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Summoner Spells Back to Top

#1 Flash Ghost: 

Run this spell set versus champions who you will heavily kite, chase OR champions who will also run Flash/ghost

#2 Flash Teleport

This is a very basic spell set for top or mid lane. You can use this as a vanilla set versus almost any match-up

#3 Flash Ignite

Kayle is usually considered "weak" early but run ignite and flash to prove people wrong! Kayle is actually one of the strongest champions levels 1-3 (played correctly you can easily put an enemy summoner under their tower with 1/8 hp after the first wave without ignite) and you can punish people's misconceptions of her power spikes really well with Ignite!

#4 Flash Exhaust

Like Fervor of battle and Kayle's passive Exhaust is a sleeper spell: people really do not respect the power it brings to a duel. Time it before an enemies burst and you can negate a tun of damage as well as dealing extra damage while it is active. Run Exh/flash to negate Kill lanes early dominance or use it like Ignite in normal lanes.

#5 Flash Smite

Flash smite, of course you run this Spell Set in the Jungle. HOWEVER what many people do not respect is it's in lane capabilities! On Kayle you are completely capable of running Flash/Smite Mid OR Top versus certain match-ups. This combination of Spells works especially well on the Purple side of the map Top Lane!

#6 Ghost Smite

A good set to run versus champions who do not have terraforming abilities and are highly mobile. Situational but can be super strong in the right match-ups

#7 Flash Barrier

Barrier is an option if you're looking to negate damage from champions who have low timers on their ultimates and trade often. You run this Spell Set into champions like LeBlanc, Akali and rotate between using ult and Barrier to prevent deaths while maintaining consistant damage yourself.

#8 Ghost Barrier

This Spell Set is a Niche. However under the right conditions you can use it to amazing effects for roams, dives, normal trading in lane. The coolest part of Ghost/Barrier is that when you run 12 points into Resolve to pick up Insight and run Boots of Lucidity you have TWO summoner spells on a 139 second cooldown! Quite literally you can spam your Summoner Spells twice as much as normal while running this build!

#9 Ghost Exhaust

Again a super Niche Spell Set. I run this versus three champions exclusively: Tryndamere, Volibear, Cassiopeia but it works almost the same as the Ghost Ignite Spell Set if you really want to run it.

#10 Ghost teleport

You want to run Ghost/Teleport when you need to be able to match roams and you think the enemy will run ghost as well. Generally you want to use this versus champions who cannot lock you down but are highly mobile or who you can abuse in lane safely.

#11 Ghost Ignite

A very greedy Spell Set, use this versus lanes you can kite easily who you want to stomp in lane or who have high mobility and high sustain

#12 Flash Cleanse

Does your enemy team have Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Leona, Elise, Jhin? You'd be stupid to not run Cleanse unless you're Jungle.

#13 Ghost Cleanse

Pretty much the same as above only safer versus champions who run Ghost like Cassiopeia and Hecarim.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The mastery page shown above is the most general for every situation HOWEVER there are a lot of other ways to play Kayle with different Playstyles and spells.

I am not going to go over each possible path rather each individual section of the masteries and complete masteries.



 Attack Speed, no brainer good on Kayle


 Run this if you're 100% sure you're going to build Death Cap

Double Edged Sword: 

 Run Double Edged Sword if you can safely harass without taking much in return


 Take this if you're going against a ranged champion, champions who excel on trading or if you do not want to spam W during laning.

Expose Weakness:

 Okay if you are going for Scaling, really strong when mixed with item build #  for even more damage from your team


 Okay mastery to pick up but Kayle naturally sustains anyways through her W so you're better off with Natural Talent
Natural Talent:
+5 mixed damage at level 1 and it only gets better from there.

Bounty Hunter:

 Think you're going to get a lot of kills? this is for you. High risk, high reward.


 Safer than Bounty hunter and relevant all game after level 2 or level 3 depending on when you pick up Q

Battering Blows:

 Why choose?  Kayle is Hybrid usually dealing 60% AP and 40% AD per game so so both help! Put 2 points into this and 3 into Piercing Thoughts!

Piercing Thoughts:

 Why choose?  Kayle is Hybrid usually dealing 60% AP and 40% AD per game so so both help! put 3 points into this and 2 points into battering blows!

Fervor Of Battle:

 I am not going to cover the other Keystones in Fervor because as of 6.18 they are not relevant to Kayle builds.
On hit extra physical damage that stacks like your passive and is also procced by 3124.png's passive, and 3085.png's Bolts! this is the keystone that Kayle scales the hardest with!



 Going to roam a lot? Pick this up!
 Want to hard push and farm like a God? This is for you!

Runic Affinity:

 Run this if you're going Jungle or if you usually try to grab Rift Herald as it extends the 20 minute buff by 3 minutes!
Secret Stash:

 Amazing for in lane, pick this up if you trade a lot!


 Are you planning on split-pushing or are you up against a split-pusher?  If so grab this!


 Again great for fighting early but amazing for late game Kayle.

 Don't want to start Doran's Ring? Grab this and itemize to your heart's content!

 Only equals about 300-400 gold at 20 minutes. completely worthless on Kayle.
Dangerous Game:

 Great for tower dive kills and all around good mastery to pick up at all points in the game and all builds.

 When mixed with Natural Talent you can deal some serious pain with this Mastery at all stages of the game but especially early!

 Amazing to pick this up with certain builds/runepages! If you run this with Rune Page #6 you can have 25% flat cooldown reduction at level 1, 35% on first back and 45% around the time you get you ult!
Stormraider's Surge:

 Could be good if you build bursty Kayle versus a squishy champion but in nearly every situation FoB or Thunderlord's will outshine this.

Thunderlord's Degree:

 It may sound funny but people respect what they can see, if you run this Keystone people will shy away from you when it comes back up to try to avert damage. Especially good versus Kill lanes who are rather Squishy and trade in short windows (Think Riven, Wu Kong)
 Also, Kayle has some cool interactions with Thunderlords that other champions do not!
1: Kayle can proc Thunderlords with 2 autos or a Q + auto!
2: Kayle can proc Thunderlords in 1 auto if she builds hextech recolver!
3: Riot Kayle's Special effects can hide Thunderlords visuals making the proc damage less detectable! Also if you keep your E up it can also hide the sound that tells the enemy that it is active again! This can have massive psychological effects on your enemy!



Amazing versus match-ups who like to trade a lot and for Jungle clearing


 I do not believe you should ever have enough armor for this to be as useful as Recovery on Kayle.


 Roam a lot? This is for you.

Tough Skin:

Amazing versus single target harassment (hello Gangplank) and Jungle clears!

Runic Armor:

ABSOLUTELY! +% healing on your W. No brainer!

Veteran Scars:

Okay but not as useful as Runic Armor


Amazing when mixed with lucidity boots for super low cool-down timers on summoner spells!


Stupid strong versus high poke champions to help you stay in lane and farm until you can back on your own terms!

You shouldn't use anything in resolve after Teir 4 masteries since you'd have to take a keystone in Resolve and none of them really benefit Kayle like Cunning and Ferocity's do.

Abilities Back to Top


A fairly basic skill path for Kayle, can also run W level 2 for more safety in lane.

In general Kayle works like this
Max Q 2nd: I want to kill you
Max W 2nd: I'm going to outfarm your butt and you can't do anything about it
Max E 1st: Nearly ALWAYS.
R: Priority whenever available (6,11,16)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The most standard start ever!
    Run Doran's shield versus matches where you are against someone who is single target and likes to harass. Especially good versus ranged champions like Gnar!
    Used for early kiting champions like Darius
    Kind of greedy but if you run Mediatation in masteries Doran's Sword is a great item to pick up for early kills!
    If you know 100% you're going to crap on your lane and want early kills run this with SS Sets #1,3,4 for early domination!
    This scales way better than dorans and can remain useful even during late game, as a bonus if you play really well and get 10 stacks you can upgrade it cheaply for a super early power spike!

Core Items

    Literally the only item on Kayle that is absolutely necessary

Situational Items

    Kayle Build #1 Super Basic Kayle build! You should run this with rune pages # 1, 2, 3, 6, 7!
    Amazing build for Kiting and split-Pushing but don't be afraid to take this into team fights because you can absolutely wreck people! Run this with Rune Pages #: 4, 5, 7, 11-22
    VS tanks but don't need to peel? This is for you! DPS on hit shred Kayle! Run this with Rune Pages #: 4, 5, 7, 11-22
    Does your team DESPERATELY need shred and peel? 100% take this build to get those thanks off your carries and wreck them at the same time! Run this with Rune Pages #: 4, 5, 7, 11-22
    Are you against annoying champions like Irelia, Tryndamere, Yasuo? Thrash them with this! run with rune pages # 1, 2, 3, 6, 8!
    Great for pushing against roamers and deleting squishies! Run this with Rune Pages #: 4, 5, 7, 11-22
    Want to dominate early? This is for you! run with rune pages #: 9, 10! This is basicly a newfangled flat hybrid penetration build.
    Are you vs 3-4 ADCS or auto attack based champions? WRECK them with this! Run this with Rune Pages #: 4, 5, 7, 11-22
    This is truly a disgusting build. You cannot escape from it, you Q+E will deal 3/4 a targets hp and when fully stacked, rageblade will just 2 shot with Q+E combo, 500 hp heals and massive ms.
    Want to literally Q+E 1 shot squishies? Well here's your RIP LB burst build
    Vs 2+ AP but still want to deal massive pain? This is for you!
    If the enemy team has a lot of sustain then this build is for you.
    Most Gold-Effecient! Run with Rune Page #23!

Okay boys time for another 20 paragraphs just like in Runes! Here I'll cover when to run what item set/rune/mastery combinations and when to pick up what item in lane!

Okay boys time for another 20 paragraphs just like in Runes! Here I'll cover when to run what item set/rune/mastery combinations and when to pick up what item in lane!



 Berserker's Greaves

Good all around for DPS. Remeber though that ALL boots are situational and Kayle benefits from every one of them so if there is a better option then pick it up!


Boots of Swiftness

Run Swifties if the enemy team has lots of slows. Also really good for safety while splitting


Boots of Lucidity

Run Lucidity when you need the extra cdr but don't want to invest in expensive cdr items like 3078.png or 3071.png or 3165.png, also good to pick up when you are running a 3100.png build but have to prioritize rune sets without cdr. Boots of Lucidity is also a great match with Insight in the Resolve Tree and can reduce Summoner spells by 25%!


Mecury's Treads

Run Mercs if you're up against a lot of AP OR a lot of CC. It doesn't take much CC to shut down Kayle so if there are 2+ hard lockdowns on the enemy team you'd best get these.


Ninja Tabi

Ninja Tabis are sooooo overlooked right now! With the meta shifting back to early game Kill lanes such as Zedd, Irelia, Jayce, Lee Sin, Wu Kong these boots are sleeper op. If you're ever in a match against 2+ AA DPS champions get these ASAP


Boots of Mobility

Rare that you're going to need these but if you're top lane and like to roam but do not take Teleport then these could be for you! I have also had some success rushing these early while playing mid and useing them to gank bot and top before anyone could respond. Late game though replace them with one of the other boots that better fits your needs.



Nashor's Tooth

Stats:(+50% Attack Speed, +80 AP, +20% CDR(unique) 

Passive:+15(+15%AP)On Hit Magic Dmg.

 Nashor's Tooth is absolutely core on Kayle. Nashors will reduce the downtime of all your Skills but most specifically your E and R, provide flat DPS via on hit and Attack speed as well as AP for scaling into the game. 

 This is why it is considered the foundation for most Kayle builds due to its scaling off of both Attack speed AND Ability power so you can choose to build items which reflect well for either one or the other depending on preference or how the game progresses.


Wit's End

 Stats:+40 MR, +40% AS Passive: 

 Unique:+40 on-hit Magic Damage 

 Unique:Basic attacks steal +5 MR both reducing the enemies MR and granting you extra MR up to 5 times for a total of -25MR for them and +25MR for you.

      Nearly good enough on Kayle to be considered a core item. Wits end is super cheap and more than doubles Kayle's on-hit damage output. 
 Item Interactions: Wit's End is similar to Black Cleaver as they both reduce armor on-hit HOWEVER Wit's End applys FLAT on-hit REDUCTION and Black Cleaver is % based. This means that if the target has less than 25 MR you can actually reduce their MR BELOW 0 for a % bonus in AP damage making this a massive power spike. 
     Runaan's Hurricane can also apply this passive to three target seperately, however you steal 3 stacks of this passive on the first auto and 2 more on the second making you have +65 MR after two autos in a fight.


Guinsoo's Rageblade 

 Stats:+35 AD +50 AP. 

 Passive: Unique: Basic Attacks Deal +15 (MGC) on-hit, Basic Attacks grat +8%AS,+3AD,+4AP for 5 seconds, up to 6 stacks +48%AS,+18AD+24AP at 6 stacks. 

 Unique:Every other basic attack will proc on-hit effects twice.

 Guinsoo's Rageblade is like League of Legends SLI for items you build it to bridge the gap between two items and make them better function as a unit. Guinsoo's will effectively combine all on-hit items damage (AP or AD) and boost the total effect by 50% when at 6 stacks and then converting that into magic damage. As an effect ALL items which provide on-hit effects synergy stupid well with Guinsoo's Rageblade. 



Stats +50% AS 

Unique:Deal 4% of the targets maximum hp as physical dmg (75 cap vs monsters).

Bloodrazor is an amazing pick versus ANY hp tanks right now. 


Runaan's Hurricane

Stats:40% AS, +7% MS +30%Crt chance.

Passive:+15 on-hit (PHYS), Every auto fires two bolts applying on-hit effects, dealing 25% AD

Hurricane can be utilized by every Kayle build but excels the most when applied to the on-hit builds as it applies all the on-hit effects two three champions, Kayle's passive, Black Cleaver's passive as well as Wits end magic reduction are all also applied on each bolt.


Phantom Dancer 

Stats:+45% AS, +5% MS, +30% CRT 

Passive: ignores unit collosion, +7% MS when within 500 units of visable enemy champ, +30% CRT, -12% dmg from last enemy champion hit.

Phantom Dancer is an amazing mix between offense and defence. If you want to max out your Attack Speed but still need some safety then run with this for the best results.


Rapid Fire Cannon

Stats:+30% AS, +5% MS, +30% CRT Unique: Generate stacks when moving/attacking at 100 stacks deal 50-160(magic) on-hit. Unique: When at 100 stacks +35% basic attack range (up to +150 units)

RFC is an amazing item for dueling long range poke champions. especially when mixed with Lich Bane or Trinity Force. It is also incredible at shredding towers when mixed with these items as well.


Lich Bane

Stats:+7% MS, +250 Mana, +80 AP, +10% CDR Stats:

Unique:After using an ability your next basic attack (on-hit)) deals 75% base AD (+50% AP) as bonus magic damage (1.5s CD)

I use Lich bane to fill 10% cdr and good scaling to late.


Yomomu's Ghostblade

Stats: 60 AD, 10% CDR 

Unique: +20 Armor Penetration 

Active: +40% AS, + 20% MS for 6s, 45s CD

Run Yomomus Ghostblade if you need a 10% cdr item but don't want to run Lich Bane! Kayle is practically an ADC so it works just fine on her as a 2nd item and is really strong as a hybrid penetration build


Black Cleaver

Stats:+300 Hp, +50 AD, +20% CDR 

Unique:-5% Armor (up to 6) applied on targets on-hit

Black Cleaver is actually an amazing item to pick up on Kayle, with most favorite items for her being attack speed/hybrid based this is an amazing pair with Nashor's Tooth. Also it stacks with your passive for a total of 45% armor shred for the team on up to three people with Runaan's!



Stats: +400 Mana, +100 AP, 20% CDR 

Passive: Kills and Assists restore 20% Max Mana 

Unique: Dealing Magic Damage to an enemy below 35% HP inflicts Greivous Wounds for 8 seconds.

Morellonomicon is super useful as a 2nd cdr item vs high sustain teams like vlad. Use it to max out CD on rune pages that you do not run CDR versus match-ups with Soraka, Vlad, Maokai. Also this is an extremely good item to pick up if you want to build AP!


Trinity Force

Trinity force is amazing when paired with certain items. It caps out your CDR, gives you sheen proc, safety in lane and some decent burst. Usually I feel better off running Lich Bane than Trinity but it has the same properties as Lich and is very well paired with certain items.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Rylai's is an amazingly busted item on Kayle, when at 37.5% cdr she can use this item to permanently slow an entire enemy team. I recommend picking this up versus bruisers and divers so that your team can kite them.


Blade of the Ruined King

I hear a lot that BOTRK is trash but it is perfectly viable in an on-hit tank shred build, especially when paired with Bloodrazor, hurricane and Guinsoo's.


Rabadon's Deathcap

Deathcap could be the strongest single item on Kayle when building AP, it makes her heals Soraka level disguesting, boosts the on-hit magic damage of both Nashor's and her E as well as giving her massive burst and a huge MS boost. pick this up when you are ahead to snowball out of control.


Hextech Gunblade

An okay item to pick up however I believe that there are way better items for Kayle than Gunablade and they are much more cost efficient.


Void Staff

While I rarely use Void Staff I have a healthy respect for the power it can bring under proper circumstances. If you build AP Kayle this item is a must and if the enemy team is stacking MR it is extremely useful. However I would not prioritize it over Wit's End since Wit's End synergies so much better with Guinsoo's Rageblade


Mecural Scimitar

Run Mecural Scimitar when Merc treads just wont cut it! Are you vs WW and Malzahar or even just ONE of those? Might want to pick this up!

Guardian Angel

SUPER cheap defensive item, a good grab if you are ahead and want some safety. Also if you grab GA 3rd item people will not go anywhere near you because of your ult + GA combo

Zz'Rot Portal

Weird but Zz'rot Portal is actually really viable on Kayle if you are vs a split-pushing champion, Also 100% pick this up if you're laning against someone who will build Zz'Rot. AND it farms for you! If you pick this item up early enough it can literally pay for itself by the end of the game!

Randuin's Omen

SUPER op vs certain match-ups. Grab this versus ANY comp based around Critical Strikes and Auto attacks!

Frozen Heart

Really good versus tuns of AD and AA champions! Run this with nashors and no CDR and you will be nearly unkillable and you use ALL the stats from it so dont be shy!

Executioner's Calling

WARNING: NICHE ITEM! ONLY buy this versus champions who you cannot take ignite versus in lane AND you need the GW to properly trade against! (Specifically versus Nasus, Vlad, Tryndamere, Maokai)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Riven




In general this is going to be a great match-up for Kayle, Riven will try to time punishment of your E downtime as much as possible to early CDR means a lot more than usual. 

Usually you can bait her shield/dash by walking towards her a little bit and smacking her with E 1-2 times after she uses it you have 10-4s (depending on cd/levels) to get a good trade in so abuse that as much as you can. 

Versus Riven you must be very vigilant with wards as she can easily set up ganks with her high mobility and CC so pushing hard without vision is a practically suicide. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make playing against Riven is not respecting her ability to safely trade. if you've just traded with her to get her down to 1/4 and you are also low, chances are YOU WILL LOSE the next trade. You MUST kill her before her skills are off cooldown or back up and reset the lane.

Once Riven can establish early dominance it is hard to stop her but one way to easily avoid this is to simply respect the power she brings when her skills are up. 

This goes with almost ANY champion but especially with Riven; If she uses her Q to farm, punish the heck out of her! After the 3rd cast she loses practically ALL her trading potential until it is back up, so punish the 10s downtime she has on it like she will punish your E.

About me! Back to Top

Hi everyone, I'm a Kayle main playing on NA. I have TUNS of experience playing Kayle and I enjoy theory crafting new builds and play-styles with her.

I play Kayle in every role from top lane to bot lane and I have a YouTube channel featuring my game play which I would be ecstatic to see you  check it out!

Please know that this guide is currently not complete and I will be updating it bit by bit every day as I can. Please feel free to request certain match-ups to be added first and I will do what I can to help.

Thanks for checking out my guide and please leave some feedback and comments!