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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Your standard Summoner Spells, 4.png Flash for the mobility and playmaking potential, and of course 11.png Smite for when you're jungling. You could probably pick up 6.png Ghost instead of Flash for the increased mobility if it suits your playstyle, but personally I find Flash better as an all-purpose Summoner Spell.

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Masteries Back to Top

Just your standard 18-12-0 Mastery page. I recommend picking up Fervor of Battle due of the insane amount of damage it will give in both the midgame and the lategame. Thunderlord's Decree is another choice, but it will quickly fall off, and you lose out on the free damage FoB provides later on. Warlord's Bloodlust is also a choice, but suffers from the same problem. If you're daring enough to bring Kindred to a lane, Warlord's Blooslust might be a viable alternative.

Otherwise, you have 3 choices:
1. Natural Talent or Vampirism
Natural Talent gives you a slight increase in your damage. Though Vampirism will give both a healthier early game and scale really well once you get more damage in the game. After a bit of testing, Natural Talent I feel gives a little boost to your early and mid game, which is very welcome. I personally prefer Natural Talent.

2. Double-Edged Sword or Battle Trance
Double-Edged Sword gives immediate damage at the cost of always taking more damage, while Battle Trance gives the same damage, ramping up over a few seconds with no downside. Considering how often you will stay in fights for 3 seconds or longer, I don't see a reason not to pick Battle Trance over Double-Edged Sword, though Battle Trance doesn't work on monsters.

3. Greenfather's Gift or Dangerous Game
This choice is purely between offence and defence. Greenfather's Gift gives a decent bit of damage in engages, while Dangerous Game is very useful for both sustaining in bigger fights and surviving encounters that might leave you with a DoT or delayed damage. I personally prefer Dangerous Game for this reason.

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Skill order hasn't changed. Q now delivers a bigger amount of damage in the mid and lategame, and should still be maxed for the early mobility, refreshed procs, longer AS duration, yadda yadda.

W deals no damage early, but still gives the cooldown reduction on Q, and having more uptime on that specifically is very good.

E deals no real damage before the midgame, and upping the base damage doesn't change this. Not to mention the damage only increases by 20 for every rane, there's no real reason to ever rank this up before Q, W or E.

R is the same. Get as soon as possible for the reduced cooldown.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Early game

Core Items

Situational Items

    Armour Penetration/Shred
    Survivability, options against burst-heavy Magic Damage
    Defensive alternatives to Berserker's Greaves
    Critical Strikes
1412.png The new changes came along with a lot of spicy stuff. This includes decently high bonus AD ratios (hello kindredq.png and kindredewrapper.png ) and terrible base damages. It also includes the removal of the on-hit spice, which surprisingly didn't hit Bloodrazor too hard as your jungle item of choice. What this all means is that nothing has changed. Really? Yes, really!

3006.png To emphasise on your now sizeable amount of on-hit damage, Berserker's Greaves are a very good second purchase. They increase your Movement Speed by a substantial amount, while also increasing your Attack Speed noticeably (this also applies to kindredw.png). If you really feel the need for defensive boots, you can still go for either 3047.png Ninja Tabi or 3111.png Mercury's Threads instead, but I wouldn't recommend it in a lot of cases.

3153.png Follow this up with a Blade of the Ruined King. This might sound crazy, but hear me out: Your clear speed was nerfed with the rework, you have no real sustain, not to mention you have no dueling power/potential, and BotRK actually helps all of this dramatically. It's fantastic for early skirmishes, and helps a lot when it comes to building an early lead, or simply just staying in the game.

3031.png Even though you have no Critical Strike Chance at this point, Infinity Edge is a very good way to scale your damage further. It not only increases your bonus AD, but it also adds Critical Strike Chance and  some very interesting Critical Strike Multiplier. This should result in quite the power spike against isolated targets. The reason this can be viable is that it ups your single-target damage considerably, while also making your E execute have a higher threshold (15% -> 25%) on top of increasing the bonus damage from 50% to 75%, turning it into a very potent execute.

Follow this up with either a 3085.png Runaan's Hurricane, 3087.png Statikk Shiv or 3094.png Rapid Firecannon. Statikk Shiv gives you even more dueling potential, and with 50% Crit Chance and 250% Multiplier, Shiv has quite the potential to hurt. Likewise, Runaan's Hurricane increases your AoE damage to obscene levels, provided you position yourself accordingly. In a whole third way of thinking, you can grab Rapid Firecannon. RFC provides you with the means to attack people, make picks or simply just poke from a safe distance.
If you're feeling like getting schwifty, grab Runaan's Hurricane before Infinity Edge. The reason for this is that it doesn't hurt your overall single-target DPS a too too much, while also providing the AoE damage you might want if you teamfight a whole lot. However, this is only if you teamfight a lot at that point, as it hurts your E damage quite a bit for those single-target hits.

3812.png If you feel a little naked in terms of defences, as a respectible Marksman, you could grab another item with Life Steal. The best contender for Life Steal right now seems to be Death's Dance due to the amazing damage staggering and Physical leech. 3072.png The Bloodthirster does not leech off your Q, E and Bloodrazor damage, but it has the benefit of a decently sized Shield to keep you alive through the copious amounts you will be leeching.

If Life Steal doesn't tickle your fancy in terms of defence, 3026.png Guardian Angel gives Attack Damage now, meaning you won't sacrifice much getting GA over other items. 3156.png Maw of Malmortius can be worthwhile against more burst-oriented Magic Damage dealers, but 3155.png Hexdrinker should be bought earlier than your 6th item. Against teams with some dangerous CC, or just some more general Magic Damage, you can always rock a 3139.png Mercurial Scimitar. It gives a lot of Attack Damage, some very nice Life Steal, much appreciated Magic Resistance and a situationally incredible active Cleanse. What more could you ask for?

To achieve the most damage, add a shiny new 3508.png Essence Reaver to your build. It gives a lot of bonus AD and adds 20% Critical Strike Chance, as well as giving you some juicy Cooldown Reduction - a whole 30%. This option gives the most raw damage and will make you obliterate squishies. Seeing as you're not the ADC, you can afford diving the enemy team quite a bit more to gain easier access to the enemy squishies, making this a devastating last purchase.

But wait, there's more! To really top it all off, we're gonna sell Bloodrazor. Not right? Not right, and that's right. Bloodrazor is now one of our weakest items since the Attack Speed should be capped, or above the cap, and it can be sold off for greater benefits. With the newest potential 6th item, we're gonna go a bit crazy. There are plenty of options, and it all comes down to if you need more defences or if you want to maximise your damage output.

Finishing off your build with a second Zeal item is the biggest possible boost to your damage possible. It will cap out your Critical Strike Chance and definitely overcap your Attack Speed with Dance of Arrows' Attack Speed buff. With a few Marks and a second Zeal item, you can even afford to sell off your Berserker's Greaves for another pair of boots.

If the enemy is tanking up so much that a second Zeal item just doesn't cut it, you might feel it'd be worthwhile to get through their Armour. If it's not too much, consider if 3036.png Lord Dominik's Regards or 3033.png Mortal Reminder are worth picking up over 3071.png Black Cleaver. Black Cleaver is innately better against squishier teams, while LDR or MR are very good against tanky teams. LDR often being the superior choice due to giving up to 20% increased damage on all of your Physical Damage, of which you will dish out a lot.

If you're still getting absolutely smashed by everything, you might have to consider either changing your playstyle or get yourself a second defensive item as a crutch for your last item.

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