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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Top Lane:

12.png  This summoner spell is effective if you go to TOP because you gain indirect lane sustain (you can get back to your lane instantly). Moreover it gives a kind of map pressure because you can appear suddenly in a teamfight which favors your team!

4.png  Important to be able to get away from dangerous situations, moreover you can easily initiate fights via gap closing.

Mid Lane:

14.png  To reduce healing effects and get a bit more damage to execute targets easier.

4.png  Kayle has to pick this always (explained above)!

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Fury (5): Early game attack speed is essential. Attack Speed increases the effectiveness of your keystone mastery and on-hit damage.

Double Edged Sword (1): This mastery gives % damage amplification which is pretty strong if you are a hyper carry. And yes, Kayle is a hyper carry. Since we will go a bit tanky with our build in the late game, we can pick all the offensive masteries (neglecting the defensive ones). This mastery also increases the damage taken by 1,5%, but it is not comparable to the 3% increase on your attacks.

Natural Talent (5): With picking this, you give yourself a bit of early game damage. Since it has got buffed, it is much better than Vampirism. You make good use of both AP and AD because your skills scale from both stats.

Bounty Hunter (1): It gives 1% damage amplification for each unique enemy killed. With Trinity Force, it is really easy to pick up kills because your Q+auto attack combo will be devastating (especially in mid game). In early game, Bounty Hunter is inferior to Oppressor, but after getting 3 different kills, Bounty Hunter is better!

Piercing Thoughts (3) / Battering Blows (2): They grant 4,2% magic penetration and 2,8% armor penetration together.. Our core build involves Nashor's Tooth plus Trinity Force. As you can see, Trinity Force is purely about physical damage whereas Nashor amplifies your magic damage output. These items together amplify your hybrid nature which means both penetration is really helpful. Combining these penetrations with your passive armor/magic resistance reduction results in heavy hybrid damage output.

Fervor of Battle (1): This mastery is the best for Trinity Force Kayle. It amplifies our hybrid nature even more with some on-hit physical damage. You can get max 8 stacks from this mastery which gives you 112 bonus physical damage at max level. With this build, you will get around 2.1 attack speed which means you can utilize this mastery pretty much. Moreover, we build Runaan's Hurricane: the secondary bolts apply on-hit effects, including this bonus 112 damage. In the end game you will have insane single target burst, as well as devastating AOE damage. In the early game it grants 8 bonus damage which is also really high (almost an extra Long Sword).


Savagery (3): Since our rune setup includes only attack speed, it is advisable to get 3 points in this mastery. It helps with last hitting a lot.

Wanderer (2): Most of the players put 5 points in Savagery. If you put 2 points in Wanderer, you will get 1,2% out of combat movement speed bonus. This is perfect to chase down people without points in Wanderer. It also helps when you are fleeing. You only lose 2 bonus damage dealt to monsters while you get a really useful tool to keep up with enemies.

Assassin (1): Percentage damage amplification is the thing we love. The mastery's damage boost is only there, when you don't have an allied champion nearby: you will split push a lot, so it is really useful (and of course it also helps in laning).

Merciless (4): You get percentage based damage increase. You are a bursty assassin who brings great DPS to the table, so you should get as much damage from your masteries as possible. With this, you can kill low HP targets much easier..

Meditation (1): Many high elo Korean Kayle players are putting one point in Meditation. Kayle doesn't have any mana problems if you play carefully, however this one point in meditation allows a more spammy playstyle. It regenerates 0,3% missing mana every 5 seconds. With this, we can avoid buying a second Doran's Ring, so we can go straight to our core items!

Dangerous Game (1): You are an assassin which means you often get kills or assists. This mastery restores HP and Mana to your upon killing an enemy which is useful in teamfights (you will last much longer). 

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order:

I always follow this order in my games.

With maxing E first we get a good, sustained damage and wave clear potential. You will be able to harass the enemy laner like there is no tomorrow, moreover you will have an excellent creep score. 

Max Q second to get some burst in the mid game. By this time, you can pretty much duel with anyone in the League. The problem with maxing Q first is that you won't be able to clear minion waves efficienty. 

Max W last because it doesn't scale with levels that much, only with raw AP. The increase in base % movement speed is good but dealing damage is our main task (so Q/E is preferred).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best starting setup since S4. It gives nice sustain and early game power.

Core Items

    Mid Game Goal
    Core Build
    Late Game Elixir

Situational Items

    Get this instead of Abyssal, if you are against some really bursty team composition (including Rengar/Zed/Kha/etc...)
    If you are against a tanky composition, where there is no direct threat to you. It increases your burst against squishy targets (flat penetration) and boosts your DPS against tanky/high HP targets.
    This one as for the last item is a pretty solid choice when you are focused in the teamfights. It gives both armor and magic resistance and a unique passive which revives you upon death.
    Buy this instead of Abyssal, if you need to kite a lot. It is good against champions like Volibear/Shyvana/Dr. Mundo/etc.
    Get Abyssal, if you are against a heavy AP team composition or against a fed AP champion. The 25 flat magic reduction also increases your burst against squishies.
    Only get this item, if you don't need the other situational items. It gives you insane burst but it will leave you without any defensive stats.

Item Explanation:

2033.png Gives an insane sustain with its 3 charges. Upon visiting the fountain, the 3 chargess are reloaded which means we got an unlimited potion. With using Teleport, you can easily refill it once you drank it up all. You should only go back if you have at least 400 gold to buy a Doran's ring! 

1056_32.png  Gives nice mana regeneration along with reducing its wielder's squishiness in the early game. It also gives some nice ability power which increases our pushing potential. Upon minion kills, you get back some mana which is really nice combined with Corrupting Potion.s

3340.pngThis is perfect for early game warding.

3006.png Strongest boots for Kayle in the game right now. It gives a strong attack speed boost to maximize our mid game DPS.

3115_32.png The best item for Kayle in the entire game. It gives cooldown reduction with attack speed and ability power. It also gives a passive which amplifies your auto attacks in the same aspect as your E does. Rushing this will increase your wave clearing and dueling potential. I played like 1500+ games with Kayle and there is NO champion that can compete with you in 1v1 after you finish this item (mostly it is because of the powerspike), if you both have the same amount of gold. Many players forget that this item is super cost-efficient.

Gold Efficiency*

  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is 139.94% gold efficient.
    • Nashor's Tooth's gold efficiency is further increased by 12.5% for every 100 ability power obtained (excluding its own ability power).
It is copy pasted from We build high amounts of AP (we are able to get around 800 AP in late game) which means, our Nashor's Tooth becomes 239,94% gold efficient which is hilarious (one of the best efficiency in the entire game (only 25 stacked Mejai surpasses it).

3100.pngThis item gives a strong additional scaling (0.5 AP) to your next basic attack after casting a spell. Our build contains low amount of attack speed (AS), which means our damage-per-second (DPS) is far lower than an on-hit Kayle's DPS. Kayle has only 1.1 ability power scalings from Nashor's Tooth (0.15)/ E's on hit damage (0.25) + Thunderlord's Decree (0.1) + Q spell (0.6). High ability power builds are only effective with high AP scalings which mean we have to get those scalings. With the Lich Bane proc, we whill have 1.6 AP scaling which is awesome (might be not as much as a standard burst caster would possess, but Kayle can unload this amount in less than a second because she needs to Q+AA only). This item also gives a nice amount of ability power and mana (while Kayle doesn't have any mana problems, mana as a stat is always useful in all phases of the game). The movement speed granted is the cherry on the cake: you can get back to your lane faster, moreover you can roam more easily. The movement speed is getting stronger as you get more and more ability power since your W scales from AP (you can get 86% movement speed boost from it).

3089.png The strongest AP item in the entire game. It gives tremendous amounts of ability power which increases the power of our burst, DPS and heal. Everyone seems to forget that Kayle's W scales with 45% ability power (the heal part) and with +7% movement speed per 100 AP (movement speed steroid part). It is a nasty double scaling so it is really efficient to stack AP: with 600 AP you will heal up 475 AP and you will boost 72% movement speed which is huge. We also have the following offensive AP scalings: 0.6 (Q) + 0.25 (E on-hit) + 0.15 (Nashor's Tooth on-hit) + 0.5 (Lich Bane passive) which are equal to 1.5 offensive AP scaling (plus 0.1 Thunderlord Decree). That is not that huge, but we can deal that much within 1 second since this rotation is only a Q + auto attack. And remember, with each auto attack we deal an additional 0.4 AP scaling (and we didn't take the aura of the E into account).

3135.png The perfect ending item since it boosts your damage to the skies against both tanks and squishies. Get this right after your Lich Bane + Rabadon combo. It is a really neglected item on Kayle nowadays since Kayle players don't stack AP that much. Combining this item with your masteries and your passive, you will have 15% armor/magic resistance reduction and 35% magic penetration which is really high (plus 15 flat magic penetration from your boots).

2139_32.png More ability power and a bit of mana renegeration. It also gives a buff which makes your auto attacks deal true damage to champions/turrets in every 5 seconds (against towers no cooldown on it). It is a perfect ending elixir to increase your damage even more.

Building Order:


3101_32.png  With getting this item first, your burst will be much lower but your wave clear will be much better. With maxing E first, you need to get attack speed to get the most out from your on-hit damage.

3115_32.png The best item for Kayle to build first. Increased dueling power and wave clear speed. 

1001_32.png Increased movement speed to be able to avoid jungle ganks more effectively. Moreover, you can evade skillshots much easier with higher movement speed.

3158.png You can finish your boots after Nashor's Tooth, if you don't have enough gold for the components of Guinsoo's Rageblade (next two in the list) or you need movement speed as soon as possible (against kiteable champions like Volibear, Nasus, Riven..).

1037.png Get this item if the enemy is building magic resistance or no resistance. You will increase your hybrid damage output.

1026.png Get this item if the enemy is building armor. You will counter it with some extra AP.

3124.png Get this as soon as possible after Nashor's Tooth. It will give you an immense power spike. After getting Guinsoo's Rageblade, you should gather up with your team and start making skrimishes, because you can easily delete the whole enemy team.

2015.png The point of getting Rapid Firecannon relies in its low gold cost. You can get this item faster than Zeal (which is more expensive). Getting Rapid Firecannon's cheapest component will give you some on-hit burst and attack speed. 

3094.png Basically, you get almost as big power spike as with building Guinsoo's Rageblade. You will be able to land critical strikes, moreover you will get some nasty attack speed (up to 2.2+ attack speed with 8 Guinsoo stacks. Its passive will grant you extra burst damage so you will be able to delete the enemy carries easily.

1058.png You need as much damage as you can get. This item is a main component item of Rylai's Scepter. If you don't need extra HP in middle game, feel free to grab this up.

1011.png Get this instead of Needlessly Large Rod if you need a bit more tankiness. Choose based on the situation!

3116.png Our third overpowered item. It gives permaslow to your E's damaging aura. As soon as you finish it, you become a monster, you will be at the peak of your power!

3140.png We should build Quicksilver Sash in almost every game because we are vulnerable to crowd control effects. It also gives some nice magic resistance which our build lacks (no magic resistance even in the runes).

3139.png We have only one way to upgrade QSS and it leads us to Mercurial Scimitar. It is a pleasant item, won't give a big power spike, but you will get some nice sustain along with more damage.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Amumu
  • Annie
  • Corki
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Riven




Aatrox is a decent top laner with high dps and lane sustain and vast amount of CC spells. Most likely he will be aggressive and you will be zoned.

His combo is deadly if you get it at the early levels (knock up) so it is wise to be passive!




Ahri is a mid lane mage with high mobility and burst.

By staying behind minions you can evade her charm which is a CC and damage amplifier.
Her combo is not so strong in the early game however she can hurt you after level 6 if you fail your ultimate.




Akali is an assassin with many gap closing abilities along with insane burst damage.

It is harder to play against her than one would think because she doesn't have any characteristic ability which is easy to negate with your ultimate (she deals her burst in proportions). Be aggressive in early game and be more passive after level 6.

Nowadays you mostly face Tank Akali players. Tank Akali is pretty viable, but against Kayle it is much weaker. She will rely on her E spamming and for that, she have to be in range. You can kite her to death!




Amumu is a jungler with high amount of crowd control spells.

Kayle can kite Amumu very easily unless Amumu decides to Flash+R.
He will be jungler probably so it is wise to buy early wards to prevent him from ganking (usually one pink ward in enough).
The most important thing is to dodge his Q (bandage toss, which is a gap closer spell).




I think she is the hardest champion to face with Kayle.
She is a low-mid range burst mage with hard area of effect stun.

She will harass you with her Qs, which deal tons of damage because we don't really have magic resistance.

At the early levels, you can out trade her with your amplified auto attacks and Qs, but make sure that you don't engage on her when she has stun up (a whirlwind circle indicates that around Annie).

At level 6 she has the advantage. If you can manage to bring your ultimate up before her R hits you, you can win the fight. Otherwise you will just die. Try to ask for jungle ganks and make sure you don't stay in the lane with lower than half of your HP.



Corki mid is pretty common nowadays. He has annoying poke and hybrid damage output so as you have. 

You have the advantage at every stage of the game but he can deal insane amount of burst so you have to time your ultimate well.
It is possible to burst him in the early stage of the game to score first blood but I mostly farm instead of taking risks!




The worst matchup to play against currently on Top.
He got strong dps, strong burst and many crowd controll spells.

Your Q has a little bigger range than her E: the key is to avoid his E by pulling back your champion right after you hit him with your Q. You will shoot your Q and he will be slowed but he won't be able to pull you in with his E skill.

You have to kite him no matter what. If he gets close, you are most likely dead, especially in the early levels.

Mad Darius players will try to flash E you, and they will succeed (impossible to counter that). In this case, run away with W on you and Q on him, and don't look back.

At level 6, you can counter his ultimate with yours. He will cast his ultimate after he fully stacked his passive on you, so you can predict it somehow. If you can manage to counter-ult his ultimate, you will win the trade most likely.


Dr. Mundo


Currently, he is a monster in the League. You will rarely face him but you should know something about this match up too.

He will try to harrass you with his Qs. If you stand behind your minon wave, he won't be able to do much damage.
Try to constantly harass him in the lane with auto attacks. 
If he is about to engage on you, use your Q and kite him away.
Bring Ignite (even when you are playing top) to counter his ultimate. You should use your Ignite when he used his ultimate (rapidly regenerating health).




A really hard matchup which I often ban in my SoloQ games.
She is stronger against Kayle than the pre-rework Fiora.
She got attack speed slow (50%) which is huge against Kayle along with strong DPS and gap closers.

They key to play against Fiora it to max your Q before E, because you will have a strong slow against her, so you can kite.
Try to evade her W because if you get hit, you won't be able to trade with her because of the attack speed slow.

At level 6, she will most likely destroy you, unless you deny her attempt to break all the four Vitals on you. Maxing Q and an early Boots of Speed can help you to kite her down.




She was a terror pick against Kayle a season ago. Now she is decent, but I still consider it hard.
She has gap closers, true damage, stuns, slows, self healing, burst. Actually she has everything.

Maxing Q is important against her, so you can keep up with her burst, moreover you will be able to kite her.

In the early game (mostly pre-level 3), you can punish her freely. After that she can easily destroy you despite you picked Ignite and she picked Teleport (most likely).
Try to engage on her when your health bar is full.

At level 6, the key to win against her relies in your Ignite. Her ultimate restores her HP and ignite reduces the effectiveness of the recovery. If you Ignite her as soon as she casts her ultimate, you can win the trade (make sure you use your ultimate immediately, otherwise you will get stunned without your ult is up).


Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV top is really underplayed currently, however she can stomp Kayle easily.
Jarvan has got a legendary early game power which comes from his burst combo.

He can knock you up, slow you while shielding himself, burst you with his Q and passive and trap you with his ultimate.

Try to be as aggressive as you can be before level 3, maybe you can do some harm to him which will prevent his all-in after level 3. If he got level 3, prepare for kiting for your life.

Max Q first, so you can keep up with his burst, plus you can kite him.

I often ask for the help of the jungler, so we can kill him together (alone it is almost impossible, unless he fails his EQ combo).

At level six, make sure you have flash up, so you can flash out from his ultimate (stone circle).




Riven is a pretty annoying champion to face with Kayle.
She has got plenty of gap closers along with crowd control effects. She also deals high burst damage.

I prefer to max Q while playing against Riven and get a Boots of Speed after the first Nashor's Tooth parth (after Stinger).

When she engages on you, just Q her and kite her freely. Make sure you only go close to her when you got Q/W up, so you can kite easily.

After level 6, you will have to be fast: you have to counter her ultimate with yours, so you can win the fight. The key here is that you need to have your ultimate available when you go back to your lane (in case she have her ultimate and you don't, you will die most likely).

Gameplay Videos! Back to Top


Kayle's Ultimate Back to Top

Kayle's Ultimate is the heart of Kayle. The difference between a decent and a professional Kayle player is the actual usage of this spell. You need to think carefully before using it, and considering wheter it is worth or not to pop it up!

The following video is a Video Guide which I made about half a year ago. It shows how to use Kayle's ultimate properly against all the champions (except the new ones of course). Note that, these situations are ideal and it is extremely hard to use your ultimate as well as in the video, but you have to try it!

Update History Back to Top

2015.03.22. The guide is published!

2016.01.03. Preseason 6 big update!
2016.03.19 New matchups added.

About The Project Back to Top

Dear Readers!

I'm Shiina,  a diamond Kayle player on EUNE who decided to make a solid guide (which can be read in no more than five minutes) about the new Korean Kayle item build.
My aim with this guide is to make a "thread" which is always up-to-date about the current Korean Kayle meta.

This guide was made with the information gathered via, moreover I used my experience to make the whole guide more pleasant.
The guide will be updated after every patch based on how the meta shifts!

Teamfights Back to Top

Since this item build focuses on DPS rather than pure burst, there is no question about our role in a fight:

-You have to stay in the backline, possibly near your carry to be able to use your ultimate on him whenever you have to.

-You don't have to be afraid of stuns as much as a normal AP Kayle would be (if you got your QSS). Feel free to bait enemy stuns and hard engages with your QSS+ultimate combo.

-Note that you still have some kind of burst from your Q and on-hit damage which means if you can touch one of the enemy carries, you should: you can hurt them badly! However, if you are ahead (fed), you should consider using flash to burst down the enemy carry!

-Don't be envy, use your ultimate on your allies! 

-Don't forget about your W which gives movement speed and heals. You have to give that buff to your front line tank when he is about to engage, whereas in a teamfight, you should use it mostly for healing your squishies (mid/adc).

-Remember that you deal high area of effect damage which demands the enemy team should be close together to achieve your damage's full potential (it is better to attack a target who has at least one other enemy nearby!).

-Always try to orbwalk (kite) which is auto attacking then moving towards a direction. With that you will be able to make your starting position better (since you can output the same DPS while moving a bit).

-Never forget using your active items (QSS or Zhonya). You didn't pay thousands of gold just to forget it!

-NEVER EVER use your Zhonya's active at the same time when your ultimate is active on you (it is the biggest mistake you can make in the entire game).

Laning Back to Top

The main goal when playing with Kayle should be surviving the early game. Since the S5 (season 5) nerfs, Kayle has lost her insane early game strength: you are no longer able to 100->0 the enemy laner just by using a Q + Ignite + auto attack combo. Times has changed, Kayle players have to adapt.

To fortify Kayle's early game as much as possible, we take Ignite as a summoner spell. The enemy will think twice before diving us under our tower. It also gives some nice kill potential which can be exploited when the enemy laner messes up something.

The focus should be on getting as flawless farm as possible and not getting killed. You are very fragile pre level 6, so you will get tons of jungle ganks. Moreover the enemy laner will frequently hard engage on you, because he has the advantage.

I always push the first 1-2 minion waves because most likely their jungler won't gank before hitting level 3. With my setup (runes+masteries), you will be able to clear all the three caster minions within the uptime of your E. Then you should last hit the remaining minions by normal auto attacks.

You should try to farm in melee mode as much as possible at later stages because if your E is on cooldown, you are very fragile and unable to trade with the enemy laner. Your opponent will try to exploit your E's cooldown and he will engage that time: you should be prepared!.

When your jungler hits level 3, possibly the enemy jungler is level 3 also. You should stop pushing the lane (at least slow down a bit and watch the minimap more frequently). This is the point when you should use your trinket to ward nearby areas (preferable bushes). An important thing is that standing closer to the warded side of the lane will reduce the enemy jungler's gank effectiveness (you can see him coming from the warded side, and you have the time to flee if he comes from the fog).

Harassing is quite an important a high value activity that you should do against the enemy laner. Remember that you have AOE damage aura while your E is activated: attack minion and the edge of the aura can hurt your opponent (just hit the right minion). 
You should also watch out for low HP allied minions because your enemy will try to last hit them. If they do so, punish them with 1-2 auto attacks. 
Harassing by auto attack is the only thing you should do since you are maxing E. Using Q is not effective due to its high mana cost and low damage (you should only use your Q for the slow when you are fleeing or in an extended trade).
Remember that you picked Thunderlord's Decree as your keystone mastery. Harassing by E amplified auto attacks proc the extra damage from the mastery, so it is even more devastating.

Getting level 6 will make your life much easier. If you are not behind, you are almost unkillable in duels. At this time you probably got your Stinger, so farming is pretty fun and fast. You should clear your wave as fast as possible so you can start roaming or getting jungle camps. 
It is really important to farm continuously. The jungle camps are just some extra gold and experience which is pretty crucial for Kayle: you will only be a monster when you get your Nashor's Tooth + Guinsoo's Rageblade, and for that, you need gold!

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