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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png12.png The high Elo n1 choice.

This is the most used combo in lcs/high elo. I don't necessary think this is the best one for solo/everyelo. It must be said that lb has enough burst and doesn't need ignite to kill champions. 
Take this if : 
  • You are in a difficoult matchup and you feel like you could use an early recall and tp back to lane. (ex cassio)
  • You are good at watching the map at all stages aka can make an impact/put pressure with tp
  • You feel like the other options aren't needed. Tp is always a good summoner overall

4.png14.png The best low/medium Elo choice, also called MANMODE.

I feel like ignite is a bit forgotten mid nowadays. I still feel like in lower elo (range from bronze to highplat lowdiamond) it's still a really good choice. Basically take ignite if you feel like stomping your lane and taking early advantages of your summoner spell.

4.png1.png Situational 4.png3.png

  • Cleanse: You are vs heavy cc's and you feel like you need cleanse to survive. An example of a good time to pick cleanse would be vs LissandraMid/EliseJungler.
  • Exhaust: Well you guessed it right vs zed and other assassins. This is a preferencial choice you could still take ignite/tp.

New Runes Back to Top


Electrocute.png?width=64 Electrocute

After some testing and scouting trends this seems the best option for leblanc. You need to consistently oneshot atleast a target trought the duration of the game and Electrocute.png?width=32is your best bet for this task.


Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 Your leblancw.png is a dash.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 As i said in other guides i really high value the vision control this mastery provides. Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 If you want more damage this is still a good option. This point is preference.


Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 It synergizes pretty well with your leblancq.png and with 3146.png


Transcendence.png?width=32 This helps you capping out cdr and gives you the freedom of stacking cdr items if needed.


Scorch.png?width=32 Helps you dominating the lane. Pretty usefull early on and trought the whole game to add some damage to your combos/harrass.


Abilities Back to Top


Lv1 possibilities.

  1.  E - IF you are invading E could be a better choice
  2.  W - If you get invaded and you didn't assing your point yet take W quickly for an excape without wasting flash.

Since lb is a combo-dependant champion i will explain in depth her abilities and tips and combos in the following chapters.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    First back
    Core item
    2nd core item most of the times
    Best item overall for Aps. Ususally 3rd or 4th item.
    Example of a full build
    Read description. It could, in some matchups, be core item.

Situational Items

1056.png vs 2033.png

Both viable starts. Consider this while making your choice.
  • 1056.png is better for 1v1.
  • 1056.png gives you better combat stats, i would take it if you plan to go 14.png
  • 2033.png is gold efficient in the long run, also it sinergizes well with the passive of 1082.png (which you want to build later)
3145.png-> 3146.png 

But why???

  • 3145.png is sooo good in lanephase (also sinergizes well with lb burst). The passive is a good chunk of damage (remember to autoattack after a spell tho) and also it gives 40ap. Also it has a good buildpath. Also the passive is preatty cheap goldwhise (180g combine cost). Also... buy it.
  • 3146.png 80 Ap + Sustain (the passive is kinda good on lb since you will heal a lot while comboing and farming, consider most of your damage is single target) + Burst (do i need to explain?) + Some ad just because(if the damage wasn't enough or well just to help you lasthit)
With this item as your core you should be able to 100-0 every squishy champion in the earlygame even without ignite


Ludens is the best choice for lb, give you more damage, more mana pool and also more ap and waveclear potential

Other items & Situational 

  • 3135.png A must buy. Watch the enemy team magic res and decide when to buy it. Usually 3rd of 4th best item.
  • 3100.png Starting to like it more and more, give you the option to be a good splitpusher (towers will fall fast) and adds more burst to your combo.
  • 3089.png Best raw damage item. Adds a ton of rawdamage to your rotation. I usually consider it later.
  • 3157.png best buy vs zed and such. If the enemy team is full ad this items gives you a lot of value per gold. In other cases think about 'Do the active of this item will make an impact vs thier comp?' if the answer is yes go ahead and buy it 
  • 3102.png Since the changes this item is soo good in 1v1 lane vs ap assassins. Consider even rushing it if you struggle vs fizz/ahri/annie or such champions.
  • 3041.png 10 stack of the darkseal and still snowballing? Ballsy buy but you can go for it eventually.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Zed
  • Ziggs




The only problem of this matchup is her ahriseduce.png. If you use your leblancw.png to get to her face and she's good enough she will ahriseduce.png you right away. Making you lose the trade. Test her skills and then decide how to approach her.

This is a pretty snowbally matchup so whoever get's the lead is usually the one coming out on top.




Just bully her, she has no way pre6 to do anything. Just keep pressuring her. I would consider taking 14.png since you can dominate her so hard in lanephase.




Yes boys you heard it first. Anivia in an hard matchup for Leblanc. 

A good anivia will hold her flashfrost.png till the moment she's either 100% sure to hit it or when you are going in to trade with her. And well if she it's it you are going to instalose the trade because it will be followed by an frostbite.png and some autos aswell.

Her aa range is actually hard to deal with while csing.

After 6 she will just outpush you making you unable to roam or to respond (you will mostlikely have not enough ap to W-Q the wave.)

What can you do? 
  • Farm safely
  • Trade only when and if she wastes her flashfrost.png
  • Ask for ganks. Anivia is pretty easy to gank




Carefully on harrassing her when she has her passive up. If she stuns you, you will most likely lose the trade. Be absolutely carefull at lv 6. In this matchup you can consider rushing 1057.png.


Aurelion Sol


Pretty easy lanephase, try to not get pushed too much or you will give him space to roam around (and that's the actual power of aurelion sol).

The most important thing in this matchup is to ward around and be able to call out eventual roams to prevent him getting advantages on other lanes.




Kinda difficoult matchup if azir knows what he's doing. Be carefull and don't overestimate his soldier damage. 




Good thing? Brand is immobile. 

Bad thing? He has a LOT of damage.

Worse thing? If he's good he can brande.pngbrandw.png  and stun if you use your leblancw.png badly.

Play around his cd's and be carufull on chosing the right timing to trade. After 6 you should be able to toy with him since you will have 2 dashes eventually to dodge stuff.




Did you see Faker cassiopeia vs Maple Leblanc? If you didn't 

Well i don't expect every cassiopeia to be like this. But it could happen. Also her cassiopeiaw.png Is pretty annoying since you can't leblancw.png back. 

Give up cs if you have to and ask for help, cassiopeia still has no escape so it's really vulnerable to ganks.




Corki is actually strong so play carefully. If he goes for 3155.png rush it can be a pain. Still if you play the lane correctly you can go head to head with him.




Abuse her pre6. She has no mobility and she has to go melee to farm. Auto attack her a lot while she goes to cs.




Same has diana abuse him pre6. Carefull when he misses because he could setup a ekkow.png stun from fog o war. When he uses ekkoe.png to trade with you use your leblance.png. So he will get chained and you will win the trade when he will be on his way back disegnaging.




Tricky matchup, like ekko and diana he's vulnerable pre6, try to abuse him as much as possibile. After 6 he becomes scary. As soon as you see the fizzr.png casted try to avoid it at any cost with leblancw.pngleblancr.png or even 4.png. In most cases you are dead if he can full combo you. 

Try to land the leblance.png before he uses his fizze.png since the snare will take effect even if he used fizze.png as long as you hitted him before.




Pretty easy matchup, still be carefull because a good karthus will karthuswallofpain.png your way back when you use your leblancw.png and ill eventually outtrade you. So play smart. After 6 he's a freekill and also most of the time he wont rush any mr item.




Easy lanephase, he's melee afterall, it can become a problem if he gets advantages. So don't overdo if you are not sure about the enemy jungler. Pretty standard otherwhise, harrass with spells and auto and contest cs.




Tricky matchup, lot of outplays possiblities. Make sure to understand that the dagger of his katarinaq.png will drop behind THE FIRST TARGET it hits. With that in mind play smarter than her. 




Kayle can't really do much in lane other than farm. So she should be fine to lane against. She's also pretty easy to setup ganks for since she has innate push with judicatorrighteousfury.png and she has no flash and/or dashes. She will become a problem tho if you let her freefarm so in case your having trouble don't hesitate to ask your jungler for ganks.




Pretty easy matchup, she is kinda binary in lane. She will try to lissandraq.png you while farming minions so don't stand right behind them. Be carefull because she can lissandraw.pnglissandrae.pnglissandraq.png you if you use your leblancw.png. Anyway if you land all your spells your damage should be superior. Be really carefull at 6, and well consider taking cleanse. Otherwhise if she's smart and her jungler is aswell every time her R is up you will be dead.










Ori is an easy matchup for leblanc, she suffers from mobility issues. Try to leblancw.png the wave while hitting her aswell and then use your leblancq.png from far while being safe. That's your best bet to win this matchup. 




Ryze used to be a solid pick vs lb, the only problem is that ryze got nerfed and is now underused, i'm not too sure about this matchup at the moment but in case be really carefull because he can ryzew.png and combo you while you are trying to jump to him.




If she's any good this is an hard matchup. Her syndrae.png if timed well complitely nullifies your leblancw.png leaving you helpless and outtraded. I sugged you to test her and other than that play safe and roam, she suffer from low mobility. You could play safe and set up ganks, she's squishy and easy to gank.





Twisted Fate


Tf has a huge problem vs assassins in general, abuse him. After 6 always try to shove as fast as possible to not give him any chance to ult sidelanes.




Ok so in the early levels he's easy to deal with, he becomes harder as the time passes. You need to abuse his early, his lack of push potential and the fact that he has no escape. This matchup could turn into a farm fest if he decide to rush some magic res items. If that's the case just shove the lane and roam.




Low mobility easy to gank. HE can be hard to deal 1v1 if he can manage to constantly hit E's on you. Don't let him free farm and eventually if you see no opening to kill him play the roaming game.




Assassin vs assassin? This matchup can go either way and as you can imagine it's a pretty snowbally one. You are stronger first levels, after lv 4 and 5 he will start to hurt. Zed's kit revolve around zedq.png a lot so. It's his harrass tool, it's the thing that will deal the most damage when he uses zedr.png. So especially early game the more zedq.png you dodge the easier this matchup gets.

I would suggest you to rush 3191.png.




Try to make him use his empowered auto attack (his passive) on creeps. Dodge has many ziggsq.png has possible and force him to either farm minions or harrass you. 

Abilities explanation Back to Top

Every time you hit a target with a spell it will mark them. After a bref delay the target will be marked. Hitting the same target with another spell will deal bonus magic damage (scales with 80% ap)
This is the bread and butter of the new leblanc, you need to make use of this passive to deal damage. They added the delay into her passive with the assassins rework because they felt assassins were too oppressive. Basically compared to the old leblanc you will deal the same damage if not more but you will have to wait just a little bit.


Project an orb to the enemy that deals damage. 
If the target has the passive active on him, it triggers it bouncing to every other target with the passive on in the near area. 

  1. First cast: Leblanc dashes into an area dealing damage (minor damage) to all the enemys she strikes.
  2. Second cast: After a small delay leblanc has a window of 4 second to press W again to return where she started to cast distortion
Throw a chain at the enemy dealing damage. If the chain strikes an enemy it remains attached to them (unless they get out of range) and after a 1.5 secs she will again deal damage and root them for 1.5 seconds. 

Leblanc can copy and cast one of the 3 base abilities. A lot of people have trouble understanding how her ult works so i'll try to make it simple.
  1. You press R
  2. You decide what skill you want to copy (it has indipendent cooldown). Let's use W as an example.
  3. You press W now you will mimic your W with your R.
  4. Your champ with also a mimic will perform the dash (as it is a normal W, it's just with another color)
  5. If you want to go back you have to press R again. (this is were a lot of player go into confusion, since you did cast your R your skill will be bound to the R to go back to the original place)
(It's kinda weird to explain, hope this was helpfull, if not let me know in the comment and i'll try to get it more clear)
Leblanc has also a New R effect that summon a clone in the targetted area. The clone will run into the nearest enemy and throw a fake skill to them (the skill it will throw is the last you used).

How is this performed?
  1. Press R 
  2. Aim with your mouse to the point where you wanna summon your clone
  3. Press R again

Leblanc playstyle/role Back to Top

Early game goals: 

  • Farm as much as possibile
  • Harrass and contest cs
  • Roam when needed and try to setup things with your jungler
  • Try to make a living hell midlane for your opponent (most champion will outscale you so you NEED as lb to take early leads)

Mid game if you are fed: 

  • Push every possible objective and force your team to go as a unit. You want to take the biggest lead possible while you are fed. You will get eventually outscaled and as i will explain to you lb is pretty hard to play in lategame teamfights. 

Mid game if you are NOT fed:

  • That's a problem. Theorically you don't want to be in this situation ever. However there will be some games when this will occur and you need to try your best to make most out what you have. I would suggest you to search for enemys mistake (example Enemy ADC splitting alone and you are able to get him). If you see no openings the rule number one is 'Try to stay in the game and not to die'.

Late game: 

  •  This stage of the game lb takes a huge hit to his usefulness. You need to play fights nearly perfectly.  


  • Try to assassinate someone, this is still lb main task
  • If you are not able to get one of their carries you can decide to peel for your adc if he can actually get the job done (leblance.png is pretty handy even a doublechain can do work)
  • If have the perfect setup by a tank (example malphite or amumu) you can threat the enemys as a wave of 4/5 minions so leblancw.png  into them and then leblancq.png them to make it bounce into all of them. This is the dream of every leblanc and in reality it will not happen that often. But well... if it does happen go for it and enjoy.

Assassins: what to do and how to do  

Some people call assassins 'Noob champions' some people say that 'Assassins are the harder champs to play'. Well the truth is in the middle. Assassins seems easy to play vs dumb/lowskilled people when you get fed. In even game it's actually HARD to play correctly an assassin even more if you are new to the role and i'll try my best to explain what you have to do to be successfull

You have to assassinate the right target. 

You need an opening to do damage to the enemy carries, unless under some circumstances blowing your cds on the enemy frontline is not worth. Aim for the carries and do your best to kill them.

Chosing the RIGHT moment to go in.  

How many times you see a zed flashing into their adc ulting and in about a second getting melted for free? A lot of time i think. The key is patience and understand enemys cds. Your role is NOT TO engage a fight, your role is to wait your tank to do so and then watch the enemys and try to keep track of their cds. Join in the right moment when enemys already blown most of their cds is the key to be successfull. Let's make an example to make it more clear you are playing vs an alistar. You try to combo their adc while ali is standing near him and he still didn't use pulverize (Q) or headbutt (W). What will happen? As soon as you W near the enemy adc alistar will combo you (W-Q) first of all will neatralize you, second of all you will be probably dead by some other cc's. If you try to do the same thing without ali's Cd's you will succed. I can't stress enough WAIT THE RIGHT TIME TO DO YOUR MOVE. 

Good map awarness.  

Pick up enemyes out of position. This is a must for every assassin. The enemy adc is far from his team and has no reliable way to kill you? Jump on him and make him pay for his mistake.

Plan your way/s out.

This is one of the most important thing about playing assassin. Usually that's how people lose games. Everyone plans the combo to kill a target, the damage needed but a good assassin player will also plan their escape path. And if there's none be sure you are making a WORTH 1v1 trade (example at 40 mins usually trading your life for the enemy adc is worth, which most of the time the same example is not worth at 15 mins.)

Tips and Combos Back to Top

  • Try to use your leblancw.png to hit minions aswell as the enemy champion. If you succed you can go use your leblancw.png again to go back to the original location and throw your leblancq.png into a marked minion and it will bounce to the enemy champion aswell. This is the safest harrass tool.
  • Use your autoattacks. A lot of people forget that autos deals a bit of damage. Also you will build 3145.png and or 3100.png so autos will become an even more important part of your combo.
  • Your leblance.png is pretty good for setting up ganks. In some cases for if you need your target to stand still for a longer time you can use your leblancr.png to copy your leblance.png making it a 'Double Chain.
  • leblancw.png is a usefull tool to juke people and also a good escaping tool. Coping it with your leblancr.png will make you cover even more space. Be carefull your leblancw.png is a low damage spell so mimic it with your leblancr.png ONLY if you need to cover space not for damage.
  • leblancr.pngleblancr.png is a nice cheese and can be lead to some cool plays. Use it behind enemys that are low hp and escaping from your teammates to try to scare them to turn back and die. Also while you are roaming you can use it under your tower mid to pretend you are still there.
  • leblance.png will self proc the passive, so if you hit a target and you are able to snare stick to hit and trigger the snare you will do massive damage just with one leblance.png
  • Mimic your leblance.png will deal more damage than mimic your leblancq.png so it's a good idea if you are sure the target cannot escape and you need as much damage as possible to 'double chain' him.
An Example of a combo could be 
  1. leblancw.png to cover space
  2. 3146.png eventually
  3. leblance.png to lock him 
  4. leblancq.png well.. damage
  5. leblancr.pngleblancq.png or leblancr.pngleblance.png the first for more quick burst, the second is for more damage if you manage to close the chain.
  6. Autoattack
  7. leblancw.png Back
If you can hit a combo like that your target should be 100% dead (if he's not a tank ofc) unless you are really far behind. 

Leblanc Pros & Cons Back to Top


  • Fun to play
  • Can carry games on her own if played correctly
  • High mobility
  • Great waveclear (with some ap) 
  • Good Early/Midgame
  • Great gank setup for your jungler


  • Hard to play 
  • Useless if behind 
  • Bad Lategame
  • Can cost you games if you try too hard to make plays
  • Subpar teamfighting  

Do not play Leblanc if

  • You have anxiety to perform (you need to keep calm in fights and while performing combos in order to succed and to make right calls)
  • You can't hit skillshot to save your life (you REALLY need to be able to hit those Es)
  • You are not willing to take some hits and learn step by step. Leblanc may seem and easy champion but she's not and as i said there will be some games where you will feel totally USELESS.

Change Log (Currently patch 7.17) Back to Top

Some minirework going on on the pbe. Nothing confirmed at the moment. 

Patch 7.16

Nerf to lb waveclear, pretty annoying nerf especially early on.

About me & My other guides Back to Top

I started to play lol early in the days (half of the season 1), finished bronze (s1) gold (s2) diamond (every other season) i didn't really try to get higher since i think it would require me too much time.

I like to create guides and contents so expect some other guides coming soon, i don't have any stream or social media.
 Thanks for readying 

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