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9 months ago

LeBlanc Statistics for Hexadecimal

Author's performance with LeBlanc compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.

14.png Ignite

Ignite is taken to increase your damage. This helps you with 1v1 fights in lane, but can also secure kills in team fights. The healing reduction is very strong against champions that rely on spell vamp such as Swain or helps reduce the AD carries life steal such as Caitlyn. Don't be too afraid of using ignite as there's nothing worse than an enemy escaping with 50 hp because you didn't ignite them. It has a relatively low cooldown so even if it was "wasted" on a kill it will be back soon enough. 

If you're planning on all-ining someone you should ignite near the start of your combo. This is because you want to reduce their healing in half. A lot of the time people will consume health pots while you're fighting. By igniting early on when we're trying to kill someone we reduce their natural regeneration they receive from base stats as well as the healing from their health pots.

12.png Teleport

You might have seen some high elo players take Teleport on LeBlanc. There's a simple rule of thumb when it comes to taking Teleport on LeBlanc. Firstly, if your lane opponent is an easy matchup that you can kill without Ignite then you take Teleport. Secondly, if your lane opponent is a difficult matchup that you won't be able to kill even with Ignite then you take Teleport.

Why Teleport over another type of spell? You see a lot of control mages taking Ghost as their second summoner spell. This is because it's a low cooldown spell that can help you escape a gank without using Flash. This is important due to how Mid lane can draw a lot of ganks from the enemy. However, LeBlanc doesn't need Ghost because she has a lot of mobility in her kit - this opens up alternatives that other mid laners in the current meta don't have access to. So again, why Teleport over Barrier or Heal or Exhaust? Because Teleport can function similarly to Ghost in that it allows you to absorb a gank. 

The majority of the advantage someone gains when killing you isn't the gold from the kill, but instead the gold and experience you lose from minions while you're dead. Teleport allows you to die once and then immediately teleport back to lane and lose very little gold and experience. In this way it can help lessen the effects of dying to a gank. At the same time, it gives you the ability to react to things across the map throughout the game. It's simply a more versatile option than any of the other alternatives.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity - 12 points

  • Sorcery is taken for increase in damage
  • Feast is taken for the additional sustain in lane
  • Natural Talent is taken to maximize our damage as much as possible
  • Oppressor is taken to increase your damage as the enemy will often have impaired movement

Cunning - 18 Points

  • Savagery is taken to make last hitting easier
  • Assassin is taken since we want to maximize our damage as much as possible to help snowball and get kills
  • Merciless is taken for the damage increase
  • Dangerous game is taken as it will often save you in close fights.
  • Precision is taken to increase damage
  • Thunderlord's is taken to increase your burst

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

leblancmimic.png > leblancslide.png > leblancchaosorb.png > leblancsoulshackle.png


  • You can put your first skill point in Q in certain matchups. Usually against melee champions that lack wave clear at level 1 so that you can land more harass. This also prevents you from pushing the minion wave at level 1 if you were to skill W instead. This is important as freezing against melee champions can be extremely effective in the early levels since it's usually hard for them to ever break the freeze and prevents them from going aggressive on you while you're free to harass them.
  • You max W first over Q or E as it's not only a great damage spell it's also your main form of mobility. By maxing W we not only increase the damage, but also lower the cooldown signficiantly, which is very important.

leblancpassive.png Sigil of Malice

  • This is where the majority of your damage is actually going to come from
  • Activating this is what gives you your burst as well as your wave clear
  • The majority of your combos and playstyle will come from playing around this passive in some way or another

leblancchaosorb.png Shatter Orb

  • The main use of this spell is to activate your passive
  • Its other use is for wave clear by using your W to apply your passive to multiple minions and then your Q to activate your passive across all of them

leblancslide.png Distortion

  • One of the key abilities needed to be mastered
  • You will use this to dodge, escape, go aggressive, wave clear, and dodge skill shots - understanding when to do what is the key
  • Be aware that good players will often time and aim their skill shots on the return position waiting for you to jump back. If the enemy is doing this then alter the timing in which you return back to throw them off. For example, instead of jumping on them then instantly jumping back, wait 1-2 seconds to bait out their abilities on your original spot then jump back.

leblancsoulshackle.png Ethereal Chains

  • Landing your E is an integral part of playing LeBlanc well
  • This will activate your passive all on its own due to the second part of its damage
  • Landing your E will also set you up to land a second chain through your ultimate.

leblancmimic.png Mimic

  • Is typically used to mimic your W as a way of getting closer to the enemy and then following up with your regular W to proc your W. This is because your Mimic'd W will do less damage than your regular W.
  • Another standard use is to mimic your E to double chain opponents. This is great for picking people off as well as for kiting enemies.
  • Your Mimic'd Q does very little damage in the early to mid game, but does the most at level 16 when you have 3 points in your ultimate.
  • Your Mimic'd E does the most damage in the Early to Mid Game assuming you activate both parts of it.
  • Your Mimic'd W is best used as an engage tool or to apply your passive to multiple enemies to set up AOE damage with your passive and Q ability.

Shadow of the Rose

  • Can summon a Mimic at a target location anywhere on the map
  • You can use this to bait enemies into running away from the clone and towards your location
  • It can also be used to scare away enemies that are chasing down your teammates
  • However, I find myself mainly using this as a way to scout. In many ways it's like a global 3462.png. I use it to check if the enemy is doing Baron or Dragon or if someone is ganking or to verify where the jungler is on the map.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Need MR
    Need Armor
    When Snowballing

Situational Items

Start With

Corrupting Potion


This is the standard starting build on LeBlanc right now. You take Teleport as your summoner spell and it makes you almost impossible to bully out of lane. When you do go back you simply purchase a 1082.png making you even harder to push out of lane once you return as it boosts the sustain of your 2033.png



Best starting Trinket for mid laners. This will help you cover key choke points on the center of the map during the laning phase to help keep track of the enemy jungler. Try to place your ward around the 3:00-3:30 minute mark on the side the enemy jungler will be. This will be the standard timing most junglers have their double buffs and will be looking to gank you.



  • In most matchups this will be your ideal core build
  • It may seem strange, but mathematically 3146.png actually gives you the most amount of burst damage of any item
  • The slow from its active also helps you land your chain ability leblance.png, which is really important

Need MR

  • You want to get a Banshee'sif you're struggling in an AP matchup
  • It's currently the only viable MR item for mages that still provides AP

Need Armor

  • This is your build path when you're struggling against a physical damage mid laner
  • You can either immediately turn your Seeker's Armguard into a Zhonya's if you feel it's necessary
  • Otherwise, stop at the Seeker's Armguard and continue with the rest of the build - turning it into a Zhonya's later on down the line

When Snowballing

1082.png -> 3041.png
  • You can purchase a Dark Seal at any point early on when you feel you're going to snowball effectively
  • You generally want to upgrade this into a Mejai's once you get near 10 stacks in order to increase the maximum amount of stacks you can get

End Game Builds

Gunblade Final Build Example


These are your core items when you go the Gunblade route. We go Sorc Shoes instead of the cooldown alternative Boots of Lucidity since we will achieve near max cooldown reduction with Morello+Runes. 

This will maximize your damage while relying on your Zhonya's as your main defensive tool. Keep in mind you can alter your build path depending on the situation after you've built your Gunblade+Morello. 

Banshee's Core Build


These are your core items when you go the Banshee's route.

Keep in mind this is not the exact order in which you should buy these items. You have to adjust and adapt the order in which you build items based on each individual game. The core is the Abyssal and the Morello, after that you can adjust the order based on the situation.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Ahri is a skill based matchup. LeBlanc can definitely snowball this matchup and gain control of the lane. However, Ahri's main win condition will come from her wave clear and poke.

You want to use your mobility and burst to dodge Ahri's abilities and apply pressure to her. If you keep her low enough she won't be able to move up safely to push the wave.




To win this matchup you need to really apply a lot of pressure on Akali levels 1-5 before she has a gap close. This involves auto-attack harassing and using your Q+W combo.

You should be able to get her low enough to set up a kill pre level 6 or at least force her to go to base and lose out on a lot of experience and gold.

Once she's level 6 you have to be more cautious. If you played the early game properly you should be stronger than her and win all-ins, but you will have to land all of your abilities and use your W/E to kite and minimize the damage you take.




Levels 1-5 you want to make sure you avoid getting stunned by her Q as this sets up the rest of her damage. Be cautious of overextending for a kill early on as her egg can often bait you.

Try to coordinate jungle ganks if you can as you have a lot of mobility and crowd control while Anivia lacks mobility/escapes.




Early on play around Annie's stun as best you can. Click on her and you can see her stun stacks in the top left of the screen.

In this matchup you will definitely want to get an Abyssal Scepter since Annie has a large amount of burst.

You can coordinate jungle ganks as well since Annie lacks an escape.




Azir can be annoying due to his long range. This is a skill based matchup that requires good mechanics and positioning to dodge and land skill shots.

Early on Azir's main strategy will be to shove you into tower and harass you while doing so.

Try to avoid standing in your minions so he has to choose between one or the other.

Using your W is important to winning this matchup as it will allow you to dodge his ultimate and force him to re-position his soldiers.




Try to avoid standing in your caster minions so he can't both push the wave and harass you.

However, still try to keep one minion between you and him to block his Q.

Dodging his W early on and engaging around cooldowns are key to snowballing and killing him.




This matchup varies a lot based on how good the Cass is. If the enemy Cass is bad you can snowball really hard as Cass is squishy, needs to land skill shots, and only form of crowd control comes from her ultimate which you can dodge.

However, if the Cass is good and lands her skill shots it can be a much closer matchup.

Try to time your aggression around dodging her Q as that is her key ability that needs to land in order to set up the rest of her damage.

Be very cautious and aware of how strong Cass is levels 2-5 if she lands her Q. She can basically infinitely chase you down and 100-0 you in an instant if you're overextended and your W is on cooldown and she lands a Q.




Winning this matchup is all about killing Cho'Gath before level 6 - otherwise he will be too tanky and just push you into tower all day.

You should play aggressive levels 1-2 to set up for a level 3 all-in. At the same time, be aware that asking for a jungle gank is perfectly fine. Often one of the best ways to shut down a Cho'Gath is through jungle ganks since he lacks an escape.




Diana's shield is difficult to deal with in the early game as she will often just push the wave while having a big shield to protect to her. Early on try to aggressively harass her. If she gets scared and backs away from the wave it essentially wins you the early game since she needs to be in minions using her W and passive to push the enemy into tower and get to level 6 with relative ease.

Once Diana is level 6 it becomes much more dangerous. You need to be quick with your fingers and dodge her Q. Quickly jumping in and landing poke combos when her W is on cooldown and chipping away at her. Time your aggression around her Q cooldown since she needs to land that to set up her all-in.




Early on you want to bully Ekko by playing aggressive. Just be aware he will be spamming his Q on your minions so don't stand in them.

Once he's level 6 you want to play around his W that shields himself and stuns you if you get caught in it as this is how he wins trades.

Be careful about overextending for kills due to his ultimate. Instead, try to poke him out first rather than just committing to an immediate all-in when he's near full hp.




The Fizz matchup is very snowbally for both players.

LeBlanc has the advantage early on and you should take advantage of that and pressure him.

However, since LeBlanc is squishy she's vulnerable to Fizz's burst once he's level 6. It's important that Fizz never gets ahead or gets a kill in this matchup as he can run away with the game.

Make sure to build an Abyssal Scepter in this matchup.




Gangplank is weak early and you should play aggressive to punish him.

Just be aware that he can cleanse your E with his oranges.

Make sure to play around his barrels and not take any free harass from his Q.




Heimer can actually be pretty annoying since he just shoves you into tower over and over, which is one of our weaknesses.

We also don't have any great way of clearing out his turrets. You want to try to jump forward and land quick bursts of poke to get him low enough to all-in him. Being quick is important so that he doesn't land his abilities on you and you don't take damage from his turrets.




Karthus is one of the easiest matchups since he lacks mobility and crowd control and takes awhile to ramp up.

Early on he can be somewhat safe due to his long range, but he's vulnerable to a coordinated jungle gank.

Once you're level 6 you have the mobility to start poking away at him and setting up kills.




Kassadin can be annoying as he can eventually out scale us and become too tanky while still doing enough damage to kill us.

It's important that you play aggressive early on to try and zone him from the minion wave. This will force him into using his Q to last hit rather than harass you.




Katarina isn't that bad, but good Katarina players can outplay you and give you trouble.

Early on you want to harass her and force her to farm with her from a distance.

Be aware that she can time her E to dodge your W.

Abyssal Scepter is important in this matchup since that's what she will rush as well and you need to keep up with her strength to avoid being over run in lane.




Lissandra can be annoying because she can use her ultimate to stop you in your tracks and also has good wave clear.

Early on try to dodge her Q best you can while looking for windows to harass her. Try to jump back to your W very fast as she can use your W to snare you when you jump in.

Once you're both level 6+ you want to try to stay near full health so she doesn't just ult you and burst you down. Try to just quickly jump forward and land harass. It's dangerous to just try to all-in and commit since she has many ways to outplay you using her ult.




Lulu can be difficult as she has a strong early game and is a safe laner with good wave clear and shields.

On top of that she counters you in team fights by timing her ult to knock you up as you W in or just saving someone you're trying to burst.

Try to throw a Q out to bait out her shield and then not going in. Once her shield expires then Q again but this time use your W.

Also, try to time your aggression around her Q as that's her main damage spell early on.




Even though Lux is an immobile mage she can actually be quite difficult to lane against. Her long range, poke, and wave clear make it difficult to lane. At the same time, her W gives her a good shield that combined with a defensive summoner spell makes it really hard to burst her.

She also has enough damage and burst to kill you if you get caught in one of her binds level 6+.

In general I recommend prioritizing roaming over trying to kill her unless you can set up jungle ganks or she's playing bad/you're snowballed.




Malzahar is annoying because of the fact that he just shoves you into tower over and over. At the same time he can use his ult to pin you down and since your mobility is your only form of defense it can be quite devastating if he has teammates to follow up.

Time your aggression around when he uses his E on your minions. Avoid standing next to dying minions so it doesn't jump to you. Also stand away from your caster minions since he will use his Q on them to push faster.




Morgana is a tough matchup because she just pushes the wave from a safe distance and can use her spell shield to negate any kind of aggression.

In this matchup you want to just prioritize roaming.




Orianna is a relatively safe laner due to her shield and long range. That being said, you can still outplay her by timing your aggression around cooldowns, dodging her ultimate/ball with your mobility spells, and setting up jungle ganks.




Pantheon is kind of a weird matchup as you can harass him with your spells since he's melee, but his stun can result in equal trades or reverse all-ins.

The biggest thing to be aware of is to not stand near him when your abilities are on cooldown as he will just spam his Q to harass you down and set up a kill.




Against swain when you harass him early you want to be aware he will use his snare on the return position of your W. For this reason you need to test the waters and see if he does it. Try to alter your timing a bit so that he can't predict when you're going to jump back by waiting a second or two when you jump in.

Being quick and nimble is important against Swain due to the fact that he needs to be close to you to do damage.




Syndra can actually be a tough matchup because she can cancel your W with her push back.

She also has good wave clear and long enough range to keep harassing you.

You have to be very fast with your engages and always engage when she doesn't have one of her orbs on the ground or else when she uses her E it will stun you in addition to pushing you back.




This is a snowbally matchup. LeBlanc has the advantage levels 1-5 so you want to put on the aggression and look to win the lane then.

Once Talon is level 6 it's all about timing your aggression around cooldowns and dodging his abilities. You want to quickly chip away at him and get out of harms way.


Twisted Fate


Twisted Fate is one of the easiest matchups due to his lack of mobility and inherent squishiness.

You want to play aggressive the entire length of the matchup looking to snowball. You also want to keep vision and pressure on him all the time level 6+ to prevent him from using his ultimate.

Just be aware to dodge his Q as that's what he uses to farm from a safe distance and playing around his Pick a Card.




Veigar you want to play aggressive early and look to snowball the lane as he takes awhile to ramp up.

However, Veigar out scales you and will eventually get to the point where he can pretty much one shot you with his ultimate.

Consider purchasing a Banshee's Veil in the late game to help prevent this.




Viktor is a lane bully and can be good at trading.

You want to time your aggression around his E. When he uses his E on minions or misses harass on you that's your time to go aggressive.

Be careful of just all-ining and standing next to him as he has a lot of burst. Instead, look to get quick bursts on him and then jumping back out to dodge his abilities.




Vladimir can be a tough matchup due to the fact that he out scales you and can use his pool to dodge your combo.

However, you're stronger than him early and you want to pressure him levels 1-5 to try and get a kill and win the lane as if you don't he will just out scale you and begin to push you into tower.

Your E will still root him if it lands before he pools. Also, consider roaming instead of fighting him once it's 6+ if you didn't snowball early.




Xerath will try to stay back and poke you down and push the wave. Try to stay away from your minions so he can't do both at the same time.

Winning this matchup is all about dodging his abilities and landing yours. Getting in good harass and trades where you dodge all his abilities - setting up an eventual kill later on.




Try to use your auto-attack/Q to proc his shield and then wait for to expire before you harass.

Be aware that Yasuo has a very strong level 2.

Don't be afraid to use your W defensively right as he E's on to you to dodge his damage.

This matchup can be very scrappy and is all about getting micro advantages and getting in little bits of harass.




Zed is considered a soft counter to LeBlanc. This is because of his own mobility and ways of dodging LeBlanc's burst. At the same time, he can harass/farm from a safe distance and use his W to dodge your W.

This is a complicated matchup that is very skill dependent. Just be cautious once you're both level 6. Don't just W in and then Q+R as he'll simply ult you to dodge the damage and reverse all-in you.

Instead, time all of your aggression around his cooldowns and energy. If he tries to harass you with his W+E+Q combo and misses then he has low energy and no cooldowns. That's your time to go aggressive.




Against Ziggs you want to avoid standing in your minions so you don't let him both harass you and push the wave. 

Other than that, you can play aggressive if he's playing poorly. If he's playing safe and landing a lot of abilities switch to a roaming strategy.




Against Zilean you want to quickly get in and land poke down and then dodge his bombs. Be cautious of just jumping back to your W as he can place bombs there expected you to do that. Instead, wait for him to throw out a bomb and then react accordingly.




Against Zyra do your best to dodge her harass while playing aggressive around cooldowns. Coordinate jungle ganks if needed as Zyra is squishy and has no escapes. If she's playing safe and landing a lot of harass just switch to a roaming strategy.

LeBlanc Combos + Tricks Back to Top

Wave Clear Combo

Understanding the wave clear combo of mid lane champions is important as wave clearing fast opens you up to roam and react to other things on the map. LeBlanc's wave clear combo is fairly straight forward; use your W on as many minions as possible, prioritizing the caster minions, and then Q one of them to activate the passive on all of them.

Second Wave Clear Combo

Your second wave clear combo involves using your R+W on the melee minions and then your standard W on the casters. Then use your Q to activate your passive on all of the minions. This is a way to wave clear extremely fast, but has the trade off of putting your ultimate on cooldown. In the clip above I also happen to kill Veigar using it, but you can use it just to wave clear.

Level 1 Harass Combo

Assuming you placed a point in W at level 1 this is your standard harass combo. Jump forward, land one auto-attack and then jump back. There are some variations on this that involves procing the Thunderlords mastery. For example, you can auto-attack first, then W, and then auto-attack one more time or you can do what I did above and W first then land two auto-attacks and jump back. The reason I decided to land two auto-attacks in the clip above was because Veigar wasn't trading back with me at all.

Level 2+ Harass Combo

This is your standard harass combo you'll be using throughout the laning phase. Simply W forward to hit the enemy, land one auto-attack, and then Q and jump back. This will activate your passive as well as Thunderlords.

Double Chain Harass Combo

This is a nice harass combo when you're facing someone you don't want to jump into. Time your E ability as they walk forward to try and harass you. Once the E roots them then use R+E to land a second chain. While you're doing this stand at max range so they can't trade back with you.

Long Range Engage

This will likely be the combo you use the most frequently to assassinate opponents. You open up with R+W to get closer to the enemy because it does less damage than your standard W. After that, land your second W on the enemy and use your E if it's off cooldown and then time your Q to land as your passive is available.

Using Ult Clone

Here's an example of using your ultimate's clone to scare away enemies. I see that my Trundle was overextended and was likely to die. I used my ultimate's clone to fake like I was counter ganking. The enemy Twisted Fate fell for it and used his gold card on my clone instead of the Trundle.

Early Game Back to Top

LeBlanc has a fairly strong early game, which you want to capitalize on. I'll go through a standard early game strategy to set up kills.

Level 1 
You want to W forward, land one auto-attack, and then jump back before minions can do damage to you. You will often only do this once since you want your W available for when you hit level 2.

Level 2
You now want to harass with W+Q. Simply W forward to apply your passive, land one auto-attack and then throw out your Q as this will then activate your passive. You will use this to poke the enemy down and set up a kill at level 3.

Level 3
Now you have all 3 abilities. If you executed the strategies in levels 1 and 2 successfully your opponent should be anywhere between 40%-60% health. This is low enough for you to kill them. Use your W on them into your E. Once your E is applied use your Q to activate your passive. At this point you can use Ignite and begin auto-attacking while moving in between auto-attacks in the direction of their escape path.

This is LeBlanc's general early game strategy. You poke them down with W+Q to set up a kill with your W+E+Q combo.

Middle Game Back to Top

LeBlanc's middle game revolves around one important question: Do I want to roam or do I want to try to kill my lane opponent? You have to successfully understand when you can do one or the other.

Against safe opponents you will waste your time trying to kill them, the laning phase will end, people will begin to group, and you will have lost one of your biggest strengths - your roaming/ganks.

Against weak opponents if you roam and fail then you give them a free lane and they will begin to out scale you.

This is why it's important that you always determine whether you're going to aim to kill the opponent or try to set up roams. Don't get me wrong, both of these strategies aren't mutually exclusive. Meaning, you can do both as you improve, but for teaching purposes I simplified it.

Also, don't be afraid to use your ultimate frequently and aggressive in lane. It has a low cooldown, especially once you've completed your Morellonomicon. You should be using it frequently to either poke/kill the enemy or wave clear.

Late Game and Team Fighting Back to Top

Late game LeBlanc wants to set up flanks and assassinations on enemies. This involves clearing brushes of wards and being aware of what is warded. Learn how to maneuver yourself without the enemy seeing and judging whether they can see you based on their body language. This will allow you to kill the enemy's squishy carries as they face check brushes or be able to flank behind them to get to their back line once a team fight starts. One effective tactic is to push a side lane and wait in a brush until an enemy carry comes down to pick up the wave then kill them when they go to farm.

In Team Fights you want to be focusing on key spells going on cooldown. Try to time your aggression when the enemy uses important defensive abilities if you can. This usually revolves around waiting for your front line to engage to bait out defensive spells.

One of your main goals should be to land your W on as many of the enemies as possible. This way you'll apply your passive to multiple enemies and then use your Q to activate it, which will chain it across all enemies you hit with your W. 

Another trick is to go aggressive on an enemy carry and landing your E. Then when the opponents turn to focus you activate Zhonya's. Your E will still apply the root while you're invulnerable allowing your team to quickly jump the carry you locked down. Below you'll find some clips showing various team fight scenarios.

Standard Burst on Carry

This is going to be the most likely way you'll assassinate key targets in fights. Using your R+W for mobility into W+E+Q combo to burst the enemy and then swapping back to your original position to safety.

Kiting with Double Chain

Even if you're low on health you can often just use your chains to crowd control the enemy and help your backline kite.

Example of 2v2 Skirmish

Here's an example of using all of the key team fighting concepts with LeBlanc. I land my W on both enemies, which allows me to activate my passive on both of them. I swap back to prevent damage and then re-engage at a safe distance using my chains. 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Has a very strong laning phase and can be a lane bully
  • At the same time has a safe laning phase due to her mobility and range
  • Very good at snowballing and quickly finishing games
  • A great roaming mid laner
  • Extremely high burst that can even do AOE damage
  • Extremely good wave clear


  • Lacks defense and instead relies on mobility
  • High mechanical skill ceiling
  • Kind of falls off late game compared to other champions

Warding Locations Back to Top

Warding Locations

Ward Locations.jpg
Note: This is from the perspective of Blue Side - meaning your Nexus is South. The exact same ward spots apply if you were Red Side - meaning your Nexus is North, except that the ward spots are simply rotated 180 degrees/mirrored. 

1 - This is where you want to place your 2055.png as gaining vision control of the lane brush is very important. This is because the lane brush offers the most quickest and convenient location to place 3340.png for the enemy. By placing a 2055.png it denies the enemy this convenience. At the same time, it clears the most common area we'll be moving through when we roam. Lastly, it keeps our 2055.png close to us, which makes it easier to defend and harder for the enemy to get rid of.

2 - This is the optimal location for a 3340.png as it covers all the choke points for that side of the river. Additionally, it is hidden from 2055.png that are placed in the lane brushes. Keep in mind, this is just the most optimal, that doesn't mean it's always practical. It's okay to place your 3340.png in location 1 or somewhere between location 1 and 2 if you're unable to move any further due to safety or potential missed minions.

3 - This is the aggressive version of the 2nd ward location and should only be used when you have lane control and the enemy laner is forced to playing passive. It allows you to see when the enemy mid laner rotates to take blue buffs, jungle camps, roam, or react to one of your roams. At the same time, it spots junglers that are coming from raptors/wolves.

4 - This is a very powerful ward that can easily be placed after you push the mid laner into his tower. This gives you vision on the enemy's raptor camp. This can give you a wide range of information. For example, if you place this ward early on it tells you whether the enemy jungler is invading/ganking the side he started on or if he's doing a standard clear. When you spot the enemy jungler doing his raptors it relieves pressure off of everyone else as you know exactly where the enemy jungler it is. At the same time, that opens your own jungler to adjust his play accordingly. On top of that, just knowing that the jungler ISN'T doing his raptors can give you information on where he might possibly be.

5 - This is simply a better version of the 4th warding location. However, it's more time consuming, riskier, and overall more difficult to get a ward here. The reason why it's better than the 4th warding location is that you can see if the enemy's jungler is skipping raptors and which direction he's moving towards. I like to ward here when I have a big lead and I do it after I push a wave to pin the enemy mid laner at his tower.

6 - This is known as the lane ward and you might have seen it before. This is best used against champions that are looking to roam and is typically used when you've lost lane and are behind. It's especially strong against Twisted Fate due to the manner in which he ganks. Essentially, this ward will let you see which direction the enemy mid laner moves to after he kills the minion wave. In a way this gives you the benefits of warding both sides of your lane with only one ward: you get to see if he's ganking either side lane. However, you also get to see if the enemy is recalling or just standing at his tower. Keep in mind the main downside of this ward is that it doesn't protect you against other enemies ganking your lane.

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