unburrows is when she has no CC to interrupt your deathlotus.png.




Not sure why people are picking Renekton mid and feeding, but this is how you deal with him.

- Constantly harass him with bouncingblades.png.
- If he ever tries to renektonsliceanddice.png dash to you, jump away. It has a longer cooldown than shadowstep.png and you don't really want to take the follow up AA>W>Q combo either.
- Don't get baited by the increased health from renektonreignofthetyrant.png and the healing from renektoncleave.png if you all-in him.
- If you think he's low enough for you to burst down, you have to bait out at least renektonpreexecute.png or renektonsliceanddice.png, or he will just stun you and walk away.



- Stay back and farm/poke with bouncingblades.png and do not let her all-in you starting at level 3. You will be more useful later in the game if you don't give her a big lead.
- Never jump on her when all of her spells are up. She will negate your dagger pick up damage with her shield, stun you, and outtrade you with Q.
- Let her zone you for a few seconds if she's holding on to Q3 riventricleave.png. Once it's down, you can trade aggressively with her.
- In teamfights, you can only jump on her when you see that rivenmartyr.png and Q3 riventricleave.png are down.



- This matchup only gets harder as Ryze reaches late game.
- In the early game, if you're not marked by ryzee.png, stay behind your minions and he won't be able to hit you with ryzeq.png. If you are marked, stay away from nearby minions (or champions) that are also marked.
- You can trade with him right after he's used ryzee.pngryzeq.png. If he roots ryzew.png you, continue trading with him after the root wears off, because that's one less Q reset for him.
- He has a weak early game while he's still stacking 3070.png and 3010.png. Do not let him free farm during this time and ask for ganks from your jungler.
- Ward your flanks. He can flash root you for 2 seconds and you will die if the enemy jungler is there.
- He can't interrupt your deathlotus.png.



- Use your mobility to avoid  crypticgaze.pngenrage.png, and most importantly, cannibalism.png. You must not let him catch you with any CC because they chain incredibly well with each other.
- If he starts 3751.png and builds full tank, you're not going to do anything to him. Build 3285.png and shove the wave and roam.
- If you oop his deathscaressfull.png shield, it won't do damage to you. He can only manually detonate it 3 sec after the initial cast.
- Ward the pixel bushes in river to catch him roaming and alert your teammates.
- You should not be the one stopping his split-push, but sometimes you just have to clear the wave. If he buys 3060.png, you should get 3146.png as the AD will help you kill the bannered minion. If he gets 3512.png, you should get 3285.png which will help you clear the wave.



- The more fed Swain is, the harder this game becomes as at some point, he'll pretty much just stop taking damage. Farm safely pre-6 and do not feed him kills.
- Stay out of the zone created by swainbeam.png.
- You can easily avoid swainshadowgrasp.png and he has no kill pressure on you without it. Use shadowstep.png if you have to, as your jump has a much lower cooldown than his root.
- Your opportunity to trade with him is when his swaindecrepify.png is placed far from him and his swaintorment.png on you has just expired.
- Take advantage of his poor wave clear post-6. Shove the wave and roam.



- Stay out of your minions to make her choose between farming or harassing with syndraq.png.
- Juke syndrae.pngsyndraw.png by walking to the side or using shadowstep.png. Never walk straight backwards.
- You can all-in her when syndrae.png is down.
- Against a fed Syndra, get 3140.png or 3102.png.
- If you're fed, you can stop at 1057.png and get 3157.png as your defensive item. If she ults you, you can negate all damage (be aware of the follow-up syndrae.png though).



- She has control of this lane at level 1. If she just shoves you under your tower, it's fine to miss a few minions.
- Stay behind or outside of your minion wave to avoid taliyahq.png.
- Keep an eye on her areas of Worked Ground. In order for her to harass you effectively with Q, she has to move off of those areas. This means you can predict the angle that her harass will be coming from.
- After level 4, if she uses her abilities to waveclear, jump on her and trade.
- After she has 3116.png, she can both chase and kite you since Worked Ground (and the move speed boost) is generated upon her casting taliyahq.png, not after she's launched all of her missiles. Do not get baited and make sure you can gap close.
- If she tries to do the taliyahe.pngtaliyahwvc.png combo on you, immediately jump on her and trade aggressively and she will miss both spells.
- None of your abilities trigger taliyahe.png.
- The only way for her to reliably interrupt katarinar.png is with taliyahwvc.png. Most of of the time, she will use taliyahr.png to initiate.




- Start 1029.png.

- Your bouncingblades.png outranges his talonrake.png by 75. Abuse this to farm safely and harass him.
- If he ever jumps on you with talonnoxiandiplomacy.png, you must trade back with all of your spells. The more daggers you pick up and spin in his face, the more you will out-trade him.
- He has no way to interrupt your deathlotus.png, which hits him even during stealth. Use this to see where he is going.
- Ward up, or he will roam to bot lane with talone.png, your bot will feed and flame you, and you will lose the game.
- Ask your tanks to buy 3364.png, which will partially reveal him during talonr.png.
- It's better to preemptively 3157.png when you see him talonr.png since it's incredibly hard to react to.



- Teemo wants short trades and let his poison do the work. Unfortunately, that means the lane is mostly his pre-6 unless he makes a mistake and stands on your daggers.
- As long as you've stayed even in CS, you can all-in him at 6 with a little bit of prior damage and force his Flash the first time and kill him the second time.
- To hit his mushrooms revealed by 2055.png without risking stepping on them, attack move them. While you're doing this, you can bait him into walking up to you to harass you and all-in him once he gets into range.
- To ensure the kill on him, get 3146.png.
- Switch to 3364.png around level 9-11.


Twisted Fate

- Stay out of your minions. Move sideways and not backwards to dodge wildcards.png. You should almost never get hit by this.
- If he pulls a gold card pickacard.png, let him zone you while it's up. You don't really want to take the follow upwildcards.png-AA-Thunderlord's proc.
- Do not let him completely zone you off your minion wave, even if he pulls a gold card. If he postures aggressively in your minion wave at early levels, eat the gold card if you have to and trade aggressively afterward with all of your spells. He will take more damage than you because of your minions.
- Post-6, the moment pickacard.png is down, is your window to all-in him.
- If he's hard shoving with red card and disappearing, put a 3340.png in the middle of the lane near his tower (but outside of tower detection range) to see which way he wants to port.
- In full 5v5 teamfights, watch his positioning. If he stays in the back and throws wildcards.png all day, he is waiting for you to jump in and gold card you. You will want to buy 3140.png if this is his playstyle.
- If he likes to stand in his front line and zone or create a pick pickacard.png or port in with 3157.png, just kill him afterward.




- Start 1082.png. Max bouncingblades.png. Get 3191.png then 3146.png.

- Farm with bouncingblades.png. You can harass him by throwing it onto dying caster minions.
- Stay behind your minions to minimize the damage taken from varusq.png if you happen to get hit. Move erratically to avoid it.
- Post-6, you can start zoning him off the wave and he will be forced to use varusq.png to CS. He has no way to kill you unless you get hit by varusr.png.
- If he hits someone else with varusr.png and it starts spreading to you, you can get out of snare range with shadowstep.png.
- He can't interrupt your deathlotus.png. All-in him when he's below 70%.
- If he's playing really conservatively, shove the wave and roam.



- Do not stand in a straight line with him and a dying minion. Not only will he get a stack off the minion, he gets a stack from hitting you with any of his spells.
- Do not let the wave freeze in the middle of the lane. Either let him push it toward you with veigardarkmatter.png so that he'll have to respect your jungler, or if he only wants to last hit, shove the wave into his tower and make him lose stacks.
- You can use shadowstep.png to get in and out of veigareventhorizon.png. You can go aggro on him as early as level 3 since you'll have both Q and W daggers on the ground by the time he reactively throws down his stun circle.
- His veigarprimordialburst.png will start hurting a lot as he stacks AP. Stay above 70% HP as it scales with your missing health.
- If the game goes really late, consider buying 3102.png.



- Stay in your minions to avoid velkozq.png. If you have no minions and he shoots it sideways, walk towards him to juke the secondary bolts.
- If he constantly uses velkozw.png to clear the wave, then it's just a farm lane to 6.
- If you ever get 2 stacks of velkozpassive.png, back off.
- Post-6, avoid velkoze.png at all costs or he will combo it straight into his other spells and you will die.
- A smart Vel'Koz will save velkoze.png when you jump on him. You can bait it out by jumping on him without committing to deathlotus.png until he's blown it.



- Your job is to get as much CS as possible without taking too much harass. He has really strong waveclear and will most likely just shove the wave into your tower post-6.
- Stay out of your minions. Move erratically to avoid viktordeathray.png.
- If he uses viktordeathray.png to CS, harass him with all of your spells as it fairly long cooldown early. If you have Q and W daggers up, you can pretty much get out of a reactive viktorgravitonfield.png.
- Only the beginning of viktorchaosstorm.png interrupts your deathlotus.png. It is no longer a periodic silence.
- He has a lot of consistent DPS. You must kill him or shadowstep.png out of the viktorchaosstorm.png AOE.
- If Viktor is rushing 3001.png, don't bother trying to kill him unless he makes a huge mistake. Just shove the wave as much as you can and roam instead.
- As of patch 6.4, viktordeathray.png damage has been reduced by 0-20 per rank, so that he can't insta-clear a wave at level 7. This gives you a little more time to clear the wave yourself and roam.



- Start 1082.png2003.png and go hard starting at level 3. You're not going to do anything to him once he completes 3065.png.
- If you're all-in, make sure to ignite him before his empowered Q is up (full secondary bar)
- Otherwise, stand within or behind your minion wave to avoid the projectiles from vladimirtidesofblood.png.
- Ignore him in teamfights and focus the ADC unless he's used both vladimirsanguinepool.png and 3157.png. He gets a surprisingly large amount of health back from vladimirhemoplague.png hitting multiple people, even if he has grievous wounds on him.




- Start 1001.png if you're good at dodging skillshots.

- Stay out of your minions so he can't xeratharcanopulse.png to harass and CS at the same time. Move erratically to avoid it or use shadowstep.png. You just want to CS without getting shoved out of lane.
- He generally won't try to randomly stun you with xerathmagechains.png. If he does, you have a fairly large window to jump on him and trade aggressively.
- If he shoves you into you tower with xeratharcanopulse.png, as long as you're not too low, ask your jungler for a gank. You will always get his flash and might even get the kill too.
- Stay above 40% HP at all times. Move back and forth to avoid getting sniped by xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png.
- Post-6, poke him with bouncingblades.png and threaten the all-in. If he's below 60% HP and misses xerathmagechains.png, go hard.




- Start 1029.png or 1054.png.

- You can take quick trades but do not duel him for an extended amount of time pre-6. When you proc your Thunderlords is when the trade is over.
- Constantly poke him with bouncingblades.png to get rid of his yasuopassive.png shield. It's especially important to do this before your jungler ganks.
- If he takes yasuodashwrapper.png at level 1, he will charge up on minions and dash you to, auto you, and dash away. When you see him doing this in your minions, throw a bouncingblades.png and attack move. Your minions will help you even out the trade.
- If he takes yasuoqw.png at level 1, you will have more freedom to grab a bit of farm.
- If he ever tries to dash to you using your minions, throw up your killerinstinct.png and walk away with the speed boost. If he pursues over your dagger, jump back to it and you will out-trade him.
- Avoid his whirlwind when you're below 50% HP or he can all-in you after 6.
- The best time to trade with him is when his whirlwind is down and you don't have very many minions for him to chase you with.
- You can surprise him by shadowstep.png over his whirlwind and engaging on him if he's taken some prior damage. He's squishy without his passive shield and yasuowmovingwall.png.
- You can 3140.png his yasuorknockupcombow.png, as it is a Suspension. If you move out of the radius before he finishes the ult animation, he will not damage you.
- Your midgame teamfight is better than his as long as you've kept up relatively evenly in levels and gold. If he ever eats hard CC from the rest of your team, you can usually blow him up unless you're really far behind.




- Start 1029.png.

- Do not duel him in melee range. His zedpassive.png will ensure that he wins the trade, even if he's in your minions at level 1.
- Stay out of your minions so that you don't eat harass from zedq.png.
- The base cooldown on zedw.png  is 22 seconds, which is a lot longer than shadowstep.png. Trade aggressively with him if it's ever on cooldown.
- Do not jump in and deathlotus.png him while he has both zedw.png and zedr.png up or you're actually boxing with shadows.
- If he zedr.png you, you can bring him under your tower with flash or E.
- Stay above 60% HP post-6 or he can all-in you. Do not rely on your tower to even out kills.
- His roam is just as good as yours and he can easily 1v1 you if he catches you roaming. Buy 2055.png to be sure you're not spotted.



- Never stay in your minion wave. Ever.
- As long as you avoid ziggsq.png, you should have a fairly easy time farming and can even zone him off the wave.
- If he shoves with all of his spells, you must shove it back with your own. You don't want to be farming a huge wave under your tower because that's when you'll get poked out and denied CS, and he will 2 shot your tower.
- Do not dive him while he has ziggsw.png or he can interrupt you and bounce you into his tower.
- Be aware that he can throw ziggsr.png from a fairly long range to wherever you roamed. Do not tower dive when you know it's up unless you can guarantee a kill and escape.
- Get 3285.png and shove out your wave before you roam or he will take 2 towers before you even make it to bot.



- You pretty much get a free lane to 6.
- Stay out of your minion wave and he usually won't try to timebomb.png you because he needs it to CS. If he does, you can easily avoid it and trade back with him.
- You're not going to kill him by yourself post-6.
- If he ever slows you with timewarp.png, he will most likely try to double bomb you. You must use shadowstep.png to avoid it.
- At 6, shove the wave as hard as you can and roam. He will have to spend a lot of mana that he doesn't really have yet to clear the wave.
- In teamfights, try to jump on at least 2 low health targets so that he can't deny you a reset with chronoshift.png.



- Prioritize farming with bouncingblades.png. You'll just have to accept that her plants zone you pre-6.
- She will mainly harass you with zyraq.png. You can see it coming and walk out of it.
- You must dodge zyrae.png. If she suddenly starts walking up to you and tries to root you, she's most likely telegraphing a gank.
- At level 6, she has just as much burst as you do, but only if you get caught by zyrae.png. You can zone her off the wave any time she misses her snare and threaten to all-in her after chipping her health down to about 60%.
- She can't interrupt your deathlotus.png except with zyrar.png, which has a 2 second delay. This is more than enough time for you to assassinate her and get out.

About Katarina Back to Top

Katarina is a strong teamfighter and assassin. She brings a lot of burst AOE magic damage to teams who can set her up to succeed. Though her job is to jump into the enemy team and blow them up, she is not an initiator of fights. She relies on fast thinking and decision-making (as well as decently low ping). She is not a bruiser or tanky DPS. She is an opportunist and relies on getting the reset.

- Follow-up on engages, dealing massive AOE damage if timed correctly.
- High mobility from a combination of her base move speed of 345 (third highest tier), killerinstinct.png and shadowstep.png.
- Easily cleans up and picks off weakened enemies.
- Not reliant on skillshots, low skill floor (the basic QEWR combo is easy to consistently perform).
- Can heavily punish enemy teams who are overextended at low health or lack the necessary cooldowns to interrupt her.
- All she needs is a few kills to snowball the game in her favor.

- Medium-high skill ceiling when factoring in ward jumps. The mechanical skill and in-game decision-making around ward jumps and resets can often make or break games at higher ELO.
- Requires strong knowledge of her limits to be successful, e.g. how much damage you can do to a specific target or whether you can dive tower, get a kill, and jump out.

- Poor laning phase and no sustain outside of 3146.png. She has no control over the wave and the spells she uses to CS will also push the wave. Suffers from the ranged vs. melee problem.
- A lot of meta picks can shut her down if played correctly (the Kat player has a much smaller margin of error, and mistakes can be heavily punished).
- Team-dependent. No crowd control and unable to 1v1 most duelists or effectively stop splitpushes unless fed, and has difficulty dealing with 3512.png3060.png.
- Low base damages, making her level- and item-dependent. Falling too far behind can make the game an effective 4v5 for her team.
- Relatively low "outplay" potential outside of dodging skillshots. A lot of fights are pre-determined in the sense that she either has the damage to get a kill or does not.
- An opportunist. She is forced to track enemy cooldowns and in some ways forced to play reactively in the absence of a strong primary engage.

Phases of the Game Back to Top

Laning phase / Early game:

As of patch 7.1, you have a pretty strong laning phase if you can utilize your passive daggers. You have no crowd control and not much wave control (your only way to CS from a distance also shoves the wave), so you need to use the threat of an all-in to give yourself some breathing room in the lane. The buff to minions not randomly drawing aggro to each other at the start of the game benefitted you a lot more than most other champions, as you should be able to get at least 2 if not all 3 melee minions on the first wave with a single bouncingblades.png. The more farm that you get in the early game, the better off you are as the mid and late game roll around. The fact that you're manaless means you only have to deplete either the opponent's health OR mana and you will have lane pressure to farm more freely or zone them aggressively. If you come out of lane even in level and CS, you are doing fine. If your jungler ganks and you come out ahead, you are pretty much set to snowball the game in your favor.

In most matchups, farm safely with bouncingblades.png at level 1 and start trading aggressively when your opponents' spells are on cooldown post-level 3. Your daggers on the ground from Q and W are good zoning tools and you can punish enemies for stepping near them.

Skirmishing phase / Mid game:

You are somewhat of an opportunist in mid-game skirmishes, but your damage is a lot more consistent as of patch 7.1. This is the time when early-mid game champs like 80.png7.png really need to snowball their strong skirmishing potential into a win before they fall off in the late game, which means play smart, ward up, and do not feed them. You will want to 2055.png your gank paths to bot or top lane to make sure you're not spotted. Just because river brush is warded doesn't mean you can't gank -- if your enemies are already pushed too far when you show up, whether they see you coming or not is irrelevant. You can coordinate your roaming with your jungler to all but ensure a kill. You have a decent amount of AOE damage after completing your first few items, but you need some prior chip damage to ensure resets. Do not get greedy and dive towers unless you know 100% you can pick up a kill. If you're running 12.png, make the proactive play and show up in bot lane first. Do not play reactively to the enemy 4.pngdestiny.png or you've already lost.

Unless you have kill pressure on the opposing mid laner by yourself or all of your other lanes are winning and you just need to hold mid, CS, and not feed, you will want to shove the mid wave as hard as you can using and roam to other lanes, preferably ones where your team has CC or follow-up kill pressure. Be sure to not lose your mid tower for this, though.

Teamfight phase / Late game:

Mentality: You can 1v1 squishies as long as all of your spells are up and you can get in range of them. A squishy support is also pretty much a free kill and reset in a teamfight. Once you have a decent amount of AP and 3135.png, you will be a threat even to the enemy tanks. Your allies' hard engage abilities mean you can pretty much blow up anyone they catch before the CC wears off. You are not an initiator, but you are really good at following up on CC from the rest of your team. If you die, unless you traded your health bar to kill or at least severely chunk out several enemies' health bars, you will lose objectives and possibly the game. This means that you absolutely can NOT face check bushes. You are also not a split pusher. You can't duel people like 77.png23.png133.png by yourself unless you're already massively ahead. Unlike your ADC, AD jungler, or 27.png, if there are super minions pushing into your base, you're forced to use spells to clear them, and not having those spells hurts you a lot more. If your team is contesting baron while there are super minions in your base, ask for someone else to defend your base as you are a much bigger threat when the enemy is clumped around baron with the MR debuff. In most cases, you need to STAY WITH YOUR TEAM.

Try to finish key items before you commit to a teamfight. You should at the very least have finished 3 core items, including 3089.png. Assess who's the biggest threat to your team, and that should be the target you focus (unless you manage to kill everyone else). Usually this is the enemy mid and bot. If the enemy threats are all AD-based, finish 3157.png before you fight. If the enemy tanks just want to sit on your face, finish 3135.png first. Wait for your team to initiate unless you know that you can make the pick and hop out. A smart enemy team will focus fire you as soon as you jump in, make sure you can burst someone or that you've burned all of your spells while you're reviving under 3026.png.

Ally Champion Synergies Back to Top

Synergies are loosely categorized from BEST (top) to WORST (bottom). This list is somewhat subjective and not all-inclusive. Champions can be played in multiple roles and do not necessarily fall into a single category. It also depends on the goals of your team/composition and the enemy.

Not every position needs to be optimal for Kat to succeed. For instance, most ADCs don't have that much synergy with Kat, but that doesn't mean you can't win with 81.png. And if everyone on your team plays a tanky hard engage champion and you're the only damage source, the enemy can just stack MR and just kill you after your combo.

However, if your entire team is a ranged poke and disengage composition while the only thing you can do is jump into melee range and get instantly CC'd to death, then teamfighting is going to be very hard for you. This list is designed where if you have a choice of what your ally plays, the team comp synergy in the late game could make the difference between a win and a loss.

BEST ...

- Reliable hard engage.
Examples: 32.png54.png113.png154.png14.png89.png62.png
These champions are teamfight initiators and have a strong hard CC (e.g. stun, knockup) that is also AOE or can chain-stun important enemies by themselves, allowing you to jump in and channel your ult without interruption.

- Dive buddies/Strong secondary engage.
Examples: 57.png102.png58.png12.png111.png59.png2.png106.png150.png254.png
While these champions may not have a lot of hard CC or have conditional CC, they are threatening enough that if you dive into the enemy team together, the enemy will be forced to choose between focusing you or peeling for their own carries. Most tanky junglers and top laners fill this role.

- Single target pick.
Examples: 53.png22.png412.png60.png19.png72.png
These champions can isolate and pick enemies off, either from range or by running in and locking someone down long enough for you to jump in and finish them off. A good pick on a carry can single-handedly win you the game, but at the same time, if they don't manage to get a pick due to proper positioning and peel from the enemy team, you might find yourself forced to ult suboptimal targets like the enemy front line.

- Zone control/AOE CC.
Examples: 85.png143.png3.png20.png41.png31.png74.png
These champions have a lot of zone threat/zone control, particularly in narrow corridors or around neutral objectives. They free up space for you to engage and their AOE damage combined with yours allows you to clean up very easily. The difference between this group and the hard engage group is that this one has more difficulty in CC'ing/zoning the enemy backline/carries.

- Split pushers.
These champions would rather split push than group with the team. This is really a toss-up depending on their ability to draw multiple people to their lane and whether the rest of your team are in the right position and can fight as 4. If they are ahead, they will do a lot of work, but if they're behind, they can just keep getting collapsed on and feed and there's nothing you will be able to do about it.

- Fighters/Other assassins.
These champions do the same thing that you want to do, which is (TP) engage on enemy squishies and wreck them. In a way, many of them can be grouped with the split pushers. You can both go in on the same target and guarantee yourself a reset, but if your team falls behind, the game gets exponentially harder.

- Protect the carry/Disengage.
These champions would rather play further back and shield you, disrupt enemy positioning, or are primarily designed for disengage. Some of them can also be played in a pick composition, though it's not their primary role. They have difficulty starting fights which you can reliably engage on, but they can bail you out if you get caught out of position or out of cooldowns.

- Full poke/No CC.
Examples: 76.png51.png8.png81.png16.png43.png126.png
While having one or two of them on your team isn't bad and might even be helpful (e.g. Ezreal pokes the enemy team low for your Amumu to engage), if your team is full of ranged poke champions or if no one has hard CC, you will be in for a rough time... unless it's full squish vs. full squish in which case feel free to jump in at your leisure and get a penta.

- Things that can easily backfire on you.
Probably the worst thing that can happen to you is a misused Kindred ult which saves the enemy team, denies you the reset, and gets you killed right after. Though Bard should be used primarily in a pick composition, a poor Bard ult in response a surprise enemy engage or TP flank can catch you out of position and get you killed for no reason.


Enemy Champion Threats Back to Top

During the course of a game, and particularly during teamfights, you need to assess your enemies' threats. Even if you are far ahead, you still need to respect the potential lockdown or damage output of high threats as you don't want to give them any opportunity to get back into the game. If you are even, then your experience and knowledge of what your opponents can or can't do will give you an edge, whether it's saving your Flash cooldown or just barely coming out on top of a skirmish. This is a list of what to look out for (prioritize) and general tips on how to deal with them. Like Ally Champion Synergies, groups are not completely divisive and a champion can fit in multiple threat levels.

- Targeted/AOE hard CC.
Examples: 254.png111.png3.png12.png14.png54.png113.png
These champions have point-and-click or easy to land CC that can catch you and lock you down long enough for their allies to kill you. You can't jump into a teamfight until you know their main forms of CC are on cooldown and they often like to engage on you directly. Practice QSS-Flashing knockups and it might just save your life.

- Ranged non-committal hard CC.
Examples: 103.png60.png34.png45.png31.png
These champions have skillshot CCs from range. Their CC is relatively safe to throw out, lasts a good duration (1.5+ sec), and if missed, are difficult to punish (low risk, high reward). You must avoid them or you will get locked down and killed. A QSS helps against them, and a late game Banshee's Veil can help you avoid getting picked off if they are fed.

- Tanky engage/Melee hard CC.
Examples: 62.png33.png154.png150.png89.png53.png72.png19.png
These champions like to flank you and engage a fight or excel at picking off single targets, but usually their drawback is that they must commit. You will absolutely need QSS to deal with suppression and vision from wards to deal with flanks. You also can't engage on a smart Blitzcrank as he can specifically save his ult to easily interrupt yours with little cost to his team if he never ults.

- Assassins/Duelists.
Examples: 238.png114.png105.png157.png133.png23.png80.png7.png131.png92.png
You won't be able to duel these champions unless they spend some key cooldowns on someone other than you. If you get caught out of position or without the right cooldowns, you are probably dead. In general, you don't want to be in a 1v1 situation with them, but you can burst and kill them if they get locked down by your team.

- Long-range poke/permaslow.
Examples: 99.png81.png101.png161.png115.png
These champions are annoying as they can just poke you for free from a very long range and do a decent amount of damage. They also have some forms of disengage if you do happen to get into melee range. You must have someone who can hard engage and follow up, or they will just siege down all of your towers until you lose. But they should have less kill pressure on you since you can see their skillshots coming from a mile away.

- DPS/Off-tanks.
Examples: 13.png122.png39.png75.png27.png104.png58.png
These champions aren't an immediate threat to you, as they can't catch you if you run away, but they will tank your damage and out-duel you in melee range. In a teamfight, you are more likely to ignore them and look to jump directly onto the enemy squishies.

- Reset deniers/Invulnerability/Disengage.
Examples: 117.png10.png26.png40.png98.png203.png268.png201.png
By themselves, these champions are really annoying, as they will deny you resets and you can easily get baited. Ideally, you will engage on multiple low health targets to guarantee yourself a reset, since a lot of their ally-saving ults are single-target, but this depends on how well your team can put on some prior damage first. In the case of Kindred, you will want to wait for her ult to expire or fight off it.

- Full tanks that just won't die.
Examples: 36.png57.png106.png86.png48.png
You can't kill them unless they're extremely low or until you've bought Void Staff. In teamfights, ignore them and focus the enemy carries.

- Squishies.
Examples: 67.png429.png41.png30.png16.png37.png and most other mage/healing supports
These champions have minimal CC and don't have much HP or MR. As long as you have ult, you should be able to burst them before they kill or CC you. Any type of engage on them usually means they're dead if you can follow up.

- Prey.
Examples: 17.png43.png76.png222.png15.png and most other ADCs
These champions literally have no CC to stop your ult and can't out-trade you if you blow your full combo on them unless they're really far ahead. As the game goes late, you can treat them as a free reset in a teamfight.

TL;DR (Help! I'm in Champ Select!) Back to Top

Read the match-up against your opponent.


12/18/0. All of the damage amplification masteries. Thunderlord's Decree.

Take whatever rune page has Magic Penetration and AP.

Start 1082.png.

Early game: Play smart. Zone with your daggers. Trade aggressively when your opponent's spells are on cooldown. Dodge important skillshots with shadowstep.png. Keep up in EXP and CS without dying.
3146.png to make picks or 3285.png to shove and roam.

Mid game: All-in your opponent after they've blown key cooldowns (mobility, CC). Otherwise, shove the wave and roam or counter-roam.
3140.png or 3001.png or 3157.png as necessary.

Late game: Group with your team and do not get caught. Wait for other people to initiate and follow up.


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