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7 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

There is really not much to say about the Summoner's for LeBlanc, honestly I think that there is just one possible pick: flash/ignite, always, 100% of your games.

The point is: you need kills with LeBlanc more then any other champion and ignite is of course the better summoner to help you getting them.

If you are really confident you can take ignite and something else but I don't see any reason to not pick flash which is an important escape, especially when yout cdr is not capped yet.

There are specific situations in which you may choose to pick 1.png, for example if you're against a heavy cc based composition (like 127.png 113.png 25.png) or if you're against a squishy but annoying champ like 99.png. In any other situation, gor for 14.png.

New Runes Back to Top


So this rune page is in my opinion one of the best, even though there are some runes that you can change depending on the matchup or your personal preference:

-Electrocute.png?width=64and Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 are both core, and I think it's obvious why: they help you with trades and all-ins especially in the lane phase;
-Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 and Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 are kinda subjective, the first one gives a bit more ap which is always useful and the second one gives you a little bit of sustain in the late game which is very important if you're going to splitpush, but you can also take Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32.

For the secondary runes I used to pick the classic Triumph.png?width=32+Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 from the Precision tree but after the changes to the bonus stats I'd rather choose The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32+Transcendence.png?width=32 from the Sorcery skill tree. I also think that Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 is a really good option to replace The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 against ap champions such as Katarina or Diana.
I will explain in the build section why I always pick the 10% cdr at level 10 rune.


I've tried this page more than once, especially when the new runes have been released.
I'd reccomend to use this page EXCLUSIVELY in an easy matchup, and only if you're an experienced LeBlanc player and want to have some fun (or in normal games).

I honestly think that this page works and it's farm from being a "troll" one (I'll start from the bottom):

-Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 is extremely fun, I used to use the 5% mastery when the new runes system didn't came out yet, and I can totally say that you can feel the difference between 40% and 45% LeBlanc;
-Futures%20Market.png?width=32 I would not define this one as a cheat, but it's relatively close to be so, let me explain: LeBlanc must get kills and snowball the game in order to be effective, and having some ap or cdr before you normally could will possibly allow you to get more kills earlier.
Basically, it increases your kill potential and your feed potential, and as LeBlanc is one of the champion that needs to get fed the most, this rune just works better for her than anyone else in my opinion;
-Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 this can lead to interesting plays, but the main reason you want to take this one is that you don't take any advantage from Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 or Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32;
-Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=64 and here we are, the Unsealed Spellbook... this is another rune that works very well with LeBlanc if you ask me. With 45% cdr your leblancw.png cooldown is so low that 4.png becomes kinda useless; plus, if you succesfully get fed, you won't need your 14.png anymore (unless you're against self-healing champions like 50.png). I'm not saying that those summoners are totally useless in the mid-late game, but they become less and less performant as the game goes on, and there are other options that would be better, such as 12.png if you want to split pus, 3.png for adc or even 11.png to help you getting objectives.
Not to mention you get an additional 15% cdr on your summoners and 22 AP (from the Sorcery tree) which is actually the highest value among all the possible combinations.

For the secondary tree, I'd highly reccomand taking Sorcery in order to get the 10% cdr at level 10 from Transcendence.png?width=32; and as in the other page, you can choose between The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 and Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 depending on the mid matchup.

Abilities Back to Top



LeBlanc's abilities are very simple if taken one by one, but what makes her kit unique is the high number of combos and interactions you can invent and of course the variety of plays and outplays you can pull out.
I'll shortly explain how the single abilities work and at the bottom of this guide I'll talk about the combos and the interacions I've just mentioned.

leblancpassive.png Passive - Sigil of Malice: THIS is what the biggest part of LB damage relies on; it used to be a passive skil on her Q before the assassins rework, but riot decided that it was overpowered so they moved it into the actual passive skill slot with a 1,5 seconds delay before becoming effective.

It is a very simple mechanic: whenever you hit an enemy (minions, champions and monsters in the jungle), it wil instantly get marked with the Sigile of malice, and will stay marked for 4 seconds; after 1,5 seconds the mark will activate (you can easily see a ring around the target, plus you will hear a sound effect when the mark is activated) and from there, you can hit the marked target with any other ability to detonate the Sigil and deal a great damage.

Other details:
-multiple target can be marked at the same time;
-after a mark has been detonated, you will not be able to mark the same target again in the next 5 seconds: notice that even minions are affected by the 5 seconds cd even if it's not actually displayed, which I find annoying;
-this passive actually works with every skill, including the second hit of the chain, so the chain alone will proc the passive.

leblancq.png Q - Shatter Orb: this is the most basic skill in the kit, it's simply a target skill that deals damage, that's it.
Well there is in fact a unique application for this ability: it bounces between marked targets, and this is the reason you want to max this ability before the chain, which would have less cd and deal more damage.
It's similar to the Ryze waveclear mechanic: you mark many target with your other abilities, and then throw your Q which will damage all the marked targets.

Just a few clarifications:
-the Orb bounces only between targets with an active mark (so after 1,5 seconds from the first ability hit);
-the Orb deals more damage to the first unit it hits, which is of course the one you cast your Q on;
-marked targets has to be close to each other but not from LeBlanc, so if you throw your Q to a marked target with others around and then go away, the Orb will keep bounching;
-the mark must be there while the Orb is bounching and NOT when it's initially thrown in order to bounch to the next target, which means:
    -if the Orb is bouncing and it's going to hit a target but the mark disappears in that moment, the Orb will actually land but it won't go any further;
    -in the opposite case, meaning that the Orb is bounching and meanwhile other marks become active, the Orb will bounce on them too;
-finally, if the target you cast the Orb on has a mark which gets activable while the Orb's Animation is going on, it will be succesfully detoned WHICH MEANS that the perfect timing to throw your Q is right before the switch between non-active and active mark (sound helps a lot here in my opinion).

Of course it can either apply the passive or detonate the mark.

leblancw.png W - Distortion: this is by far my favourite ability in the kit, and it is a unique ability in the whole game; it is a dash (NOT a teleport, so you'll get stuck on the Veigar's cage for example) with 3 effects:
-a tiny bit of AOE damage (used to be a very high damage skill before the rework... sigh);
-marks every enemy it hits (or detonates the active marks which may be useful in rare situations);
-leaves a "platform" at the starting point, and this is what makes this ability unique: for the next 4 seconds, you will be able to teleport back to the spot where you initially used this ability (in this case, it IS a teleport).

A couple clarifications:
-there is a small delay between the moment you land after the dash and the moment you can actually teleport back: it was added in the assassins rework to prevent the instant "dash-go back" which wasn't a very counterable mechanic;
-it can be used to go through walls; plus, there is a max range but there isn't a minimum range, so you can also just dash on place (useful when you have to waveclear);

leblance.png E - Ethereal Chains: this is a skillshot cc, fairly simple: you just throw the chain and, if you hit a target, the chain will create a tether between LeBlanc and that target; if the target doesn't manage to break it by going out of range in the next 1,5 seconds, it will be rooted for 1,5 seconds. The weak spot of this ability is that it doesn't pass through the minions so you will not be able to hit your opponent if he stays behind them.

There isn't much more to say about this one, as the others abilities it can either mark a target, detonate an already activated mark or both: as I said before, the mark becomes active after 1,5 seconds, which is the same amount of time needed to root the target, which means that from the first to the second hit there are exactly 1,5 seconds, making possible to mark a target and detonate the Sigil with the same Chain.

leblancr.png R - Mimic: another unique ability in LoL, it makes LeBlanc... well, LeBlanc, making her the only champion in the game able to recombine her abilities as she wants everytime.
As the name says, LB's R allows you to copy one of the other abilities (Q, W or E), with a couple differences:
-the copied abilities deal way more damage then the normal ones;
-when a copied ability is casted, LeBlanc will also create a clone of herself which casts the same ability at the same time and then stays around for a bit more.
-copied abilities have NO EFFECT, they don't damage and they don't cc, they're just useful to confuse your enemies; even though, for some reason (I think it's a bug but I don't know), the clone's aas actually deal damage;

I'm explaining now a couple misconseptions and tricks with just this part of LB's ultimate:
1)the clone generated by this ability is actually controllable (I've tested myself) in the same way the clone in the old passive was (by holding ALT while right-clicking), but it least for a so short period of time that any movement you do is almost completely insignificant;
2)a trick I always use and it's effective most of the times from what I've seen, is to walk to your opponent and eventually behind him (basically walking to his side of the map); in this way the clone will stay still in the spot you casted your ability while the true LeBlanc moves; the fact that the real LB is moving in an unconvenient direction will make your opponent think it is the clone, and he will most likely hit the not-moving LeBlanc, which is the clone.
As you may guess, this trick is not 100% effective and it works better with a R-Q or R-E, which are by the way the skills you're going to Mimic nearly everytime in a 1 v 1 scenario, so I would definitely reccomend to try this out.

Now lets take a look closer at each of the possible skills with LeBlanc's ultimate!

leblancr.pngleblancr.png R+R: this mechanic was introduced with the rework, and I think it's a really cool one, but definitely improvable.
So what happens when you "copy" your ultimate? You generate a LeBlanc clone which walk in direction of the nearest visible enemy and cast a copy of the last ability you used (therefore it's advisable to cast a W because that's the one you usually use to engage a fight)... oh, did I mention it's a global ability? Exactly, you can spawn a clone WHEREVER you want in the map! So, how to take advantage from this? (If you have this doubt, the R+R mechanic and the actual ultimate have differents and separated cds; this one has a much longer one. Even though, you can't cast it if your actual ultimate is in recharge);

-first of all, what I call "T.S.B." or "The Summoners Bait": you just simulate a gank by spawning a clone in the river or in the tribush, and then wait to see if an enemy gets so scared to instantly pop his flash or something else;
-the "I'm dead, I'll just stop escaping": this is another bait; to perform this, you need to spawn the clone right in the way of a running enemy: if you're lucky enough, he will stop running and eventually your teammates will reach and kill him;
-the "Lul LeBlanc out of position, punish her": guess what? This is definitely another bait, similar to the first one, but you want to take off important skills such as heavy cc ultimate or stuffs like this;
-the "Omg LeBlanc is chasing me, I must run... I swear she was on the other side": a kill bait, very effective when you're fed (which you should always be); you have to see a target you can easily kill, and while you're going to take him you spawn a clone on the opposite side of your opponent and hope he starts running right where you're coming from, and then kill him;

The general rule for all the above baits is that they need to be plausible, for example it's very hard to believe that LeBlanc is coming to kill you along with your minion wave from behing your turret, while it's possible that she's trying to reach you from the river.

And the last thing you can do with the clone is vision. In fact, the clone gives vision until it disappears, so you can spawn it in the dragon or baron pit to see if your enemies are trying to take those objectives.

The greatest problem is that this clone is not conrollable, and odd things such as instant disappearing or random walking around the map can happen, so be aware of that.

leblancr.pngleblancq.png R+Q: not much to say, it's just a powerful version of your Q, and acts the same.
When to use it?
-you need a more powerful waveclear: you can go for a W-wait-R+Q on the minions instead of the classic W-wait-Q;
-you need more burst: so what many people don't know is that Q deals more damage then E because you're maxing it, but at any given level post 6 R+E deals more damage then R+Q, so you want to go for this one only if you need a faster damage (or burst), for example you're fed and have to face an adc with lifesteal.

leblancr.pngleblancw.png R+W: it used to be a massive AOE damage combo, but now it's totally useless in a fight. There are anyway a couple situations when it's good to use this combo, so...
...when to use it?
-double dash, it's still there even if it doesn't deal a great damage; you can use it to escape or to reach a far opponent you know you can kill even without a double Q or double E;
-massive waveclear: this is one of the funniest things to do! If you will have to clear a massive wave of minions you will not be able to hit all of them with a single W, but you can with a W and then a R+W! Then you just wait for the marks ,throw your Q to a minion, watch and relax.

leblancr.pngleblance.png R+E: this is what you'r going to use roughly 60-70% of the times; as I said before this is the Mimic you want to use in order to get the maximum damage output in a 1 v 1 as it deals more damage then the R+Q, not a lot, but still more.
Plus you pull out a cc which is almost as long as a Morgana's Q, you just need to have a good timing. You have to throw the second chain right before the first cc starts; if you're not sure that you will manage to hit a second skillshot on a still moving target, you can wait until it's rooted, but by doing this you will let him a small window to escape.
When to use it?
-everytime you don't take advantage either from a R+Q or a R+W, you can use it to land a powerful cc or you can hit 2 different enemies and root them both;
-if you're taking blue buff by your own.

Final thoughts on the ultimate:

-it's not a long cd one, so don't be afraid to use it, especially in mid-late game: you can use it to clear a jungle camp (you should be able to clear raptors pretty early in the game by using R+Q instead of just Q), or you can use it to have a more powerful trade in the lane and scare your opponent and many other situations.
-invent! You can really combine LeBlanc's abilities in many different ways, you can cast your ultimate early to distract your opponent at the beginning of a 1 v 1, or you can use it in the end to bait his ignite for example; you can walk with the fake LeBlanc from R+R and engage with R+W and drive the enemy crazy... you understand what I'm talking about? Be creative!
-if you can, don't be monotone: don't do always the same bait with R+R, don't do always the same combo, don't move always in the same direction, otherwise your opponent will understand you, and you don't want that to happen.


As you can see, the max order is always the same: leblancq.png->leblancw.png->leblance.png and leblancr.png whenever possible.
The reason is kinda intuitive:
-maxing your Q allows you to have more constant damage as it has the shortest cd among the abilities; plus, it grants a smoother waveclear;
-maxing your W right after is important because of the cd reduction as LeBlanc relies a lot on her mobility to keep moving in the map and taking kills;

The thing that may change is the order you unlock your skills; you can see I put Q at lv. 1, W at lv. 2 and then E at lv. 3: the advantage of this specific order is that you can go for a trade more easily at level 2, but there are other possibilities:
-E-->W-->Q OR E-->Q-->W: there are 2 reasons to pick E at level 1, the first is an invade, the second is that you're laning against a melee champion who will need to get closer in order to farm, making possible to succesfully land a chain at level 1. You can then pick W to go for a W-E combo, or Q to go for E-Q;

-W-->Q-->E or W-->E-->Q: honestly I don't see many scenarios when this start could be useful, but if you're against a dangerous level 2 gank jungler such as Shaco or Twitch, you may want to have a way out beside your flash.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I'd say this start is the one you want to go for at least 90% of the games. As a LeBlanc you must snowball if you want to have a strong impact on the game, and you need the Dark Seal: the sooner the better.
    This is the alternative start, I wouldn't reccomend to use it unless you're against a tough level 1-3 matchup (very rare).

Core Items

    The only choice.
    This is your first item, no matter what, you must complete this even before the Mejai. It gives mana and CDR which is the most important stat on LeBlanc; plus, it helps you with the waveclear and the kills.
    This is the oneshot core, where your annihilation power resides. You want to get these 2 guys in every single game: if you're going well and you're confident you can go for a early Mejai, otherwise keep the Dark Seal and try to stack it while you go for Rabadon's.

Situational Items

    You will need to build one of these items in order to get to 40% CDR. -Lich Bane if you're going to split push or you just want more burst potential; -Zhonya's of course against AD compositions or against specific champions such as Zed or Khartus; -Banshee's against AP compositions. If it is necessary you can also build more then one of these, the CDR in advance will be converted in AP thanks to the rune.
    The last item in your build should be the Void Staff, but if you're against champions like Vladimir, Akali or Swain you can go for the Morello instead.

Here it is some example of what a full build should look like:

3285.png3041.png3089.png3157.png3135.png3020.png against a Zed or other champions counterable with Zhonya's;

3285.png3041.png3089.png3102.png3165.png3020.png against AP/Heal champions.

It is important to get to 40% CDR, and you will be able to reach it thanks to Transcendence.png?width=32; without this rune, you would only have 20% until you have to build your 4th or 5th item.

I also want to share a slightly different version of the build I used to use before the items change, that should still work as they didn't change the core items in it:

3146.png3100.png3285.png3157.png(3102.png)3135.png3020.png:core items are Hextech Gunblade and Lich Bane, this is a nice sustain/splitpush build rather then a pure assassin one, but it's pretty fun to play.
Of course before the items change I used to build the Morello, but now Luden's is what LB needs.

The build path is particular:
3145.png-->3285.png-->3100.png-->3146.png and then Zhonya/Banshee and Void Staff.

Honestly I don't think this build is as good as the first one, but you should definitely give it a shot. It might be a good option in the rare case you're 100% sure you can't snowball and think you'd be more useful by split pushing.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Corki
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  • Vel'Koz
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  • Ziggs
  • Zoe




Skill mathcup:
-key is sidestepping, both her ahriorbofdeception.png when she tries to poke you and her ahriseduce.png after you engage her with leblancw.png;
-go for a secure double cc: hit the second chain after the first cc is started to prevent her from dodging it with her ahritumble.png.




This is an easy to hard matchup during the game:
-hit your leblance.png before she gets into her akalismokebomb.png;
-after level 6, wait for her to ulti and then thrown your Chain as her akalishadowdance.png will take her behind you.




Would be easy if it wasn't for her Passive:
-engage her after she used her flashfrost.png;
-at level 6 there's nothing much you can do to counter her waveclear, so try to roam a lot and get kills from the other lanes.




Easy matchup in the lane phase:
-engage her when her stun isn't up;
-at level 6 try to dodge infernalguardian.png by going back to your leblancw.png, or by engaging her when you feel she's going to stun you (or flash-stun);
-you have better roaming, so if you're struggling against her, just try to kill the guys in the other lanes.


Aurelion Sol


I think LeBlanc counters very well Aurelion Sol:
-engage him when he's low on mana;
-go behind him after your leblancw.png to dodge his aurelionsolq.png;
-farm him.




Frustrating matchup, not impossible though:
-engage him after he used his azirqwrapper.png;
-after level 6 if you manage to dodge his azirr.png by teleporting back to your leblancw.png you should winat least that trade.




Easy matchup:
-dodge his brandw.png with your leblancw.png and then sidestep to avoid his stun combo;
-after level 6, try to go as far as you can from the minions when you go for a kill to prevent his brandr.png to bounce more than once.




Skill matchup, the one who makes the first move wins:
-engage her when she tries to cassiopeiaq.png you and get out of her cassiopeiaw.png;
-at level 6, just turn everytime you use a spell to prevent her cassiopeiar.png to stun you.








Medium matchup:
-you need to dodge his phosphorusbomb.png and most part of his ggun.png by dashing to him and then go back;
-don't engage him when he has his package, and try to push when he ganks to use it (or gank the lane he's not into).




LeBlanc counterpick:
-pre6 you can go aggressive and try to hit her as hard as you can once her dianaorbs.png is gone;
-after level 6 you will be able to kill her only if you're fed; otherwise, look for other targets.




Pretty much a skill matchup:
-he will most likely engage you, so just go for the combo E-W-Q (better explained in the combos section);
-don't stay on his trail to avoid his ekkor.png, and remember that your Chains will still root him even if he goes back in time.




Skill matchup in his favour:
-go for a E-W-Q combo (better explained in the combos section) whenever he egnages you;
-he will still get rooted and damaged by your chains even if he goes untargettable with his fizze.png;
-Zhonya is better than Banshee's.




It's hard to kill him, not to play against him:
-the only way to get a solo kill is by heavy outplaying him in every single trade, and eventually all-in him at 6 if he's below 50% hp;
-build mr to avoid his poke.




Squishy static champion:
-build a bit of mmr and go aggressive;
-try to hit both him and his turrets with a single leblancw.png, so you can destroy them and poke him with one leblancq.png.




Skill matchup:
-stay behind minions to prevent him to do his range combo;
-if he engages you with jaycetotheskies.png, you can actually avoid the damage by dashing away;
-don't go for early trades unless he wasted his jaycetotheskies.png.




A stronger version of LeBlanc in trades:
-engage her after she used herkarmaq.png and try to start from a strategic position, so that she won't be able to follow up her root after you teleported back to your leblancw.png;
-you have better roaming, so gank a lot.




Static champion, should be easy:
-dodge his karthuslaywastea1.pngs on the first levels, from level 3-4 you can take the upper hand;
-go back right after your leblancw.png to avoid the damage from karthusdefile.png;
-all in and farm him;
-Zhonya's is better than Banshee's.




It's more of an easy matchup to be fair:
-engage him after his shield from nulllance.png is gone;
-after 6, if he jumps on you and he's below roughly 75% of his hp, just double chain him and you're good to go.




Assassin v assassin skill matchup, both of you should be roaming a lot:
-stay away from the daggers on the ground, and remember that when she throws her katarinaq.png, the daggaer will land exactly on the opposite side of the target (by the point she was when she throwed the Q);
-you can't stop her katarinar.png, so just dash away.




This is my counterpick to LeBlanc, as Lissandra is an assassin counter:
-so the best thing you can do is ignore your lane, go to take a piece of wood and write on it "Welcome to hell!", and put it in the mid lane :D
-now seriously, don't engage her unless your jungler is close, because she's going to lissandraw.png and lissandraq.png you;
-roam a lot.




Squishy static champion, LeBlanc's favourites:
-dodge her luxlightstrikekugel.png by dashing, and then remember to sidestep to avoid her luxlightbinding.png;
-farm her.




This is not an impossible matchup as many may think:
-engage him with leblancw.png even if his shield is up, because you will remove it AND still mark him;
-try to hit both him and his malzaharw.png to kill them and poke him at the same time;
-be careful when he hits level 6, you should build mr and roam.




This may be one of your ban as a LeBlanc player:
-she's created to be frustrating, and she won't allow you to get any kill unless she's very very bad;
-you have better roaming, so gank a lot.




Skill matchup slightly in her favour:
-engage her when she tries to hit her orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png combo: maybe you won't dodge both, but at least you're going to dodge the W;
-keep track of the Ball position, especially after level 6: if she puts the Ball on your leblancw.png returning spot, then continue the trade at a close range, if she tries to hit you directly, just go back.




Easy-medium matchup:
-when you go for a trade, instantly go back to your leblancw.png and you'll get rooted on the returning place and not in front of him, so he won't be able to follow up with his other abilities and he won't trigger his shield;
-his ryzer.png doesn't do much in a 1 v 1 scenario, so try to kill him as soon as you have your ultimate unlocked.




It's not a hard matchup cause you can do pretty well, but you need to be smarter than her:
-her syndrae.png has a shorter cd then your leblancw.png, so you have to bait it out somehow;
-Zhonya's is better than Banshee's.




Static squishy champion:
-go aggressive;
-as always, if she places her combo on you jsut go back to your leblancw.png, if she tries to predict you and she places the combo on your returning spot, just stay where you are.




Skill matchup:
-stay passive on the first levels as he's stronger;
-level 4-5 you should go aggressive;
-after level 6 wait for his engage, and go for a E-W away-RE-Q combo (explained better in the combos section).


Twisted Fate


Easy one:
-engage him everytime you can after he used his pickacard.png;
-after level 6 he has better gank potential with his destiny.png, so you can either push your lane or try to gank the lane he's not into.




Easy matchup:
-go aggressive and farm him;
-as many others AOE abilities, if he tries to trap you where you are, just go back; if he cages your returning spot, stay where you are.




Easy-medium, can be very annoying:
-go aggressive;
-dodge his combo either by staying where you are or by going back to your leblancw.png (depending on what he does).




Medium-hard one:
-engage him only when his viktorpowertransfer.png is on cd;
-if you manage to kill him beore level 6, you can try to go for another couple kills, otherwise just roam a lot.




Easy-medium matchup:
-stay away when his passive is up;
-bait his vladimirsanguinepool.png, and then go on with the trade;
-build Morello even before Rabadon's if you get fed.




One of the easier if you ask me, is similar to Lux:
-go aggressive, and whenever you engage him remember to sidestep his xerathmagespear.png;
-farm him.




"Skill" matchup in his favour because of his overpowered tools;
-the hard part is to hit your leblance.png because he moves a lot;
-if you succesfully hit your Chain, remember to wait for his yasuowmovingwall.png before going on with the trade: leblancw.png left or right and hit him to complete your combo.
-going on with the game, he just becomes stronger, so you'll need to kill someone else (roam).




Skill matchup:
-the trick to dodge his combo is to walk in a direction, and when he throws his shadow switch it to dodge zedq.png;
-at level 6, don't waste your leblancw.png; instead, use it to go away when he zedr.png you, and go for a double chain combo.




Easy but annoying:
-he's squishy so youhave to go aggressive and farm him;
-stay away when you're not lasthitting or trading;
-as always, look where he puts his ziggse.png and ziggsw.png and decide if it is wise to go back to your leblancw.png or not.




I haven't tested this a lot, but it should be an easy-medium:
-when you engage her, sidestep her zoee.png (and be careful not to teleport back into it);
-kill her, and remember that when she uses zoer.png she always returns to the starting point.

Early Game Back to Top

As I also said before, as LeBlanc you MUST snowball the game, otherwise everyone will outscale you later on.
You should always get at least 1 kill against your opponent in the mid lane and start stacking your 1082.png as soon as possible.
There are a couple ways you can reach your objective:
1)in easy matchups you should always try to farm your opponent;
2)in matchups where you can take a kill or 2 but can't actually farm your opponent, you have to roam around the map and get kills either from ganking the other lanes and partecipating in river/jungler skirmishes.

It is important not to die while you're stacking the 1082.png, but you won't receive a huge punishement if that happens, so you can also risk a play if you're not managing to get ahead easily; once you have your 3041.png (usually you should have 8-10 stacks already) you will need to be more careful or you're going to lose lots of stacks.

LeBlanc is one of the few champions that actually needs kills more than farm, so if you have to choose between a winning trade and a couple cs, go for the trade. Nevertheless, the more you farm the more gold you get, so try to take both cs and kills.

Always keep an eye on the minimap to spot eventual fights between the junglers: those are good opportunities to get stacks.

Once you get to level 6, you can decide to go for an all in on your opponent in mid lane or try to gank the bot lane, which shouldn't be at level 6 yet.

Mid Game Back to Top

This is the point in the game where LeBlanc shines if she got ahead in the lane phase.
You want to complete 3285.png and 3041.png and keep stacking it. You will need to roam a lot in order to get kills from every single enemy to get the maximum effect out of Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32/Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32.
In the mid game LeBlanc is a lot better in taking kills rather than push, so the best thing you can do is helping other lanes to kill the enemy champions and then push together to get a tower.
You can also put some ward in the enemy jungle to spot the jungler and eventually kill him.

This is basically what you want to do throughout the mid game: take kills, stack the Mejai, get fed and don't die.
If you manage to get a high amount of stacks and you build the Rabadon's, you will have an insane amount of damage at this point.

Also, many people tend to underestimate LeBlanc and go for 1 v 1s thinking they have a chance to win them... well, they don't, just jump on them and shot them.

Late Game Back to Top

If you're fed you can have an important impact even in the late game: stay with your team, try to spot and kill out of position enemies and focus the squishy targets.

If you didn't get fed in the mid game, you have just a few choices in the late game:
1)if you're not fed but you're still quite ahead, you can play more passively, stay behind when a teamfight starts and go in once important abilities have been used and you can easily kill 1 or 2 important enemies: the keys here are timing and being patient.
2)if the game didn't went well, you can go for a split push late game: if you know you're not able to do much in a teamfight (it may happen if the adc is Vayne for example, or there is a tanky mid such as Galio), the best thing you can do is putting pressure on a side lane, making enemies waste time and eventually taking towers/inhibitors.

And that's it, in the late game either you're fed or you're not fed, and you have to decide whether to stay with your team and try to kill an important target, or get away from your team aiming for objectives.

Combos and Interactions Back to Top

In this section I'll explain you some of the combos you can pull out with LeBlanc, NOT all of them, mainly because there are many combos you can do that are just variations of the same one, so I will just talk about the ones I retain to be the most important ones.


These combos do not include leblancr.png, as they're thought to be performed before level 6:

-leblancw.png-->leblancq.png or leblancw.png-->aa-->leblancq.png:very easy level 2 combo, you mark your enemy with W, wait for the Sigil to activate and follow with a Q; the aa version is the one you want to train with, because LeBlanc's Passive DOES NOT count for the Electrocute.png?width=32, and in order to pop it you will need to hit your enemy with a W, a Q and and an aa.

It is always good to throw an aa while the Sigil is activating, even when Electrocute is on cd, but if you're scared you might lose the trade because of this, just go for the W-Q combo.

Remember that you will deal more damage if you cast the Q on the enemy champion, but you can also throw it to a minion and let it bounce on your opponent.

-leblancw.png-->leblance.png-->leblancw.png-->leblancq.png:this one is very effective against melee champions; you need to dash on the enemy champion and immediately follow up with your Chain, then go back to your W so that your enemy won't be able to counterattack, and then Q to complete the combo and pop Electrocute.png?width=32;

If you're against a champion with AOE skills (for example Brand or Ziggs), you have to decide if it is the case to teleport back or just stay where you are and complete the trade without going back to your W in order to avoid those abilities.

-leblance.png-->leblancw.png away-->aa-->leblancq.png:you can use this combo against aggressive engage champions like Talon or Fizz; after they have engaged you, throw your Chain and go away with your W in order to avoid their attacks or abilities (for instance Talon's Q); once they're rooted, go for aa-->Q to proc Electrocute.png?width=32.

Plus, you can go back to your W to get closer while they're walking back, and hit them with a couple more aas.

Of course you can recombine this combos based on the situation you're into, but I think those 3 are the main combos before you hit level 6.

All-in and 1 v 1 scenarios

These are devastating combos that will let you 1 v 1 almost every champion in the game, and instantly burst any squishy one:

-leblancw.png-->leblance.png-->(14.png)-->leblancr.pngleblance.png-->leblancq.png:this is the combo with THE highest damage output you can perform with LeBlanc; it is the one you want to go for when you're taking the first kills or when you're trying to defeat a tanky opponent or a high mobility one. As you can see, if you have ignite and you're sure you're taking the kill, use it right after your first Chain to maximize the damage without wasting it (it may happen that you use it and then miss your Chain).

So, high damage, high cc and high versatility, this combo is definitely one of the most important in any LeBlanc game.

Now there is a little question I've asked myself, and you might also be asking: is there any advantage in using the normal Chain first and the Mimic Chain after?

Well, the cc and the damage are the same, the only difference is the Clone: if you start with leblancr.pngleblance.png, it is possible that the Clone disappears before you get the kill, which in my opinion may also be LETHAL against champions like Zed, Talon or Lissandra.

On the other hand, spawning the Clone first may bait important skills at the start of the 1 v 1, so in conclusion you have to choose which one you want to throw first based on the bait potential of your Clone.

-leblancw.png-->leblance.png-->leblancq.png-->leblancr.pngleblancq.png:while tre previous combo was the highest damage output one, this is the highest burst one as you will deal a very high amount of damage in just 1,5 seconds, and if you're very very fed, you may kill a squishy target even before the Passive triggers.

It's kinda self-explanatory I'd say, you jump on your target, hit the Chain and then follow with a double Q.

You don't actually need to hit your W, you can just use it to close the gap and enter in leblance.png range; as the other combo, you can throw your Mimic Q before the normal Q, but in this case the difference is much smaller as they're both instant.

And this is it, of course as I said at the beginning you can pull out different versions of these combos, by putting the Q at the start for example, but these 2 are the most used (and efficient) ones in my opinion.

Other combos

These are situational combos which you might need to use, especially when you're already fed:

-leblancw.png-->leblancr.pngleblancw.png-->leblance.png-->aa-->leblancq.png:very similar to a standard trade combo, but with a double dash in the beginning, meaning you can arrive from a long distance without getting spotted; if you're fed, you should be able to kill a squishy target even without your ultimate (as you used it to close the gap);

In this case it's honestly irrelevant whether you start with W or R+W as the true LeBlanc will of course be the one casting the other abilities.

-leblance.png-->leblancw.png-->leblancr.pngleblance.png-->leblancq.png:this is a situational chasing combo; as you know, if the target get out the Chain range before 1,5 seconds, you won't be able to root him. So if you know he has an escape ability or his flash up, and possibly your team is following, you can prevent him from escaping by using W in his direction, and then keep rooting him with R+E.

This is especially useful when you're chasing down a tanky target and you need to stop him to allow your team to reach him.

There are many more combos you can pull out, as I said earlier in this guide, you need to be creative when you're playing LeBlanc: always remember that you don't need to cast 2 identical abilities when you use your R (like the old LeBlanc), but you can cast any of them at any time.

You have another Clone to use with R+R for example, which I haven't included in this section because there aren't predefined combos with it, you just have to be smart enough to make it work.

These I wrote up here are just "guidelines" you can follow in order to have a pool of effective combos, but you can recombine them everytime you go for a kill or for a trade, so just have fun with this kit because it is one of the few (maybe the only one) this versatile.

Pros and Cons of LeBlanc Back to Top


-extremely fun to play;

-very versatile, so she doesn't get boring voer time;

-can pull out satisfying plays and outplays;

-she's the master of baiting;

-she says "For my next trick I'll make their life bar disappear.", and she actually does so.


-can be frustrating to play if you don't get ahead;

-a single mistake can ruin your game, especially when you have the Mejai;

-hard to master (which might be another Pro for someone).

Patch notes, bugs & about me Back to Top


Here i will discuss the effects of the future patches on LeBlanc!


-leblancr.png clone's autoattacks deal damage;

-leblancr.pngleblancr.png just doesn't work properly, sometimes it isntantly disappears, sometimes it goes in the wrong direction: make this clone controllable!

-I wrote notes on every matchup, but for some reason they didn't get saved :( So I wrote them again but they're not as complete as before, so I will improve that section as I find every matchup in my games.


Hi, I'm Glesion!

I've been playing LoL for about 3 years, mainly for fun (I've never really tryharded to get to a high elo), and in the last 2 I've been a LeBlanc main.

I play (and have played) many champions but I honestly think LeBlanc is the only one I actually mastered, I've always got a good wr with her (55-60%) even when her global wr was at a tragic level (less then 44%).

I'm not a pro player for sure, but I think I said something correct in this guide so if you want to start playing LeBlanc and you're curious about all the details about her and all the tricks you can do, you should definitely check this guide out!

If you have any question just write them in the comment section below and I'll gladly answer as best as I can, and if you enjoyed this guide, leave a like!

In any case, thank you for reading!

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