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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Now, before we get rioought into the News (aka guide) here's some music to "set the mood"
The generic summoner spells for most top laners. 

12.png Teleport is effective on most top laners because of the utility.  You can teleport to lane to avoid losing CS and you can make plays with it throughout the map.  
  If you are looking to make a play bot lane, you must assess the situation before you act.

Do not make a tp play if:

1) You're against a heavy lane-push champ, such as 75.png | 74.png | 83.png | 254.png | 23.png | 164.png If you decide to make a teleport play down bot lane (without killing your laner or shoving them out of lane first) they will easily destroy your tower.  Especially against 83.png , 74.png , and 23.png never leave lane without either, A. Forcing them to back, or B. Killing them.  If you decide to leave lane against these lane-pushers they'll melt your tower faster than your Bronze V Lee Sin dies to his Red Buff.

2) The enemy team has vision of your teleport: 
 If the enemy has vision of your incoming teleport, they will know to back off thus negating your roam and wasting your time.

When to make a Teleport play

1) If you're laning against someone who either A. Can't punish you in your absence, or B. Can't kill your tower in a matter of seconds.

2) If you're bot lane is pushed up to their tower and has a ward in a bush (specifically somewhere out of enemy vision)

3) If you know where the enemy jungler is: if you make a tp play, the enemy jungler can come to their bot lane's assistance hereby making it a 3v3 instead of a 3v2.

4) If you have recently killed your laner, if your enemy laner is anyone who can't punish you in your absence, you can make a TP play once you force them to back.

4.png Is a utility spell, it can be used both offensively and defensively.  Due to it's high cooldown you should only use Flash whenever you're guaranteed to benefit from its use.  Depending on your play style, you can take 6.png instead of 4.png, however, 6.png does not offer as much utility as 4.png Sure Ghost has a lower cooldown than Flash, but compared to Flash, it doesn't provide the same amount of utility.  

14.png | 4.png
By taking these summoner's you are negating any possibility of making TP plays, however, these spells can allow you to
snowball the game by giving you the early-kill pressure on your opponent.

14.pngAt level 1, this only deals a maximum of 70 True damage.  Only use this spell when you know, as a fact, that you can kill the enemy with it.  For example, if you get a 75.png down to 10% health do NOT ignite him if he has his ult up.  Because he'll ult and you will waste your ignite and he'll escape with barely any health remaining.

In my opinion, 14.png is an amazing spell on Kled, because of your kledr.png you have the potential to roam very easily and almost always pick up a kill in the process.  In addition, Kled is an early-mid game champion who can easily solo-carry a game if fed.  If you end up getting an early kill on your opponent with 14.png you'll be able to begin snowballing.  
Also, take 14.png  in every matchup against heavy sustain champs such as,
 50.png | 8.png | 58.png | 266.png | 36.png | 86.png | 83.png
Btw, take ignite every single game.  If you do this and use my signature build, your snowballing potential increases 10 fold!

New Runes Back to Top

Here're the runes I use and recommend for Kled.  They give Kled obscene amounts of damage while giving him sustain to live through close fights.

Abilities Back to Top

240.png has a kit oriented around constantly all-inning people.  As a result of this aggressive kit, Kled makes an amazing SoloQ champ for his capability to snowball and solo-carry a game.  He is similar to 58.png in the sense that he dominates the early-mid game.  In almost every matchup, one combo can chunk the enemy down to half health.  If a Kled gets fed, he can roam to help his allies win lanes, and defeat high priority targets.  The only way I've lost a game as Fat Kled (10/1) is when the enemy team has a better lategame than mine, and when nobody follows up on my kledr.png in a team fight.

Let's start by discussing his Passive kledpassive.png.

This passive, oh boy, this passive.  This is the thing that allowed me (150 hp at the time) to kill a tower-diving Shyvana (at full hp) and survive with 20 health. 

Basically, this passive is what makes Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier.
Do note, that you can die in-between the animation of Skaarl returning.

You'll be in a 1v2 against the enemy jungler and top, be one auto attack away from death and see it, Skaarl running towards you, horns playing, you think to yourself "Yess! I can kill these monkies now", then that enemy 86.png ults you mid animation and shuts down your parade.

kledpassive.png Allows for some pro-looking plays and allows for some cheeky baits on your opponents who'll see a 20% hp Kled and think,"Juicy gold!" then, not understanding Kled's passive they'll try to kill you, but will end up losing the 1v1. 

Now here's my thoughts on his abilities.
kledq.png is Kled's "Trap-rope on a Bear" or "Bear-rope on a Trap", basically it's a very slim skillshot that deals immense damage to a single target. It takes 1.75 seconds to ramp up and requires you to stay relatively near an enemy aka, in their "no-no" zone. We upgrade this at level 1 and max this first for maximum "Rope-age" in fights.  In addition to more "rope-age" upgrading this will benefit you as dismounted Kled (which is your weakest form).    

Tips and Tricks:
1) This skillshot can pass through enemy minions and neutral monsters, if you're against a ranged matchup who is zoning you off of farm, you can use this skill to farm from a distance.

2) Always follow up on your ult (kledr.png) with a "Bear-rope on a trap" for maximum damage

3) Take into note that the animation for "Rope-trap on a Bear" can cancel an AA (auto attack) animation, even though this cancels the animation, it cannot be used to quickly land autos on someone due to its relatively long animation.

4) A well-aimed dismounted Kled Q can allow you to jump over walls, do note that this only applies to thin walls such as Baron pit, or any other thin wall around the map.

5) If you're up against a wall, (or close to one) a dismounted Q will send you flying into said wall.  If the wall is too thick you'll just hit the wall like a moron.
kledw.png is a passive that applies on-hit effects.  Kled's Violent Tendencies deals Max, Health, DAMAGEif you manage to land all four violent smacks your opponent will begin to contemplate why they engaged on you.  This passive is probably one of the best passives in the game due to it's capability to deal crazy damage in such a short period of time.  Again, why I suggest taking AS quints.  We upgrade this second because the damage can be unreliable at times, but has better scaling than klede.png.

Tips and Tricks:
1) Once you hit level 2, don't upgrade your Violent Tendencies (Even though it's what you upgrade at lvl 2).  Only take a point into your W when you have the opportunity to land all four hits on the enemy laner.  If you hit lvl 3 before you can trade, just upgrade your E and save your point for the W.

2) This scales off of AD and applies on-hit effects such as 3748.png Passive, 3087.png Passive, 2033.png Active, Red Buff, you name it. Basically kledw.png is considered as four AAs.  Do note that effects such as 3077.png Active does not apply on his W.  

3) After buying a 3077.png you can incorporate it into your combo to add even more damage!

4) The 4th hit can apply 3748.png active for a huge burst in damage.  This is usually used best as an execution.
klede.png is Kled's E, you all-in an enemy, they flash, you run back up to them and proceed to get the kill.
This gap-closer can be used to get back to lane faster, to dodge important skill shots such as 99.png ult, and to chase down an enemy AD carry. We upgrade this last because of the incredibly low-scaling it has.  Basically upgrading this is a waste of a point.

Tips and Tricks:

1) This can be used after an enemy gap-closer to continue chasing them.

2) The first proc of this cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT pass through walls.  Only on the second proc can you dodge through walls.

3) This is your only gap closer (except for dismounted Kled Q), let me repeat, THIS IS YOUR ONLY GAP CLOSER if you burn this and the enemy jungler ganks you, you're basically screwed.  If you manage to get close enough to your tower you may be able to land a dismounted Q to send you into safety, but they'll just tower-dive you.  Prevent this from happening by buying 2055.pngs and keeping vision of your swamp.
kledr.png This ult is probably the most satisfying ult to land in game and is 90% guaranteed to kill whoever it hits. (Unless you run like a moron and ult into a 1v5)  Enemies can see this coming from a mile away and will try to run from it, this means you have to predict their movement.  Kled ult works similar to Sion ult, except you'll look even more like a dumb donkey if you miss it.

Tips and Tricks: 

1) This is your bread and butter engage, it will allow you (and your team) to come flying out of nowhere to deal massive damage.  So don't miss it (even though it may be difficult if you're a new Kled main)

2) During the laning phase, if you're up against a 122.png who was too stupid to ward the river, you can get your jungler to gank, then follow up with your ult and it's a guaranteed kill. 

3) Landing this ult on an enemy carry is a guaranteed kill, if you can follow up with your combo, and you didn't go 0/10 against 122.png.

4) Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT use this as a mobility spell.  It has a very long CD so using this will burn your main engage tool. Use it sparingly!

5) You just forced your enemy laner to back and you shove the wave, you notice that the enemy 101.png is kicking your ally 69.png 's watoosi and has her farming under tower, you proceed to run down to river and ult towards mid lane, congrats you just got your 0/3 69.png a kill.

6) Coordinate with your team to land an epic 5-man engage on the enemy adc who's solo farming bot lane, and you'll think to yourself, "adcs is 2k17. xD"

7) It takes time to master this ability, but if used correctly can determine a won game.  Use it to look for picks in the mid-late game 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the generic start for Kled along with most AD top laners. The Doran's allows for sustain in lane w/Lifesteal and gives you buffs that Kled benefits from.
    Always go longsword 3 pots with my build. It's more fun and snowbally than tank Kled and I have a much higher wr with it.

Core Items

    Here's my signature Kled build, it gives you the power to 1-shot monkies while letting you live through almost anythin' (Get mercs if vs heavy cc & ap, tabis if vs a fed adc or a lot of autoattackers)
    Bruiser aka "tank Kled" This build CAN be good, but it has less carry potential than my signature build just bc you do less dmg and can't 1-shot your target 100% of the time. In addition, this build is focused around anti-burst items and resistances. Since Kled benefits most from armor + these items rather than hp, you go for this build. Steraks if vs fed ad, Maw/Hexdrinker if vs heavy ap (Note, if vs an ap matchup always buy hexdrinker 1st)

Situational Items

    If there's a lot of fed ap, go hexdrinker before buildin' towards Black Cleaver. If y'all are behind (which u shouldn't) go Steraks before death's dance for more anti-burst.
    On your 1st back, buy one of these two items. Hexdrinker if vs an ap top (or mid) and Vamp Scepter if vs any generic, non-ap top lane.
For those of you who don't know about Kled's lore, it's stupid, but it's amazin'.
Kled is a Noxian Yordle who has been in every Noxian War, ever and has accumulated every single military title known to Noxus.  He rides his dumbass immortal lizard who flees at any sign of trouble.  After every victory, Kled claims the battleground as his property and considers everyone (except him and Skaarl) he sees to be a trespasser.  
One day, Kled and Skaarl were chillin' eatin' tacos and then Kled got pissed off because Skaarl farted too loud.  Then, Kled wandered off and began a conversation with a snake about pie crusts, but it wasn't a snake, it was a mere shadow of a rock.  Kled then realized that he had no clue what a "pie crust" is, then single-handedly took on an entire Noxian army and won once he got Skaarl back.

Interesting facts about Kled: 
1) Kled thinks Lux is "dope"

2) His only friend in the world is Skaarl, and hates every champion in League of Legends including himself.
And that's what ya' call a:

                           "Quite a spicy meme"
Overall, these are the items I typically run on 240.png 

Here's some pro advice, never and I say NEVER use the exact same build each game.  Because each game will be situational.  

Note- you'll have a general CORE build, but most of the time you don't want to use the same 6 items (unless you get two games in a row that need you to buy the same build, then use the same build, kappa)

Also, feel free to comment on my guide if you have any other fun builds for Kled, or if you want me to add a specific matchup that's not mentioned!

(Note- Lolking messed up the order of the items in my builds, here's what it's supposed to be:

Bruiser "Tank" Kled: 3047.png (buy mercs if vs heavy ap & cc) --> 3748.png (get black cleaver b4 titanic if vs a tank heavy team) --> 3071.png (if you got this 1st, buy titanic next) --> 3812.png --> 3026.png --> 3156.png (if vs heavy ap or fed mid) --> 3053.png (if vs heavy ad or fed adc/ad mid)  

My Signature Build: 3074.png --> 3111.png (buy these or tabis) --> 3071.png --> 3812.png --> 3026.png --> 3046.png

Full Tank Kled (I highly recommend that you don't use this build, but if you got smashed in lane and are feeding go for this build): 3748.png --> 3071.png --> 3047.png (tabis or mercs) --> 3143.png (if vs heavy ad or you fed 58.png or 23.png) --> 3065.png (buy this + maw if vs a fed ap top, mid & or jg) --> 3053.png  --> 3812.png.

Full AD "Cheese" Kled: Full AD runes + 2 as quints, --> 3074.png --> 3006.png --> 3031.png --> 3046.png --> 3812.png --> 3072.png 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Camille
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Ekko
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  • Fizz
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  • Illaoi
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  • Kled
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  • Yorick
  • Zed



266.png The obvious question here is, "Why is he playin' Aatrox?"  



84.pngThis sneaky weeb has a terrible early game, abuse this to get a lead on her.  If you fail to do so, and she gets her first item before you, let her push you up to tower and all-in her with kledr.png.  Do note that it would help you to burn her akalismokebomb.png before you all-in her.  Just so she has no escapes.  If she roams, punish her by killing her tower. 

I recommend taking 14.png in this matchup.



12.png The Battle Cattle strikes again!  You'll lose to him 100% of the time bc he's broken af (Seriously, if there's an Alistar top it's the freest lane in existence)



164.png If the camille is ass, it's eZ, if she's good at Camille, it's a skill matchup.
Her camiller.png is a pain in the ass to deal with, but as long as you don't let 'er catch your skaarl-less watoosi post-6 without your kledw.png, you'll stomp 'er into the ground.



31.png Another champion with a no-skill ult that deals TRUE damage, his knock-up is brainless and you can't 1v1 at all past lvl 6.  Unless the cho'gath is complete ass, you'll lose lane.  Aka, permaban this cancer.



122.png The generic bronze-stompin' lane bully.  
This is pretty much a freelo lane if you take ignite, make him contemplate life before he hits 6 and it's +20 lp.

Do note that he'll take you on a ride on the Dunktown Express(TM) if he catches you post-6 without Skaarl.  Smash this lane bully before lvl 6 and it's eZpZ.




245.png A kid with time travelin' powers?  *Scoffs* FIGHT LIKE A MAN!
Ekko is a fairly easy matchup since he'll be squishy in the early game which is where 240.png thrives.  Burn through his city-folk, high-tech, dingy-mabob with FIRE! 14.png
Post-6 Watch his clone all of the time, because if he lands a well-aimed TIME-WARP (ekkor.png) on you, you might lose the 1v1. His ekkoq.png 'll be annoying in the early game but the damage isn't anything special.  It's simple logic, Gun beats Axe and Axe beats Glowstick.



114.png Fiora.. one of my most hated champs.  Her kit is easy, consider her as a 23.png on steroids because if you screw up, she'll ult and kill you in a matter of seconds.  At level 1 don't engage on her and only poke with kledq.png once you hit level 2 your kledw.png makes the "Grand Duelist" a "Grand Squishy".  By smacking her with all four procs of your Violent Tendencies, you'll win trades with ease.  Post-6 let her push and call for a gank from your jungler.  If you shut her down early she'll never be able to 1v1 you.  But if she gets a lead, you're screwed. If she ults you, instantly run for the hills (hills as in tower) and wait for it to wear off, then, if your wave is pushing and the enemy jungler is nowhere near, all in her.  
Depending on how familiar you are with this matchup, take either 14.png or 12.png.  Take tp if you're new to the matchup and take Ignite if you know you can kill her.

Also, keep a mental note of your vitals.  If it is in an exposed area walk into a bush or out of her vision to reset it.  

Special Note- her fioraw.png can block your kledq.png and your kledr.png.  When 1v1ing Fiora try to bait out her fioraw.png before going ham.

If she smacks your vitals you'll lose 100% of the time.  Walk out of vision if it's facing towards her.

I've forgotten how busted Fiora is as a champ, until recently.  Now I permaban her, and if you're playing ranked, I recommend you do the same if you want to win.

Fiora in a nutshell:




105.png The Lesbian Fish is probably one of the most annoying champs in game to deal with, with hisfizze.png he'll dodge everything you throw at him and he'll melt Skaarl faster than you lost lane because there was a 1v3 top.

I haven't had too much experience with this matchup as 240.png but all I can say is, Fizz is cancer.  Luckily for you, you're Kled, the lane pushing, dinosaur ridin' Redneck.  If you make the lane boring for Fizz where he can't kill you, he'll inevitably roam to other lanes looking to rack up his KDA, punish him by murderin' his tower.  

I recommend taking 12.png for this matchup if your team needs a split pusher, but if your team has crap-tons of CC, take 14.png.



3.png The new Galio is very, and I repeat, very oppressive in lane 
(Almost as much as 240.png)

Luckily he doesn't block physical damage with his passive, or he'd be broken af top.

This matchup is revolved around you side-stepping his galioe.png (which has a long-ass animation), and not standing in his galioq.png whenever he throws it out.

However, if you can't dodge these, he can be a MEDIUM or even HARD matchup.

When tower diving him, make sure that his jungler is nowhere near, because if he lands his galior.png on you, you're screwed.  

The second he uses his galior.png in a team fight, stop focusing the target and disengage immediately.  

Take 12.png against the no-longer-sad Gargoyle.



41.png Ole' captain Gangplank, Rito's finally giving him some love with the release of Dreadnova Gangplank.  As a result of this, he'll be played more frequently than before.

Overall, Gangplank is a lane-bully.  A good GP will constantly spam gangplankqwrapper.png 's in your face while zoning you off of your farm with his gangplanke.png.  In this case, he'll be a HARD matchup.  Once he starts getting items, you're screwed.  His gangplankw.png Citrus Dream negates all CC which is the only thing that can shut him down.  He has global presence with his gangplankr.png and can overall carry harder than you, IF HE GETS TO LATEGAME!  The only way you can beat a good GP is to work with your team to camp his lane and make his life a living hell.  If you do this and rush objectives while he's dead, you'll win.

I recommend you take 14.png vs  GP if you and you Jungler can camp him.  Take 12.png if you're stuck 1v1ing him.  But no matter what, unless you're a much better player GP will always get to lategame, and always carry harder than you.

Special Note-
During the laning phase, a good Gangplank player will be a HARD matchup if you can't get your jungler to camp top for you.  SHUT HIM DOWN BEFORE HE BECOMES A STRONGER VERSION OF LATEGAME 222.png




86.png DEMACIA!  Garen is the newbie's go-to champ to learning the top lane.  Here's Garen in a nutshell: DEMACIA!!! garene.png (comes spinning into your DMS, same as 23.png)  smacks you with an empowered Q garenq.png, then makes a giant sword rain down from the sky to 1-shot you.

There are two kinds of 86.png's, ones who know 240.png and the ones who don't.  If the 86.png is new to 240.png, then it's an eZ lane for you, however, if it's a Mastery lvl 7 86.png one-trick, you're probably screwed.  He has more sustain than you, naturally builds against you, has massive burst with garenr.png and is overall a nuisance.   Like I mentioned, if the 86.png is good, any attempt to all-in him post-6 will be shut down, like this: 86.png knocks you off of Skaarl, garenr.png garenr.png garenr.png it doesn't take a Challenger player to realize that you're dead.

The bad 86.png's (who don't know 240.png) will just garenr.png you when Skaarl has 5% hp and waste it on stupid things like that.  Also, the 86.png won't run out of your range to heal.

OP.GG the 86.png and find out if he's a god or not.  If not, it's eZ game and play aggro, however, if the 86.png has 500+ games on 86.png, play passive.



150.png is a very unique champ.

When he's mini, he whittles your health bar down with constant gnarq.png spam
As Mega Gnar he'll cc until you can't move.

Don't look to trade with him when he's Mega unless you have the cooldown/wave advantage.

* Stand behind your minions when he's Mega to negate his gnarq.png poke.

Take 12.png in this matchup and don't fight him Mega post-6 or he'll gnarr.png and kill you.



74.png I've played my share of Donger games, but contrary to common belief he actually requires skill in order to play him.  In my opinion, 74.png and 427.png are the most passive champs in the game.  

Since most dongers place their turrets in an illuminati trifecta, you won't be able to touch your minions.  If he's stupid and pushes his wave with one turret only, all-in him with kledr.png and you'll definitely kill him. During the laning phase, stay out of his poke range and DEFINITELY stay out of his Illuminati triangle of death.  Don't even ask your jungler to gank for you, because the Donger is all mighty and'll pull out a ult heimerdingerq.png from his ass and get a double kill.  The reason to me placing the Donger at a medium difficulty level is because aside from the laning phase, he'll be relatively easy to deal with.  As most dongers run tanks builds, he'll be doing less damage than you (unless he ults) But still, because the majority of Dongers run split push builds such as 3512.png + 3060.png his ults won't be able to delete you.  Keep him away from your backline and you'll win team fights.  During the laning phase, farm with your "Trap-ropebear on a trap".

Take 14.png against the Donger because he if pushes too far without his illuminati, you can kill him, easy with an kledr.png kledq.png kledw.png klede.png kledq.png combo.

Special Notes-

You can kill the Donger's turrets with your "Trap-bear on a rope", but only attempt to do this if his heimerdingerw.png is on cool down.



420.png Is an incredibly slow tank.  As 240.png, you completely dominate juggernauts.  If you're a dumb arse and get hit by her slow-af skill shots illaoiq.png illaoie.png you'll lose trades and inevitably the lane.  If you get knocked off Skaarl, stand behind your minions and poke her with your dismounted kledq.png.  If she gets a lead, she'll be unkillable and have the potential to 1v5 with her illaoir.png.  DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! 420.png is an easy lane for you, however, if she gets her 35.png to gank you, just focus the 35.png and 4-shot him, then, run to your tower. The key to winning this matchup is to kill her tentacles, then focus her.  If you let her push you up to tower you can kill her.  But she may seem too tanky if you attempt to dive her (if you shove the wave towards her) Consider her illaoie.png as a slow rocketgrab.png.  If you get hit by it, and she has no tentacles nearby (or minions), all-in her and dodge her illaoiq.png in the process, you'll win.  Try to bait out her illaoir.png.  She has a lot of sustain in lane if she lands her skill shots on you, and if you dodge her skill shots, you win.  Take 14.png if you've fought this before and know that you can dodge everything she throws at you and take 12.png if you've never fought an Illaoi before. 



39.png Lategame will 1v5 your team, early-game will 1v5 your team.  Suffice to say, Irelia is busted more so than 164.png.  

However, you're 240.png.  Use this strategy and you'll be able to win lane or even the game eZ.

First Step:
    Stay away from your minions that are on low hp, she can ireliagatotsu.png and full-combo you.

Second Step: 
    Her ireliatranscendentblades.png is better in an all-in, if she uses it try to run away!

Third Step:

    Wait for her to burn her ireliahitenstyle.png (aka stun) on something before engaging.

Fourth Step:

   Never 1v2-1v3-1v4-1v5 her!  (Unless she's behind)

Take 12.png against 39.png.



24.png "I sexually identify as an Apache Attack helicopter" - Jax

Jax is one of the few champs who can go even with you in lane.

Play aggro if you have a lead, until lategame (or when the Jax gets items)

When in lane, watch his jaxcounterstrike.png(helicopter) move and don't attack him. Wait for it to be over then proceed to melt his hp!

Take 12.png against Jax.




126.png Is another early-game champ that'll make you contemplate life.  
As a local resident of the top-lane, you should know that a ranged matchup is complete aids.  Imagine playing 98.png against 13.png.

Well, Jayce is no exception, fortunately for you he's squishier than those apple pies you buy at McDonald's so you'll have no trouble killin' him early.  There's one simple principal you follow as 240.png when faced up against another early-game snowballer, and that is, "DON'T SCREW UP!"  If you take 14.png against this Thor wannabe you'll be able to kill him.  However, if you goof up and he kills you, over, and over, you've lost lane.  
Luckily a fed 126.png isn't as bad as a fed 23.png or 114.png. Nonetheless, always keep into account that he can kill you especially if his jungler comes.



240.png WHO IS THE ANGRIER REDNECK? AND WHO WILL EXPEL THE OTHER FROM HIS LAND?  Hopefully from reading this guide you'll be the better 240.png main. 
240.png Mirror matches are probably the most entertaining form of Mirror matches. 
You have bear traps flying everywhere, both 240.pngs screaming at each other, it's amazing. Try to sidestep his kledq.pngs while managing your kledw.png in lane.  The key to winning this matchup is to manage your kledw.png better than the enemy 240.png.  If you do this, the lane will be easier.
Remember the golden rule of Kled mirror matches, the first Kled to lose Skaarl in a 1v1 wins.

          "Just 'cause we was kin don't mean I ain't feeding you to Skaarl!"



Lee Sin

64.png Let's be honest here, nobody plays Lee top anymore, especially after Rito nerfed his ult.  I have had no experience with this matchup because I've never seen a Lee top.  



117.png Ah Lulu, the embodiment of cock-block ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Some assholes decide to play her full AS top, disgusting.  Everything in her kit counters 240.png, unless you're in a 1v1 with her.

Play safe and try to get your kledq.png off before she turns you into a squirrel (luluw.png)  After that you'll melt her hp.  Try to rush an early resistance item to survive her dmg post-luluw.png.  Suffice to say, her luluw.png is the only thing keeping you from killing her pre-6

Post-6, always take her lulur.png into account before diving.  

Take 14.png and go full AD vs her (why not, kappa)?

(Take 12.png if your not full ad Kled)



57.png The depressing Maokai lane

He's more of a utility champ and ever since Rito gutted his maokaisapling2.png, nobody plays him anymore.  If you end of versing one in lane, he can't 1v1 you, even if you are super behind. (Assuming you took the recommended masteries and built Black Cleaver first item)

This lane is simple: Dodge his maokaisapling2.png whenever he throws them, and care for jungle ganks.

Take 12.png vs Maokai, since you don't need 14.png to secure an early snowball.

He'll be tilted from first picking 427.png's brother if you ever pick 240.png into 57.png.



75.png Susan is a lategame champion who relies heavily on getting stacks and farming minions.  Zone him off of his creeps at lvl 1 with your kledq.png and start heavily trading with him once you get your kledw.png.  Be careful though, if you tower dive him post-6 (aka once he has nasusr.png) he'll be able to kill you and you'll lose your lead.  In order to prevent him from becoming the lategame monster he his, zone him off of farm and constantly keep vision.  Once you kill him shove the wave and go for that juicy first blood tower gold.  
  Don't you ever get to lategame against Susan or he'll 1v4 your team.  Force objectives over kills and end the game asap.
  I recommend you to take 14.png against this earlygame underdog, to guarantee that you'll get a lead.

Special Notes- 
  His nasusr.png can allow him to survive your 14.png, burn his ulti before going in for the kill.
Never, NEVER shove the wave against Susan.  You want to be able to kill him at every point in the game, except the lategame (unless you're frickin' fed and he has no farm)
Susan's difficulty is raised to a HARD if you let him get his stacks and full build.



111.png Tanks in 2k17, they're legit.

As a 240.png, you naturally cuck tanks in lane (Let's be honest here, you win against everything except 58.png and 114.png)  

Early levels, he'll poke you with nautilussplashzone.png whenever you walk up for CS.  At lvl 1-3, this will deal no dmg, wait for him to use it before trading with him.   You can probably first blood him at lvl 2 (lel) 

Whenever he uses nautiluspiercinggaze.png, just back off (unless all-inning) 

Here's the cheeky lvl 2-3 all-in combo:

klede.png --> kledw.png --> kledq.png

His nautilusgrandline.png will be annoying if you get ganked, so just keep vision and don't overextend too far and you'll do fine.

It's core to take 12.png against tanks, because you don't need to secure an early snowball since you can kill them during anytime in the laning phase.



2.png  is annoying to deal with.  Don't let him cheese you lvl 1 with his olafaxethrowcast.png spam and don't overstay without Skaarl.  Throughout the game, 2.png will have some decent sustain.  You outtrade him with your kledq.png --> kledw.png --> klede.png combo.  Just keep a mental note of his cds and dodge his axes.

Take 12.png against 2.png.



80.png For the inexperienced Kled, this matchup is hard af to win.

However, if you listen to these words of "wisdom", you'll win lane vs him.

Pantheon is similar to Renekton in the sense that he can easily all-in you if you're even with him and Skaarl-less.  Always hold onto one round in your Pocket Pistol post lvl-1 in case he all-ins you.  If you watch him move up to you, Q away and if you get caught without kledw.png, you're dead. Start 1054.png if you're new to the matchup and go Longsword + 3 pots if you know how to handle Panth.

At lvls 1 & 3, he's stronger than you.  However, your lvl 2 is significantly stronger than his, granted he got pantheone.png at lvl 2.  
In theory, you can pull the lvl 2 all-in on a Pantheon, but he if starts W he can easily cock-block your attempt for First Blood.

Anyways, buy an early ninja tabis vs Pantheon and you can all-in him whenever you want, that is if you're not already 0/3.  At early levels, camp the side bushes and only come out for cs.  



78.png Even after the nerf, Poopy is still broken.  Her poppyw.png cancels your dash, and she builds all tank items which will basically make her this unkillable wall during lategame team fights.  Her damage is decent in the early game.  Bait our her poppyw.png, then hit her with the wombo-combo ( kledq.png kledw.png klede.png kledq.png ) and you'll melt her hp early.  She can easily be a MEDIUM matchup if you stand close to walls.  Once you get 3071.png you have some kill potential on her, but she's overall a champ that can't out 1v1 you, but she'll just survive long enough for her team to come runnin' to her aid.

Take 12.png in this matchup to make TP plays, and to follow up on any of her split pushes (if she does do any)



133.png One of the few champs who is more oppressive than 240.png in lane.

Many people who are new to 240.png don't know how to deal with 133.png which is why they lose consistently against her.

"Well it's all depending on the 133.png's skill if you can win or not" - that one guy who comments saying very general things

I hate to inform you, but 240.png can win against 133.png (unless the Quinn is significantly more experienced than the Kled)

Here's how the lane goes:

Start 1054.png+ 2003.png and play passive levels 1-2

At lvl 3, setup the minion wave so you have more minions than she does.  Then you can look to trade 
Bait out her quinnq.png then look to give her a big ole' southern' welcome.
Quinn is an adc, which means she's incredibly squishy.  With one all-in combo you can either A. kill her, or B. force her to go B.

Here's how the all-in should go:

Bait out quinnq.png pop a health pot (if u have 1), klede.png onto her but hold onto the second proc until she uses quinne.png, proceed to use the second proc once she's quinne.png'd then hit er' with a kledq.png and proceed to trade with kledw.png.

Post-6 & Post-3077.png, bait her into roaming by making her think that you went back after shoving a wave.

(If she doesn't roam go B)

If she roamed, spam ping ? to inform your allies that 133.png is on her way to screw them.
Once you see her in another lane, immediately shove the minion wave and proceed to pressure her tower, focus the minions under tower instead of hitting the tower (unless you have kledw.png up, then smack the tower with all four procs) and make her lose a crap-ton of farm for roaming.  If the 133.png is attempting to take an objective, focus the tower more than the minions and get First Tower before she does.

Do note that this is a HARD matchup for the inexperienced 240.png.

Buy an 3462.png asap (lvl 9) and keep vision of their jungle.

As they say, the BIRD is the WORD




58.png is like Kled, except of being an angry redneck cat, he's a larger, scarier version of Skaarl that'll whoop your ass if you're not careful.

80% of the time, this is a skill matchup, (that 20% being if he's bronze/silver and you're plat+)

He wins lvl 1 if he gets an empowered renektoncleave.png off on you, & his lvl 2 gives him mobility (renektonsliceanddice.png) which can counter your lvl 2 all-in.  

He's thinking that he wants to dismount you lvls 1-3 so that he can all-in you with ignite post-3.  You don't want that to happen, so if he took ignite, play safe until you can buy armor vs him.  If you walk up for cs and he has 50+ fury, his empowered renektoncleave.png will rekt you in trades and if he dismounts you and builds up fury, he'll just renektonsliceanddice.png through your minions and renektonpreexecute.png you (which will destroy your hopes & dreams of winning lane).  Even though he can earily 100-0 Kled's hp (Kled being without Skaarl) play back and hold onto one round of your Pocket Pistol, by doing this you'll be able to have some form of kiting vs his renektonsliceanddice.png.

In order to win lane vs an experienced Renekton player, you need to be thinking the exact same thing he is & know how to counter it.  For example, "Okay, all I need to do is dismount him & if he uses his W while I have fury it'll be an eZ kill."

Once you get armor, you'll be doing significantly more dmg than him, however, even if you are ahead you simply cannot tower dive him if he has his renektonreignofthetyrant.png up.  Because of this, you can feign an all-in & once he burns his ult you can shove the lane & tower dive him.



92.png It's well known that the Riven on your team goes 0/6 during the first five   minutes of the game and the Riven on the enemy team wins a 1v5 against your team. Even though this is an urban myth, in low-elo this will never be the case (it'll never be the case, it's just a funny meme) 240.png is a natural Riven counter.  If she uses her riventricleave.png to farm hit her with a good ole' Redneck greeting: kledq.png klede.png kledw.png klede.png (only do this if she doesn't have a massive minion wave) Earlygame Riven is as squishy as 41.png, except she doesn't have a long range poke (gangplankqwrapper.png) and gangplanke.png s to zone you off of farm.  This means you'll be able to obliterate her in lane, zone her from farm and kill her early before she buys any items and you'll be fine.  Take 14.png for this matchup to kill her early.  Watch her ability use and keep a mental note of her cooldowns, knowing this will win you the lane.

If the Riven has rivenfengshuiengine.png and knows how to fast combo, be careful because she can burst you faster than you run with kledr.png.

Your kledq.png stops her from hopping walls and overall screws her combo.  Use it during her combo to cancel it.

During the laning phase, poke her with kledq.png and dodge her 3rd riventricleave.png.  If she attempts to do a full combo on you, try to hit your kledq.png before she can stun (rivenmartyr.png) you.  If you land a bear trap on her, let her burn her cd's to get away from it.  Doing this will secure an easy trade for you.  In addition to this, if she burns her rivenmartyr.png on minions (or misses it on you) you have a 10 second window to look to trade.
Also, be sure to care for her lvl 6 all-in. Whenever you're vs a Riven main, keep in mind that you need to snowball early vs her or you'll be Riven-food.  Buying an early 3047.png helps live through her lvl 6 all-in.  

When tower diving, be careful not to be stunned.

For the inexperienced Kled, this can be a difficult matchup.



68.png  You're gonna Rumble in the Jungle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (aka best death animation in League)

At lvl 1, if he didn't charge up his Heat before walking into lane, you can win an easy lvl 1 trade if he runs up to you with his rumbleflamethrower.png on (this will work lvls 1-2)

Stand behind minions to avoid his rumblegrenade.png poke and gauge his heat.  100% of the time you'll out damage him (unless he gets fed) 

Whenever you don't have Skaarl, avoid his rumblegrenade.png and rumbleflamethrower.png at all costs, by doing this you'll win the lane.

Play safe and care for jg ganks, if you're even or slightly behind you can easily 1v1 him, except if his jg comes.

Try to end the game before he gets items, because once he gets to lategame, his rumblecarpetbomb.png will start melting people faster than a 9000 degree knife cuts through butter.



27.png Is aids, you can't kill him because he'll just outrun you, he'll proxy your wave and let your tower die to his minions.  He'll just hurl you into a puddle of goop and run away, laughing in the process.
No matter what you do, NEVER CHASE SINGED he can't kill you if you don't chase him.  Don't be a moron.  Since he'll be split pushing/proxying for the majority of the game take 12.png, so you can follow up after a team fight to stop him from killing any of your turrets.



23.png The angry viking strikes again!  In my eyes, he's the equivalent to a 11.png on steroids.  If you let him smack you while he has full rage he'll melt Skaarl.  He's forced to play passively until he gets his rage up.  So whenever you see him going for a last hit, punish him with your kledq.png kledw.png combo.  Pre-6 he's relatively easy to kill, post-6 if you let him get a lead, he'll keep tower diving you over, undyingrage.png and over, undyingrage.png and over again.  Which will most likely tilt you into afking.  Both you and Tryndamerk have the potential to snowball the game.  So whoever screws up first loses.  
Just like 86.png, once he gets full rage he'll come flying like a tiger into your DMS, defying all laws of gravity.  Post-6 there's not much you can do against a tower-diving Trynda as 240.png , so just run for the hills.  For the entire game, Trynd will be split pushing top, just like a 83.png.  If you want to help your allies in team fights, kill 23.png or take 12.png.  Once you get items you have the potential to 1v1 him, but until then he'll be complete cancer for both you and your team.



8.png Vlad is an annoying lane-bully who doesn't use mana (and is also one of the protagonists in Twilight)

His vladimirsanguinepool.png allows him to easily close distances and escape from a sticky scenario, luckily for you, if you kledq.png before he uses it you can still get the pull off.  Make the 8.png tilt when you kill him with the bear-rope pull during his vladimirsanguinepool.png ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is a relatively easy matchup, watch the meter underneath his Health Bar and if it's in Red, it means that he has his 4th vladimirq.png up.  Don't let this hit you at all costs (during the laning phase)

It'd be smart to take 14.png against this Twilight character to shut down his healing in an all-in

(240.png first bloods 8.png, still a better love story than Twilight)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



157.png Good ole' Mr. Windy, he'll send a tornado flying towards your lil' house on the prairie and make you run for your storm cellar! 
 During the laning phase, if he knocks you off of Skaarl he'll start zonin' you off of farm, which is literal cancer.  Try to bait out his yasuowmovingwall.png with your kledq.png or Shotgun (dismounted Kled Q). Do remember that the first proc of your kledq.png will kill his shield and if you land the second proc of Rope-bear on a trap you'll deal a decent amount of damage to him.  
Stay far away from your minions unless you have the wave advantage.  Then, try to bait him into yasuodashwrapper.png to trade with you.  If he does this, engage with your kledq.png and wait to smack him withkledw.png once his shield is gone, by doing this pre-6 you can outrage and first blood this angsty teen!  Post-6 let him push you up to tower and if you got a kill or two on him pre-6, you can 1v1 him.  It's always best to let him push the wave towards you, because he'll be putin' even more distance from him and his own personal storm cellar.  This can be a MEDIUM matchup if you stand in your minions (without baiting him) and lose your early lead.  Remember, NEVER push the lane as dismounted Kled, because he'll just dash through your DMS and start snowballing like crazy, if he kills you.

That city-folk picking Mr. Windy into my 240.png always has another thin' comin' to em'.  Take 14.png and wipe that smug look off of his face when you first blood him.  

It's well known that all Yasuos who have this skin are try hards. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




83.png Is complete cancer, a good Yorick main will act like a Tryndamere: stays in lane all game and fights anyone who gets in his way.  

During the laning phase, punish him whenever he goes to last hit with his yorickq.png.  He's pretty eZ to lane against, but he's cancer in the midgame because he'll make you follow up on his splitpushes.
Anyways, crush this useless Ghoul Dan copy early and care for his lvl 6 all-in with yorickr.png and ghouls when you're skaarlless and it's freelo.



238.png The easiest assassin to pulverize as Kleddi boi

It's pretty simple, you 1-shot him early game and you're too tanky for him to kill you earlygame.  All-in him lvls 2-3 and snowball your lead while following up on his roams.   It should be an eZ matchup.

Post-6 he can burst you without Skaarl with his zedr.png, do note that you can win a 1v1 if he ults you without Skaarl, but it's difficult and requires good Kled mechanics to pull off properly.

Table of Contents Back to Top

Hey y'all and welcome to my Kled guide.  

240.png is overall one of the most entertainin' champions to play in League, and is my personal favorite.  In this guide, I will teach you how to become a true Redneck with this info!


Table of Contents

1) About Me/Should you play Kled?

2) Summoner's Spells 

3) Masteries

4) Abilities

5) Builds for Ranked/Fun Builds

6) Match-Ups (screw 31.png)
7) 240.png 's Wombo Combos and When to Use Them

8) Kled's Viability in other Lanes

9)  Early-Game

10) Spreading your Influence

11) Mid-Game

10) Refer to this if you're hardstuck Bronze and can't Win.

11) Full AD Kled (For maximum memeage)

12) Splitpushing as Kleddy Boi

13) Teamfighting as Kled

14) Late Game as Kled

15) Dat Spicy lvl 2 all-in

16) Changelog
Feel free to comment on my guide if you have any tips or trick on Kled that you think I should add!  

About Me/I do Free Kled Coaching!/What is Kled? Back to Top

What up Y'all?  I'm Orrny (Pun intended) and I'm gonna teach y'all a lesson or two about Kled.

You see, Kled is one of those special champs in the game that'll rofl stomp everything and anything if you're skilled as him, however, he's subpar in the hands of an unexperienced Kled player.

The main principal to Kled is knowing your boundaries and when or when not to take fights.  This, of course, comes with time which means Play more Kled = eZ LP.

With Kled, you may think that he has an ass teamfight, but on the contrary, you can blow up squishies in 2 seconds with a full combo.  Learn how to aim Kled r to look for picks and it becomes freelo bby.

About me: I've got 210k+ mp (mastery points) on Kled and have a garbo wr in ranked bc my map aware was ass with him.  Since then, I've improved my map awareness and should be getting plat by the end of the season.  I also do coaching if any of y'all are interested (check out my coach profile if you're interested:
mah (btw):

"Never back down, and NEVER cancel your autos!" - Im Ornny

Kled's Wombo Combos and When to Use Them Back to Top

Here's a list of all of the Wombo Combos you can use on 240.png to dominate your game.
Remember, if you don't have your 3077.png (or completed Tiamat item) you can still use these combos, but if you want to use them to their maximum potential, be sure to incorporate the 3077.png active into them.  Once you get your 3748.png, never forget to use it instantly after your 3rd kledw.png to get a huge burst of dmg.

GET OFF MAH LAWN! - This is Kled's bread and butter combo for whenever he doesn't have Skaarl.  By using this combo you can trade with your enemy by smackin' them with your Violent Tendencies, then before they can win the trade you hit them with a point-blank Q dealing damage and sending you farther away.

kledw.png (3748.png 4th kledw.png) ---> 3077.png ---> (dismounted)kledq.png


LET'S GET TO KILLING THOSE INTERLOPING INTRUDERS! - Use this combo whenever the enemy comes close to farm while having a relatively small minion wave.  You must be quick and careful when using this, because you accidentally smack one of the minions thus negating some of your damage, in addition if you don't have vision of the River and you've pushed the wave up to your opponent this combo may get you killed if the Jungler shows up for a gank.  Do note that this combo can only be used while having Skaarl.   In other words, this is your all-in combo without using your ult.  

Also, use this combo when you're all-inning someone in any point of the game.  

kledq.png ---> klede.png ---> kledw.png ---> 3077.png(or 3748.png on 4th kledw.png) ---> klede.png 


I KNOW YOU'RE LISTENING BRAIN BADGERS, I HATE BOWLIN' PARTY! - Another one of Kled's combos, use this whenever you have Skaarl on an enemy going in for some CS.  By doing this combo your enemy will consider this before going in to farm and can be used to scare em' off of that juicy gold.  No gold = no Bowling Party

kledq.png ---> kledw.png (3748.png 4th  kledw.png)


SOME FOLKS SAY I HAVE VIOLENT TENDENCIES, (maniacal laughter) - Use this combo on the enemy ADC in team fights to easily assassinate them.  If you don't need to use your klede.png in the process or want to save it for an escape.

kledw.png ---> 3077.png ---> kledq.png


CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE! - This is your go-to combo for team fights, assassinations, and engages.  Use it sparin'ly because your ult has a long cooldown.  It can take a while to learn how to use 240.png ult properly, but if used correctly this combo is almost guaranteed to kill someone.

kledr.png ---> kledq.png ---> klede.png ---> kledw.png ---> 3077.png(or 3748.png on 4th kledw.png) ---> klede.png ---> kledq.png


AND THE SKYS GONNA OPEN UP WITH A RAIN OF HEAVENLY BLOODSHED AND GLORIOUS VIOLENCE! - This is your ideal 1v1 combo.  By using this you will pump out some crazy damage and make it basically impossible for someone to 1v1 you.  

Note- in order to complete this full combo you'll need your full build, or at least the items that reduce your COOLDOWNS.

kledq.png ---> kledw.png ---> 3077.png ---> klede.png --->kledq.png ---> kledw.png


THE ULTIMATE DISRESPECT! - Use this combo while dismounted after killin' or outplayin' an enemy for a maximum level of disrespect!

Ctrl + 4

Note- this Combo is best used after gettin' first blood on ole' Mr. Windy (157.png)

MY FOOT WANTED TO MEET YOUR ARSE, AND I'M ABOUT TO GIVE EM' A SHOTGUN WEDDIN'! - This is another way to engage on a lone enemy (or some1 you're chasing')


This combo is best used when you're snowballing or want to take down a high-priority target.

4.png ---> klede.png ---> kledq.png 




Watch the enemy Yasuo outplay you with his "insane mechanics" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


THOUGHT YA WANTED TO VISIT? - This is by far my favorite combo to use on 240.png, do note that this requires somewhat advanced mechanics and decision-making, but if you pull off this combo it's satisfying af. In order to pull this off, you'll already need to be fighting and have 8 Fervor Stacks (Note- this combo is used when you don't have Skaarl, also, use this on a single target or use the last part of the combo to finish off an enemy)

AA (cancel auto with, while kiting away with) ---> kledq.png ---> (only 3 procs of) kledw.png ---> 
(to cancel your 3rd kledw.pngkledq.png ---> (4th proc of  kledw.png + 3748.pngkledw.png
The last part of this combo is used to finish off an enemy, by doing this you'll get enough courage to get Skaarl back for a clutch play.

Kled's Viability in Other Lanes Back to Top


Is Kled Viable in other Lanes?

From my experience as 240.png, he can play more than just Top lane.  In terms of his viability in other lanes, that's a question that needs to be asked. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  I'll cover the pro's n' con's to 240.png in other lanes.

Jungle 240.png


1. Has strong ganks

2. Can counter-gank amazin'ly with kledr.png

3. Has amazing clears post-3077.png

4. Is incredibly snow-bally

5. Clears objectives such as Dragon & Rift Herald effectively.


1. Has terrible clears pre-3077.png

2. Can't get Skaarl back from jungle camps

3. Difficult to manage passive

Now that I have discussed the pros and cons to jungle Kled, time for an analysis!

   Kled jungle is viable if you don't have any other jungles to play, or if the enemy doesn't have amazing early-clears such as a 64.png120.png254.png
The usual route I like to go is: Red Buff --> Wolves --> Gromp | Afterwards I look to make the first gank of the game.

As Jungle Kled, it's better to start kledw.png instead of kledq.png, because kledw.png deals more damage against the buffs at lvl 1.

Mid 240.png


1. Can 100-0 almost all mid-laners at lvls 2-3

2. Snowballs out of control

3. Roams incredibly well with kledr.png (better than top)

4. Post-3077.png can keep the enemy farming under tower for all of the laning phase.

5. Snowballs harder than Top 240.png.


1. Struggles against champs with a lot of range, 99.png134.png115.png

2. Can easily fall behind if poked too hard

3. Is an AD Mid laner

4. Is more prone to ganks

Alright, IMO Mid Kled is viable if you already have a lot of AP on your team & if you're confident with the matchup.  240.png can outscale and duel many of those pesky assassins that live in the mid lane, however, the inexperienced 240.png will struggle against such matchups.  Nonetheless, I've played 240.png mid quite a lot lately and am enjoying quite a lot. There are few mid laners who can match your early-game power and because of this, if you all-in your enemy at lvl-3 you will either A. Get the kill, or B. Get their 4.png.  Once you get one kill on your opponent (if you kept up on your CS) you'll be able to snow-ball out of control and inevitably win the game.  You'll have even more kill-pressure if you brought 14.png as your Summoner.

Bot Lane/Support 240.png

Do I need to explain why ADC/Sup 240.png is bad? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Early Game Back to Top


240.pngHas an amazing early game.  In almost every matchup one lvl 2-3 combo can chunk the enemy for half of their health or get a kill.

Let's create a scenario here, you're playing up against a 86.png, since Garen's kit is very linear, his actions are very predictable.  Since not everyone knows what Kled's kit is or does, use this to your advantage.  
Walk into lane and focus on last hitting the first three melee minions.  If the enemy Garen comes close to farm his minions, throw a kledq.png at him, but don't walk too close because he can attack you thus evening out the trade, just walk close enough so the second part of your kledq.png can proc.  Rinse and repeat until lvl 2, then wait to upgrade your kledw.png once you can use it on the enemy.  While doing this, never forget to last hit.  If you're strugglin' with this go into a custom game a practice for an hour (the better you cs the higher elo you'll be). Keep in mind that as a result of Garen's passive, you have to keep constant damage on him in order to prevent him from healing everythin' back up.  If he goes under tower to do so, freeze the wave so you can just poke him down again.  If you took 14.png you can all-in him at lvl 4-5 once you've already gotten some damage on him.  (Note- In order to all-in him, he must be at 30-40% hp and you must have ignite up)
By being a hard lane for Garen, he'll most likely beg his jungler to come gank for him, fear not!  Buy plenty of Vision wards on your first back, and more health potions. If you see your enemy acting bizarre, instantly realize that he might be setting you up for a gank, if so, let the wave push to you, if you do this and Garen's jungler is any of the squishy, early-game junglers such as, 28.png35.png427.png, or 84.pngyou can kill one of both of them if they gank while you're pushed up to tower.
As Kled, if you don't have any health potions and is both low on health, and don't have Skaarl, the enemy can kill you. Try backin' when you get to this point to avoid losing your early-game lead.

If you see Garen coming to either A. Trade, or B. All-in you, wait out his garene.png then do your basic tradin' combo of 
Q --> W --> E.
By doing this combo you'll melt his hp and make him regret engaging on you.  

Special Note- You can kite Garen with your Pocket Shotgun as dismounted Kled.

During the Early-game, rush 3077.png on your first back.  With this improved wave clear you'll be able to quickly clear a wave which will allow you to roam, make plays, etc..

Note- always remember that aslong as you don't have Skaarl, you are vulerable to the enemy all-inning you.  To avoid dying to an enemy all-in, never shove the wave and prioritize last-hitting and poking the enemy with your Pocket Shotgun.

Once you hit lvl 3 you can look to do a cheese on your opponent.  If they're pushed up too far (and you have the wave advantage) look to all in them with your full combo.  You'll almost always get the kill or the guy's flash.

If the jungler comes to gank, don't fret, retreat back into your creep wave while kiting.

Spreading your Influence Back to Top


Spreading your Influence

During the laning phase, after 3077.png you'll be looking to spread your power (if you won lane) to the other lanes.  If your enemy can't outpush you or destroy your tower and your midlane is pushed up, you can look to make a roam with your kledr.png.   

Hypothetically, if both you and your mid are winning lane, you can go mess with the enemy jg, be it getting vision, stealing camps, or grabbing buffs.  By doing this you'll be denying the enemy off of more resources, since the enemy jungler will be losing cs, you'll be setting your team (and jungler) ahead.

Another possibility is to look to make a 12.png play at bot.  
If the enemy team has pushed your botlane up to tower and you have a ward (or anything to tp to) out of enemy vision, you can make a play.  By doing this you'll spread your lead down botside and get a double kill or even a tower!

Mid Game (Won Lane) Back to Top


Mid Game (Won Lane)

During the midgame is where 240.png thrives.  By this time, you would have won lane and have your 3748.png powerspike and you'll be able to 100-0 a squishy target.  If you lost lane, see the "Mid game (Lost Lane)" chapter.

Once you destroy the enemy tower you can look to start grouping with your team to take other objectives such as, towers, rift herald, dragons, etc...  Or, if you're the strongest person on the map you can look to split push (which I will cover later on in the guide)

As 240.png, you have an amazing engage with your kledr.png that can easily carry a teamfight (if used correctly).  Be sure to utilize this to catch out enemy carries or to engage a teamfight!

Mid Game (Lost Lane) Back to Top


Mid Game (Lost Lane)

If you lost lane as 240.png you'll want to splitpush and farm to attempt to get back into the game.

See the "Refer to this if you're in Bronze and can't Carry as Kled" section for some more in-depth information


Refer to this if you're in Bronze, and can't Carry as Kled Back to Top

As a Bronze 240.png you need to know how to win.  

First, improve your mechanics and last hitting.

Second, learn the matchups.

During my escapades in Bronze as 240.png I've realized that you can't win if you group (since nobody is in their right minds and knows how to either A. Follow up on 240.png ult, or B. Not be the adc running in as a frontliner during 240.png ult.

Because of this, I've derived a perfect strategy to carrying your games!

Step #1.
  Win lane:  This is a fairly simple step, since 240.png is one of the most oppressive top laners out there atm, you should have won lane eZ.

Step #2
  Split-split-split: First, read or watch vids about split pushing (trust me)! With the amount of mobility in 240.png's kit, you become an effective split-pusher post-3077.png.
If you see a clown fiesta break out near wherever you're split pushing, roam and kledr.png the enemy backline.  

Example of a Clown Fiesta:


Step #3

  GG: By doing this you won't need to rely as much on your chimpanzee teammates and manage to solo-carry.

Note- I'll cover split pushing in a later part of the guide.

Let's Talk about Full AD Kled ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Back to Top


Let's Talk about Full AD Kled

Lately I've been playing full ad Kled in norms and I have a new build for him.  

Before I get into the build, let's talk about the play style and its viability.

Viability Level: 7/10

In my eyes, full ad Kled is a situational pick.  For example, if you have a crap-ton of experience as Kled, and am confident that you can end the game early, you can use it to its maximum potential. Really, I can't stress this enough, you need to know the matchups and Kled mechanics or you'll struggle as full AD Kled.

If the enemy team has loads of burst in conjunction with a crap-ton of cc (or disengage/peel), full ad Kled may not be as viable due to your squishy-ness.

But papa Weedington, how do I know when to pick full ad Kled against which team comp?

Here's two examples of team comps and why full AD Kled works and doesn't work:

Comp #1:
 |  78.png (top) | 427.png (jg) | 51.png (adc) | 117.png (sup) | 34.png (mid) |

Comp #2:

 |  157.png (top) | 131.png (jg) | 202.png (adc) | 40.png (sup) | 238.png (mid) |

The first team comp has disengage, peel, cc, you name it.  80% of the time, you won't be able to get to the backline and even if you do, they have more than enough peel and disengage that you'll be 100-0'd before you can do anything.

As for the second coup, they are all relatively squishy nor do they have scary amounts of CC.  However, they have a lot of burst, this means in team fights you need to play safe until it's time to go ham.


As full AD Kled, you need to gauge your squishy-ness before going in on a fight.  In addition to that, you need to play safer than you would as Bruiser Kled.  Suffice to say you need to play like a carry, because you are one.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Do note that Dorans Blade start & 14.png are core on full AD Kled.

The masteries for Full AD Kled is 12/18/0 with Thunderlord's Decree. Thunderlord's is amazing vs anything remotely squishy.  This provides you with more early dmg that falls off late game.  Which is one of the reasons why we wanna end before that 0/8 41.png you won lane against gets items.

The Build:

Lately, the full AD Kled build I run is kind of troll, here it is:
B.F Sword (first back) --> Infinity Edge (first item) --> Berserker Greaves --> Phantom Dancer (PD for more early burst) /Deaths Dance (DD for more sustain/survivability) --> PD or DD (depending on which you chose prior) --> Statik Shiv --> Trinity Force/Essence Reaver/Another Infinity Edge.

With this build you'll be critting for anywhere from 1.2k to 1.9k dmg on each kledw.png which lategame will be on a 6 second cool down.

For maximum memeage, once you've committed to full AD Kled in a game, you don't turn back! (Absolutely no resistance/defensive items, even Guardian Angel)!

Matchups that Full AD Kled is Viable in:















Split pushing as Kled Back to Top


Split pushing as 240.png

240.png isn't the best split pusher out there, but if you're either A. the strongest person on the map, or B. behind, you can look to split.
Usually, I would split (when ahead) if I can't rely on my team to win team fights.  

If you're at the T2 top tower, tell your team to group at bot, near dragon.  This is the key to success as a split pusher, "But PsYcH0, how does this help me if it's a 4v5?"
Well, Billy (Bob Jr) if the enemy team sends people to come murder you, you're team will have a 4v3-4v2 or even get a free objective. 

Here's a vid that helped me a lot when I was learning how to split push:

You may ask, "But if you want to split push why don't you play a better champ, like 23.png?"  
I believe that 240.png is a viable split pusher, maybe not the best, but we don't play 240.png as a split pusher 90% of the time, we (as in us Kled mains) split push as 240.png if we can't rely on our teams in those mid-game team fights or if our team (and possibly us) are significantly behind and losing.

As mentioned in the video, there are several types of split pushers, 240.png falls under the category of "Immovable lane".  This means that if the enemy sends people after you, you'll want to fight em'.
Unless you can escape using kledr.png without having someone body block it.  If you're fed enough as 240.png you can win 2v1s, 3v1s, and almost win 4&5v1s.  

The Mentality:

As a split pushing 240.png, you need to have the right mentality.  Suffice to say: You are the distraction, you are a nuisance, and you are the thing that will make your team win. You are 240.png!  Everything is riding on you split pushing correctly, you die stupidly, you lose. Simple as that.
This probably won't be the case in Bronze, but it's still a good idea to keep this mentality in mind when splitting as 240.png.


Teamfighting Back to Top

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Teamfighting as 240.png

Why is 240.png a good teamfighter?
  • Using your kledr.png can often give your team the element of surprise and potentially catch out the enemy carry.
  • kledr.png is an amazing engage and can carry teamfights in your favor.
  • kledr.png Allows 240.png to be a powerful frontliner (if needed) 
  • With kledr.png240.png  can become a powerful diver.

  • If your team doesn't know what 240.png ult does, they can suicide during it.
  • If your team doesn't know what 240.png ult does, they won't follow up on it.


Suffice to say, Kled is an amazing teamfighter, if your team knows what they're doing.  In teamfights, you can take on two roles that of a frontliner, or that of a diver.

How do I know when to do what?

Well, it's easy.

If you are the only tank on your team, you become a frontliner.

If there are multiple tanks on your team already, you can itemize for a more offensive playstyle, thus allowing you to become a diver.

Tank Build VS AP: 3071.png 3748.png 3111.png 3065.png 3026.png 3156.png

Tank Build VS AD: 3071.png 3748.png 3047.png 3742.png 3026.png 3053.png

Diver Build: 3071.png 3748.png 3026.png 3009.png (3156.png or 3053.png3812.png

As a frontliner, your job is to protect the carries, in order to do this you need to stand at the front of your team and absorb any poke or damage for them, which means you need to be durable, thus why building tanky is important.
As a diver, you either engage a teamfight with kledr.png or flank the enemy backline with kledr.png.  Either way, you need to get to the enemy backline and kill one or more of the carries.  By doing this you'll be able to kill their damage (and if you have 3026.png your team will get to you before the enemy finishes you off)  Do note, that you cannot flank if your team has no other form of engage!

But who to target as a diver?

The enemy teamcomp:
 33.png - jungle: 1/2/5
 119.png - adc: 5/3/6
 63.png - mid: 6/1/5
 53.png - support: 1/4/7
 31.png - top: 0/5/2

Who would you focus first in a teamfight?

First, look at the enemy team and determine who would be the biggest threat to your team.  In order to determine this, you need to see whether they are fed or not and if they have a lot of damage items, also whether they have a form of disengage.

You'll see that 63.png is the biggest threat to your team, so you want to focus him down immediately, this also goes for 119.png.  Coordinate with your team so they can engage the 4v5 and distract the enemies while you come in for the flank. Or if you're the only engage on your team you'll need to engage with your ult then attempt to get to the backline to kill either 63.png or 119.png.  If you trade your life for one or both of their's it'll be worth it (if your team can cleanup)


Late Game Back to Top


The Struggles of Lategame

Lategame is a struggle, especially for 240.png.  Here's why,

  • One messed up Ult can throw the game
  • If you screw up and are the carry on your team, it's GG for you
  • Lategame deaths are just ingredients on the RIpperoni Pizza, you want to avoid this at all costs (240.png hates ripperoni)
  • A bad call can be GG for your team


That Spicy lvl 2 all-in. Back to Top

240.png Because Kled's earlygame is disgustin'ly broken with Fervor (Until rito makes fervor useless with runes reforged) you can all-in anything at lvl 2 and have it die. 

Do this strat properly and ou'll be makin' those spicy, SPICY, plays lvl 2 and make your enemy top lane contemplate life.



Alright, now what ya gotta do is at lvl 1, harass the crap out of your laner with Q's every time he stupidly walks up for CS (don't lose cs in the process, or ur bad) (jk).  As soon as u hit lvl 2, hold on to your lvl 2 point until the enemy walks up too far for cs, then run at him like a mad man, Q, walk at him a bit, lvl up W, W then ignite.  This'll get a summoner or kill 90% of the time.  Then rofl stomp your lane because Kled is Kled.

Changelog Back to Top

1/18/17 - Added music to "set the mood"

1/19/17 - Completed "Early Game" section

2/13/17 - Edited "Early Game" section

2/13/17 - Added more matchups and edited a few pre-existing ones

4/3/17 - Added section on Full Ad Kled and edited some of the matchups

9/28/17 - FINALLY UPDATED THE GUIDE! (It's been too long)!

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