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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

 4.png: Has been, is, and will continue to be the best summoner spell in the game unless Riot drastically nerfs it. Flash allows you to get out of bad situations, gap close aggressively for a kill, instantly dodge enemy abilities, and make countless other types of plays. Everyone uses it every game on every champion and so should you.

7.png: No explanation needed, really. Heal has been the dominant ADC summoner spell for a very long time and likely will continue to be. It heals you (obviously) and your support for a decent amount, usually equal to about two auto attacks in an early game fight, which can make a huge difference. The burst of speed is also nice for escaping ganks and other dangerous situations.

3.png: With the changes to grievous wounds this season, there is a POSSIBILITY that the meta could shift to ADCs taking Exhaust and the support taking Heal, since this would allow the ADC to be fully healed even if grievous wounds were applied. Exhaust can also help you win a duel against the other ADC, or deal with an assassin if you get caught out 1v1 later in the game.

1.png: Cleanse is a somewhat rare and situational summoner spell to take. If you were against a team with a high number of CCs (such as Ashe, Leona, and Sejuani), then this spell might be worth considering, but you need to be optimal with your timing for it to be effective.

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Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity Tree

The least changed of the Season 6 mastery trees. Ferocity has everything an ADC could want.

fury_mastery.png Fury


feast_mastery.png Feast

20 health for a minion kill is a very noteworthy amount. Though this mastery is on a long 20-second cooldown, you still should be getting 60 health a minute from Feast alone. In terms of masteries, this is significant enough to be good. The alternative (Double Edged Sword), might sound good to some. However, that mastery also causes you to take 2% more damage. ADCs are squishy and taking more damage when everyone's already trying to kill you is just not a good idea. 

vapirism.png Vampirism

The free life steal is super good and helps in lane. Along with the 3% life steal you get from a Doran's Blade start, you'll be sitting at a nice 5% life steal in lane. Couple this with the Feast mastery and you will be getting a decent amount of sustain that will make a noticeable difference in the laning phase.

bounty_hunter.png Bounty Hunter/Oppressor evasive_mastery_s4.jpg

To be honest, neither mastery in this section of the tree is really that good. 
Bounty Hunter requires you to kill different champions to get extra damage. You need to be doing well; however, once you get the kills the damage is permanent and guaranteed. Even if you only get a kill on each of the enemy bot laners, you've almost reached the amount of damage the alternative mastery would have provided on CC'd targets. Lucian doesn't have any CC, so this damage isn't even guaranteed to happen at all. If you manage to kill just one other champion, Bounty Hunter completely surpasses Oppressor as the bonus damage applies no matter what. Bounty Hunter is higher risk/higher reward, while Oppressor relies on your teammates' CC and is somewhat more consistent. The damage gained from either of these is fairly insignificant, so choose this one on your own. 

armor_pen.png Battering Blows

You're AD. You want armor pen, not magic pen.

fervor.png Fervor of Battle

We're back to using this keystone after Riot changed masteries again (from Thunderlord's Decree). The cunning tree just isn't nearly as appealing to go all the way through anymore. That means we have to choose between Fervor of Battle and Warlord's Bloodlust as our keystone. The choice is simple, though. Fervor gives us damage-- Bloodlust doesn't. 

Cunning Tree

We will be running the cunning tree on Lucian, as well as most other ADCs, mainly for two specific masteries.

butcher.png Savagery

Helps you last hit. It's not necessary, but it's nice to have. The alternative (Wanderer) grants us little to nothing as an ADC. The only thing Wanderer gives is movement speed. Since we don't do much roaming and are in combat most of the time anyway, Savagery is the better choice here.

culinary_master.png Secret Stash

Biscuits? On an ADCWhat!? I know, Season 6 is crazy. 
The reason we take this is because its alternative, Runic Affinity, is nearly useless to us. As an ADC, the only time we reliably get a buff is red buff in the mid to late game. While red buff is VERY useful to an ADC, we just don't have it often and reliably enough to take Runic Affinity
Sometimes games end early (more so in this patch than ever before), and sometimes you just have teammates who don't want to give red buff to you because you aren't 10/0. You never know. Runic Affinity also only increases your buff timer from 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 24 seconds. It's just not significant enough to justify taking it. Biscuits, on the other hand, are always used. You buy potions every game, and making them more effective is pretty nice. 

executioner_mastery_s4.jpg Merciless

This mastery is the reason we go down this tree. Formerly known as "Executioner" in the Offensive Mastery Tree, Merciless grants additional damage to targets who are below 40% health. You'd be surprised how often you're hitting people who are already low from your teammates' attacks during team fights--doing 5% increased damage to them is very noticeable. The alternative, Meditation, is good, but not good enough. We want DAMAGE, and you should be able to manage your mana regardless. If not, take mana regen glyphs as previously mentioned to help out.

dangerous_game.png Dangerous Game

Another good one; another classic. Simple, yet so very helpful. This mastery has saved me countless times and I'm sure it's saved you as well. It's especially great for saving you from damage over time abilities, such as the enemy support's ignite. The alternative, Bandit, is useless to you. You're the ADC. These are YOUR minions, and you don't want a mastery designed for supports with no money.

Abilities Back to Top





Lightslinger lucianpassive.png is one of Lucian's most important tools. This passive is very strong, and it's important to manage it properly. The passive has no cooldown and can be triggered during a three-second period after your last ability. The second hit does full damage to minions and reduced damage to enemy champions based on your level. The damage for the second shot will be 30% at levels 1-5, 40% at 6-10, 50% at 11-15, and 60% at 16-18. While the damage is low early game it is still an important ability for trades. Late game, the damage from this ability becomes very significant and keeps you relevant. 

Some unique facts about this passive:
  • Both shots can crit, but are entirely independent of each other. You can crit on the first shot but not the second, you can crit on both, or you can crit on the second but not first shot.
  • Both shots trigger on hit effects, such as 3153.png's passive, but a Sheen proc will only work on the first shot. 
  • If you kill an enemy with the first shot while Lightslinger lucianpassive.png is ready, the second shot will automatically hit another nearby enemy. This shot will first look for enemy champions and if there are none in range it will then target the lowest hp minion. 


Piercing Light


Piercing light lucianQ.png seems like a simple ability--and for the most part, it is. The cast range for this ability is equal to Lucian's attack range of 500 units but extends on to 1100 units. It hits all enemies for the full damage value, and has a very small cast time. The ability will adjust and try to follow a moving target but can be dodged fairly easily with abilities such as 4.png or Vayne's vaynetumble.png

Piercing light is your main skill in lane and one that is very powerful if used correctly. The relatively low cooldown and long range of the ability means that if placed well, Piercing Light can harass your lane opponent before a fight even begins. The trick to this is targeting a minion with Q at an angle that it will go through and hit the enemy champion (usually the ADC). This can be hard to do at first, but with practice it becomes second nature. If your lane opponent isn't constantly moving in between CS, they become a sitting duck for your Q. Make sure take advantage of this kind of mistake. 

Be aware, however, that this is your main damage tool in early game trades. If you use it to harass and miss, the enemy may quickly engage on you, and it is very likely that you will lose the trade. Avoid this by either not missing or backing off a bit after you shoot your Q. Also take note of the health of the minions you're shooting through, you don't want to mess up too much of your CS while trying to land harass on your lane opponent. 

In team fights this ability becomes pretty basic. Use lucianQ.png on your target in the fight (generally the closest person to you). If you can see an opportunity for it to hit multiple champs, awesome. However, getting the damage off on one champion and readying up your passive is optimal, rather than trying to save it for the perfect shot. 


Ardent Blaze 


Ardent blaze lucianW.png is an underrated ability on Lucian. After marking an enemy with it, you have to hit them with any damage to gain a fairly decent movement speed buff for a second. Your allies can hit marked targets and grant YOU this movement speed as well.

The explosion is decently sized and is often used in lane to just get CS when you're zoned out or waiting for the lane to push into you. The mana cost to damage ratio is too low, however, to use as harass. Don't just shoot off a W at the enemy ADC and expect to get anything out of it. Since this is the lowest priority spell in your rotation, when you're fighting an all-in or extended trade make sure to use it to ready another lucianpassive.png after using one from your other abilities.

The movement speed is almost negligible in lane and will rarely make a difference but could always be helpful when escaping a gank or trying to dodge abilities like Ezreal's  ezrealmysticshot.png.

I max this ability last. The boost in damage is not that significant and the ability is not a major part of your overall damage output. However, it will still be used to reset your passive in most situations. The movement speed is significant in team fights and can be used to make your ultimate much more easy to land.
W>E can be a useful combo, for the E cancels the W animation and instantly gives you some movement speed in the fight. 


Relentless Pursuit 


Like any other movement abilities, being able to instantly reposition makes an ADC much stronger. While the distance is short, Relentless Pursuit lucianE.png will get you over almost every wall. It also readies your passive, adding more damage to your combo. A very significant and often overlooked part of this ability is that it is an auto attack reset. This allows Lucian to get an auto and passive proc in the time another ADC has only attacked you once. This is an extremely simple technique performed by auto attacking, instantly casting  lucianE.png, and then clicking on your target again to instantly auto attack them.

Use E in lane to close in on your target in an all-in, or to dodge abilities and reduce your damage taken. If needed use it as an escape from a bad fight or a gank.

In team fights, try to save it until absolutely necessary. Nothing is worse than dashing into a team fight to get two autos off on a Malphite only for the enemy team to turn and kill you. The damage gained from a lucianpassive.png proc in a full team fight is usually not worth wasting your repositioning skill. 

With the CDR from 3508.png, you're going to be dashing all over the place, making you a lot stronger because of your mobility. I would argue that Lucian is the second best ADC in terms of mobility, only behind Kalista. 


The Culling 


The Culling lucianR.png is an interesting ability that's seen many changes and many differing opinions on its strength. In its current iteration, The Culling is stronger than it has been in the past due to it having a base amount of attacks rather than scaling with attack speed. This means that a Lucian can focus more on attack damage focused builds and less on attack speed and still get the same amount of shots out of their ult. 
The most important thing to note about the Culling is its RANGE. It is almost never a good idea to use this ability within the range of an enemy champion. You're likely going to be more damage just auto attacking them anyways. If you use the ability outside of their range and space properly, you will hit them while they can't hit you. If they try to approach you can back up, and if they try to run you can follow. Casting  lucianW.png before lucianR.png can make it much easier to react to the enemy champion's movements and land as many shots as possible. You can cast  lucianE.png during the Culling, but if you are ulting correctly in the first place, this will rarely be helpful. You should be shooting at a range where the enemy can't hit you, so you won't need to dash away from them. If the enemy you are trying to hit tries to flash out of the way to dodge this, you can use E to line up with them again.
It takes practice to learn the angles at which you need to shoot your ultimate to be able to hit most of the shots. I find that my best accuracy is while ulting a target I am chasing, but it really just depends on the situation.

In team fights you generally want to use lucianR.png before the enemy's initiation, (think Ezreal's ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png) for a bit of extra damage or save it for chasing down stragglers. This is because the ultimate cannot crit and can actually end up being a decrease in DPS from auto-attacks in a team fight. 

My last tip regarding this ability is to not shoot it backwards. You look pretty silly doing it and everyone laughs at you. :(

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start this. There's really no other option.
    This is an option if you get harassed out of lane/sent back/killed early and don't think you can salvage the lane. But, by buying this you are essentially forfeiting your chance to win the lane.

Core Items

    Crit, CDR, mana regen, what else could Lucian want? By far the best first item Lucian could want, and has a pretty nice build path with Caulfield's Warhammer.
    next, Get your tier 2 boots. Then choose between triforce or shiv or rapid firecannon (Read below for help choosing which)
    Third item options: Infinity edge- enemy team is squishy and you need more damage. Lord dominik's- enemy team too tanky. Mercurial- enemy team has cc that you need to remove. Bloodthirster: none of the above apply.
    From here, adc build paths get pretty crazy. A lot of item choices are very situational and there really is no core build set in stone anymore. This is an example of a completed build.

Situational Items

    An interesting take on lifesteal; haven't seen any situations where it's very practical, but is an ok option to replace bloodthirster or mercurial.
    Get this if youre full build with nothing else to buy.
    See below for these items and more




Always a good choice, doesnt't provide any combat stats but being able to move faster, rotate faster, position better, and escape easier is always good. For the price these boots will always be worth.


Lucian scales well with cdr, and with these boots being cheap they work very well for us. Pick them up if you feel like you don't need the extra mobility from swifties and want to be dueling alot more often.

3006.png: SUCKY BOOTS
As of late, greaves are completly outshined by CD boots and swifities. I don't think theres any reason to pick them up on Lucian at all.


 3508.png  ESSENCE REAVER 

By far the best item to finish first. Essence Reaver has every stat that Lucian needs to succeed and provides a very big power spike when you get it.

3078.png  TRINITY FORCE 

A great item to complement Essence Reaver. Trinity Force puts you at 40% CDR and allows you to use more spells. The Spellblade passive is also easy to proc because you're already managing your passive, and Spellblade will proc right along with it. The Phage passive (Rage) is also very nice and helps you chase, kite, and be more mobile in general. The only disadvantage to this item is its enormous cost. You should only look to build this item while ahead because if you try to get it while even or behind it just takes too long to get to the power spike that comes with the finished item.

3087.png  STATIKK SHIV

Although not as strong as Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv gives a strong power spike when you get it. Shiv also gives stats we need: crit and attack speed. Out of the four items that build from 3086.png, this is probably the best in most situations and will be the one you buy the most often. It's much more affordable than Trinity Force, so you get the power spike you need at the right time in the game. Best second item at the moment.


Not as good as shiv right now, don't build it


Now that you have a decent amount of crit with Essence Reaver and a 3086.png item, Infinity Edge will increase your DPS by a very large amount. If you aren't threatened much and think you can get a lot of autos off on squishy targets in teamfights, Infinity Edge is your best bet for a third item because it will make your crits hurt even more. If you choose another item third, you can always pick up IE at any point where you think you just need more auto-attack damage.


Bloodthirster gives you a decent amount of extra damage but also a huge amount of survivability. The shield passive is nice, but the 20% life steal is the main reason to buy this item. When you have more than 3 items, your auto-attacks should be doing enough damage that you will make significant use of your life steal in any fight. Bloodthirster allows you to continue building damage while also gaining survivability.


Similar in stats to Bloodthirster, this item gives you damage and some survivability. The main advantage of it is the 3140.png active you get out of it. 

This item will now ONLY work on cc on your character, it no longer removes abilities such as zed's ult. Have fun out there playing adc against Fizz and Zed now ^^. Works on things like Sejuani's  sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png


This item is amazing for killing tanks. Armor pen and health shred is a perfect combo on an item and will greatly help your auto-attack damage on tanky targets. The 40% bonus armor penetration also means your abilities will do more damage to high armor targets. 

It's best to try and start building this item while the enemy team is starting to tank up, but not after they all have 300 armor and 3000 health. If the enemy team has a composition like 412.png36.png, and 154.png, however, it's definitely a good idea to just build this as your third item. 


The above items will usually put you at 5 or even 6 items, but here are some options to consider if you have a slot or two open. Note that with the new items, ADC builds with 6 offensive items are generally the way to go. Defensive items are rarely the best buy, but I've outlined some here in case you feel like you really need one. 


An extra life could be good... however it usually amounts to nothing because the enemy team will just camp your body and you will die again. There aren't many defensive options for ADCs anymore, but if you can't stay alive in a teamfight, GA might be worth a try. 

3143.png  RANDUIN'S OMEN

If the enemy team is all AD this can work... I've never built it and don't see how it would be good, but Forgiven likes it, so that's something, right?

3102.png  BANSHEE'S VEIL

A good counter to champions like 7.png, where 3140.png isn't really gonna do much to save you from their burst. If the enemy team is magic damage heavy then this can work.


3155.png  HEXDRINKER

If you're against something like 42.png ADC and an all AP enemy team, this could can be a good early pickup. Don't upgrade it, though, 3156.png is trash. 


Build this instead of Shiv or Trinity if you are playing against assassins like 238.png or if you're dueling someone like 67.png. Very situational item that I don't really like because it doesn't do much in teamfights.


I literally only build this when I'm getting rekt by an enemy Rengar. Even then it's kinda troll, but it won me a game once so I'll put it here. 


Now that it has crit, Hurricane isn't terrible... but it's still not as good as Shiv or Firecannon so there's really no time where I would build it over those two. I guess it's feasible if you have a wombo combo comp and wanna hit a bunch of people after your Malphite ults them? Still, probably not your best buy in any situation.




Ghostblade used to be a good option on Lucian when ahead; the flat armor pen gave him a huge power spike and the active worked well with his ult. The removal of crit for this item, however, has made it completely nonviable as an ADC item. An item with no crit, attack speed, or life steal takingup space in your inventory as an ADC is just asking to lose.

3004.png  MANAMUNE and MURAMANA  3042.png

Muramana doesn't proc on any of your abilities, not even your ult :(. Extra mana and regen is nice but it's too much of a hindrance on your damage output to justify building this.


Nerfed very hard in both its build path and damage; BOTRK is now overshadowed completely by Lord Dominik's. I wouldn't be surprised if they revert the nerfs to some extent, because as of right now this item has no place in an ADC's build (except 67.png, maybe).


This item is pretty bad compared to Lord Dominik's. The Grievous Wounds passive is just not worth paying so much gold for. If the enemy team is stacking armor, they will usually also have more HP than you, so Lord Dominik's is a better option. Even if the enemy team has a ton of regen (like on a Mundo or something), It's much better to just get more damage to kill them rather than pay a ton of gold for this shitty passive.


If you need to shred armor, get Lord Dominik's. Cleaver is designed for bruisers, not ADCs. It won't have a significant impact on your damage output.


This item's all the rage (heh) on this patch. It's insanely cost effective and have a free 3077.png AOE effect built into it. Sadly, it doesn't suit our purpose as an ADC, and we don't really benefit from the AP either. Stick to Jax and Xin if you wanna build this.


 Go play Ashe -.-

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Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Nami
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  • Twitch
  • Vayne




Never stand on top of your support when laning against Alistar because both of you getting hit by his  pulverize.png is just asking to lose. When Alistar has his ferocioushowl.png active don't bother hitting him at all as his ultimate makes your attacks do almost no damage. Because of ferocioushowl.png, it is also very easy for Alistar to dive you so don't stick around under tower if your support is in base, dead, or roaming while he has it up. He will dive you without hesitation. You can, however, use this to bait a dive if your jungler is around because most Alistar players get really excited when they see a chance to tower dive. 




The range disparity makes this matchup somewhat difficult for Lucian, and the constant slows can be extremely annoying, too. Both of these factors makes it very difficult to approach and trade autos/get your passive damage off in trades. If you know you can win a fight, don't be afraid to blow lucianE.png to get in on the Ashe because trying to make up a 100 range difference while slowed is extremely difficult.

A good Ashe will play a controlled lane and harass you mostly with her asheW.png whenever it's up and only trade when her asheQ.png is ready. Make sure to play within your minions to avoid her volleys, because the damage will add up quickly if you let her hit you with it over and over. If possible, try to force engages on your terms while her asheQ.png is not stacked up and ready to use. 

Ashe's ultimate, asheR.png, becomes the deciding factor in most 2v2 lanes she's in if neither side is ahead. Use 4.pnglucianE.png, or dodge it in some other way and your chances of winning a fight become substantially higher. 

Ashe's biggest weakness is her lack of mobility. This makes it fairly easy to land lucianQ.png on her and to snowball off of if you get ahead in lane. Try to take advantage of this and don't get discouraged if an Ashe harasses you out of lane before level 6. It's fairly common.



You should be safe from his bardQ.png as long as you don't stand near your minions or your support. Bard isn't really a strong champion so he's not a huge threat. Look out for the ganks he sets up with  bardE.png as this is his strongest impact on the laning phase. Try to punish the enemy ADC by denying CS while Bard roams; he tends to wander off a lot.




Stand behind minions or, if necessary, use  lucianE.png to dodge rocketgrab.png. As long as you don't get hooked the lane is easy to win. If Blitz is losing the lane and attempts to roam, look to punish the enemy ADC by zoning or diving them. 




Dodge brandblaze.png ...if you get stunned by it you're almost guaranteed to be dead. Brand does a whole lot of damage and is pretty strong right now. If your support can hit him with a decent CC you should probably focus Brand, as he is squishy and doesn't have any escape tools. If he uses brandwildfire.png on you, try to isolate yourself so that it doesn't bounce around too much.




• If he hits you with braumQ.png, do your best to disengage until it wears off because the stun from braumpassive.png is brutal in any trade. There is a cooldown on his passive, though, so if he does manage to stun you and you aren't too low, you can continue to fight while it's down. 

• When Braum uses braumE.png, don't just fire mindlessly into it and waste your cooldowns. Do your best to reposition and get around Braum, or wait until the shield wears off to continue the fight. 
• braumR.png is a fairly slow ability with a long casting animation. If possible, try to save your lucianE.png to dodge it.




Having got her own rework in Season 6, Caitlyn is proving to be one of the better ADC champions at this time. While this is a hard matchup to win, Lucian does relatively well against Caitlyn if you play very well, but overall it's still a very hard matchup to play.

Caitlyn's most useful and obvious tool is her ridiculous 650-unit auto range. A difference of 150 range means that a good Caitlyn can effectively "kite" you as if you were melee. Your only tools to avoid this are lucianE.png or a good support with a hard CC.  lucianE.png closes the gap very well. Once within her range, you should win trades against a Cait, but the problem is that she is likely to still have her caitlynentrapment.png up. If she hits you with this she will be back in her sweet spot range, and you will be slowed with no hope of catching up. The only ways to combat this are to force her to use the net early, or to dodge it altogether. 

Cait's caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png is nerfed this season and is less wide than before. If it hits another unit, it will expand but also deal reduced damage unless you've been trapped. It hurts quite a bit if you get hit by the first part of the shot and can quickly harass you out of lane if you allow her to get free autos and land these shots. One of the most important parts of beating a Caitlyn is dodging this ability. 

caitlynyordletrap.png  is a very changed and interesting ability. The traps no longer deal damage, but can be stored on a charge system, and upon levelling the ability up, Cait can place up to 5 of them at once. This is usually done after lane phase is over, but it's still a frustrating aspect to deal with. If Cait drops a bunch in lane the only way to play is to maneuver around them, because stepping on one not only means that they can get free damage off, but it also readies a caitlynpassive.png for Caitlyn from a ridiculous range. Try to get your support to eat these at any opportunities possible, but sometimes you just have to play around them in a frustrating dance. 

Getting hit by her caitlynentrapment.png will also ready a long range headshot. Now more than ever it's important to dodge the net as well as everything else. I know, easier said than done. 

Cait's ult is pretty simple and irrelevant in lane. Only tip I have for playing against it is if you get targeted and you're low and have a teammate around, try not to move too much. It makes it very hard for your teammate to adjust and can often lead to dumb deaths. Unless your teammate is far away and you need to run over to them, your best bet is to either stand still or walk directly away as long as it's not in a direction that will change the trajectory of the bullet. 




New Corki is in an interesting state...he hasn't given me any troubles whatsoever. His damage seems to be much less overwhelming and it seems counterintuitive to play a magic damage-based ADC.

That being said, playing against Corki in lane means dodging phosphorusbomb.png and missilebarrage.png. Saving lucianE.png for phosphorusbomb.png is a very solid option and will likely win you most trades, as early game Corki will max this ability, and it is most of his damage. 

Corki's carpetbomb.png Range was nerfed and is now a much less frustrating escape. The only problem with Corki comes when he gets his package. When he does, you basically have to play safe. It hurts a lot and he can cast carpetbomb.png immediately again after using the package on you for damage. Try to play safe and wait it out or force him into a bad engage with it. 

Other than this, just land your Q's and you should win this lane fairly easily. 




I haven't played this matchup even once on this patch... Draven doesn't seem very popular at all with the new season as he wasn't changed much, and the new items don't seem to benefit him all that much. That being said, from my past experience Draven is a very hard lane to win since Draven is a lane bully. 

From the start, your goal shouldn't be to "win" lane against Draven. Unless your lane opponents are bad or just make serious mistakes, it won't happen. Draven out-damages you at just about every point in the laning phase. Your only option is to sit back and harass/farm with lucianQ.png as best you can and try to not die to him and give him free gold. 

If you notice the enemy Draven is dropping his axes, then it's ok to trade with him--but you still have to be careful. With two axes he will ALWAYS win trades against you, and with one it's still possible that he will win the trade. 

Draven is pretty vulnerable to ganks if he hasn't snowballed yet, so often the best option to "win" this lane is to just call your jungler down. Draven players like to play really aggressively and far up in lane anyways, so it's usually pretty easy to get kills on him with a bit of help. 




This is purely a skill matchup. Ezreal is looking pretty decent this patch with being able to build 3078.png + 3508.png for decent damage and instant 40% CDR. 

Lucian versus Ezreal often ends up being a sort of 'dance' in lane. The Ezreal will always be trying to position himself to shoot ezrealmysticshot.png through or around your creeps, and you should always be trying to line up a  lucianQ.png through your creeps. The biggest advantage Lucian has here is that he can stay behind his minions while looking for this shot, while Ezreal is often required to run out to the sides to get an angle. 

Don't get hit by  ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png. It does a huge amount of damage and will usually cause you to lose a duel with Ezreal. Most Ezreal players will use it similarly to how you should use your culling: from outside the enemy champion's auto-attack range. This gives you time to react and dodge with lucianE.png. Be careful of bushes as many Ezreals will wait and shoot ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png when you don't have vision and then ezrealarcaneshift.png in once you've been damaged by the ultimate. 




Season 6 Graves has been a menace so far. So much so that his Q was hot-fixed because it was just too strong. That being said, I still think this is a winnable matchup for Lucian.

For once, we outrange someone as Lucian. This makes it fairly easy to land  lucianQ.png on Graves, because you can target it directly on him. The biggest advantage you have on Graves is that he CANNOT shoot through minions. Trading autos behind a line of minions means there is no way for Graves to auto back. 

Apart from his nasty autos that hurt a ton, new Graves also has his very punishing gravesclustershot.png. Getting hurt by the first part of this ability is not a big deal, but its VERY important to dodge the detonation on the second part. It does a huge amount of damage and will cause you to lose any trade. A good Graves will look to fire this into walls or at your turret to get a free double proc on you, so try to stay out in the open and behind your minions when fighting Graves at all times. 

Getting hit by both procs of Graves Q will actually deal more damage than his  graveschargeshot.png, but his Q is rather slow. If possible try to walk out of Q and then use  lucianE.png or 4.png to dodge his ult. If you can pull this off, you're very likely to win the duel.  




Trade when eyeofthestorm.png is down; don't trade while it's up. It may sound simple, but it's actually pretty difficult since the shield duration is longer than its downtime. If a Janna is constantly walking up, shielding herself, and trying to auto, you and your support can punish her pretty hard for being out of position since Janna is squishy. The threat of eyeofthestorm.png usually forces you to play pretty passively in lanes against her. Janna is also good at deterring ganks, so there's not a lot you can do against this champ.




Jinx's range can give Lucian a hard time, but for the most part you're in control of the matchup. Use your  lucianE.png to close the gap and/or dodge her jinxW.png. You can usually win early trades since the only thing she has is her auto-attacks for damage. Try to avoid getting harassed by rocket form autos because her range is much bigger than yours and only grows as she levels up.

This matchup in lane is similar to Caitlyn, but the fact that she doesn't have a caitlynentrapment.pngmakes it much easier for us. 

Jinx, however, scales very hard, so you need to try to get ahead in lane and keep it that way. If it gets to late game team fights, Jinx will outshine you no matter what, and the game becomes much harder to win at that point. 




Kalista is a frustrating champ to lane against. It is very difficult to land your Q's on her due to her passive. Lucian's short range also means that if you start a trade with her, it's very difficult to disengage because of her passive. 

After all of her nerfs, Kalista is mostly a lane bully. She doesn't do very much damage late game and you definitely out-scale her. 

While it is hard to land harass on Kalista, and she will out-damage you in an extended trade due to her kalistaE.png, it is still very possible to win lane against Kalista because she is very squishy. If you have a hard CC support like 89.png or 412.png, she can be bursted in one combo from level 3 onward. 

The best way to land lucianQ.png on a Kalista is after she has landed from a hop. With low attack speed early game, she usually has a decent delay before she can jump again. If you can predict where she will jump you can put a Q right there before she has any time to react. This goes out the window when she has a bit of attack speed though, and at that point you'll be lucky to land any Q's.

If Kalista ever misses kalistaE.png on a minion and doesn't get the reset, make sure to take advantage. The ability's cooldown is very long, and without it, a huge portion of her damage output is lost.

If you fall behind, however, laning against Kalista becomes pretty miserable. She can engage from a mile away with kalistaR.png, and she is also very hard to gank and can often turn 2v3s in her favor if ahead. 

Overall, play safe and hope your support can find opportunities to punish Kalista.




Kog'Maw has been drastically hurt by the Season 6 changes, and should not be a problem at all for you in lane. His kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png tickles now. It's hardly a threat at all. You out-damage him at all points and even if you don't win lane hard, his late-game isn't even as scary as before. Kog is in a pretty bad spot right now and I expect buffs, so I'll update this matchup when they come. 




Leona hurts. 

Watch out for her level 2 all-in. It's really important to get level 2 before her because if she catches you without lucianE.png you're going to have to blow summoner spells 100% of the time. Becauseleonazenithblade.png is fast and will often latch on and follow you, reacting with lucianE.png rarely works unless you're playing on low ping (I play on 90 ping and can't react to this ability at all). You have to play on prediction and move in awkward ways to confuse the Leona player. However, if you manage to dodge her leonazenithblade.png, trade hard because she's essentially useless at this point. 

Once Leona hits 6, her threat becomes even greater because she has two abilities to stun you with (leonashieldofdaybreak.png and leonasolarflare.png) and will likely chain them if she hits you with one. At this point, if you're not ahead in lane, Leona will win the lane for her side. The best counter to this is calling for a jungler gank since Leona is very predictable and easy to bait. She also has no way to get out of a fight; she can only go in.





He's just a baddie so go beat him up.

Actually just go play ranked mirror lanes are boring and you learn nothing from them.




A good Nami can be really annoying. Her harass with namiW.png is frustrating to deal with, and it can also be used to sustain if she loses a trade. Nami is mostly a lane bully support, though, and doesn't do much in teamfights, so just try to not lose too hard. 

Do your best to not get hit by namiQ.png because you will usually die if she hits it. Save your lucianE.png to dodge this ability in most cases. Most Namis will use namiE.png on themselves while their auto is flying to slow you and then cast namiQ.png, so be careful of this combo as it is infinitely more difficult to dodge the bubble while slowed if your lucianE.png is down. 




I would consider this to be Lucian's best matchup. Sivir has short range, relatively low damage, and no mobility other than her ult. Your Q is also very fast and unless the Sivir has really good reaction time, she shouldn't be able to shield it on reaction. Even if she can, it's still fine to throw Q's out because the cooldown on spellshield.png is pretty long. Try to harass, not get pushed in, and force trades when you can. You should out-damage her at any point with even items. Save lucianE.png to dodge her  spiralblade.png if you can, but it's still possible to win a fight even if you waste E, because Sivir's damage is so meh.




In my opinion, Soraka is the most miserable champ to play against this patch. My best advice is just ban her. You can't trade at all because she will have her ADC back to full health within 10 seconds. Your only option is to passively farm or to kill Soraka if she gets too far up. Most Sorakas will play way behind their ADC, though, so focusing her is almost impossible unless you have a support like  89.png. Just try your best to farm and not get abused too hard because there is pretty much no way to win lane against this joke of a champ.




Respect Thresh's level 2 all-in, because it's the strongest of any support in the game. Obviously you have to dodge Thresh's threshQ.png, but also watch out for him walking up and using threshE.png you as it makes his hook much easier to land. Because of threshpassive.png, trading autos with Thresh is also usually a bad idea.

Always have to be on the lookout for threshW.png ganks, as Thresh has the best gank setup in the game. Thresh isn't easy to beat but it's very possible to outplay him so your best bet is to just practice against him a lot until you start to learn some of Thresh players' patterns.




One of the easier match-ups for Lucian. Twitch is similar to Jinx in his late-game carry potential, but he's much easier to punish in lane as he doesn't outrange you by much without his ult.

Look for easy Q's (as he has no mobility) and try to avoid getting too many stacks of his twitchpassive.png on you. If Twitch uses twitchE.png at low stacks, or you're still healthy from it, try to force a trade or an all-in. Similar to Kalista, without this ability, a huge portion of Twitch's damage output is lost.

Don't overstay your welcome in lane and die to twitchQ.png, it just makes you feel dumb and bad. 

At level 6, try to stay away from your support so that Twitch can't land shots on both of you with twitchR.png. You should out-damage at any point as long as you don't fall too behind. As his core item,  3153.png, was severely nerfed, so was his duelling potential.




Early in lane you have the advantage against Vayne in terms of damage output. You need to take advantage of this since she will out-scale you. 

It can be hard to land lucianQ.png through minions if the Vayne can react and vaynetumble.png well enough, so sometimes it will be necessary to force trades with lucianE.png. Make sure your support is willing to play aggro with you and don't overextend too much or you'll die to minions. 

If you get ahead of Vayne it becomes very easy to continue bullying her. If you don't, and she gets both a decent first back and level 6 it becomes much harder to fight a Vayne. If she finds you alone at this point you will almost always lose. She just out-damages you 1v1. You need to work with your support to CC her or output more damage so she can't chase you down and kill you. 

Ghostblade+black cleaver build Back to Top

So with the new patch, a new build has become dominant on Lucian. This build involves a 3142.png rush followed by 3071.png, which was buffed in terms of gold efficiency, and then usually a 3046.png to round it out. This build gives lucian a lot of cdr and dueling potential, a strong early game power spike with ghostblade, and tank shredding capability with black cleaver. It isnt necessarily the best late game build, but it definetly does the job in terms of making Lucian's mid game really really strong.  For this patch at least, you should alwyas be building these three items first.

The reason im not changing the full item section for this is that its a temporary build that will likely be nerfed changed, so i dont see a point inrewriting the whole guide for it. If people keep scrolling right past this and go straight to the item build because theyre too lazy to read the whole guide, well thats their own fault :D.

Support Synergies Back to Top

In this section I'll be outlining how you should play the laning phase with most of the popular supports.



Always go, never stop. Try to figure out your limits and force trades as hard as you possible can without dying. As long as you can put damage on your lane opponents it will always be worth because Soraka will have you back up to full health in no time. Just try to wait until you're at a decent amount of health before you go back in. In teamfights she doesn't provide much peel. Unless your other teammates peel for you, you're most likely going to be on your own, so be careful.



 Like Soraka, Janna gives you the power you need to win trades, but you have to take the initiative and go in. With Janna you should be looking to trade in short bursts while eyeofthestorm.png is on you. Usually just lucianQ.png>AA and the disengaging will win you a trade. After that, you back off and wait for eyeofthestorm.png to be up again. Janna is also very good at disengaging ganks so you have a bit more freedom to play up in lane with her especially once she hits level 6. 



One of the best supports for Lucian in my opinion; mainly because their passives working so well together. The lucianpassive.png will apply two stacks of Braum's passive braumpassive.png, meaning more stuns. Whenever Braum lands a braumQ.png on the enemy ADC or support (if they're squishy), try to proc it as quickly as possible. The stun is brutal and the bonus damage is nice. Also try your best to STAND BEHIND BRAUM when he uses braumE.png, as it will direct almost all damage to him. He's a big guy, he can take it. In teamfights Braum is just as strong and his passive becomes a great tool for peeling. You should have a lot of attack speed by the time teamfights roll around so any scary bruisers or assassins that jump on you will be easily stunned and hopefully you can kill them.



Thresh is a very hit-or-miss champion for me. If the Thresh player is good and lands his abilities, it's ridiculously easy to follow up on and win lane. If your Thresh is not so good, the lane can become miserable pretty quickly. When you have a Thresh, he's in control of the lane. Your job is to just farm and harass until he does something. 
If you dash in like a maniac, he has no way of protecting you other than threshW.png, which is a very unreliable escape. So just sit back and hope your Thresh player is good. :p



Blitzcrank is similar to Thresh except even more risky. If Blitz lands hooks and you burst them down, it will be an easy and fruitful laning phase for you. If he can't find hooks or misses them... you're essentially in a 2v1 lane. Just sit back, harass, and farm. If Blitz lands a hook, take the opportunity and try to get a kill!



With good sustain and engage, Alistar suits Lucian fairly well. While his triumphantroar.png might seem like a small heal, it adds up quickly and can keep you in lane for a pretty long time. Alistar has no way out of a fight once he goes in. It's all or nothing. You have to commit with him and try to win the fight. 
Alistar is good at tanking towers with ferocioushowl.png, so don't be afraid to dive the enemies if they're low HP and hiding under their tower. He can also disengage from ganks very well, so don't be afraid to play up if you're ahead.  



Another champ that compliments Lucian's damage output well. When Leona goes in and stuns someone, you follow up. Her passive leonapassive.png does a significant amount of damage, so try to proc it as many times as possible. With her 2 stuns at level 6 it becomes very easy to single out the enemy ADC and to just blow them up. As long as you don't get ganked or harassed too hard, it's pretty hard to lose lane with a leona.



Because of her namiE.png going well with lucianpassive.png, Nami is also a very good support for Lucian. Sustain, harass, and multiple CCs are all tools available to Nami, though her CC is somewhat unreliable. If you use your lucianpassive.png to apply her namiE.png twice, she should follow up with a namiQ.png, and that should win you any trade. If not, just sit back and let her heal you up. Don't get too comfortable, however, since her namiW.png has a very high mana cost.



Even though I've been seeing this support a lot, Shen doesn't really do much in my opinion. If he can land shenshadowdash.png and you can follow up, it'll usually work well. Shen players will occasionally use shenstandunited.png to help your teammates and impact the map, however this means you are left in a 2v1 so play safe.



Another interesting support that I've seen popping up quite a bit; Brand is pretty strong in this meta. With a two second stun and high base damage, Brand can practically win the lane on his own if he lands his abilities. Because his main weakness is how vulnerable he is, the enemy bot-lane will often try to focus him first. Your best bet in this situation is to just go hard on the enemy ADC and hope Brand can survive long enough for you to win. Since Brand is kind of an all-or-nothing support, it'll be tough to come back if you fall behind.



There are two types of Sona players: the passive, sonaariaofperseverance.png max Sona and the aggressive sonahymnofvalor.png max Sona. In my opinion, sonaariaofperseverance.png max Sona is terrible. She has no presence in lane and at best gets you through it, and then later, she has mediocre presence in teamfights. Aggressive Sona, on the other hand, goes very well with Lucian if you can match her aggression. Not many lane combos can out-damage you two as long as you play around her sonahymnofvalor.pngcooldown. When she has sonacrescendo.png it's very easy to burst down one or even two of the enemy champions. 

Laning Phase Back to Top



If your jungler starts golems, make sure to leash at 1:40. This picture shows the best spot to stand so that you can get your lucianQ.png off on both golems, and then auto a few times before walking to lane. It might be a small difference but even a second can matter for your jungler, so there's no reason not to stand here. 

Levels 1-2

Because the goal level 1 is to push for level 2 as soon as possible, you want to do as much damage to the minions as you can. Look for opportunities to Q that will hit a lot of minions along with the enemy ADC. After this, actively auto attack the minions to get ahead in experience. 

When the second minion wave comes up, look at who has the advantage in terms of creeps. If you have more minions, you'll hit level 2 first. Remember: if you got the experience for all of the minions of the first wave, you will hit level 2 on the third melee minion you kill of the second wave. Right before the third melee minion dies, you'll want to start walking up with your support. This is important especially if they are someone such as 412.png, who can take advantage of a level 2 all-in. Once you last hit the melee minion and level up, you can start a fight that is practically guaranteed to go in your favor.

If you look at the creep numbers and you think both sides will hit level 2 at the same time, you will have to ask yourself if you have a stronger level 2 power spike than the enemy lane. Lucian's level 2 with lucianE.png>AA>lucianQ.png>AA is very strong, but depending on your support and the enemy lane you could still lose a fight. Supports like 12.png89.png412.png, and 53.png have a much more threatening level 2 than supports like 40.png37.png, and 201.png

(Last hitting under tower is 2 tower shots>your AA for melees, or 1 tower shot>one AA from your support>one AA from you. If your support isn't helping on ranged creeps you can go tower shot>AA>lucianQ.png, then on the next minion your lucianpassive.png will take care of it with tower shot>AA)

If your creeps are dying faster than the enemy lane and you are losing the push war, back off. Because they have shoved the wave, your minions will die without too many of theirs dying and you won't miss out on many last hits. Letting the enemy engage on a level 2 power spike will put you far more behind than backing off to your tower and maybe missing a last hit or two. 

Levels 3-5

This part of the game involves you pressing your advantage (if you've gained one), or playing a bit more while waiting for your opportunity to get one. Harass as much as possible and look for optimal trades. Don't just randomly decide it's time to fight and lucianE.png in--you'll die like an idiot. Keep factors like enemy cooldowns, size of minion waves, and the position of the enemy jungler in mind. If you don't have a ward in the river/tri brush and you don't have vision of the enemy jungler, it's probably not a good idea to go in. I can't really give you anymore advice here because it's entirely dependent on how the beginning part of laning phase has gone and how your lane matchup is. 

Level 6

Having lucianR.png opens a lot of options for you. If you've just been farming and want to back, ulting the minion wave for a good recall is a good idea. Use it if you see an opening to get a large portion of the channel off on the enemy ADC, after a fight when you're being chased, or when chasing for some extra damage. 

Levels 7-9ish

If you're ahead, try to abuse it and push the enemy tower down or force attention toward bot lane without dying. If you take their tower, look to put pressure on the map with dragon or roam to mid and see if you can force that tower down. It's all dependent on the situation of the game and developing a game sense for what you should be doing is a very important part of becoming a better player. 

If you're behind and your tower hasn't fallen, just stay back and try to get what farm you can. Hopefully, the rest of your teammates are winning and will gank for you. If the enemy team does take your tower, freezing on your side of the map so that you can farm safely isn't a bad idea as long as the enemy bot lane isn't creating too much pressure off of it. It isn't worth it to get 20 CS if the enemy team gets dragon, 3 kills, and two mid towers. 

Videos Back to Top

This is a video of a recent game that I did pretty well on, although I definitely didn't play perfectly. There weren't a ton of huge plays but its good to watch for all the little things done right.

The game started pretty slow, so speeding up/skipping around is recommended during the early game (unless you're looking for things like my lucianQ.png harass). Sorry for bad quality, I have potato internet, nothing I can do :(

About me Back to Top

I've been playing League for almost 5 years now, since the end of Season 1, though the first two years were spent playing mostly with friends and in normals. When i started playing ranked, I jumped around a bit but before long I decided to play ADC and I have been ever since. Peaking at Masters (didn't stay there long :p), I've been a high diamond player for more than a year now. Lucian has been one of my favorite champions since his release and I've played more than 500 ranked games on him over the years. 

I hope that you learned something from reading my guide, and that you will enjoy this insanely fun champion as much as I have! This is my first guide so if you have any constructive criticism, or you think my guide is absolute crap or something, leave a comment and I'll try to fix things or improve it as best as I can.

Change log: Back to Top


  • Moved Rapid Firecannon from situational to core item .
  • Moved Mortal Reminder from situational to never buy tier. 
  • Changed masteries to 12/18/0 due to Fervor of Battle nerf.
  • Decided to stop being stubborn and start maxing E first.. despite maxing W first forever :(
  • Minor edits and format fixes on descriptions for E: Relentless Pursuit, W: Ardent Blaze, Thunderlord's Decree, and Precision
  • Changed masteries back to 18/12/0.
  • Added mastery icons 
  • Changed items due to shiv buff
  • Changed a few things in item pictures section
  • Changed item builds to reflect boot changes
  • Added explanations for boots

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