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1 year ago

Kog'Maw Statistics for Japanese Ezreal

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

KogMaw is a squishy glass cannon that requires peel and sustain to fully get value out of his kit

The summoner choice for KogMaw Mid comes to personal preference

4.png Flash is the most used summoner spell  due to it being  a good escape tool, KogMaw will highly need this to escape crowd control spells and attacks from prevented himself being bursted

14.png Ignite is very situational due to its ineffectiveness late game in my opinion, Ignite provides chances of snowballing during the laning phase if used effectively and appropriately. KogMaw late game will find limited times to use this spell, I would only use it if you really want to snowball the game and end it quickly

12.png Teleport for KogMaw is a great tool to use when falling behind, during the laning phase, champions will always find moments where they can lay harrass down, since Kog has very low health and resistance, Teleport would be my choice of summoners due to the safety it provides during the laning phase, otherwise only use it if you don't feel confident about your match up

7.png21.png Barrier and heal are very good through out the game providing KogMaw a bit of protection from burst or damage in general.

6.png This summoner spell ghost is very odd to use on Kog, due to his low moment speed, its convenient if you are getting chased down or need it to run somewhere faster

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This page is pretty simple 
ThunderLords- Kog can easily proc the keystone with his basic combos making him dish lots of damage in lane

Vampirism- Kog requires a sustain during combat and during laning, have extra AD and AP might make a difference in damage output, but lowering the chances of a glass cannon dying is much better

Bounty Hunter - Kogmaw can nearly 1v1 anyone as long as he has items, once that spike hits, kog will become a killing machine if not stopped with the increased damage

Fresh Blood - This mastery fits Kog nicely as it provides him good extra AD damage during laning or combat in general

What else could I take?
Bloodlust - After the rework of BL providing movement speed and life steal its a decent pick up if you are up against a lane bully

FOB - Fervor of battle is high risk, high reward, since Kog attacks so fast, he can easily stack it up providing a good damage spike. The only downfall I find using this is during laning, if you are greedy with this keystone, you risk your life to stack up damage for a short period of time, leading into a potential death


Abilities Back to Top

96.pngkogmawq.png (Q) (Skillshot) - KogMaw shoots a ball of acid dealing magic damage to a single target, if the enemy is hit, their armor and magic resistance will lower a certain percent depending on level (20-28%), passively Kog gains free attack speed ranging from 15-35% depending on level.

How to use this effectively
- A decent farm tool for safe farming
- If this skillshot lanes on a tank, your team will be able to do more damage due to the tank losing resistance
- Cheap skill to spam to charge up tear of the goddess

96.pngkogmawbioarcanebarrage.png (W) - When activated, KogMaw's bread and butter comes in, making him deal magic damage equal to a certain percentage of max health of the enemy

How to use this effectively
- Strong auto harass during lane
- Use when you are about to fight
- Use this to charge up tear
- Use this and auto creeps under tower

96.png kogmawvoidooze.png(E) (Skillshot) - KogMaw barfs out a goo pile in a line dealing AOE magic damage slowing anyone in its path.

How to use this effectively
- Safe harass tool
- Good wave clear
- Decent slow for chasing down people

96.pngkogmawlivingartillery.png (R) (Skillshot) - KogMaw shoots a pile of goo that acts like a falling bomb, dealing  lots  of  high AOE magic damage depending on the enemies health, Mana cost increases the more you spam this skill

How to use this effectively
- If you are in range of hitting someone with this skill, don't be afraid to go for it since it has super long range when leveled up
- Good kill move in lane or from a far
- Good for farming from a far

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic Caster Starting Items, Buy these items if you feel like you will need to spam your skills a lot
    This starting list provides Kogmaw the sustain he needs to survive poke and over all can heal you after trades. Buy this if you plan to trade more in lane
    I highly recommend this if you plan to bring teleport with you, getting an early tear can provide KogMaw extra mana to continue spamming skills during the laning phase which also helps charge it up faster
    Potion type of guy? Then buy this potion for the refresh of all stats including the small burn bonus

Core Items

    You must get tear first item! You will delay your powerspike if you don't buy it in time!
    This basic core provides Kog CDR - Mana - AP - Attack speed Buy this if you need a lot of mana and buy stinger to keep your Damage per second up
    This core provides Mana - Attack damage - life steal Over all a decent core for sustaining in lane or during small fights
    Getting a lot of kills? Well, this core provides you more kill potential in lane increases the chances of snowballing
    Items to rush
    Late game items
    Basic Full Build
    Defensive build
    Get creative! But don't use this build.

Situational Items

    Providing a lot of AD and life steal, Kog can have this for extra protection and suvivability with the over shield effect
    Buy If up against heavy tanks that can do damage
    Expensive but can be worth the extra AP damage
    Lots of HP and good auto attack slow
Basic Full Build

 3042.png -  Why this item? Muramana in my opinion is the star of Kog, providing a huge spike of damage once evolved with the raw damage and mana. Kogmaw abuses this item with the amount of attack speed built into him (kit and items 3124.png). This also works well as his W (kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png) to boost of the damage

3165.png - KogMaw requires lots of mana if you continue spamming your ultimate (kogmawlivingartillery.png) this item provides him AP boosting his wave clear of nearly all his abilities, as well as cooldown reduction to solve the missing damage during fights.


 3124.png - Were building hybrid Kog after all, providing all the juicy stats Kog dreams of which is Attack damage, Attack speed, and Ability power

Nashors tooth
3115.png - Provides lot of attack speed and Cooldown reduction as well as the bonus Magic damage on hit

Hextech Gunblade

3146.png - Raw damage but comes with healing effects when dealing any type of damage

3085.png - Easy wave clear and good for outputing a lot of damage during fights allowing Kog to hit multiple people with his enchanced auto attacks 

Matchups Back to Top

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Please refer to Quick Math Up Guide

Quick Match Up Guide Back to Top

Against immobile Mages 99.png161.png134.png34.png74.png112.png 

- Really rough laning due to their burst damage they can output
- If you don't punish enough, they can abuse you so much and turn you into a toy
- Punish them when miss stepping or even when thier skills are on cooldown
- Build life steal items
- Obviously build magic resistance if you are struggling

Assassins 238.png91.png38.png84.png55.png
- You will tilt
- Super rough...
- If you miss step, your pretty much dead
- Play safe
- Build life steal
- Punish them a bit, but don't put yourself in danger

Mobile Mages 69.png103.png136.png
- Be aware of how they position themselves
- If they use any escapes (ahritumble.png) It leaves you and opening to counter attack
- Avoid yourself getting caught out
- Pay attention to their play style
- If they you are struggling, build resistances and life steal

Who Am I? Back to Top

To keep it short, I'm codeh20, I'm a Gold Mid laner that loves to be creative when it comes to league. League to me can be changed up in so many ways but people are too scared to, I took the time to understand how my play style and creativity can be used to make the game feel different.   

Why My Guide? Back to Top

This is my first guide after nearly 3 years of playing, I took the time to develop a detail guide about one of my favorite champions which is KogMaw, I have been playing KogMaw a lot lately and found a very strong consistent build if used correctly.

This guide provides
- Simple descriptions
- Basic over view of the build
- Details on topics if it was necessary
- Pros & Cons
- Runes
- Masteries
- Positioning guide
- Etc 

Pros & Cons Back to Top


- So much damage packed into a Bug
- Strong against tanks due to having a strong percent health damage auto attack kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png
- Simple and strong wave clear kogmawvoidooze.pngkogmawlivingartillery.png
- Can be nearly unstoppable if enemies get you powered up
- Fun build and over all fun champion

- One word, Assassins... 84.png238.png157.png245.png91.png7.png
- Kinda immobile 1001.png
- Low base health 1028.png
- Low base Resistance 1029.png1033.png 
- Farming can be tricky

Early - Mid - Late Back to Top

Early Game
- Farm it out, don't risk your life for kills unless you know you can make it out alive
- Harass when necessary kogmawvoidooze.pngkogmawlivingartillery.pngkogmawbioarcanebarrage.png
- Charge... Up... the tear 3070.png
- Hug turret if you have to khazixpassive.png
- Call your Jungler for ganks if needed
- Just survive...

Mid Game
- Be in the back line!!!! 201.png
- Kill anyone you see, If a carry is visible, target fire him or her 222.png
- Get MuraMana As fast as you can! 3042.png
- Get as many kills as you can during team fights, more kills, scarier KogMaw! kogmawpassive.png
- Play safe behind the front liners or continue farming

Late game
- Don't get caught 121.png157.png238.png
- Play behind front liners 86.png58.png154.png57.png
- If you don't have Muramana, You are screwed 3070.png
- Target anyone in your range even the tanks, because you are a tank killer viw.png

Basics To Farming As KogMaw Back to Top

- E + R can two shot mage creeps depending on level of skills kogmawvoidooze.png + kogmawlivingartillery.png

- W can be used to help take down creeps under tower kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png
- Use Q to gather safe farm from a far during the early levels kogmawq.png
- Use R to snag any unsafe creeps kogmawlivingartillery.png
kogmawpassive.png - If you died, blow up any creeps that are low, or even the enemy champion

- Freeze wave if you have to and keep your creeps on your side of the map enchantedcrystalarrow.png

Quick Ability Order Reasoning Back to Top

- Maxing (E) first, kogmawvoidooze.png provides max Wave clear and stronger slows

- Maxing (W) second,kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png provides the max damage for your auto attacks mid game
- Maxing (R) third, kogmawlivingartillery.png well, I don't know why you wouldn't max this out when possible
- Maxing (Q) last, kogmawq.png  this ability provides a good farming and tear charging tool early game, increasing its level early will not have any benefits at all

Conclusion Back to Top

Thank you so much for reading my guide if you read all of it! Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions. Feel free, I'll accept criticism or just questions in general!

dravenrcast.pngGood luck on the rift! jinxr.png


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