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All Guides Lucian Guides [Patch 6.9] Season 6|How to play Lucian| (Updating,not completely finished)
2 years ago

Lucian Statistics for Skumbag Silfver

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

| Summoner Spells | Information & explanations |


4.png    Flash


Flash is a must-have summoner spell. It's the most picked summoner spell due to the escape capacity. It provides escape, mobility and you can make outplays. It's litterally a lifesaver. 

How to use it? [Explanation]:

You can use it for reposition yourself like flashing behind a wall or something or change position in different situations in fights. It makes good escapes and it can litterally save your life X amount of times if you use it correctly. It's good against ganks. If you can't provides with vision everytime. You can use it to finish a kill, maybe engage, Or hunt down a kill.


7.png    Heal


Gives you a little amount of health points. Provides you aswell with 30% movement speed to you and all of your nearby allies. Standard Second Summoner to the most ADC's.     OBS! : NOTICE HEAL DOSEN'T STACK, THE EFFECT WILL BE REDUCED BY 50%, SO DON'T USE DOUBLE HEAL ON BOTLANE. Make sure your support dosen't use it!, Let him pick ignite that's better.

How to use it? [Explanation]:

It provides with heal and MS. You can make trades with it really good. You can finish kills with it. Or you can save an ally that's about to die. You can actually make escapes with it aswell, or use the MS in advantage to hunt down kills instead. 


1.png    Cleanse


''Alternative summoner spell if you're up against bigger team comp that combines much crowd control. ''

Cleanse is a self-targeted summoner spell. It's primary function is to remove active CC (Crowd Control) effects, allowing the summoner to continue pursuit or escape.  Alternative summoner spell if you're up against bigger team comp that combines much crowd control. 

How to use it? [Explanation]:

If you play like ADC you're gonna become the enemy's main target. And if you're up against Heavy CC, it won't be easy to dodge everything. 

It's good to have cleanse against one-single target ultimates like 254.png19.png90.png

So you can get away. 


21.png    Barrier


''If you're against any bursters i would recommend to take barrier as it shield the amount of burst the opponent makes on you''.

''Barrier is a better choice if you play 1v1 etc..''

Barrier it's a self-targeted spell that shields your champion 115-455 (Based on level) for 2 seconds.

How to use it? [Explanation]:

Barrier were the ''main'' thing you had on adc before since it shielded more than heal would heal you.
But since riot nerfed barrier and provide heal to heal more and barrier shields less, heal has taking the lead as an popular second summoner. But heal have more (cd=cooldown) than barrier. Barrier can be good against bursty champions to absorb all the burst dmg (or atleast high amount of it).

16.png      UPDATES     16.png  

~~Update Logs~~

* 2016-04-19 23:17  // Created Summoner spell information and explanations. 
* 2016-04-19 23:19 // Added additional information about flash, heal, cleanse.
* 2016-04-19 23:25 // Added additional information about Barrier.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

| Masteries | Lucian [The Purifier] | Explanation | NOT Finished*


I recommend 18/12/0 since riot nerfed the cunning tree, but it's still viable on some adc's like 21.png42.png. The majority of ADC's wants to go 18/12/0 because it provides higher DPS than cunning. Cunning is more ADC burst etc.


    fury.png  vs sorcery.png

            Fury                              Sorcery

Even though much damage comes from 236.pngLucian's spells/abilites is 2% really low, Attack speed provides with higher dps and will help with the last hitting. So i prefer the fury over the sorcery, 4% AS more than 2% damage.


          double-edged-sword.png   VS   feast.png   VS   expose-weakness.png

             Double edged sword                 Feast                 Expose Weakness

Double Edged Sword overall will make you vulnerable to ganks and burst. I agree with so many others that it'll really hurt you more than it helps you. 

Feast will give you an huge advantage since you get sustain in lane, There are many people that's ignoring this which is stupid. If you have feast and your enemy dosen't have it. It will give you an huge advantage in the game already. In higher elo this small stuff that can decide the whole game.  

Expose Weakness is good in like teamfights, won't be helping you in the lane since you play adc and play 2v2 and your support mostly dosen't deal that much damage. The most powerful mastery in teamfights!.

Summary: Expose Weakness is a really strong mastery, but since you play ADC. And if you gonna compare feast mastery, I recommend Feast because you want that advantage in the laning phase. 


        vampirism.png   VS   natural-talent.png

                Vampirism                  Natural Talent

Vampirism Gives you significantly high lifesteal, It gives you a total of 2% lifesteal while an doran's blade gives you 3% lifesteal, If you have this + an doran's blade it gives you a total 5% lifesteal at level 1 which makes you really powerful, that's almost the same amount lifesteal you get as you would have 2x doran's blade. It keeps you alive in the lane. It's really help you much, don't underestimate it. 

Natural Talent Provides you with higher DPS late game. It's takes time to scale  up etc. 

Summary: Vampirism gives you a really good sustain, Natural talent takes time and takes time to scale up and you won't have the same sustain. The lifesteal and the full power at level 1 is just to good. You can focus on building pure damage until you get to build some more sustain in the late game. Conclusion, Vampirism is better in this situation. 


       bounty-hunter.png   VS   oppressor.png

          Bounty Hunter                  Oppressor

Bounty Hunter is really good since you're playing ADC and going for kills. If you can't get some kills and if you play bad you will problably won't win either so. It's good if you pick up kills, which is one of the main goals as an ADC. 

Oppressor is really good if your support have an high amount of CC(Crowd Control) which will make your dmg increase. It's really good if you have red buff then you will do really much damage since the red buff slows and that's classifes as an slow = CC. 

Summary: Since we're talking about Lucian this time, i won't recommend Oppressor since Lucian really dosen't have any CC of his own. You will have more advantage if you taking Bounty Hunter because you're really getting more damage for each kill. Conclusion, Take Bounty Hunter. 


         battering-blows.png   VS   piercing-thoughts.png

              Battering Blows         Piercing Thoughts

Battering Blows Is really good on Lucian since you get this Armor Penetration. 

Piercing Thoughts Magic Penetration ain't really anything on Lucian since he dosen't do any magic damage.

Summary: Battering Blows is obviously the winner. Since Lucian dosen't really do any Magic Damage, he won't be needing any magic penetration, Piercing thoughts could be usefully on ADC's that does some Magic Damage like 42.png. Conclusion; Take Battering Blows if you're playing Lucian....


            warlords-bloodlust.png   VS   fervor-of-battle.png   VS   deathfire-touch.png 

                  Warlord's Blodlust          Fervor Of Battle           Deathfire Touch

Warlord's Bloodlust Provides you an amount of lifesteal, helping you survive if you get in low health. Useless if you don't get focused. Recently got a nerfed.. Only 25% for range champions.

Fervor Of Battle Gives you huge DPS, Incredible huge DPS for being a mastery. Gives you twice the stacks if you use an ability.

Deathfire Touch Is really not an option on Lucian since he has no abilites that count as single target damage not even his ultimate count's as it, This is weak on almost every champion expect like Jhin...

Summary: Since Warlord's recently got nerfed but it's still viable, but compare to Fervor of battle it has not even a chance. Conclusion, go Fervor of Battle to Lucian and the most ADC. 


Cunning #2

16.png                     UPDATES                    16.png

~~Update Logs~~

* 2016-04-19 23:29 // Created Masteries 18/12/0

* 2016-04-21 18:25 // Added additional information about Ferocity masteries.

Abilities Back to Top


 | Abilites |

Max Q always

Then you can Max E if you're up against enemys like 412.png53.png25.png111.png so you get lower cooldown on your E so you can dodge their hooks/grabs etc easier. 

16.png                    UPDATES                    16.png

~~Update Log~~


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard, Provides you with sustain and health, Attack Damage. The best choice at the moment.

Core Items

    Best first item on Lucan, Provides with Mana Regen, Crit, CDR etc.
    Choose wisely. Statiik shiv for more Split push. Rapid Firecannon For more teamfights.
    Viable Lucian build

Situational Items

    Choose wisely. Aggressive; Berserker Greaves Defensive; Mercurys treads Most recommended; Boots of swiftness. Also good; Ionian boots of Lucidity, provides with Cooldown Reduction.
    Full build? Then buy this.
    If you're up against heavy tanks, Try to go this item ASAP, it provides with armor pen. You will become weak if you ain't got this item quickly.
    If you're up againt much AP's and CC's this is a very good item.
    Not having enough sustain? Die really much? Get this, Provides with armor and magic resist making you get more sustain.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Vayne




Early game: Lucian has advantage.

Late game: Vayne has advantage.
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