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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport is standard on most Top Laners, and Kennen is no exception, it lets you get back to lane without missing a minion wave, and later in the game lets you Teleport to any Minion or Ward on the Map, and make a play or join in on fights. 

Kennen is particularly good at Teleport Flanking ( Teleporting behind the enemy team during a fight) and surprising them with an ULT.


Flash is also standard on not only Top laners, but almost every champion. Kennen makes very good use of Flash, a key play for Kennen is to 4.png Flash dot-pattern.png kennenshurikenstorm.png ULT the entire enemy team during Team Fights.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey empowers Kenne's poke in lane giving him slightly more damage any time he damages an enemy champion, and the cooldown is based how long it take Arey to walk back to Kennen after flying to hit the enemy champion, since Kennen is so short ranged it lowers the cooldown of Arey, and during all in Kennen wants to practically be on top of another champion in which case Arey procs a ton of damage.
The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=64 Kennen relies so much on his ULT to be useful in fights, so it's really nice to have it up more often, and the other option in this tree would be Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 which you could run in an AP matchup.
Celerity.png?width=64 Having more movement speed from level 1 is very good for Kennen early game to be faster in lane lets you get in range for damage, and also lets you chase down enemies and run away better, it will also give you slightly more  AP for bonu movement speed that you get from Boots & kennenlightningrush.png 
Scorch.png?width=64 Extra damage for hitting an enemy champion with an ability, on an about 30 second cooldown, adds to poke in lane, and in general gives you more damage.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=64 Part of Kennen's core build is Zhonya's 3157.png so not only does running Perfect timing make Zhonyas cheaper and come off cooldown quicker, but having access to a Stopwatch at 6 minutes gives you a 1 time active of Zhonya's which has tons of utility & play making potential.  
Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64 5% CDR on Summoner Spells, Items, and Abilities, Kennen makes full use of this rune and it is generally useful although not hugely impactful.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

kennenshurikenstorm.png dot-pattern.png kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png dot-pattern.png kennenbringthelight.png dot-pattern.png kennenlightningrush.png 

kennenpassive.png Passive

Kennen's abilities apply "Mark of the Storm" at 3 stacks it will stun the enemy champion.
Stun Combos
  • Q  kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png > Empowered W auto attack > kennenbringthelight.png > Stun
  • kennenlightningrush.png > Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png > W kennenbringthelight.png > Stun
  • kennenshurikenstorm.png ULT > Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png > W kennenbringthelight.png > Stun

kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png Thundering Shuriken 

Kennen throws a thin Shuriken damaging the first target hit
  • Thundering Shuriken can be blocked by minions, so you have to move around them to hit enemy champions in lane.
  • Thundering Shuriken cooldown is very low, and only gets lower throughout the game, so spam it as much as possible to do as much damage as possible.
  • Thundering Shuriken can be cast while Kennen is in E 

kennenbringthelight.png Electrical Surge 

Passive: Kennen deals bonus magic damage and applies a Mark of the Storm once every 5 basic attacks.

Active: Kennen electrocutes all nearby targets with a Mark of the Storm on them.
  • Use this active to apply an instant stun after having 2 marks of the storm on an enemy champion.
  • Use this after using the empowered Auto Attack on an enemy champion for max poke damage.

kennenlightningrush.png Lighting Rush

Kennen becomes a ball of electricity ( during this he cannot auto attack, but can cast other abilities ) he then gains movement speed and Bonus Armor & Magic Resist, Kennen will deal damage and applies Mark of the Storm to all 
enemies hit.
  • Use this to engage on to enemies, or to escape from them
  • Run into an entire minion wave then use W kennenbringthelight.png to damage all minions hit and deal more damage to push the minion wave quicker.

kennenshurikenstorm.png Slicing Maelstrom 

Kennen deals magic damage in a LARGE AOE Circle around himself, dealing more damage the more time you damage the same target with it.

This is Kennen's main ability it will make or break your games if you can hit a good ULT or not, during Kennen's ULT it's important to be onto of as many enemy champions as possible.
4.png & 3152.png help you get on top of enemies & 3157.png lets you not take damage from all 5 champions you are on top of for the duration of your ULT.
You can also make use of TP 12.png to flank behind enemies during fights.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

1055.png Even though Kennen is an AP champion and you will build all AP items, starting with Dorans Blade is very good, a lot of what Kennen does during the early game is auto attacking, which Doran's Blade empowers, giving you more AD for more damage, more health for trading, and sustain to stay in lane longer. 
2003.png Since you start Doran's Blade you can only get 1 health pot first buy.

1083.png Cull can be a good option in a strictly farm lane, where you can't kill your opponent you gain an obvious advantage after completing Cull around the mid game, but if you lose early it becomes a bitter sweet item.

Example Full Build


Kennen's build will involve all utility + AP items, these items give you damage, and assist you getting onto enemies and endure some of their damage. If you are getting lots of gold and starting to snowball you should consider buying the more expensive AP items(3165.png3089.png) over the utility AP items (3116.png3157.png). If you have a large AP lead and get a good ULT you pretty much 1v5 the enemy team.

3152.png Protobelt is such an easily efficient and useful first item for Kennen Top, first off the build path in 3145.png (ideally purchased on first back) gives you even more poke in lane 3067.png giving you more health and CDR to take more damage and get more abilities off, then when completed you get Protobelt's active, which can be used as wave clear, as an engage tool, or just for more damage. Perfect item for Kennen.
3020.png Sorc Pen boots or 3158.png are the only good boot options for Kennen either giving you more damage or more CDR & Flash engages, with Sorc Pen being the more expensive option it should be factored into your build decision making based on your future expected income, you want to get tier 2 boots after protobelt.
3157.png Zhonya's is a key part of Kennen build, being able to become untargetable is very important when your job is get on top of 5 enemy champions with Kennen's ULT kennenshurikenstorm.png with a full AP build you will probably die without being able to dodge out on  lot of damage. The Stats for Zhonya's aren't bad as well, AP, Armor & CDR are all nice for Kennen. 
3116.png Health, AP, and slow enemies when damaging them with abilities, is also a cheaper item, better to get if you are ahead, but you can skip building this item for more AP items if the game is going even or if you are behind. 
3165.png After the rework Morello is a good item for Kennen, giving Kennen more Magic Pen, AP, Health, and applies reduced healing with his abilities, great bigger AP item.
3089.png Deathcap is an easy final item to any build, boosting Kennen's AP values to WAY higher than they should be, getting this as a 3rd item when you are snowballing is also very effective.
3135.png If you are playing against enemies with 2 or more Magic Resist items Void Staff will help you kill them, but more often than not your job will be to kill the enemy carries, not their tanks which the other AP items help with more than Void Staff.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Gangplank
  • Irelia
  • Jayce
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Wukong
  • Yasuo




Kennen can easily poke down Aatrox, Aatrox heals a lot, but shouldn't be able to out heal your poke damage unless the minion wave is in his favor. 

Aatrox also can win if he gets onto you, his only way to get onto you is with Q aatroxq.png & Flash 4.png play around these 2 abilities and you will disarm an Aatrox easily.




Camille doesn't have as hard of a time into ranged match ups as most melee top laners.

She can sustain a lane by procing her passive by auto attacking you, which gives her a shield and makes it impossible for you to trade back briefly. and if she lands W camillew.png on you it heals her and damages you.

If Camille engages on you, you can quickly stun her with kennenlightningrush.pngkennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngkennenbringthelight.png EQW then run away. 




Darius can tank a lot of damage, so you have to take strong short trades, in which you deal lots of damage without receiving any. 

If you ever get pulled by darius use E kennenlightningrush.png to escape, even if you are level 6 if you use an entire combo kennenshurikenstorm.pngkennenshurikenhurlmissile1.pngkennenbringthelight.png it will likely not kill him completely.

Ganks destroy Darius, and you have the CC , especially after level 6 to setup your jungler. So ping him a bunch for ganks.




Gangplank generally has a generally easy laning phase against most champions.

Starting 1054.png Doran's shield helps deal with Gangplanks early Q gangplankqwrapper.png poke.

You can beat down Gangplank level 4-5 if he mispositions. gangplankw.png will heal your stun once. 




Irelia similar to Camille has an easier time against ranged champions, since she has the threat of going in onto you it can be harder to get poke onto her, Irelia also heals and is some what resistant to CC even before buying Mercs 3111.png

Using Kennen's E kennenlightningrush.png as an Irelia goes to jump onto you is very important, to negate a good amount of damage, and to reposition yourself quickly to get just out of range of her damage and still be in a position to damage her, if you move to far away you can't return damage. 




Jayce is a lane bully, as is Kennen, but Kennen is stronger into champions that can't jump onto him, which Jayce can, when Jayce jumps onto you use E kennenlightningrush.png to run away and shot a Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png towards him.

Avoid his short range jumps in lane and you will win.




Malphite is very, very weak early levels, he is practically a punching bag, if he is running Arcane Comet Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 then you should kite him out as he approaches you for a Q seismicshard.png, then throw a shuriken Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png his way & auto attack + W kennenbringthelight.png for a much better trade onto him.

During the laning phase if you eat his Q's seismicshard.png for free than you can lose, by losing lots of health over time and not being able to trade into him before his first recall which he will then very likely by magic resist. 

Even if you are winning the lane before first recall if Malphite comes back to lane with any magic resist you might have to transition your play to be more towards wave management rather than spamming poke.




Nasus is very hard to poke out of lane since he sustains so much, if you don't get good trades level 1 - 3 the entire game will go way different. 

Entering the Mid game no matter how far down you have a nasus you should stay up on your farm, Nasus scales hard with gold and levels, if you fall behind trying to transition a small lead you have on the other side of the map it will push Nasus very far ahead, and if you can't farm a lane against Nasus the game can become very one sided. 

So take a good team fight every 5 minutes or so, but don't waste tons of time not in lane or you will pay the price in the late game.




Since heals a good amount especially after he gets ULT insanitypotion.png which negates a lot of Kennen's strength in lane.

If Singed can start a proxy level 1 it's very hard for Kennen to deal with a minion wave solo since he doesn't have AOE abilities. 

Check your side of the jungle level 1 for Singed since he might try to proxy the minion wave level 1.




In Sion's current state he's almost unbeatable for Kennen if the Sion is playing properly.

You have to avoid his E sione.png damage ( when he shouts a minion towards you ) if you get hit by one of these the laning phase can be lost which is pretty brutal, and Sion can tank a ton of Kennen's damage especially if he builds any magic resist.

So do your best to dodge his E's in lane, and don't play to kill your lane, play to get as much farm as possible and win late game team fights.




Wukong's threat is being in short range, for kennen to damage enemies he has to be in short range, so when you can really start damaging Wukong he can dash onto you and hit you with a full combo before your can get abilities off as a counter.

Push the first 2 waves into him, but don't auto push the entire game, if you make him come to CS you can punish him.




Yasuo tools to deal with Kennen are bad, his windwall yasuowmovingwall.png can only briefly block a couple auto attacks and 1 Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png 

You can auto attack Yasuo as he is dashing through a minion wave, and Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png him, as he dashes onto you use E kennenlightningrush.png to move away then continue damaging him.

If you get hit by his tornado cast ULT kennenshurikenstorm.png to counter him as he ULTs you yasuorknockupcombow.png

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game Kennen Top wants to deal tons of damage to his lane opponent while controlling the minion wave. 

The best ways for Kennen to control a Minion wave early is to auto attack the enemy champion once to gain minion Agro, then move into one of the bushes to drop it, moving the entire enemy minion wave more towards your minions, so that you can either move past the enemy minion wave or shoot Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png in the space once occupied by minions.

To poke your opponent Kennen's best tools are his Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png which is one a very low cooldown and should be spammed as much as possible, move to the left or right side of the minion wave so you can actually land the Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png since it does not go through minions. Try to shoot the Q kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png as close to the edge of a minion wave as possible without hitting a minion, you will be able to hit enemy champions very close to their minions when doing this.

Kennen's 2nd poke tool is his Auto Attacks dot-pattern.png + W kennenbringthelight.png auto attacking will build up an empowered auto attack then can then be activated by W kennenbringthelight.png for even more damage, you can auto attack minions to build this up, then use the empowered auto attack on the enemy champion for max damage in a single trade.

If you push the first 3 waves into the enemies tower you have to ward for yourself, it's very likely that you will receive the first gank in the Top Lane, since almost every jungler will start on their first buff then do 2 camps and look to gank top.

In between poking last hitting CS is crucial, so you have to really practice poking and CSing perfectly to get full use out of Kennen.

Mid Game Back to Top

During the Mid Game you can start to look to make plays either in your lane, in the enemies jungle near top lane, or around the Mid Lane with Kennen's ULT kennenshurikenstorm.png. Kennen's ULT is hugely impactful in teamfights and small skirmishes, in just 1v1's it's not as powerful as other champions single target ults such as (122.png164.png) but since it is AOE you can hit multiple enemies with it multiplying the damage done by the single ability.

So any 2v2,2v3, or 3v3 you participate in on the Top side of the map with your team you will have an advantage if you can land your ULT and other abilities onto multiple enemy champions. 

If no fights are taking place in the Top side of the Map and you aren't in a position to fight your lane opponent you can look to start a fight Bot Lane with Teleport 12.png, ideally you Teleport to the Bot Lane on a ward / minion behind the enemy laners as they are fighting your bot lane then catch them off guard with a ULT kennenshurikenstorm.png.

If you TP behind the enemy laners and they are already walking towards you, don't E kennenlightningrush.png or Flash 4.png towards them, let them come into you, it's very awkward when you flash into them, and they simply flash towards their tower, that being said if the fight is close between your bot lane and the enemy bot lane you may have to watch to see if the enemy bot lane is moving forward towards your bot laners to finish them off before you can get to them. Execution is key and TP plays take a lot of practice, but it is a key part of Kennen's gameplay. 

When ever a TP play is done enemy laners are killed or if you had a bad TP and couldn't get anything out of it move back and recall, staying in the bot lane doesn't help you at all. Get back to your lane to farm.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Kennen can make or break teamfights, you HAVE to get GREAT ULTs kennenshurikenstorm.png onto multiple key enemy champions!

You can do this by TP'ing 12.png behind them as they siege, TP'ing on top of them as they start objectives ( Dragon / Baron, Flanking from the fog of war as a fight starts, or simply running towards them with E kennenlightningrush.png > 3152.png > 4.png > kennenshurikenstorm.png ULT. 

Kennen is fairly bad at split pushing, you can push 1 wave quickly with Protobelt 3152.png but then waves take much longer to clear with a full rotation of abilities, so after pushing 1 wave you can look to group with your team to start or respond to fights.

If the enemy team starts and commits to either Baron or Elder Dragon Kennen can DESTROY them so quickly, but flashing on top of them with ULT and they will be taking damage from you, the Baron / Dragon, and your entire team, it will be the end of the game for a lot of matches you play on Kennen so long that you execute it properly.

During the Late game carry multiple control wards 2055.png with you at all times, if you are standing in a bush in vision, you won't come as a surprise when trying to engage on enemies, and you also might lead to you being caught out by the enemy team. 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Huge Teamfight Impact with ULT kennenshurikenstorm.png
  • Great Lane bully in early levels 
  • Cheap and effective Itemization


  • A wiffed ULT and engage leaves Kennen very disarmed during fights
  • Lots of magic resist / Tanks shut Kenen down in lane and in Teamfights
  • Slow / low wave clear means you have to spend more time in lane farming rather than just ARAMing & fighting.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me! 

Esport Arsenal 

 Find out what the best League of Legends Pros use for their Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad, Etc!

  • Twitter - @SawyerGG - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitter Account
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  • Lol Coaching

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