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2 years ago

Lucian Statistics for Totalis

Author's performance with Lucian compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Adc is easy! Well, at least when it comes to picking summoner spells, because you only need two!

4.png Flash. The most standard spell that you'll see used, its the most versatile and useful spell you'll have, bring it every game.

7.png heal. Heals you and and one ally who is at the lowest health in range (will most likely be your support while in lane). In a game where health is the thing that keeps you alive, it's nice to have it, and until you get life steal this is gonna be very useful for you. Also gives a speed boost to kite better or escape sticky situations. Bring it every game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Pretty straight forward really

Ferocity tree

latest?cb=20131121235640 Fury. 

You're an adc. You want to attack as fast and as much as possible, so it's really a no-brainer you want to get attack speed. 65% of lucian's damage comes from spells early (really your q and your ult), but 85% from auto attacks late game, so get attack speed.

latest?cb=20121215080152 Feast.

Like we discussed with heal, more health is a good thing. 20 hp every 20 seconds, or 60 hp a minute, means you can stay in lane longer to last hit more to get more money, AND WHO DOESN'T LIKE MONEY? The alternatives, expose weakness and double edged sword, are not as good for adc's. Expose weakness increases your allies damage, but as the adc you're the one doing all the damge, so it doesn't make much sense to be boosting your ALLIES' damage and not your own. Double edged sword does boost your damage, but at the cost of taking more yourself, and when so squishy as it is, let's not take MORE damage, shall we?

latest?cb=20121215075345 Vampirism. 

Just like feast, it gives you health back, but in the form of straight up lifesteal. This is actually very good. The alternative, natural talent, may LOOK good what with plus 15 bonus ad, but it scales up to lvl 18, which averages less than a single ad per level, which is completely useless. Vampirism is such a better mastery, there isnt a champion alive that would want to take natural talent over this one (except for kha'zix, but thats one champion out of 130, bite me)

latest?cb=20151103094302 Bounty Hunter. 

You are the adc, which means you are all the damage, and you will be the one killing everyone. Once you kill that third person (again, not that hard), this mastery will be doing more damage than oppressor 100% of the time. At least if you were vayne or jhin or someone that has cc in their kit you could make oppressor work, but lucian has literally no cc, so bounty hunter is really the only choice here. 

latest?cb=20131122000104 Battering blows. 

Im really only covering this one because I would have serious OCD otherwise. You're an ADC, AN ATTACK DAMAGE CARRY, so get the mastery that penetrates armor, that thing that blocks physical damage. Kind of a duh really.

latest?cb=20151103094518 Fervor of battle. 

After patches and patches of changes to both this and warlord's bloodlust, fervor has come out on top for Lucian by a very large margin, even more so after patch 6.7 where warlords got a nerf on ranged champions. Fervor gets you more damage, and is pretty much the only choice.

Cunning tree 

latest?cb=20131121235724 Savagery. 

Helps you cs. More cs = more money. more money = more items. more items = more damage, and damage lets us win the game.

latest?cb=20131122001006 Secret Stash.

Season 6 is weird. Adc's get biscuits now. You could be asking why not get assassin, since it boosts our damage right? While I can't say i've never 1v1'd with Lucian, as an adc our main job is to be with the team and be the main damage output for teamfights, so the bonus damage we get from assassin for 1v1's isn't as important as getting a better potion for lane. 

latest?cb=20131122000021 Merciless. 

This is where the cunning tree gets really good. Gives a huge damage boost for when you attack low health targets, securing the kill. It's a great mastery. I was thrilled when they brought it back for the season 6 mastery changes. The other choice, Meditation, gives mana regen, but like I said in the runes, essence reaver first item will pretty much cover your mana needs, and merciless is a great mastery for the entire game.

latest?cb=20151103094738 Dangerous game.

Another great mastery (if you haven't caught on yet, the reason we even spec into the cunning tree is because of these last two masteries). I couldn't even tell you how many times my life has been saved by the health and mana I got back after getting a kill. Saves you from ignite, gives you mana to escape if their is another enemy, gives you health to survive another attack, the list goes on. If youre still crazy enough to still be considering bandit, keep in mind that as the adc you're gonna be doing the majority of farming, so getting money for when your allies cs is kind of nonsense.

Abilities Back to Top


Important: I have a section further down in this guide for tips on ability usage, highly recommend you read it. It would also make me happy <3




One of the best passives in the game, and don't let anyone tell you differently. Gives your next basic attack after a spell cast a double hit, where you''ll fire twice in quick succession. As such, every time you use an ability, directly after, use a basic attack. As Riot puts it, you're gonna be weaving your spells and auto attacks together. The second shot does full damage to minions now, which is great, and does reduced damage to champions. Upon release, it did 50% damage to champions, but now it scales from 30% at levels 1-5, 40% at 6-10, 50% at 11-15, and 60% at 16-18. People don't realize this, but the 60% second shot late game is mad op. Once you get skilled with Lucian and animation canceling on him, you can burst faster than anyone. Late game a rengar ulted ME but I was the one who killed HIM with a full rotation and quick fingers.

Piercing Light


At first glance, Lucian's Q, piercing light, looks light a simple and straightforward ability. And that would be because it is! It's a targeted ability, which means you need to find a target to use it (more on this later), and fires a beam of light in target direction, damaging all targets it passes through. What's great about this is that it deals the same damage to all targets hit, the damage isnt reduced like other pass through skillshots!

What's important to note about this ability, however, is its cast range compared to it's total range. It's cast range is only 500, the range lucian has on his autos, but it shoots out a total 1100 units, which means even if the enemy champion isn't in your range, you can find a minion that IS and line it up so that your Q hits the enemy. This will be your primary way of poking your enemy in lane, and use this method often. Just recently, I had a game where my jungler came in for a gank and the enemy carry was running away at low health. Even though she wasnt in range of any of my abilities at cast, a minion betrayed her and got in the middle, and I was able to cast my Q on the minion to snipe her (it was an enemy sivir) at long range for the kill. While this may all seem obvious, it will take time and practice for you to do it yourself. Or maybe now that i've told you all this you'll show me up and shove that plat rank and 600+ games on lucian back in my face.

In any case, Max this ability first.

Ardent Blaze


Ah, Ardent Blaze. I've had a love-hate relationship with this ability, but after multiple utility buffs to this ability, it's become useful again. What it does is you fire out a blob (I dont know what to else to call it really) that once it reaches max distance (1000 range) or until it hits an enemy champion or minion, it detonates in all four directions, marking all enemies hit (it does as much damage as a caster minion, so hold the excitement. It sounds cooler than it is). When either you or your allies attack marked enemies, you get a speed boost. 

Max this last. It has the utility you need from rank 1, and it doesn't do any meaningful damage, so max it last.
Relentless Pursuit


Lucian's E is relentless pursuit. This ability has had quite a history. It went from a good skill, to the most broken skill in the game, to a good skill again. Despite its current iteration being perhaps slightly worse than at release, Lucian's E is still good. It's a dash, plain and simple. It resets his auto attack timer, and it's cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every shot of lightslinger, doubled to 2 seconds on champion hit. What is important to note here is it is reduced for every shot, so its reduced by 2 seconds total for minions and monster, and 4 seconds by champions, per proc. This is why you max this second, because as you put ranks in it, you lower the cooldown further, so once you get some cdr, a la 3508.png essence reaver, you'll be dashing all over the place. 

Once again, Max it second.



For a while now, the culling has just been an O-kay ability. It had its uses, but lucian's other abilities jelled together better, and this ability wasn't all that useful. This changed however after some nerfs to his other abilities and buffs to this one. While still mediocre in the late game, this ability definitely is much stronger in the early and mid game, and has become an integral part of his kit. 

What does it do you ask? the culling is an ability where Lucian fires off a stream of bullets in a single direction, and can move freely while doing so. Thanks to some buffs, it is very strong in the early and mid game, and is also his longest range ability, currently sitting at 1200 range. It USED to be 1500 until recently (rip), and If you've played lucian extensively for a while you feel the range nerf really bad. But if you're just now learning Lucian or just haven't played it that much, you won't feel it that badly.

As with all ultimates, put a point into this whenever you can

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The only thing you're gonna want to start. Keep in mind the potion will become a biscuit.
    NEVER GET THIS ITEM ON LUCIAN. There are adc's that this is good on, but lucian is not one of them, since he has a strong lane and wants to get kills and snowball the game. This item is good for people who rush attack speed, and lucian doesn't do that. For more, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhA-47JPvQU

Core Items

    The core. Essence reaver first. Always. If you're fed, you CAN get your attack speed item before tier 2 boots, but if not you can get the boots second and it'll be fine.

Situational Items

    Behold: your attack speed items. You will always get 1 of these second, right after your reaver.
    These are our situational items. I'll go over the order in which you want to get them below.
    example full build
3508.pngEssence reaver. 
Gives attack damage (AD), Cooldown Reduction (CDR), and crit chance. All the things Lucian loves. Get this item first. Always. Without question.

3158.png Ionian boots. 
The only boots you'll ever need. Get this so you can have 40% cdr.

3046.png3094.png3087.pngPhanton dancer (pd), rapidfire cannon (rfc), and statik shiv (ss). 
These are your attack speed items, plz only get one of them (LOL). Pd is highly situational, and you'll get it if you want to 1v1 the enemy carry a lot, but most of the time DONT get PD. Shiv is really popular right now on lucian, and you can't go wrong with it, but in my experience rfc is still superior, because Lucian loves the extra range (base 500 range sucks). In the end, I advise you try out both and see which one you like more. And just forget PD even exists, I honestly just put it here for kicks. Get it in a normal for the cool reduced damage effect.

3072.png  the Bloodthirster (bt)

Get this item 3rd. It gives tons of ad and, more importantly, lifesteal, making it the perfect offensive-yet-defensive item. Lucian has 500 range, and will often be right in the thick of it, so get Bt for the lifesteal so you can stay in the fight. You are the adc, you are the most important role, if your team is sieging and all of a sudden you get hit by a nid spear or lux e, thats half your hp right there, and your team has to play so much more carefully off of that alone. For the love of god, get a BT so you can lifesteal back up and be a part of the fight. A dead adc does no damage as they say. If you aren't dying, or taking much damage for whatever reason, and or the enemy team isn't focusing you (lucky you) you can get IE 3rd for a massive boost in damage. (this does happen, but it is rare) 

3031.png Infinity Edge (ie)

If all is going well, get ie 4th. If all is going REALLY well, as stated above, get ie 3rd. ie 3rd basically means they have maybe 1 person building armor (if even that) and you aren't taking enough damage to warrant a bt. This is your dream scenario. I usually like to get this item 4th once I have all of my other necessary stats. If your build looks like er->rfc/ss->bt->ie, you are going to be astonished by how fast you blow fellow squishies up.

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar

I usually get this for my 5th and final item (if it hasn't clicked yet, im not counting boots in the build order, but please keep in mind that they exist and are taking a spot, thus 5th). Gives more ad, lifesteal, but really the best part is the active that cleanses you (removes any and all cc on you at that moment). If they have tons of cc, you should get this item 4th, or even 3rd if the need is absolutely dire. As in like they have a Lissandra who's determined that the whole reason she was put on this Earth was so she could ult you, and doing this has meant your death every fight, get this 3rd. Otherwise 5th if cc hasn't been absolutely destroying you.

3036.png Lord Dominick's Regards

This item can go in a few places. I would never recommend it before a bt, but any time after that it's okay. Of all the item's on here, this one is probably going be used second least, just barely ahead of maw. Get it if the enemy has, like, 3 frozen hearts and or thornmails. Or just a F*ckton of armor for that matter. At the very least, don't even think about getting this item if they don't have at least 2 people building armor, because otherwise there are better items you could be getting (LIKE AN IE).

3156.png Maw of Malmortius

Eh, kind of pointless to get. Get it in place of IE if they have like 4 people on their team dealing magic damage, in which cause the build would look something like reaver, rfc, bt, mercurial scimitar, maw of malmortius. but this is almost never going to happen, so you can forget this item.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




easiest matchup in the world for lucian. She has practically no burst, and can't really punish you for combo'ing her other than just shooting a w in your face. With good reactions you can dash out of her ulti.

Your burst is strong, her's isnt, so abuse her freely. If you havent gotten multiple kills on her in lane either you did something horribly wrong or your support is first timing illaoi support or her support was a god.




Caitlyn has the longest range of any adc at 650, while you have the shortest at 500 (yes yes, I know graves has 425, he's also a jungler, bite me) meaning she can poke you fast and hard, and as often as she likes. The reason this matchup isnt listed as hard is because caitlyn is a pretty crappy champion right now, and you completely outscale her once you get out of the lane phase, so your main objective is just to survive it.

This is also assuming the caitlyn knows what she's doing and abuses you hard for the range difference. Go for cs when she goes for hers. In fact, aways go for cs when you think you can get it safely, you'll learn quickly what kind of caitlyn your playing agaisnt and how to play it.




Corki will out-damage you in the mid game, but in the late late game (full builds) you will out-damage him, as well as in the early game. This means you can abuse him and pressure him hard in lane, so do it.




This is a tough matchup. Really tough. His auto attack does as much damage as your q, but his doesnt cost mana (well, it does when he initially uses his q to get his axe spinning, but you know what I mean). His e cancels your ult, so be very careful of that. he can simply press w and charge you and there really is nothing you can do other that just e back and pray he didnt get in range to auto you.

The way I've won this matchup is just survive the early levels, and use your culling to maximum effect later on. It has 1200 range, which is longer than his auto attacks range and e, so space him out, land w following by culling, get in range so you hurt him but he can't hurt you (once again, be SUPER CAREFUL he can't e you to cancel your ult) and finish off with a q->auto to finalize the kill. If you played it right, you just outplayed your opponent!




If the Ezreal is good, he'll be trying to poke you with his q's whenever you leave the safety of your minions, so try to avoid this as much as possible. He can play super super safe all lane so it might be hard for you to get a kill, unless he's playing aggressive, which would be the stupidest thing he could do. In my experience, the best way to play this lane is to farm up until you can get a B.F. sword in your first back and come back to lane to punish him. He'll come back with a tear and maybe some ad, but you'll have a B.F. and thus way more combat stats. This is where you punish him and really drive it home. Come late game he'll hit you for 1/3 of your hp with just 1 Q so be careful




Graves took your spot as the adc with the lowest range (oh no?). When the graves rework happened, I actually thought it was hilarious that I found an adc that I, Lucian, the adc with 500 range, could actually hit with my auto attacks and he couldn't auto me back. His burst matches yours, but you are more mobile my a lot, and have longer range on all of your abilites. He'll kill you if he gets in melee range of course, but with your e to match his that should never really be a concern for you.




Another easy lane. Poke her with your q, and there really is nothing she can do about it. You also outtrade her easily. If the jinx is good, she'll poke you with her rockets, in which case just wait her out and go to cs when she goes for hers. Your waveclear surpasses her, so you always have that to fall back on. She takes towers probably the fastest of any adc, so be wary of that




Kallista has, for the longest time, been a hard counter to lucian. Her passive lets her stay out of your range for as long as she sees fit, and also lets her dodge your q. She can out trade you in lane with her e, and her ulti can totally screw you.

Luckily for you (and me!), Kalista has been gutted as of patch 6.6, and is currently performing the worst of any adc, except urgot (HA!). I put this matchup as hard out of respect for her former impossible-ness, but now it's more of a medium. She's still better than you in lane, but with how absolute garbage she is outside if lane she won't give you too much trouble. 




Kog'maw isn't a hard matchup per se, it just so happens that right now (patch 6.7) The little void f*ck is op as they come. He out trades you, out scales you, out ranges you, the whole kit and kaboodle. Try to pick a fight when his w is down, as that's when he's vulnerable. You're the best at evading his passive with your e, the hard part is simply killing him. If you're support is good and is pressuring them well and either setting up kils for you and backing you up when you need it, this lane is doable. If that's not the case call for ganks and try not to feed.


Miss Fortune


This lane. Ugh. she can hit you just once and it'll proc her passive, which does a billion damage. I actually didn't think this lane was all that difficult (probably a medium) until I faced some really good miss fortunes that made my life a living hell. 

The one upside to this is once she gets her passive on you, it won't hit you again until she hit someone else to then be able to reapply it on you, which means thats your prime time to go all in on her. Your burst far exceeds hers, so use that to your advantage.




Her range is as low as yours, (500) which means she really can't poke you. Stay clear of your wave when she uses her W and you'll be fine. Worse comes to worse e out of her q. your Q is fast, and often a sivir will try to spell shield only to use it after she's already been hit (LOL). When you go in for a E->auto->Q->auto trade, if the sivir is any good she'll know the q is coming and spellshield. If you've confirmed this, the best thing you can do is fake her out and e in just to auto. From their you have two options; you can either just back off from there (she'll probably be moving backwards herself [its a psychological thing, nothing she can do about it] and prepping her e) or wait out her e and finish off the q after it's gone.

The culling is your friend here, as it largely outranges her, and its counted as multiple little spells, so she can only spell shield a single shot. There is no reason why you shouldnt be able to punish her and win the lane.

Of course, of all adcs sivir's waveclear is the only match for yours, to the matchup might become you both just clearing waves endlessly until someone from either of your teams comes in to make a play.




Used to be a hard lane, now, not so much. e out when she puts her e on you, and you'll reduce the damage and kill potential she has on you dramatically. Otherwise just q her down, e in when you want to go in for an extended trade (like when her e is down!), and go in the for the kill when you think you can (you'll learn to be a better judge with this as you play Lucian). She can match her burst early if you let her auto attack you down, but otherwise you'll be fine




Twitch is an absolute monster right now. I would put him as hard on just about every adc. His trading in lane is unexpectedly strong with just a few autos and an e, so watch out. It only gets worse from there as late game he will literally shred your entire team to ribbons. If he gets fed, for the love of god do not push up the lane without your support if you lost vision of him, because he will come out of literally nowhere from stealth and kill you.

I thought I was crazy until my diamond friends confirmed that twitch is currently destroying diamond solo q right now. Poke him down as best as you can, and try your damnedest to win the lane and shut him down. If you going 12/0 and him going 0/6 isn't an option then both of you going 0/0 is the next best thing. You'll just have to bank that you can play better than him in the mid game. 





jokes aside, this matchup is another easy one. You can outtrade him, outburst him, and your sustained damage is better early with the culling, and is just as good if not better than his both mid and late. You can e away from his ulti, so that shouldn't give you much trouble.




she can tumble out of your q, which sucks, but on the whole the lane isnt too bad. You can abuse her levels 1-5, so try to get a kill if you can. Come level 6 she can 1v1 you easy, so the moment that levels happens dont go ANYWHERE NEAR HER WHILE YOU'RE ALONE. She will ult, she will fight will, and she will win. The only time this isnt true is if youre like 6/0 and she's 0/4, and even then it will probably be close. 

Always try to remember that outplay is possible with the culling however. But while I've outplayed many a more fed carry than myself with the culling, nothing comes close to trying to 1v1 a vayne. Only go for this when you've practiced Lucian a lot. 

Support Synergies Back to Top

Support Synergies- Because bot lane is all about how well you work together regardless of champions, this section will be more about what you can expect with the top 10 most popular supports. 
Note - not in any particular order



Janna is great support for lucian. She can shield you for the protection as well as the bonus ad for when you e into trades, and throw out a tornado to get you out safely to avoid enemy counter attack. Just make sure to tell her this. A little communication goes a long way. She provides a lot of peel early with just her tornado, and this is further enhanced when she gets her ultimate.

How proactive you have to play: high



The greatest healer in the game. Force trades often, as she can heal you up when you're done, but do make sure to learn your limits. You don't wanna find yourself in an extended trade where she's already low and can't heal you as much. Her peel isnt great, so be careful with that. Again, don't wanna find yourself going in a trade for the jungler to all of sudden show his ugly head and you can't get out.
How proactive you have to play: high



A popular support since season 3, morgana has been a staple in the role ever since. her ult is great for securing and getting kills, her black shield is amazing and provides great utility, I can't even count how many times it's saved me. IF the morg is skilled at landing binding and putting pressure on the enemy carry with autoattacks you'll find that lane is a joke, if not then you're gonna have to work a lot harder, but all in all a very good support to have.
How proactive you have to play: medium



Braum has been one of Lucian's best friends since release. this is primarily because of how well their passives synergize, as lucian's double shot helps proc braum's 4 hit passive that much faster. Along with good passive synergy, Braum provides good peel, catch potential with ultimate, and a shield to block all incoming damage from a single direction. If the braum is good, you are in for a good time, but Braum's lane phase is on the weaker side, and if you find yourself in a poke heavy lane, you might be in for a rough time.
How proactive you have to play: medium



This guy stole your wife (what an asshole right?) but despite this he's the most popular support statistically, so be prepared to see him a lot. Thresh, however, is a very hit or miss support in my experience, primarily due to his high skill floor and way high skill ceiling. If your support is a thresh god, the lane is won and all you have to do is follow up for easy kills. When you have a Thresh, he's in control of the lane. Your job is to just farm and harass until he does something. If the thresh is bad, your lane just became miserable to the point where you're jealous of your wife stuck in his lantern.
How proactive you have to play: low


Basically Thresh but even more bipolar. It's even easier to get kills in a god blitz lane, but even harder when the blitz is clueless, to the point where it's basically a 2v1 lane. Just like thresh, just farm and harass whenever possible, and wait for him to do something.
How proactive you have to play: low



Alistar is... strong. He was stronger until recently, since he just got nerfed, but he's still good. They nerfed his ridiculous sustain, but the sustain is still there, and his engage and peel are still just as strong as ever. He plays like blitz and thresh, play safe-ish, farm, harass, trade when you think you can, and let him engage; his engage is insane.
How proactive you have to play: low



The amount of lockdown this chick has is absolutely ridiculous. she's melee, meaning she won't have much poke in lane, but her defense stats alongside a passive that gives you more damage is great. She plays like the 3 supports above, in that you'll be (once again) farming, harassing when you can, going in for trades when you see the opportunity, and just wait for her to make the first move. The only difference is once lvl 6 happens, she can stun your enemies from a mile away, so you can play up and a little more aggressively. 
How proactive you have to play: medium



Bard was, is, and will always be an enigma. He has good sustain with his shrines (make sure to wait until they're fully charged before you take them), a w that has its uses, and good poke and cc with his q. In this lane, he can back you up when you go in, and it's also easy to back him when he is the one to start a play. Most bards these days are pretty decent, as his skill floor and skill ceiling are relatively close.
How proactive you have to play: medium



Nami is a great support. Of the 10 supports I'm covering, her sustain is incredibly high, second only to Soraka. This shoudn't be taken for granted though, as her heal takes a lot of mana. she can grant an auto attack buff that goes well with your passive. Her cc is somewhat unreliable, but is there nonetheless.
How proactive you have to play: medium

Note #2: please note "How proactive you have to play" is HAVE, but not necessarily SHOULD. Meaning it is more like the bare minimum you should be playing. If you're heads and shoulders better than your opponent and you think you could get away with playing more aggressively, by all means go for it. These are all things you will get better at as you play more.

Tips on Ability Usage Back to Top

Ardent Blaze


There are 3 things you are going to be using this ability for:

1. Use it to scout bushes. While it's range is 100 lower than Piercing Light at 1000, you don't require a target to use it (see? told you it would come back), which means you can fire it at any time. It also gives brief vision of the area it explodes in, so use it to scout a brush or fog of war so you dont end up face checking a brush and getting yourself killed. 

2. Use it to help chase a fleeing enemy. On patch 5.16 ardent blaze got a new effect where if a marked enemy is hit by an ally, you get a speed boost. If you ever find that your allies are in the process of killing an enemy champion that is fleeing, but you aren't close to do anything, use this ability. It has long range that should be able to hit, and as they attack you'll get a speed boost to help close the distance. 

3. Use it in conjunction with your ultimate, the culling. This happens in two ways. Usually, when you go in for a combo, the combo is E->auto->Q->auto. and then if you want to go for more, fire your W followed by the culling. The culling is the only ability in the game that also works off of your W mark, so every shot gives you a speed boost to keep up the chase. So E->auto->Q->auto->W->Ult *wait for q to come off of cooldown as you are firing the culling* ->Q->auto
do the same thing, but in reverse order; kind of. Fire your W first, followed by culling, and as you are firing and getting the speed boost, close the gap on the fleeing enemy and finish off with a *hit r to cancel the culling*->auto (you'll still get the lightslinger passive shot from using an ability)->Q->auto. Basically, this is another way to engage, but from a larger distance. At the cost of a little damage, it keeps you much safer.

IMPORTANT: If you are waiting in the brush ready to cheese (ambush) someone, This is the order you will want to do it. fire your W FIRST, followed by the rest. It'll look like W->auto->Q->auto->E->auto. This is for two reasons. Ardent Blaze has a long(er) cast time, but this doesn't matter because you are in the brush that (hopefully) isn't warded, so they cant punish you for it. Ardent Blaze also doesn't do, like, any damage, but you will get a passive proc off of it, so it makes for a smooth combo that does a disgustingly large amount of burst. This is something you figure out after playing 600+ games on Lucian, but I'm teaching it to you now. Ugh, How I spoil you.



What's important to note about this ability is its range and how to use it well. Use it when you want to stay safe but also deal damage. Thus, you're never really gonna wanna use it close up, because there are better ways to do damage. Late game your damage output is higher with just your auto attacks and weaving your autos and skills together, but it still can find a use late game if you are being chased and don't have the luxury of kiting with auto attacks alone. As stated above, the combo is E->auto->Q->auto. Use w and then culling for more damage. Even though this was stated above, I want to stress this. The culling has good dps early game and mid game, but their is a better way to do damage than letting it fire all of its shots. After you use the above combo, use the culling until your Q is off of cooldown. Once it is off cooldown, hit R again to cancel the culling (obviously you dont have to do this if the culling is down anyway), and Q->auto, the amount of extra burst in the end is great and the best way to secure/finish kills.

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All in all, I hope you find this guide useful (and perhaps entertaining? I certainly hope so) in helping you play Lucian that much better. If you have any questions, concerns, or just wanna tell me how completely wrong I am, Post it in the comments below. Until next time!  

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