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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is standard for a Kled on top and mandatory as our first summoner spell, giving you both good engaging and disengaging capabilites. It also works well together with your E klede.png as a major gap closer or major escape tool.

Another pretty standard spell for a tanky top laner. Teleport gives you the possibility to return to your lane very fast after going back and helping on another lane with your Ultimate kledr.png. You also of course have the possibility to gank a lane with Teleport when a fight happens or your team is outnumbered e.g. at Drake or often at the botlane.

Another good option: A nice spell if you are confident in lane and/or with your matchup. You can then use this spell as a good way to get an early advantage and subsequently snowball. Please consider that taking ignite will make you less mobile without the global Teleport. So it's a pro/con.

I don't think that Ghost is a good choice because you often have champions on top with a lot of gapclosers or escapes such as 23.png or 58.png. You might have a good chasing option with this spell but as Kled you rely on your burst which is simply not as effective as with 4.png. Also you would consider Ghost as a kiting option which Kled cannot really profit from.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity tree builds up as follows:
Sorcery for more damage performed with your abilities. This in combination with kledq.png and kledw.png gives you exactly the burst buff you want in engaging a fight.
Fresh Blood buffs the opening of the fight causing more damage performed with the first attack giving you an advantage.
Natural Talent for the scaling AD bonus per level.
Battle Trance is a percentage flat buff of your overall damage caused when in a fight with an enemy champion (yes this also affects 14.png).
Battering Blows because Magic Penetration won't give you sh*t. Gives you a nice buff in combination with 3071.png.
Fervor of Battle is a mastery which was made just for this champion. As Kled you go in with your kledq.png generating the first stack, mostly following up with your klede.png generating your second stack (and mostly your third by reactivating) already having 3,64 ~ 4 bonus AD at level 3 which buffs your w causing more dmg and giving you the final 6 stacks with your next 3 melee auto attacks empowered with your kledw.png ending up at additional 14,56 ~ 15 AD at level 3!

tree builds up as follows:
Unyielding is scaling with your runes giving you a little more Armor and Magic Resist on level one and slightly buffing your further defensive item options. It also scales with your Armor and Magic Resist you get per level.
Tough Skin protects you from basic attacks by champions and cannon minions (counting as neutral monsters) by 2.
Veteran's Scars gives you 50 HP flat on the first level further empowering the overall big health bar of your mounted friend.
Fearless is a nice thing to have during skirmishes or also when unmounted.

Abilities Back to Top



kledpassive.png Skarl, the Cowardly Lizard (Passive): This is one of the most interesting passives in the game. This passive is what makes Kled so special. You have two healthbars not one like all the other champions. Looking from left to right the first one is Kled's healthbar. It won't be touched or affected unless Kled is unmounted. If he is mounted the second healthbar is affected which shows Skarl's health. Once Skarl's health reaches 0, Kled unmounts and Skarl disappear. When Kled is unmounted THE ONLY WAY to get Skarl back is to build up Courage whose progress is shown in the bar under Kled's healthbar. I say 'the only way' because drinking potions or getting healed by teammates won't bring you Skarl back. In fact it won't do nothing but bringing Kled's healthbar back up. Once you get Skarl back the passive has a 30 seconds cooldown starting at mounting again. From then on you won't be able to build Courage again when being unmounted.

kledq.png Beartrap on a rope (Q): Kled's main ability and also a very powerful one, giving you a nice burst of damage if you can hold it on your enemy for 1.75 secs. It's also a great tool for finishing multiple minions standing in a line or just to last hit minions from afar in a difficult lane.

kledw.pngViolent Tendencies (W): This one's an ability which is purely passive. There is no active on it. You will always need to have an eye on whether it's ready or not. Kled gain's 150% attack speed for the next 4 autoattacks dealing more damage with them. The 4th hit is a really powerful hit causing a flat damage bonus + a percentage of the enemies maximum health. That means that targets with much health get more damage making tanks a softer for you which is perfect for top lane where you meet many of them. The 4th hit also beautifully synergizes with the active of 3748.png doing a respectable amount of damage!

klede.pngJousting (E): It's almost the same ability as Corki's carpetbomb.png(W) except you don't leave a trail behind that deals damage but mark an enemy you can jump back to within 3 seconds after the first hit. With the first activation you CANNOT jump over walls or other objects. With the second activation though you CAN go back to the current position of your target and follow it until arrived. That means that if your marked target flashes over a wall you can reactivate klede.png and simply go the same way they did. No flash needed, just hit this ability.

kledr.png Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R): The ultimate is served best including your team. Why? Because it's the most exciting engage tool in the whole game, period. It has slightly less range on level 1 than Pantheon's pantheonrjump.png Ultimate. Once you pick a target on the map or the battlefield itself, Kled will speed up bouncing on Skarl rolling forward like Rammus with his powerball.png just waaay faster! During the time traveling Kled gains a shield that builds up during the journey. So the further he travels the bigger the shield. They also leave behind a trail that speed up all teammates going in the same direction. Once they arrive at they targeted location Kled and Skarl jump to the next enemy champion being near the target location dealing a percentage of their maximum health as physical damage also depending on how far they traveled. It's the perfect ability to engage for a fight, giving your team an advantage as you can fast travel over half of the map at level 3 of this ability. Also you gain a nice shield as Kled is normally built tanky anyway and also deal a nice amount of damage when hit.


Priorities: R>Q>W>E

Nothing special here. Your kledq.pngis your engaging tool number 1 doing a nice amount of burst damage. So skilling this one up first gives you the most effective way to get ahead in fights. The slow also scales up to 60% at level 5 which is a nice tool to let teammates follow up to a target.

There's the possibility to put a point in klede.png at level 2 if you are having a difficult lane and eventually need the disengage a little bit earlier. Also a good idea when having enemy junglers like 28.png or  29.png knowing they will come gank at level 2.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Overall best starting item giving you all you need. AD, HP and a bit of bonus sustain over the lifesteal.
    After getting changed and as the price is now cheaper you can buy 2 potions in addition Doran's Shield has got a decent option for Kled also lowering the damage input especially against ranged poke champions like Teemo.
    If you don't have enough gold on your first back get another Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield dependent on what you bought first. Although Doran's Shield new passive is unique and doesn't stack, so maybe you should go for Doran's Blade second for more efficiency.

Core Items

    Get this after some minutes on your first back preparing to build Titanic's Hydra first.
    Also a nice option when being ahead and you need a mix of sustain and damage or more movement speed chasing the enemy.
    Your main item, the active synergizes with your w. Be sure to activate it before your 4th hit to maximize the burst damage.
    Another core item, giving you all you need. Decent damage, sustain and Armor Penetration with the passive.
    Mercury's as your standard choice. In top you will often encounter stuns and slows. These boots lower the duration of cc.
    Your choice against a heavy ad team or when encountering auto attack focused opponents like Teemo, Tryndamere or Quinn.
    Against champions with many slows, like Dr. Mundo, Kayle or Teemo with the Mushrooms.

Situational Items

    Great item, perfect for engaging, giving you a decent shield when being focused and more survivability.
    After being changed this item has got an interesting choice by many players already. It also synergizes with your passive!
    Both choices for the mid to late game giving more power in teamfights especially against AD heavy opponents.
    A nice item giving you both damage and durability against Magic Damage dealing targets. Also nice passive but lacks of other sustain.
    Good one, not 100% efficient on Kled in my view because you don't really have reliable healing source except when building Ravenous Hydra which is rarely the case.
    New item, no real experiences yet. But once in a teamfight and getting focused the active of this item can be a true life saver and teamfight winner too sucking all the damages in.
    Rarely built, mostly in the late game for the stickiness. The enemy won't be able to get away from you.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Aatrox




Starting item: Depends if you are confident with the matchup or not. It's safer to take 1054.png because Aatrox relies on autoattacks which get blocked by Doran's Shield.

A little bit of an unpredictable matchup really. Good Aatrox players will now when to engage and disengage making it hard for you to gain advantage.

Be sure to engage with a combo going in on him with your klede.png. Be sure to hit him with that because it will be important for the reactivation. While traveling activate kledq.png. If he is jumping away with his aatroxq.png trying to disengage be sure to reactivate klede.png and jump back to his position again. Timing is really important because his jump is executed really fast. If the timing is not right kledq.png will be disconnected and won't do the final damage.

Be careful especially when fighting in low health against him, he can do some serious damage and still heal up. He might get an advantage because of this in mid to late game so it's important to gain an early advantage yourself.

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