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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Standard Summoner Spells for the Jungle

4.png important because it enables a lot of your plays (details below)
11.pngdon't jungle without it, you will never secure an objective.

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute.png?width=32is basically the new thunderlords, just stronger. Boosts your damage during ganks and duels, all around good keystone. Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32is also an option, although I personally dislike this rune because it's much weaker early game, when Lee should be at his strongest.

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 for the same reasons as electrocute. Procs when you use blindmonkqone.png or blindmonkwone.png, giving you a damage boost during ganks.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 or Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 ? Personally I prefer eyeball collection because my personal playstyle is on snowballing the early and mid games, which the damage boost from eyeball collection helps with. Zombie ward isn't bad either though, since you as a jungler will be placing a lot of wards during the early / mid game.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 Better option than the other two, also helps you get around the map faster.

Triumph.png?width=32 + Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32  These two are almost always taken together on junglers, the healing from triumph and the damage boost from coup de grace is too good to pass up. They're relevant during the entire game, unlike a lot of options in the sorcery tree.

Abilities Back to Top

Basic skill explanations. 

Advanced Combos (Insec, etc) will be elaborated upon in "The Physics of Lee Sin" section.

For blindmonkqone.pngblindmonkwone.png, and blindmonkeone.png (every skill that has two activations), the first activation costs 50 energy and the second activation costs 30 energy. For range references, 81.png's ezrealmysticshot.png is 1150 range.

Screenshots are from



One of the big reasons you don't need to run attack speed items / runes on Lee Sin in the jungle. The attack speed helps a lot with clear speed while the energy restore helps with sustain. One of the more obvious tips with Lee Sin is to auto twice in between every skill. (Q-auto-auto-Q-auto-auto-W-auto-auto-W, etc). Obviously you don't always want to do this (ex. you're in a close duel and need to get off as much damage as possible in a short amount of time) but when you're clearing the jungle, it's the most efficient way of doing it. 



Lee Sin's signature skill. High base damage, alright scaling, good range, grants true sight, and its use as a gap closer make it one of my favorite skills in the game. Max this first for the increased base damage and reduced cooldown. The range from which you can cast Resonating Strike (1300) is longer than the range of Sonic Wave (1100), so you can cast Resonating Strike even if someone flashes after you hit them with Sonic Wave. Resonating Strike has the same base damage as Sonic Wave, but deals an additional 8% of a target's missing health. Essentially, casting Resonating Strike on a lower health target will do more damage than casting it on a high health target. This means that, if you can afford the time, it is better to not instantly double tap Q, but to cast Sonic Wave then use your other skills + auto attack to deal additional damage before casting Resonating Strike, so that the bonus % missing HP damage is higher.


bikboi, not even once.



Taking this at level 2 is better than taking blindmonkeone.png because the Shield + Lifesteal / Spell Vamp will keep you healthier than the extra damage from blindmonkeone.png. Although taking blindmonkeone.png at level 2 used to be okay when Cripple had an attack speed slow along with the current move speed slow, the attack speed slow was removed in patch 4.13, making blindmonkwone.png the clear-cut best ability to take at level 2. This skill is the reason why Lee Sin is so mobile, because it allows you to jump to allied wards, champions, and pet / units (full list below). You take a second point at level 8 because it doubles all the stats (40 -> 80 shield, 5% -> 10% lifesteal / spellvamp). You can then choose to max it second or max blindmonkeone.png after getting two points in blindmonkwone.png. If you're the tanky engager / peeler for your time, you might want to max it second because of the increased shield but if you're picking up a lot of kills, maxing blindmonkeone.png second might be better because of the increased damage. Although the cooldown is not reduced by putting additional points into it, the cooldown is halved if you dash and shield an allied champion. Can self-cast it quickly by pressing Alt-W. 

I also recommend you keep your 2049.png or 1408.png on your '2' key so you can slide your finger down from 2->W for a fast ward hop. 



This skill is pretty lackluster compared to what it used to be, after they removed the attack speed slow component in patch 4.13. You can choose to either max this second for damage if ahead and snowballing (after putting two points into blindmonkwone.png) or max it last (what I usually do). The range at which Cripple (500) can be cast is longer than Tempest's range (350), so you can slow someone even if they flash after you hit them with Tempest. Keep in mind that the slow decays over the duration. Least interesting skill in Lee Sin's kit, but you can use the move speed slow to kite jungle camps (explained later). The cooldown is not reduced by putting additional points into it. 

As of patch 7.1, Tempest no longer reveals invisible champions. I really really dislike this change as it goes against the thematic of being a "blind monk using his other senses" but whatever.



The only skill that costs no energy, Dragon's Rage is a physical damage nuke that, if the target is not instantly killed, will knock it back, causing additional enemies who collide with the kicked target to be knocked up and take damage. This can lead to fancy 5 man kicks if aimed right:

blindmonkrkick.png can be used as an engage, disengage (for things like kennenshurikenstorm.png), and an execute due to its high base damage. Very versatile skill.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Default Trinket

Core Items

    Swap our your warding trinket for sweeping trinket once you get your sightstone so that you can deny enemy vision / check to see if you were spotted while setting up for a gank. Upgrade to Oracle Alteration at level 9, it's free.
    Usually get it as your 2nd / 3rd item. (explained below)
    Get 2nd or 3rd if ahead. (Explained below)

Situational Items

    Balanced Build (Five other potential / common builds listed below)
    If you need to counter burst damage, it's generally preferable to go Stoneplate instead of Steraks now due to how strong the item is.
    Usually get Tabi or Mercs, depending on what you need.
    Neither Item is really optimal for jungle Lee Sin, but Titanic > Ravenous. (Explained Below)
    Only get hexdrinker -> malmortius if you are picking up a lot of kills and need the damage to carry late game. However, if you are the only tank, get either banshee or locket instead.
    Usually pick one if you need more magic resist besides Gargoyle Stoneplate. (Explained below)
    The lethality items are pretty good if you're snowballing but you have to be careful to close the game out otherwise you're going to fall off.
    Good 2 item combo as of 7.12 because the locket shield benefits from the gargoyle passive. Usually don't build both unless you're the main tank / initiator.



2031.png is better than getting three pots now, especially since I no longer run the biscuit mastery.

1412.png or 1400.png or 1408.png ?

Stalker helps with ganking, Skirmisher with dueling / invading, Tracker with early game vision control.

3711.png: Disregard everything I've said before about this item being bad. After 2049.png got nerfed (I think), I actually prefer this item on all my junglers, unless I get obscenely far ahead. And even when I'm ahead, if I back and get 3711.png + 1036.png or something, I can set up vision in the enemy jungle so I can keep track of them, which is really useful.

3711.png, not even once. (Video outdated, will keep for epik bantz x))

3715.png: I will sometimes go skirmisher because the smite effect is so good for dueling and ganking. Especially if the other jungler is tanky, like 79.png or 421.png, the skirmisher effect really helps in dueling them if you ever run into them in the jungle. The burn over time also does more damage than the one time burst of 3706.png, although you do have to auto to proc it.

3706.png: I will go stalker if my lanes are low in crowd control (if my top laner is Vladimir or something) so that I can more easily gank those lanes. It's also not bad when you're jungling vs squishier champions like 76.png or 121.png because it lets you burst them faster compared to the burn of 3715.png. Of course, 3715.png will always be better for straight up dueling. So if you're planning on invading more than ganking, 3715.png is good.

3071.png - ?

If you get ahead in the early game as 64.png, this will probably be your 2nd item after your 1408.png or 3rd after 3071.png. Even if you're not ahead early, it's usually a good idea to build it anyway because of how much 64.png benefits from the stats it gives. It gives you a nice amount of HP, AD, and CDR, all stats that Lee Sin benefits from heavily. In addition, the movespeed on hit passive helps you stick onto targets. Combined with the slow from your blindmonkeone.png (Cripple) and 3742.png, it's really hard for anyone to get away from you in the midgame. It also fits into every build because it provides you with extra utility in the late game, where 64.png usually falls off.


One of the strongest bruiser items in the game. For 64.png in particular, the movespeed helps you to make picks on overextending targets as the slow from the item + blindmonkeone.png (Cripple) makes it super easy for your team to follow up on a pick or for you to pick someone off yourself with the additional burst it gives you. 

I generally prefer to get 3742.png over 3143.png because of the movespeed + damage / slow on first auto which helps to lock down targets. However  3143.png  is good if the enemy AD is fed / there are multiple crit builders on the other team (23.png157.png)

If you're ahead early, you would get 3071.png before 3742.png, but if you're slightly behind and need to start building tanky, just build into 3742.png. The only times I would not get this as a 3rd / 4th item is when the other team has double AP and you need the magic resist ASAP.

3194.png or 3190.png or both ?

3190.png is the better pick up most of the time due to the health + magic resist on it being more valuable than just the magic resist from 3194.png. However, 3194.png is good if there's a fed dps mage like 163.png69.png, or 13.png. Usually don't get both 3194.png and 3190.png if you just want tank stats because 3193.png is the go-to anti-burst item now. However 3190.png and 3193.png have good synergy as of 7.12 because the 3190.png shield scales with bonus hp, which 3193.png's active gives.


This is a really good item now, especially now that it gives CDR. However, unless the enemy team is triple AP or something, I would refrain from getting this item even when snowballing, as I would rather have 1408.png + 3142.png + 3071.png (which caps your CR at 40%). However if the enemy team DOES have triple AP and you have a lot of your team's kills, I would swap out the 3142.png for 3156.png


Usually not bought because while it makes you tanky, it also reduces your damage, which makes 64.png even more irrelevant late game except for his peeling power with blindmonkrkick.png. However, if you are the main initiator / tank for your team, it's a great item because it makes you tankier the more enemies are nearby (which would be the case if you are initiating). It also works well with 3190.png because the bonus hp from the 3193.png active increases the 3190.png shield.

3111.png or 3047.png or 3117.png or 3009.png or 3158.png ?

3047.png or 3111.png most of the time. 

I actually don't like 3117.png that much because if I'm ahead enough that I think I can walk all over the map, I might as well just buy more tankiness / damage with the gold I would put into buying the 3117.png. Either way, I sell it late game for either 3111.png or 3047.png or 3009.png or just another item.

3158.png is an option if you feel confident and you know how to play around your cooldowns efficiently.

3142.png Is this good?

It's actually pretty good if built after your 1408.png  The cost was reduced and the lethality kind of scales into mid game. The out of combat movespeed also helps you get around the map faster which is really nice for ganking / counterjungling.

3814.png Not op anymore after nerfs

If you're fed and want magic resist just get 3156.png.

3142.png3147.png3814.png triple lethality

The out of combat movespeed you get from the three lethality items is actually insane. If you're snowballing super hard and you've almost maxed out your build, I highly recommend selling boots and just opting for triple lethality because you'll end up with 430+ movespeed if you also have deadman's plate. (Example build below)

3074.png or 3748.png ?

3077.png is a huge gold sink and, unlike someone like 421.png, you really don't need it to clear. You clear fast and healthy throughout the game even with just 1408.png and 3071.png as your damage items, making the 1200 gold item not worth buying over the aforementioned items. The only time in which you would actually buy 3077.png is if you back with over 1200 gold, you have an early lead, and your team has a tank elsewhere (probably top lane). If all three conditions aren't satisfied, I wouldn't get this item. Even when you're snowballing, I think 3142.png is a better item because the out of combat movespeed + the active are extremely potent in pressuring the map.

The completed items themselves aren't bad in a full build, although 3748.png is preferred, as it does more damage than 3074.png and makes you tankier. (The only aspects in which 3074.png is better than 3748.png is the higher AD on it for champs with AD scaling as well as the lifesteal. The 3748.png passive + active cone damage actually do more than 3074.png AoE + active, especially because 3748.png passive / active damage scale with your max HP). However, if you do decide to get a 3077.png early, you would save the upgrade for your last item slot as you simply cannot pass up on stats gained from actual tank items such as 3742.png and 3102.png.


Example Builds:


Full tank (Can swap 3190.png or 3143.png for 3194.png, depending on who on the other team is strong)


VS Double AP (Can Swap either 3194.png or 3190.png for 3156.png if you want more damage)


VS Triple AP Rofl


VS Heavy AD. 


Tanky, but still want damage. 

My favorite build for when I pick up a lot of kills because I can 1v1 most champions in the game, unless they're super tanky or super fed. Can swap the 3156.png for 3142.png if there is no significant AP threat on the other team.


You're snowballing really hard and you want to be able to lock down and one shot the enemy carries. No boots required build, as the lethality items + deadmans gives you insane movespeed even without boots.

Matchups Back to Top

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If you don't get your team ahead early by securing objectives and ganking lanes, Amumu will eventually outscale you and provide more utility with bandagetoss.png and curseofthesadmummy.png. He actually does a decent amount of damage once he gets a few items and can afford to stay in a fight longer. Unless you constantly invade him early, he will start to pick up speed as he clears much faster than you AND scales better with items due to his higher value as a tank. It's better to try to outgank him and get your lanes ahead instead of trying to keep him down by constantly invading him because at a certain point, he WILL have more utility than you just because of the nature of his curseofthesadmummy.png. It doesn't matter how behind he is because a curseofthesadmummy.png is a curseofthesadmummy.png. Early game, you should win any 2v2 unless your laners are super weak early like 75.png or 8.png so don't be afraid to gank, even if 32.png is in the area, unless you or your laner are low. However, you should still try to invade whenever you see the opportunity. 

He will probably try to secure his first blue at all costs, so invading him at his first buff can be risky if he has allies / wards in the area, making it better to invade him at his second buff. 

Mid and Late game, keep him away from your team at all costs. DO NOT try to kick him into your team when his team is nearby because that just gives him a free initiate.

If he manages to get a curseofthesadmummy.png on your team, do not kick him away (unless he's building AP because that shit hurts) because he has already used his initiate. Instead use blindmonkrkick.png on the people who follow up on the curseofthesadmummy.png because they will be the ones threatening your carries, not 32.png, who has already used his cooldowns.



She actually clears okay with attack speed and is decent because of how overtuned jungle camps are right now, but her camillew.pngonly does 50% damage to jungle camps so not the best.

Late game she can't really peel for your carries unless she ults whoever is diving them, but then she don't really have any real initiation tools besides the stun on camillee.png and the slow on camillew.png. Even if she is the initiator for your team, it's kind of hard to be effective if she's not building full tank because she don't have any defensive steroids outside of her camillepassive.png. As a jungler, she doesn't really have a clear role in the late game.

That being said, she has decent ganks with the range and cc on camillee.png and the slow from camillew.png and she also snowballs well if she builds a bit of damage, so be careful.




She has less pressure than you before level 6 because she needs her dianaR.png to efficiently gank. The only way she can gank pre-6 is to walk into a lane and use dianaE.png.

She has decent clear speed and stays relatively healthy due to her dianaW.png and dianapassive.png. That being said, she doesn't fall super behind if she loses blue buff because she can still clear relatively fast, although not stay as healthy. 

 Her late game is monstrous and her full combo and one shot squishy carries extremely quickly. She is also hard to peel as she will gain a reset on her dianaR.png if she lands her dianaQ.png

Playing against 131.png, you have several options, but all of them rely on your being able to acquire a lead and end the game before she scales into late game. If you choose to invade her, you need to keep in mind that she does a good amount of damage while being somewhat tanky so if you miss your blindmonkqone.png, it's best to just back off. If you aren't confident in invading her, it's also fine to just try to out pressure her with ganks or by contesting objectives. Unlike 64.png, she can't easily escape if you catch her out so if you are able to pick her off with your blindmonkrkick.png, she won't be able to get away without 4.png or by dianaR.pngto a jungle camp.

Keep in mind that when she uses dianaR.png at close range, she ends up BEHIND her target, so if you know that she has dianaR.pngavailable, it's a good idea to hold onto your blindmonkqone.png until after she uses it, so you don't risk missing it and losing the duel. 

If she dianaR.png onto a carry, kick her away as fast as you can, although if she landed her dianaQ.png, she will have another charge of dianaR.png and just re-engage. You can also interrupt her during her dianaR.png if your reactions are fast enough, so keep this in mind.


Dr. Mundo


This champion is extremely strong right now because, outside of his early game, it's extremely difficult for any champion to out-duel him, and 64.png is no exception.

During his first clear he is vulnerable to invades because his clearing skills cost health. But once he gets some tank items, he stays extremely healthy in the jungle because his regen is greater than the health he loses.

He has good ganks because if he lands his infectedcleavermissilecast.png, he can potentially permaslow you if you can't dodge them. His sadism.png also gives him movespeed and his burningagony.png gives him tenacity so he has extremely strong chase / escape if you have no hard CC to lock him down. 

Something to keep in mind is that his sadism.png costs his a sizable chunk of health to use before he starts to regen, so if you're trying to kill him, the best time to burst him is right after he activates his sadism.png, when he's at his lowest.

Late game, you must peel him off your carries because he does ridiculous damage for how tanky he is, especially if he built 3748.png. However, if there are other, more immediate threats pressuring your carries however, those should take priority. 

Honestly this champion should just be banned. 




Not as popular in the jungle as he used to be ever since they nerfed his base damages, but he's still popular in solo queue because of how fun he is. 

You can invade him during his first clear, but if you see him in his jungle, wait till he uses ekkoW.png before fighting him as the 2.25 second stun + shield might turn the fight in his favor if you get caught in it. 

His clear speed and sustain drops drastically if he can't get his first or even second blue buff because he won't be able to spam his spells, which have been nerfed to cost more mana. 

His gank power is similar to yours, but his effectiveness is highly dependent on the skill of the Ekko player, because if he misses ekkoW.png, it's usually extremely difficult to make the gank work. 

If he builds tanky, his main job in fights is to stun people with his ekkoW.png and be "tanky" with the shield from ekkoW.png and the health from ekkoR.png. That being said, once he uses his cooldowns, tank 245.png doesn't do all that much outside of a slow from ekkoQ.png, so it might be better to focus down other priority targets before going for him, considering how slippery he can be with ekkoW.png and ekkoE.png

If he builds AP, he won't be nearly as tanky and if you see him dive into your team to try and get a ekkoW.png stun off, it's possible to CC lock and burst him down before he can get his ekkoR.png off and get to safety. 

All things considered,  64.png has an easier time ganking, plays better from behind and ahead (easier initiates), and has a stronger early / mid game. AP 245.png will do more damage in the late game, but his damage is highly conditional due to the nature of his ekkopassive.png and ekkoR.png.




Not as dominant as she was even a few patches ago, but she is still probably the strongest AP jungler.

Invading 60.png  as 64.png is extremely risky and should only be done if you know the other jungler is inexperienced at 60.png  or you know exactly where he is. In a straight up duel, 60.png will win due to her having higher DPS than 64.png early on. Although blindmonkqone.png will do a decent amount of burst, a level 2 60.png has much more to work with (eliseQ.png and eliseW.png) than a level 2 64.png (blindmonkqone.png and blindmonkwone.png). In addition, it is extremely easy to have your blindmonkqone.png blocked by elisepassive.png spiderlings which will GUARANTEE that you cannot win the duel.

That being said, it's better to set up vision for your lanes and attempt to countergank / pressure parts of the map where she isn't as a straight up 1v1 is heavily in 60.png's favor. 

60.png has much better pick potential than you in the mid / late game as her eliseE.png stun is a much more straightforward initiate than a blindmonkqone.pngblindmonkwone.pngblindmonkrkick.png insec combo which leaves a lot of room for error.

Tank 60.png has fairly high damage because of her elisepassive.png that give her consistent DPS while AP / Magic Pen 60.png can easily burst down a squishy carry if left alone. That said, if she manages to make it to your backline, it is highly recommended that you peel for your carries with blindmonkrkick.png, otherwise she will run over them, as jungle 60.png usually build 3116.png or 3143.png, allowing her to stick to priority targets.

So why play 64.png when you can play 60.png? Objectively, 60.png should deliver much more consistent results with a lower skill floor due to the mechanical nature of 64.png's combos. This is true to a certain extent, as the average 60.png player will perform better than the average 64.png player. 


The experienced 64.png will almost always outperform an 60.png  with the same amount of experience. While 60.png is certainly scarier in terms of scaling power (damage / utility), 64.png has a much higher skill cap in terms of what he can accomplish if the player is comfortable with his mechanics and knows his limits. 64.png is much better at choosing his fights because, unlike 60.png, he does not need a target for mobility (eliseE.png (rappel) needing a unit to jump to), but has much more flexible mobility with wards from 2049.png. In addition, 64.png is much better at peeling with his blindmonkrkick.png, while 60.png can have her eliseE.png (cocoon) blocked by a creep / another unit. This also means that  64.png can potentially have more teamfight impact with his unparalleled ability to navigate fights, peel for carries, get multi-man knockups with blindmonkrkick.png, among other things.

Something you can do that Shrimp from Team Dignitas likes to do is, when you're jungling 64.png on blue side, you can start at your blue buff then go straight to 60.png's red buff. Because a lot of junglers on red side like to full clear their bot jungle (blue -> gromp -> wolves), this would give you enough time to take her red before she finds you. However, you have to make sure that the other team doesn't know that you're starting top side or else they might collapse or 60.png might take a shorter route (blue -> red for example).




I rarely see this champion anymore as she becomes wayyyy too irrelevant if she falls behind. That being said, most people don't know how to abuse her weak early game and relative lack of actual utility (outside of a slow on evelynnR.png).

At level 1, I would probably place a ward at her bot side buff to see where she starts. Against an aggressive jungler like 64.png, a cautious 28.png might look to simply secure both her buffs as fast as possible and go from buff -> buff. If this is the case, it makes for an easy invade as she will have taken more damage than a normal clear would have done, as she took a buff as her second camp. 

Against an 28.png, I would advise on a cross map invade (your bot buff -> her top buff, etc) if you plan on invading (which you should). She will be at her lowest during her second buff and will make for an extremely easy kill.

However, an experienced 28.png player could choose to cheese and invade you at your first buff by going her buff->your buff, as you will have used your cooldowns while clearing the buff, leaving you with no tools to fight her off.

Brilliant Example of what I mean: 

Although such cheese strats might be more uncommon nowadays because you can no longer buy a 2139.png at level 1, it's still not out of the realm of possibility that such an invade may occur if you are not on the lookout. 

As for playing against an 28.png, you cannot track her by simply placing wards in the river like you can for most other junglers. You must keep her camps warded, particularly her raptor camp, if you wish to know where she is. You can also buy a 2043.png on your first back and place it in the river (good locations specified below) for early vision if she decides to try and enter your jungle. 

Whenever you see a lane overextended without a 2043.png in the river and you don't know where she is, backping them. In fact, just backping them even if they do have a 2043.png, as 28.png can easily gank through lane because of her evelynnpassive.png stealth. Alternatively, you can choose to try and countergank her if you are confident that she will gank the overextending lane. This obviously works better at higher elos where junglers are more likely to identify and gank lanes that are overextended. That being said, don't waste too much time trying to set up a countergank, especially in the early game, as you have to set the pace and every second you're spending sitting in a brush is a second you could be making plays elsewhere.

However, it's best not to play reactive to 28.png, but to play PROACTIVELY. If you decide to gank a lane, it's unlikely that she will win the 2v2 or 3v3 vs a 64.png and his laner(s), unless you are already at a significant health disadvantage. Don't play scared vs an 28.png, play aggressive. If all you do is try to countergank all game, she is the one setting the pace of the game, not you.

Late game and in teamfights, she might try to flank your team and get a multiman evelynnR.png for a large shield and a significant slow. That being said, that's all she really has, a slow. (unless she's extremely fed) Unless she's built significant amounts of AP with a 3100.png and 3116.png or something, she won't be outputting huge amounts of damage onto your carries, so it's best to focus down other priority threats. That being said, her evelynnQ.png does give her strong DPS and her evelynnW.png allows her to keep chasing with resets, so don't outright ignore her. Making those split second decisions on what to do in a given situation come with experience, and you can only get experience by playing a lot. 




He outduels you early and sort of runs over you if he gets ahead. However he's squishy so if you can get wards in his jungle and pick him off, you can get ahead. Watch out for his level 2/3 jungle invade cheese (he'll invade your second buff) or for a level 2 gank mid with red buff.




This champion has been nerfed again and again, as changes keep being made to the jungle. None of the jungle items are really optimal for him, so most Fiddles will actually skip the jungle enchant alltogether and sometimes just sit on a 3711.png or a 3706.png. In addition, with the removal of mana pots, Fiddle has an extremely difficult time clearing his jungle if he loses his blue. Because most people are aware that he needs blue to be effective, his team will usually defend him during his first buff, so it's best to invade him at his second buff and try to kill him or force him to recall.

Fiddle is known for his insane crowd control so the earlier you can take him out of the fight, the better, otherwise his fiddlesticksdarkwind.png and terrify.png can turn the tides of a fight on their own. During the mid / late game, always keep your flanks / sides warded if you're trying to secure an objective, as Fiddle can crowstorm.png over a wall and destroy your team with his massive AoE damage. If Fiddle jumps into your team and doesn't have / use his 3157.pngblindmonkrkick.png him out RIGHT AWAY to keep him out of range of your team. If you see Fiddle channeling his crowstorm.png, you can try to interrupt it with blindmonkrkick.png, otherwise just spam backpings on your team and try to evacuate the area ASAP. 

Although Fiddle is a much better teamfighter than you and always stay relevant due to his CC, he will ALWAYS be playing on the backfoot if you are aggressively pressuring him in the early game, as he has no way to dueling you or coming out ahead of an invade unless his team comes to assist him. However, he is rather slippery if you don't land your blindmonkqone.png because he can just terrify.png you and run away. 




So 79.png isn't that popular anymore ever since cinderhulk was nerfed (And nobody really liked playing tanks in solo q anyways) but he's still seen occasionally. In a way, he's a more straightforward version of 64.png in that he has a disengage and an engage with his gragasexplosivecask.png. However, the cast time on it is fairly significant, so it's easy to dodge if you are anticipating it. 

You can invade him during your first clear, as his clear time suffers if he loses his blue buff, as he is reliant on his spells to clear the jungle. However, once he hits level 6, it is risky to invade him if he has his gragasexplosivecask.png because if you get caught in a risky position and are trying to escape, he can interrupt both your blindmonkqone.png and your blindmonkwone.png with his gragasbodyslam.png and gragasexplosivecask.png.

In teamfights, he will probably act as the main initiator with his gragasbodyslam.png + gragasexplosivecask.png combo but, unless he's building AP, he won't be outputting all that much damage. That being said, if he knocks one of your carries into his team, try your best to peel for that carry if he hasn't already been blown up. You can also try to prevent the initiation altogether by blindmonkrkick.png him away when he uses gragasbodyslam.png to get in range.

Also keep in mind that if you land your blindmonkqone.png (sonic wave) on him and he uses gragasbodyslam.png while you are using blindmonkqone.png (resonating strike), there is a chance that your  blindmonkqone.png (resonating strike) will be interrupted midway, so take care.



Not as oppressive as he used to be but he's still pretty strong and can fit the role of either a dps or a tank, whichever his team needs.



120.png jungle doesn't do much if he falls behind early. That being said, a lot of 120.png players do not run 4.png in the jungle (personally I run 12.png + 11.png), which makes them super easy to invade. If he loses his first blue or dies before he can get a gank off, you have pretty much set him behind for the rest of the early game. However, he has good counterganks because his hecarimramp.png and hecarimult.png allow him to traverse considerable distance in a short amount of time.

If he does get ahead, he does significant damage while being fairly tanky, due to how quickly he can roam the map, so if he uses hecarimult.png to get into your backline, blindmonkrkick.png him away immediately or he will demolish your carries. 

Keep in mind that if you use your blindmonkrkick.png while he is mid-charge animation for hecarimramp.png, the hecarimramp.png damage will still go through. Remember that you cannot interrupt his hecarimult.png.

120.png is similar to 59.png and 254.png in that, if he falls behind early, he will usually be either too squishy or do too little damage to be a significant threat outside of the immediate CC from the fear on his hecarimult.png if he dives in.

Always try to keep the river warded for any of your lanes that are playing aggressive, as 120.png is an extremely good ganker due to how fast he can get around the map. You might also want to consider warding his jungle camps instead because even if you see him in the river on his way to gank a lane, it might be too late for the lane to back off because of how fast his hecarimramp.png makes him.




This champion is really obnoxious. If you can't set him behind early through invades. he's going to become a tanky cc / shield bot who will constantly cuck you throughout the mid to late game. If you get counter-ganked by him, he can turn your gank around really easily, so try to maintain vision of this annoying weed by warding his jungle.

A lot of Ivern players like to cheese by starting their topside buff then smiting your topside buff to three buff you so if you know Ivern is starting at his topside buff (red on red side and blue on blue side), you might want to consider starting at your top buff, even if you get a worse leash. Otherwise, you're going to be behind all game.


Jarvan IV


J4 has a lot of problems with his first jungle clear, as he falls relatively low in HP and he has mana issues early. However, because J4 isn't traditionally considered a "weak" early game jungler like 32.png, his team may be more lazy about protecting him for his first clear, so invading him from your buff->his buff is more likely to be successful. Depriving J4 of his first blue will REALLY set him back because of his relatively high mana costs early game, greatly reducing his pressure. Like Lee Sin, J4 can jump walls for creative ganks that can bypass wards. However, UNLIKE Lee Sin, who usually uses his blindmonkwone.png to cross walls, J4 has to use his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png and jarvanivdragonstrike.png, which also happen to be his two main damage sources before he gets his jarvanivcataclysm.png. So if you see him cross a wall, you can easily countergank and win the 2v2 / 3v3, even if you do start at lower health. If you find him in his jungle and he's already used his E-Q combo, his only option is to either fight you (not a good idea for him early because he gets relatively low clearing the jungle) or to run away with flash. If you constantly keep his jungle camps warded and initiate a fight on him after he's used his only escape, you can keep him permanently down for the rest of the game. Unlike someone like 32.png who is always useful even when behind, 59.png suffers from the same syndrome as 5.png. In order to contribute to a teamfight, he HAS to go in and if he's fallen behind and doesn't have items to provide him with tanky / damage stats, he's going to die quickly and his usefulness ends there. In addition, the contribution he DOES have is really conditional, as the knockup hitbox on his E-Q has been repeatedly nerfed, making it harder to hit. His jarvanivcataclysm.png can also screw over his own team if they get trapped in it and he's unable to deactivate it because he's dead / crowd controlled. 

Once J4 jumps in, there's no point in kicking him out because (if he builds tanky like he usually does) the only form of damage he has left is his auto attacks, and he has no further cc to contribute. Save blindmonkrkick.png for anyone who follows up with J4's initiate, as they are the ones who will be threatening your carries.




Although he can be fairly squishy in the jungle early and vulnerable to invades, he ramps up to be a late game monster, with 3715.png and 3124.png both benefiting him immensely. He can choose to go full tank and still do a crap ton of damage simply because of how well he scales with even one damage item. However, he does require a good amount of income to scale so if you can continuously invade and set him behind, he will struggle to stay relevant as he has to dive in everytime he joins a teamfight. 

Alhough 64.png used to be able to handle 24.png fairly well in lane and in the jungle, the removal of the attack speed slow from blindmonkeone.png (cripple) made it more favorable for 24.png. Never underestimate 24.png's damage, even relatively early in the game. If he starts to cast his jaxcounterstrike.png, fall back until it runs out or he re-casts it, as he will win most duels if he lands the stun, assuming he hasn't fallen too behind.

Late game, it is imperative that you peel him off your carries with blindmonkrkick.png and blindmonkeone.png, otherwise he will stick to them and destroy them with how much DPS + burst he does for how tanky he is. 

Try to close the game out early by forcing him to contest objectives in the early / mid game while he's still scaling and you're at your strongest. If you can secure your team an early lead, a non-late game 24.png shouldn't be too much of an obstacle, as he has no utility outside of his jaxcounterstrike.png stun, which requires him to dive in, giving you the opportunity to burst him down.




The difficulty rating is medium because most Karthus jungles you see will be people who play A LOT of Karthus jungle and know what they're doing. Otherwise, the matchup should be really easy.

Most Karthus' will start at their gromp/blue so as to get the early mana regen for clears so if you can invade him and get an early kill when he's doing red and deprive him of the blue buff, it's a big hit to his sustain and overall clear speed. That being said, he will probably get 3070.png at a certain point so it won't hurt him too much if he loses his second or third blue, so if you're planning on invading his jungle early, taking control of his first blue is of the utmost importance.

I think OG Kujimane FLEX is the only person I've ever met in my elo who plays this, but from what I could tell, it's actually really strong if the player knows what he's doing. wallofpain.png and 3116.png make for really brutal ganks that are almost impossible to escape from, even with flash, and his fallenone.png gives him global pressure and cleanup. I played it a few times after seeing it and while his first clear is iffy, it's really hard to actually track him down in his jungle after he gets an item or two because he clears really really fast. He also has decent sustain because most Karthus jungle players will run spellvamp quints (I'm pretty sure Azingy / Saintvicious do the same). If you kick him back into your team, his defile.png and laywaste.png will allow him to deal plenty of damage before he goes down and if he has his 3116.png at that point, his team will catch up to him and you will lose the teamfight because of the Karthus Aoe. Your only options are to either invade him continuously in the early game to shut down his farm and hope the game doesn't drag out too long, or to keep his camps warded and try to catch him completely out of position to make it a 5v4. If he flashes into your team to initiate a fight, try to kick him away as soon as you can so that he doesn't destroy your team with his endless slows and high AoE damage. 

That being said, do not play Karthus jungle unless you are comfortable with it and know the champion well. 

Late game he will sell his jungle item for another AP item and he will essentially just be a lane Karthus who has smite instead of another summoner. 

In the game shown in the screenshot, Karthus dealt the most damage on his team by a large margin and had the most gold to boot. It was actually really scary. 




Shoutout to my boy Hachimitsu for picking Kassadin jungle whenever he plays with me.

You will never see this.




Funnily enough, this matchup is actually really similar to the 107.png matchup in that he struggles if you invade him early and set him behind because of how many nerfs he's received to his damage and utility. His only escapes are his khazixE.png and his khazixR.png  which makes him super easy to chase in the jungle. Try to save your blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike) until AFTER he uses khazixE.png so you can follow him. 

Most 121.png jungles will build straight damage because honestly, he doesn't do much if he's built tank, ever since the damage reduction on his khazixR.png was removed. That being said, if he's building damage and he gets a lead on you, he snowballs VERY hard due to the resets on his khazixE.png and the slow on his khazixpassive.png

Because of how mana gated he is in the jungle (he needs blue to clear safely), an early blue invade is ideal (Although this is impossible if he's starting blue on red side), as it will make it extremely difficult for him to get back into the game. Keep his jungle camps warded throughout the game and try to invade him whenever his lanes aren't in a position to help him.

Because he relies heavily on isolation to get the maximum possible damage on his khazixQ.png, you will almost certainly win a 2v2 if you countergank him because he will probably have used his khazixE.png to already close the gap on your laner, leaving him with no more escapes.

If he's fed and jumps into your team to try and burst down a carry, either just straight up burst him or blindmonkrkick.png him away. Never leave a priority carry isolated.

He's actually really good right now after the assassin update and he's my secondary jungler if Lee is banned.




Nerfed too hard to be relevant unless she manages to get a lot of stacks.


Lee Sin


This champ sucks, no way you will ever lose this matchup :^)


Master Yi





As one of the weaker early game junglers, he might choose to go a safer jungle path and try to secure his buffs as fast as possible, which is something to consider if you are planning on invading him. If you manage to find him in his jungle before he's level 4, it's fairly simple to kill him as most 111.png don't take nautilusanchordrag.png early and instead take nautiluspiercinggaze.png and nautilussplashzone.png for clearing, which means he has no escape. However, he can lock you down with his nautiluspassive.pngnautilusanchordrag.pngnautilusgrandline.png later on and keep you in place long enough for his team to come and assist him. If you can't kill / force him out of his jungle fast enough, it's probably best to retreat.

111.png loves it if he isn't pressured during the early game and is left alone to farm and gank. As such, it's probably in your best interests to try to keep him down by counterganking (you should win 2v2s) and counterjungling (you can choose to take his camps or try to force him out). His ganks are definitely better than yours, so try to maintain river / brush vision so your laners are safe.

If 111.png falls behind during the early and mid game, it's easy to keep him down because he is relatively squishy, lacks damage, and has slower clear speeds. That being said, he will always be relevant late game because of how much CC he has.

Late game, he will probably try to 4.png + nautilusgrandline.png a carry so it's important that you stay with your backline so you can peel any potential divers (hehe). He can also choose to peel for his carries instead, so wait till he uses his abilities before trying to kick an enemy carry into your team, as he can easily interrupt your combo otherwise. That being said, keep in mind that although he is one of the most CC heavy junglers, he lacks in the damage department unless he builds a weird hybrid AP-tanky build. 

His nautilusanchordrag.png is deceptively long, so it's best to try and blindmonkwone.png or 4.png away from it if you're not sure if you're out of range or not. 




Not as strong as she used to be due to repeated nerfs + runic echos not being good rn but she's definitely still a viable jungler in the right hands. Her damage is decent and her clear speed is not bad.




Farms really well (important in the current jungle) and has good ganks which aren't entirely dependent on nocturneparanoia.png. Can be built either high damage assassin or tanky bruiser, both are really annoying to deal with.







Fast clears, high damage, and relatively tanky. If he snowballs early, he snowballs harder than every other jungler because he just runs at you and you can't stop him. However, none of the current keystones really suit him and he falls off late game.







Used to be a really difficult matchup but it's more doable now. She might be vulnerable during her first clear, but it's extremely difficult afterwards. Her ganks are generally more reliable with the movespeed boost from poppyparagonofdemacia.png and the stun / displacement from her poppyheroiccharge.png. Her poppydevastatingblow.png slows and her poppydiplomaticimmunity.png can be used as a mini stun as well if she instantly casts it.

If you get counterganked by her, you will probably lose the 2v2 as she has hard cc in the form of poppyheroiccharge.png and poppydiplomaticimmunity.png while you only have your blindmonkrkick.png. In addition, when attempting to duel her, keep in mind that her poppyparagonofdemacia.png will stop your blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike) and prevent you from jumping with blindmonkwone.png (Safeguard). She also has fairly high base damages and is fairly tanky, making her extremely difficult to jungle against, though not impossible. 

It's best to avoid fighting her in the jungle because it's way too easy for her to land a stun with her poppyheroiccharge.png and prevent you from escaping with the rest of her abilities. 

In teamfights and skirmishes, she has the upperhand as her poppyparagonofdemacia.png will prevent any engages from you with blindmonkqone.png or blindmonkwone.png and she can instantly peel for her carries with poppydiplomaticimmunity.png. That being said, she can also choose to dive into your backline, as she is extremely difficult to peel with her slows, stuns, and dash preventions.

Attempt to set her behind in the early game by keeping her jungle warded and counterjungling when you know she isn't in the area to contest camps. If you spot her low, you could attempt to duel her, but the tables can easily be turned on you with all the hard CC she has to lock you down and prevent retaliation. 



I'm pretty sure she's not that good anymore but I don't know what was changed about her because no one really plays her anymore. I think all the main points are still relevant though. She straight up outduels you because of her high damage and she's really slippery because of her quinnE.png. You can't rely on an early invade to set her back either because even if you invade her jungle on the first clear, she's going to be AT LEAST as healthy as you because she clears fast, doesn't take a lot of damage from monsters because of quinnQ.png, and can kite the jungle with her range. In addition, if you miss your blindmonkqone.png on her, you just lost your highest damage source and gap closer during the early game. Even if you do blindmonkwone.png to her, she's going to win the fight because she can blind you, quinnE.png out of your auto range and kite you with red buff. She can also effectively countergank you because her quinnR.png gives her insane cross map mobility.

Best way to play around her is to try to ward her jungle and keep vision of where she is so that you can gank lanes she isn't near, avoiding the possibility of a counter gank. She IS squishy late game as jungle Quinns will usually build mostly damage so if you can get a pick on her, it should be easy to secure an objective afterwards. You can't really rely on being able to outpressure a good Quinn during the early game, so you have to play smart and keep the river warded so that your team can spot any incoming ganks.

Edit: She's actually been nerfed recently, but she's still really hard to deal with.




Okay 33.png is actually a pain in the ass to deal with. If you try to engage on his team, he can puncturingtaunt.png you, he can interrupt your blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike) with powerball.png, and he becomes extremely difficult to kill once he gets some items because of his defensiveballcurl.png. Late game, he is tankier than you AND has more consistent and reliable crowd control with his puncturingtaunt.png. With creative use of your blindmonkrkick.png, it is possible for you to impact a teamfight more, but this is obviously a much more difficult task than just running up to a carry and pressing puncturingtaunt.png.

You can invade him early game and hope to set him behind, but he can get back into the game relatively easily due to how easy it is for him to gank overextended lanes with powerball.png and puncturingtaunt.png. If you manage to countergank him, you SHOULD be able to win a 2v2, but this is still iffy due to how tanky he is while still being able to do good damage with his tremors2.png

He clears fairly slowly because he has no real AoE spells that allow him to farm the jungle, so counterjungling him will set him behind significantly. This does mean that if he isn't able to get good ganks off, he will fall behind relatively quickly because of his slow farming speed.

If he tries to engage onto your team and puncturingtaunt.png a carry, it's probably in your best interests to try and blindmonkrkick.png him away so that your carry isn't CC'd. 

Try to keep the river / jungle entrances warded to spot any potential ganks. Also if you see him while counterjungling him, it's probably best to try and get out ASAP because if he locks you down with puncturingtaunt.png, it gives his laners time to come and assist him.




This is actually a fairly difficult matchup because of her reksaiW.png (tremor sense) that can spot you invading. That being said, I usually don't invade a 421.png unless I'm going from my buff -> their buff. However, when invading from buff -> buff, try waiting an extra few seconds before going up to the enemy buff because by that time, she will usually have used her burrowed abilities and will be unburrowed and using her autos and reksaiQ.png to clear it.

However, I usually just try to keep her jungle camps warded and countergank if I see her heading towards an overextended lane. Although you can win a 2v2 with 421.png, it's actually fairly difficult because she does good damage while still being tanky. In addition, because of her reksaiR.png that lets her get back to farming her jungle / ganking after going base, she will usually be up on you in gold and experience. The only way you can really beat a 421.png is hoping to catch her out with a good invade, ganking more than her (Which is difficult, considering that her ganks are way more straightforward), or counterganking her (Also a difficult prospect because she'll just back off if she sees you in her tremor sense). 

However, because 421.png 's playstyle is fairly linear and doesn't really leave room for creative plays, you can still win teamfights / skirmishes if you use your skills (particularly your blindmonkrkick.png) effectively and manage to be more disruptive than her.

Vs Tanky junglers like 421.png I recommend that you build a 1412.png so that you can duel them effectively if you run into them.

421.png who builds damage when ahead if actually extremely scary and can 1v1 a carry so it's probably best to peel for your carries if she goes into your backline to cause disruption. 




This champion is busted if he manages to get ahead or go even in the early damage due to his insane damage and great ganks. You can try invading him early but there's a good chance he just outduels you and you die unless you manage to get the jump on him. Late game when he ults, just group so he can't pick someone off.




Pretty much 79.png but with a hard CC ultimate. I'm ACTUALLY just going to copy and paste the 79.png matchup and just change the skills.

So 113.png isn't that popular anymore ever since cinderhulk was nerfed (And nobody really liked playing tanks in solo q anyways) but she's still seen occasionally. In a way, she's a more straightforward version of 64.png in that she has a disengage and an engage with her sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. However, the cast time on it is fairly significant, so it's easy to dodge if you are anticipating it. 

You can invade her during your first clear, as her clear time suffers if she loses her blue buff, as she is reliant on her spells to clear the jungle. However, once she hits level 6, it is risky to invade him if she has her sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png because if you get caught in a risky position and are trying to escape, she can interrupt both your blindmonkqone.png and your blindmonkwone.png with her sejuaniarcticassault.png and sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png.

In teamfights, she will probably act as the main initiator with her sejuaniarcticassault.png + sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png combo but, unless she's building AP (Mister Oink hello), she won't be outputting all that much damage. That being said, if she manages to sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png your carry try your best to peel for that carry if he hasn't already been blown up. You can also try to prevent the initiation altogether by blindmonkrkick.png her away when she uses sejuaniarcticassault.png to get in range.

Also keep in mind that if you land your blindmonkqone.png (sonic wave) on her and she uses sejuaniarcticassault.png while you are using blindmonkqone.png (resonating strike), there is a chance that your  blindmonkqone.png (resonating strike) will be interrupted midway, so take care.

During mid / late game teamfights, try not to stay grouped as her sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png is AoE and a multi-man stun is game changing. 




This matchup is actually kind of tricky. Early game if you're not careful, he can definitely get an advantage by invading you while you're doing a camp. If you try to invade him, you might run into a jackinthebox.png and end up being feared, allowing him to engage on you or disengage. 

35.png is similar to 64.png in that he can pull off really sneaky ganks by using deceive.png to traverse walls and sneak up to an overextended lane while in stealth.

During the early game, 35.png stays fairly healthy because his jackinthebox.png will tank the jungle camps for him, making it relatively hard to kill him if you run into him in his jungle. In addition, he clears his first few camps extremely fast, making it hard to lock him down during his first clear.

The best way to play against a 35.png is by keeping his jungle camps warded and predicting where he is going to gank and counterganking him. In an actual 2v2, 64.png should come out ahead, barring any unfavorable circumstances. In addition, try to keep pinks in the river to spot any potential counterjungling or early dragon / rift herald sneaks.

blindmonkeone.png and blindmonkqone.png both reveal 35.png through his deceive.png stealth, so if you manage to land it on him, you can keep track of him.

If you think 35.png is about to use his hallucinatefull.png, ping him before he does so, as the ping will follow him AFTER his hallucinatefull.png, staying on the original 35.png, allowing you to distinguish him from his clone.

Late game you should always stay with your carries, as they are at risk of being assassinated if the 35.png has built damage. Against a 35.png, it's best not to split, but to group and teamfight / contest objectives, as 35.png's teamfighting is notoriously weak due to his lack of utility and single target damage. He relies on taking an enemy carry out of a fight before it begins, so try to peel for your carries if he goes for them.








Tahm Kench











Probably the second best meta jungler rn after Lee. She clears super fast, has high damage, and is tanky with Colossus. If she snowballs early, it's really hard to stop her. Try to ward her jungle so you can predict ganks and avoid them. You can't really duel her but if you manage to get off some good counterganks, you can set her behind and keep her down for a bit.











Xin Zhao


Extremely dangerous early game. If you're planning on invading him, you NEED to have prior vision of him while he's doing a camp so you can see what skills he's used on the camp / his health. If you catch him off guard after he's already used xenzhaocombotarget.png, you MIGHT be able to fight him. Otherwise, it's best to just not invade him. 

If he counterganks you in a 2v2, he will probably end up winning. Safest thing to do is to wait for him to show up on the map then just gank a lane he can't reach in time. Unless he's low, just stay away from him in the early game, you can't fight him.

If he's fed and is building full damage, he can probably 3 shot a carry with his xenzhaosweep.png xenzhaobattlecry.png xenzhaocombotarget.png combo so you HAVE to peel for your carries. Keep in mind that if you aren't marked by his xinzhaopassive.png, his xenzhaoparry.png will knock you out of the air during your blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike). Always stay with your carries if 5.png is fed because he can 1v1, 1v2, maybe even 1v3 them if he's strong enough.

If he's building tanky, he's going to be more of an initiator and can pseudo-Insec with his xenzhaoparry.png, so make sure he stays away from your carries.

If he's behind, he's similar to 59.png and 254.png in that he'll blow up quickly if he engages, although his xenzhaoparry.png DOES give him extra resistances. 

If you manage to make it through the early / mid game without 5.png getting too strong, you should be able to win late game teamfights because you do more than him in terms of both engaging and disengaging. 




I saw this once and it did a lot of damage, but I feel like it doesn't really do much late game if it can't snowball. I can see it becoming more common now because ADCs are stronger and you essentially give them an extra life, but I think it'll still be uncommon in solo q. Stays relatively healthy in the jungle because of his damage reduction passive and heal so it;s KINDA iffy to invade and duel him early but overall, you should be doing more than him in teamfights and your ganking is way more flexible (he just walks to a lane and slows) so you should come out of the early game with the advantage. Be careful that he doesn't block your q with his ghouls, because he can outduel you with his ghouls + yorickpassive.png. If he's trying to stick to a carry, it's best to blindmonkrkick.png him away because he can actually output a lot of damage with his yorickpassive.png damage reduction / enhancement, especially in the mid game.




Why Pick Lee Sin? Back to Top

Why should you play Lee Sin?

  • He's fun.
  • High skillcap / skillfloor. (Requires an above average mechanical threshold in order to play him at a competent level, but he has huge potential for those who master him)
  • Extremely mobile (can play aggressive and get away with it)
  • Extremely flexible gank paths
  • Clears fast and healthy.
  • Relatively high damage
  • Good pick potential - punishes enemy mistakes
  • Can have huge impact on the game, depending on the skill of the player.
  • We all want to be in a montage.
  • He's the best meta jungler rn lol - strong level 6 spike, good clears, flexible builds, high damage, good utility.

Why should you not play Lee Sin?

  • High skillcap / skillfloor (Requires an above average mechanical threshold in order to play him at a competent level, but he has huge potential for those who master him)
  • His impact on the game is entirely dependent on the skill of the player. Bad 64.pngs will feel useless while good 64.pngs will take over the game.
  • You have high ping and you find wardhopping / landing skillshots to be difficult. (This is an entirely valid reason for not playing him).
  • You don't want to invest the time into learning him when you could be learning more straight forward junglers and achieving the same / better results. (Also entirely valid).
  • He's banned (sadly pretty common nowadays)
  • You're a lil bitch

But you're reading this guide because you want to play Lee Sin, so let's get started.

64.png is, contrary to popular belief, not a very strong champion in terms of straight up dueling ability, even in the early game. He usually loses fights against the likes of 60.png203.png, and even 56.png. There are only a few junglers who he outright outclasses, and those are the ones who are bad (121.png) or require a high level of skill / experience to play (107.png). 

Before going any further, I highly recommended you watch this video by C9 Rush, a player I consider one of the best 64.pngs in the world.

Although the video is a "basic" champion guide, and we don't want to be "basic" players, he iterates an extremely important point that you have to consider when playing 64.png. Your mindset should not be "I will invade the other jungler and make aggressive moves because I can always fight them in the early game" but rather "I can choose my fights, which potentially means that I will always come out ahead as I can take good fights but escape from bad fights." Oftentimes, just the pressure of having a 64.png in the game will cause the enemy jungler to play more cautious, meaning that he will always be playing reactive to YOU. As a jungler with extremely flexible gank and jungle pathing, you should be abusing your strengths and always looking to make proactive plays instead of trying to play based on how the enemy jungler is playing. If you're playing second fiddle to the enemy jungler as 64.png, you've already lost.

As for playstyle, you don't have to make flashy plays and combos to win games as 64.png. You can choose to have a more stable playstyle where you look for the safest engages and only go for the flash insec kicks when a clear opportunity presents itself. In a way, this kind of playstyle is better suited for solo queue as it will give you more consistent results, at least in the beginning when you are first learning 64.png

Another really good video to watch for 64.png tips and for jungling in general is this video by the OCE 64.png god Cellybeary:

But everyone likes a good 64.png montage, so here are some of my favorites to get you hyped.




ShakeDrizzle (Senpai please come back ; _ ;):

Also something that not many players know is that the secret to being a good Lee Sin player is...

the skin you use.

Muay Thai > Knockout / Acolyte > SKT > Classic. Dragonfist is for wannabes, Traditional is wearing Adidas shorts, and only fuckboi Blem uses Pool Party.

Now let's get started on the actual guide.

The Physics of Lee Sin - Skill Mechanics Back to Top

This section will elaborate on some of the more subtle mechanics behind 64.png's skills.




If someone flashes at the end of Resonating Strike, you either (depending on the timing of the flash) follow them to their new location and deal damage (0:05, Amazing doesn't flash to follow Westdoor, but saves flash for AFTER he kills him.)

or deal no damage (yes, you can flash to dodge the damage of Resonating Strike if you do it right when Lee Sin connects with you.) (1:10, Lee Sin's Resonating Strike deals no damage to Faker's Zed)

You can ward jump or flash while casting Resonating Strike, an extremely useful mechanic:

You can also ward hop while casting Sonic Wave (7:15):


(EDIT: 11.png NO LONGER PROCS SPELLVAMP FOR HEALING FROM blindmonkwone.png (Iron Will) as of patch 6.1. FUCK YOU SEASON 6) 11.png counts as a spell so if you use it during blindmonkwone.png (Iron Will), you will regain health from the spellvamp component. Try to use this during your jungle clear to stay healthier and you can also use it during clutch fights where you need to stay alive as long as possible.

List of allied units you can jump to:

1.png's infernalguardian.png

60.png's elisepassive.png (her spiderlings)

74.png's h28gevolutionturret.png (both normal and ult)

420.png's illaoipassive.png(tentacles)

59.png's jarvanivdemacianstandard.png

429.png's kalistaw.png (sentinel) 

7.png's leblancpassive.png

90.png's malzaharpassive.png

421.png's reksaie.png (tunnel)

35.png's jackinthebox.png

17.png's bantamtrap.png

412.png's threshw.png

62.png's monkeykingdecoy.png

83.png's yorickspectral.pngyorickdecayed.pngyorickravenous.pngyorickreviveally.png (the clone created on first cast)

154.png's zacpassive.png (the blobs, you can also TP to them, making them invulnerable)

143.png's zyraq.pngzyrae.png (the plants created by the skill + zyraw.png, can also jump to the zyraw.png itself)

(Thanks to Richard (Kalista), Scott (Gangplank), Shiny Wobbuffet (Illaoi) for helping me test.)


Nothing fancy here sadly.


Recently, Lee Sin received a buff where the additional targets would also take bonus damage equal to a percentage of the initially kicked target's HP. So if you kick a 36.png into a 51.png, she will take more damage than if she had an 81.png kicked into her because the bonus damage is calculated from the kicked target's HP.

The range on blindmonkrkick.png is actually not point blank, but is the same range as Tempest, 375, which is also three times his auto attack range (125). The range at which a kicked target will fly back is 1200. Because enemies who are kicked / collide with kicked target are knocked up / back for 1 second, no matter how far the actual flight distance, blindmonkrkick.png can act as a mini stun of sorts. If you kick someone into a wall and they don't fly over the wall, they will stay "stunned" against the wall for 1 second, unable to use summoner spells, skills, and auto attacks, the only exception being 11.png, which can only be stopped through suppression. Because they remain stunned while traveling through the air, you may want to use blindmonkrkick.png before casting blindmonkqone.png on a target because they have no way of avoiding it. While this is the best method of landing a blindmonkqone.png, it is not recommended if you have bad aim because all you will accomplish is kicking the target to safety.

You can kick the enemy jungler away from the baron wall if you're on opposite sides but still hugging the wall across from each other. (Thanks Brian)

blindmonkrkick.png will also interrupt any dashes / jumps / non-blink movement if you manage to cast it before a target gets out of range. It will interrupt:

266.png's aatroxq.png

103.png's ahritumble.png

84.png's akalishadowdance.png

12.png's headbutt.png

32.png's bandagetoss.png

268.png's azirewrapper.png

432.png's barde.png (as target is traveling through it)

201.png's braumw.png

51.png's caitlynentrapment.png

42.png's carpetbomb.png

131.png's dianateleport.png

245.png's ekkoe.png (the initial dash)

114.png's fioraq.png

105.png's fizzpiercingstrike.png

150.png's gnare.png

79.png's gragasbodyslam.png

104.png's gravesmove.pnggraveschargeshot.png (the recoil)

120.png's hecarimramp.png (this one is strange because the damage will still apply if he started the ANIMATION of connecting with a target, even if he does get kicked away before the "charging" animation finishes)

420.png's illaoiw.png

39.png's ireliagatotsu.png

59.png's jarvanivdemacianstandard.png - jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo

24.png's jaxleapstrike.png

126.png's jaycetotheskies.png

429.png's kalistapassive.png

121.png's khazixe.png

203.png's kindredq.png

7.png's leblancslide.png (normal and ult)

64.png's blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike), blindmonkwone.png

89.png's leonazenithblade.png

236.png's luciane.png

111.png's nautilusanchordrag.png

76.png's bushwhack.png (Pounce)

80.png's pantheon_leapbash.png

78.png's poppyheroiccharge.png

133.png's quinne.png

421.png's reksaie.png (as she's traveling through it)

58.png's renektonsliceanddice.png

107.png's rengarpassive.png / rengarr.png (the jump)

92.png's riventricleave.pngrivenfeint.png

113.png's sejuaniarcticassault.png

98.png's shenshadowdash.png

102.png's shyvanatransformcast.png

412.png's threshq.png (the 2nd activation), threshw.png (you can interrupt people as they're traveling through the lantern)

18.png's rocketjump.png

23.png's slashcast.png

77.png's udyrbearstance.png (he has a micro dash on bear stun)

67.png's vaynetumble.png

254.png's, viq.png

19.png's infiniteduress.png (if you input buffer your blindmonkrkick.png before he actually casts it, you will kick him as soon as he jumps to you, canceling it.) Video on input buffering: 

62.png's monkeykingnimbus.png

5.png's xenzhaosweep.png

157.png's yasuodashwrapper.png

154.png's zace.png

115.png's ziggsw.png (as he's traveling through the air)

(Thanks to Lily for helping me with some support skill interactions)

The direction in which the target is knocked back is decided at the moment of impact, not when blindmonkrkick.png is first cast. This essentially means that you can kick-flash a target, giving them no opportunity to react (0:25):

Something that isn't as well known is that you can auto for extra damage while the ulted target is flying through the air (you can clearly see Lee's auto animation go off AFTER he kicks Twisted Fate):

This one is probably the hardest mechanic to implement in practice. The way I do it is, I spam A-click (attack move) on the target as I'm kicking them. This will usually work, but your internal auto cooldown has to have reset for it to work. That means that if your attack speed is 2.5 (for whatever reason), you can more reliably use this mechanic than if your attack speed is 1.0 because your auto cooldown will have reset faster. So if you kick RIGHT after an auto attack, you will probably not be able to do this.

The Physics of Lee Sin - Combos and Tricks Back to Top

The fancy combos and tricks that 64.png is able to pull off with his skills.

Combos / Tricks:



Okay we all know this one. You blindmonkqone.png to a target, place a ward behind them, blindmonkwone.png to the ward, and blindmonkrkick.png the target back into your team. Alternatively, you can use 4.png instead of ward hopping, but that's on a longer cooldown. 

The Kick that made Insec famous:

However, there is a misconception that this is Insec's kick. I have to give a shoutout to AHQ Lantyr, the OG INSEC:

Anyways yeah, this is the most well-known Lee Sin combo, and also one of the most basic. It's also one of the easiest to mess up because you have to be fast about placing a ward and using blindmonkwone.png because if you're too slow, your target and flash away from you. Just practice it in customs / bot games and you'll get it down.

Advanced / Extended Insec

Basically the same as the Insec except you use 4.png as well to extend the range at which you can reach a target. Typically you would blindmonkqone.png to a unit, wardhop with blindmonkwone.png closer to the desired target, then 4.png + blindmonkrkick.png them. This is a lot easier to pull off than the Insec simply because most people won't see it coming. If they're out of range of the initial wardhop, they might think they're safe and not consider that you could 4.png. Or if you blindmonkqone.png a tankier target, they might think that you wouldn't go in because blindmonkrkick.png a tank into your team is much riskier than blindmonkrkick.png a carry.  It's a much more reliable form of the Insec because it's not as expected + the 4.png extends your range.

The Highest Damage Combo:

Okay the name isn't that catchy but this is the combo that will do the most damage in a short amount of time.

blindmonkqone.png (Sonic Wave), jump next to the target with a ward->blindmonkwone.png or flash, blindmonkrkick.png the target + (Auto during the kick - see above for explanation), then re-activate blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike). You can Use blindmonkeone.png before or after blindmonkrkick.png, depending on whether or not the target has flash or an escape. This combo is ideal because you frontload your damage before  blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike), which does more damage the lower the target is. Ideally, you would want to use blindmonkeone.png before blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike) for extra damage, but this isn't always possible against someone who has fast reactions with flash / escape (such as 81.png). 

Demonstration of this combo (0:55 on 121.png):

Using Dragon to move around the map faster:

This one is a bit unique:

The idea is that because dragon has a knockback when it's first aggroed, you can use the knockback to give yourself more distance when trying to chase someone or just generally move around the map faster. After you blindmonkqone.png the dragon, you have to reactivate it instantly so you can reposition yourself in the direction you want to go before the dragon knocks you back. After you're knocked back in the direction you want to go, you can use blindmonkwone.png or 4.png to leave the pit.

Jungling 101 - What is Macro and Micro? Back to Top

Before you read what I have to say about Macro and Micro play in the jungle, watch this video on the mindset / functions a jungler should have:

When I first hit Diamond V, I played mostly mid and my jungle (Even my Lee Sin) was abyssal, average at best. One would think that, as I improve and start playing in higher ranks, my winrate on Lee Sin (my primary jungler since season 3) would decline as I got matched against better and better players. However, my stats show otherwise.

Season 2: I didn't play 64.png.

Season 3 (bronze V (placements) -> platinum III):

Season 4 (gold II (placements) -> diamond IV):

Season 5 (platinum II (placements) -> diamond I):
(peaked at 70% when I was around ~150 games, compared to the 56% at ~150 games I had in season 3)

Now how did this happen? Similar to overall solo queue winrate, it's expected that as one climbs higher and higher, their winrates should even out to match the increasing difficulty in winning games. It's also expected that as one plays more games, a winrate that might seem spectacular at first (4-1, 80% winrate for example) should even out to something that better reflects the skill of player. However, not only did I buck both of those trends during my climb from Diamond V to Diamond I, I even recorded greater success while playing in higher rankings than in lower rankings. The reason I won more games consistently at higher ranks is because I threw away the misconceptions I originally had of jungling and was able to keep an open mind. 

Although it wasn't a sudden realization I had, I found that I became more flexible in my jungle pathing, more adaptable in my game plan, and just overall smarter at realizing WHAT needed to be done WHEN it needed to be done. It's a concept that Zazuu (credits to him) goes over in the above video and I think it's a great video because it straight up tells you what you need to realize in a 5 minute video rather than leaving you to make those realizations yourself (which is what happened to me over the entirety of a season). If I had the choice at the start of season 5, I would have just watched the video instead of suffering through an entire season of solo queue before realizing what I was doing wrong.

Now that you know the mindset / functions a jungler has, let's get started.

Macro Play

Macro jungling refers to your ability to jungle and exert pressure over the map by contesting objectives, ganking lanes, counter jungling, invading, etc.

Before I go into the different aspects of macro play, take a look at your keyboard. Most people will use their Q/W/E/R and their 1/2/3/4/5/6/trinket keys while playing the game we know as League of Legends. Now look above those keys. There's another row of keys f1/f2/f3/f4/f5. These are known as the function keys and they are the jungler's best friends. Pressing any of the function keys will swap to the champion the key you pressed is assigned to. By default, F1 will always center the camera back on your champion, then the remaining F2-F5 keys will focus the camera on the champions in the order they are placed in from the top down when you press tab.

For example, if the champion order when you press tab is

Jungle (You)

Then the function key order will be

F1: Myself (Jungle)
F2: Top
F3: Mid
F5: Support

This is a useful tool to use outside of just jungling, as it helps with your overall map awareness. For example, if you are the mid laner and the tab order is

Mid (You)

Then the function key order will be

F1: You
F2: Top
F3: Jungle
F5: Support

Whenever I have downtime, such as when I'm traveling between camps or even while clearing a camp, I'll swap between the different function keys in order to get a read on what's going on across the map. As you use the function keys more and more, you'll get better and processing information quickly after just a short glance at a lane. 

Micro Play

Micro play refers to your actual mechanical ability, skill usage in fights, and your overall control over your champion. In the jungle, the most common indicator of mechanical ability is your kiting of jungle camps and your skill usage during ganks. Because 64.png excels in small skirmishes where he can make individual picks and avoid crowd control through his high mobility, it is extremely important that you have good mechanics when you play him.

I highly recommend you smartcast your skills once you get a good grasp on 64.png's ranges as it allows you to execute your combos much faster than using normal cast. However, some players like Froggen and Diamondprox still use normal cast and do fine so it's up to personal preference.

[Updating] Macro Jungling - Pathing / Invading / Counter-Jungling Back to Top

Jungle Routes

With the recent changes to the jungle, farming camps is the way to go as it puts the junglers ahead of the laners. Junglers who previously spiked at 6 such as 64.png254.png, and 120.png now spike even harder because of how fast they get level 6 in comparison to the solo laners. The jungle meta reflects the current state of the jungle as champions who can carry with gold and levels such as the aforementioned 3 + 121.png and 107.png are among the most popular, with some outliers such as 427.png.The currently preferred playstyle is to just constantly farm your camps when they're up and gank whenever you see an opportunity. Although this seems kind of obvious, there is now more to be gained from farming and more to be lost from botching ganks, which means defaulting to farming is a safer option.

The following video by CommandoYi is a pretty basic guide to jungling for beginners so you don't necessarily have to watch it, but the important takeaways are the common jungle routes (I'll include screenshots below).


I was told that the right side was cut off:

  • Left: This route is for when you want to gank top or mid early. I actually dislike this because if a level 3 gank goes poorly / you're unable to execute a gank, the enemy jungler is going to jump ahead of you in levels. That being said, if your lane matchups are volatile ones such as 92.png157.png122.png that can be swung early, an early gank can win the lane for your top / mid laner, so adjust accordingly. Don't force ganks that are unlikely to work!
  • Middle: The most common powerfarming jungling route that maximizes your xp / gold gained over time. If you're new to jungling or your top / mid are just farm lanes, this is the way to go. If you worry that you're going to be invaded at your second buff, put down a ward behind the camp wall for extra safety. Also if you are on red side and don't plan on recalling immediately after your full clear, do raptors -> krugs -> red instead of raptors -> red -> krugs to maximize the uptime on your buff.
  • Right: I honestly almost never see anyone do this route because if you gank bot after your first buff, you basically lose the entirety of your topside jungle if the enemy jungler has half a brain. I would only ever do this if I'm in the middle of full clearing and I see that bot lane is trading heavily and there is high kill potential.

Counter-Jungling / Invading

Counter-jungling is the act of entering the enemy jungle to steal his camps with the goal of setting him behind. Counter-jungling is a skill that takes time and experience to cultivate, as many new junglers will be unreasonably afraid of entering the enemy jungle for fear that they might end up dying. While this may be the case for even experienced junglers, champions like 64.png and 421.png make it super easy to counter-jungle with relatively little risk, the former due to his mobility that let's him escape any bad situation and the latter due to her reksaipassive.png tremor sense that warns her if an enemy is nearby. 

When should you counter-jungle?

There are certain sets of conditions that should be met / are ideal before you should attempt a counter-jungle. Some of these are:
  • There isn't a more valuable objective like baron / dragon / towers up at the moment.
  • You can't really gank a lane.
  • The enemy jungler is dead / on the other side of the map.
  • You have a method of escape in case things get hairy. 
  • You just ganked and killed an enemy laner, making it safe for you + your laner to enter that side of the enemy jungle. 
  • You are stronger than the enemy jungler and can kill / force him away if you run into him. (Don't overchase though, or his lanes will come and help)
  • You know they have no vision of you. (2055.png + 3364.png)
Why should you counter-jungle?
  • You reduce the income / xp of the enemy jungler.
  • It's demoralizing for the enemy jungler (puts them on tilt).
  • You can infer where the enemy jungler is based on what camps have been cleared / not cleared. 
When should you NOT counter-jungle?
  • You're weaker than the enemy jungler and can't duel him if you run into him.
  • You don't know where the enemy jungler is and don't have a method of escaping if things turn hairy.
  • Your laner who's closest to the side of the enemy jungle you are invading just died and you can't get backup if you get caught in the enemy jungle.
  • When the enemy laners and jungler are MIA. (They potentially saw you in a ward)
  • When there are more important objectives to secure such as baron / dragon / towers.
  • You can easily gank a lane instead.

Below: Common Counter-jungling / invading routes (Also from the linked video)


I was told that the right side was cut off:


The routes in the screenshot above are blue side routes, although they can easily be reversed for invading from red side. The important thing to note is that invades where you have already secured your red buff are generally more successful because the health regen, slow, and true damage on autos generally lead to more successful invades than the slightly mana regen from blue buff.

  • Left: If you're planning on invading the enemy jungler but don't know which side they started on, this is probably the best route to go. You full clear an entire side of your jungle and you can quickly determine if the enemy jungler is in their top jungle via ward / scryer's bloom, seeing them. If they're in their top jungle and you're not in a position to fight them, just take scuttle crab.
  • Middle: This is also a viable invade path but is definitely riskier than the left route because if you're forced out of his jungle for whatever reason, you're going to be set behind. I don't recommend this route unless you're really confident in being able to pull it off (if you have vision of the enemy jungler, etc).
  • Right: This is the best invade route if you know that the enemy jungler started bot side because you get to clear his top jungle + secure your own jungle. However, if the enemy jungler knows that you have vision of him (if he saw a ward go down, your bot lane got vision of him), he may be expecting it and ask his top laner to ward his top side buff, so be careful. If you manage to successfully invade his topside jungle, proceed to clear scuttle then your bot jungle. By clearing scuttle, you get to see whether or not the enemy jungle decided to try and counter-jungle your top jungle (in which case you can collapse on him with your top / mid laner). By clearing your bot jungle before clearing your top jungle, you prevent retaliatory counter-jungling and 3 buff the enemy jungler. With how much longer it currently takes for camps to respawn, this invade is extremely rewarding if you manage to pull it off.

For any invade you do, always keep your eye on the minimap, particularly on the lanes that are closest to you (Mid / Bot or Mid / Top, depending on where you're invading). If you see an enemy laner disappear from the minimap, it's probably in your best interests to call off the invade and retreat. Although you might not get the enemy buff / a kill, you wasted the time of the enemy laners who came to help the enemy jungler, which is a small victory in itself. Every advantage matters!

If you are starting near bot side WITH a leash and notice that the enemy bot lane comes to lane significantly earlier than your bot lane, it probably means that the enemy jungler started on the buff closest to top side. If the enemy jungler is cautious enough to take this approach, it probably means that he will be wary when he comes to take his bot side buff (he might ward the brushes around the buff or have a laner ward it for him before he starts the buff.) In this case, it is usually better for you to just do a standard clear in your own jungle then gank top / mid  because the enemy jungler will end his clear near bot side. That being said, remember to tell your bot lane in chat that the enemy jungler will be near bot around 3:30 - 4 minutes in. 

The lesson here is, always look at your minimap.

There is a route that is designed to avoid being counter-jungling, which is the following


  • Blue Side: The problem I have with this route is that the enemy jungler can potentially do his blue -> your red immediately while you're in the middle of doing wolves. However, there's not really any way around this because if you go straight from your blue -> your red, you miss out on clearing the entire top half of your jungle, which sets you behind on xp / gold. That being said, it's pretty unlikely for the enemy jungler to go from his blue -> your red because if he messes up and dies / is unable to take the buff, he's set behind as he will either die and get his blue side jungle taken or be forced to recall / leave and waste time that he could've spent clearing.
  • Red Side: This clear is problematic in that you don't get to clear your krugs, which is the most valuable camp in the game right now outside of the buffs. However if you feel that the safety of avoiding being counter-jungled is more important than losing out on xp / gold, go for it. This is especially important if you're a blue buff dependent jungler like 32.png.

Macro Jungling - Ganking / Counter-Ganking Back to Top


When ganking with 64.png, you have extremely flexible gank paths due to the nature of your blindmonkwone.png and blindmonkrkick.png, the former allowing you to traverse walls and the latter allowing you to remove enemies from the safety of their tower. 

Generally a lane is considered to be gankable if:

  • They have no wards and are overextended.
  • They have no wards and can be MADE to be overextended with blindmonkrkick.png.
  • They have wards, but cannot recall even if they see you.
  • They cannot 1v2 you and your laner. (Take this into consideration vs early game champions like 58.png and 122.png)
Essentially, any lane is gankable as 64.png, with the only big requirement being that you are able to kill whatever lane you are ganking, as long as they can be displaced from safety.

With the addition of blast cones to the jungle, ganking has become easier than ever, as you can save your blindmonkwone.png to gapclose during the actual gank instead of using it to wardhop across walls when river is warded (details in "plant usage" section). 

Example video:

While 99.png is originally under the safety of her tower, she was removed from the vicinity of the tower through my blindmonkrkick.png.

At other times, it may be more practical to gank through the lane, such as in these instances:

If you are confident, you can even pull off ganks like this:

One thing to keep in mind when ganking is to be aware of where the other jungler is. If you are attempting an audacious Insec towerdive, like in the video above, and the other jungler is there to counter you, you might just end up getting you and your laner double killed. In addition, it is usually not a good idea to brute force a gank after you have been seen, if it takes to long to execute the gank afterwards, as it is likely the lane you are ganking will be receiving assistance. 

When ganking lanes like 13.png or 24.png who have a form of hard cc (stun / suppress / root), it may be better for them to initiate the gank first, allowing you to gapclose with blindmonkqone.png on the locked down target.

As 64.png jungle, it is best to try to give the kills to your laners, as they will scale better than you with kills, unless you are confident in your ability to snowball your lead over the other jungler through invades and counterganks. 

After a gank, if your laner has teleport, it might be best to leave the minion wave as it is and let your laner teleport back after he recalls so he can get the farm safely. If your laner doesn't have teleport, it might be better to shove the wave into the enemy tower before recalling, so that he can deny the other laner minions. If there is an objective (dragon / baron / tower) elsewhere on the map that needs to be contested, and your laner has teleport, it would be best to shove the minion wave to the tower so that your lane doesn't miss any farm while being elsewhere to contest an objective. 

After pushing a minion wave into the enemy tower, you can choose to either damage the tower or invade the surrounding enemy jungle. If an adjacent enemy lane goes MIA, it might not be the best idea to invade the jungle, as you might get caught. 


Counter-ganking is a bit harder to execute, especially in lower ranks, where enemy junglers will be less likely to spot gank opportunities and act on them. 

There are three ways to predict a gank.

  • You spot the enemy jungler / laner moving through a ward
  • An enemy champion goes MIA / you have no vision of the enemy jungler and one of your lanes is divable.
  • A lane is overextended with no vision, making for an easy gank for the enemy jungler.
  • You use the scrying plant and you see that one side of the enemy jungle is empty meaning that the enemy jungler has to be on the other side of the map either farming or attempting to gank.
As for the actual act of counter-ganking, you should use blindmonkrkick.png to peel the enemy jungler / laner off your lane if they are in the process of being ganked and you can't win the 2v2. If you CAN win the 2v2, you might want to try and let the other jungler start his gank, and THEN come out to counter it, possibly leading to a double kill for you and your laner. 

Micro Jungling - Clearing the Jungle Back to Top

The most efficient methods of clearing the jungle.

An important thing to note is that it is highly advised against double tapping blindmonkqone.png (Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike) in order to travel between camps. By double tapping blindmonkqone.png, you miss out on two empowered autos from your leesinpassive.png as well as having lower damage on the execute component of blindmonkqone.png (Resonating Strike). Overall, you will take more damage than necessary. The only instances in which I would double tap blindmonkqone.png to travel between camps is when I have somewhere to get to and I want to clear the camp as fast as possible, regardless of how much health I lose in the process or if I'm chasing / running and need an escape path.

For every melee camp, I usually walk back between every auto while waiting for my auto timer to reset so that I'm not taking damage while I'm not hitting the camp. The slow from blindmonkeone.png (Cripple) helps with this.

Gromp: It has ranged attacks, so there's no point in trying to kite it. Just space out your skill usage and auto twice in between every skill like normal. If you are planning on smiting it, smite it in the beginning (unless you fear an invade and want to secure it) so that it takes bonus damage from the start, allowing you to clear it faster.

Blue Buff: Kill it

Krugs: On your first clear, kill the small one and its children first while kiting the Big one around to avoid taking extra damage. Try to save blindmonkeone.png to instantly kill the resulting  baby krugs to save time.

Wolves: Kill the small ones first.

Raptors: Kill the small ones first before hitting the big one. If you are planning to 11.png the big one, you can 11.png the big one even before all the small raptors are dead if you are in the middle of using blindmonkwone.png (Iron Will) on the small raptors.

Red Buff: Kill it

Scuttle Crab: Just hit it, it doesn't hit back so there's nothing to kite. If anything, you might want to wait for it to use its dash before you cast blindmonkqone.png so that you don't risk missing it, but that's about it. 

Micro Jungling - Ganking Back to Top

So the mechanics involved in executing a gank seem simple in theory. Either blindmonkrkick.png an enemy away from safety and into a teammate, or blindmonkeone.png (Cripple) slow them so that your teammate can catch up. If needed, use blindmonkqone.png to gapclose. However, there are a few finer points in successfully executing a gank that will help you be more successful. In addition, smart usage of the blast cone / scryer's bloom can significantly increase your gank success rates (details under "Plant Usage" section).

1. Do not use Sonic Wave to gap close if you can instead use safeguard. 

If you are ganking a lane and the enemy champion is far away, you risk missing your blindmonkqone.png and failing the gank. As such, it is better to use blindmonkwone.png to close the distance so that there is a lower chance of your missing your blindmonkqone.png. In addition, some people will wait for you to fire the blindmonkqone.png so they can juke it. If you just blindmonkwone.png next to them and use a point blank blindmonkeone.png (Cripple), there's no way for them to juke the gank.

2. Plan out your skill orders ahead of time.

A big reason why higher elo players are able to pull off those fancy mechanical outplays and such is because they are always anticipating their opponents next moves and planning accordingly. For example, let's say that you want to gank mid, but don't have a clear plan as to how. You will just end up wasting time and any potential gank you might attempt is likely to end in failure. If you are planning to insec someone for example, you should plan out your skill order so you don't risk messing up your wardhops with bad hand-eye coordination. This is more of a mental aspect of ganking, but it is still important.

3. Using your kick is a guaranteed method of landing your sonic wave. 

This is covered in the skill mechanics section above, but if you manage to get in range to blindmonkrkick.png somebody, it acts as a mini stun, making it extremely easy for you to land your blindmonkqone.png. However, this only applies if don't actually miss your blindmonkqone.png on a target that is unable to juke it. So don't miss. 

4. If ganking a lane with an escape, it's better to wait till they've used it before attempting to land sonic wave.

This one is a bit situational, as there will obviously be no way to successfully gank an 103.png who has her ahritumble.png available unless you catch her completely off guard and your laner has hard cc to instantly lock her down. But in most cases, it's often better to get them to use their escape before attempting the blindmonkqone.png to reduce the likelihood of your missing it. However, you might also want to consider attempting to interrupt them mid-escape with your blindmonkrkick.png. A full list of interruptible skills is listed above in the skill mechanics section.

5. Using the Kick + flash is better than using flash + Kick.

This is under the skill mechanics section. Basically, by using your blindmonkrkick.png and THEN 4.png behind the enemy champion, you give them no chance to react.

Plant Usage Back to Top

Blast Cone:

The blast cone is one of the more hilarious additions to the new jungle. Besides its obvious use for escapes / chasing, it's also extremely useful for ganking. Before the introduction of blast cone, ganking bot / top lane was fairly difficult if river was warded, as you would have to either wait behind the river wall and blindmonkwone.png over, losing a gapcloser, or you would have to either lane gank or flank. With blast cones, you can use the plant to get over the wall when you see an opportune moment and have both blindmonkqone.png and blindmonkwone.png available to gapclose once you reach the enemy bot lane. Screenshot below:


The red arrows represent the direction in which you jump the wall using the blast cone. Even if the river is warded, you can still gank with blast cone + double gapcloser if the enemy laner(s) misstep.

Scryer's Bloom:

This is the most op of the jungle plants in my opinion. You can reveal an entire side of the enemy jungle, giving you valuable information without having to put yourself at risk. If you see that one side of the enemy jungle has been cleared of camps, you can assume that the enemy jungler is either in the river / your jungle or in his opposite jungle. As such, you can accurately determine the enemy jungler's movements and ping potential ganks so that your laners know to be wary. Also, the vision reveal of wards and invisible units is super op and they need to nerf the duration so that you can't just clear every ward in an entire quadrant of the map.

However, usage of the Scryer's Bloom can backfire on you, as everyone can see it being activated. As such, if you see the Scryer's Bloom being activated and you know no one on your team was the one who activated it, you can assume that the enemy jungler is in that quadrant of the map, and vice versa. Don't use Scryer's Bloom if you want to avoid detection right before ganking!


Pretty useful if you need a bit of a health boost and you happen to be in the river. Although you can try to pop it to deny it from the enemy jungler, you should try to leave it up for your laners to take if they are pushing in the enemy laners. When I play mid I try to push the other mid under tower -> take the fruit -> come back to lane with a health / mana advantage. This is probably the most straightforward plant so not much to say. I've also found it useful when starting objectives like Baron or Dragon then having to peel off because although you've taken damage from said objectives, the plant helps you heal back up before a teamfight / objective contest. It's also pretty useful if you're being chased because you can pop the plant as you pass it and slow the people chasing you, allowing you to get away.

Warding Locations Back to Top

This section will cover warding locations at level 1, during early / mid / late game, and aggressive / defensive control wards. Note this not cover every possible warding location for every scenario (especially in the mid / late game, but only covers general ones that will never not be useful. 

Level 1 Warding Locations:

level 1.png

The ward right next to mid lane is my favorite level 1 ward and the one I will place 99% of the time. It spots invades coming in from the lane itself, and from the banana brush on purple side / brush behind red buff on blue side. 

The ward in the lower river should be placed if your mid laner / support decides to place the first ward by mid lane. It spots invades through blue side tribrush and purple side blue buff / gromp.

Early Game Warding Locations:


The ward next to the enemy raptor camp denies the use of the raptor buff from the enemy jungler, as the buff will immediately proc upon his smiting the camp, not allowing him to use it to detect wards in the river or next to lanes.

The ward at the entrance to the river, but still in the jungle, is actually known as the "Dade ward" as Korean player Dade became known for placing this ward in almost all of his professional matches. If you are on blue side, you would place the ward at the purple side entrance to the river (near top) and if you are on purple side, you would place the ward at the blue side entrance to the river (near bot). The reason this ward is so good is because it covers the most common paths that an enemy jungler will use during a mid gank. If he decides to come directly from the brushes next to mid, the ward will spot him in the river, unless he is hugging the extreme edge of the wall. And obviously he will be spotted if he tries to gank after clearing his raptors.

The wards in the middle of the rivers, in the pixel brushes, are good because they allow you to track enemy jungler movements if they decide to invade your jungle or gank bot / top. However, it's almost expected at this point that the pixel brush will be warded, so some junglers with high mobility such as 64.png59.png, and 421.png will burrow over the dragon / baron pit walls instead, bypassing the ward in the river. This is just something to watch out for. 

Mid Game Warding Locations:


Mid game has the most variety in terms of where wards are placed. At this point, it is assumed that both teams are actively contesting objectives (buffs / towers / dragons) and are moving together in coordination. The wards shown above can be placed both aggressively and defensively in order to deny successful invades from the other team, keep track of allied / enemy buffs, and provide vision in order to make picks. There are definitely more possible locations, but it would be impossible to write out every scenario for which a certain ward would be ideal.

Late Game Warding Locations:


There isn't much difference from the mid game in terms of actual ward locations, but more emphasis is placed on securing vision around baron and dragon (as 5th dragon rivals baron in terms of importance), as well as in brushes where it is possible for a team to lie in wait for an ambush and try to make picks.

Defensive Control Wards (Can be replaced with normal wards):


These are control wards that you place when you are behind / fear constant invades / need time to farm and scale.

The control wards behind your red buff (in the brush facing the river entrance) help to spot enemy mid laners / junglers who are roaming bot or enemy bot lanes who are roaming mid. However, this is one of the most common locations for wards in general, so expect it to be contested.

The control wards in the banana brushes by the river are there if you cannot afford to place control wards in the pixel brush in the middle of the river, as the enemy jungler is stronger than you and can easily clear them if he spots it. If you can't cross the river safely, this is a good place to put a control wards.

The control wards by the wolf camps are there to spot roams from the enemy top / bot lanes. If one of your bot / top towers goes down early, there is potential for those lanes to roam and try to invade your jungle / gank mid, so these control wards help to spot those.

Aggressive Control Wards (Can be replaced with normal wards): 


These control wards should be placed when you are stronger than the enemy jungler / are in a position to contest objectives around those areas.

The bush BEHIND the enemy red buff is a really good place to put a control ward, especially in the early / mid game, as most junglers do not path through that brush often, if at all. Junglers who go from krugs -> red don't have any reason to walk through that brush, from base -> krugs, there is no reason (as its easier to go to krugs through bot / top lane rather than mid), and from base -> raptors, they would go through the brush closer to mid and between raptors / red. The only instance in which a jungler might path through that brush is if they are going from base -> red, so it's best to place the control ward AFTER the enemy red has been cleared.

The control wards in the middle of the river (the pixel brush) should be placed if your mid lane is winning or always pushed in / you are stronger than the enemy jungler and can contest the ward if he tries to clear it. If your mid laner is always pushed in, this ward gives him vision behind / to the side of him, allowing him to spot ganks early. If he is winning, he can help you contest the ward location if the enemy jungler / mid laner shows up.

For the control wardss next to blue buff, those are riskier because people are more likely to path through them during mid / late game. However, it's uncommon for the enemy mid / jungler to path through that brush in the early game, so a control ward placed there early can give you a lot of value.

Another detailed guide to warding from a midlane perspective by a high diamond / master tier mid laner Command Attack: Click here

For junglers, knowing how vision affects the mid lane is pretty important as it helps you decide where to place your wards, where your mid requires vision, etc so I would highly suggest giving it a read.

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