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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png  is mandatory, you need it to escape from your enemies as well as you need it to correct your positionning. You're playing Kog'Maw, who doesn't have any innate escape skill. You shall always take it

21.png isn't useful anymore, as heal provides more HP than the shield from barrier, can heal a friend and also provides +30% MS. Maybe still better against Heal debuff (Katarina, Tristana, Morello, Varus etc...)

3.png is made for you to prevent any annoying bruiser or assassin from killing you

14.png is very risky and pretty useless on this character.

1.png can be worth it when you have to counter very long or constant CC from the enemy team. Some examples you want to cleanse : 9_64.png127_64.png33_64.png412_64.png99_64.png25_64.png111_64.png

12.png : If you trust your team fighting skillz and if you feel confident carrying this, you'll be able to pick up killz and unbalance the game in your favor, it increases your mobility

6.png : strenghens your escape potential if the enemy team is very mobile

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


- Your E spell is your farming/harassing/escaping/chasing/bursting tool, max it asap. It has very long range and interesting AP ratio and a freaking amazing slow that increases through levels

- Go for W for bonus HP% shred and additionnal scaling range, taking at least one Q for last hitting, upgrading 3070_32.png or simply poke/trade

Q is mostly useful mid/end game to completely shred the bruisers and beat them fast, you wont need it early on because its range and damage aren't high enough to use it safely. You also won't need the Attack Speed either. You can upgrade Q and W in the same way if you know you can use auto-attacks a little bit more than you can normally.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Ballsy startup granting you 3 pots and half of your first items!
    safe startup with sustain
    start versus AD mid champ only if you don't feel comfortable

Core Items

    1. Start your tear,
    2. Don't skip the chalice in any case. Armguard/Hourglass vs strong/too many assassins. You might need it at either step 3 or 4.
    3. Upgrade of the grail and start building penetration items. Always buy half of it (either Amp or Bast.) so you hit the 100 AP mark and add 1%MaxHealth damage on your W
    4. Start building your second CDR Item Nashor tooth and think about your last item. Here you shall sell your income item to build parts of the last items.
    5. Possible last items, read notes below!

Situational Items

    Replaces nashor's tooth if there are too much sustain/healing/regen
    Can be built concomitantly with core build if facing bursty enemies. Against AP, I'd rather count on juking and the MR from Grail instead ;=)
    Korean players only
    One Shot set. Not that much recommended though.

The "best" last item : which one?

There might be some questions about how to chose the "best" last item of step 5. Here is how I see things :

3151_32.png : 2 or more bruisers with high HP and higher MR than average

3157_32.png : As you can only flash off once, take it when there are 2 or more enemies with great burst damage (AD or AP). You can also need it against 1 single annoying enemy or spell you wanna dodge.

3026_32.png : Ultra Situational and very late game item. I take that only when the team is losing hard (usually by being outpicked for late game on other lanes) and versus a large damage overflow from 2 or more enemy champions

3089_32.png: If the game is going well and you don't necessarily need one of the other items above

The most important : Core Stats

As AP Kog'Maw, your core stats are magic penetration, mana regen, AP, CDR and situationnally HP and AS. There is simply no point building dedicated HP, Armor or MR items. You won't benefit from them as much as you should.

Season 4 : getting income item?

Not convenient for active midlaners

Chosing Mpen over flat AP

This choice looks actually tough, but it's not. MPen is definitively dealing more damage for Kog'Maw for mid early and pre-late, because your ratios aren't high enough on your R. Flat AP will help you to deal more damage late game only. You better have mpen before AP

Best theorycrafting thread about it right here :

Why aren't you building/advising items against heavy magical damage?

Because using your range, brain and having more HP/Hourglass. You won't be able to tank the whole magical burst anyway. So you better stay far and harass or even kill with your jungler's help only than going cheesy. If you go for a MR based build against such enemies (7_64.png9_64.png45_64.png55_64.png105_64.png131_64.png99_64.png1_64.png for example), you will have no impact on midgame or endgame, where you're supposed to be safe positionned and uncatchable. What is Magic Resist worth in that case? Better have Zhonya's or some HP, don't you think?

Sustain or offense?

Really, screw sustain, we wanna be the pukerain maker. No tanking, just damage. The only sustain you can have would be through 3157_32.png, 3174_32.png and/or 3151_32.png

Building Attack Speed?

Building attack speed is up to your possibilities of having a free time at basic attacks don't build them in every games! You have 2 viable choices : 3115_32.png (CDR and additionnal AP damage on hit!)  or 3172_32.png (MS+Tenacity if highly mobile team and/or hard CC) .83_64.png32_64.png33_64.png36_64.png102_64.png3068_32.png75_64.png). you can try 3091_32.png if you are cocky, but never take 3085_32.png!

Which Trinket?

I'd suggest 3361_32.png or 3363_32.png after the lane phase.

The "Never buy" List

3116_32.png Aoe additional slow is ridiculous, and we don't care about having so much health.
3029_32.png Mpen is way better for mid game, and we won't be needing the HP from this one
3023_32.png nice active, but you are not the chaser/ganker in the team and you need a high CDR item, no place for that. leave it to TF :D
3128_32.png no clue about using this item properly, your range is too high
3146_32.png please no hybrid Koggy, pretty useless and pretty expensive as well

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  • farming : medium
  • duelling : only if she missed E
  • Taking E is deadly
  • Do not push with your creeps once you're 6, she'd rush you with triple ultimate and land everything
  • do not hide in your creeps
  • once she is 6, keep your flash ready and dodge her only CC (E)
  • if she has DFG, don't duel her, or dodge her EQ combo, she'd burst you down before you would



  • Farming against : easy
  • Can be zoned as being a melee champ, make it happen a lot before level 6, she won't be able to trade!
  • You can spot her inside the fog once 6
  • Use the QER strategy (see notes below) whenever she gets close to you while you're alone,  with more than 1 ult charge and away from your turret
  • Buying2043_32.png can help your jungler to countergank (mostly against teams)



  • Farming against : easy
  • Can be juked because of her high mana costs early
  • don't let her push you back when she hits 6
  • try to counter her blue buff with a ward and your ult (and your jungler if possible)
  • Don't get baited by the egg!
  • Use your range wisely to poke/farm/kill
  • Never ever take her Q, otherwise you're dead



  • Farming against : easy
  • Beware, she has the 2nd highest base attack range in the game
  • Keep your distance to avoid flash Tibbers
  • while she has Tibbers on CD and no stun running, you can try to punish her if she sucks at positionning while last hitting
  • once on CD you can go with AA only and she'll take tons of damage!



  • Farming against : easy
  • Never take his W if you have the passive on your ass
  • Buy 1001_32.png early on to be able to zone him or dodge his skills if he's aggressive
  • If he moves forward, try to land E and R safely, he outdamages you if you trade directly.
  • His spells are costly, push him back to force him using his mana and CD on creeps and be low on mana
  • Countering the blue buff is a good idea (you have ult ;)), do that with the jungle
  • Never stay close to creeps he's able to farm quicky (don't get farmed with your onw creeps!). This will also prevent you for being hit mutiple times by his R



  • Farming against : hard
  • your own strength against her is your range when you have W runnig or R available
  • don't get ulted from the front
  • Don't walk on the aoe
  • farming/pushing battle



  • Farming against : easy
  • duelling against : risky
  • Don't get hurt by her Q, you can move forward right to dodge its tricky trajectory
  • when she is 6+, never take a single risk to take her Q spell, she might rush you twice and burst you down
  • If you think you can kill her by outdamage or if you know you're screwed when she rushes you, land ultimates on yourself and burst her down with Q,E and R*xx
  • Never forget your passive if she kills you (mostly from melee range, that means reachable with passive



  • Farming against : easy
  • Use  2043_32.png to prevent bad things happening
  • The most threating thing is surprise ans mobility, the rest is on your side : damage, range. So use them!
  • Use the QER strategy (see notes below) if you feel you can't flee to your turret from a chase
  • don't get baited by her shielding R



  • The worst counterpick you can expect from this game
  • Farming against : medium
  • You can tell your jungler that you're gonna need him
  • buy 3028_32.png before3073_32.png
  • AP assassin who can dodge anything you wanna land on him
  • you have to know the CD of his E spell to prevent from being baited of juked
  • beware when he hits 6, if you take the shark you're a dead man
  • you better use 3.png or 21.png against him
  • Don't use the QER strategy against him, he's way too tricky



  • Not really popular, but strong against AP champion like you
  • Do not take his harassing abilities, and do not walk around your creeps in order not to give him a reason to shot in the pack
  • beware or flash ultimate if you're running low
  • Mosty likely farming lane
  • He might need his jungler to kill you, ward your lane!



  • farming : easy
  • Nerfs your AS
  • don't get in range for his E, hide behind the creeps or stay far enough
  • Flash of his ult will help you to trade him directly and get his ass before he can make yours explode
  • if he has ult down, use QER whenever he burns time by overextending or missing a spell



  • farming : easy
  • build 3070_32.png3028_32.pngagainst him
  • when he's walking amongst his creeps, even without targeting you, he might land you a W, don't let it happen or trade him hard
  • dodge his E, it's slow enough
  • don't feel sorry for being forced to AA, he pushes hard and you should not let him reach your turret
  • You might have to AA constantly because the pushing power is too high early game



  • Farming : easy
  • duelling : easy
  • Farming lane
  • This guy just wants to Q creeps, nothing more, stay back or he's set his tennis web :)



  • Farming : easy
  • trade him ultra-early to win the lane, play VERY aggressive
  • Have both sides of the lane 3361_32.png2044_32.png
  • deny his creeps an maybe exp so he falls behind
  • always rush 3028_32.png vs him first (even before 3073_32.png)

  • If he rushes you alone after level 6, you can tank his burst with chalice and shut him down easily as he has CD on his riftwalk
  • you better run21.png against him
  • use your range a lot
  • QER strategy (see section below) won't always work



  • farming : medium, poke her when she goes for last hits melee
  • duelling : hard
  • try to stay on the left or the right of your creeps in order not to take any useless damage from her Q spell
  • once 6 push her hard so she can't rush you
  • she is outdamaging you hardly if she lands a full lotus, use QER strategy wisely against her, and taking 21.png or 3.png might be good to stay alive
  • you shall farm more and more safely than her



  • farming : easy
  • Don't get into her Q range, that how she gets you down
  • Whenever she comes closer, punish her by landing E+1AA with W+R (while kiting ofc)
  • You can use the QER strategy (see notes below) but don't get baited by her ultimate!
  • She can speed up a terrifying jungler, beware!
  • you have range advantage, use it like always!



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : only if you are near to mates or creeps and if you have 3191_32.png
  • tricky to catch and kill if he knows what he's doing
  • hide behind creeps in order not to take his W
  • Stick to your creeps so that he doesn't get the passive additionnal damage of his Q, and eventually missclick it :p
  • know about how he is evolving
  • you might need 3191_32.png if he is building and also playing aggressively



  • farming : easy
  • never try to survive from a duel against her after level 6, avoid it
  • Trade her hard early on you have more damage and range
  • push creeps 24/7 so she misses last hits under the turret and she can't tank them to harass your ass!
  • using 21.png is wise



  • Farming : easy
  • poking : easy
  • she is strong at landing CC and baiting moves/spells
  • focus on farming
  • QER works really well against her
  • she has long CDs



  • farming : medium
  • beware of Lux zoning with E
  • duel : you are OP if you are close to her and didnt take a Q
  • fear the QER from lux



  • farming : medium
  • don't duel him
  • this match can be a farming battle
  • Don't run next your last minion having visions, or you will take it for free :/
  • having 21.png is a good idea
  • Use your range, you have more than him
  • beware of his flash ultimate if you're running low



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : is ok if you can make her miss any spell and won't die by her burst
  • can shield herself for your magic damage
  • don't take the Q or you dead:o



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : you can but take care of her cougar form, she hurts as AP
  • dodge the spears by hiding behind the minions
  • push her and force her to AA and heal and burn mana
  • once she is 6, she gets more mobile, and you shall start taking your distances.



  • farming : medium/hard
  • duelling : hard if she plays well, you have to dodge the ball and bait a fail ulti to get her
  • Do not trade your AA against her, you'd lose, except if she's lower than you or took aggro
  • she can zone you with the ball , don't walk on it
  • force her back by pushing the lane hard so she can't use her passive on you
  • beware or friends she might have from the jungle, for exemple wombo combo with 154_64.png or 254_64.png or 59_64.png



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : hard
  • don't stay to close, he has a good QWEQ combo that might kill you
  • think about building 3191_32.png
  • don't get baited by his passive!
  • beware about the skies, he can get you from the top once level 6
  • if he is on CD, just go for him!



  • Farming : easy
  • Dueling : medium
  • Stay as far as possible, a melee trade is deadly for you
  • Land as much AA as you can when you can his safely
  • When she uses triple Q to get closer, Use E and back off
  • Use your range to make her regret facing a ranged champion mid
  • As she won't build much MR (maybe3155_32.png/3156_32.png only), you will be able to deal a loads of damage
  • When she ults, just stay back and do not attempt any AA except if you got the advantage and can kill her without risking your life.
  • Her most surprising combo is (R->Flash->W->Q->Q->Q->E->R), always anticipate her potential to do this.
  • You can buy 3157_32.png if the enmy has got any other bully char as toplane or jungler



  • farming : hard
  • duelling : hard, make him waste spells on creeps or you just can't trade especially after level 6
  • farming with AA is dangerous and makes you open for free pokes (QE) without backfire possibility
  • farm the safer you can but push him, his spells are expensive and he doesn't want to farm with them
  • never get hit by his W
  • try to make him run out of mana and push him back to his turret so he ults for the creeps!
  • when you try to trade daamge with him, don't get baited by his healing R, run a 14.png or 21.png, and you will have to chose the second viable CDR item3165_32.png



  • farming : medium
  • duelling : hard, might depend on the number of ball she has
  • she has a Karthus like farming with more damage on the Q spell, don't take it with your minions
  • try not to leave a ball between you and her, so she can't stun you with QE combo
  • farming/poking lane, shall not be a deep problem



  • farming : can be hard if you get poked more than you will. Dont let him get higher HP
  • duelling : just don't do it if he doesnt have skills on CD
  • he is a counter to you
  • stay as far as possible once he is level 6
  • you better use 3.pngor 21.png, even though he can silence you and burst you down before you can even do anything
  • be aware of his rake range, so he can't deal damage to you and your creeps with the same spell


Twisted Fate

  • farming : easy
  • duelling : easy
  • dodge the Q spell and don't let him poke or even stun/slow you with pick a card
  • stay out of his attack range and you won't have problems
  • buy ward and tell your jungler to help you so you can anticipate his ults on either bot or top lane



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : hard, you are better at poking him while being out of range than directly attacking him
  • try to juke his E, this is the only wya he as to kill you quickly
  • buy  3157_32.png to bait an ultimate to the void
  • he falls off later on because of his cooldown, keep an eye on his moves in team fight before entering the battle, and poke with R



  • farming : medium, he can reach you with the E, but it's slow so you can anticipate
  • duelling : only if he doesn't have his 3 spells available
  • walk out of the W whenever he casts it to you
  • you are outdamaging him hard, and you have more range, it shall not be a problem.



  • farming : easy
  • duelling : hard, but only if he can use all his spells successfully; otherwise, you'll beat him
  • stay back from transfusion's range and farm/poke
  • easy and passive lane
  • you can go AA once you have level 2 on your W



  • farming : medium
  • duelling : Hard, you have to either hide from his Stunning spell (E), dodge his Q or W, or have a way larger HP pool before duelling, otherwise, he'd beat you down easily
  • a good Xerath can almost always win if lucky luke is in the place, try to make his spells fail (all of them are skillshots)
  • try to position yourself somewhere else than behind the creeps so he can't farm and harass at the same time
  • once he is 6, pay attention of his stance if he activates it. This will make your spells hit more easily, but can set you inside his range while he isn't in yours.
  • His ults charves reveals terrain in a small area, so if he misses a hit while you're close, don't think you're safe.
  • Always expect to be pounded if you're low on health, especially if he knows where you are.
  • Pretty high late game matchup as he got 2 CCs and long range as well. The most accurate player between Kog and Xerath will take advantage on the enemy



  • Farming : easy
  • Trading : medium
  • Know his movement mechanics (E spell)
  • Use your range and E spell to make his regret being so close from your creeps and yourself
  • Avoid being poked/knocked airborne when he has already stacked 2Q
  • Land 1 AA when he has his shield ready to trigger so he can't chose the best occasion to rush your ass
  • Do not "QER + AA" when he has his shield and hitting you
  • Don't throw your E and AA onto his wind wall



  • farming : medium
  • duelling : hard, he can jumps from his shadows and dodge anything you wanna land on him and burst you really hard down
  • don't try to get him caught by your skillshots too often, he can dodge them
  • once he is 6, you better have armor and even 3191_32.png because he hurts
  • if he gets you within ult, use the QER strategy (see tips below) if you don't have flash anymore
  • running 3.png is a good idea to shut his burst damage down



  • farming : average
  • Pokes hard with his passive and also Q, be the dodge king and don't take the passive whenever it's up
  • duelling : might be OK if you don't take free damage of his E and W,
  • beware about his Q, these bombs have a tricky range, you might hide behind your creeps so he has to throw them on the creeps instead and allow you to poke and last hit quite freely
  • never press B under your turret if he didnt use ultimate and if he knows you're low on health, for obvious reasons
  • late game : you're totally better at poking and damage, even if you've had a tough laning or farming issues. So I may say : be patient



  • farming : hard she can zone you with plants
  • deulling : medium
  • never get rooted
  • beware abut the range of her Q, i often underestimated it
  • do not tank the plants, but farm them!
  • walk/flash off any ulti she attempts on you, you can't afford getting caught in it
  • farming/pushing is still the best thing you can do against her

Read this please : About the guide Back to Top


Hi there,

My name is aizome and this is my first comprehensive guide on Lolking. I'm playing around the platinum tier at the moment, which I want to leave for diamond someday (I'm not a soloQ tryharder). Please comment and rate the guide if you like it or dislike it and tell me why, I'm constantly improving it!

But first, you need to understand what the guide's title is about : Ultra Vomit : I like to Vomit Vomit

Please forgive me if I wrote some awful english texts, it's actually not my native language at all :)

This guide is about playing a henceforth kinda "rare" champion effectively, please be aware about what this guide is about, and please do not thumb down if you don't like it because you don't like AP Kog'Maw, do it if you think that the content is not true or good for AP Kog'Maw. In my opinion, Kog'Maw isn't the easiest champion to play on AP Midlane but still one of the funniest of all, read the guide and practice it!

Feel free to visit me on euw on the "aizora" in game channel (I'm joining it automatically on EUW) or by watching/following my stream on twitch :

PS : Write your comments and thumb up the guide!


13/07/14 : added Ziggs matchup, updated the mastery section, items, summoner's, added pros/cons section, added 2 video experiences
13/07/20 : updated items and their comments. updated Items section to explain the choosed pathes more accurately. updated pros/cons. Added 1 video
13/07/21 : updated section "what the hell are you supposed to do in a game"
13/07/27 : updated the rune section highly, changed the formatting in the Tips&Tricks section
13/08/01 : updated prefered runes in hybrid setup
13/08/05 : minor syntax/orthography update
13/08/10 : items review, added GIF to tips & tricks section
13/08/21 : minor modifications to all sections
13/08/29 : new GIF in the tips section
13/09/03 : update of Runes, Masteries, Items sections, added Karthus matchup
13/09/07 : added one video
13/09/13 : added a players feedback section, corrected a few english mistakes, hosted the GIF to another website
13/09/14 : created 3 sections of early, mid and late game, and improved them!
13/11/13 : added 1 GIF for QRE strategy, updated items according to recent experiences and tests
13/11/21 : updated for preseason 4! New Masteries incoming + Trinkets + Income items
13/11/26 : fixed the item section so it's less messy and more accurate
13/12/06 : updated masteries, runes, added 1 video kog vs talon
13/12/08 : updated tips and tricks section with "how to escape higher MS"
13/12/10 : added a video Kog'Maw vs Kassadin
13/12/14 : (patch 3.15 mastery nerf). updated masteries description.
13/12/23 : added Riven and Yasup matchup, corrected Pros/Cons
13/12/26 : updated some matchup and QER tip description
13/12/29 : updated and improved accuracy and explanations of the items section about the route and the last item
14/02/01 : added Kog'Maw vs Zyra video
14/02/16 : updated comments for reworked Xerath and updated Ziggs matchup
14/05/03 : updated all sections with current runes/masteries strategies and taking the feral flare meta into consideration

When you should/n't pick Kog Maw Back to Top

AP Kog Maw is good at both AA and spell casting, but he might only be viable in certain cases.

96_64.pngFor some of these reasons, you want to get him96_64.png

  1. Your adc has not been chosen yet, whatever if they chose their midlaner or not (pick baiting)
  2. You know the enemy team is going to play double AP, who can't regen easily when you poke them, and also won't force you to build an early hourglass, which would be delaying the rest.
  3. The enemy has no chance to heal or tank  heavy magic damage mid/game
  4. You have a bruiser or a tank with CC as jungler
  5. You have a nice protective support with CC (janna, sona, lulu, nami etc...)
  6. Your team has a great zoning potential
  7. The enemy team has tough front-line target  with eventually short range on which you're supposed to be very efficient, having great amount of HP
  8. You run a poke-based team or a balanced poke/teamfight team
  9. Their mid champ is a great farmer you wanna deal with
  10. Your team can tank the main all-in skills from the enemy team. You are vulnerable to obvious focuses, but if you can't be touched, your team has to be able to control those who are looking for your ass before your enter the fray.

17_64.pngFor some of those reasons, you better pick anything else 17_64.png

  1. Your adc has already been picked and their midlaner has not (dont get hard countered)
  2. The enemy team got high heal possibilities (mostly Nidalee/Soraka/Nami and Lifesteal based champs)
  3. The enemy team is very mobile and/or contains heavy damage brawler
  4. The enemy team can pick you up easily, like with 4_64.png11_64.png56_64.png107_64.png254_64.png
  5. Pretty hard counters have already been picked (no matter if midlane counters or jungler/toplane)
  6. Your mates don't or almost don't have CC
  7. Your mates are mostly playing in yolo mode with all-in characters without sustain or long teamfights abilities
  8. You don't have at least 1 very tanky bruiser or tank who can go in and force them to enter the teamfight while you're hidden or out of their range
  9. You know you're not good at last hitting with a fragile champ (this would make you fail the early game)

Pros/Cons of AP Kog'Maw Back to Top

This section is about why AP Kog'Maw can be better than other AP champs in some situations. It won't compare AD and AP Kog'Maw. Remember, AD Kog'Maw is still a strong and irrevocable viable pick for botlane as ADC!

Pros :

  • Great champ to defend turrets/objectives/earning time on enemy doing baron
  • One of the best ranges you can expect for an AP champ
  • Long range easy and quick farming once in mid game especially when you hit your core build
  • Awsome fog of war/bush scouter for mid/late game
  • Uncatchable safe damage dealer
  • High burst possible
  • 717697TonsofDamage.gif

  • Nice passive which can help killing or getting assists
  • High autoattack damage thanks to W (helps you when you lost your lane)
  • Never banned
  • azeaze.jpg
  • Nice skins available ^^
  • Not that item dependant, can deal tons of damage with less than 200 AP (mid game) thanks to MPen

Cons :

  • No escape
  • Somehow weaker since the release of feral flare and the coming back of OP junglers with this item
  • Mediocre MS you need to increase with runes/masteries or items
  • Mediocre ganking potential (lanes or jungle) early game
  • For late game, you will need full build and therefore having farmed well to shine as you are supposed to
  • Vulnerable against sneaky assassins and high CC
  • Not the highest AP scaling (0,7/0,01/0,7/,3) BUT your items take this into cnsideration ;)
  • Counterable if your team doesn't pick smartly after you did or if they pick adc before knowing who's playing mid ahead.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game (2min->15min) :

1 - Your main goal is farming, you need items maybe more than your lane opponent to be efficient. If you wanna harass the enemy, try to use E on his creeps when he is behind so you can hit both with the same spell (there is no damage reduction after hitting some targets). You can also prevent short range champions from last hit minions correctly, but you better focus on your own cs rate.

2 - You have long range on your AA and your E, so use them both to set the enemy's HP rate below yours, but don't risk any unsuitable damage trade. That way, you won't let them feel comfortable against you and tease their own CS. If you can't, just don't try to and last hit like a good boy.

3 - Do NOT hesitate to ward BOTH sides of the lane,  in the mid lane to prevent anyone from not being seen and ganking you, this is where the real threat comes from. These champions will be the most threatening junglers you will have to care about 33_64.png,32_64.png,254_64.png,35_64.png,5_64.png,154_64.png,59_64.png,57_64.png,20_64.png,120_64.png 

4 - These spots are granting you a nice vision area and will only require 2 ward at one time. Your jungle has to help you or your mates to ward the other entry spots of your jungle. Note that the spots are the same and even easier from this point in season 4 than in season 3, but unfortunately, it's also easier to counter

Blue side :
629863vlcsnap2013091413h14m43s204.jpg 737684vlcsnap2013091413h16m45s211.jpg

Purple side :


Summary : 
  1. Don't get stomped 1v1, do not die for a couple CS
  2. Don't fail a damage trade
  3. Do not run out of mana
  4. Do not overextend if your E is on CD
  5. Fear mobile/strong junglers
  6. Ward your lane
  7. Farm well and the safer you can 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game (15min->30/35min) :

1 - This is where you shall have your core build, but since you don't have a buit-in escape you can't afford going anywhere alone without knowing what you're doing. It means that you shall go nowhere without ward or safety.

2 - This is also when you have to continue farming since the step 2 items aren't enough for late game. You have to farm your lane even if your botlane lost their own, no one shall be able to steal you the creeps if you cast E+R them.

3 - In teamfight while being midgame, try not to die, even if your team is being wrecked, it's better for you to try killing from far behind than entering the battle and dying like a bitch. Why? Because you are a very good turret defender and you need to farm creeps, which you couldn't do if dead.

Summary : 
  1. Stay alive
  2. Take part to skirmishes safely
  3. Tell your team that you've got to poke with ult before going in to secure teamfights or skirmishes
  4. Farm

Late Game Back to Top

Late game (35min->End) :

1 - Now let the tankiest mates you have enter the battle and watch for the cooldowns of the enemy team. Do NOT enter the battle if you know there is someone sparing a deadly skill for your ass. You better use R and E to spot/poke them and go AA with your W once they are on cooldown or defenseless.

2 - The champions you have to fear in late game have either :

Gap closer + tankiness, examples --> 39_64.png19_64.png78_64.png80_64.png92_64.png24_64.png23_64.png5_64.png11_64.png107_64.png62_64.png59_64.png58_64.png

Annoying CC, examples --> 9_64.png33_64.png31_64.png30_64.png25_64.png99_64.png106_64.png111_64.png53_64.png412_64.png75_64.png

Burst potential, examples --> 7_64.png79_64.png55_64.png84_64.png105_64.png103_64.png38_64.png91_64.png

3 - Here is an example of good positionning at the beginning of a team fight


4 - When you can go closer safely, you can fight whoever you want. Actually you have great sustain damage thanks to your W and R, be aware of it while facing champions who have longer CD on their damaging spells than a few autoattacks and no continuous damage output like most of mid champions but 9_64.png238_64.png90_64.png30_64.png8_64.png69_64.png121_64.png131_64.png134_64.png

Summary : 

  1. Wait for the burst from the enemy team and prevent any one shot potential on yourself before entering
  2. Poke as much as possible before fight so they start it with less HP or leave the objectives they are protecting (turret/drake/nashor)
  3. Stay alive so they can't rape a lane or your base that easily and you'll continue to farm
  4. Kill them all



Tips&Tricks for AP Kog Back to Top

Q-E-R strategy

There are some champs against who you can't do much in certain cases : mostly assassins or bursty/strong enemies. If you got caught by one of these and you know you have more chances to die while fleeing than not to, try to stay standing and burst the chasing enemy down with all targeting spells you've got  (QER and summoner's 14.png or 3.png) before starting to flee while kiting. By standing, you are guaranteeing yourself a successful R on your enemy and will show him that your burst potential has to be taken into consideration. This tactic can be used while trading damage with lane oponent as much as later on. If you know how long the cooldowns of your enemy is, you have a higher chance to juke him off. And if you fail, you'd be way closer from your killer and will be able to finish him/her off with your passive ;)

Why all of this : There is no point escaping when you know you'd die before heading to any safe position.
Here an exemple against Brand and Vi.



If the enemy is overextending a bit or about to lose the last minion between him and your minions, harass! Landing E + 1 or 2 AA is perfect


Blue Buff OP

Ask for the blue buff whenever you can, you can spam your enemies with your R :) This thing will always be your friend, even late game


Buff stealer incoming

Remind that you can spot and steal buff with your R, it's a good way to pressure an ennemy blue


I am AP!

Tell your mates you're playing AP, they might think you go botlane as ADC. This can be obvious but still very awkward when someone picks a mid champ.

Escape from higher movement speed bruisers

Use your E towards you in the way you want to escape to prevent from being attacked or CCed. See example below

Team fight mechanics

During teamfights you just want to be safe-placed, and poke/burst from the further you can (also not by only using R). Do AA only if most gapcloser/aoe ultimate/burst are done and you feel ok going closer to use Q and W+AA. These abilities will sustain your damage output. Good example right here :

Using Q safely

Your Q can help you last hitting under the turret while you can't have your W on or enough AD to kill a range minion after a turret hit. It's also useful to help your tear of the goddess to be sated

Spamming R? Yes, BUT...

In order not to run out of mana in lane, wait 6 seconds between your ults, you'll spare the additionnal costs you might need in a skirmish or teamfight. Do not care about this comment if you're about to kill!

Help your friends with Objectives

You have natural high damage cap against big monsters and drake/nashor (100 bonus magic damage per AA), so believe your damage and help your mate while doing that ;). Do not forget that you've got a great range while your W is active!

Aiming with R

Since your ult is a skillshot, try to aim at a location where the enemy has to go to while fleeing you, that way you might land decisive shots! Another way to use the ultimate if zoning the enemy by forcing him to come closer to you (and your friends) instead of fleeing under a vomit rain!


Farming like a bawz (do not let your mates get a single one :evil:)

At one time when you start having AP, you'll be able to farm VERY fast. Land E on a minion wave + R on the caster minions then 1 AA with W on the melee minion shall clear it. 3 second/wave. As soon as your botlane is done farming/pushing/stomping/getting stomped etc... they will come mid and start team operations, don't let them your meal **:evil:**, you are very item dependent, may they be as well


Bush facechecking : forbidden

Using your ult spots the bushes and is revealing enemies inside (before landing and after hitting), never facecheck a bush with kogmaw!


Don't forget your passive!

Don't forget your passive when you die, this is true damage!!

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