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Leona is a very strong champion in early game. Take Ignite to get early kills and snowball the game. 

Remember that during all-in you have to use Ignite in time - before enemy heal. Ignite reduces all healing effects, so if you use it faster than enemy manages to heal by Heal 7.png , Nami's W namiw.png , Soraka's W sorakaw.png or  R sorakar.png , Sona's W sonaw.png , Rakan's Q rakanq.png , Janna's R reapthewhirlwind.png etc. 


Remember that Ignite 14.png has: 
the same cooldown as Exhaust 3.png (210 s)
lower cooldown than Heal 7.png  (240 s)
lower cooldown than Flash 4.png (300 s)
This means that if you trade your Ignite for enemy adc's Heal or Flash, after the end of your Ignite's cooldown you have enough time to all in the adc who doesn't have his spell, despite you already have that Ignite ready again. 

Ignite helps you a lot in winning 2v2 and 2v3 situations in botlane.

In late game, you should usually use Ignite as a damage spell which helps you burst and oneshot enemy squishy champions; however there are some situations where you can use ignite primarilly as a healing effects reduction, not primarilly for damage. It happens for example when you fight against: 

ADC with 2 healing items ( Blade of the Ruined King 3153.png + Death's Dance 3812.png or Bloodthirster 3072.png ) - sometimes used by Kalista 429.png or Lucian 236.png 

Team with Soraka 16.png (in this case you should also ask some of your damage dealing teammates to build healing reducing items like Morellonomicon 3165.png or Executioner's Calling 3123.png (in later phase of game upgraded to Mortal Reminder 3033.png ).

Aatrox 266.png (because of his Lifesteal W aatroxw.png )

Akali 84.png with Lifesteal and Spell vamp build (often includes Hextech Gunblade 3146.png , Spell vamp runes and Vampirism mastery 6131.png )

Dr. Mundo 36.png (to reduce healing effect of his R sadism.png )

Fiora 114.png with Lifesteal build (can include Ravenous Hydra 3074.png , Death's Dance 3812.png or Bloodthirster 3072.png ); care that Fiora's W fioraw.png  makes her immune to enemy spells, so if you cast Ignite against her during this moment, you lose your ignite and she will not be ignited

Gangplank 41.png (when you expect him to use his W gangplankw.png and you know you have to reduce his healing, because fully healed he would be dangerous for you or your teammates or he would stay alive)

Master Yi 11.png (while casting his W meditate.png and noone nearby has stun or silence to interrupt his healing) 

Swain 50.png (to reduce healing effect of his R swainmetamorphism.png )

Vladimir 8.png (because of his sustain and ability to heal himself with Q vladimirq.png and R vladimirhemoplague.png )

Zac 154.png(to reduce healing effect of his Passive zacpassive.png - but remember that Zac is a tank, so especially in teamfights, there usually are better targets for your Ignite)


Picking Exhaust as Leona is only very situational in current meta. As Leona, you usually want to dominate your lane, snowball and win the game as soon as possible, because Leona is not the best support for late game.

Exhaust is better for the opposite strategy - when you know that you have to survive the early game somehow, scale and win in lategame. For lategame, Exhaust is much better than Ignite, because all damage dealers deal damage already, so you can reduce this damage, which helps your team a lot.

You can pick Exhaust into some of the losing matchups, when you know u can't win laning phase and you will try to farm up and in lategame hard protect your carries - for example into these matchups: 
Vayne 67.png + Leona 89.png vs. Jhin 202.png+ Janna 40.png 
Jhin 202.png + Leona 89.png vs. Lucian 236.png+ Braum 201.png
Kog'Maw 96.png + Leona 89.png vs. Kalista 429.png + Thresh 412.png
Varus 110.png + Leona 89.png vs. Tristana 18.png + Blitzcrank 53.png

Remember that you have to use Exhaust in time - it usually means "when you know enemy will cast or is casting his most damaging ability or autoattack, but before it deals damage". 
If you cast Exhaust too early, he postpones his engage or casting his ability, so you only slow him, but you don't make his abilities or spells uselessly casted and burned up. (This can be useful only in situations like: "Your ADC with 100 HP recalling in warded bush, you exhaust enemy Varus, so he can't arrive in time and changes his plan.")
If you cast Exhaust too late, your teammates already took full damage by some or all of the abilities of an exhausted enemy, so he will have only problems with chasing you or running... which would be something he also had if he was exhausted in time.

against Annie 1.png : Use exhaust right after she comes close enough to your team and it's obvious that "now she will cast her combo". For example right after her flash into your team.
against Jax 24.png : Use exhaust when he's casting his E jaxcounterstrike.png . 
against Jhin 202.png : Use exhaust after his 4th auto attack is casted and before it arrives to its target.
against Master Yi 11.png : Use exhaust when it's obvious he will cast Q alphastrike.png .
against Mega Gnar 150.png : Use exhaust right after he jumps into your team.
against Orianna 61.png  or Syndra 134.png : Use exhaust when her R is casting.
against Vayne 67.png : Use exhaust before 3rd auto attack of her W vaynesilveredbolts.png is casted.


Exhaust pick is bad against:
Karma 43.png - she outscales Leona hard, so in this matchup you usually have to play with adc with strong early game, get early kills and end before Karma's powerspikes; Exhaust makes your offense and 2v2 kill potential way harder, additionally with Ignite you can reduce her R karmaspiritbind.png + W karmamantra.png heal.

Kog'Maw 96.png - in current meta, the best thing you can do against him is to cc him and destroy him easily - ignites helps you, Exhaust doesn't; only if you play Vayne 67.png  + Leona 89.png vs. Kog'Maw 96.png + Lulu 117.png, Exhaust is way better. 

Morgana 25.png - her E blackshield.png shield counters Exhaust - Exhausted target is not slowed.

Exhaust pick is good against:

Assasins who jump in and burst:
Ekko 245.png , Fiddlesticks9.png , Fizz 105.png , AP Gragas 79.png , Jarvan 59.png , Kassadin 38.png , Katarina 55.png , Kha'Zix121.png , Lissandra 127.png , Nocturne 56.png , Rengar 107.png , Riven 92.png , Wukong 62.png , Zed 238.png 

Mages with oneshotting combo:
Annie 1.png , Gangplank 41.png , AP Kennen 85.png , Lux 99.png , Miss Fortune 21.png , Mordekaiser 82.png , Orianna 61.png , Syndra 134.png , Veigar 45.png , Vel'Koz 161.png

Low range autoattackers:
Hecarim120.png , Jax 24.png , Kayle 10.png, Master Yi 11.png , Olaf 2.png , Shyvana 102.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

For Leona, possible are these schemas of mastery pages: 

12/18/0, key mastery: Thunderlord's Decree 6362.png [SHOWN ABOVE (2nd page)]
Extremely offensive, grants high snowball potential, allows oneshotting all-ins, but requires adc with strong early game, good teamwork.
Pros: Very strong early game and mid game, tons of damage - enough to oneshot the enemy, in some situations enough to 1v1 enemy adc.
Cons: Bad in tank meta, problematic while being camped by enemy jungler, very bad in not winning matchups, often bad against tanky supports, makes Leona squishy and easily pokeable, no mana regen bonus makes much more important making only good and successful engages - you mustn't fail a lot, you mustn't eat spells.

0/18/12, key mastery: Thunderlord's Decree 6362.png [SHOWN ABOVE (3rd page)]
Offensive, grants snowball potential, good for shorter trading, allows strong all-ins.
Pros: Strong early game and mid game, nice bonus damage of Thunderlord's Decree makes your all-ins strong enough to oneshot the enemy. Great for roaming.
Cons: Bad in tank meta, problematic while being camped by enemy jungler, not so good against tanky supports, makes Leona littlebit squishier compared to next 3 mastery pages.

0/12/18, key mastery: Grasp of the Undying 6261.png
Weird, good for longer trades, good in early game, bad in majority of midgame and lategame situations, but can surprise sometimes. 
Pros: Strong early game, in some situations you are able to kill enemy adc in 1v1, pretty good against tanky supports, good in 2v3 situations.
Cons: Bad for shorter trading, all-in or trade has to be long to make the key mastery pay off, not so good in current meta.

0/12/18, key mastery: Courage of the Colossus 6262.png [SHOWN ABOVE (1st page)]
Standard mastery page, grants a big tankiness and sustain, good for trading, but doesn't help you with dealing damage like previous 3 pages and doesn't help your adc with sustain like the next page.
Pros: You survive everything in all phases of the game, using your sustain for bodyblocking spells offending your carries is effective, you can trade pretty often without losing HP, no problems with matchup, good in current meta.
Cons: It doesn't help you with damage (only sometimes you just survive longer or people ignore a tank, so after all you deal more damage than with offensive masteries) and bursting enemy champions.

0/12/18, key mastery: Stoneborn Pact 6263.png
Mastery page for bad matchups and adc scaling to lategame, makes bad trades littlebit better, but grants no all-in power.
Pros: Helps surviving towerdives (in both offensive and defending meaning), makes Leona tanky, provides a good sustain in lane, helps in bad botlane matchups, helps superscaling adc survive early game.
Cons: Doesn't help you with roaming, useless with lanemates who don't autoattack a lot (for example Ziggs 115.png , Mordekaiser 82.png , lethality Varus 110.png , Miss Fortune 21.png ), not so good if only one autoattacker is in your team, doesn't help you much with snowballing, Leona falls off rapidly in lategame, not so good when in your team there are more players who also have the same mastery (like Nunu 20.png , Gragas 79.png , Cho'Gath 31.png etc.).

MAYBE 18/12/0 and 18/0/12 with Warlord's Bloodlust 6161.png are possible too, though not tested by me.
It would make sense, because bloodlust gives a speed buff and can help a little with sustain during trading, but similarly as a page with Grasp of the Undying, this mastery page wouldn't be effective in high elo games.

Concrete non-key masteries

Resolve tree

Recovery 6211.png [RECOMMENDED] helps Leona with sustain a lot during laning phase, so you can fight and trade more often. 
Unyielding 6212.png is pretty useless - she gets armor and magic resist slowly, so it takes a long time for this bonus to become relevant.

Explorer 6221.png [RECOMMENDED] helps you a lot while moving in the lane bushes or when you roam.
Siegemaster 6222.png is good only in losing matchups against poking champions.
Tough Skin 6223.png can help you in early game against autoattackers, but I think that in most of situations it is not so important.

Runic Armor 6231.png is not so good on Leona, especially if you want to have strong early levels. 
Veteran's Scars 6232.png [RECOMMENDED] is an early game mastery, which makes you better survive all-ins and ganks.
Insight 6241.png [RECOMMENDED] should be used in most of situations, because it allows you more all-ins. In many situations you need only a couple of seconds to have your Ignite or Flash ready, this mastery helps you there.
Perseverance 6242.png is an early game mastery, which allows you more trading or more getting poked, which can be good in some losing matchups.
Fearless 6243.png can be good in lategame, similarly as Unyielding mastery.

Swiftness 6251.png [RECOMMENDED] gives you Tenacity, so nothing stops you. Very good especially against teams with CC, against Morgana etc.
Legendary Guardian 6252.png is a mastery for losing bottom lane matchups or midgame teamfights. 

Cunning Tree

Wanderer 6311.png [RECOMMENDED] gives you better roaming and chasing potential and faster coming back to your lane.
Savagery 6312.png is useless for Leona, because it helps only champions who farm cs.

Runic Affinity 6321.png can help you have your double buff given by enemy jungler and stolen from your ADC for a longer time or having Baron buff for a longer time, which can be useful, but overall it doesn't pay off so much and especially if the game goes wrong, this mastery doesn't help you a lot.
Secret Stash 6322.png [RECOMMENDED] is very strong early game mastery, helps you with HP, helps you with mana.
Assassin 6323.png can be useful after your adc died in 2v2 situation or when you try to kill enemy adc 1v1... which usually requires being ahead... which usually requires getting ahead... which is something this mastery can't help you with.

Merciless 6331.png is good for strong all-ins and oneshots.
Meditation 6332.png [RECOMMENDED] makes Leona less mana hungry, which allows you trading or trying to engage by your E more often. 

Greenfather's Gift 6341.png makes your trades after getting out of bush stronger, it's useless in losing matchups, when you hug your turret.
Bandit 6342.png [RECOMMENDED] is a classic support mastery, gives you much gold when you stay close to dying enemy minions, also gives you gold in trades, when you autoattack enemies.
Dangerous Game 6343.png is a mastery for fighting, can be used to survive 2v2 or 2v3 fights on botlane.

Precision 6351.png is good for a stronger all-in combo, helps you deal more damage while oneshotting.
Intelligence 6352.png [RECOMMENDED] is more supportive than Precision, helps you in longer fights, helps you with CCing enemies, allows you having R ready more often.

Ferocity tree

Fury 6111.png grants attack speed, which is useless for Leona, especially in midgame and lategame.
Sorcery 6114.png [RECOMMENDED] gives you damage, especially as the time goes on and levels of your abilities are growing and cooldowns are shorter and shorter.

Fresh Blood 6121.png can be useful in very short early game trades.
Feast 6122.png causes that your Relic Shield passive will give you sometimes 20 more HP - not so great... 
Expose Weakness 6123.png [RECOMMENDED] helps your team dealing more damage, doesn't fall off in late game. 

Vampirism 6131.png is pretty useless on Leona - she is a tank with many low damage AoE (Area of Effect) spells, so usually doesn't need those few HP she would get by this little healing.
Natural Talent 6134.png [RECOMMENDED] gives you a nice bonus damage and causes that you will not fall off in late game so hard.

Bounty Hunter 6141.png should be picked only if you trust that you get some early kills.
Double Edged Sword 6142.png [RECOMMENDED] makes you squishier, but your damage higher.
Battle Trance 6143.png is good when you expect longer fights or longer trades instead of oneshots and short trades.

Battering Blows 6151.png helps you with dealing physical damage.
Piercing Thoughts 6154.png [RECOMMENDED] helps you with dealing magic damage; Leona, especially in midgame and lategame, deals more magic damage than physical damage.

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing abilities

Leona is an early game supportive tank, who has her "powerspike" on levels 3-11.

Max W leonasolarbarrier.png to maximalize her sustain and damage.
Level up more Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png than E leonazenithblade.png, because you need that stun more than root + dash in, however, having E on a maximal cooldown can be problematic in longer fights.

Use of abilities

Always try to use leonasolarflare.png in order to stun. Usage of this spell primarilly for slow is not the best, because a slowed enemy still have a possibility to use his escape spells or abilities. 
Remember that casting R takes some time, so better players can use escape abilities just when they see your R being casted onto them. Thats why against them you have to either predict their escape spell and cast your R onto area of their predicted position, or at first burn their escape spell and then cast your ultimate more guaranteed.

Also remember that if you cast leonasolarbarrier.png as the first ability, enemy will run, scared in expecting of your engage. Additionally, if you try to use all abilities in 1 moment, your passive will not have the maximum effect.

Try to stack your Passive leonapassive.png - your spell, ally AA, your spell, ally AA, your spell, ally AA deal more damage than your spell, your spell, your spell, ally AA, ally AA, ally AA.
Good usage of your passive can sometimes determine the result of 2v2 fight or your all-in. 

Little trade combo:
You make 1 auto attack, use Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png + auto attack, auto attack.
This combo is not used only against enemy champions, but also can destroy enemy wards

Big trade combo:
You go in, as the first of all, you useleonazenithblade.png . Then you watch it being casted. In this situation you must make decision. 
If it seems to fail, don't do anything. 
If you trust it to land to the enemy champion, press W leonasolarbarrier.png . 
If your E lands, make 1 auto attack, use Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png + auto attack, auto attack. 

Midgame guaranteed oneshot combo:
You go in, cast E leonazenithblade.png, press W leonasolarbarrier.png and Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png. When your E transports you to your target, you autoattack him (which stuns him) and cast R leonasolarflare.png onto him.


Before laning phase starts, watch out, where the enemy jungler started (if he started botside, enemy support will have less than 100 % mana and often also less than 100 % HP, enemy ADC and support come to the lane fast, if he started topside, enemy toplaner will have less than 100 % HP and mana and comes into lane late, if he started raptors, enemy midlaner will be spotted while coming from them). According to this, you automatically know, that:
If enemy jungler started topside or on raptors, he can gank you at 2:40+.
If enemy jungler started botside, he can gank you at 3:30+.
If enemy jungler started on botside red or botside raptors and you push a lot on level 1, he can gank you on your level 1 or 2.
According to this, you are starting to put trinket wards 3340.png to the river to see all enemy attempts to gank your lane (from level 4+ you can also sometimes ward botlane bushes in order to prevent laneganks - when you expect them).

Pay attention to the minimap - watch, where enemy jungler was spotted, do not ignore missing pings of your teammates.
After your backing, if you have enough gold, it often pays off to buy a Control Ward 2055.png and using it at the correct places - which is often in river bushes (in case of trying to control the river) or in the lane bushes (to prepare botlane for your jungler's lanegank).
Buying Control Wards in midgame allows you having altogether upto 4 wards in 1 time (3 Sightstone wards + 1 Control wards), but it is not necessary.

Remember that you can use Control Wards to
- warding a bush where you or your teammates are hiding or are about to hide in order to know whether there are enemy wards which give enemies information about your position
- warding a bush during a skirmish or fight in order to make harder for an enemy to get a vision of the bush; this can help your teammates hiding in bush where for a short time they are unseen, so noone attacks them and overall they take less damage in that fight and survive it

While buying Sightstone 2049.png , remember swapping your trinket to Sweeping Lens 3341.png .
During first shopping after getting level 9+, upgrade Sweeping Lens to Oracle Alteration 3364.png .


During laning phase, try to get as much experience as possible, if you want to carry your adc and the game. With too much unsuccessful roaming you destroy your early game, which is a time when Leona should be the most relevant. 
That's why you should primarilly focus on your own lane and go roam after kills, after recall or when your lane pushes under enemy turret, hugged by enemy botlane. When you decide to roam, choose only a lane where you have a kill potential, so if you don't be spotted by enemy wards or missing pings, you always kill an enemy laner or at least force him into using Summoner spells to escape.

Remember that against Thresh 412.png , roaming is very hard, because he automatically starts zoning your ADC far from the minions. Against Blitzcrank 53.png or Braum 201.png it is sometimes better - when your ADC has a dash or another escape (Lucian's E luciane.png, Ezreal's E ezrealarcaneshift.png, Tristana's W tristanaw.png).

If you see that enemy support is roaming, do something too. You can roam, kill the enemy ADC, zone him from farm, destroy enemy turret etc. 

Remember placing wards when you roam

Positioning in Teamfights

Try to stay close to ally carries to be able to use your support items, bodyblock enemy spells which would hit them and stun enemies who get close to your carries. Remember that you often have to save your stuns (leonashieldofdaybreak.png , R leonasolarflare.png ) for interruption of casting of some enemy abilites (like Vel'Koz R velkozr.png , Malzahar R malzaharr.png , Fiddlesticks R crowstorm.png, Miss Fortune R missfortunebullettime.png, Warwick R warwickr.png etc.).
You can go far to frontline only if you know that your squishy champions are safe and they won't need your peel.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard starting buy for tanky supports
    After first buy (if not enough gold, don't buy Control Ward, buy Ruby Crystal instead of Targon's Brace and buy less Health Potions)
    Build during the end of a laning phase or the start of midgame

Core Items

    First big powerspike - build first full Locket of the Iron Solari, then full Ruby Sightstone
    After a buy of a first situational item (usually Redemption).
    Final build - one of many possibilities
    Final build against full AD team

Situational Items

Buy Relic Shield 3302.png instead of Ancient Coin 3301.png . 
Relic Shield makes you tankier, its passive grants sustain you and your ADC and similar or higher amount of gold.
Ancient Coin is better for support champions who play their lane more farm-oriented and passively, which is not Leona's case (usually).

I can recommend fast upgrade of your support item into Targon's Brace 3097.png , which gives you more gold and your adc more sustain.

Buy your level 2 boots and Sightstone 2049.png fast. Don't wait to midgame or lategame. You have to do as many things as possible as soon as possible - more warding = more vision, being faster = having enough time to visit enough lanes, giving enough kills, placing wards, closing gap between you and an enemy you want to CC and kill etc.
I recommend you Boots of Swiftness 3009.png more than Boots of Mobility 3117.png , because with Mobility boots it is harder to get out after being engaged on and also movement in teamfight is harder.

Locket of the Iron Solari 3190.png is the strongest support item on these patches. It makes you tanky and provides great shield for all nearby allies. Cast it similarly as an Exhaust - before your teammates take the damage. 

Redemption 3107.png usually doesn't solo carry games anymore, but is still a pretty good item, which can help your team and is very strong especially in situations around baron pit, however against team with huge bursting power and much healing reduction, this item is absolutely worthless.

Knight's Vow 3109.png is a good item for all tanky supports - including Leona. Cheap, giving tankiness, protecting and speed buffing your ADC. Good against champions with burst. After death of your adc, it can protect another teammate.

Zeke's Convergence 3050.png  and Iceborn Gauntlet 3025.png are great offensive items, however, they don't provide your carries any protection, which sometimes can be crucial.

Thornmail 3075.png , Frozen Heart 3110.png and Randuin's Omen 3143.png are items good against teams with much AD and against superscaling autoattacking lategame ADCs like Kalista, Vayne, Twitch etc. All of these items can reduce enemy attack speed, however, it means nothing for bursting casters like Syndra, Orianna, Ziggs, Jayce, Zed, lethality Varus etc.

Face of the Mountain 3401.png is a traditionally recommended item for tanky supports, however, in my opinion, it is still not strong enough compared to other support items. It can be build for giving a quick extra shield, but also other items provide some shielding or damage reduction, but do many other better things.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Camille
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Galio
  • Gragas
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Kennen
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Malzahar
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Nunu
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  • Rakan
  • Sion
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taliyah
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Trundle
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Volibear
  • Xerath
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




In short trades, use Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png before he uses his Q pulverize.png . 

Do not dive him near enemy turret.
Always focus ADC instead of Alistar. 
If possible, in longer fights keep your E leonazenithblade.png - let him use his Q pulverize.png and W headbutt.png on you, then get back by your leonazenithblade.png to him.



Your early game is much stronger then her one. Use this advantage to farm her in early game, do not let her poke you and scale. 
You can start with killing her even from level 2. 
In later phases of a game, get ready for her Flash 4.png + R infernalguardian.png combo.



Try to play early game agressively. 
Keep Bard far from terrains he can escape through by using E bardE.png
While chasing him, do not use the same way as your adc in order not to be stunned by his Q bardQ.png
Use your E leonazenithblade.png to get behind Bard. Use this positional advantage not to be hit by his Q bardQ.png and to destroy his bardW.png .



In a lane against Blitzcrank, you have to be the dominant one. 
You have to use all your opportunities to lower his hp, because his basic combat stats are stronger than yours. 
Beware of his rocketgrab.png . His full combo is able to reduce your HP by 25-50 %. 
If your adc does not have escape abilities (like Draven 119.png , Jinx 222.png , Jhin 202.png , Twitch 29.png , Miss Fortune 21.png , Ashe 22.png , Varus 110.png , Kalista 429.png etc.), let Blitzcrank grab you instead of your adc.
Ping your teammates whenever you see or expect Blitzcrank to be roaming.



Try to kill him as many times as possible during first 5 levels. 
Beware of his W brandw.png + Q brandq.png + E brande.png combo. 
On level 6+, fight him only when you have your R leonasolarflare.png ready




Care that support Camille is pretty tanky, so it is hard to kill her. 

Focus enemy ADC.
Bodyblock her E camillee.png engage attempts on your ADC.


Dr. Mundo


Dodge his Q infectedcleavermissilecast.png - sometimes minion help you bodyblocking.

If the lane goes even, at level 5 trade in order to prepare the lane for level 6 all in and easy kill (with using Ignite 14.png ).
Remember that if he goes full tanky, he deals no damage, so it's easy to ignore him and kill enemy ADC, if he goes AP semitank, he is easy to be killed.




This lane matchup depends on the ADCs and jungle presence. 

Leona with better early game ADC can just kill Fiddlesticks and his ADC again and again without any problems.
Leona with bad early game ADC can do nothing against Fiddlesticks, a poking champion, and another poking champion or a strong ADC (like Caitlyn, Xayah etc.).
In longer fights or all-ins, save your Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png or Ignite 14.png to destroy his W drain.png .
Do not feed early game to make Fiddlesticks useless in midgame and lategame.




Bodyblock Galio's E galioe.png engage onto your ADC.

Try to make him run out of mana.
Focus the ADC.




Don't give Gragas any early kills or a big experience advantage. 

Bodyblock his E gragase.png engages onto your ADC.



Always expect Janna's Q howlinggale.png to interrupt your E leonazenithblade.png . 
In laning phase, there is necessary to be able to stun her (or if possible her and her adc) by your R leonasolarflare.png . Stuns from R leonasolarflare.png and Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png are often sufficient for killing someone in enemy botlane.
Also, your R leonasolarflare.png has lower cooldown than Janna's R reapthewhirlwind.png . This fact can be used similarly to trading your Ignite with ADC's Heal - you just trade both ulties and after your cooldown ends, easily kill enemy botlane.



Leona has stronger all in than Karma. 
When your ADC is stronger than an enemy ADC, landing E leonazenithblade.png on Karma, especially when you have 14.png , means 100% kill.
Do not give Karma lane any advantage (for example by overdiving).
Do not let Karma scale up, end the game fast.



Kennen as enemy support isn't a big problem for you.
He is a little stronger in late game, because Leona doesn't have disengage abilities (only stuns), but in early game, especially when you land E leonazenithblade.png without problems, you can easily win the lane against him.
Do not dive him brainlessly after level 6.



Try to get kills against her in early game.
After level 6 it is harder because of her R lulur.png . When you're engaging on enemy botlane, try to keep Lulu stunned in crucial moments, so she can't use her shields and you get easy kills.



Beware of her Q luxlightbinding.png . 
If you land E leonazenithblade.png on her or enemy ADC, she can't do much to protect. 
If she doesn't build full AP and doesn't get fed, you have better late game. Full AP Lux is much stronger in lategame than Leona, so in this case try to end fast.



Malphite is a very tanky champion, so in early game you can kill him only if he commits suicide. 
However, his abilities before having ufslash.png don't enable him to fully help his ADC, so if you focus his adc, you make Malphite useless in early game. 
Locket of the Iron Solari 3190.png works well against him.



Remember that you have to burn his passive by autoattacking or using E leonazenithblade.png on him and then your stun will work.
After level 6, save your Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png or R leonasolarflare.png for interrupting his R malzaharr.png .
Beware of his Q malzaharq.png silence - try not to come into the casting area.
Beware of damage he can produce by his Voidlings malzaharw.png , do not prolong the trades without reason.


Miss Fortune


Whenever you manage to catch Miss Fortune by your E leonazenithblade.png or R leonasolarflare.png , it is very easy to kill her, because as a support, she is not tanky and is underleveled.

During teamfights, you can use your R leonasolarflare.png or Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png to interrupt her R missfortunebullettime.png .



Force Morgana to use E blackshield.png in order to have a chance to stun the other enemy champion in lane. 
Remember that you have lower cooldowns than a cooldown of her E blackshield.png .
Beware of her Q darkbindingmissile.png , sometimes you can predict her Flash 4.png + Q darkbindingmissile.png combos casted against your ADC, so you can bodyblock it.
Try to make a lead, snowball and end the game early - in lategame she outscales you.



Your all in is stronger. 
Sidestep her Q namiQ.png and then she has no escape abilities (only R namiR.png when level 6+). 
Try not to trade because of her healing W namiW.png - make fights focused to kill a member of an enemy botlane duo.



Nautilus and Leona are very similar champions in damage and tankiness. 
When you trade, do not end trading while you lose 15 % HP and Nautilus loses only his W nautiluspiercinggaze.png shield.
Sometimes you can bodyblock his Q which aims on your ADC.



Nunu has more sustain than you, if he goes full tank and if you trade him (he heals lost HP back by Q consume.png ). 
Try to kill him or his adc few times in early game, because he can only improve his adc's movement speed by W bloodboil.png and slow you by E iceblast.png, but your abilities have too much crowd control.
In later game, save your Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png or R leonasolarflare.png to interrupt his R absolutezero.png .




Keep yourself far from walls or turrets not to be stunned by her E poppye.png .

Do not engage by your E leonazenithblade.png , when her W poppyw.png is ready.
Remember that with a good timing of your E leonazenithblade.png you can dash back to her after being hit by her R poppyr.png .




Try to get advantage in early game, when you have a strong all-in. Don't be hit often by his Q rakanq.png - it would make him winning the trades.

In lategame you will fall off a little - try to stun him before he can make his R rakanr.png plays.



When you decide to fight him, keep away from his Q crypticgaze.png (when he casts it, you can stun him by your Q leonashieldofdaybreak.png to interrupt the channeling).
Destroy his W deathscaressfull.png shield faster than it damages you.
Bodyblock Sion's R sionr.png for your allies.



Your main advantage against Sona is your better all in. 
Do not trade her. 
Your success depends on strength of your ADC (high damage early game ADCs like Lucian 236.png , Jhin 202.png , Draven 119.png etc. can farm her) and ability to dodge her sonacrescendo.png .



Many Soraka players play very deffensively. Wait for a mistake, when Soraka gets in your E leonazenithblade.png range. Remember that in this situation you often have to press leonashieldofdaybreak.png just after leonazenithblade.png - otherwise you get into her infuse.png without possibility to stun her. 
If you go on enemy ADC, try to kill him or at least force Summoner spells, not only to trade.


Tahm Kench

Remember than Tahm Kench can use W tahmkenchW.png to protect his adc. That's why often it's better to trade in lane with Tahm Kench himself and kill or wound him first.
Try to find situations, where Tahm Kench is far from his ADC, so he can't swallow it.
Do not overstay far from your turret - he can use R tahmkenchnewr.png , show up nearby you with enemy jungler or ADC and kill you.




Do not feed Taliyah in early game. 

Do not underestimate her Passive's taliyahpassive.png movement speed buff when she runs nearby terrain.



Try not to do many little trades, but fewer big trades. 
After level 6, try to burst focused enemy before R tarichammersmash.png channeling ends.



Use situations when Thresh is closer to you than enemy ADC to trade or kill one of them (usually ADC) - he can not use W threshW.png to protect his ADC. 
In situations when you want to kill one of the enemy botlane champions and Thresh can use W threshW.png for his ADC, either don't go in, or focus Thresh. 
Beware of his Q threshq.png - you can step into it to bodyblock for your adc to protect him. 
While engaging on Thresh, often you should first use R leonasolarflare.png to stun him, then E leonazenithblade.png to get to him. If you use leonazenithblade.png first, he dodges it by threshE.png .



Focus enemy ADC make only trades which go better for you.
Remember Trundle's sustain is huge.




Try to get early kills.

If possible, do not step into his E veigareventhorizon.png .
Protect your carries with Locket of the Iron Solari 3190.png .



Try to kill him as many times as possible in early game and do not give him any kills or assists. If he gets fed, in late game he is unstoppable. 
Sidestep his abilities, don't let him poke you. 
Have R leonasolarflare.png stun ready, when he is casting his R velkozR.png .



Protect your adc from Q volibearq.png . 
You can trade him in very short or very long trades. 
Use the fact that he doesn't have many possibilities how to protect his ADC.
Remember that his Passive volibearpassive.png grants him huge amount of shielding, so all-ining him without having Ignite 14.png ready is very unwise.




Dodge his poke abilities.

Each your E leonazenithblade.png which hits him means easy kill or burned flash.




Try to get early kills before level 6.

After level 6, in all-ins use stuns against him in order not to give him chance to cast R chronoshift.png .
End the game early, his scaling to lategame is way better than Leona's.




Use an early game (your strength and Zyra's squishiness) to farm her.

Zyra scales better to lategame, so try to snowball the early lead and end fast.
Build fast Locket of the Iron Solari 3190.png .

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