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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.

14.png Ignite

Ignite is taken to increase your damage. This helps you with 1v1 fights in lane, but can also secure kills in team fights. The healing reduction is very strong against champions that rely on spell vamp such as Swain or helps reduce the AD carries life steal such as Caitlyn. Don't be too afraid of using ignite as there's nothing worse than an enemy escaping with 50 hp because you didn't ignite them. It has a relatively low cooldown so even if it was "wasted" on a kill it will be back soon enough. 

If you're planning on all-ining someone you should ignite near the start of your combo. This is because you want to reduce their healing in half. A lot of the time people will consume health pots while you're fighting. By igniting early on when we're trying to kill someone we reduce their natural regeneration they receive from base stats as well as the healing from their health pots.

Why are there no other summoner spell recommendations?

One of Katarina's biggest strength is her power spike at levels 2-6. Having ignite is required in order to secure kills at this phase of the game and setting you up to snowball the rest of the laning phase. This will be expanded upon further throughout this guide.

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute Rune page
Electrocute.png?width=32 - We take Electrocute for additional burst. This is a great rune page against squishier mid laners or teams.

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 - We take sudden impact for the Flat Magic Penetration so our level 6 all-in hits harder.

Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 - Eyeball Collection synergizes with assassins as it increases your damage as you get Takedowns.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Really strong because of how much healing we get from our massive amounts of damage. It will help you win duels since you will be healing up while damaging the enemy. Can also help you in late game split push scenarios by preventing you from having to recall when low on health since you can just heal off of the minion wave with your abilities.

Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 - This is mainly taken to help you deal with the harass you'll take from ranged mages in Mid lane during the early laning phase. On top of that, it does help you in 1v1 situations by reducing the enemy's damage, which you'll be in a lot of the time.

5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 - Another rune we take to help bolster our early game. The extra health can help you take a small amount more of early game poke, while also making you stronger in early all-in 1v1s. On top of that, it then switches into damage after enough Takedowns.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

deathlotus.png > bouncingblades.png > shadowstep.png > killerinstinct.png


  • We put a second point in shadowstep.png at level 4 to maximize our damage in the early phase of the game.
  • We max shadowstep.png second over killerinstinct.png as it increases our damage significantly since we will be using it every time it gets reset by our daggers. Additionally, it reduces the cooldown. Reducing the cooldown is important as it synergizes with your passive that also reduces your Shunpo's cooldown when you pick up a dagger.

katarinapassive.png Voracity

  • This passive serves as the backbone to Katarina's entire playstyle.
  • You can jump to Daggers before they actually land. However, you won't get the cooldown reduction on your Shunpo or activate the damage until they land.
  • When you pick up the Dagger the slashing spell originates from Katarina's current position - not the Dagger's. This means you can pick up Daggers at the edge of its circle to activate the slash further away from its current position.
  • The daggers you pick up are where the majority of your damage comes from.
  • You should be aware both the AP scaling and the cooldown reduction on Shunpo are improved by your level. This is one of the main reasons Attack Damage is stronger than Ability Power on Katarina in the early game.
  • The daggers you drop also make up your main form of clearing minion waves fast.

bouncingblades.png Bouncing Blade

  • Actually does very little damage and is mainly used to drop a Dagger - which is the main part of your damage.
  • Also has a very weak AP ratio.
  • Be cautious of spamming this at level 1 as you DO NOT want to push the lane as a melee at level 1. The enemy can set up a freeze, negate any aggression, harass you, and you will be unable to reset the wave.

killerinstinct.png Preparation

  • Mainly used to drop a Dagger. However, the movement speed bonus is still quite nice.
  • When facing Melee champions you can use it to drop a Dagger on top of a minion they need to last hit. This either zones them or baits them into a losing trade/fight.
  • Can also be used to when kiting champions. Activate it for the movement speed bonus and then as the enemy chases into it time your re-engage to dodge one of their spells.
  • Typically, you use the dagger from your bouncingblades.png to engage, then activate killerinstinct.png once you've engaged. Then auto-attack as you wait for it to drop. This combo typically beats out nearly every mid lane champion in the early game.
  • Can be used next to walls to allow you to shadowstep.png over them.

shadowstep.png Shunpo

  • Surprisingly, is a bit part of your damage.
  • Should be noted it has a better AD ratio than an AP ratio - which is another reason we take Attack Damage runes over Ability power.
  • It resets your auto-attack. This means that you can auto-attack, shadowstep.png, then immediately auto-attack.
  • Be aware when using it on a Dagger it will apply the damage to the nearest enemy. Try to place yourself closest to the enemy Champion instead of a minion to maximize your damage.

deathlotus.png Death Lotus

  • Typically activated once you've used the rest of your abilities.
  • After you engage, using killerinstinct.png and then ulting as you wait for the dagger to drop is a strong combo that gives you a lot of burst.
  • Also applies Grievous Wounds, which reduces enemy healing, which can be strong against champions such as Swain or Soraka.
  • Death Lotus isn't as important as it was before Katarina was reworked. Now, the Daggers you drop are your main source of damage. Instead, your ultimate is almost used as a finishing tool after you landed the initial burst of your daggers rather than the main source of your damage.
  • You don't need vision of an enemy to activate your ultimate. This means that your ultimate is very good at countering champions with invisiblity mechanics.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start
    Easy Matchup

Core Items

    First Buy
    Standard Next Purchase
    Need Armor/Zhonya's
    End Game Build

Situational Items

Start With

Standard Start


The Doran's shield start combined with Resolve secondary in your runes makes you very tanky and difficult to bully out of lane. It's overall one of the safest and most consistent starting builds on Katarina.

Easy Lane


You want to start these items when you're facing an easy matchup that doesn't harass you a lot in the early game. The reason for this is that the 2031.png saves us gold by never having to purchase 2003.png

In a way we're kind of building greedy, but if the matchup is easy then there's less risk to it and we can get away with it.


First Buy


These are your core items you want to build to every game. Gunblade is simply far too strong on Katarina to pass up. The AD it gives scales with Katarina's passive, E ability, and Ultimate. Her AP scaling is actually relatively weak early on as it increases over levels due to her passive.

The healing it gives is amazing and can let you win fights you'd lose otherwise. The activate also gives you some CC which you're completely missing from Katarina's kit.

Standard Next Purchase


We now purchase Sorc Shoes and a Morello. Both of these items give flat magic penetration. The AP scaling on our passive is weak early on and increases later on once we have levels. For this reason you want flat magic penetration to increase the base damage of our abilities rather than flat AP at this phase of the game.

Need Armor


You can choose to build a Zhonya's instead of a Morello. The armor is only one benefit of going Zhonya's. The active is also extremely beneficial due to Katarina's playstyle of engaging. Zhonya's will allow you to engage, full burst an enemy, and the activate Zhonya's before the enemy team is able to burst you - buying time for your team to follow up and protect you and setting you up to escape.
Additionally, it allows you to dodge a lot of skillshots that do damage as well as protect yourself if you get caught in some sort of root.

It's also a great purchase when facing AD assassins like Zed or Talon.

Final Build Example


I will typically get a Void Staff before I purchase a Deathcap due to Katarina's weak AP scaling until she's close to max level. When a champion has weak AP scaling then magic penetration becomes more powerful.

Additionally, the AP scaling on Katarina's passive maxes out at level 16. This is typically when you'll be completing your last item anyways so it makes sense to build a Deathcap at that point.


3111.png - You can get Merc Treads when you're facing an AP/CC heavy composition. It's also great when facing point and click CC abilities like Twisted Fate's Gold Card that are impossible to avoid.

3047.png - You can get Ninja Tabi when you're facing full AD teams as it will help you win the 1v1s against them.

3102.png - You can pick up Banshee's Veil instead of Morello if you're facing a comp that has a lot of point and click CC and AP like Lissandra or Twisted Fate. You combine it with Merc Treads and try to get a bit tankier and make it more difficult to lock you down in team fights.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Varus
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean
  • Zoe
  • Zyra




Ahri can be difficult as she can charm you after you shunpo as well as use her movement speed of her Q to kite away from your W dagger. On top of that she can use her ultimate to kite out of your ultimate. Since she's ranged she will also harass you if you try to play passive.

You still want to play aggressive early game from levels 2-5. However, try to time it when Ahri's Q is on cooldown so she can't kite away from you and does less damage. When you jump Ahri be aware she will try to charm you immediately - move erratically to try and anticipate it and juke it. If you're able to juke her charm then you might be able to kill her or at least win the trade.

At level 6+ it's fine to use your ultimate to get her to use her ultimate. Trading ultimates is to your advantage since the majority of your damage doesn't come from your ultimate and her ultimate is used to kite you.




Katarina has good matchups against Melee champions, especially ones that don't have any strong ranged spells for harass.

You can use your W to place daggers near low health minions as well as doing the same with your Q. This way you can either zone her from last hits or take good trades. Keep in mind because of Akali's innate healing you will need to ignite at the start of your engagement to reduce her healing as much as possible.

It's important you don't fall behind in this matchup as it can easily snowball into Akali's favor if you do. Consider getting a Negatron Cloak first if Akali is giving you trouble. Katarina's ultimate counters Akali's stealth mechanic and also activates grievous wounds to lower healing.




Anivia is a hard matchup due to her ranged high damage, and crowd control. At the same time, her egg passive makes it difficult to kill her in the early game. Essentially, she's ranged and too safe making it difficult to do anything.

Consider coordinating a jungle gank as Anivia lacks mobility to escape. The lane gets worse once Anivia has her ultimate so try your best to make the most out of the early levels. Be aware that Anivia's wall can also cancel your ultimate as it will knock you aside. 




You want to get an early negatron cloak if you didn't snowball the lane before your first back or else Annie will be able to one shot you.

This matchup can be difficult as it's extremely hard to dodge any of Annie's abilities. Look to play around her stun as well as her molten shield.

Annie has two distinct weaknesses: no mobility and weak waveclear. Try to either punish the lack of mobility early on through killing her with your stronger early game or setting up jungle ganks. Try to punish her weak waveclear by using your stronger waveclear to facilitate roams and pin her down with the minion wave.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol isn't that hard to actually 1v1 due to his lack of mobility, but the issue is his wave clear and harass.

Be aware Aurelion Sol usually does two roams before level 6 so make sure to actively ping your teammates when he goes missing.

Once you hit level 2 try to go aggressive at the start of the wave before he's able to push it. Be aware simply walking back will often be suicide if you engage as you will walk into his stun and then his stormraiders will activate and he'll chase you down. Instead, either commit to the all-in or use your E to disengage.




Time your engage on his Q ability as this is on a high cooldown early on and is what he relies on to re-position his soldiers. You can use your E to dodge his ultimate even if it's point blank as you can jump behind him.




Brand can actually be somewhat difficult as your E doesn't get reset on a low enough cooldown early on to dodge his stun after you engage. In the early levels consider using your flash after you engage to dodge his stun. Even if he flashes you can follow him up with your E after and he will have no way to peel you off him.

If Brand uses both W and E to push the wave then immediately go aggressive on him as he needs those abilities to activate his stun.




Against a really good Cassiopeia I would consider this matchup to be Hard, but against average players it should be Medium. Cassiopeia has a strong early game, but is reliant on landing her Q. She also has mana issues early on until she buys her Tear.

Try to time your aggression off of her Q so that you dodge it. If she lands her Q then you're in big trouble and should look to disengage as it will give her movement speed, increased damage, and healing. Early on, it's all about dodging her Q.

Eventually, she will have access to her W which stops you from using your mobility spells. However, this can't be cast on top of herself, which means once you've engaged as long as you stick on top of her she won't be able to peel you off.

This matchup is all about dodging her Q and Ultimate with your E while preventing her from using her W by sticking on top of her once you engage.




Cho'Gath is considered a hard counter to Katarina due to his waveclear, silence, tankiness, burst damage, and CC. However, there's still room for counterplay. You should time your aggression off of his Silence. Once it's on cooldown then engage and then look to dodge his Q ability which he'll likely put on top of himself. If you're able to do this then you can kill him.

Also, Cho'Gath mid's biggest weakness is his lack of mobility. Try to coordinate jungle ganks as that's how you punish this kind of pick. Be aware you need to shut down Cho'Gath early before he can get too tanky.




A lot of the ADC mids can actually be difficult to deal with because their early game damage is actually quite high compared to casters since the bulk of their damage comes from auto-attacks.

Time your engage off of Corki's Q ability. He'll likely use it to push/harass you so just dodge and engage once it's put on cooldown. Don't over commit to an all-in if he successfully dodged your initial engage.

Once he hits level 6 he's able to play really safe by farming with his long range abilities. If this is the case then transition into waveclearing and roaming.




Diana has always been considered difficult for Katarina because of her shield combined with her own consistent dps from her passive. At the same time, her E ability is used to interrupt your ultimate.

This matchup can snowball heavily into either persons favor if they gain a lead. I would definitely go Abyssal first in this matchup because if Diana goes Abyssal and you don't then you're at a huge disadvantage.

Early game it's all about timing your aggression off her W cooldown. Use your daggers to bait her shield then wait for it to expire. Once it expires go aggressive. Assuming you land your daggers you will easily beat her 1v1 when her shield is on cooldown.

Once she's level 6 it becomes much more difficult as your ultimate is essentially useless while hers increases her damage. This is why it's important to gain an advantage before level 6. Consider coordinating a gank as well as Diana lacks mobility, especially early on.




Ekko is pretty easy before he's level 6. He will use his Q to poke/push the wave. Just time your aggression once his Q goes on cooldown and he will have very little damage. If you miss your daggers then just disengage as you will no longer win the fight. If your daggers hit then commit to the all-in.

Once he's level 6 it's harder to kill him since his ultimate will serve as a way to save himself. However, your main concern should be his W. Q+E into him, wait a second to see if he E's away, if he does then match it with your E into a W+R combo. At that point he's forced to use his ultimate or die. This is okay because you're perfectly fine with trading ultimates as its to your advantage.




This is a skill-based matchup that I would say favors Katarina before level 6 and then starts to favor Fizz level 6+.

Because Katarina's dash is essentially instant it's actually quite difficult for Fizz to dodge it with his E. Because of this, early game you're usually able to land your Q Dagger+E combo, bait out his E, then auto-attack, ignite, E, auto-attack and win the all-in. However, if he was lucky enough to predict your engage and dodge your Q Dagger+E combo then you're in big trouble and should look to immediately disengage.

The trick to Fizz is that he is reliant on his E to waveclear. His E is what also gives him counterplay to your abilities. This means he can't both waveclear without making himself vulnerable. However, your waveclear doesn't run into that issue as you will be resetting your E and can always use it to disengage. Use this to your advantage by aggressively waveclearing and using your E to dodge his E and R if he tries to engage on you as you're waveclearing.




You have to kill Galio before level 6 or he will simply become too tanky and will push/harass you and get control of the lane.

Time your engage off his Q ability and stop auto-attacking if he activates his W as you will only heal him in the early game. Basically, engage off his Q cooldown, bait out his W, disengage, then re-engage before his W cooldown is back up.

Once he's level 6 just avoid fighting him unless you have some sort of distinct advantage as it's too easy for him to survive your burst and then just crowd control you with his ultimate and set up a gank. Instead, waveclear and look to roam.




Your E makes it easy to dodge his barrels, he lacks hard CC, and your ultimate cuts his W healing in half. Overall, this puts the matchup in your favor. However, good gangplank's will simply play far back and safe.

Early on you should be able to kill him quite easily, especially if he isn't placing a barrel on top of himself to activate once you engage. If he does have a barrel on top of himself then simply auto-attack it immediately when you engage. Your auto-attack will be faster than his after your E.

You want to snowball this lane early on before Gangplank can start getting items. If he's playing very safe just push and roam.




Very hard matchup as Jayce has a lot of damage early on while simultaneously having a range advantage and the ability to kite with his knockback and gate movement speed boost.

One trick is to time your aggression off of his stance switches. Essentially, a big part of Jayce's strengths is being able to use all cooldowns with one weapon then switching to his other weapon and then using all the cooldowns on that one. His weapon switch is on a 6 second cooldown, which is more than enough time to all-in and kill him in the early game.

Don't engage if he has all of his abilities off cooldown as it will be suicide. Also, check to see if he purchases a Hexdrinker on his first back as this will pretty much negate any kill potential you might have on him.

If you're unable to go aggressive then play off of jungle ganks and look to waveclear and roam when applicable.




Karma mid is too safe of a champion, meaning that it will be quite difficult to actually kill her. At the same time, her CC and movement speed boost makes it easy for her to kite and peel.

Early game you want to play around her Q cooldown as that's all of her damage. Your Q Dagger into E combo will be almost instant so it will be hard for to shield herself unless she predicts your engagement. Because of this, often you will get the initial damage in, but then she will shield and kite back so don't commit to the all-in. Instead, use your Q Dagger + E combo to harass and then E back to your minions to disengage. Try to poke away at her this way and then commit to an all-in if you get her to around 50-60% health.




Karthus lacks mobility and crowd control, which makes him an easy target for you. However, he has good range, which can make it difficult to actually engage on him. As usual, engage if he stands near one of your Daggers. However, if he's playing around them/further back then wait until you're level 3+ and simply engage with an E first, then Q and W, and use your W to reset your E and then jump to your Q dagger behind him as he kites back.




Kassadin is traditionally considered a hard counter to Katarina. This is because his Q not only gives a shield against magic damage, but also interrupts channels, which means it will cancel your ultimate. 

However, with the early attack damage you have you can easily 1v1 early game levels 2-5. Kassadin will either have to use his Q to last hit if he's being zoned or will use it on you to harass. Simply wait until it's on cooldown and the shield expires then go aggressive. If you are able to land a dagger engage at this point he should be 100% dead to your all-in.




Kayle will die to your all-in levels 2-5 if you are able to land a dagger engage. Be aware that Kayle is forced to push the minion wave, which makes her vulnerable to ganks early.

Once she hits level 6 you can still win all-ins if you killed her earlier and are ahead. Just make sure to stagger your W and R because if you stack them she will be able to block both portions of damage with her ultimate.

Also, be aware that Kayle needs items to take control of the lane and once she does get control of a lane it's hard to ever come back. This is why it's important to capitalize on your stronger early game and snowball early on so she doesn't get ahead and start getting items.




Kennen is difficult as he can harass you from a range and then crowd control you once you engage. You need to play around his Q, which he will max first and be his main source of damage. Also, you will need to play around his W, which has a stack mechanic. This is not just because of the additional damage, but also because it applies a mark which will allow him to stun you and disengage.

As long as you play around these two mechanics you should have enough damage to kill him levels 2-5 if you land a dagger engage. Once he's level 6 it becomes much harder. At this point if you're extremely fed you might be able to still kill him. However, it's likely that will be the case and instead it will just be suicide engaging. Instead, Kennen has relatively weak waveclear, so if you can try to just waveclear fast and look for roams.




LeBlanc can be extremely difficult if she gets ahead or is allowed to safely farm up and go even with you. However, you are way stronger than her levels 2-5 - especially at level 2. At level 2 most LeBlanc's will skill her W and Q. This means that LeBlanc won't have her E chain that can CC you. You can easily survive her W+Q combo and just re-engage and go all-in. At that point she will have used her W so she won't have any way to disengage except using her flash.

Always rush Abyssal in this matchup. Also, be aware that LeBlanc is all about landing her E chains. That is the core way she deals damage and wins matchups. If she lands one chain she's able to land another. Dodging the initial chain is the key to beating her.




Is considered a hard counter to Katarina due to her ultimate being point and click hard CC. Lissandra's early game goals is to just push and harass you with her Q. Besides that, she doesn't really have any other threats. As long as you land your dagger engage you can still easily all-in her even if she uses her W to root you as you can just use your E reset to follow her.

Look to kill her levels 2-5. Once she's level 6 if you have an advantage just transition into pushing and roaming rather than trying to kill her further. If you're behind at that point then you did something wrong in the early game and are at the mercy of the Lissandra.

Purchasing a QuickSilver Sash is viable if you feel you need it. Rushing an Abyssal is also a good idea if you're even or behind and the enemy has another AP champ on their team.




Considered a hard counter to Katarina. Has a ton of ranged harass, CC, shields, and kiting - making it very difficult to kill her or gain lane control. 

Try to minimize harass you take at level 1. Look to go aggressive at level 2 using your Q Dagger+E combo to harass and then disengage once she shields herself. Once she's level 3 you have to time your aggression when her Q is on cooldown or else you will take losing trades since she can Whimsy you.

However, if her Q is on cooldown and you land a Q Dagger+E combo and she uses Whimsy on you then you can just walk out and eat a few auto-attacks, which is fine as it then gives you a timing window to all-in her since her Whimsy will be on cooldown for awhile.

Once she's level 6 unless you have some big lead you won't be able to kill her. Instead, look to wave clear and roam.




Lux is actually kind of annoying as typically she will take Barrier. Barrier+her W shield is typically enough to survive any kind of burst. At the same time, she has a lot of ranged harass.

You want to snowball this lane before level 6 as once she hits level 6 she can Q you into a full combo to burst you when you engage and this will be even worse if she's slightly ahead of you.

In the early levels bait out her shield with your Q Dagger+E harass and then disengage once she shields herself. Her shield is on a long cooldown early on so look to immediately re-engage after she uses it with the intentions of all-ining her. If you're able to snowball the lane and kill her early on then you should be in a good position to gain control of the lane post level 6. However, if you don't you will find yourself unable to go aggressive while simultaneously taking a lot of harass.

Go Abyssal if you're even or behind/if you're planning on going aggressive when you're even/behind.




Both his Q and his ultimate counter your ultimate. At the same time, his early game damage is pretty significant if he has a voidlings active. Also, it can be extremely difficult for you to remove his passive without using a large portion of your damage and engage tools.

You want to snowball this lane before he hits level 6. Levels 2-5 be aware of his E and W cooldowns. Level 2 is the key point in this matchup and is highly influenced based on what he's put skill points into. If he has a skill points in Q+E then as long as you don't get hit by his Q you win the all-in. If he has skill points in W+E/Q then immediately engage to bait out his W cooldown - then disengage. Since he just hit level 2 and just put a skill point in W it will take roughly 20 seconds before he has another Voidling available. Take advantage of this and simply re-engage when it's on cooldown and you'll win the all-in and kill him.




Morgana can be annoying as she's a very safe champion, but at the same time she will find it difficult to actually go aggressive and kill you. This is because she's completely reliant on landing her Q bind to have any chance of killing you, but you have a lot of mobility so it will be hard for her to do.

You want to go aggressive at level 2 and look to all-in her. After you engage move erratically to try to dodge the point blank Q. If it's going to hit you then just use your flash to dodge it and move in the direction of her escape path. She should flash in return, but your E will be back up and you will have enough damage to kill her.

Once she's level 3 she has access to her shield makes it much harder to kill her. At that point you will have to play around both her Q and E cooldown. If she ever misses her Q before level 6 then you need to immediately go aggressive and punish her.

At level 6+ it becomes much harder to go aggressive as her waveclear starts becoming stronger and she has her ultimate to help kite. At that point, just try to waveclear and roam rather than kill her.




Orianna can be quite difficult, especially if she runs a defensive summoner spell like Barrier or Exhaust. This is because she has a lot of ranged harass while also having a shield with her E ability that helps protect her against your early game damage.

If she has skilled into her W at level 2 instead of her E then look to all-in her to punish her for it. Otherwise, the trick is to engage off her Q to dodge it, bait out her E, then walk away. As soon as her E expires re-engage and all-in her with your E. This works best at level 3-5 as you will have access to your W at that point and can E first then W to reset the cooldown.

If she gets ahead then you will be in a very bad position post level 6. Consider going Abyssal if she's giving you trouble.




Very touch matchup as his early game is superior to yours and his stun counters you pretty hard since it can interrupt your ultimate as well as prevent you from utilizing your mobility.

If he uses Q on a minion then engage immediately, this will bait out his stun, at that point disengage by using your W to kite back. If he walks into your dagger then re-engage and go for the all-in. This only works if you're already near full health at the start of this. Otherwise, you will just die 1v1.

Your best option is to coordinate jungle ganks. Pantheon mid lacks mobility and has short range so if you can set up a freeze he's extremely vulnerable. This is the best way to punish this counter pick.




Ryze is very difficult if you're facing a Ryze that knows what he's doing. You need to be aware that Ryze will try to chain E's off of minions on to you and then Q the minion to spread it to you. You need to avoid this at all costs as it does a lot of damage, gives him movement speed+a shield, and sets him up for further damage after it lands.

Try to time your engage when he doesn't have 2 runes available. This is because if he has 2 runes he will gain a shield off his next Q. Then, he will simply E+W+Q to gain an additional shield. This will completely destroy you. If you're able to time your aggression at levels 2-5 when he has 0 rune stacks then you have a chance to kill him even through his shield. Just make sure you don't activate any of your daggers when the shield is up. This means, doing a Q+E Combo, baiting out his E+W+Q shield combo, re-engaging with your E once his shield expires and activate your W. At that point he's dead unless he flashes.

You can continue to try to kill him in this way until he purchases a Negatron Cloak or starts having completed items. At level 6 you actually become stronger as his ultimate doesn't help him 1v1 you at all, while yours can't be cancelled by him. At the same time, Ryze builds a lot of mana early on so will lack combat stats. If he doesn't buy a Negatron Cloak on his second back then you need to capitalize on this timing window before he's able to purchase more items as he's weakest at this point.




Swain shouldn't be that hard in the early levels. If he ever uses his Q aggressively to harass then immediately engage as you can dodge the damage and that's one of his main forms of damage. At that point, it doesn't even matter if he lands his W as you can position yourself to still hit him with the dagger from your W while you're rooted and then follow up with your E once the root expires.

In this matchup it's all about killing him in the early levels 2-5 so that you can continue to kill him once you're level 6.




Always rush Abyssal against Syndra. If she takes W at level 2 instead of E then she should be a free kill if you execute your level 2 all-in properly. From level 3-5 look to go aggressive when she tries to harass you to both dodge her abilities and land damage of your own.

You can easily kill her levels 2-5 if she misses her stun, even if it knocks you back you'll be able to re-engage on her with your E. Just be aware that you need to be aggressive in the early levels. You can't sit back and let just harass you or else you'll always be too low on health to engage. You want to start fighting for lane control and looking for all-ins as soon as you hit level 2.

Once she's level 6 it becomes much harder, but if you snowballed the early game you should have a Negatron Cloak and she should be scared of you. Same concept applies with playing around her stun at this point. However, you can also choose to waveclear and roam.




Taliyah really only has one ability you need to scared of, which is her W. Her W is a skillshot and should be easy for you to play around with your E ability. Go aggressive whenever she's on top of her dagger. Don't be afraid to flash to dodge her W if you're on top of her as it will force her own flash and you can then use your E reset to kill her anyways.

Be aware of the worked ground mechanic. You don't want to jump into her and eat a full Q. If she's standing on worked ground then she's essentially a sitting duck. At the same time, be aware that you can E behind her or beside her, meaning that if she activates Q you can just E to a different location and dodge the entire spell.




Talon is very hard because his damage is insane and is very strong against melee champions because of the way his Q works in melee range.

However, it's actually quite simple how to play around Talon. Everything really stems from his W and passive. He needs to apply 3 marks from his spells and then auto-attack you. If he does then you're dead - however, if he doesn't do this then he lacks a large portion of his damage and you can win.

Talon's W applies 2 stacks towards his passive. If you're able to dodge it completely then you should immediately go aggressive as he's completely screwed. However, even if you only dodge one half of it, you can still go aggressive as he still won't have his 3 stacks.

Level 6 becomes much harder as his ultimate can also apply 2 stacks to you as well. At the same time, he will likely rush a Hexdrinker. You will need to rush a Seeker's Armguard and play passive until you get some stacks on it. Try to engage when he misses his W, bait out his ultimate, and then immediately E as far away to your tower as you can. If you can bait out his ultimate then you actually have a chance to beat him 1v1 assuming you still play around his W since he'll be unable to hit his 3 stacks.


Twisted Fate


Early on you want to go aggressive on Twisted Fate whenever he stands on one of your Daggers. It's very hard for Twisted Fate to have any counter play against you unless he already has a Gold Card locked otherwise it will take him some time to react and lock in the Gold Card at which point you've likely done enough damage to follow up after the stun expires and kill him.

You continue to become even stronger post level 6 as his ultimate doesn't help fight you in any way, but your ultimate provides you with more damage. That being said, you still want to snowball this lane asap as you don't want to give Twisted Fate an easy lane to free farm in and transition into ganking with his ultimate.

Get an early game lead through setting up an all-in at levels 2-5 then transition into warding aggressively to spot his ganks and controlling the lane.




If Varus ever stands near one of your daggers before level 6 you should instantly go aggressive and he should die to your all-in. In reality, Varus players usually sit far back and farm with Q and E - making it hard for you to aggressive. This is okay, simply transition into pushing the wave and roaming as Varus has low mobility and will struggle to keep up with your roams.




You have the advantage early on, but as the game continues Veiger threatens to one shot you and burst you. Levels 2-5 you have the advantage if he ever stands on one of your daggers.

Post level 6 I would try to transition into waveclearing and roaming as Veigar will have trouble keeping up with you.




Go aggressive if he ever stands on one of your daggers pre-level 6. If he plays safe just transition into wave clearing and roaming between waves. Levels 3-5 you can use your E first combo you can find in the combo section of this guide. It's important to dodge Vel'Koz's E as that's a huge part of setting up his stacks for his combo.




You can easily beat him 1v1 levels 2-5 as he only has his initial burst while you have sustained damage. That's the time you want to go aggressive and snowball the lane. Viktor's ult is actually a huge part of his strength as it offers a ton of sustained damage if you stand and fight him. It also interrupts channels so it will cancel your ultimate. You can bait out his ultimate by going aggressive when his E is on cooldown and then disengaging, healing up, and then looking for an all-in.




It's important to get an advantage early against Vladimir as he'll bully you once he finishes his Spirit Visage. The best chance is levels 2-5 or just in general before he's gone back and bought magic resistance.

The key things you need be aware of when facing Vladimir is that his third cast of his Q will be empowered and is actually the main source of his healing and damage. For this reason, try to engage him the second he uses his empowered Q. At the same time, be aware that level 9 is a key turning point for Vladimir as that's when his Q ability is maxed out. Vladimir relies heavily on both levels and items so it's important to take advantage of him early on when he's weak.




Look to go aggressive levels 2-5. He lacks mobility so if he gets too close or stands near one of your daggers you should punish him for it. If he is playing safe and you're unable to go aggressive then transition into wave clearing and roaming.




Make sure to proc his shield and wait for it to expires before engaging as his shield makes a huge difference, especially in the early game. Assuming his shield is on cooldown you're able to kill him levels 3-5 if you execute your all-in combo properly.

One of Yasuo's biggest weaknesses as a mid laner is how vulnerable he is to ganks since he has to play so aggressive. Consider coordinating ganks to punish him for this.

Don't fall prey to his level 1 or level 2 which is very strong. It's likely he will hit level 2 first so don't let yourself take a ton of damage. Once you're level 3 you have potential to all-in and kill him.

The key to this matchup is either snowballing it to your advantage at levels 3-5 or shutting him down with ganks.




You can definitely kill him at levels 2-5 as long as you time your aggression when he uses his W and misses his Q/E. Post level 6 try to use your E to dodge his Qs after he ults. Also, try to position yourself so that you're between both him and his shadow so that even if he swaps he will get hit by his ultimate.




Look to play aggressive levels 2-5 if he stands on a dagger. Try not to stand in your minions as it lets him both harass and push you into tower. Chances are Ziggs will transition into playing extremely passive post level 6. If this is the case then wave clear and roam.




It's all about killing him levels 2-5. Simply time your aggression once he throws out a bomb. As soon as he uses a bomb it means he can't stun you and only has one more bomb and auto-attacks to try and trade back.

Once he's level 6 you can still go aggressive playing around one of his bombs. Just be aware that if your abilities are on cooldown once he ults then it's best to just disengage and set up a kill for later now that his ultimate is on cooldown.

If he's playing safe and bombing from max range then push and roam.




Stand away from your minions so that Zoe can't both push and harass you at the same time. Zoe will push you into tower for levels 1-2 and there's not much you can do about it.

Once you're level 3 you can look to go aggressive to try and kill her. One trick is to time your E+W engage as she walks up to use her Q on the minion wave. This way her Q will be on cooldown and she will have moved up to overextend to get last hits/damage the minions.

When you ult her at level 6+ you don't always have to cancel it when she uses her ult. She will jump back to her original position so sometimes it's better to just wait and let your ult continue damage her when she gets back.




She's extremely vulnerable to being killed levels 2-5. Just use your standard all-in combos found in the combo section of this guide. Pay attention to where her plants are positioned and don't take too much free harass or else it will prevent you from going aggressive.

If she ever uses her E to try and poke you then immediately go aggressive and punish her for it. Be aware that you need to burst her fast post level 6 or else her plants will do too much damage and she'll be able to CC you and kite back.

She lacks mobility and is extremely slow so consider coordinating a jungle gank if possible. If she's playing safe then push and roam.

Katarina Combos + Tricks Back to Top

Wave Clear Combo

Understanding the wave clear combo of mid lane champions is important as wave clearing fast opens you up to roam and react to other things on the map. For Katarina's wave clear combo you want to start by using your Q on the melee minions, which will get them low and bounce the dagger in between both the casters and melees. Then E into the Dagger to activate it - try to time it so you last hit any low health minions. After that, hit W and walk away from the minions. Walking away is important as you want to E back at the time of your choosing to make sure you don't miss any last hits.

Most champions are able to one shot the caster minions at level 9 since that's when their main ability has 5 points in it. However, Katarina is unique in that none of the abilities she puts skill points into really increase her wave clear. Instead, it's her passive. Because of this, being able to one shot caster minions is more reliant on items than typical mid laners. This is also why the attack damage rune page I recommend, along with rushing 3146.png is so important as this will increase your attack damage further, which is what increases your passive's damage the most in the early game.

Level 2 All-In Combo

This combo works on any mid laner that relies more on burst rather than consistent dps at level 2. You can see how strong it is. In the clip above LeBlanc is literally at 100% health and I'm still able to easily kill her. Additionally, I'm able to absorb her entire combo at level 2 as well as the enemy minions and I walk away with 50% health. More than 50% of the time I'm able to kill my lane opponent at level 2 using this combo.

Level 3 All-In Combo

This is the standard combo from levels 3-5. You can see how I use my Q on the melee minions to bounce it to the enemy laner rather than trying to hit the enemy with the Q itself. After you E to your dagger you want to try to stand as close to the enemy as possible and hit W. If the enemy stands and fights he's dead since he'll be standing within range of the new dagger you created. If he runs away a lot of the time they won't move fast enough and you can position yourself at the edge of the dagger and still hit them with it. In the case above Zyra immediately ran because she was so low on health. However, you can see with the early game attack damage how much damage I'm able to do just with my E and auto-attacks.

Level 6+ Combo

In this combo I press Q first, I then E to the enemy and immediately press W and R. The W will come down and stack on damage with your R as well as reset your E. The Dagger from the Q you threw to start the combo will then be available for you to E to as they run away from you. Keep in mind I executed this combo against Kassadin as he just used his only mobility spell so I knew he couldn't get out of my W or ultimate.

Q+E walk away into W+E walk away Harass Combo

This combo is a bit riskier and I don't recommend it unless the opponent's abilities are on cooldown or in some way are unable to trade with you. The idea behind this combo is to use it when you're unable to all-in the opponent so you just want to harass them. First you Q and E on to the dagger, then W and use the movement speed boost to walk away. After that you E back on to your original dagger which should be by the enemy and again walk away. Like I said, this only works if the opponent is unable to trade back with you. 

In the clip above, Master Yi can only auto-attack or Q me. However, he's busy using his auto-attacks on last hitting minions so I know he can't trade back with me. His Q was also on cooldown, which isn't shown in the clip.

W(killerinstinct.png) + R(deathlotus.png) Combo

In the clip above you'll see two examples of me using the W+R combo. It's fairly straight forward, when you jump on the enemy you press W and then immediately ult. This will stack the damage from the dagger that drops from your W with your ultimate. I use it on both Talon and Master Yi, but not on Caitlyn since my ultimate was on cooldown at that moment.

E First Combo

Straight forward combo that relies on resetting your E with your W rather than the dagger from your Q. E to the enemy, press Q and W, sit on the edge of your W dagger, then E to the Q dagger once you get the reset. This can be used with the W+R combo above as well.

Kiting with W to set up re-engage

This is a common trick to use when enemies are chasing you. Press W to increase your movement speed to kite, while also leaving a dagger in their path. Either re-engage and burst them or wait for them to use a skillshot for you to dodge.

Flashing on Dagger

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes you'll have to use your flash to activate a dagger. In the example above you can see that I had no time to wait as Kassadin's cooldowns were about to be up. I had no choice but to use my flash aggressively to get the additional damage needed to kill him before he killed me.

Chaining Jumps with W and Q

The clip above is a really good example of how you should be chaining jumps when chasing opponents. You're able to E first, then Q and W, making sure you aim your Q so the dagger lands in their escape path. Then walk back to your W to reset your E and jump forward to your Q dagger. 

Wall Hoping with W

A nice trick you can do with Katarina's W is stand as close to a wall as you can and then activate W. The dagger that lands should allow you to E over the wall by positioning your mouse to the edge of its radius.

Why I love Zhonya's on Katarina

Can't tell you how many outplays I've done because of Zhonya's on Katarina.

When in doubt run for your life

Early Game Back to Top

Overall Early Game Strategy

I'm defining the early game as levels 1-7ish. I would say that the early game mainly conists of the part of the laning phase where neither opponent has backed and still have both of their starting items.

Our gameplan for this part of the laning phase is going to be to set up a kill on our opponent. Most players don't realize how strong Katarina's early game is and will often give up firstblood to her. Below I will explain how to do this.

Level 1

It's important at level 1 that you DO NOT push the lane. Pushing the lane as a melee champ such as Katarina will only result in the enemy freezing the minion wave in front of their tower. This is terrible as we want to look to go aggressive levels 2-6 as well as the fact that we will have no way to break the freeze to reset the minion wave.

However, just because we don't want to push the lane does not mean we can just let the opponent push into us. Instead, we want to try to match the opponent's damage to minions to try and maintain the wave at the center of the lane or slightly near our tower. Essentially, don't let the opponent just push you into tower as that will also prevent you from going aggressive since they will have too many minions.

Level 2

This is somewhat dependent on the matchup, but I would argue that in the majority of matchups you can actually kill the opponent at level 2. You don't really have to use your Q on the enemy champion directly as it does pretty low damage at this point. Instead, you can use your Q to last hit a melee minion, which will bounce your Dagger behind it, hopefully on top of the opponent.

If the opponent is standing near the Dagger then E on to them. After you E make sure you auto-attack, your E should be back up in roughly 2 seconds. Make sure to auto-attack right before you E the second time as it will reset your auto-attack timer. Also, you will want to Ignite them at this point. After your second E, auto-attack them once more and flash auto-attack again if needed. However, typically you won't need to flash. You can find an example of this in my Combo section above.

You don't want to all-in someone who is simply stronger than you at level 2. There are very few champions that actually are, but one example would be Talon. Talon's level 2 is much stronger than yours even if you land all your abilities. Also, be aware of how many minions the enemy has, as you'll end up pulling minion aggro when you jump in and auto-attack. If they have a lot of crowd control/mobility then it's okay to use your second E to jump back instead of committing to the all-in if it doesn't look like you'll kill them.

Level 3-5

This is a very important timing window where Katarina is at her strongest. If she lands everything correctly she should be able to essentially 1v1 any mid laner at this phase of the game as her damage is insane. You can find a level 3-5 combo in my combo section above.

Same as level 2, you want to use your Q to set up your Dagger, not for the actual damage on the enemy champion. So use it on melee minions so it bounces on top of the enemy. Jump to it, auto-attack, and then W. Keep auto-attacking the enemy and move towards the enemy if he starts kiting away, but don't leave the radius of the Dagger. No champions will be able to get out of range of your Dagger AOE just by walking if executed correctly - they will have to use some sort of mobility spell. Once your second Dagger damages the enemy then time your following E after your auto-attack to reset your auto-attack timer and Ignite them.

This should kill the vast majority of mid lane matchups you'll be facing. The only exception would be if it's some sort of defensive champion with a defensive summoner spell, but even then you'll likely push them out of lane, which nets you a gold and experience advantage since they will lose minions as they'll be forced to recall.

Level 6

Once you hit level 6 it's actually more dangerous for you because the enemy will likely have access to an ultimate that helps deal with you. However, if they don't or are somewhat low on health you can still kill them. You use the previous combo mentioned above, but either use your ultimate right after you press W or wait until your W Dagger activates, E to the enemy, then ultimate. You can find a level 6 combo in my combo section above.

Middle Game Back to Top

Mid game can be categorized by three strategies: Killing your lane opponent, Roaming, and Split Pushing. Killing your lane opponent is somewhat self-explanatory - if you can do it, great. However, a common problem people will have is that they are unable to actually kill their lane opponent. At that point, you should be looking to roam.

When it comes to roaming, the first thing you need to master is Katarina's wave clear combo. I explain how to do it in the Katarina Combo section above. You need to wave clear to set up your roam. This is because after you've killed your lane minions you have downtime before the next minion wave arrives. This allows you to look for roams and move around the map without losing gold and experience from lane minions. At the same time, it delays your lane opponent from pushing and taking your tower while you're roaming. Lastly, the enemy will lose vision of you once you've killed all the lane minions, while simultaneously pinning the enemy laner down at his tower since he has to kill the remainder of the minions you just pushed. This keeps him off the map, while the enemy loses sight of you and allows you to roam.

You should also be aware that vision is important when roaming. You should have a control ward down on the map and make sure you're checking brushes for enemy control wards. Roaming will be ineffective if the enemy sees you coming.

The last thing I'll touch on is split pushing. Often you'll find yourself in a situation where bot lane takes a tower and then people start rotating to mid. Since you lack ranged wave clear you can't really do anything. At the same time, you have a bunch of people taking your farm and sharing experience. If this is happening then you should essentially switch lanes with your bot lane. They will be able to hold mid since they are ranged and it's safer for you to be pushed up in a side lane than your AD Carry since you have more mobility to get away from ganks.

Just be aware that your goal isn't to just split push 24/7. You're pushing out bot so the wave hits the enemy's tower and then either diving the enemy AD Carry if they're weak or rotating to make a play near mid. The reason this works is once you've pushed the minion wave to the enemy's bot tower at least one of them will have to rotate to defend it. At this point you can use this opportunity to rotate back to mid since you'll have a man advantage. Wait for them to push bot lane back and then rotate back and repeat. This is the more standard way of dealing with bot lanes rotating to mid lane when you're an assassin.

Late Game and Team Fighting Back to Top

Late game is typically defined by 5v5 team fights. You want to sit on the outskirts of a fight paying attention to the enemy's positioning and cooldowns. When it comes to cooldowns you're mainly paying attention to their crowd control. Katarina has to rely on her mobility to outplay enemies and dodge abilities. If she's crowd controlled then she's just an easy target to kill. Also, crowd control can interrupt your ultimate, which will be a big part of your damage late game.

You mainly have two ways of approaching team fights. The first one is to lurk on the outskirts of a fight and try to come from weird angles to get a flank on the enemy's backline. You should pay attention the enemy's body language and if they're reacting to you because if they are it means it's likely warded and you won't be able to surprise them. I typically only use this strategy when my team has some sort of vision advantage. If I'm able to see where the enemy's backline is positioned then I can adjust my own positioning accordingly and go for a flank. If I had very little vision then it's too risky to go off into the fog of war with the hopes that it's not warded. The video below is an example of lurking on the outskirts.

The second way to approach a team fight is to simply time your engagement. Again, we need to pay attention to key cooldowns from the enemy and play off of our own teammate's engage. Typically, you want to throw your Q on their front line so you can bounce a dagger to the enemy carries behind them. If a squishy carry steps near one of your Daggers and the enemy doesn't have crowd control available then you know it's your time to jump in and instantly burst them. You basically just throw your Q out on the enemy's front line as you kite back with your team and fish for a good engage.

Additionally, you can skip using your Q altogether and just jump in using your E. This often occurs when one of your teammates lands a good engage that applied crowd control to one or multiple enemies, since you won't have time to use your Q and wait for your Dagger to drop. If you choose to do this, then you use your E first combo into a W+R combo, go over both of these combos in the Katarina Combo section. The video below is an example of timing your engage.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Typically has high kill potential on enemy mid laners levels 3-6
  • One of the most mobile champions in the game when played correctly
  • Has a lot of snowball and carry potential
  • Relatively strong wave clear post level 6


  • Lacks defense and instead relies on mobility
  • High mechanical skill ceiling
  • Is vulnerable to being counter picked both in lane and enemy team composition as a whole
  • Can be difficult to solo carry if you're the only one fed on your team in the late game as you'll need teammates to set up your engage at that point

Warding Locations Back to Top

Warding Locations

Ward Locations.jpg
Note: This is from the perspective of Blue Side - meaning your Nexus is South. The exact same ward spots apply if you were Red Side - meaning your Nexus is North, except that the ward spots are simply rotated 180 degrees/mirrored.

1 - This is where you want to place your 2055.png as gaining vision control of the lane brush is very important. This is because the lane brush offers the most quickest and convenient location to place 3340.png for the enemy. By placing a 2055.png it denies the enemy this convenience. At the same time, it clears the most common area we'll be moving through when we roam. Lastly, it keeps our 2055.png close to us, which makes it easier to defend and harder for the enemy to get rid of.

2 - This is the optimal location for a 3340.png as it covers all the choke points for that side of the river. Additionally, it is hidden from 2055.png that are placed in the lane brushes. Keep in mind, this is just the most optimal, that doesn't mean it's always practical. It's okay to place your 3340.png in location 1 or somewhere between location 1 and 2 if you're unable to move any further due to safety or potential missed minions.

3 - This is the aggressive version of the 2nd ward location and should only be used when you have lane control and the enemy laner is forced to playing passive. It allows you to see when the enemy mid laner rotates to take blue buffs, jungle camps, roam, or react to one of your roams. At the same time, it spots junglers that are coming from raptors/wolves.

4 - This is a very powerful ward that can easily be placed after you push the mid laner into his tower. This gives you vision on the enemy's raptor camp. This can give you a wide range of information. For example, if you place this ward early on it tells you whether the enemy jungler is invading/ganking the side he started on or if he's doing a standard clear. When you spot the enemy jungler doing his raptors it relieves pressure off of everyone else as you know exactly where the enemy jungler it is. At the same time, that opens your own jungler to adjust his play accordingly. On top of that, just knowing that the jungler ISN'T doing his raptors can give you information on where he might possibly be.

5 - This is simply a better version of the 4th warding location. However, it's more time consuming, riskier, and overall more difficult to get a ward here. The reason why it's better than the 4th warding location is that you can see if the enemy's jungler is skipping raptors and which direction he's moving towards. I like to ward here when I have a big lead and I do it after I push a wave to pin the enemy mid laner at his tower.

6 - This is known as the lane ward and you might have seen it before. This is best used against champions that are looking to roam and is typically used when you've lost lane and are behind. It's especially strong against Twisted Fate due to the manner in which he ganks. Essentially, this ward will let you see which direction the enemy mid laner moves to after he kills the minion wave. In a way this gives you the benefits of warding both sides of your lane with only one ward: you get to see if he's ganking either side lane. However, you also get to see if the enemy is recalling or just standing at his tower. Keep in mind the main downside of this ward is that it doesn't protect you against other enemies ganking your lane.

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