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Starting Items


Core Items

    1st/2nd Back
    Mortality (Pick 1)
    Lethality (Pick 1)
    Finality (boot upgrade)

Situational Items


Step 0: Utility

These are your starting items. 1082.png makes a good starting item, as it grants a considerable amount of AP to boost your initial damage and increase the effectiveness of early game magic penetration. In a pinch, cloth armor or boots can also make good starting items.

Step 1: First & Second Back

Try to stay in lane until you've hit Level 6, or at least until you've gathered 1200 gp. On your first back, use that 1200 gp to buy 1001.png and a 3108.png This will give you a little bit of move speed (and the first building block toward Sorc Shoes), and increase your ability power while cutting down cooldowns. After you hit 800 gp, take your second back and upgrade boots into 3020.png. If you're running the right runes and mastery's, you should now have 25% CDR, ~60-65 AP, and 25 flat magic penetration.

Step 2: Mortality (pick 1)

This step serves two purposes - building appropriate defense, and getting your first complete AP item with some utility behind it. Upgrade your Fiendish Codex into either 3001.pngor 3157.png. 

  • Abyssal Scepter is the ideal choice when laning against AP champions, and the passive aura will make for powerful anti-tank potential. It also makes lane opponents with low MR into very soft targets - the combination of Sorc. Shoes, magic pen. runes, and Abyssal Scepter aura means that pretty much anyone who isn't building MR is going to be taking true damage from you as long as you stay within close range.

  • Zonya's Hourglass is a good option when playing against AD champions. It practically nullifies champions like Zed, and if your lane opponent decided to pick an AD Carry then you don't have to worry about them passively gaining MR. 

Abyssal will give you more raw damage output and keep you safe from mages, and Zonya's allows for more tactical play against AD bullies. However, you will miss out on the magic-damage-amplifying aura, so if you buy Zonya's, you're going to have to pick Void Staff when you get to Step 4.

Step 3: Voracity

This is the center of your core items. Build the following in this order:


3285.png >> 3115.png>> 3089.png 

  • Luden's Echo serves a massive boost to your magic damage, AoE, and wave clear. Nice and simple. You need this, and you need it no later than third item (second if you don't count boots).

  • Nashor's Tooth is where this build takes a nontraditional turn. You'll take a lot of flack for building Nashor's, but honestly, as soon as I build it I always hit a massive power spike, and immediately begin to snowball substantially harder. Kindly permit me to go on a bit of a rant about Nashor's on Kat:

    --Like I said, a lot of people freak out when they see you build this. What those people don't understand is that Nashor's grants 80 AP (putting it on par with the likes of Liandry's Torment, Gunblade, or Void Staff in terms of its impact on ability damage), but also grants 20% CDR. With this purchase, you'll immediately jump to 45% cooldown reduction while gaining a substantial amount of AP.

    --Nashor's other passive is nothing to sneeze at, either: the magic damage buff that it applies to your basic attacks allows you to auto-attack without sucking, and at a much faster rate with the 50% increase to attack speed. What does this mean for Kat? It means that she can plow through minion waves much more effectively. It means she can melt towers incredibly fast. And it means that if she absolutely has to auto attack in a fight, she can do so with some degree of effectiveness (because let's be real, auto attacking with Kat usually feels like assaulting a redwood with a tennis ball).

    --And here's the other thing, the big kicker. Most people don't think Kat needs CDR because of her resets, but 45% CDR gives Kat an enormous amount of flexibility before the killing starts. At 45% CDR and maximum skill level, her Q can be cast every 4.4 seconds. Her W comes out every 2.2 seconds. Shunpo drops down to a mere 3.3 seconds, giving you the ability to chase, escape, and dance in and out of a fight at incredible speed. Most importantly, it massively cuts down the cooldown on your ult, which means that the 15 seconds that your passive cuts off the cooldown with each kill/assist is 45% more effective. At ult level 3 and 45% CDR, scoring a kill or assist will instantly take your ult's cooldown to 9.75 seconds, and a double kill/assist will refresh it entirely. If you had no CDR at all, you'd have to pentakill to get a complete refresh.

  • Last comes Deathcap. Like Luden's this serves to spike your overall AP damage, massively increasing the amount of AP you already have and then some. If you're struggling against tanky enemies, it can be a good idea to skip Deathcap and buy Void Staff first, and then circle back to pick up Deathcap as your 5th item.

    --By the way, this is the point where you have to decide what to do with the Dark Seal. If you're absolutely stomping, upgrade it to a 
    3041.png during Step 4 if you're confident you can keep killing without being killed. If you're not absolutely secure in your dominance, sell it to help pay for Deathcap and free up a slot.

Step 4: Lethality (pick 1)

This is going to be your item to help you keep pace late game. Choose one of the following:
3135.png // 3116.png // 3146.png // 3041.png

  • Void Staff is always a good choice. It's a boring item, but it gets the job done. If the enemy's MR is sufficient enough that you're actually noticing the damage reduction, go for Void Staff. Void Staff is absolutely essential if you picked Zonya's as your Mortality item over Abyssal.

  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good pick if you're not having too much trouble dealing damage, but the enemy still is tankier than you'd like. If you bought Abyssal, and the enemy MR isn't giving you as much trouble as their HP is, then this is the ideal choice. The slow passive will give you greater ability to chase down tanky targets and whittle them down. The HP boost is always nice, as is the +100AP (which comes out to +135 with Deathcap). But the most important thing is that it massively increases the damage dealt by Liandry's Torment's burn passive, which we'll build next as our final item.

  • Hextech Gunblade should only be built if the enemy is incredibly squishy and you have no need for increased anti-tank abilities. The active is useful, and if you're finding it easy to get lots of takedowns, than the life-steal/spell-vamp passive will help you stay alive while racking up multikills. Be warned, though, you don't want this if the enemy is anything less than ridiculously squishy.

  • Mejai's Soulstealer, much like Gunblade, is only a realistic option if you are absolutely stomping the enemy. If you sold your Dark Seal, don't buy this, obviously. If you're ripping the enemy to shreds and still have your Dark Seal, this can be a good pick if you want to maximize your AP potential and increase your move speed.

Step 5: Finality (boot upgrade)

You should now be out of item slots. The only thing left to do is ditch boots for something better. I recommend the following:

Wait until you've acquired 930 gp, then sell your 3020.png (sells for 770 gp, bringing you up to 1600 gp). Then, buy 3136.png. Since Haunting Guise has +15 flat magic penetration, you're not losing any anti-tank capability when you buy it; the only thing you sacrifice is the +45 movement speed from the boots. What you gain in return, in addition to keeping the flat magic pen., is  25 AP and 200 health. From there, build the Haunting Guise into a 3151.png. You've effectively traded your boots' movement speed bonus out for 80 AP, 300 health, and a massive percent-HP burn. Liandry's is particularly effective when used in concert with Rylai's, but it is still a recommended boot upgrade even if you bought Void Staff or Gunblade during Step 4. If you've managed to get hold of a Mejai's and max it, you don't even need to worry all that much about losing the move speed.

Finally, buy 2139.png


Congratulations, you're now at full build! Your AP ranges anywhere from 700 to 1000, you've got 45% CDR, 25 flat magic penetration, -25 MR reduction aura from Abyssal and/or 35% magic penetration from Void Staff, 50% increased attack speed and a huge bonus to your auto attacks. 

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