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Kennen Statistics for Tahm the Catfish

Author's performance with Kennen compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash and Teleport

     Flash is the most popular summoner spell and for good reason.  Flash offers many opportunities to get away, get closer to enemies, go over walls, etc.  Flash is especially good for Kennen, as he can hard engage with his ultimate kennenshurikenstorm.pngSlicingMaelstrom better in coordination with his E kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush.  Flash is a no brainer on Kennen for sure.

     Teleport has been standard for toplane for multiple seasons now, and for good reason.  While the other previously popular choice for toplane was Ignite or sometimes Ghost, neither offer as much to a toplaner as Teleport does.  Teleport...
  • gives you a good answer to dying early and getting back to lane without falling too behind by losing farm to your tower
  • can be used to save a tower, at any point in the game, but especially preventing the enemy from gaining first turret bonus gold
  • offers map pressure during laning, the ability to teleport down botlane or to dragon for fights allows you as a toplaner to effect the rest of the map much more than if you took a different summoner spell
  • allows you to pressure elsewhere on the map throughout the game away from your team and teleport in for a fight when necessary
All of those benefits and more come with teleport, so the spell is very popular for the toplane as secluded a lane as it is.

New Runes Back to Top

Precision Primary Tree

     You'll be taking Precision for the early attackspeed and runes benefiting auto attacking and damage, just as an ADC would.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the Attack
     Always a solid rune since the new runes came out, great for Kennen.  Kennen has good CC from his kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm passive which allows him to stun the enemy and get the 3 autos off to proc Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack with 3 autos and get the flat damage for some good poke and back off.  Alternatively, Kennen can auto 3 times to proc Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack and stun the enemy for longer to get more autos off during the amplified damage.  Kennen can more easily use Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack because he can get free auto attacks off against his enemy laner than  ADCs botlane for example, because they're against ranged enemies who will auto attack back.

     After Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot was nerfed for ranged champions and therefore Overheal.png?width=32Overheal was indirectly nerfed too because it relied on its synergy with Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot, Triumph.png?width=32Triumph is the standard choice for Precision Primary rune pages for people running Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack.  It's personal preference since Kennen builds lifesteal ASAP, Overheal.png?width=32Overheal can still be a good pick even when not taking Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot, but Triumph.png?width=32Triumph is a great general rune that's always a solid choice.

     More Attack Speed is more important than extra Tenacity or Lifesteal on Kennen. The Attack Speed lets Kennen get his W passive kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge up for more frequent stuns and more frequent Auto Attacks with extra AD scaling.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32Coup De Grace
     Best rune of the 3 options for an ADC playstyle, this rune rewards Kennen for cutting down low health enemies faster.  Cut%20Down.png?width=32CutDown isn't beneficial for Kennen as he already builds some %hp damage and doesn't need help killing tanks, and Last%20Stand.png?width=32LastStand rewards fighting people while at low health which definitely is not what you want to be as an ADC focused champion.

Sorcery Secondary Tree

     Taken a majority of the time for its additional poke damage for laning, as well as extra starting AD that going Sorcery secondary to Precision primary gives you after the change in patch 8.4.

     Good option for a bit more damage and more movespeed for kiting and chasing.  Gives you more movespeed during your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush as well.  

     Extra poke damage always welcome, great choice for laning ever since the new runes came out.  Can't go wrong with it as an aggressive laner who wants to poke often, and that's exactly what Kennen wants.

Defensive Alternatives

     Used to be a pretty nonexistent rune choice early on in the preseason, but after buffs it was given the rune is a great choice for a lot of ranged champions.  However it was recently nerfed for range, and for Kennen Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack is better generally.  However, Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot gives some good sustain for hard lanes as well as a bit of extra mobility for chasing and disengaging trades.  Pretty much old Warlord's Bloodlust, great for champions that just want to poke with an auto and additionally have some more lane sustain.  Take it instead of Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32PressTheAttack in generally hard lanes for AD Kennen, or matchups you personally have a hard time with.

     Became a much more popular choice recently after Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot became a viable option and Triumph.png?width=32Triumph was nerfed.  Has synergy with other runes like Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot and Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32TasteOfBlood with the more defensive rune page, so Kennen can have a shield to resist poke or put a trade better in his favor, especially because Kennen builds Lifesteal first item so this rune comes into play stronger early on.  Would suggest only taking this rune with Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleetfoot and Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32TasteOfBlood, but it's not a bad choice even without those two after you buy your lifesteal.

Domination Secondary Tree

     Kind of preference, but I take this as a defensive option against harder lanes with the other defensive runes just listed.

Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32Taste of Blood
     Good free lane sustain, especially since Kennen will be auto attacking to poke down enemies in lane.  Free health is not bad at all, especially because it will benefit the Overheal.png?width=32Overheal shield.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32Zombie Ward
     Great choice for toplane, essentially extends your ward's lifetime.  Allows you to ward much more freely with your 2nd ward from the extra 3361.pngWardingTrinket charge and 2055.pngControlWard if you bought one.  The only downsides to it is the ward spawned by yours dying is visible and therefore destructible to the enemy.  However, if it is destroyed by an enemy it was very likely an enemy jungler coming to gank you in which case it did its job as a ward, or the enemy laner kills it which means he's pushing past the point where your warded bush is and in that case you don't really need it warded anyway because you're pushed in.

Abilities Back to Top

kennenpassive.pngMark of the Storm (P)
     One of the main reasons why AD Kennen works, gives him undodgeable hard CC which is very rare for a good reason, and nonexistent on any traditional Marksman champion for good reason.  Riot very rarely gives stuns or hard CC to ADCs, the only ADC with a stun is Vayne which has the restriction of lining herself up with an enemy 180 degrees from a wall to stun them on her vaynecondemn.pngCondemn (E).  Kennen on the other hand gets his stun through a 3 hit system where each of his abilities apply marks lasting 6 seconds by damaging enemies.  Built similarly to a marksman, Kennen can get a stun on an enemy just by point and click abilities/auto attacks through use of his kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W), which means he can get plenty of free auto attacks on enemies by stunning them without too much counterplay.

kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThundering Shuriken (Q)
     Mostly an early game poke tool and setup for stun from kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm (P).  It's not a very important ability for AD focused Kennen but the flat damage it gives in lane isn't terrible especially as an energy user who doesn't have to consider mana when casting spells.  Mostly use this with an AutoAttack if there are no minions between you and the enemy for an extra bit of damage, or use E W then Q for a disengage if the enemy laner jumps on you for a quick stun disengage.  The proc for your stun is good to take it early but max last as the damage isn't as important as the mobility and defensive scaling you get for putting points into kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) instead as AD Kennen.

kennenbringthelight.pngElectrical Surge (W)
     Biggest reason AD Kennen has been in the spotlight plenty of times before, even picked in the 2017 World Finals.  Every 5th AutoAttack Kennen uses gives him a bit of flat damage and extra 60% AD ratio done in magic damage on his next auto attack which applies a stack of kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm (P) to the enemy.  This makes Attackspeed and AD very efficient on Kennen for getting plenty of stuns on the enemy.  The active part of the ability is it does flat magic damage to any enemies you've marked with kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm (P) in a circle around you, applying another stack to them.  Maxed first on Kennen as its the ability you'll be doing the most damage with after getting Attackspeed, and using it to poke in lane similarly to how Caitlyn autos minions to get her caitlynpassive.pngHeadshot (P) ready and autos an enemy champion with the empowered AutoAttack for extra poke damage.

kennenlightningrush.pngLightning Rush (E)
     Your main defensive and mobility tool.  This ability gives Kennen additional Magic Resist, Armor, and Movespeed, as well as damaging and applying a kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm (P) to any enemy he touches throughout the duration of the ability.  However, despite its benefits, Kennen cannot AutoAttack during the spell, but it can be canceled early.  Think of his ability mostly like Ezreal would his ezrealarcaneshift.pngArcaneShift (E).  You can either use this ability offensively to chase towards an enemy or use it defensively to get away, it's a good re-positioning tool for Kennen.  You can use the extra Resistances it gives to take some hits and run away or use it to get closer and in some cases run into an enemy to make sure they can't get away.  Just cancel it early if you've gotten to where you wanted and want to auto again.

kennenshurikenstorm.pngSlicing Maelstrom (R)
     AP Kennen's signature ability for his playstyle, but a great ability for AD Kennen too.  Good offensive and defensive option.  The ability can hit 6 times (one hit every 0.5 seconds for a 3 second duration) but it will only apply 3 marks of your passive to each enemy.  In other words if you have an enemy in your ult for the whole duration, it will hit them 6 times but only the first 3 hits will apply Marks of the Storm.  This is unique per enemy though, so hitting one enemy with the first 3 ticks of the ult will give them 3 Marks of the Storm, but if a 2nd enemy enters your ult range for the last 1.5 seconds of the ult it will will apply 3 stacks to them on the next 3 ticks of your ult.  Just activating it in a duel to get a free 3 stacks of kennenpassive.pngMarkOfTheStorm (P) while you hit them with your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) passive and active as well as kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) can give you 2 consecutive stuns on the enemy you're focusing as aforementioned your passive has no cooldown on getting stun stacks on an enemy.  Kennen can get about 4 free auto attacks off during 2 stuns he can chain together after building a bit of attackspeed which is insane for a champion building similarly to a marksman.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start, some durability and sustain that gives AD for poking in lane
    Useful option for Hard matchups or matchups you personally don't deal well with.
    Not recommended to start with, but if you're forced back/die early and you won't be able to play aggressively against the enemy laner, Cull may be a good buy to survive lane and farm up for midgame

Core Items

    The core for AD Kennen, it gives attackspeed, sustain, and good damage to Kennen. Necessary first item.
    Standard choice is Ninja Tabis, but against laners like Maokai or Teemo or against heavy CC and/or AP teams, you may want to go Merc Treads.
    Great 2nd item, gives a perma-slow to kite melees and chase them while you stun them and do %hp damage with BotRK. More durability and sustained damage.
    More attackspeed, some extra damage, but especially picked for the passive for better dueling potential.
    Good item later in the game after Kennen has his core, gives AP and AD for some nice mixed damage as well as more attackspeed for more stuns and W passive procs. Goes well with his kit.
    Shreds magic resist which helps Kennen do more mixed damage, great item in tandem with Guinsoo. More attackspeed for more stuns from W passive procs.
    Good general final build in order of purchase

Situational Items

    Good damage and a bit of extra armor, good option as a 6th item
    A more offensive Crit focused build. Expanded on in the description after the item listings.

Standard AD Kennen top build:


Good standard build for AD Kennen top, offers great dueling potential, sustain, and damage.  Never really a bad choice when it comes to toplane matchups.

Crit Focus build:


Fairly similar to an adc build you'd see today, but Blade of the Ruined King being rushed, this build can be a good option if you're winning lane against a fairly squishy or non-tank enemy laner.  Tanks will build too much armor for this build to be efficient against them, but if you get a lead you can opt for this higher damage but less durability build to dominate further.  If you're unsure if you'll be able to snowball your lead or not, probably go for the standard build instead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Darius
  • Garen
  • Illaoi
  • Jayce
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Sion
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere




If Aatrox aatroxq.pngDarkFlight (Q)s onto you, use kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to dodge the knockup hitbox then run into him with the kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) and hit him with kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) to stun him.  Run away to a safe range.

Besides his engage, just don't take free damage from his aatroxe.pngBladesOfTorment (E) and poke him down like most other lanes for AD Kennen.




Can be a scary lane because of Darius' dariusaxegrabcone.pngApprehend (E).  The range of his dariusaxegrabcone.pngApprehend (E) is 535 while Kennen's auto attack range is 550. If you get him get too many pulls on you he will win the lane, especially past level 6.  If he pulls you in, kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush(E) away asap.

Try to bait his dariusaxegrabcone.pngApprehend (E) by looking like you're going in for an auto attack but backing off before you get in range of his pull, then punish him for missing a pull and putting it on a 24 second cooldown.

He's an immobile champion so just play around his pull and keep in mind its cooldown and how much cooldown reduction he has, and you should be okay.




Pretty simple lane, one of Kennen's easiest whether AD or AP.

Poke from range like usual with auto attacks.  If Garen gets confident and tries to go on you with garenq.pngDecisiveStrike (Q) use kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to run back to a safe range.  Alternatively hit Garen with kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) then kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W)'s active and run into him with kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to stun him and then retreat back.  So in general be sure to save your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) as a defensive option and poke from range.

The only thing to watch out for is Garen surprising you with a 4.pngFlash garenq.pngDecisiveStrike (Q) to cover ground and silence you.  However his garenq.pngDecisiveStrike (Q) enhanced auto attack takes about a second for the animation, so during the animation start your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to activate the extra Armor from it to take the hit and run away from Garen quickly back to a safe range.




Stay behind minions and poke with auto attacks and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W).  The only way she can put good damage onto you is if she hits her illaoie.pngTestOfSpirit (E) on you, so just stay behind minions so they'll block it for you.

The biggest strength Illaoi has against ranged opponents is if they get overconfident and let her land her abilities, she can all in them and heal up an insane amount.  Don't get overconfident even if she seems low and stay safe abusing your ranged advantage and you should have a smooth lane.




Jayce is the ranged toplaner everyone hates to deal with, along with Teemo.  Jayce can outburst you and poke back against you, so it's a rough lane for Kennen.  Kennen does have a higher auto attack range than Jayce though which can be important.

Mostly you're gonna want to be conservative against Jayce, poke him with autos and keep track of his cooldowns.  Stay behind minions so he can't hit you with his ranged form Q.  If he goes for a quick trade with his jaycetotheskies.pngToTheSkies! (Hammer form Q), use kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) while he's midair to heighten your Armor and Magic Resist during his burst.

Play safe, get lifesteal as quickly as possible and try not to be open for his burst combo.  Try to sustain through his poke instead.




Try to poke him down as much as you can, punish him for trying to farm.  Save kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) as a safety net in case he uses nasusw.pngWither (W) to play aggressively or set up for a gank.  Only real danger is if he isn't punished enough in lane and outscales you, then gets in range to beat you down.  As long as you punish him early you should be good.




Fairly easy matchup.  Olaf has no gapclosers, so he doesn't have a lot of options to play aggressively against your ranged advantage.  In most lanes for Olaf, his aggressive options reply on hitting his olafaxethrowcast.pngUndertow (Q) repeatedly to slow while he beats the enemy down.    However Kennen can simply kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) away if hit and it'll nullify Olaf's slow allowing Kennen to retreat to range safely.  Be sure to save your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) for safety unless you're going in for a kill.

The reasoning Olaf is listed as a medium difficulty matchup rather than easy is because Olaf can become very dangerous if given a lead.  If you make a mistake or the enemy jungler gives Olaf an advantage, Olaf can run you over when he gets his olafragnarok.pngRagnarok (R).  Your stun won't work and his movespeed from it in conjunction with his olafaxethrowcast.pngUndertow (Q) slow will let him beat you down super easily.

In summary, watch out for giving him a lead and watch out for when he gets his olafragnarok.pngRagnarok (R).  Besides that, the lane should be fairly simple.  Just try to poke him down and get a lead before he hits 6.




Probably the 2nd hardest matchup after Teemo.

Pantheon's pantheonpassive.pngAegisProtection passive nullifies auto attacks which makes him a very hard lane for Kennen to deal with.  His pantheonq.pngSpearShot (Q) kind of ruins your range advantage, and his pantheonpassive.pngAegisProtection (P) will block your auto attack.  This ruins your playstyle quite a bit.

Pantheon can play aggressively against you by hitting you with pantheonq.pngSpearShot (Q) while his pantheonpassive.pngAegisProtection (P) blocks your auto if you try to hit him back.  If you try to further the trade and get an auto in after you knock his passive off, he can use his pantheonw.pngAegisOfZeonia (W) to jump onto you and reset his pantheonpassive.pngAegisProtection (P), freeing him up to beat on you freely and block another auto of yours.

There isn't much for you to do about this lane.  If he jumps on you with pantheonw.pngAegisOfZeonia (W), activate your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) while hes mid-air to heighten your Armor and Magic Resist during his combo.  After run into him while its still active and use kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThundering Shuriken (Q) and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) to stun him up as you disengage.  Autoing after disengaging isnt worth anything either because his passive which has been reset by his pantheonw.pngAegisOfZeonia (W) will block another auto attack and his pantheonq.pngSpearShot (Q) will be up to hit you again if he did his combination correctly.

Very hard lane.  Play very conservatively and get lifesteal ASAP, farm as best you can.  You will eventually outscale him but he won't make it easy to get to that point.




Stay away from between her and a wall and you should be good.  Poke her down and she won't be able to do much about you.  Pay attention to her poppypassive.pngIronAmbassador passive coming up as she will be able to auto attack you back if you go for a poke, wait for her to waste it on a minion first.

After items you can outduel her, and you win lane.  Pretty great for Kennen.




Be wary of Renekton's renektonsliceanddice.pngSliceAndDice (E), it can cover your range and let him trade very well with you.  Be aware of its cooldown (18 seconds rank 1) and punish him with autos when it's down.  When Renekton starts his renektonsliceanddice.pngSliceAndDice (E), start kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) and run away from him to get away from his combo.

If Renekton uses both charges of his renektonsliceanddice.pngSliceAndDice (E) to get to you, kite back a bit until Renekton is out of melee range and chase him back attacking him while he doesn't have any mobility to get away from you.

This lane can be pretty tough if you don't respect his gapclosing and early game damage potential, but if you respect that you should do fine, and you outscale him as well.  




This matchup is bordering on Hard and Medium because the playstyle and skill of Riven players vary very heavily.  Just use a lot of caution in this matchup.

Riven has a lot of small dashes to close the gap on your range advantage through riventricleave.pngBrokenWings (Q) and rivenfeint.pngValor (E).  Riven can dash over to you and play aggressively but you have a warning because the dashes take time.  If Riven starts dashing to you run away with kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E).  However if Riven gets onto you, use kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to activate the extra Armor, then kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) during your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) and finally hit her with it to stun her up.

For other lanes like Garen or Sion you may often use your kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) to poke further, but for Riven you may want to save both of them in case she decides to go on you.  When Riven gets a lead in any lane she can snowball out of control.  Until you have proper experience in this matchup, it may be best to hold your abilities and just poke with auto attacks.  The stun as a defensive option may heavily outweigh the extra damage you would get from poking her with them.

To summarize it is okay to use your range advantage in this matchup, but be very careful against her.  A good Riven can make any matchup of hers hard for her opponent.




Pretty easy lane.

If Shen decides to shene.pngShadowDash (E) in for a trade, use your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to try to get away from his dash.  If you get hit, you'll reduce the damage with the Armor and Magic Resist from your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E).  Then either run away or stun him up and run away to safety.

Besides that, just make sure not to expect to stun him if you hit him with your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) passive auto attack when he's standing on his shenw.pngSpirit'sRefuge (W).  Simple lane.




Fairly simple lane as Sion has no gapcloser and you can abuse your range advantage without much caution.  Only a couple things to watch out for.

Try to be mindful about his sione.pngRoarOfTheSlayer (E).  He can poke back very well if you let him yell too many minions at you.  Just don't stand on the opposite side of him and an allied minion.  If you see him starting to yell a minion at you, you can start your kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to have a better chance to get away from the projectile, or if you get hit your E's Magic Resist will lessen the blow.

Once Sion hits 6 he may try to use sionr.pngUnstoppableOnslaught (R) and get onto you.  Use kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to get out of the way pretty simply.  No big issue.




Probably AP Kennen's hardest matchup.  Suggested to go AP Kennen or not pick Kennen at all into this matchup.

Teemo plays similar to AD Kennen, poking the enemy laner down with auto attacks.  However his abilities make his kit have a huge advantage over your playstyle.  Teemo's auto attacks are enhanced with his passive poison from his toxicshot.pngToxicShot (E).  Because one auto attack from him will apply poison damage over time to you, he gets much more damage out of one auto attack than you do.  

The second part of his kit that makes this lane so harsh is his blindingdart.pngBlindingDart (Q).  Because all of your damage comes from your auto attacks with this build, he can blind you and stop you from auto attacking.  This means he can auto you and apply poison, then nullify your main damage by 1.5-2.5 seconds.  He can play aggressively and auto you and blind you to make you not be able to trade back, and he can make you unable to trade aggressively at all because he can just stop your damage with one point and click of blindingdart.pngBlindingDart.

Essentially Teemo can nullify your ability to play aggressively or trading back defensively, leaving you with not many options to do well in lane.  As many toplaners know, Teemo is a very strong laner in general, but especially against Kennen.




Pretty easy lane.  Stay at range and poke him down.

Only thing to watch out for is his tryndameree.pngSpinningSlash (E).  Tryndamere may try to spin in and slow you, go for a trade or maybe an all-in.  When Tryndamere goes in with tryndameree.pngSpinningSlash (E), hit him with kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) and kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) and run through him with kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to stun him up.  Then use the rest of kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) to run back to a safe range and poke him again.  Other than that, poke him down and he won't lane well against you.

Kennen Early/Mid/Lategame Back to Top


     Your early game is pretty great, but matchup dependent.  Against an easy matchup you're gonna poke pretty freely and gain a lead, while against a harder matchup you may just be farming up.  For most matchups though you'll be poking with auto attacks, hold your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) empowered to force the enemy laner off minions.  Don't sacrifice minions just to get a kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) empowered auto on the enemy laner though, but if a minion gets low you can kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) it and hold your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) auto for longer against the enemy.  If you hit the enemy with your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) auto, follow up with the kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) active.  After that if you can, hit them with kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngThunderingShuriken (Q) for a stun and another auto or two while they're stunned.


     You should have a couple items now and be pretty strong.  You have the choice of playing a splitpusher and 1v1ing the enemy laner with your 3153.pngBlade of the Ruined King and 3022.pngFrozen Mallet which should give good kill potential.  Your other choice is to group with your team and play for fights and grouping for objectives.  You can play as kind of a back-line or mid-line between your team auto attacking the enemy frontline down.  If the enemy team hard engages you can peel yourself and your backline pretty well by using your kennenshurikenstorm.pngSlicingMaelstrom (R) in tandem with your kennenbringthelight.pngElectricalSurge (W) to get some stuns off while continually autoing.  You can also flank with kennenlightningrush.pngLightningRush (E) and kennenshurikenstorm.pngSlicingMaelstrom (R), but you won't have the burst of AP Kennen which makes him such a good engage and flanker so remember that if you decide to go for it.


     Your lategame is fairly similar to your midgame.  You're either going to be splitting further while you have 12.pngTeleport up for pressuring a lane but having an option to get in the fight when you need to, or you're going to be grouping with your team from the start for fights and objectives.  This will probably depend on how well you scale vs the enemy team.  If you scale very well against the enemy who is going to be countering your split push pressure, for example if the enemy is Pantheon, you may want to prioritize split pushing because you can 1v1 him easily because Kennen AD scales well.  If the enemy that will stop your splitpushing is someone like Jax with a very good lategame and his jaxcounterstrike.pngCounterStrike (E), you may want to look to teamfight instead because you can't pressure with splitpushing very well if the enemy countering your pressure can kill you.  But essentially either teamfight or split and 12.pngTeleport in for teamfights, you just have to consider scaling more because everyone will be around 5-6 items.

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Why Pick AD Kennen?

     AP Kennen has always been the more traditional way to play Kennen, but AD Kennen has had its moments of being in the meta.  Most recently, during the 2017 World Championship, Kennen was picked 4 times to be played as an AD toplaner and banned once.  Kennen was even played in a game of the Grand Finals by Samsung Galaxy for a win, so AD Kennen definitely has some defined strengths that make this playstyle worth playing.


Tank Counter

     AD Kennen's buildpath because of its utilization of 3153.pngBlade Of The Ruined King's % max health damage and high Attackspeed.  Tanks have low damage which Kennen can sustain and CC through after building durability, meaning he can cut them down during fights and duel them during split pushes.

Split Pushing Potential

     Built similarly to an ADC, but has more durability to his build.  His sustained damage means hes a great duelist, similar to Jax, and a great splitpusher because his damage comes from his auto attacks.

Teamfighting Potential

     Rarely does a champion do well in split pushing and teamfights, but AD Kennen does pretty well in both because of his AoE CC from kennenshurikenstorm.pngSlicingMaelstrom (R) and sustained damage like an ADC.

Good Laner

     Kennen has a lot of good matchups, in most of the medium difficulty matchups you can win them by kiting well with good mechanics.  Ranged toplaners have been known to be great laners, like Jayce, Teemo, and Gnar, with Kennen being no exception.

Scales Well

     AD Kennen scales well into lategame just getting more durable and more damage.  His damage doesn't really fall off because of poor ratios or anything, most of his later on damage comes from items like 3153.pngBlade Of The Ruined King helping him do % max health damage that scales with enemy health.


Poor Matchups

     Every champion has some bad matchups, but hard matchups for Kennen are especially hard.  AD Kennen's playstyle is pretty reliant on ranged auto attacking, whether poking or going for extended trades.  So when someone counters that like Pantheon or Teemo, you don't have much of an option to outplay them and will most likely have to rely on just farming.  

Item Reliant

     This may seem kind of dumb at first glance, like every champion needs items to function.  However someone like Maokai who just has a lot of CC and resistances in their kit can do their job of CCing people decently and tanking some damage before dying.  AD Kennen doesn't have much of a function if he doesn't get items, he can stun but he will die quickly and not have damage.  This means if Kennen dies and falls behind, he falls behind really hard.

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