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All Guides Lucian Guides [8.8] Detailed Guide on Lucian (Beginners - Expert)
3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You will always take 4.png 7.png with Lucian.

Reasons why you take 4.png:

  • Allows you to escape tricky situations. e.g : Flash over a wall, flashing a CC (Leona stun, Alistar combo...).
  • Allows you to chase others effectively or for that last hit for the kill.
  • Gives you that safeguard option.

Reasons to take 7.png:

  • The extra MS is enough to get you out of some sticky situations
  • It is core on all ADCs and can help you in duels or to save an ally.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Standard 18/12/0 Masteries with Lucian.

Reasons to take these masteries over others:

Ferocity Tree:
  • Fury - Always take these on AS ADC's such as Vayne/Jinx/Tristana/Caitlyn etc... and most ADC's even Lucian.
  • Feast 

  • Vampirism - Increased lifesteal and spell vamp because it benefits you greatly and you don't want extra ability power.

  • Oppressor - This is good because in most cases you will have a support that can provide some kind of CC or even team mates that can and doing extra damage to them is always useful. Bounty Hunter is better for late game fights whereas Oppressor is good early game and if your team has CC so you can choose.

  • Battering Blows - Armor Penetration, fairly straightforward. You do physical damage not magical damage, no reason to take Piercing thoughts.

  • KEYSTONE mastery: Fervor of Battle - This mastery is great on Lucian as you can stack it very quickly and get a huge burst of damage on champions.
Cunning Tree:

  • Savagery - Helps you to CS, movement speed out of combat is useless on Lucian as most of the time you will be in combat and want to be for kiting.

  • Secret Stash - This gives you a bit of extra sustain and Runic affinity has no use on Lucian or ADC's in general.

  • Merciless - Very good mastery for finishing people off as the increased damage helps greatly, Meditation only gives mana regen again useless on Lucian.

  • Dangerous game - Can save you in very dire situations and allow you to survive that fight on very little HP, worth taking over bandit as again useless on Lucian, doesn't need the extra gold.

Abilities Back to Top


Your spell max should go something like this: R -> Q -> E -> W

lucianpassive.png Passive - Lightslinger:

After using an ability, Lucian's next basic attack within 3 seconds shoots twice, dealing 30 - 60% AD (scales up upon level) on the second shot (except minions at 100% AD).

This spell is what makes Lucian so great and allows him to synergise very well with Braum's passive  as you can stack it with 2 spells which is very fast.

lucianQ.png Q - Piercing Light:

After a 0.35 second delay, Lucian will fire a laser to the target enemy in a line, dealing damage to all enemies in the line.

This will be your harassing tool in lane, you can use this on a minion to get to the enemy behind it. They will not be expecting it, this trading tool is very effective when they are also going for minions as they can't dodge it while they are attacking the minions.

lucianW.png W - Ardent Blaze:

Lucian fires a shot in a cross pattern which when procced by him or nearby allies gives Lucian bonus movement speed for 1 second.

lucianE.png E - Relentless Pursuit: 
Lucian dashes a short distance, this spell's cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each of lucianpassive.png (Lightslinger's) strikes, doubled to 2 seconds for enemy champions.

This spell will allow you to dash everywhere for 0 mana when maxed and allow you to dash everywhere once you have your Essence Reaver (ER) + Statikk Shiv (SS).

lucianR.png R - The Culling:

Lucian fires shots in a targeted direction for 3 seconds dealing physical damage to the first enemy it collides with, (does quadruple damage to minions). You cannot attack during this spell but can use your (E) - lucianE.png. You also ignore unit collision and the spell is stopped when crowd control is used on Lucian. Reactivate the spell to stop casting it.

This will be either used to clear minion waves very fast, finish someone off from a far distance or to start a fight from a far distance (example in a choke point where they will take the max culling damage and have very limited space to dodge/move)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Core starting items as an ADC

Core Items

    This will be your first core item, allows you to have a lot of AS
    This will be your second item to get that CDR and shred
    Third item as it synergises well with lucian's kit.
    This will be your 4th item as it provides you with the crit necessary to be able to kill tanks
    This will be your last item as you will need to kill tanks somehow especially when they are stacking armor/health. You can substitute this for BT if they are stacking armor early.
    Final build will look something like this

Situational Items

    QSS if you being CCed, Guardian Angel if you are dying too often or need that extra survivability.
    If they have self-healing champions such as Mundo, Vladimir then you might want this instead of lord dominik's regards but the %hp damage is also good against them. Depends which one you prefer.
3153.png - Provides you with the sustain in fights to survive. 

3071.png - This item will help you shred the enemies armor.

3046.png - Good item that synergises well with lucian's kit.

3031.png - Gives you more crit and gives you raw damage, not worth rushing any more however having this is vital to you doing even more damage.

3036.png or 3033.png - Dealing with those tanks can be hard, so these items will help you shred them down. This works against champions that STACK armor as it no longer gives FLAT penetration but BONUS penetration instead.

Other potential build : 3508.png -> 3006.png ->  3094.png/3087.png/3046.png  -> 3031.png -> 3094.png/3087.png/3046.png  -> 3036.png/3033.png 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Miss Fortune
  • Tristana
  • Vayne




You can sidestep most of her spells, however be careful. Her slow and stun are forces to be reckoned with allowing their support to get nearer and CC you.

Trading with her is similar to Ezreal where you can harass her through minions while staying behind your own to dodge theirs.

You out damage her in the early-mid game through good spell rotations.




She out ranges you as well as being able to zone you off with traps.

Careful of her poke, harass when you can but focus on farming.

Once you get to mid game you will be able to out damage her as that is where she falls off and you want to take the advantage of that. She relies heavily on getting items so as long as you don't give her kills and let her get ahead in the early game then you can win the matchup.




Outdamages you when you trade. Farm up and don't give him any kills.

Harass as much as possible with Q and only do short trades and get out otherwise you will lose as his axes out damage you by far.




You can easily dodge his skillshots with E and you out damage him with your spells.

Harassing him is a lot easier as you can do it behind minions where you can stay behind minions and dodge his.

Dodge his ezrealmysticshot.png (Q) and ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png (R) and you will win the duel.




Immobile champion but does have chompers, you can dodge her (W) jinxW.png and jinxR.png (R) as well as side step her (E) jinxE.png so use this to your advantage and harass her through minions.

Using your ultimate on her to get her low is sometimes a good idea as she does not have a dash to be able to dodge it, so forcing a summoner out of her can be a good option.




Very hard matchup as she can trade with you easily while side stepping your Q harass and is hard for you to land due to her hopping everywhere.

Focus on short trades as she will out trade you if you make it last due to her (E) kalistaE.png that will stack and just kill you.

Careful of their support proccing her (W) kalistaW.png as it can do a ton of damage.

Sidestep her Q and dash out of her (R) kalistaR.png if you can with good reaction timing.


Miss Fortune


Hard in the sense she out damages you, but in a straight up duel, you can win this matchup.

Miss fortune heavily relies on her Q missfortunericochetshot.png and R missfortunebullettime.png damage as well as other targets to proc her passive.

So use this to your advantage and if she is alone, and you are even then you should be able to win, as long as you avoid her R and dash around it while using your spell rotations.




Only thing you can dash out of is her (W) rocketjump.png slow.

She out damages you if you go in for a long trade, so focus on short trades and harassing.

If she gets an E on you then get out of there and wait for it to explode and then go on her as this her main tool of doing damage and it has a fairly long cooldown in the early levels. Punish her for using it stupidly.




Skill matchup.

She can use her (Q) vaynetumble.png to sidestep your harass from your (Q) lucianQ.png damage.

Once she gets her items she will out damage you and if she gets a good condemn on you then you will most likely die.

Focus on short trades in laning phase, her early game is quite weak so focus on punishing her early on and not letting her get items to be a beast late game.

Changelog Back to Top

Patch 6.3:

- Lucian is a very good ADC in the last few patches and has been seeing a rise in popularity due to the new essence reaver item.
- Would recommend picking him up as he can dash all over the place

Patch 6.4:

- Range of culling (R) has now been reduced by 200 range.

Patch 6.8:

- Lucian is a jack of all trades ADC, still remains strong throughout these patches and is one of a few contested ADCs. 
- Added new section "How do I do damage"

Patch 6.10:

- Updated Korean Build.

14/07/2016 - Added Right click, Attack move, Attack move click section !

Patch 6.24


Patch 7.16

Updated masteries
- Updated items

General ADC Tips Back to Top

These are Tips that will work for all ADCs and will help you become a better player:

  1. Be constantly moving and clicking near your champion as this enables you to react faster to dodge skillshots then moving slowly and clicking far away.
  2. Learn champion powerspikes (This can be items or levels for example, Annie reaching level 6 before you or someone getting a BF while you have a pickaxe) this will help you identify when you can and can't go in. Knowing this information can prevent you from dying if you are starting duels and not respecting their itemisation.
  3. Itemisation: Always look at what the enemy is building and see if you can duel them because they have an item disadvantage or level disadvantage as well as if the team is stacking Armor or MR. This will help you decide on your own itemisation such as should I go LW or BT.
  4. Switching Targets: Knowing when to switch target and when you can kill someone is very important. If you are focusing a Leona but a Jinx is in your attack range and you can reach her safely then by all means switch to Jinx otherwise you would want to focus Leona. 
  5. The basic rule for switching targets is focus the nearest person without putting yourself in danger and when someone of a higher priority enters that range and also doesn't put yourself in danger then switch to that higher priority target.
  6. Tracking Summoner cooldowns, if you know their ADC doesn't have flash and they are very reliant on it, then you can abuse this fact and call the jungler to gank them knowing they won't be able to escape it.
  7. Map awareness - We all know that map awareness is important however ADCs are focused a lot of the time on reaching those CS numbers or trading with the enemy. However you should look at the map each time you get a CS or are waiting for the CS to get low.
  8. General rule of thumb, CS > Trading. If you are missing CS to trade with the enemy then it's not worth it. However, if the jungler comes to gank, try to follow up and don't try to CS unless you know it's a wasted gank and you are too far to follow up.
  9. Always try to push the wave to the turret when the enemy has backed as it makes them lose experience and gold.

Kiting & Positioning Back to Top

What is kiting?

Kiting refers to when a ranged champion continuously attacks a melee champion while keeping a safe distance not allowing the melee champion to reach him and doing any damage.

A good video showing this is :

It also shows what key bindings are useful for kiting.

Another great video on this is :

Where attack moving and animation cancelling are explained in more detail.

Now on to positioning:

Positioning is where you are compared to the enemy team. When people say you have bad positioning or you need to get better at positioning. 

What do they mean? 

Well they mean that you should stop being in the front line where your tanks should be or being caught out of position meaning you shouldn't of been there because you had nothing to gain from being there or you had insufficient vision to be able to make that play.

A good video on explaining all this is:

Last hitting + Trading during laning phase Back to Top

Last hitting is very important as an ADC in general.

So what is last hitting?

The concept of last hitting is basically giving the final blow on the minion to get the gold and experience from it.

Why is last hitting important?

Well, last hitting involves waiting for your minions to get the enemy minions low enough for you to last hit them hence why you need to know how much damage your AA's deal or how much damage your spells do.

Last hitting helps you control the minion wave and also allows you to look at other things while waiting for that minion to be low enough to kill such as looking at the map or keeping a timer on summoners or even trading.

This brings me to the question:

What is trading?

Trading is the exchange of damage between two or more champions.

So how do I win a trade?

Well, in order to win a trade you have to do more damage to your enemy than he does to you. Simple, right?

If only it was that easy. 

What other factors might stop you from winning a trade?

  • Creeps/Minions - When you attack an enemy champion with AA's, the minions start attacking you, this is called minion aggro. However if you use spells on an enemy while in a minion wave then they will ignore you.
  • Support - There is another person in that lane, the support will attack you if you start to attack the ADC.
So what do I do, I will lose the trade every time, won't I ?

No !

In order to win a trade, there are a couple of things you have to take into account and that can help you further win trades:

  • Do they have a lot of minions? 
  1. Yes - Don't trade, and farm up all those minions and get some gold
  2. No - Can you safely go for an AA or 2 without taking too much damage in return?
What is the ideal situation for you safely going in for an AA or 2? 

When they are trying to CS, if they are going to attack a minion they cannot focus you at the same time, and if he does he loses a minion.

  • Do you have an advantage in minions?
  1. Yes - Go in for a small trade, as if they do decide to attack you then the minion aggro will make you win that trade
  2. No - Farm and ward up
These are general tips and will not apply EVERY time this happens but can help you in terms of trading.

So how do you trade with Lucian?

Lucian's (Q) - lucianQ.png allows you to shoot through a minion to get to an enemy champion.

You want to use this to your advantage, so you want to position yourself behind a minion that is directly opposite the enemy champion to be able to hit him as it does the same damage in line.

This harass tool allows you to get free damage on the enemy WHILE not taking any damage from minions as you are using a spell and not an AA so no minion aggro.

Your passive lucianpassive.png is also a valuable tool when trading with the enemy.

Maximising the use of this passive is also important, after each spell you want to try use your passive as it will maximise your DPS.

So an example would be lucianQ.png - AA lucianpassive.png  -  lucianE.png - AA lucianpassive.pnglucianW.png  - AA lucianpassive.png

This rotation of spells will allow you to do a lot of damage in a short period of time, also the cooldown of your  lucianE.png (E) is reduced upon using your passive by 1 second and doubled on enemy champions so by doing this rotation of spells you will be able to use your  lucianE.png multiple times during a fight.

How do I do damage? Back to Top

Knowing how to fully utilise Lucian's abilities is key in doing damage.

Sometimes you might be wondering, why you do no damage although you have the same items as the Lucian you played against previously and yet fail to do as much damage.

Well, this could be your play style. When learning a champion, there are many different factors as to why someone else does more damage than you.

It could be the enemy is just tankier and you don't have the items to cope with them (Botrk/Lord Dominiks)

They had a significant lead over their enemies, therefore the difference in level/items was quite significant allowing them to burst them down easily.

The list goes on...

But if you know how to fully utilise your champions abilities, you have a greater chance of doing that burst damage.

A few combos you need to know:

lucianQ.png -> lucianpassive.png -> lucianW.png-> lucianpassive.png -> lucianE.png-> lucianpassive.png etc.. After doing the full combo your cooldowns should be back up.

lucianE.png -> lucianpassive.png -> lucianQ.png  -> lucianpassive.png -> lucianW.png-> lucianpassive.png -> lucianE.png etc... Your E cooldown will be back after a full combo, rinse and repeat. You can also switch W and Q if you wish.

Right Click, Attack Move, Attack Move Click ? Back to Top

Which one do I use? I am so confused !!

If this is the question you are asking yourself then look no further !

So how to decide between all 3 of these?

Well let's go over them:

Right click - This is your default click, you will have to click which target you want to attack as well as the direction you want to move in. This involves a lot of clicking.

Attack Move - What is this? Attack move allows you to move to a targeted location and attack any enemies that come near your attack range. This involves moving and attacking at the same time however requires one binding to use it and requires a second click to select the area.

This avoids you miss clicking and clicking next to a target and moving there instead of attacking it.

When you use attack move your move commands will turn red as shown below:

Red cursor.jpg

So how is this different to Attack move Click? Well think of Attack move Click as the smart-cast version of Attack move, meaning it will move and attack through one binding. Binding to "A" would be preferential as it is convenient.

If you want to know where these bindings are, there is a screenshot below of the options panel: 


I would recommend trying all 3 and finding which one works best for you !

Good luck :)

Questions/Feedback :) Back to Top

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask them and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any advice or feedback to give, please leave them in the comments section and I will gladly take them on board and hope to improve my guides further with them.

Thank you for reading this guide and hope you have learnt what you were looking for in this guide :)

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